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Capital punishment - the only suitable punishment for Rapists
The crime rate has been on an increase since a very long time; especially cases of rape have been increasingly reported. Capital punishment or death penalty is when an individual is deceased by the state as a chastisement for delinquency that the individual has committed. For: - Government despairs that stern requirements will have a constraining effect on prospective offenders when the law will be enacted - The decree will improve the criminal laws immediately - The law needs to be put into action as it will help in discouraging the others from doing the same Against: - As per our country’s law, a punitive chastisement such as a death sentence is specified out in a very rare scenar io where the accused is found guilty in case of sexual assault, rape and murder case - Death penalty would be applied only to those victims who have committed the same crime twice even after being released from the jail, which will not work in Indi, as in India people know the ways to get rid of the punishment because of the loopholes in our law system - The procedure of application of any policy in India has been a long procedure and a difficult one - Most of the men are aware, that they would be able to get out of the jail or the ones who are influential would be taken out on bail, and hence in spite of implementing capital punishment, they would be free and doing as they feel - We need a much more severe sentence something like castration and that the laws should be strictly applied for anybody and everybody who commits a crime. Conclusion: - Capital punishment or any other severe punishment would only make a difference if it is actually applied on individuals who have committed crime and that they should not be let off. If this is implemented then only will any punishment work.

Depreciation of Indian Rupee has only negative impact on the economy
For - Due to European financial crisis the value of Rupee has been depreciated which has resulted in an increase in the value of dollar. Thus, affecting the economy. - The demand of dollar has increased in contrast to that of Rupee and has startled our economy. - It has resulted in the depreciation of the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). - Depreciation of Indian Rupee has resulted in increase in inflation and thus, stagnant growth of the economy. - Dollar is being appreciated amongst all the currencies including Rupee and has marked an increase in its buyers. - These frailties and volatilities among the European market is sure to have an impact in the entire Asian markets including India. - Government would have to pay more in terms of Rupee for its imports. This would lead to rise in fiscal deficit which in turn will raise the level of inflation. Against - The exporters gain from the depreciation of Rupee as they get more of the local currency in exchange of the foreign one. - The depreciating value of Rupee is like a boon to Indian IT sectors as it generates more than 80% of their revenue from overseas market and this will enhance their actual realization of revenue. - Emigrants living outside India also benefits from this depreciation.

India being a huge state. etc… I think corruption is responsible for more than 80% of the failure of this act. PROS according to me: • This act was enacted to provide a job guarantee to the Rural People in India. CONS: • This act was disparaged by people as it was thought of no effectiveness than other acts which were running in the system. their cards are used by other officers. People are n ot taught any new skills so that they can improve their quality of work & sustain their work for a longer period. It was started in August 25. GNREGA (Also known as NREGA) is the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. People say that they are often not paid. To conclude. so they don’t have to fear about that & they work towards development of the country. which is already embedded too a great extent in the minds of the people Against: .The perception of the general masses is that the principle policies are wedged due to the frenzied coalition of regional politics as the administration keeps besieging with how to deal with regional politics . • And the important one is that despite of such programs migration from rural areas to urban area is not reduced. . • It has resulted (or expected to result. corruption is al ways the part of it. It will provide a bridge to India towards becoming a Super Power Not blocking the disqualification of convicted MPs Nupur Bhargava 09-26-2013 02:28 AM Not blocking the disqualification of convicted MPs Supreme Court has imposed an order on the serving politicians. Corruption should be barred from it. Hence Regional politics help in managing the nation in an effective way Conclusion: .Regional politics if more organized can contribute to the progress of India.Regional politics is increasing the cast system all the more. It is said to be the largest welfare program in the world which is run by Government of India. • Corruption! It is seen that whatever may be the issue in India. (If they didn’t do so. I think that this initiative is a better. Just implementing such programs is not enough but they should be supported with dedication to help people as a social & humanly cause. • It is also seen that the quality of work done by the unskilled labor is poor as compared to any skilled labor. Every act/effort passed in the favor of people should not be just enacted & left to float away! It has to be seen that it is carried out successfully all around. For: . they would be disqualified from the parliament and the state legislatures.Regional politics is harming India India being a distinctive realm along with rich miscellany and cultural heritage and so is this diversity also reflected in the political landscape where en-number of regional parties are contending against each other. 2005. • As people working under this scheme are getting fixed wages. almost best way to support the Indian society but people should change their way of thinking & try to support this development.With too many players it is cossetting the quality of politics in India . dead people are also paid. then government will bear their salaries at their home). if they are condemned for any delinquency that entices a sentence of 2 years or more. I would say) in increase in the rural employment. • People in rural areas now don’t have to wander everywhere to sustain their livelihood. • This act guarantees to provide a minimum 100 days of paid employment every year to an adult member of any family with the minimum wage of approx. they have to bribe the officer to get a job. fewer wages are paid. 120/day & who would likely do any unskilled work. it is not possible to manage the entire population by one or two groups of political parties. Mentality should be changed. especially for women.

