KCSB Summer General Staff Meeting Minutes: 7/30/13 General Manager, Kyle Trager Email: general.manager@kcsb.

org Office o!rs "#!mmer$: M, %: 1&3 Excomm meetings: Wednesdays at 6pm 'lease (#)' *+ ,o!rs in a-.ance if yo! /lan on a00en-ing Web design subcomm: 1!g 1, 2/m Fund ri!e subcomm: 1!g 3, 2/m "elicensing: 1ssis0an0 =irec0or for ?n-e/en-en0 Me-ia, Mar0a 5l.ae!s Email: mar0a.!l.ae!s@kcsb.org E.ery eig,0 years, ra-io s0a0ions m!s0 re&a//ly for 0,eir license. K6#;@s 0ime ,as comeA T,e 56 Office of 0,e 'resi-en0 ,an-les mos0 of 0,e /rocess "since 0,ey are 0,e official ,ol-ers of o!r license$, an- 8ill be filing 0,e /a/er8ork on 1!g!s0 1s0. %e are reB!ire- 0o broa-cas0 s/ecific anno!ncemen0s on s/ecific -a0es an- 0imes, in.i0ing lis0eners 0o file com/lain0s an- o0,er commen0s 8i0, 0,e <66. Co! 8ill be no0ifie- in a-.ance if yo! ,a.e 0o broa-cas0 one of 0,ese anno!ncemen0s, b!0 please c#ec$ t#e program log as %ell. &mage rig#ts and copyrig#t: %e recen0ly ,a- an iss!e 8i0, co/yrig,0 .iola0ion from an image 0,a0 8as /os0e- on o!r 8ebsi0e. 1s s!c,, 8e are ins0i0!0ing a ne8 image /olicy. 6rea0e original images "0,e /referre- me0,o-A$, !se 6rea0i.e 6ommons "66$ license- images, or ask /ermission from 0,e original ar0is0. T,e follo8ing links 0o a database of free'to'use images: ,00/://888.com/!0er,o/e.com/iss!es/c,0003+9.,0m #0ock D6 7G is ano0,er re/osi0ory for s0ock /,o0os: ,00/://888.sEc.,! 5sername: kcsb 'ass8or-: /ic0!res:1.: #ome o0,er B!es0ions regar-ing co/yrig,0: %,a0 if i0@s a remiE ? fo!n- on Co!T!beF Ei0,er seek /ermission from 0,e original /os0er, or -on@0 log i0. %,a0 if an ar0is0 recor-e- a 0,eme song for my s,o8F E!ents and dates: K456 Orien0a0ion: 1!g 2, 2/m 7e8s 0rainings: 1!g 3: 3&9/m, 1!g :: *&+ /m, 1!g 11: :&*/m T,e ;ir-s an- K6#;arcra8l: 1!g 12 #,ake-o8n: 1!g 17, 11am&3/m <!n- =ri.e: 7o. 2 > 7o. 19

y 8e aske.ing a con. K456.ere 8ill still be some grunt %or$.e /lanning an. e0c$F #!c.a0 abo!0 !sing only a /or0ion of a 0rackF 6o/yrig. . The requirement still stands at 8 hours per quarter.y.e s0a0ion an. incl!-ing 0.ersa0ion abo!0 co/yrig.e !n-erlying /.ere are a lo0 of B!es0ions 0o ans8er an.for e-!ca0ional or cri0ical /!r/oses.e-A T. We are better ser!ed by $no%ing %#at s$ills people can contribute. b!0 ./ro-!c0i.ie 0railers. %.are really 0.e only 8ay 0. elec0rical.H as 8ell as 0.e /ro-!c0ion s0!-ios.e sign in s.engineer@kcsb.ere 8ill be more 0asks 0.or MiEclo!-.er. #am/ling r!les a//ly es/ecially for '#1s.e song in 8ri0ing. a re0rofi0 of s0!-io 1I as 8ell as im/ro.e la8.ic. 8ill in.o. (olunteer )ours: %e@re c#anging t#e name from G6on0rac0 o!rsH 0o G)ol!n0eer o!rs.org Office o!rs "#!mmer$: M. =o 0. an. cli/s may be !se.co/yrig. eEcer/0s from T) s.ance 0o gi.e Studio + pro*ect.ile '#1s are no0.Ge0 /ermission 0o /lay 0.a0 abo!0 non&m!sic cli/s from Co!T!be "mo.e.e.m!sic may be Gsam/le-H for !/ 0o 30 secon-s.o8s. 4!s0in #0einmann Email: ass0.el/ i0 gro8. 8.er an.e%s update: 1ssocia0e 7e8s =irec0or. 8. 8e@ll be able 0o con0ac0 /eo/le -irec0ly an.o.alie )era .0e. 8.ere i0 may be -o8nloa-e-. ra-io or cons0r!c0ion eE/erienceF Ge0 in.iloso/. %.a0 are a//ealing an.e s0a0ion can kee/ r!nning.0e.e same res0ric0ions a//ly for 8ebsi0es like #o!n-clo!.e back 0o 0.ic. since 0. =o no0 !/loa. Engineer bulletin: 1ssis0an0 Engineer.ey 8ill be !se.ese .a.a.esi-es.e c..ma0erial 8.ese .e engineering. as 0.many -ifferen0 a//lica0ions of 0.ere is a lo0 0o -o in 0erms of engineering a0 K6#. . T. an. (: 11&1* %: *&+ =o yo! .e/./rocee-ing 8i0.ee0. 1lso no0e: ra-io is consi-ere.emen0s 0o 0.eryone 0o fill o!0 0.. %e 8ill con0in!e . 7a0. 7o8.0 iss!es.0.tac$le some of t#e larger pro*ects %e #a!e in mind. 0.o!rs are 0.o!rs are better spent doing somet#ing re%arding. is 8.ol.ere -o8nloa-ing can be -isable-F #0reams can only be online for 08o 8eeks.ol. 8. T.e con0rol room.emeral.o/ef!lly 0.

