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February 2014

Weekly Sweepstakes
12/2/13 – 12/8/13 Weekly $500 winner is S.G. from Washington Saturday $250 winner is L.T. from Michigan Sunday $250 winner is A.W. from Illinois 12/9/13 – 12/15/13 Weekly $500 winner is M.M. from Michigan Saturday $250 winner is X.S. from Wisconsin Sunday $250 winner is S.S. from Texas 12/16/13 – 12/22/13 Weekly $500 winner is L.M. from California Saturday $250 winner is D.J. from Maryland Sunday $250 winner is P.D. from Florida 12/23/13 – 12/29/13 Weekly $500 winner is R.C. from Illinois Saturday $250 winner is A.W. from Illinois Sunday $250 winner is M.N. from Washington 12/30/13 – 1/5/14 Weekly $500 winner is P.D. from Florida Saturday $250 winner is C.W. from Washington Sunday $250 winner is D.C. from Oregon

Is it the Media or the Motion?
We often get questions from You get one point for every 10 minutes panelists who want to know if that you wear your meter and keep the the amount of media they green light on! listen to or watch affects the points they can earn toward extra cash. Our answer is always—absolutely not! You earn points based solely on the amount of time you wear the meter— NOT the amount of media your meter picks up each day. It doesn’t matter whether you listen to or watch media a little, a lot, or not at all. What matters is that you wear your meter all day, every day, and keep it in motion. This is how you make sure that all of your media choices are represented in the ratings. It’s also how you earn the most points toward weekly bonuses and sweepstakes entries. The more you wear your meter, the more points you earn... and the more cash you can put in your pocket each month!

Special Sweepstakes
$10,000 Winter Winner Daniel C. from Florida $10,000 Thanksgiving Winner Dean Q. from Tennessee $10,000 Summer Finale Winner Dottie H. from Missouri

Got Old Equipment? We’ll Take It!
Facebook, Twitter, and You
It is important that you not share information about your involvement in the Arbitron Ratings on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Revealing your participation to anyone outside of your household may affect the integrity of our research as well as your ability to continue in the ratings study. Please take care with your posts and tweets.
If you have meters and meter equipment in your household that you are no longer using, please send it back to Arbitron right away. It’s easy! Call us at 1-800-277-9139 and we’ll arrange for the equipment to be picked up from your home at your convenience.

Meet Raul!
Arbitron Panel Relations Specialist 1-800-277-9139

Hometown: Cartagena, Colombia Has worked at Arbitron: 6 years Family: Married 5 years Pets: A Havanese Bichon named Rocky Talents: I’m a singer and songwriter of Spanish Pop Rock. I also love playing and watching soccer!

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