Medical care is a basic necessity! It should be free or subsidized. We can not deny that commercialization is required for better facilities and technologies but at the same time we can’t ignore the fact that a large number of people in India are below poverty line and they are not that able to enjoy the luxuries are made available to them by the private hospitals.The membership of the politicians cannot be reinstated even though if he will be found innocent . Thus commercialization proves to be a bane for a developing country.Commercialization would offer better resources and better equipments which would enable a hospital to run in a better way. Women are more focused and have better leadership skills.The disqualification of convicted MP’s is definitely the right thing and should be followed with strict adherence to the rules his being a materialist world cries out for commercialization of Medical services. .90% of the population being economically weak cannot afford to pay the expenses of a private hospital.It gets duplicate drugs in the market.It ensures that the doctors are well rewarded for their efforts. Commercializing it will only worsen the condition of people living below poverty line. . . Commercialization of health sectors should be limited to some extent. Women anyway most of the time effectively handle all domestic responsibilities even in the financial domain. . . Gone the times when women used to sit at him only for domestic responsibilities. Health services should be provided at affordable prices.If there is any kind of delay in convicting the MLA’s and MP’s then the governance would be affected and so in turn the general public will also be affected . . . Against . . Is it necessary to commercialize medical services or are we better off without it? For .The conviction of disqualification of serving politicians for at-least 6 years will also help in building in the trust between the general public and the politicians . business should not be made out of it. the politicians using their power can be bailed out or can bribe and hide the entire matter Conclusion: .The benefit given to the poor people is negligible as rich people become the major beneficiaries of commercialization. .For: .It gives rise to corruption as medical officers do tend to sell the medicines of public hospitals in their private clinics. .There is a huge difference between the facilities provided by the private hospitals and that made available in the government hospitals. . . as often the criminals are supported by some or the other political backing Against: . This definitely makes a difference when compared to men.There is no back-up if the MP’s or MLA’s are sentenced and not allowed to vote again . as people are concerned only about their well being not that of the others.India is known for the delays and orders not being followed. It also prevents malpractice.This verdict will also help in reducing the crime rates. .Poor are anyways not able to take the benefit of advanced medical technology and hospitals as they are out of their reach.They bring in hygienic way of hospitals which the government hospital fails to show. Infact many a times drug which are banned in other countries are sold here to make money.Commercialization for private companies is another way of filling their pockets and generating revenue.It promotes competition as well as efficiency.It even hurts the middle class as the doctors and hospitals try to make maximum money when they see the person can afford a few more thousands. They are good managers at home. . .The apex court's reigning will help in the scrutinizing the political ambit in India where the populaces have showed disenchantment with the political class in which delinquency has increased in conjunction with corruption and hypocrisy .The worth of one’s life is ignored as they only care about their own betterment. Even in India.Commercialization will result in advancement of the healthcare department raising the level by some notch. For     It’s a known fact that women are more organized than men.Advanced technologies coming into picture meaning more chances of survival. people are becoming more liberal and more women are entering the corporate world.