1ll are 8elcome.eir 8ork in 0.e ne8s -e/ar0men0 are also al8ays 8elcome.isor.org Office o!rs "#!mmer$: T: 1&9 7e8s =irec0or an.e% "eleases& .ankb!rner (ecor-s "neM #creec. so 0.e00er ser.enne00 'isci0elli Email: eE0ernal. 0rainings 8ill be T. M update: ?n0ernal M!sic =irec0or. Jeonar.ne8s@kcsb. <ri-ay 1!g!s0 :0.genres.s!gges0ions for 0.ere@s 0ons of grea0 m!sic 0o /lay 'roLec0s: & Music library o <irs0 0ask: reggae +9@s o .e =aniels.ie8 & M!sic library S#out outs& #/ecial 0.lo/eK@kcsb.org Office o!rs "#!mmer$: %.org Office o!rs "#!mmer$: M.@s recor.ing %.'inckney Email: s/or0s@kcsb. Monica Jo/eK Email: monica. . ":&*/m$.m!sic@kcsb. #0ory i-eas an. Sports update: #/or0s =irec0or. #0anley 7af0aly.i&8eekly a--s.m!sic@kcsb.anks 0o #0e. (: +&9 <: *&3 EE0ernal M!sic =irec0or.labelA 6oncei. (: 1&3 %. m!sic in o0.4o!rnalism 1-.ale$ is K6#. Cibing G!o Email: in0ernal.las0 . "3&9/m$. an.org O!0 of 0o8n !n0il #e/0ember. "*&+/m$.ris )es0!0o.Mark Morey for 0. 6. Mar0a 5l.er lang!ages & #!bcommi00ees: & M!sic re. (eac.ae!s.able by email.org #ession .Email: assoc.!rs-ay 1!g!s0 30.#ere/s lots to do0 so t#e $ey is to tac$le it in small tas$s . T.icing from !n-erre/resen0e.e.e m!sic -e/ar0men0A Ban$burner "ecords: .a0@s Going OnF & Spin . an#!n-ay 1!g!s0 110.

