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Spas and health resorts

In Serbia there are over 1,000 cold and warm mineral water springs, and a great wealth of natural mineral gases and medicinal mud. In over 53 thermal resorts, the benefits of which even the ancient Romans enjoyed, spa therapies have been adapted to treat a wide range of health ailments and diseases and involve drinking medicinal water or taking medicinal baths. esides rich medicinal water spas, Serbia is also proud of its !climatic spas", which have been designated health resorts thanks to their favourable climates and geographic locations. Serbia#s spas have developed into oases of greenery and tranquillity. $hey are mainly located in gentle valleys or on the slopes of hills and are surrounded by forests, grassland and orchards. $he natural landscape of the spas is complemented by cultivated surroundings, parks and walking paths. %odern accommodation, sports fields and swimming pools round off the basic health facilities available in the spas. $oday, the spas are increasingly returning to what they once were & places for rest, enjoyment and recreation. %odern recreation comple'es with facilities for various sports, which also house massage salons and fitness centres, are being built in the spas. Wellness programmes have become very popular in Serbian spas over the last few years. $he programmes entail spa therapies which are ideal for preventing illness, restoring physical and spiritual vitality and great form and appearance, renewing skin elasticity and firming neglected muscles. $he spas are also fully e(uipped for hosting congresses and seminars, as well as physical trainingsessions for sports teams. $he surrounding areas of the spas contain numerous cultural, historical andnatural attractions, and a wide variety of traditional and modern art events are held regularly throughout the year. I)*+ Serbian Spas and Resorts Association ,o-tanski fah 5., 3/0.1 2rnja3ka anja tel4 +381 (0)36 611-110 , fa'. /..5.16

ujanova3ka anja

ujanova3ka anja spa is located in southern Serbia, 0.5 km from Bujanovac, beside the road and rail links connecting elgrade and Skopje. $he spa is 3/1 km from elgrade and .7 km from 2ranje. $his part of the 2ranje basin is located in the upper course of the Ju na !oravariver and is 711 m above sea5level. $he spa#s e'cellent treatment results are achieved by combining the most up5to5date medical methods with the healing properties of nature & thermal mineral water, curative peloid mud, and natural gas. $he thermal mineral water is of the sodium hydrocarbonate, fluoride, sulphide and carbonic acid hyperthermal type. $he spring water has a temperature of 7389. Bujanova"#a Banja mud is of volcanic origin and is some of the best (uality mud in the world. $herapy produced three effects & mechanical, thermal and pharmacological. ujanova3ka anja is the only spa in Serbia to apply the latest methods using natural carbon dio$ide gas in the treatment of disease. $he Bujanovac %pecialised &ehabilitation 'ospital has up5to5date diagnostic and treatment e(uipment :,;2< cabins, laser technology and electromyograph=, and a laboratory as well. < large and diverse team of (ualified medical personnel care for patients4 physical medicine specialists, cardiologists, rheumatologists, skin and venereal disease specialists, specialists working with people with disabilities, general practitioners and physiotherapists. $he rehabilitation of patients is overseen by e'perts from the *aculty of %edicine in elgrade. (n Bujanova"#a Banja the following are treated)

rheumatic diseases :chronic rheumatism, ekhterev#s disease, arthrosis, spondylosis, intervertebral disc conditions= post5injury conditions chronic alimentary canal diseases skin disorders :ec>ema, psoriasis= gynaecological diseases neurological diseases :central and peripheral palsy, neuralgia and ischialgia=

< medical remedy called parafango is produced here to support continued treatment in the home environment. $his is a blend of paraffin and curative mud, specially adapted for easy home use. )ear to ujanova3ka anja is *rohorovo, an area of outstanding natural value. ,rohorovo includes the ,3inje river valley and the ?o>jak and Rujan mountains and is an e'cellent place for e'cursions and hunting. $he .. th5century *rohor *"injs#i monastery, whose residence :konak= has been adapted to provide tourist accommodation, is located in the centre of this area. $here is also a mediaeval archaeological site near ,rohorovo.

INFO Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju Bujanovac, 17520 Bujanovac tel: 651-810 www.$relobujano$
*ansion +*rohor *"injs#i,, -1./01, 11.210

+381 (0)1 6!1-"#"

, fax:

restova3ka anja

restova3ka anja spa is located in eastern Serbia, @ km from Bor and lies at a height of 3A5 m above sea5level. $he climate is moderate continental. ,ast volcanic activity and the comple' geological composition of the ground led to the formation of thermal mineral springs. In terms of their temperature, the waters are heterothermal :meaning a range from 3053A89= and hyperthermal :7189=, and contain potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, iodine, sulphates and carbonates. $he waters are clear, with a slight yellow tinge, do not contain gaseous bubbles or sediment, have no smell and the taste is alkaline. $he natural oligomineral medicinal waters of restova3ka anja are successfully employed in a number of ways4 drinking, gargling, sprinkling, in aerosol spray form and for bathing, as well as in physical therapy where they also serve as a curative supplement to medicines. 3he following are treated in Brestova"#a Banja)

diseases of and injuries to the muscles and bones :degenerative rheumatic diseases, rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis= chronic joint diseases after5effects of injuries to bones and soft tissues :swelling and pain= muscle disorders :lumbago & lower back pain= chronic gynaecological diseases upper respiratory mucous membrane inflammation inflammatory skin conditions increased diuresis low level of stomach acid digestive tract diseases kidney diseases nerve diseases or 9lub.

<ccommodation is provided in the Srpska ?runa, Bucija, iljana, $oplica villas, as well as the R$

Spa guests can visit *rince !ilo45s &esidence :?onak ?ne>a %ilo-a=, built in .A@/, which functions as a%amam & $urkish steam bath and reconstructed old bath. Some 61 hectares of forest surround restova3ka anja. Bors#o Je6ero la#e is located .1 km from the spa and the 7lots#e *e8ine caves, 9eli$ &omuliana and :am6igrads#a banja spa are nearby.


Brestovaka Banja, iste

ova 1, 1!210 Bo", tel:

+381 (0)30 31-830

ukovi3ka anja

ukovi3ka anja spa is located in ;ran<elovac, at the base of the Bu#ulja mountain. It lies at 05/ m above sea5level and is @/ km from elgrade. ukovi3ka anja can be reached by taking the main road from elgrade via %ladenovac. In .A.., the waters of ukovi3ka anja were used to treat=ositej >bradovi8, and at the re(uest of *rince !ilo4, the water was brought from the spa and drunk by him in the palace. In the .611s, the bottling of uckova3ka mineral water began and is today one of the most well5known bottled mineral waters & ?nja> %ilo-. $oday, the most up5to5date therapeutic methods are used in the Bu#ovi"#a Banja %pecialised &ehabilitation 'ospital , which is located at a site of medicinal waters, mud and favourable climate. 3he following are treated at Bu#ovi"#a Banja)

gastrointestinal tract diseases liver, biliary tract and pancreatic diseases respiratory diseases musculoskeletal system diseases and injuries

$he %pecialised 'ospital here is the only one in Serbia to have a department for the long5term treatment, education and rehabilitation of children with insulin5dependent forms of diabetes. In the recreation block, besides the standard hydrotherapeutic procedures, there is a whirlpool bath with underwater massage, a solarium, sauna, hydro5kinetic showers, massage showers with adjustable pressure and temperature, mud baths and a fitness centre. Bu#ovi"#a Banja *ar#, spread out over an area of 0..5 hectares, is one of the most beautiful in Serbia. $he park is geometrically laid out and captivates visitors with its harmony and rich array of plant species. Since .6//, the year the eli 2en3ac international sculpture workshop began, ukovi3ka anja ,ark has boasted a uni(ue and growing collection of sculptures. $he !arble and %ounds festival is held in the park every year, as is the international World of ?eramics festival. $he >ld @difice :Staro Cdanje=, which is the oldest building in the park, is today a hotel and the symbol of <ranDelovac. ,rince %ihajlo +brenoviE started its construction .A/5, as a summer residence and assembly building. *e8ina &isova"a cave, an archaeological site from the late Stone <ge and listed monument of nature, is one of the oldest testaments to the e'istence of humans on the alkan ,eninsula. Risova3a has been developed for tourist visits as a kind of ,alaeolithic museum. 2isitors to ukovi3ka anja can visit its!useum which houses numerous archaeological, ethnological and fine art e'hibits, representing the culture that developed in this area of Fumadija. ukovi3ka anja has e'ceptional facilities for all kinds of recreational activities and sports training, including sports halls, small and large sports fields, an automated shooting range, an outdoor mineral water swimming pool and an indoor swimming pool in the I>vor hotel. In the park there is a fitness circuit and a marked hiking path leads from the I>vor hotel to 2en3ac via the ukulje mountain. $he surrounding area of ukovi3ka anja contains numerous cultural and historical monuments4 ?araDorDe#s *ortified $own :?araDorDev Grad) in $opola, the St George 9hurch :9rkva Svetog HorDa= in +plenac, and +ra-ac & the place where the *irst Serbian ;prising began in .A17. $he adjacent hunting grounds are full of small game and the artificial :ara4i lake offers opportunities for angling. I)*+

#tt$:%%&&&'a-#otel-i(vo"'co)% Iotel JI>vorK LLLLLL

Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju Bukovika Banja %i-arska bb, 37311 <ranDelovac tel4 +381 (0)3& "!-"!0 , fa'. @075.A/ www.buko$

