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Guitar Legend K.K. Downing delves deep into the crevices of his soul Currently preparing to unleash an assault on the world with their
to explain the need for touring the British Steel album (in its entirety) latest album The Root of All Evil and a new tour, Sweden’s Queen of
his new custom guitar and more. Death Metal – Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy speaks with Canada’s
Queen of Death Metal – Without Mercy vocalist Alxs Ness about their
ABORT Magazine upcoming tour, female drummers in metal and…posing for Playboy?.
Canada’s Counter Culture DEPARTMENTS: DEFTONES:
an ENKORE never before published interview with Chino from
ISSUE 13 Advertising: Deftones who talks sneakers, remixing and being remixed, plus the art TECH N9NE:
of mashing up metal and Hip Hop. Wicked sweet! ABORT Magazine’s Dave ”Corvid” McCallum talks backstage at Rock
Publisher/Editor-in-Chief: E.S. Day Marketing/Promotions: The Bells Vancouver with Kansas City psychopath Tech N9ne and his
eccentric partner in crime Krizz Kaliko to discuss independent Hip
BOOTSY COLLINS: Hop, musical gumbo, and what’s next for the man with the war paint.
Managing Editors: Grimm Culhane, Dave “Corvid” McCallum, Ar- Employment Opportunities: ( Ex-James Brown/Parliament Bass God – Bootsy Collins drops the
ceon, funk on ABORT Magazine’s Grimm Culhane. From his first meeting
ABORT TV: | with James Brown to the recent restoration of King Records (now the VELVET ACID CHRIST:
Art Director/Layout: Daniel Bacharach King Institute), Bootsy brings the past and future together in his own Industrial demi-gods VAC is not aimed at wide acknowledgment and
Subscriptions/E-Newsletter funkdafied way, so stop playing with yourself. mainstream success, but rather at experimentation and genre merging,
Additional Layout: Taiyo Greenaway (we DO NOT give out your e-mail address) that puts it on the forefront of the electronic music movement into
the new millennium. Bryan Erickson of VAC kindly agreed to speak
Staff Writers: Dave “Corvid” McCallum, Grimm Culhane, Arceon, CD’s, DVD’s, Books, Art, Murals, Cash, Drugs, Garter KAREN BLACK: with ABORT Magazine’s Arceon on a wide range of topics including
Alxs Ness, Kassandra Belts, Guns, Fur Coats, Trans-fatty/ddep-fried foods and Cigarettes to Golden Globe Award Winning, Oscar Nominated actress Karen Black
cinema, inspiration, past experiences and Canadian artists.
Guagliardi, Joel Parent, John Norby (UK), E.S. Day, Nigel Mojica, Tay- be considered for review: is simply an iconic figure in American Cinema, from her famous roles
lor Ell, Sean Cowie in Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, The Great Gatsby and Airport ‘75, to
To submit words, photos, art, video and filth: her sultry role in In Praise of Older Women, Karen also worked with KID KOALA:
Senior Photographer: Scott Alexander Alfred Hitchcock on his last feature film ever to be made. She took the Kid Koala took the time to speak with ABORT Magazine’s Nigel Mojica
time to speak with ABORT Magazine’s E.S. Day, which caused him to recently about his current tour, the origins of the album ‘100%’ (which
Staff Photographers: Scott Alexander, Chris Webber, Jamie Sands, (NOTE: ABORT Magazine/ABORT TV and its copyright holders, touch himself over the phone in a completely inappropriate manner will be available exclusively only at the shows on his tour with the Slew
Ajani Charles (Toronto) Sarah Hamilton, Grimm Culhane, Arceon, accept no responsibility for and will not necessarily respond to for the second time in his life. That’s Entertainment. feat. ex Wolfmother members and his beginnings as a turntablist.
Taylor Ell, Sean Cowie. unsolicited art, manuscripts or any form of media Including photo,
video, audio and film footage. Such material will not be returned un- MACK 10: BUCKSHOT:
Web Design/Graphics: John Allan ( less Legendary West Coast MC, Hoobangin’ Records CEO and one third BEHIND THE BOARDS: from Black Moon/Boot Camp Clik: Buck-
accompanied by a SASE) of the infamous Westside Connection with Ice Cube and W.C., Cali’s shot the outspoken MC, businessman, and spokesman for real Hip
Contributors: Amalia Nickel, Jimmy Lynch, Jonathan Parsons, Sean Mack 10 has brought the streets the soundtracks that compliment ev- Hop, spoke with ABORT Magazine’s Dave ”Corvid” McCallum from
Cowie, Daniel Bacharach, Eva Vulgar, Taiyo Geenaway, Justin Critch. Tales From The Eastside™ contains pictures of people who have given eryday life. He spoke with ABORT’s Nigel Mojica in a candid interview the studio, and dropped a cluster bomb of unfiltered truth on our ears,
Kristin Eccles. consent and/or been compensated by ABORT™ Magazine, AbortCast™, regarding his upcoming release Soft White and his upcoming project calling out Jay-Z, Def Jam and Bad Boy for their nefarious dealings and
ABORT TV ™ and AMP Corp for use of their likeness and comments. Mack n’ Malone. not-so covert allegiances to sinister powers.