e s!b lis0. 8ill /ay 0.ange. release s0ra0egies.0on Email: 0raffic@kcsb.is is a non&/rofi0 en0er/rise an.8.e release party %ill be in late September1early 2ctober at Warbler "ecords.one lis0$ before calling =ylan. %e are going 0o see .e sc. o0.o8 yo! like an.ro!g.8an0 0o s!b yo!r s.em a0 e.e +ugust 46t# screening of The Birds 8i0.nical skills. Fara is #appy to sc#edule a group or personal retraining7 3roduction bulletin: 'ro-!c0ion 6oor-ina0or.e gif0s.org O!0 of 0o8n !n0il 1!g!s0 **n-. %e 0r!s0 eac.ese 0. !se 0.e conseB!ences 8.=ri.year by Mic. Mark yo!r calen-ars an. T.feel 0. b!0 8e 8elcome s!gges0ions of ban-s. o0. .able by email.raffic and . !/ on 0..ankb!rner@s firs0 release 8ill be a . Kirby 6!r0is Email: /ro-!c0ion@kcsb.ery o/0ion "calling 0.e commi00ee 0.ael Kenney an.er.e sc.em as <!n.arbara comm!ni0y.a0 0r!s0 an.e en0ire /. K6#. an.raining update: Traffic/Training Manager.inyl 7H single from ante Elep#ante.ose s. ge0&0oge0.ere 8ill be a K6#.eir 0ec.e-!le is b!il0 on trust an.e 0.-oes no0 0.en0s.o8 > yo! can 0ra-e off s!bbing as a fair eEc.o yo! 8o!l.er.is firs0 release goes before making soli.es0e-I in o0.org .= barcra8l of some sor0 af0er8ar-s.a0 forms 0. o!0 0o s/ecific /rogrammers 8.o8 0. <arallon .ankb!rner is mean0 0o be an o!0le0 for local ban-s an.er a0 0. .responsibility. rely on eac.er. Substitutions: eE./lans for ano0.en 0.rea0en o!r non&commerciali0y s0a0!s. (eac. o!r 8ebsi0e. 0.e /ro-!c0ion cos0s an.e 0.e money i0 in. %e ser. e0c.reliance is .e #an0a . 3M"C is 0. 3 bulletin: T.a. con0ac0ing 0. e0c. a T.kee/ yo!r ears o/en for more ne8sA K56C bulletin: .kee/ L!s0 eno!g.c!l0!re. %e 8ill sell 0.iola0e-.8e are a comm!ni0y as 8ell.ro!g.er 8or-s. ?f any /rogrammers 8an0 0o br!s.e recor-s 0o make back 0. of 0.a!s0 e. T. ?0@s !s!ally bes0 0o reac. . an.e-!le.er0ie Magi0.

org. 8.Office o!rs "#!mmer$: M. s/ecial g!es0s.able by email. 0.e -a0es: Wednesday0 . %it# t#e #elp of 5esse 3ere9 8.as been filling o!0 0. 4onny .o! 60 t#roug# Friday0 .en L!s0 0o /romo0e yo!r s.coe@kcsb.as been sc. 0. 1sia 6am/bell Email: /!blica0ions@kcsb.is T.00/://off0. %: *&+ T. 8ill s.some .-ri.0o -e.e /romo s..e8 Malml!nEmail: -igi0al.e-!les are /rin0e. 8. T.!rs-ay.o .org Office o!rs "#!mmer$: M.org <!n. #/eaking of 8.ic. Ma00.an. 1lso.elo/men0 6oor-ina0or.ea8ays from abroa-. 1!g!s0 1s0.eo-ore GTe-H 6oe Email: 0e-.4<: =e.ee0s an.ic.eair.ic.eme.e an idea for a 3S+.e/iso-es.org O!0 of 0o8n !n0il 1!g!s0 11.o! 4=7 .o8. e is also mo-era0ing KCSB/s blog a0 . 8ill be reimagining o!r main 8ebsi0e an.ising ne% promotional materials.org Office o!rs "#!mmer$: T: 11&1 %: 1*&* Ma00 is yo!r /oin0&/erson for anyt#ing you %ant posted on t#e %ebsite incl!-ing li.el/ relearning #o% to use t#e production e8uipmentF Je0 Kirby kno8A 3romotions update: 'romo0ions =irec0or.e ban-s. Ma00 is .e sc. Web update: =igi0al Me-ia 6oor-ina0or.@s 8eb /resence. T: 1*&* a.o8case a more /ersonal si-e of K6#. 4onny Ji/s.ere 8ill be a s!bcommi00ee -e-ica0e. e.need to be distributed./rogram logsA 3ublications bulletin: '!blica0ions =irec0or. f!nny or serio!sF %an0 0o get a local e!ent some publicityF 7ee.e Web esign Subcommittee.e-!ling 0icke0 gi.mee0s 0. Fund ri!e :.ea-ing !/ 0.in Email: /romo0ions@kcsb. (eac.coor-ina0or@kcsb.kcsb.

E!ents and dates: K456 Orien0a0ion: 1!g 2.Fund ri!e subcommittee meeting: T. 19 . 2 > 7o.ake-o8n: 1!g 17.o!rs by e!aluating pitc# brea$s from 0.=ri. 11am&3/m <!n.arcra8l: 1!g 12 #. 2/m Co! can earn . 1!g :: *&+ /m.!rs-ay.=ri. 1!g!s0 3. 1!g 11: :&*/m The Birds an.e: 7o.K6#. 2/m 7e8s 0rainings: 1!g 3: 3&9/m.e las0 <!n.ol!n0eer .e.