'otel +AumadijaB C10.D01

'otel +%taro 6danjeB C11./21

2ranjska anja

2ranjska anja spa is located in southern Serbia, .1 km from Eranje and / km from the elgrade5Skopje highway. $he spa lies 3A1 m above sea5level and has a moderate continental climate, with very pleasant summers which have warm days and fresh nights. $he forest5covered peaks shield the spa from strong and cold winds. 2ranjska anja has several mineral water springs, with high temperatures ranging from 67 to ..189, meaning that it is considered to be one of Murope#s hottest spas. $reatments are administered in the Eranjs#a Banja %pecialised &ehabilitation 'ospital. $herapies include bathing in mineral water and sulphurous curative mud, electrotherapy, massage, kinesiotherapy and acupuncture. 3he following are treated in Eranjs#a Banja)

all forms of rheumatism post5traumatic conditions :broken bones= neurological conditions :intervertebral disc conditions, sciatica= chronic gynaecological conditions

$he mineral water when cooled has a beneficial effect on digestive organ conditions. 2ranjska anja is surrounded by the densely vegetated slopes of Besna Fobila mountain, which are e'cellent for walking in summer and sledging and skiing in winter. $he spa#s surrounding area allows for hunting and fishing, as well as organised walking and cycling tours. In the city of 2ranje, visit the )ational %useum, the Iaremluk :female (uarters of a %uslim house= and the house of StankoviE. @$cursions to 2lasinsko Ne>ero lake and the ,rohor ,3injski monastery are also possible. I)*+ Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju Vranjska Banja ?ralja ,etra I +slobodioca @, .@570 2ranjska anja tel4 +381 (0)1 !&6-&"8 , fa'4 57/5516 www.$ ora

'otel BGele6ni"arB HIIJ KD1.D0-, KD1.C/K

anja 2rdnik

anja 2rdnik spa is located in central %rem district, at the foot of 9ru4#a :ora mountain. It lies 0.1 m above sea5level and is @7 km from elgrade and 07 km from )ovi Sad.

$he climate is moderate continental, with little rainfall, no wind and over 0011 hours of sunshine annually. $he clean air, which has large (uantities of o>one, makes anja 2rdnik a spa for the lungs too. $he 30.58 thermal water springs in anja 2rdnik are hypothermal and have a wide range of effects on the human organism. $reatment is performed in the 3ermal %pecialised &ehabilitation 'ospital which has modern e(uipment for performing a wide range of procedures in physical medicine and rehabilitation and a (ualified team of specialist doctors and acupuncturists. 3he following are treated in Banja Erdni#)

all forms of rheumatic disease postoperative and post5traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system and the spinal column peripheral central motor neurone diseases painful conditions conditions re(uiring convalescence respiratory and gynaecological conditions migraines joint and spinal column deformities

Spa visitors have the use of an outdoor +lympic5si>ed swimming pool, indoor swimming pools and a sauna, as well as a football pitch which is ideal for sports training.

*"+ni is #o)e to t#e &avanica monastery an+ Erdni# 3ower , a -o)an-e"a site , an+ on F"u. a /o"a t#e"e a"e anot#e" 16 )onaste"ies &#ic# 0a"ne" t#e inte"est of a 0"eat )an1 tou"ists &it# t#ei" 2eaut1, i)$o"tance an+ valua2le cultu"al t"easu"es' INFO :Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju Termal, 'ara(or(e$a 6) ""&80
*rdnik) +el, +381 (0)"" &6!-63& ) -a., &6!-81# www.+ermal-$
/0123 4526725 89:8 ;;;;;

#tt$:%%&&&'2oo in0'co)%#otel%"s%$"e)ie"-a3ua'en'#t)l4

2rnja3ka anja

2rnja3ka anja spa is located in central Serbia, 011 km south of elgrade. It rests on the slopes of :o" mountain and in the valleys of the Ernja"#a and Lipova"#a rivers. 2rnja3ka anja is between 001 and 311 m above sea5level, depending on the part of the town, which can be reached by taking the main elgrade5?raljevo road and the elgrade5)i-5Skopje highway via ,ojate. 2rnja3ka anja has a moderate continental climate, with moderately warm summers :the average temperature is 0189= and moderately cold winters :average temperature 1.A89=. Shielded by Go3 mountain :in the south, east and west= and the GlediE mountain range :in the north=, a great number of days are wind5free annually & around .@1. <rchaeological findings indicate that the mineral water here has been used since classical anti(uity. +n top of the 2rnja3ka anja hot mineral water spring, in the period between the 0 nd to 7th centuries, the Romans erected the;quae >rcinae health resort, where soldiers from the province of ;pper %oesia and military camps on the fortified Roman border along the Oanube & known as the3imes & came to recuperate and rest. $he current name 2rnja3ka anja was taken from the name of the village 2rnjci, where the mineral springs were discovered. <rchaeological findings discovered at nearby sites show that the mineral waters of 2rnja3ka anja were again used during y>antine rule. Some legends say that the medicinal (uality of the water was also well5known in the later period of $urkish rule. <ccording to these stories, $urkish landowners were treated in 2rnja3ka anja, demanding that the local population feed and serve them. $o escape having to serve their $urkish masters and beys, the people buried the springs. Pith the departure of the $urks and the gradual political and economic consolidation of Serbia in the .6th century, there was increased interest in using the 2rnjci mineral waters. $he rediscovery and resumed use of these waters are traditionally said to be connected with a story about a sick horse belonging 2rnjci priest Neftimi IadQi5,opoviE. $he first written information about 2rnja3ka anja is found in a report by aron Cigmund Ierder who was investigating the natural resources of Serbia at that time on the order of ,rince %ilo- +brenoviE. Ie proclaimed that the mineral waters in 2rnjci were of high (uality, comparing them to the famous waters of ?arlovy 2ary in 9>ech Republic. +n . st Nune .A/A, the *ounding Oonors# <ssociation of the %edicinal Iot %ineral Paters in 2rnjici was formed and .A/6 is considered to have been the first official spa season, with capped warm water springs, baths, spa doctors and a great many visitors. %ore modern hotels and villas were built at the beginning of the 01th century. $he utilisation of the 2rnja3ka anja mineral springs began in .6@1. $he glass5bottled Ernjci water was popular and very (uickly con(uered the market, making its place of origin widely5known. 2rnja3ka anja has seven mineral springs, four of which are used in spa therapies. $he $opla 2oda spring, which is uni(ue because it is the same temperature as the human body :3/.589=, is of the carbonic acid homeothermic type and is used for drinking and bathing. $he cold mineral springs, SneQnik :.@89=, Ne>ero :0@89= and Slatina :.789=, are of the alkaline5earth type.

$reatment is performed in the !er#ur %pecialised 3reatment and &ehabilitation 'ospital which has the latest medical e(uipment for diagnosis, prevention and treatment and specialist doctor supervision. ,atient nutrition is in line with modern dietary principles and besides basic diet types, individual dietary programmes are also catered for. 3he following are treated at Ernja"#a Banja)

diabetes post5jaundice recovery diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts pancreatic diseases gastric and duodenal ulcers non5infectious conditions of the small and large intestines gastrointestinal conditions recovery after surgical removal of the gallbladder conditions post resection of the oesophagus, gallbladder and intestines chronic gynaecological conditions and infertility infections of the renal pelvis, bladder and urinary tract urinary tract stones

3he special treatment programmes are)

Binea & treatment of obesity with modern medical principles under the supervision of endocrinologists Ruick Oiagnosis & a five5day health status check5up done by a team of (ualified subspecialists and specialists, using the latest diagnostic techni(ues. Oiabetes School & during treatment, diabetics and members of their family learn about the nature of the condition, ade(uate ways of treating it, nutrition, self5management of the condition and ways of delaying the onset of complications.

esides the therapeutic and accommodation services, guests also have the use of saunas, a bowling alley, outdoor and indoor swimming pools and fitness centres. $he spa also has several conference halls, the largest of which, in the Cve>da hotel, can seat .011 people. $here are lots of opportunities for sports tourism in 2rnja3ka anja. $he Raj sports and leisure centre has three grass football pitches and an athletics track, as well as swimming pools and small sports fields. $he ski slope on Go3 mountain attracts many winter sports lovers. *or those who prefer rivers and angling, .1 km from 2rnja3ka anja, on the Capadna %orava river, there is the ,odunava3ke are lakes area, where sporting events also take place. <lso, Go3 is an ideal place for hunting, with its managed hunting grounds. $hroughout the year in 2rnja3ka anja numerous events are held, such as the 2rnjci 9ultural *estivities, the *estival of *ilm Screenplays, Mlegantove Sve3anosti, the ook *estival and Spas M'change and more besides. $he programme of the ?astle of ?ulture, a uni(ue institution comprising a gallery, museum, music hall and arts academy, includes a large number of e'hibitions and music and theatre presentations. 2rnja3ka anja guests can go on organised visits to the nearby Studenica, Sica, Gradac, SopoEani and HurDevi Stupovi monasteries, as well as the remains of the Ras, %agliE, rvenik and ?o>nik fortresses.