Transcribing: Alxs Ness, Jonathan Parsons, Dave McCallum, Nigel The views expressed in this publication are those of the authors and
necessarily reflect those of Abort Media Publishing Corporation (AMP w/ GGGarth Richardson: The UK’s favorite snotty little fuckers are STALK & TALK: Grimm Culhane chats with award-winning actress
Cover Artwork by Justin Critch Corp.) back and more brazen than ever with their new album ‘Grey Britain’ Chloe Sevigny. Yummy! produced by Vancouver’s own Gggarth Richardson, who sits on this
ISSN 1918-0594 roundtable discussion conducted by Joel Parent of Canada’s newest AUDIOTOPSY: Die Mannequin gets the scalpel!
ABORT Logo by Ara Shimoon Lords of Loud: Ninjaspy with guitarist Steph to discuss the album’s
ABORT Magazine is a Canadian Publication production, his hatred for the Warped tour, and shitty bands (like Mil- PLUS: Tales From the Eastside, DENIED!, Shooting Gallery, our Head-
ABORT MAGAZINE is owned and operated by: lionaires!) - An ABORT exclusive! phonica chart and of course lots of (honest) reviews.
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778.330.7575 ing Corporation (AMP Corp.) is prohibited. All use Elzhi and T3 discuss their upcoming ventures and the passing of their-
Fuck The Fax is Subject to our Terms of Use dear friend and bandmate Baatin.
General Info:
Letter from the dEaD
It seems the only thing keeping artists alive these days
We take an album and dissect it track by track. The results can
sometimes be, well…messy.
place and it’s a goddamn shame that they cannot admit some Rock & Roll. this – this standout track would make a great
defeat in a world where the tour is king and the live 2nd or 3rd single hands down. On a personal
music venue has become the CD store and the T-Shirts 1. ”Intruder” Interlude level, the best song on the album.

have become the CD. We have no choice but to hope 2. Miss Americunt (3:02) – “Miss World” has 9. Where Poppies Grow (3:09) - A happy Top 40
and pray that with too may bands, touring too many been dethroned and Miss Americunt wears the version that blend Lunachicks and Bikini Kill
times, on too many bills, will not force too many to stay crown as Care and Co. bring the ruckus with making this a listenable, but not memorable
a full-on anthem that will leave you humming track.
home watch the live DVD, steal the album and call it and bumming. Plus we want to hear kids pro-
a day. nounce & sing along to that chorus on the sub- 10. Caroline Mescaline (5:12) - Drugs sell, mu-
way. Should turn some early morning commut- sic doesn’t. From Poppies to mescaline, opiates
What the fuck is going on with artists and these new ers heads. to hallucinogens, the only thing making you see
“Entirety” tours?, Flogging a dead horse may have been On that note; Hot Topic is releasing a line of Tour Paja- double is the patter of repetitive choruses and
mas for the those who are too goddamn lazy, too broke 3. Dead Honey (3:11) - A little commercial pop- harmonies that are now getting to the edge of
great for the Sex Pistols, but certainly not for today’s art-
and too damn tired of standing in line for over-priced punk seeps in and nearly bites the radio-friendly hitting the “next track button”. We’ll guess Mr.
ists. Lenny Kravitz, Aerosmith, The Stooges, Cypress, bullet, but it stays grounded in the heavy dept. Hyde had a hand this one. We’re also probably
Hill, Judas Priest and The Cult have all jumped on the tickets, convenience fees, venue staff harassment, mer- long enough to endure another short and sweet wrong, but we like pointing fingers, not too
“play-the-full-beginning-to-end-version of their biggest chandise that’s costs more than the tickets themselves Die Mannequin to-the-pointer. The Runaways pulled this off mention we are positive there is a Warner rep
and too many trips to watch music live. FINO + BLEED back in the day, Die Mannequin are paying reading this right now.
albums to date” bandwagon. Let’s just say the wagon is homage whether they know it or not.
getting full. Downsize the arena and make an “Intimate Warner Music Canada “Nobody’s Graveyard, But Everyone’s’ Skeleton”
Keep your fucking tour jersey, I’ am going to bed. 4. Start it Up (3:06) - Okay so its way too cheery Interlude
evening with” concert to hide the shame of empty seats What seems to morph into a Canadian Court- and cheesy, but they do it so well and it seems so
DQGYRLOj<RXUELOOVDUHSDLG\RXUFRQÀGHQFHLVXSDQG ney Love turned-villainous vocalist supreme, right even if you’ve heard it before. You are sing- 11. Guns not Bombs (3:37) - Kill the messenger
the merch table has a line up once again. By E.S. Day Toronto- based songwriter Care Failure and ing along with fist in air. Can’t knock the hustle. not the message – this track is confused, lost
her band Die Mannequin seemed quite con- and the BPM is not far off from the other tracks
tent perched atop their throne as the new Kings 5. Suffer (2:42) - Snotty, sleazy and slithering like (again). Somebody get the band drunk and do
and Queens of Crunch with their full-length a snake, this is the first time you may notice the this one again.
release FINO+BLEED. Simply put, this CD is drum patterns are getting repetitive and so is
a perfect blend of youthful, vibrant, drag-strip that fucking tambourine (we get it) Chorus is a 12. Open Season (5:54) - Not the most flamboy-
Rock n’ Roll that turns from Fino into Vino as 3 chord restructuring of the last 2. Still, a catchy ant and would not be the obvious pick for album
you become drunk on hooks that spew classic wet-dream rocker all the way. closer.
rock heroisms. There is a downside – a big one:

