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March 2014

Weekly Sweepstakes
1/6/14 – 1/12/14 Weekly $500 winner is K.D. from Georgia Saturday $250 winner is N.H. from Colorado Sunday $250 winner is D.H. from California 1/13/14 – 1/19/14 Weekly $500 winner is R.J. from Texas Saturday $250 winner is R.L. from Ohio Sunday $250 winner is M.R. from Georgia 1/20/14 – 1/26/14 Weekly $500 winner is L.D. from Illinois Saturday $250 winner is R.T. from North Carolina Sunday $250 winner is D.H. from California

The Ratings, Your Meter, and You
You’re part of the ratings now! You are part of a select group of people that help decide what media broadcasters put on the air and what products and services you and those in your community prefer. When you wear your meter all day, every day, you make your media choices count. But wearing your meter is only the beginning of the ratings process. Let’s take a closer look at what the ratings are, how it all works, and why your participation means so much...

What are the ratings?
The ratings are a summary of the radio listening, TV viewing, and other media use of people across the United States. This information is combined with demographic and other information to create ratings and research reports. These reports are key to understanding what people across the country listen to and watch.

Special Sweepstakes
$10,000 Winter Winner Daniel C. from Florida $10,000 Thanksgiving Winner Dean Q. from Tennessee $10,000 Summer Finale Winner Dottie H. from Missouri The $10,000 Spring Sweepstakes starts April 7, 2014!

Your meter does all the work.
Media companies and businesses that participate in our research include a unique code in their audio broadcasts. Your meter picks up this code and lets us know what media you hear throughout your day—it paints a total picture of what media content is important to YOU. The meter picks up your media choices from many different sources, including broadcast radio and TV, and cable TV. It may also pick up live or pre-recorded broadcasts on the Internet as well as media heard in stores, restaurants, movie theaters, or other businesses that participate with us in our research.

Meet Lylian!
Arbitron Panel Relations Specialist 1-800-277-9139

Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil Family: Married with 2 adult children Pets: 2 dogs Hobbies: I enjoy photography and painting. My passions are dancing and teaching Zumba!

Your participation matters.
Broadcasters, advertisers, and other businesses rely on our ratings and research reports to understand what people like you prefer. So your participation is very important! We count on you and everyone in your household to tell us what you listen to on the radio and watch on TV. After all, you are representing thousands of other households in your community.

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