INFO Specijalna bolnica za leenje i rehabilitaciju

tel4 +381 (0)36 611-6"6 www.$ , fa'4 /..5.5/


Buleva" s"$s i# "atni a 18, 56210 *"nja6 a Banja

Ernjac#a Banja *rivatni %mestajEila Len#a 0-1 K-- 0K0, 010 -01.K/0 %pecijalna bolnica B!er#urB, 111.1-D, 111.0K0 'otel B>rionB, 11-.1K0 'otel BBre6aB HIIIJ, 11-.1D0, 11-.0K/ 'otel BBeli (6vorB na :o"u 11-.002, 1D1.K00 'otel B9ontanaB HIIJ, 11-.1K0, 11-.11C 'otel B*romenadaB, 111.010 >dmarali4te B*o4tans#i domB, 111./-0 'otel B%latinaB HIJ, 111.101 'otel B%lavijaB HIIJ, 11-.1C/, 11-.1C-

'otel BEila %ne ni#B HIIJ, 111.1K0 'otel B7ve6daB HIIIJ, 111.CC0 'otel BGele6ni"arB HIJ, 111.0C1 Eila B;le#sandarB, 11C./// ;partmans#o naselje BJe6eroB, 111.KDC *ansion BEu#B, 11-.0C0, 11-.101 Ernjac#a Banja 'oteli, 010M-10.011

anja 2rujci

anja 2rujci spa is located at the foot of the %uvobar and!aljen mountains, in the 3oplica river valley. 2rujci can be reached via the Ibar Iighway :Ibarska %agistrala= or the elgrade52aljevo road. 2rujci is situated 60 km from elgrade and has a mild moderate continental climate, standing at between .@6 and 050 m above sea5level. $he thermal waters in anja 2rujci :0A89= contain calcium, magnesium and selenium. $he generous flow rate of the spring is 311 litres per second, making it the fastest flowing in Serbia. $he rehabilitation centre offers a full range of health treatments4 kinesiotherapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and mud therapy. $he mineral water is used for bathing and drinking, and peloid & curative mud & is used in pack form. 3he following are treated in Banja Erujci)

chronic rheumatism high blood pressure anaemia neurasthenia kidney and urinary tract stones gynaecological conditions eye disorders

'otel Erujci has one indoor and three outdoor thermal water swimming pools, a gym, whirlpool bath, sauna, fitness room, football pitches, tennis courts and small sports fields, which make the spa ideal for sports training. $he area surrounding 2rujci is set apart by its stunning landscape and diverse forests. $he 2aljevo mountain range is ideal for hunting and the $oplica, ?olubara and Bepenica rivers lend themselves tofishing. In the vicinity of anja 2rujci there are village households which cater to tourists. $he village of %trugani# and the house in which military leader Sivojin %i3iE was born, are not far from the spa, as too are the ogovoDa monastery and the village of rankovina, the town of %ionica and the city of 2aljevo with their rich historical and cultural heritages. I)*+ !otel Vrujci anja 2rujci, .7073 Gornja $oplica tel4 +381 (0)1& 66-118 , fa'4 //50A@ www.banja$

Gam>igradska anja

Gam>igradska anja spa is located in eastern Serbia, 001 km from elgrade and .. km from 7aje"ar. It is nestled in the valley of the lower course of the ?rni 3imo# river, not far from the main road between Caje3ar and ,araEin, and lies ./1 m above sea5 level. Gam>igradska anja has a mainly continental climate, but also has a microclimate with features typical of mountain foothills. Surrounded by forest5covered hills, clean air and unspoilt nature, Gam>igradska anja is a pleasant place for treatment and rest. $he spa has several thermal mineral water springs, with temperatures raging from 3A to 7389, which are classed as alkaline5 earth hyperthermal, that is acrothermal :lightly mineralised=. It is no coincidence that Roman Mmperor :aius :alerius Ealerius !a$imianus, who historians say suffered from rheumatism, built a lu'urious palace right here in the 3rd century. $reatments are performed in the :am6igrad %pecialised &ehabilitation 'ospital. ,articularly attractive are the two indoor thermal mineral water swimming pools, which are surrounded with beautiful wall mosaics. 3he following are treated in :am6igrads#a Banja)

diseases of the peripheral blood vessels and lymphatic system connective tissue diseases articular and e'tra5articular forms of rheumatism degenerative joint diseases orthopaedic diseases and post5traumatic conditions growth anomalies in children neurological diseases gynaecological diseases

Gam>igradska anja has e'ceptional facilities for sports training. Swimming pools, a gym, a football pitch, small sports fields and tennis courts are available. Ouring training, athletes are supervised by (ualified sports doctors, and there is the option for all athletes to take a cardiac stress test and have their health status certified in their competitive record booklet. $he spa is an e'cellent destination for school e$cursions. In the Specialised Iospital, under the supervision of a doctor, children can undergo a medical e'amination performed by physical medicine specialists, checking for correct posture and assessing the condition of the soles of the feet. +ne of the oldest hydroelectric power plants in Serbia is located in Gam>igradska anja itself and the remains of the 9eli$ &omuliana royal Roman comple' are located 3 km away. $he comple' was built on the orders of Mmperor Gaius Galerius 2alerius %a'iaminus, the co5ruler of Oiocletian. Gam>igradska anja guests have the opportunity to go on organised trips to the Clotske ,eEine caves, the Raja3ke ,ivnice wine cellars, Rtanj mountain and the Suvobor and Grli- monasteries.


Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju "amzi#rad, 1!228

/a)(i0"a+s a Banja, tel:

+381 (0)1# &!0-&&&

'otel BFastrumB, DK0.000, DK0.00D

anja Gornja $rep3a

$he anja Gornja $rep3a spa, which is also known as the ;tomic %pa :<tomska anja=, is located in the settlement of :ornja 3rep"a, in the southwest of the Aumadija region, beside the Ibar Iighway :Ibarska %agistrala=. It is .A km from Na"a# and .51 km from elgrade. It sits on the forest5covered slopes of the Eujan and Bu#ovi# mountains, at 7/1 m above sea5level. $he climate of the spa is moderate continental with small variations in annual temperature because of the rich plant coverage. 3he lightly radioactive 00O? thermal mineral water is abundant in microelements such as rubidium, caesium, selenium, silver and strontium, amongst others, which have active biological effects on the human body. $reatment is performed under the constant supervision of specialist doctors. $he resort offers the full range of spa therapy treatments. ,hysical treatment involves the use of electrotherapy, kinesiotherapy and manual massage, while spa therapy involves bathing in pools and baths and hydro5massage. Ieated curative mud packs are applied for 31 minutes at a time. (n Banja :ornja 3rep"a the following are treated)

rheumatic diseases :chronic inflammatory rheumatism, ekhterev#s disease and rheumatoid arthritis=

degenerative rheumatism :arthritis, spondylosis and spondyloarthritis, inter5vertebral disc disorders= e'tra5articular rheumatism :myofibrositis, fibrositis, panniculitis, tendonitis, bursitis and psychogenic rheumatism= neurological or psychiatric disorders :multiple sclerosis, post5myelitis and encephalomyelitis recovery conditions, adhesive spinal arachnoiditis, postrheumatic myelophathy, cerebral palsy, neurosis, neurasthenia, dystonia and depressive conditions= gastrointestinal tract diseases :chronic gastritis and duodenitis, uncomplicated gastric and duodenal ulcers= diseases of the peripheral blood vessels :chronic peripheral artery disease and chronic venous oedema=

It has been shown that drinking the spa water leads to the stabilisation of sugar levels in diabetics. anja Gornja $rep3a is uni(ue because it is the only spa in the world to help multiple sclerosis suffers in hindering the progression of the disease, and even e'perience partial recovery. $here a many cultural and historical attractions and picnic sites in the surrounding area. $he 9hurch of the Ioly %other of God, built in .A67, stands in the centre of the spa and is under state protection. Guests can also visit the .7 th5century 2ujan monastery and the monasteries of the +v3arsko5?ablarska ?lisura gorge. %any cultural and tourist events are held during summer in Gornja $rep3a, the most notable being Oays of Iealth and Oays of ,lums. <lso, the village of ,rislonica is the location of the famous *estival of ,ipers. Pithin the immediate surroundings of the spa there is an inviting hunting ground, teeming with small game and wildfowl. I)*+ Atomska Banja "ornja Trepa lagoja ,aunoviEa bb, 300.5 Gornja $rep3a tel4 +381 (0)3" 8""-063 , fa'4 A0053A0

:arni hotel B9ontanaB HIIJ 2--.010, 2--.01D *ansion B7dravlja#B, 2--.0-C, 2--.CD/

anja NunakoviE
anja NunakoviE spa is located in north5western Serbia, 7 km from ;patin, and is surrounded by beautiful forests and unspoilt nature. It is 011 km from elgrade and .11 km from )ovi Sad. $he spa is reached via the regional road from )ovi Sad, passing through 2rbas and Sombor or through <patin. 9hemical analysis has determined that the waters here, which can reach a temperature of /189, contain sodium, lithium, calcium and magnesium. $his means the thermal waters of anja NunakoviE are of a similar type to those of ?arlovy 2ary in 9>ech Republic, IarkTny in Iungary and Bipik in 9roatia. $reatments are performed in the Banja Juna#ovi8 &ehabilitation and &ecreation ?entre , applying modern medical methods under the supervision of specialist doctors and therapists. $he therapy block has a hydrotherapy section :with a pool and baths for underwater massage=, electrotherapy e(uipment :ultrasound, laser, magnet, I+lamps=, two saunas, a kinesiotherapy room, paraffin treatment room and inhalation room. 3he following are treated in Banja Juna#ovi8)

various types of chronic rheumatism after5effects of trauma and stroke peripheral nervous system injuries postoperative orthopaedic and postoperative spinal column conditions gynaecological diseases :primary and secondary sterility, degenerative diseases during the menopause= non5specific respiratory diseases :asthma, spastic bronchitis, throat and trachea infections

Guests have use of a sports comple$ comprising .1 outdoor swimming pools, small sports fields and tennis courts. $he Oanube is not far from anja NunakoviE, for fishing and water sports and the hunting grounds along its banks which harbour various game and bird species. I)*+

Rehabilitaciono$rekreacioni centar Banja %unakovi& )u-iEeva bb, 050/1 <patin tel4 +381 (0)"! "-311 , fa'4 @@05173 www.banja-junako$

anja ?anjiQa
anja ?anjiQa spa is located in northern Serbia, on the right bank of the 3isa river. It is 71 km from Subotica and .01 km from )ovi Sad. ?anjiQa can be reached via the elgrade5)ovi Sad5Subotica5Iorgo- highway and the elgrade5Subotica railway line. $he spa is located in a large park and stands A@ m above sea5level. $he spa has a continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters. $he thermal mineral waters are hyperthermal, with temperatures of between 5. and @089, and contain sodium, hydrocarbonate, iodine, bromide and sulphide. ?urative mud & peloid & is used during treatments. $reatment is carried out in the Banja Fanji a %pecialised &ehabilitation 'ospital which is e(uipped with the latest physical medicine and rehabilitation devices. (n Banja Fanji a the following are treated)

rheumatic diseases conditions after injuries to bone5joint systems peripheral nervous system injuries postoperative orthopaedic conditions central nervous system damage in children