the deluxe version with its Bruce McDonald-di- 6. Bad Medicine (3:30) – No, not a Bon Jovi “Whipper Snapper” Interlude – May I say: Fuck
rected mini-doc, that stems from the IFC series, cover, but is definitely the least fave track on this interludes. Fuck skits, intros and concept albums
THE RAWSIDE OF, envelopes DM in a world album. We have the fist-pounding again, slower too. They don’t work, are useless and annoying
that they have not been involved in yet, as far pace with memories of BulletBoys, Badlands or it’s like the audible version of a pop-up, but have
as the tragic outcome of stardom. Maybe they Danger Danger on the club circuit. “Filler” is on been around much, much longer than the inter-
should wait until they have a real taste of it first. the tip of your tongue. Mike Fraser (who mixes net. You know it and I know it.
1. Locked and Loaded - DJ Z-Trip feat. 6. Sulfur – Slipknot (Cartoon Bird Records) on this album) should have stepped in for the
Deftones and Dead Prez (Decon Inc.) Granted the band has toured with huge artists production and given everyone a good spank- Still with 8 of 12 tracks sticking in my head and
7. House of the Rising Funk – Afrique such as Deftones, Guns n’ Roses and recently ing. so many horrid CanCon bands flooding the live
Marilyn Manson, but let’s be honest - has this circuit (fuck the airwaves) to witness Die Man-
2. U.N.I.T.Y. – Queen Latifah (Flavor Unit / (Mainstream) band with only an EP to their credit prior to 7. Locking Elizabeth (4:12) - Very catchy but nequin live is a treat. Especially performing
UMG) this release, that deserving of a long, drawn out again we have heard this before, yes its called some of the How To Kill stuff from back in the
8. Stand and Deliver – Adam and The Ants “woe is me on the road I‘am a struggling artist” “formula” and when all else fails you use it. It day, maybe FINO + BLEED and its bubblicious
3. Swinger - Barrabas (Bairerle Records) (MCA) story? For the love Christ you should be excited, works and in this case, unlike Buckley’s mix- bitchcore will pave the path for the next DM al-
this is what you wanted. Mind you, that’s prob- ture…tastes good. (Those “Train Kept a Rolling“ bum which will hopefully be a more severe and
ably what the marketing dept. had in mind. The snare fills are back by the way) ruthless punishment on pop music culture as a
4. Drink Away the Pain (Situations) - Mobb 9. Dreams of Sanity - The Beginning That ‘Sympathy for the devil’ theory is conjured up whole and not a Hole.
Deep (Loud) Lies (Hall of Sermon) by the suits to prey on Care Bear’s eager female “FINO + BLEED” Interlude
tween fans that will more than likely emulate Ms. By E. S. Day
5. She Tells me Things - Alice Donut 10. Poor Impulse Control - Vancouver Killing Failure’s success. (pun intended). No matter, the 8. Candide (4:18) - Sorry but Hole comes back
Matt Hyde produced album is still a gutsy romp to mind instantly, but far better. Makes you for-
Spree (Indie) through the (rock) of ages So strip the DVD, toss get this is a Canadian band. With an extremely
the liner notes and strap yourself in as we bleed infectious chorus, Care has hit it on the nail with

06 07
DENIED! Our regular list of interview requests...
and the people who told us to go fuck ourselves.
Nothing says “Fuck You” more thoroughly than
getting denied by a band in your own geograph-
ical backyard (especially one you don’t like and
who are in desperate need of some coverage by
a magazine who has intelligent readers over the
age of 11). Ironically, we were the ones that had
been approached by not 1 but 2 different PR
firms hired to plug these silly sods and we were

left standing around with the fashionista-tween
brigade by the dressing room door, looking like
idiots waiting to get our teets signed. . Ahalf-
witonfire seems more appropriate. By the way,
Def Dumb & Blind: The mighty mouf of the “Mighty Mos”
we heard they put a new album out this year.
has for the second time, eluded ABORT Magazine writers
for a one-on-one, to discuss get his “Ecstatic” thoughts on
(Photo by Daniel Bacharach)
his latest joint. The last time time we met up and he mum-
bled and babbled incoherently into our or Hip-Hop Edi-
tor’s voice recorder, we thought he may have been rehears-
ing for his upcoming role in The Italian Job 2: The Great
Script Heist, which should at last garner him his second
Teen Choice Award nomination, which he must be proud
of, wouldn’t you be?

(Photo by Jamie Sands)

“Fuck you ?uestlove, I can also play the same 2 patterns on the
drums and and I was funnier than you on Dave Chapelle”

