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COURSE NUMBER & TITLE: BUS 323 Business Communication

DEPARTMENT: Management



FEES AND CHARGES: For College required mid-level oral presentation assessment
and mid-level mock interview.


1. Catalog description:

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to communicate effectively in the
business world. This will be demonstrated by actual business situations involving sales,
goodwill, routine requests, unpleasant news, credit and collection, resumes and cover letters,
follow-up letters and interviewing techniques. For sophomores and juniors.

2. Course content:

A. Communication in Business: An Overview

1. The Communication process in a business setting
2. Internal and external business communication
3. Communication patterns in various organizational environments
B. Principles of Effective Business Writing
1. Format and Appearance of business letters
a. Typed
b. Block
c. Modified block, block paragraphs
d. Modified block, indented paragraphs
e. Memorandum
2. Building goodwill through communications in an effective organization
3. Achieving an effective business writing style
a. You attitude
b. Positive
c. Tactful
d. Mechanically sound
e. Active
f. Coherent
g. Clear
h. Concise
4. Using words effectively
a. Connotations of words
b. Eliminating redundant phrases and business jargon
5. Organizing the communication
C. Frequently Written Business Letters
1. Goodwill letters an effective tool for the successful business organization
2. Routine requests and favorable letters for business
3. Refusals and unfavorable letters to minimize management problem solving
4. Persuasive letters to promote business activities
D. Employment Communications from a Business Point of View and from a Personal Point of
1. Resumes
2. Cover letters
3. Thank you letters following interviews
4. Follow-up letters
5. Job acceptance/decline letters

3. Student learning objectives:

Students will be given the opportunity to improve competencies in the areas of communication
skills, professional competence, and interpersonal competence. Students will be expected to
demonstrate integrity in all aspects of the course.

Upon completing the course, the student should be able to:

1. Explain the role of communication in business.

2. Use the writing process of planning, composing, and revising to create effective written
3. Write business communications that have a positive effect on human relations.
4. Determine and demonstrate appropriate use of direct and indirect arrangement in business
a. Write communications using direct arrangement for the appropriate situation.
b. Write communications using indirect arrangement for the appropriate situation.
c. Adapt the techniques and arrangements to various written communication situations.
5. Construct the written documents necessary in the job-search process.
6. Demonstrate professional competence in a mock interview.
7. Present a specified business topic in a professional business manner.
8. Demonstrate integrity while using specialized knowledge along with written, verbal, and
active listening skills in a team environment.

4. Student assessment criteria:

Students will be assessed by Objective Tests, Letter Tests, Oral Presentation/Verbal Assessment,
Employment Project, CDC Mock Interview, Team Report Project, Assignments.