compassion attention and praise stimulates the staff to achieve higher goals. either by buying a company in the target country or by expanding operations of an existing business in that country. women can definitel y be better managers than men! nternational research group. This cannot be acceptable in work environment. farmers getting their proper share due to direct procurement of these stores availability of varied products for consumers possibility of lower inflation chance of creating more jobs in retail sector AGAINST Is the traditional middlemen. healthy competition that foreign stores would create that can bring down prices. Women have a more pleasing personality and convincing powers. As long as the emotions don’t intrude in their work. It must be implemented in those areas from where we can get maximum benefit of improving our technology and our economy. Women tend to stretch and exaggerate a lot. Catalyst which deduces that companies with more women on their boards perform better than those with very few women! During the four-year span of the reporting . They may not be able to balance emotional and professional distances. the biggest winners of today’s retail structure? small traders & stores could lose to high end multi brand stores The Entry of Walmart and Big Retail Chains Will Change India cheap imported goods might wipe out Indian products govt. women have always surpassed men in all aspects.which has been trying to get India’s lagging economy bac k on track FDI should not be implemented in all sectors. They may not be able to handle so much stress. The inherent participatory insightful and interactive style of management enables them to easily nurture. we must not forget that women are far more emotional than men. This is definitely not a trait of a good manager. FOR Indian Govt.      Women have many other domestic responsibilities.This coupled with appropriate care. must control middle men & hoarders to strengthen the current chain than to allow foreign companies into India policies must be formulated to increase production . motivate. Foreign direct investment is in contrast to portfolio investment which is a passive investment in the securities of another country such as stocks and bonds. Women are known for their sacrificing and adjusting behavior.allow foreign multibrand retailers like Walmart and Tesco to open shop in the country .Fortune 500 companies with highest percentage of women on their boards saw 53% higher equity returns. 42% higher return on sales and a whopping 66% higher return on invested capital. Most women to reach at the top may just make misuse of certain laws for their rights. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a direct investment into production or business in a country by a company in another country. However. This can definitely affect their work and professional relationships. Women usually are more emotional.  Against Women have better selling abilities when compared to men. inspire and influence employees. In the history of many cultures.

illiteracy. Secondly the education system is based on forward and backward class which is an hindrance because backward class does not get a quality education. India is one of those at the top of the world rankings. responding to critical social problems and acting in the social interest.What if they don't? What Could Be Social Responsibilities Of IT Companies " Social responsibility must at least mean not damaging society. concentration of income." Contribution towards economic development of backward regions and weaker sections of the society and to recognize and respect social values. Infosys employees actively participate in the welfare of the local community. especially the industrial powers. Our education system mainly focus on theoretical knowledge. Indians are known to be avid readers. Education in India compared to Foreign nations Our Indian Education System needs to be changed and reformed. There is no practical knowledge in our education system. business ethics and cultural heritage. . In terms of literacy. Infosys Foundation helps preserve certain cultural forms and dying arts of India. In fact.local farmers will benefit only if these companies procure from them. Make the country economically self-reliant through export promotion and import substitution. Thirdly our education system does not give us the courage to face real life situations. According to a survey. have reputable colleges and universities that boast of providing top quality education. over population. Educational systems are gaining profit out of the students they are demanding lot of money to provide a valuable course because of this people who are in poverty line are not able to afford lots and lots of money to get educated though they are brilliant to gain knowledge. Their Development Centers (DCs) in India make a difference through several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Cooperate with Government in solving problems like communalism. and campaigns for skills development and community welfare. Other countries. Make the best of use of national resources Protect national environment Identify and act upon new opportunities to apply our technology and expertise to societal problems. an Indian reads an average of almost 11 hours a week. especially for underprivileged children and they support the activities of institutes and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) dedicated to healthcare and education. wealth etc. They organize and contribute to welfare programs.