08 09
12 13
13 14
16 17
An ENKORE never before published interview with Chino from Deftones who talks
sneakers, remixing and being remixed, plus the art of mashing up metal and Hip Hop.
E.S. Day: Do you find your crowd 2 styles and putting them together, go in my dad’s record collection any more video game things com-
seems to be changing with this al- I’m just looking at opening up my and pull out what? ing out, soundtrack wise? Movie
bum? [Saturday Night Wrist] Are mindset to all different music and soundtrack?
you gaining a different following bringing it all [together]. CM: Steve Miller and War.
or you find the same loyal crowd CM: No but that’s something that
and maybe they’re just bringing ABORT: Any other non-musical ABORT: How bout old funk influ- I’m going to do someday when I
more with them? ventures for you? I don’t mean ences? Anything old school- Me- can’t get up onstage and do what
solo records, but any clothing lines ters, Blackbyrds shit like that? I do anymore, that’s what I hope
Chino Moreno: They’re bringing or anything else on the horizon? to be doing is more movies. I love
their children now. There seems CM: Love Meters. Definitely, my making music obviously but put-
to be a younger crowd, especially CM: I got a shoe out, a skateboard- dad was big into that stuff. ting music to visuals, when it locks
what I can notice in the front of ing shoe from C1RCA. together that’s one of my favorite
course. It seems like its standard. ABORT: Cool. Is dad a musician? things.
ABORT: No way?
ABORT: What year of existence is CM: No he wasn’t he was just a big ABORT: Home-town, up and
this for the Deftones? CM: Yeah, I went into their head- fan. He had a record player and he coming band that’s unsigned: Chi-
quarters and met with them to had a lot of records and he played no’s recommendation? And have
CM: We started in ’88 so just over design a shoe and a sweatshirt, it’s them all the time. you been looking to produce any-
20 years. like a whole little kit: sweatshirt, body? Drop a dime on that.
jeans and a sneaker. ABORT: Any chance of any mem-
ABORT: Can we see Deftones pos- bers of the band doing a Deftones CM: I just produced a band called
sibly doing, maybe just live only, a ABORT: What got you going on radio show? Will Haven they’re from Sacra-
fusion of your hip-hop influences that? Did they approach you or mento as well.
mashed up with metal? I don’t did you always want to? CM: I would like to do that. I
mean a Limp Bizkit thing I mean mean my favorite thing to do is ABORT: Label?
old-school like Urban Dance CM: They approached me. Their DJ whether it be to my friends in
Squad, remember that? thing was, they liked the fact that the room… Actually every night I CM: Bieler Bros Records and its
I actually skateboarded and I just do the pre-show disc. What you’re pretty much like Neurosis…it’s
CM: Yeah I do!. I don’t know. I think that with their style of com- hearing right now is pretty much just really heavy. And for your first
mean honestly, there’s not any hip- pany, they just think it fits well mixes I made. Also, we have a question, a band that is up and
hop today that I… with where I’m coming from. half-hour set change between the coming that I like a lot is a band
last band and us and every night I called A4-7 (sp?) they’re from
ABORT: I mean like your old- ABORT: Well not only that, but usually make a different disc; cer- Sacramento too. They’re really un-
school influences seeping out to- Chino, Deftones, it’s true to the tain songs that go right into our derground, they don’t even have a
day. street still. set. For me I love mixing songs record deal yet so hopefully you’ll
and playing music. hear from in the next year or two.
CM: What I’m saying is I think it’s CM: Definitely.
kind of ruined hip hop for me for ABORT: Wicked. It’s the same as ABORT: Wicked. Thanks for your
the time being. So the only time ABORT: There’s a corporate ap- playing live but it’s almost a differ- time Chino, I appreciate it.
that I do actually listen to anything peal maybe for them but I think ent vibe when you can mash some-
it’s like the old gangster rap… they see the realism. thing together and you see the kids CM: No prob.
go “Oh shit!” and it’s a fucking flip
ABORT: Or like Wu-Tang or CM: I think that’s why they ap- out. That’s a good vibe. Anybody
something. proached me and I like that about try to remix some Deftones? Deftones Perform in Vancouver
it. I think it’s not anything that’s with Slipknot October 15th
CM: Yeah. Just something old going to be over the top, or a big CM: You know DJ Z-Trip? He
that’s influenced me. I think that it line, it’s just something that they just did “My Own Summer” and
is what it is. I think me trying to re- put my name on. mixed it with Dead Prez and that’s
hash that would seem regressive in getting ready to come out on a
some way. Maybe not, I mean who ABORT: Alright, a couple of ge- video game All Pro.
knows. I’m not saying that I never nerics from some fans and from
will or whatever. Instead of taking some: When I was young I would ABORT: There’s another question, Photo by Sarah Hamilton

18 19
20 21
Karen Black
The ABORT Interview
Golden Globe Award Winning, Oscar Nominated ac- ing HBO show ‘Magic Balloon’ produced by Will Fer-
tress Karen Black is simply an iconic figure in Amer- rell , and ‘Repo Chick‘ the David Lynch produced
ican Cinema, from her famous roles in Easy Rider, sequel to Repo Man. July 2009 saw Karen perform-
Five Easy Pieces, The Great Gatsby and Airport ‘75, ing a one woman show in Toronto as well as writing
to her sultry role in In Praise of Older Women, Karen and starring in her play “Missouri Waltz”. She took
also worked with Alfred Hitchcock on his last feature the time to speak with ABORT Magazine’s E.S. Day,
film ever to be made. which caused him to touch himself over the phone
Couple this with a bevy of cult roles such as the in a completely inappropriate manner for the second
motherly seductress in Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 time in his life. That’s Entertainment.
Corpses, she has recently ventured into an upcom-
Karen Black: Hello? ABORT: (Looks at call display) to figure it out for 26 years
Oh obviously not with that area ABORT: Yeah, no we’ve had a and I think a couple days ago
E.S. Day: Hi is Karen there code. Jesus Christ, I’m having a certain “Major Label” called up I figured it out. I talk fast, my
please? hell of a day. and say “you know you have to husband talks slowly.
omit the part from that inter-
Karen Black: It is I. KB: We’ll start over. view where you know you have ABORT: (laughs) ok.
to remove the drug references”,
ABORT: Hi Karen its Scott ABORT: Yeah I’m going to let’s see we got a gentleman KB: And what happens is I
Day from ABORT Magazine have to. Don’t mind me. So from a certain arena-filling finish a sentence and he starts
in Vancouver, Canada. How anything goes and that’s it. band who asked us to get him talking but I’ve already gotten
are you? So I’m going to hit the record some cocaine. We left that into the 3rd or 4th word of the
button... in. They asked us to remove next sentence.
KB: So at last we find out your it. I said, well why? I said “he
real name. KB: Are you an actor? You didn’t mind if we put that in, he ABORT: Right! (laughs)
sound like you’re an actor. thought it was funny” but they
ABORT: It’s Edward Scott Day. didn’t, because they own the KB: So do you know what word
(laughs) That’s the mystery. ABORT: Jesus Christ no. No. masters to his recordings and husbands and wives say to each
How are you? thought it might damage their other more then any other
KB: That’s a good thing to be. sales. Meanwhile, of course word in the English language?
KB: I’m pretty good. I actually you got the kids saying “hey,
think your name is fabulous. ABORT: Oh thank you. No I he likes coke; I’m going to buy ABORT: No, what?
was a DJ for a while and that’s their new album.” (laughs).
ABORT: Fabulous? I’ll go for it. Now I’m just a literary shit KB: That’s it.
that...what the hell. disturber I guess. KB: That’s true, that’s true.
ABORT: Oh (laughs). “No” and
KB: Edward Scott Day. KB: Ok. People need a little bit ABORT: The more honest the “What”.
of their shit disturbed. musician is, the more loyal the
ABORT: Edward Scott Day, it’s listener becomes. So I don’t KB: We say what. What? So this
E.S. Day, well you know what, ABORT: I get a lot of threats, know what their problem was. is what happens, so you’re very
my father’s name was Edward trust me. So you know we get in trouble fast and you finish a sentence
and everyone kept calling me for that. and then if I start to say some-
Edward and I was getting his KB: Oh really. thing, you’re already at your
bills in the mail even though he KB: Good example. next sentence.
is deceased. so I said “fuck this” ABORT: Oh the record labels
and inserted the intials. Did I fucking hate us. We tell the ABORT: So I’ll give you a ABORT: Perfect!
get you at a bad time? truth too much that’s the prob- heads up I’m notorious for cut-
lem. Nobody likes that. So what ting people off mid sentence. KB: So you’re me and I’m my
KB: It’s a great time! I’m just can you do. husband in our phone conver-
getting water here, wondering KB: You know what it is, is that sation.
around my house. KB: Now tell me what… give what happens between you
me an example. and me happens between my ABORT: Good. So I can techni-
ABORT: Oh ok, fabulous. Oh, husband and myself. cally say, for the duration of
I thought you were in Toronto. ABORT: An example of? this interview, I’m married to
ABORT: Fabulous, ok. Karen Black?
KB: No. KB: People calling you up and
saying how dare you do that. KB: Here is what it is. I’ve tried KB: Yes, but you’re the girl.

