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EDUCATION Princeton University Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Cumulative GPA: 3.XX Expected: June 2009 Relevant Coursework: Advanced Physics; Molecular Evolutionary Genetics; Comparative Physiology

In general list campus address as well, though there may be times when you want to only list another address. Always list an email address and a phone number.

May want to emphasize research RESEARCH EXPERIENCE experience for certain positions 2008 “Is Xq28 Linked to Sexual Orientation?” A junior paper submitted which investigated the linkage between genetic evolution and male sexual orientation

2008 “Revising the Phylogenetic Reassignment of Oxytricha trifallax” A junior paper submitted which revised the phylogeny of O. trifallax using several conserved gene sequences
Even short-term RELATED EXPERIENCE experiences can be listed Spring Break 2008 Princeternship with Orthopedic Associates|Phillipsburg, NJ if they are relevant Intern • Shadowed orthopedic surgeon during office hours and several surgeries for forty hours during spring break • Learned numerous medical practices and strategies and made referral from previous internship

Summer 2007 Surgical/Clinical Volunteer at Univ. of Medicine and Dentistry (UMDNJ)|Newark, NJ Volunteer Intern • Observed surgeries from within the operating room and assisted in various tasks for attending physicians • Interpreted between English doctors and Spanish-speaking patients in the clinic utilizing medical vocabulary OTHER EXPERIENCE Summer 2003-Present Beach Town Beach Patrol|Beach Town, CA Senior Crewmember • Collaborated with both adult and peer crewmembers on a daily basis to ensure the safety of patrons in a highrisk, constantly changing environment, while utilizing professional life-saving training and skills • Directed and evaluated the professional training of 5 new crewmembers 8 hours each week
Descriptions can Princeton University Reunions| Princeton, NJ include skills used, 15th Reunion Crewmember especially if you • Assisted managers during 20 hour work days including tending to all needs of alumni cannot quantify accomplishments

2007, 2006

2007, 2006 SAT Prep and Individual Tutoring|City, CA Tutor • Counseled and guided 3 high school students in SAT prep, college essays, and high school Physics ACTIVITIES 2005-Present Princeton University Varsity Swimming and Club Cycling Team|Princeton, NJ • Practiced over 20 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters with Ivy-League and regional division I competitions which increased teamwork, individual competitive drive, and time-management ability
Can expand upon your activities to include 2007-Present Princeton University Surf Club|Princeton, NJ info on skills used and accomplishments President • Coordinated club fundraising campaign for NJ Surfrider Foundation and organized group surf outings

2006 P’adelante|Princeton, NJ • Utilized ESL training to mentor Spanish-speaking citizens in order to improve their English on a weekly basis
Skills section not needed as Research section highlights relevant skills

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