Guests have access to a large number of sport facilities4 two indoor pools, sauna, solarium, gym, sports hall, athletics track, courts for volleyball, basketball, handball and tennis and football pitches. $hese facilities allow the spa to offer a special programme of medically supervised sports training. +n the banks of the $isa river there is a park with walking trails, and the river itself is ideal for watersports and angling. )earby hunting grounds allow for the shooting of small and large game. 3ripsfrom ?anjiQa to Subotica, ,aliE lake and the Cobnatica stud farm can also be arranged. I)*+ Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju Banja 'anji(a )arodni park bb, 07701 ?anjiQa tel4 +381 (0)"& 8 &- "! , fa'4 A@75A.1

'otel B;quamarinB HIIIJ 2C0.110, 2C1.210 'otel B;bellaB 2CD.DDK

anja ?ovilja3a
anja ?ovilja3a spa is located in western Serbia, in the =rina river basin. It lies on the right bank of the river, at the foot of :u"evo mountain, .05 m above sea5level. anja ?ovilja3a can be reached via the main Ruma5Fabac5Bo>nica road. $he spa is / km from Bo>nica and .70 km from elgrade. <rcheological studies have confirmed that the area around anja ?ovilja3a was inhabited as early as the Roman era. In the %iddle <ges, the people of this area found a spring of medicinal water below the walls of the town of Fovilj#in :rad. In the .@th century, wealthy $urks from %a3va and ,odrinje came to the spa to recuperate, and in .@01 they built the first female %amam baths. $he spa was known by the people as the !Smelly Spa" because of the unpleasant fumes which came from the mud pool, a result of the sulphurous water spring found there. $he modern use of the location as a spa resort began with the construction of a sulphur bath in .61@. $he sulphurous mineral waters :which range in temperature from .5 to 0A89= and the curative mud are the natural medicinal elements of anja ?ovilja3a. $reatments are performed in the Banja Fovilja"a %pecialised &ehabilitation 'ospital , with the use of hydrotherapy, peloid therapy, magnetotherapy and manual, underwater and vibromassage.

(n Banja Fovilja"a the following are treated)

all kinds of rheumatic diseases post5traumatic conditions post5operative spinal and post5hip and knee replacement conditions motor neurone damage gynaecological diseases :sterility=

< special ?hildren5s &ehabilitation =epartment, the first of its kind in Serbia, has been opened in the Specialised Iospital. $he spa is surrounded by one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Serbia, suitable for walking and leisure. $he famous ?ursalon spa ballroom building captivates visitors with its beauty, the rich interior evoking the spirit of bygone times and the opulent balls once held there. $he surrounding area of anja ?ovilja3a is full of cultural and historical attractions. +n 9er mountain there are the remains of old towns and fortresses :?osanin and $rojanov Grad=, as well as the 9harnel Iouse %emorial :Spomen ?osturnica=, and in the spa itself there are the remains of ?oviljkin Grad and Gradac monastery. )earby anja ?ovilja3a is 3r4i8, the birth place of 2uk StefanoviE ?aradQiE, with a state5protected ethnic village which shows visitors how life was in 2uk#s day. <lso here is 3rono4a monastery, which houses the %useum of 2uk#s Marly School Bife and is where the great man learned to read and write. +n the Orina there are managed locations for angling and on Gu3evo there are a great many picnic sites. I)*+ Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju Banja 'oviljaa ,ark 7, .53./ anja ?ovilja3a tel4 +381 (0)1! 818-" 0 www.banjako$

'otel B*odrinjeB HIIJ 212.-CK, 212.-DK 'otel B:u"evoB 212.-K1 '3* BBanja Fovilja"aB 212.-K-, 212.-DK htpkoviljacaUptt.yu

Bukovska anja
Bukovska anja spa is located in southern Serbia, at the base of Fopaoni# mountain, at /A. m above sea5level. Bukovska anja can be reached via the main road through Fur4umlija. It is 35 km from ?ur-umlija, 33/ km from elgrade :via )i-= and 55 km from the centre of ?opaonik. Going by the number of thermal mineral water springs :which range in temperature from 5/ to /689= and their generous flow rate :.11 litres a second=, Bukovska anja is one of the richest spas in Serbia. Spa treatments are performed in the medical section of the ?opaonik hotel and include hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, hand massage and peloid mud therapy. (n Lu#ovs#a Banja the following are treated)

chronic inflammation & rheumatism :rheumatoid arthritis without clinical signs of acute inflammation= degenerative spinal diseases :osteoarthritis, spondylosis and deformative spondylarthritis, lumboischialgia and periarthritis= post5injury conditions

$he subalpine climate lends itself to winter sports, and not far from the hotel there is a recreational ski slope with a 311 m5long ski lift. $he ?hurch of the 'oly ;postles *eter and *aul is located in Bukovska anja, and in Ftava there is the.@ th5century ?hurch of %aint !ina. +f special interest is the tour of a factory which makes hand knotted and hand tufted rugs and folk handicraft items made of local wool and bearing motifs of the ?opaonik area. Guests can also visit ?ur-umlija and the %aint Picholas and 'oly !other of :od monasteries , as well as the uni(ue natural phenomenon & Qavolja Earo4 :Oevil#s $own=. I)*+ )avod za rehabilitaciju *rolom Banja

*+ ,ukovska Banja .A73@ Bukovska anja tel4 +381 (0)" 380-008 www.luko$

'otel BFopaoni#B Lu#ovs#a Banja, 020.002

anja Bjig
anja Bjig spa is located at the foot of the %uvobar mountain, below Rajac, at between ./1 and 0A1 m above sea5level. $he spa comple' stretches along the Ljig river all the way to the ?a3er river and is right ne't to the main elgrade5,odgorica road, the Ibar Iighway :Ibarska %agistrala=. It is A@ km from elgrade and 35 km from 2aljevo. $he climate is moderate continental, with fresh summers and moderately cold winters. $he mean annual temperature is .189. anja Bjig is home to several springs of thermal mineral water, with a temperature of 30.589, whose medicinal properties were known by the <ncient Romans. $he mineral water is used for drinking and bathing. Oiagnosis :M9G, abdominal ultrasound, negatoscope, haematology laboratory=, therapies :Ie)e laser, traction table, shortwave diametry, diadynamic therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, low5fre(uency and high5fre(uency magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, galvanisation, stimulation, lamps for infared and ultraviolet radiation= hydrotherapy and kinesiotherapy. (n Banja Ljig the following are treated)

skin diseases :psoriasis and ec>ema= bone and joint diseases :inflammatory rheumatism, degenerative rheumatism, post5traumatic conditions, conditions following bone fractures and bone and joint surgery= )eurological and psychiatric conditions :multiple sclerosis, neuralgia and neuritis, neurosis, neurasthenia and depressive conditions= gastrointestinal tract diseases :chronic gastritis and duodenitis, uncomplicated stomach and duodenal ulcers= diseases of the peripheral blood vessels :chronic venous oedema, peripheral vasculopathy=

Guests have access to an outdoor olympic5si>ed swimming pool with thermal waters, a pedestrian path along the river, small sports fields and a children#s playground. $here are also opportunities for organised trips to the Rajac, Struganik, 2aljevo and Oiv3ibar mountains, the ogovoDa and ,ustinja monasteries, and especially attractive events such as the Rajac %ow and Iunting in Rajac Season, amongst others, which are particularly aimed at tourists. I)*+ !otel ,ji# Save ?erkoviEa .0, .7071 Bjig tel4 +381 (0)1& 8!-380

JF* Beograds#e ele#trane, 2K.01K

%ataru-ka anja

%ataru-ka anja spa is located in central Serbia, on the right bank of the (bar river, and is surrounded by the slopes of the %tolovi and Nemerno mountains. $he spa is set in a park over .5 hectares in si>e and stands 0.5 m above sea5level. %ataru-ka anja is .A1 km from elgrade and A km from Fraljevo. $he spa can be reached via the main elgrade5?raljevo road and the elgrade5)i- M@5 highway via ?ragujevac, as well as by rail :the elgrade5?raljevo5Skopje line=. %ataru-ka anja has a moderate continental climate. $hemineral water springs, which have a temperature of between 70 and 5.89, are rich in sulphur :05 mgVl=. $reatments are performed in the %ataru-ka and ogutova3ka anja )atural Iealth Resort and the <gens Specialised Rehabilitation Iospital. (n !ataru4#a Banja the following are treated)

rheumatic diseases :inflammatory rheumatism, systemic connective tissue diseases, degenerative spinal column and connective tissue diseases, e'tra5articular rheumatism. gynaecological diseases :primary and secondary sterility= posttraumatic conditions and associated problems :injured and broken bones and joints, muscular hypertrophy=. neurological diseases, that is damage to the central and peripheral nervous system :limb paresis and limb plegia, multiple sclerosis, lesions of the intervertebral discs and post5surgery conditions. diseases of the peripheral blood vessels : uerger#s disease, atheromatosis, arteriosclerosis, varicose veins=