22 23
ABORT: I’m the girl. Alright, well I love and we’ll go right into that. ‘My Life for a Song’ which is I guess put more emphasis on Karen Black
have to go put on a dress, hang on. a musical journey through your ca- the actor/actress, I should say, as
KB: Ok. reer, both through song and spoken opposed to being stereotyped for
KB: Yeah well. word? Give us a little insight. roles in cult movies, if you want to
ABORT: You’ve had quite a career. call it a cult Easy Rider?
ABORT: I’m kidding. I’m going Good lord, how many films are we KB: More spoken word than song.
to get into this. So we’re going to looking at right now? Just under. As I go through my life I might KB: I do. I have a high regard for
touch on your show in Toronto. run through a little phrase or two myself as an actor. But there are a
KB: I keep thinking I’m going to of music that I might’ve like when lot of people who’ve noticed that
KB: I don’t mind. look in my IMDB account. I should I was 11, Doris Day or something, I’m a good actor and they don’t pay
go do that. It’s 170 something. and then I studied music and that’s attention to all that cliché. But I do
Interview actually begins in the show. As time went on Mr.? keep working. I have good things. I
ABORT: Ok, fair enough. And of asked me to sing a song in his have an HBO pilot coming up with
ABORT: Here we go. E.S. Day here course, I personally remember you movie or two and write some and I Will Ferrell. Will Ferrell produced
for ABORT Magazine and we are from, I mean I saw Easy Rider back would ask Toni Basil how should I it It’s myself and…. Here I go.
on the phone with legendary actress then but the first thing I ever saw sing and I would follow her advise-
Ms. Karen Black. How are you? was In Praise of Older Women and ments. It’s kind of musical. I talk a ABORT: Don’t fuck this up
may I be so bold as to say, that’s lot about my life and some of the (laughs).
KB: I’m doing very well and you probably the first film I ever “plea- great, wonderful people I’ve known
sound great. sured myself ” to. Please don’t hang in my career who are no longer KB: (Laughs) I can’t remember his
up on me. with us or who are with us and it’s name. So anyhow there I am I’m
ABORT: Oh well thank you very kind of like art. going to be on HBO on a Will Fer-
much, I appreciate it. Should I be KB: I’m so glad you told me this… rell show and I’m all proud of that
saying Miss or Mrs.? Bbecause nobody else has ever told ABORT: Ok, you going to be do- and I have a movie coming out all
me this but it doesn’t mean it has ing a Q & A thing with some of the over the country...
KB: Very alive. never been done before. audience members? I’m sure you’ve
got some fans that would love to ABORT: Oh, is that Stuck!?
ABORT: I am quite alive actually; ABORT: Hey you know what; this speak with you. Are you going to
I’ve had a lot of coffee. is before I ever heard of the O’ Far- be doing that at the event? KB: No, Stuck! Should probably be
rell Theatre or Seka movies. You like that too. Stuck! Won’t be out
KB: You don’t sing do you ? was a good flick. Who was KB: Yes we are. After the show we’re til next year. This is coming out in
in that? Tom Berenger right? going to have as long a Q & A as September.
ABORT: No I don’t sing. I can’t anyone would ever want.
sing. I smoke 3 packs a day so there KB: Yes. ABORT: And what’s that titled?
goes my singing career. ABORT: Fabulous, that’s great.
ABORT: Ok. Do you still stay KB: The Blue Tooth Virgin and
KB: Yeah but it does wonders for in touch with people that you’ve ABORT: Are you doing this in any it will be at the Wilshire in Chi-
your voice. worked with in the past? other cities? cago, New York, everywhere. I re-
ally like me in it. It’s a great, witty,
ABORT: Actually you know what, KB: Yes and no. I really don’t talk KB: No, I’ve never done this partic- funny movie. It’s very talky, but it’s
it does. I know a lot of good singers to Dennis [Hopper] much but I ular show. I’ve done a show where mesmerizing. People going to the
that chain smoke yeah. talk to Peter [Fonda]. Sometimes I just speak about Karen Black. wrong analysts right and left and
Jack Nicholson will call me in the Prior I’ve done a show where I’ve people aren’t being helped, they
KB: Yeah. I like Miss Black because middle of the night. just done character work, more of don’t know what to say to their
if I were Mrs. I’d have a different a theatrical experience and people friends; it’s so funny.
last name. ABORT: Oh that’s nice. The middle kind of got upset with me.
of the night call. ABORT: Wow that sounds interest-
ABORT: And Ms., you don’t use ABORT: Really. Why so? ing.
Ms.? KB: In general what happens when
I do a movie is that I do take people KB: They felt that I should be talk- KB: My response to your question,
KB: 26 years of marriage, I love to with me because they do remain ing about Karen Black and I was Edward Scott, is that I’m a working
say this. 26 years of marriage. friends for life. Toni Basil from talking about? Porter and Bessie actor and I really love to act and I
Easy Rider, she’s been one of my Smith and all kinds of people, Wil- do my very best pretty much, usu-
ABORT: 26? best friends ever since and a lot of liam Faulkner. So I said never mind ally every time I get a role and I’m
my pals are people that we’ve done all that. I’m going to keep some of always getting them. So I suppose
KB: “Oh people in Hollywood don’t work together. It can be really far the theatrical parts of that old show the thing that is kind of odd for any
stay married.” Well we’ve been to- in the past and we still just stay to- in this one but I’m mainly going to actor who gets on in their age is
gether 26 years. gether. I just love keeping that. talk about my life. People like to that people think that they’re gone
hear that. They want to hear about and yet I’m continuously working.
ABORT: Right, ok. ABORT: From back then up to now Hitchcock and Easy Rider and they
I was going to say, speaking of In want to hear about Airport ‘75 and And you’re doing and fantastic job
KB: I can see that’s your favorite Praise of Older Women, that was a it’s a great time for me to be able to Karen Black
subject. Canadian film and you’re back in speak of these things.
Canada again, obviously we’re fast- By E.S. Day
ABORT: You know what, it is. And forwarding quite a few years and ABORT: Do you not get fed up
we’ll get into that right now. You you are now performing. You’re about speaking about those certain Speacial thanks to David Daniloff
being married to film, a labor of doing a one woman show entitled roles and would like to specifically

