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The clusters below are intended to
stimulate you to share your knowledge,
experiences and research in nursing
leadership relating to the theme of
March 25 & 26, 2010 “Leading with Confidence & Creativity”


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Please note there are several changes this year to the submission of abstracts. You will only
have one choice of cluster to submit and only one format choice. Networking Café, How
to Workshop and Interactive Roundtable dialogue choices have been added. Please note
descriptions provided on the instruction page of the submission site.


Before you begin it may be helpful to have your abstract (up to 300 words) and brief
biography in MS Word format that you can cut and paste into the appropriate sections of
the online form. All abstracts must be submitted online – all information fields requested
CALL FOR ABSTRACTS must be completed. Please visit
Your abstract should be informative stating the problem, issue or project in the first
FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION paragraph. Briefly describe the manner in which the study, issue or project was addressed
and describe the findings, conclusions or solutions. Evaluate the relevance of this study,
NLN.ON 2010 innovation or strategy to other administrators and the relevance to other settings. Authors
c/o First Stage Enterprises are expected to clearly outline key learning objectives for their presentation.
1 Concorde Gate, Suite 109 Box 26
4EL  s&AX   All abstracts received by the deadline date will be subjected to a “blind” peer review.
4OLLFREE    Selection criteria include relevance to the conference theme, scholarship, creativity and application to nursing leadership. This year, more emphasis is being placed on completed
work, lessons to be learned and innovative contribution to the health care system.

All abstracts will be automatically acknowledged by email upon successful online submission.
Selection will be completed and acknowledged by email by November 20th, 2009.

Deadline for submission Successful authors must indicate their intent to present by December 2, 2009 to be
included in the conference brochure. Members of the Conference Planning Committee will
is Monday, October 26 be available to coach authors as they develop their presentation to fit the conference theme
at 1pm EST and objectives if needed.

This is your opportunity to share leadership OTHER INFORMATION

innovations, strategies, and research findings that All presenters are responsible for all expenses incurred and must register for the
will guide healthcare leaders and administrators conference. Concurrent paper sessions are 45 minutes in length inclusive of a 10 minute
in leading change in future healthcare systems. question period. There will be approximately 18 papers, 30 posters, 3 networking café’s,
Submit your abstract online at several “how to” workshops and 2 sessions of interactive roundtable dialogues.