%ataru-ka anja has facilities for sports training :football pitch, small sports fields and swimming pool= and staff holidays, conferences and school e'cursions. $he Stolovi, Wermerno and $roglav mountains are havens for wal#ing, hunting and hi#ing and the Ibar river has facilities for fishing, swimming and rowing. In the surroundings of %ataru-ka anja there are several significant cultural and historical attractionssuch as the Sica and Studenica monasteries and the mediaeval town of %agliE. I)*+ Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju A#ens 3/01. %ataru-ka anja tel4 XX3A. :1=3/ 7..5100 *rirodno leili-te i odmarali-te ataru-ka i Bo#utovaka Banja Si3ka bb, 3/0.1 %ataru-ka anja tel4 XX3A. :1=3/ 7..5..5

'otel B!ineralB HIIJ 2-1.0-0, 2-1.0-1

)i-ka anja

)i-ka anja spa is located in southeastern Serbia, beside the main road between )i- and Sofia. It lies at the foot of Foritni#, which is part of the Suva ,lanina mountain, at 07A m above sea5level. It is .1 km from Pi4and 051 km from elgrade. $he natural therapeutic factors in )i-ka anja are the gentle moderate continental climate, the thermal mineral waters and the naturally mud. $he medicinal waters, which come from five springs :Glavno 2relo, Suva anja, Fkolska Wesma, anjica and ,asja3a=, are earth5alkaline homeothermic :3/53A89=, lightly mineralised and have a flow rate of 5/ litres per second. )i-ka anja was well5known during the time of the <ncient Romans, who in the 0 nd century capped the Glavno 2relo spring, building a bath with two pools made of multicoloured marble. Ouring the times of ?onstantine the :reat and his successors, a bath into which the medicinal spa water flowed was located in the royal settlement of !ediana. In .50., $urkish Mmperor Suleiman and his army, who were on their way to con(uer elgrade, stopped in )i-ka anja to recuperate. Phile the $urks were in power, the spa contained separate baths for men and women, as well as several buildings used to accommodate patients. $reatments are performed in the Pi4#a Banja 3reatment and &ehabilitation (nstitute which has three hotels :Radon, Celengora and $erme=, e(uipped with modern e(uipment for performing non5invasive diagnosis and for treating and rehabilitating people with rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases, as well carrying out orthopaedic surgery. $he institute is also a teaching centre for the ;niversity of )i- *aculty of %edicine. (n Pi4#a Banja the following are treated)

musculoskeletal system diseases :inflammatory, e'tra5articular, degenerative and metabolic rheumatism, systemic connective tissue diseases and osteoporosis= cardiovascular diseases :coronary heart disease, artery hypertension, heart defects, diseases of the peripheral blood vessels post5surgical myocardial revascularisation conditions, as well as post5open heart surgery conditions rehabilitation of patients who have undergone hip and knee replacements post5traumatic conditions conditions following damaged central and peripheral motor neurones inflammatory and functional sterility respiratory diseases

$he healthcare and tourist facilities are located in a managed park which covers an area of 5 hectares. In the vicinity of )i-ka anja there is the Fo4utnja# 9orest *ar# which has fitness circuits. )i-ka anja is suitable for sports team training and competitions with its small and large football pitches, handball and tennis courts, a horse racing track and firing range. M'citing paragliding competitions are also held in )i-ka anja, with competitors taking off from the slopes of ?oritnik and landing in )i-ka anja. )i-ka anja has a library, art gallery and a summer stage on which various events, which come together under the umbrella of the ?ultural %ummer in Pi4#a Banja, are staged.

Guests at )i-ka anja can also visit nearby cultural and historical attractions, including the %ediana :residence of 9onstantine the Great=, the Skull $ower :Yele ?ula=, the .A th5century )i- *ortress, Wegar hill and the Red 9ross 9amp %useum %emorial. $here are also organised e'cursions to the SiEeva3ka ?lisura gorge, part of the beautiful )i-ava river canyon, which is home to rare flora and fauna, the Nela-ni3ka ?lisura gorge, a special nature reserve, the ojanine 2ode picnic spot and ?ameni3ki 2is, a popular picnic spot and ski centre. I)*+ .nstitut za leenje i rehabilitaciju /i-ka Banja Srpskih junaka 0, .A015 )i-ka anja tel4 +381 (0)18 !0"-010 , fa'4 757651A7

'otel B>6renB HIIIJ KD-.002, KD-.20K 'otel B*arti6anB HIIJ KD-.200 'otel B%rbijaB , KD-.001

+v3ar anja

+v3ar anja spa is located in the heart of the +v3arsko5?ablarska ?lisura gorge, through which the7apadna !orava river flows. It is situated 0@6 m above sea5level and is surrounded by the forest5covered +v3ar and ?ablar mountains. $he climate is moderate continental. +vEar anja is .A km from Na"a# and ./1 km from elgrade. +v3ar anja can be reached via the main elgrade5Wa3ak5,oQega road and the elgrade5 ar railway line. $he medicinal water of +v3ar anja :which has a temperature of between 35 and 3A89= contains the macroelements calcium and sodium and the microelements potassium, lithium, rubidium, caesium, strontium, barium, iodine, bromine, cobalt, phosphorus, fluorine and manganese. $reatment entails bathing in thermal mineral water and applying mud masks to affected parts of the body. $herapies are performed under the supervision of specialist doctors. $reatments include spa therapy and physical therapy and hydrotherapy, massage and medication. 3he following are treated in >v"ar Banja )

rheumatic diseases and degenerative rheumatism spondylosis and joint diseases after5effects of broken bones muscle tissue injuries skin diseases

$he >v"ars#o.Fablars#a Flisura gorge is protected by law as a natural area of e'ceptional importance and as a 9ategory I natural resource. $he landscape is outstandingly diverse and beautiful. $he +v3arsko5?ablarska ?lisura gorge is a significant cultural and historical feature with its mediaeval monasteries, its diverse flora and fauna and is an outstanding monument of geological heritage & an e'ample of the interaction of the forces of geology and water. +n the forest5covered +v3ar and ?ablar mountains there are marked trails for hi#ing and mountaineering. +n the artificial lake !e<uvr4je, located on the Capadna %orava river, there is an A11 m5long area for sports fishing, and the bathing season is from %ay to September. ?ultural and sporting events are held in +v3ar anja during the summer, the best5known of which is the +v3arsko5?ablarska ?lisura Swimming %arathon.




:<:;<, 52000

:a6a ,


ustan a

7el % fax: 130 37053/1 , 5@5-721, tocUptt.yu 'otel BFablarB , 00-M D/1 101, D/1 10&estoran sa sme4tajem B=omB HIIJ 00-M D/1 -00, D/1 110

anja ,aliE

,aliE is located in northern Serbia, A km east of %ubotica, 01 km from the Iorgo- border crossing, .6 km from ?elebija and .@1 km from elgrade. ,aliE can be reached via the M@5 highway and the elgrade5Subotica railway line. ,aliE Ne>ero lake is .10 m above sea5level. ,aliE was first mentioned in .7/0 under the name ,alij. +ver time, a village, which was called ,alegyha>a by the $urks in .5A1, rose up. <t the beginning of the .6 thcentury, the waters of ,aliE were used to treat skin diseases and haemorrhoids. $he start of tourism at ,aliE can be traced back to .A75, when the first spa bath & a tavern which had wooden baths in which people could bathe in heated water & was opened. In the years that followed, new baths, accommodation and summer cottages of prosperous traders and estate owners were built. M'tensive building work took place in ,aliE from .610 to .6.0. $he 2odotoranj :Pater $ower=, Senski Ftrand :Badies# each=, 2elika $erasa :Grand $errace=, %u>i3ki ,aviljon :%usic ,avilion= and the Ne>ero hotel were built and the park was renovated in aro(ue style. <t that time, ,aliE was compared with ?arlovy 2ary, Piesbaden and St %orit>. In the second half of the 01thcentury, hotel accommodation was increased and sport and recreation facilities were built. $he water of *ali8 Je6ero la#e is sulphurous, alkaline and muriatic, and has a temperature of 0589. It contains lithium and rubidium, which aid in the treatment of rheumatic and nerve diseases. Strontium, which is an ingredient of the mineral5rich mud, helps bone fusion. $reatment at ,aliE involves drin#ingmedicinal water and bathing in heated water and mud. (n *ali8 the following are treated)

rheumatism sciatica skin diseases gynaecological diseases nerve diseases digestive tract diseases

,aliE is known for its :reat *ar# which was founded in .A70 with the planting of acacia and 9anadian poplars. It is laid out in the style of an Mnglish garden, with winding paths instead of traditional straight and symmetrical paths. )e't to the park#s main entrance there is the Pater $ower, and in the middle there is the Grand $errace, a multi5purpose facility originally used for entertainment and later designated as a place for sports. $he %ummer 3heatre, the venue of the annual International *ilm *estival, and the %usic ,avillion in which Subotica#s musicians play concerts, are also nearby. $he 7oo is based around the concept of displaying animals without using traditional cages, with a system of dry and water ditches employed instead. Rich botanical and horticultural features complement the animal population. $he Swan Iouse :?uEa Babudova=, which is shaped like a mediaeval castle and one of the oldest buildings in the park, is very striking. ,aliE has outstanding sport and recreation facilities. $he lake is an irregular oval shape and it is a .@ km walk all the way round. +n the banks of the lake there is a managed bathing resort. $he Badies# ath is a pictures(ue secessionist building which points to the source of the idea for pile dwellings above water in folk architecture. $ourists can row, sail and fish on the lake, and there are hunting grounds in the surrounding area. In ,aliE there are football, volleyball and basketball pitches and courts, an athletics track, a children#s playground and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. $he tennis courts of the ,aliE tennis club, which was founded way back in .AA7, are particularly enticing. Guests at ,aliE have the opportunity to round off their stay by visiting Subotica, a city full of attractive architecture, Luda4 la#e & a protected natural resource, %elevenjs#e *ustare & a natural botanical garden with a collection of varied flowers, the horse stables in 7obnatica and ?elebija, as well as ostrich farms, farmsteads, vineyards and orchards. I)*+ %* *ali& 0 ,uda-