24 25
2 1 & U N D E R W I T H . . .

ABORT: So Sharp is the Dow Jones from Bizness did other actors and I actually got want to compete. Ya know, if
first single off your upcoming some music on there. Green to play a square. Y know, a you want to be in the game
release, Soft White ,due to Lantern did a record with me business guy that wore a suit you gotta compete at what-
drop on September 29. What and Akon that s hot. and tie and a briefcase. Yeah it ever level the game is at and
is soft white for those who was fun, I was acting (laughs). you ve gotta be able to deal
might not know? ABORT: On the tip of Glasses ABORT: Speaking of im- with it. You ve gotta impro-
Malone, you ve signed him, age and the image hip-hop s vise or readjust or do what-
MACK 10: Soft white is un- correct? taken - you ve made nine plus ever you gotta do; you gotta
cut dope. That s when it s raw. gangster rap albums. And as be able to deal with it.
This is just me; this album is MACK 10: Yeah a gangsta rapper, how do you
just really a reflection of who feel about rappers like Asher ABORT: You re a guy who s
I am for real, so I named it ABORT: What can we expect Roth and Paul Barman who been around the whole time;
soft white cuz this one is just from him this year? are approaching hip-hop from it s been more than a decade
raw, just Mack 10. such a different parading, ya since Westside Connection
MACK 10: Beach Cruiser know, not about the streets, and you ve been making re-
ABORT: So we can expect the will be out soon. That s com- and are getting so much love cords continuously. What s
uncut Mack.. ing and we got another album from MC s and heads all over. been the biggest thing to
together, a colab record called As an old school cat, how do change?
MACK 10: However I felt that Money Music you know, as you feel about that?
day, that s the kind of music I MACK 10: The biggest thing
did, ydig? Like, I got feelgood that changed? Well when I

Soft white is
music, I got gangster shit, I first started doing records you
got money music, I got it all had to go the the record store
on this one. to buy a record, now you don t

un-cut dope
even have to leave home, ya
ABORT: Are you planning to know? Shit, it is what it is but
tour Canada with this album? we gotta deal with it.