,ark narodnih heroja 6, 077.3 ,aliE tel4 +381 (0)"& !3-08# , fa'4 @5357@7

:arni hotel BLiraB HIIJ CK0.00-, CK0.100 'otel B*ar# R Je6eroB HIIIIJ CK0.11-, CK0.1/K :arni hotel B*re6identB HIIIIJ 1--.11-, 1--.10C :arni hotel BEila &eginaB HIIJ CKD.1/K

,rolom anja

,rolom anja spa is located in southern Serbia and lies at 551 to //A m above sea5level. It is 03 km from Fur4umlija, 061 km from elgrade and A0 km from )i-. ,rolom anja can be reached by taking the elgrade5)i- highway and then the main road between )i- and Rudare. ecause the moderate continental climate and dense vegetation have a positive effect on the human body, strengthening the immune system, ,rolom anja is considered a health resort not just for its waters but its climate too. ,rolom anja has several thermal mineral water springs :ranging in temperature from 0/ to 3..589=, which are lightly mineralised and highly alkaline. +wing to the composition of the water :a large number of different minerals in small (uantities=, it has a pronounced diuretic and bacteriostatic effect. *rolom Eoda wateris odourless and pleasant tasting, and is also recommended for healthy people. $he spa#s therapy block has a daily capacity of .,511 patients. Spa treatment involves drinking medicinal water, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, electrotherapy, kinesiotherapy and massage. ;ltrasound for precise diagnosis and laser therapy are also available to guests in the therapy block. <ll forms of therapy are performed under the supervision of medical personnel. (n *rolom Banja the following are treated)

kidney and urinary tract diseases :chronic kidney, urinary tract and prostate infections, kidney stones, stones in the urinary tract, conditions following urinary system operations= diseases of the digestive organs :hyperacid gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, intestinal catarrhs, chronic constipation, inflammation of the gallbladder and bile duct, gallstones, conditions following operations on the digestive organs= skin diseases :ec>ema, psoriasis and varicose veins= diseases of the peripheral blood vessels and e'tra5articular rheumatism

< special eauty 9are programme, which includes bioelectric toning of the facial skin, comple' cellulite therapy, full body massage and ioptron light therapy, is performed in ,rolom anja. ,rolom anja guests have access to a gym, kinesiotherapy room, swimming pool and fitness circuit. +rganised trips to Qavolja Earo4 :Oevil#s $own=, a uni(ue natural phenomenon created by erosion, ?ur-umlija and nearby monasteries are possible. I)*+ )avod za rehabilitaciju *rolom Banja .A733 ,rolom anja tel4 +381 (0)" 88-111

'otel &adan HIIJ 22.111

*rolom Banja 22.0/-

Ribarska anja

Ribarska anja spa is located in central Serbia, on the slopes of Jastrebac mountain, in the &ibars#a &e#a river basin. Ribarska anja lies at an altitude of 571 m above sea5level and is 35 km from Fru4evac. Ribarska anja can be reached by taking the elgrade5)i- highway via ?ru-evac. <rchaeological findings have shown that there was a health resort here as far back as the time of the <ncient Romans and that after the $urkish period it remained a%amam bath which, with some changes, operated up until recent times. Barge pavilions for the sick were erected prior to the *irst Porld Par and new buildings with therapeutic facilities were built after the Second Porld Par. $here are si$ mineral water springs in Ribarska anja, ranging in temperature from 3A to 7089, which are classed as homeothermal and hyperthermal. Ribarska anja has a mountain foothill climate and because of the dense forests and clean air, the spa has the makings of a health resort famed not just for its water but its air too. $reatments are administered in the &ibars#a Banja %peciali6ed &ehabilitation 'ospital which is e(uipped with the latest medical e(uipment. esides kinesiotherapy, treatment also includes electrotherapy, occupational therapy and bathing in indoor thermal mineral water pools. 3he following are treated in &ibars#a Banja)

conditions following broken bones and bone operations all forms of rheumatism :inflammatory, degenerative and e'tra5articular= joint contractures spinal column deformities post5traumatic and postoperative paresis and nerve paresis hemiplaegia hemiparesis

Ribarska anja has a hall in which a diverse range of cultural and entertainment events are held. $he surrounding area of Ribarska anja is suitable for wal#ing and spa guests can also go on organised e$cursions to the town of ?ru-evac and the )aupara and 2eluEa monasteries, as well as the Nastrebac mountain centre, which is e'cellent for winter sports. I)*+ Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju Ribarska Banja 3@015 Ribarska anja tel4 +381 (0)3 86!-" 0 , fa'4 A/55.06

M'clusive Eila K!arijaK 5&ibars#a Banja tel 06!10-12-!@! , 06@-2!-50-581 Vila Di Lusso Ribarska Banja Telefon 037 865 125 , Mobilni 066 202101

anja Rusanda

anja Rusanda spa is located in Banat, on the northern shore of Ne>ero Rusanda lake, and is part of the village of!elenci in the municipality of Crenjanin. $he spa lies A0 m above sea5level and is ./ km from the city of Crenjanin and 61 km from elgrade. anja Rusanda can be reached using the main elgrade5Crenjanin5?ikinda road or the )ovi Sad5?ikinda road. anja Rusanda has been treating people for more than .31 years and was founded on the use of the medicinal properties of curative mud :peloid= from Ne>ero Rusanda lake, which is considered to be among the most medicinal in Serbia. $here is also a mineral water well in the spa which has a temperature of 3089. $reatment is administered in the !elenci %pecialised &ehabilitation 'ospital, in cooperation with the Crenjanin %edical 9entre and the medical schools in )ovi Sad and elgrade. $he rehabilitation process involves the use of different diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, such as kinesiotherapy, hydro5 kinesiotherapy, underwater massage, galvanic bath, four cell baths, localised and alternating mineral water baths, occupational therapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy, ultrasound therapy, paraffin therapy, peloidotherapy, speech therapy, neuropsycological rehabilitation, acupuncture and laser and magnetic therapy. 3he following are treated in Banja &usanda)

inflammatory rheumatism when not flared up :rheumatoid arthritis= degenerative rheumatism :arthritis and spondylosis= e'tra5articular and metabolic rheumatism :fibrositis, panniculitis and myositis= intervertebral disc conditions and lumbar ischialgia after5effects of trauma and conditions after bone breakages and bone and joint surgery skin diseases :psoriasis and chronic ec>ema= chronic non5specific gynaecological diseases and infertility

anja Rusanda lies on flat terrain and is surrounded by a lake, vineyards and a large green belt of parks and forests. Palking paths crisscross the park and nearby there is a comple$ of sports grounds for football, tennis and small5scale sports. Guests can visit e3ej and its famous stud farm, the ?ars#a Bara wetland and the village of @"#a, known for its rich hunting and fishing reserves. I)*+ Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju elenci anja Rusanda bb, 030@1 %elenci tel4 +381 (0)"3 31-0!0 , fa'4 @3.51@5

Selters anja
Selters anja spa is located in a spacious, forest5covered area at the base of Fosmaj mountain, . km from !ladenovac and 51 km southeast of elgrade. $he spa lies .3/ m above sea5level and has a moderate continental climate with a good number of sunny days annually. $he %elters mineral water is of the alkaline5muriatic carbon acid hyperthermal type, has a temperature of 5189 and is highly mineralised :@.A gVl=. $he mineral waters in ad Mms :Germany=, Royat :*rance= and Buha3ovice :9>ech Republic= have a similar chemical composition. $he water has been used in treatments since .A63 and bottled since .611. It received awards at e'hibitions in russels in .61/ and Bondon in .61@. Selters mineral water is used as a therapeutic resource in hydrotherapy and kinesiotherapy and is inhaled in steam form and drunk. $reatment is administered in the %elters hotel medical centre and includes hydrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy, sonotherapy, thermotherapy, occupational therapy, massage by instrument and hand, as well as complete respiratory rehabilitation. 3he following are treated in %elters Banja)

bone and joint system diseases post5injury conditions neurological diseases chronic diseases and work5related injuries

Selters anja is surrounded by an .A5hectare coniferous forest par# which is ideal for walking and rela'ation. )ot far from the spa are the ?osmaj and ;vala mountains, +plenac, ukovi3ka anja spa,!ar#ova"#o Je6ero la#e and the *avlovac monastery. I)*+ .nstitut za rehabilitaciju Selters ?ralja ,etra I 335, ..711 %ladenovac tel4 +381 (0)11 8"&1-100 , fa'4 A03/573.