MACK 10: I m planning on ABORT: On the west coast,

touring the world with this a group. Me n him together s MACK 10: I mean, I was you guys still backyard party
one. called Mack and Malone. around in the old school, I or is it all beaches like in the
guess, but I m still here and So Sharp video?
ABORT: Think you ll come ABORT: There s a lot to look you need to hear this new al-
through Vancouver? forward to. bum cuz I m 2009 and I aint MACK 10: Yeah, yeah, I mean
mad at none of them dudes or it s backyard if you a backyard
MACK 10: Yeah, I m pretty MACK 10: Yeah and I ve got nothing. I respect the hustle, kinda dude but right now shit
sure I will. another solo album coming ya know, so I don t give a fuck I m diggin the beach (laughs)
next year called Two Thou- what he do; if he s beating on
ABORT: Can you drop a dime sand 1-0 . a drum and going platinum, ABORT: Well, Soft White is
for us on the producers who keep beating on it! hitting shelves September 29,
contributed to this release? ABORT: Word up. We see Fat we re all looking forward to it.
Joe appear on this album; is ABORT: Who you banging on Where can we find you on the
MACK 10: Let s see. Let s look this a sort of reunion for you the Macpod right now? web?
at this track listing... Worked guys since doing the film
with a guy named Ervin Pope; Thicker Than Water or have MACK 10: Well right now, I MACK 10: The official Mack
he did some beats for Game you been in touch? just mastered my album so 10. Same with MySpace same
too on his last album. EP did my album is in there now. with Twitter, it s the Official
some some production, um, MACK 10: You know, shit, I m making sure everything s Mack 10.
Don Vito up outa Atlanta. He Joe is like family to me man, right. I think Rick Ross got
did So Sharp , the single y know he s like family. So we prolly the hottest album of ABORT: Thank you so much
with me, Rick Ross and Lil stay in touch whether I m do- the year so far, that Rick Ross for your time. We wish you
Wayne that s out right now. ing records or I m not doing album s hot! the best and much continued
Fingazz is legendary on the em, or he s not doing records, success.
West Coast; he did a song that s like my brother. ABORT: So, what s the reces-
with me and J Holiday called sion like in terms of being a MACK 10: Alright dog.
Hood Famous . Mike City is ABORT: You got anything live musician and what are
a big RnB producer actually coming up on-screen? your views on price-gouging
and he did one of the hottest and paperless ticketing? Do By Nigel Mojica
records on here, it s called MACK 10: Yeah I was in a fea- you find these are things you
Legendary West Coast MC, Hoobangin’ Records CEO and one third of the infamous Westside Connection with Ice Street Shit , me and Glass- ture film not long ago called have to do to keep up with
es Malone and we got Fred The Obama Effect . It was the times?
Cube and W.C., Cali’s Mack 10 has brought the streets the soundtracks that compliment everyday life. He spoke Wreck, west coast legend with Charles Dutton and cialmack10
with ABORT’s Nigel Mojica in a candid interview regarding his upcoming release Soft White and his upcoming right there. We got, lets see, Meagan Good and a coupla MACK 10: You got to if you
project Mack n’ Malone.
26 27
ABORT: Hi Steph, how’s it go- are going to let go of is a luxury, to see us, had done his back- he’d done it, and we just went “oh,
ing? and to ninety nine percent of the ground work on the band, and cool”.
people a car’s a luxury. But over knew more about than anyone
Steph: A bit tired, but I’m good here in North America, in Cana- else and he was actually interest- ABORT: So Garth, who was the
actually. I’m glad to be out of the da, it’s definitely hitting as well. I ed in working with us. Like, this most difficult to work with on
States and in Canada! mean, we’ve seen a change since for him wasn’t another record to this album?
the last time we were over, so, put on the wall, this for him was
ABORT: Nice! So, you are cur- the whole world’s suffering at the something that was going to drive GGGarth: Ben Kaplan! (Laughs)
rently touring on your new album moment. I think everyone seems him just as passionately as it was
on Reprise, “Grey Britain”, could to be losing their way and losing us to make the record. So, aside ABORT: Steph - What’s been
you explain to us a bit about the their faith in the powers that be, from that, (to Garth) you were an your favourite song to play live
title and the meaning behind the I guess. engineer for a long time, and we on this tour?
album? knew that if we worked with you
ABORT: And is that affecting the that we would be able to get the Steph: I really like playing a
Steph: Yes, you can take it a few way you’re able to share your mu- exact sounds that we were after song called “Queensbury Rules”,
ways, like we’re from London, sic with people? Like, is it mak- for the record. ‘Cause for “Grey I just find that one really fun
and the weather at home is al- ing it harder businesswise? Britain” it was more about the to play. But, as far as moving
ways grey and cloudy and over- actual tone of the record, rather people...”London Is the Reason”
cast. So you could say that “Grey Steph: Yeah, it is. It’s making it than just making another record has been going down really well
Britain” is about the weathercast. a lot more difficult for us from with sampled drums and trig- over here, like we’ve played that
You could take it like, our coun- a touring point of view. When gered this triggered that. We every day on the tour, and we’ve
try used to be a really proud place we released the album, because wanted to make something that played “Leeches” as well. We
you know, and people used to of the economic climate, people would stand the test of time au- played “The Great Forgiver” for
work really hard for a living and were either buying the record dibly, so yeah, you were just the the second time yesterday, and
strive to be the best at their job. or coming to the show, whereas right choice to make! playing that live I really enjoyed,
Nowadays it’s like everyone’s lost when we released the last album, ‘cause it’s a really fast one and it
their passion and their energy for people were buying the record GGGarth: I think for the bass gets us moving straightaway. I do
our country. It’s just kind of lost and coming to the show. People sound, the image was “like bones wish we’d played more new mate-
it’s way a bit, like Britain’s not a can’t afford to do both anymore, crushed by gravel in a coffin” rial than old, but in my opinion,
proud place anymore you know. so it’s definitely hit the music in- or “like bones breaking” and I we’re still playing way too many
More people are taught to just go dustry hard. There’s more illegal was like “sure, I could do that!” songs off the first album.
on the dole and claim money off downloading going on, which I’m (laughs).
the government rather than go not that fussed about in a way for ABORT: You guys have a song
out and work for a living. the simple reason that it means on Guitar Hero III, “In the Belly
more people potentially can hear of a Shark”, how does it feel hav-
your music. But at the same time, Steph: Yeah, we got in there and ing your background to have a
you’re never gonna make any he was trying to be all coy, like song on guitar hero?
ABORT: Would you say that this money from it. That’s why we’re “I’ll catch him out in this one”
sort of loss of patriotism might taking everything we can from so he was like “I want my bass to Steph: I think it’s awesome to be
be sort of crossing borders and the record label! (laughs). sound like someone’s dragging honest. Like, it’s exactly the same
happening in North America as broken bones out of a coffin while as being on Warped Tour. The
well? ABORT: Speaking of the record, it’s being smashed on granite!” reason we’re doing this and the
you brought Vancouver’s Garth and you’re just like “yeah, we’ll reason we put a song on Guitar
Steph: I think it’s happening all Richardson on board, how did do this, we’ll do this...” and then Hero, is that we’re getting expo-
over the world. I mean, sure you come to choose him? he’d done it, and we just went “oh, sure to a mainstream crowd that
there are places where it’s not af- cool”. Yeah, we got in there and we would never achieve. Like,
fecting people as heavily, but the Steph: We done our tour in Jan- he was trying to be all coy, like you know, half the kids that pick
current economic climate has hit uary of last year, and we had a few “I’ll catch him out in this one” up Guitar Hero III are never go-
the entire world. For example, in meeting with different people to so he was like “I want my bass to ing to have heard of Gallows, and
Europe, Germany has the highest produce this. We spoke to Butch sound like someone’s dragging their going to get it and coming
unemployment rate in the world Vig, we spoke to Alex Newport, broken bones out of a coffin while to shows and saying “never heard
at the moment because of their we spoke to quite a few people. it’s being smashed on granite!” of you guys but I got Guitar Hero
automotive industry. When a re- And Garth was the only person and you’re just like “yeah, we’ll and yours was my favourite song
cession hits, the first thing people we spoke to that when he came do this, we’ll do this...” and then on it”. It’s the same as kids who