'otel B%eltersB !ladenovac 011 2-D.11.0/

011 2-0.12./2

Sijarinska anja
Sijarinska anja spa is located in southern Serbia, on the banks of the Jablanica river and at the foot of:olja# mountain. It lies 501 m above sea5level and is 51 km from Beskovac and 331 km from elgrade. $he spa can be reached via the elgrade5)i-5 Beskovac highway and then via the regional Beskovac5,ri-tina road. Sijarinska anja is surrounded by hills covered in thick oak and pine forest, which covers an area of 51 km 0, shielding the spa from wind and fog. Its .A mineral water springs are spread out over A11 m and all have different physical and chemical compositions and temperatures :ranging from 30 to @089=. < special attraction, uni(ue to Murope, is the hot water geyser, whose water column reaches a height of A m, as well as the periodic geyser which erupts every .1 minutes. esides the mineral water, radioactive and sulphurous mud is also one of the spa#s medicinal features. $reatments are administered in the :ej6er %pecialised &ehabilitation 'ospital. $he medical block has the latest e(uipment for hydrotherapy, mud therapy, electrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, inhalation and warm medicinal water therapy. 3he following are treated in %ijarins#a Banja)

bone and muscle diseases :various kinds of rheumatism, joint diseases, spondylosis, post5injury conditions= sciatica and lumbago gastric and intestinal diseases :chronic gastritis and duodenitis, gastric and intestinal ulcers= diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract :urinary tract stones, recovery after the break5up or surgical removal of stones and urinary tract infections= diseases of the liver, bile duct and pancreas and convalescence after jaundice

gynaecological diseases :inflammation of various kinds and some forms of infertility= lung diseases :bronchial asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and laryngitis= neurosis and psychological e'haustion diabetes conjunctivitis

Guests have the use of an indoor swimming pool and sports grounds. $he area around the spa is ideal for hunting and the Nablanica river for angling. In the immediate vicinity of Sijarinska anja there are the remains of ?ari"in :rad, otherwise known as Nustiniana ,rima, a town dating from the early y>antine period. I)*+ Specijalna bolnica za rehabilitaciju "ejzer ?ralja %ilana ./, ./07/ Sijarinska anja tel4 +381 (0)16 8#!-1!" , fa'. A655.53

'otel B:ej6erB HIIJ 2/K.1K-, 2/K.1K0


Sokobanja is located in southeastern Serbia, between the >6ren and &tanj mountains, on the banks of the!oravica river. It lies 711 m above sea5level and is 031 km from elgrade. $he therapeutic (ualities of Sokobanja#s thermal springs were known as far back as <ncient Rome. $he Sokobanja public %amam & steam bath & was first mentioned by $urkish travel writer Mvliya Zelebi in .//3. <fter the liberation from the $urks, *rince !ilo4 ordered the renovation of the %amam and built a residence :konak=, and Beopold Mrlich was appointed as the spa#s first doctor. $he start of organised tourism in Sokobanja can be traced back to .A3@ when the office of ,rince %iloissued a referral :[voucher#= to warrant officer Ba>areviE to have treatment in the spa. <t the beginning of the 01 th century wealthy traders and innkeepers built villas for their own stays in Sokobanja, but they were also used to accommodate guests. Ouring the inter5war period the first contemporary spa hotel & Mvropa :today#s ,ark konak= & was built, parks and picnic sites laid and waterworks and public lighting installed. $he modern development of Sokobanja began in the .6/1s with businesses springing up ne't to the hotels and the transport infrastructure being updated. $he natural therapeutic factors in Sokobanja are the thermal mineral springs :with temperatures ranging from 0A to 75.589=, which are used for bathing and inhalation, and the moderate continental climate characterised by favourable atmospheric pressure, moderate rainfall, little fog and a few windy days, a high concentration of o'ygen, o>one and negative ions in the air and an absence of air pollution. $reatment is administered in the %o#obanja %pecialised 'ospital for Pon.%pecific Lung =iseases , the Banjica Patural 'ealth &esort and the >6ren %pecialised Lung =iseases 'ospital. 3he following are treated in %o#obanja)

bronchial asthma chronic hepatitis psychoneurosis neurasthenia mild high blood pressure chronic rheumatism and sciatica post5injury conditions anaemia chronic gynaecological conditions

$he Sokobanja Specialised Iospital contains a thermal mineral water swimming pool, a gym, a small sports hall and a five5a5 side football pitch. 2isitors to Sokobanja can also enjoy walks in a spacious and beautiful park. $he Library in Sokobanja has e'isted for over .31 years and has over 31,111 books and an international centre for tourism and ecological documentation. $he 'eritage !useum houses archaeological, ethnological and historical items. In front of the museum there is an amphitheatre which is used during summer to stage theatre productions and literary evenings. < wide variety of sporting, cultural and tourist events are held in Sokobanja throughout the year, including the *irst <ccordion of Sokobanja, the International Mcological 9artoon iennale, Sokograd <rt 9olony, the Golden Iands of Sokobanja, Saint Novan iljober and Spa Summer of 9ulture among others. Ouring summer, guests can bathe at managed bathing sites on the %oravica river, ovansko Ne>ero lake and the artificial lake in the %oravica ?lisura gorge, which are also ideal for fishing. Sokobanja#s guests also have the chance to go hunting, as well as go on specialised hunting trips such as camera safari, picking medicinal plants and hunting combined with a stay in an old mountain lodge. $he surrounding area of Sokobanja has many picnic sites and forest and tarmac paths lead to >4tra Nu#a, +>ren mountain#s highest peak :...@ m=. $rails on +>ren lead to the Jermen"i8 monastery, the ruins of the $atomirov Grad fortress and the 5A1m5long +>renska ,eEina cave. $he ..m5high &ipalj#awaterfall, formed by the Grada-nica river, is also nearby. $he HerDele> spring, which was known as far back as the $urkish period, is concealed in the meadows on +>ren. Rtanj mountain is well5known for its medicinal plants. Falinovica is a picnic spot with a beech forest, cold water spring and a restaurant which is open during the summer season. )ot far from the Lepterija picnic site lie the remains of the %o#o :rad :*alcon 9ity= fortress. 2rmadQanski Grad fortress is located 0 km from Rtanj and 2rmdQanski Ne>ero lake, which is ideal for fishing, is also nearby. $he source of the %oravica river is located .5 km from Sokobanja, towards ?njaQevac, and is a uni(ue natural phenomenon because the river emerges from several hidden springs. %esala"#a *e8ina cave is located not far from the village of Sesalac and is rich in cave formations and has been adapted for visitors. I)*+ Specijalna bolnica za nespeci1ine plu&ne bolesti Sokobanja 2ojvode %i-iEa 7A, .A031 Sokobanja tel4 +381 (0)18 830-1&& , fa'4 A3151@0 Specijalna bolnica za plu&ne bolesti 2zren +>renski put bb, .A031 Sokobanja tel4 +381 (0)18 830-&"" , fa'4 A31533@

*rirodno le"ili4te BBanjicaB, 200.-DD, 200.002 'otel B!oravicaB HIIIJ , 200I1--, 200.10K Fona# B*ar#B HIIJ 200.C10, 200.1K/ 'otel B%unceB HIIIJ 200.11-, 200.0DC 'otel B3uristB HIIIJ 200.K10, 200.1K/ 'otel B7dravlja#B HIIIJ 200.C--, 200.CD-

*R.B2%S'A S*A
L>?;3(>P, ?L(!;3@, 3&;99(? L(PF% ,ribojska Sap is located 5 km away from ,riboj, on the banks of the river Bim. It is at 531 m above sea level, so it is considered as an air resort. \ou can reach the spa by the elgrade5,odgorica highway and the elgrade5 ar railway. Patural curative factors

$he spa has several thermo5mineral springs. $he strongest of them provides @1 litres of water per second, with a temperature of 3@ degrees 9elsius. !edical indications 9hronic rheumatic inflammation of the articular and muscular systems, neuralgias, inflammation of peripheral nerves, polineurites, gynecological diseases, conse(uences of bone and muscle injuries, convalescent states, skin diseases5 it accelerates the healing of wounds, scabbing, and healing of skin changes caused by conse(uences of diabetes and weak peripheral circulation. $he water is used ,MR +S :by drinking= with functional diseases of the digestive tract and hepatho5biliary system :swelling, painful digestion= and conditions after surgery on these systems, and its pI value and low minerali>ation are recommended in any micro5calculous states of the urinary and biliary tracts. 3reatment $reatment is provided by the hospital of the 9entre for rehabilitation K,ribojska SpaK, by applying modern methods for treatment and rehabilitation. ?ultural, entertainment, sports and recreative programmes Single5day trips to Clatibor, Clatar and Nabuka mountains, as well as the %ileseva monastery, whereas ,otpecko and Radojinsko lakes and the Bim and ;vac rivers offer many opportunities for passionate fishermen to spend their free time there. (P9> ?@P3;& 7; &@';B(L(3;?(JS B*&(B>J%F; B;PJ;B 3.331 ,ribojska anja $el4 133 555@16 , 5.5/1.

*A,A/A+'. '.S3,%A' S*A

L>?;3(>P, ?L(!;3@, 3&;99(? L(PF% ,alanacki ?iseljak Spa is located near the town of Smederevska ,alanka at .13 m above sea level. \ou can reach the spa by the elgrade5)is highway and railway. Patural curative factors In ,alanacki ?iseljak there are four springs of mineral water. $he water of ,alanacki ?iseljak Spa is tapped and bottled, and distributed on the market under the K?aradjordjeK label. !edical indications General recovery of the organism, chronic diseases of the loco5motor apparatus, rheumatic illnesses, spinal cord injuries, chronic peripheral nerves diseases, conditions after treatment of injuries, heart and blood vessels diseases, diabetes, urinary and digestive tract diseases. 3reatment $reatment and rehabilitation of patients is provided by the KStefan 2isokiK hospital, $he mineral waters of ,alanacki ?iseljak are used for drinking and bathing. ?ultural, entertainment, sports and recreative programmes ,alanacki ?iseljak Spa has a spacious park suitable for walks, rest and rela'ation. In the near vicinity of the park there is an outdoor swimming pool for recreation and numerous buildings for various sports. $he vicinity of the town offers conditions for a varied cultural and entertainment programme for the guests of the spa. M'cursions to the near and far vicinity can be organi>ed] one can visit 2elika ,lana and ,okajnica, the ?oporin monastery, Radovanjski wood, vine cellars in ?rnjevo, and $opola and +plenac :31 km away=. (P9> >*A3; B>LP(?; B%3@9;P E(%>F(B $el4 10/ 30.5.07 , 3.3 1@5

)V2/A+'A S*A

L>?;3(>P, ?L(!;3@, 3&;99(? L(PF% Cvonacka Spa is located in southeastern Serbia, 51 km away from ,irot, on the woody hillsides of %ount 2laska at /@1 m above sea level. \ou can reach the spa by regional roads from ,irot and elasnica. Patural curative factors $here are springs of mineral water in the spa, whose temperature is 0A degrees 9elsius. $he spa is treated as a climatic resort because of its specific wind currents and a avst (uantity of negative ions in the air. !edical indications Oiseases of the loco5motor apparatus, neural diseases :neuralgias, neurasthenias, psychoneuroses, vegetative neuroses=, hypertension, peripheral circulation disorders, rheumatism, managerial diseases, climacteric disorders, inflammatory eye disorders. $reatment )atural curative factors are used for prevention and treatment, using the most modern therapeutical techni(ues, along with nature hikes along health tracks. ?ultural, entertainment, sports and recreative programmes In the near vicinity of the spa there is the pictures(ue gorge of the Nerma river. $he <rsenovo ?ale cliff, at .130 m above sea level, is the only spot in Serbia where one can see the nesting places of the black eagle. In the vicinity is the attractive 2etrena dupka cave, with a 7 km long canal. )ear the spa, not far from %ir hotel, there are several medieval monasteries, of which the most precious is ,oganovo :dating from the .7th century=, a part of the worldly cultural heritage and under ;)MS9+ protection, along with Sukovo and $emska monasteries. In the spa there are two indoor and one outdoor swimming pools with mineral water as well as basketball, football, volleyball and tennis courts. $here are possibilities for hunting fishing and mountaineering on <laska and Stare mountains. $he untouched nature which surrounds the spa is very pleasant for hiking and picnicking. (P9> S3* B%&B(J;B *(&>3 .A311 ,irot $elVfa'4 1.1 3305500 1.1, 3305763 www.>

/2V2*A)ARS'A S*A

L>?;3(>P, ?L(!;3@, 3&;99(? L(PF% )ovopa>arska Spa is located on the elgrade5)ovi ,a>ar5the <driatic Sea highway, at 511 m above sea level. It is 3 km away from )ovi ,a>ar and surrounded by the slopes of three mountains4 Golija, Rogo>na and ?opaonik. Patural curative factors )ovopa>arska Spa is rich with thermo5mineral water springs, which have a temperature of 50 degrees 9elsius at their wells.

!edical indications )euro5muscular illnesses, rheumatic illnesses, sciatica, sports and other injuries, conditions after strokes, skin and women^s diseases. 3reatment $reatment is provided by the Special hospital for treatment of progressive muscular and neuro5muscular diseases K)ovopa>arska anjaK, which was given the status of a special hospital in .663. $he most modern e(uipment for physical therapy, handled by professionally trained and highly skilled staff, is used in treatments in this spa. ?ultural, entertainment, sports and recreative programmes In the near vicinity of )ovopa>arska Spa there are cultural and historical monuments of the +ld Ras, the Sopocani monastery, the Ojurdjevi stupovi monastery, ,etrova church, etc. INFO %pecijalna bolnica 6a le"enje progresivnih mi4i8a i neuromi4i8nih bolesti BPovopa6ars#a BanjaB , 010.1KK, 01-.2KC www.novopa>

%2SA/.+'A S*A

L>?;3(>P, ?L(!;3@, 3&;99(? L(PF% Nosanicka Spa is situated on the slopes of %ount ?opaonik. $he spa is 55 m above sea level, with properties of a climatic resort. \ou can reach the spa4 by the elgrade5)is motorway, by the elgrade5?raljevo5,ristina highway and by the elgrade5,ristina railway. Patural curative factors Nosanicka Spa has five springs of mineral water, wit temperatures of 3/ and @@ degrees 9elsius. !edical indications $raumatologic illnesses, rheumatic illnesses, muscular system illnesses, lumbago, gynecological illnesses, gastritis, ec>ema, psoriasis. 3reatment $he curative waters of Nosanicka Spa can be used on their own or combined with physical therapy within the programme of prevention, treatment and medical rehabilitation. ?ultural, entertainment, sports and recreative programmes In the near vicinity of Nosanicka Spa there is a national park and mountain tourism centre, ?opaonik. In the surroundings of the spa there are numerous walking and hiking paths. M'cursions from the spa to the nearby monasteries Studenica, Stari Ras, Sopocani and Ojurdjevi Stupovi can be organi>ed anytime. (P9> 3S&(%3(NF; >&:;P(7;?(J; &;AF; 3/351 Ra-ka, ,.2ilimiroviEa . $elVfa'4 13/ @3/51A5 toraskaUeunet.yu *ansion Jo4anica, C01.12K

'4RS4 ,.%S'A S*A

L>?;3(>P, ?L(!;3@, 3&;99(? L(PF% ?ursumlijska Spa is in the south of Serbia, at 770 m above sea level. It is .. km away from ?ursumlija, 31. km away from erlgrade and A. km away from )is. \ou can reach the spa by the elgrade5)is5,ristina highway and by the elgrade5,ristina railway. Patural curative factors ?ursumlijska spa has several curative water springs :with temperatures ranging from .7 to /3 degrees 9elsius=. <part from thermal waters, ?ursumljiska Spa is also known for its curative thermo5mineral peloid :mud=. ecause of its specific location and natural surroundings :woods, clear air and pure spring water=, ?ursumlijska Spa is also classified as a climatic resort. !edical indications Injuries and illnesses of the loco5motor system, rheumatic illnesses, illnesses of the respiratory organs, diabetes, gynecological and neurological illnesses, metabolic diseases, anemia in children and adults. 3reatment <t the Institute for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses of the loco5motor system, neurological and gynecological illnesses KCuborK, therapy is given through the application of the most contemporary methods. ?ultural, entertainment, sports and recreative programmes $he guests are given the possibility of guided tours around the town vicinity, the town of ?ursumlija, well5known for the St. )icolas and Ioly %other churches, the endowments of Stefan )emanja. $here is also a possibility of organi>ing field trips to Ojavolja 2aros, a natural phenomenon uni(ue worldwide, located on the slope of %ount Radan, not far from ,rolom Spa (P9> &@';B(L(3;?(JS BGSB>&B FS&AS!L(J%F; B;PJ; .A735 ?ur-umlijska anja $elVfa'4 10@ 3A.5..@ , 3A.5701 >uborUptt.yu 7avod 6a prevenciju, le"enje i rehabilitaciju BGuborB, 021.11C, Fur4umlijs#a Banja, 021.D-0

*R.B2%S'A S*A
L>?;3(>P, ?L(!;3@, 3&;99(? L(PF% ,ribojska Sap is located 5 km away from ,riboj, on the banks of the river Bim. It is at 531 m above sea level, so it is considered as an air resort. \ou can reach the spa by the elgrade5,odgorica highway and the elgrade5 ar railway. Patural curative factors $he spa has several thermo5mineral springs. $he strongest of them provides @1 litres of water per second, with a temperature of 3@ degrees 9elsius. !edical indications 9hronic rheumatic inflammation of the articular and muscular systems, neuralgias, inflammation of peripheral nerves, polineurites, gynecological diseases, conse(uences of bone and muscle injuries, convalescent states, skin diseases5 it accelerates the healing of wounds, scabbing, and healing of skin changes caused by conse(uences of diabetes and weak peripheral circulation. $he water is used ,MR +S :by drinking= with functional diseases of the digestive tract and hepatho5biliary system :swelling, painful digestion= and conditions after surgery on these systems, and its pI value and low minerali>ation are recommended in any micro5calculous states of the urinary and biliary tracts. 3reatment $reatment is provided by the hospital of the 9entre for rehabilitation K,ribojska SpaK, by applying modern methods for treatment and rehabilitation.

?ultural, entertainment, sports and recreative programmes Single5day trips to Clatibor, Clatar and Nabuka mountains, as well as the %ileseva monastery, whereas ,otpecko and Radojinsko lakes and the Bim and ;vac rivers offer many opportunities for passionate fishermen to spend their free time there. (P9> ?@P3;& 7; &@';B(L(3;?(JS B*&(B>J%F; B;PJ;B 3.331 ,ribojska anja $el4 133 555@16 , 5.5/1.

Zdrelo Spa Location traffic links

Situated .31kms away from elgrade and 6kms from ,etrovac na %lavi and at ./15071m above sea5level the Spa is surrounded by Iomolj %ountains. It got its name due to its geographical position because it lies at the very entrance of the Gomjacka Gorge.

$uristicki info centar 5 anja Cdrelo

Natural curative factors of Zdrelo Spa

Geothermal springs.

Cultural, entertainment, sports and recreation programmes in Spa

$he rich historical heritage of Iomolj area makes it ideal tourist destination. ,rince Ba>ar built the most famous monastery in this region, Gomjak :_I2c.= well known for its cave hermitage, here are also the ruins of

medieval churches, %etropolitanate, Reskovica, <nnunciation 9hurch and the 2itovnica %onastery. $he medieval town of Cdrelo with preserved fortifications, on both the banks of the river %lava, is an outstanding monument of %edieval Serbia. $he remains of its towers and walls can be even seen today at a numer of sites4 ;>engija, ferina#s $ower andje>evac. < hotel :si'ty5bed capacity= and <(ua ,ark are brand newly built. It has thermo5mineral waters that reach 7189.

Tel: +381 12 330 735 email: web:


, fax:+381 12 330 734

9A<s &it# 2est acco)o+atiton:

B8C 5D #otels: #tt$:%%&&&'a-#otel-i(vo"'co)% B8;O*I>;< B<N?< #tt$:%%&&&'2oo in0'co)%#otel%"s%$"e)ie"-a3ua'en'#t)l4 B<N?< *-ENI; Fo+e"n 5-@D &ellness an+ leisu"e )ini "eso"ts: #tt$:%%&&&'"uc(+"elo'"s%en%acco)o+ation B<N?< =E-GBO