The UK's favourite snotty little fuckers are back and more brazen than ever with
their new album ‘Grey Britain’ produced by Vancouver’s own Gggarth Richardson,
who sits in on this roundtable discussion conducted by Joel Parent of Canada’s
newest Lords of Loud: Ninjaspy with guitarist Steph to discuss the album’s pro-
duction, his hatred for the Warped tour, and shitty bands (like Millionaires!) - An
ABORT exclusive!
28 29
“The music industry has lost its way, definitely, and
Warped Tour is definitely gone that way as well.”
come to Warped Tour to see 3Oh3 tour’s kind of like have got two artists every month ca, he played to about fifty people
who are like “I was walking to heartbreaking to come out on on the cover, we’ve got twenty. So a day. And I heard that he’s a bit
the stage where 3OH3 was play- this tour, to see bands like us, considering the size of the UK of a rockstar over here. And play-
ing, and I missed their whole set bands like Alexisonfire, play our compared to America and Cana- ing to like fifty people in 2007,
‘cause I couldn’t take my eyes off hearts out to three hundred kids, da as well, I mean, our country’s there’d be days where his back-
you”. It’s just an awesome thing to and then you see bands like Bro- not even the size of Florida! And ing band would be playing and
do and it’s just another way to get kencyde, who play to a CD, and we’re trying to bring twenty new he’d just be like “no I don’t want
your music out to a mainstream they’re playing to like four thou- acts out a month into the music to play”, and he just wouldn’t turn
audience that would potentially sand kids a day? It’s like, where’s industry. It’s just really difficult up! So it’s like, to go from that to
never hear your band. the integrity in what they do, and for a band to even get anywhere just crossing over the border and
there isn’t any. The music indus- at home anymore. It’s’s a playing on the main stage to so
ABORT: So, speaking of the try has lost its way, definitely, and pain in the ass!!! many people is just unbelievable.
Warped Tour, you guys have been Warped Tour is definitely gone But, aside from Alexisonfire and
saying that the vibe at Warped that way as well. ABORT: Well, at ABORT Maga- Canadian bands, there’s a rap-
Tour has totally changed. It’s not zine we like to help people make per on the tour called P.O.S., and
what it was ten years ago, a lot of ABORT: It’s kind of a chicken friends and enemies, so name a he’s just fucking unbelievable.
the Punk is lost, and you guys are and egg argument though really, few of your favourite Canadian He’s got more heart than anyone
still staying pretty true to those like did the industry lose its way, bands on Warped Tour if you on this tour, and he delivers his
roots. or are people really that shallow? could. performance with so much pas-
sion, and so much energy, a lot of
Steph: We’re trying, we’re Steph: MySpace made everyone Steph: Alexisonfire. From day bands out here should really look
trying...I mean, I’m not going to lose their way! But the music in- one, they’ve been the best band up to what he’s doing.
lie to you - I FUCKING HATE dustry has definitely lost its way. on the tour, like consistently they
WARPED TOUR!!! (Laughs Like, Garth was saying earlier on, sound great, consistently they’ve ABORT: I guess I don’t really
all round). Like, we’ve been on say you get a band like Paramour, played their hearts out, and it’s need to ask you this but, worst
this tour now for eight and a half who get massive, the music indus- strange to watch them in Amer- band on the tour?
weeks, and it’s eight and a half try then signs twenty other bands ica, where they’ll play to like two
weeks too long. You know, even that sound like Paramour. What’s hundred kids, and then last night, Steph: Brokencyde, Breathe Car-
from when we did Warped Tour the point, ‘cause they’re not Par- where they played to like nine- olina, Millionaires, and...I guess
in like 2007, it’s changed since amore! There’s a new band com- teen thousand! Unreal how like, 3OH3.
then. Like the crowd this year ing out every week in the UK, and going twenty minutes across a
are very young, and Warped Tour it’s really hard for us over there border in a car can change music ABORT: Well thanks, it’s been
once upon a time was the Punk ‘cause we’ve got four or five mu- so dramatically. I mean, I knew great talking with you !
Rock tour. Everyone on the plan- sic magazines that come out ev- they were big out here, but I
et knew about it and it was the ery single week, and every single wasn’t expecting to see that jump. Steph: Thank you Joel!
tour to be on. But, Brokencyde week those four magazines have Aside from them I don’t really
are not a Punk band. 3OH3 are to have a new band on the cover. know of any Canadian bands on Gallows’ Grey Britain is in stores
not a Punk band. The Million- Whereas over here it’s different, the tour. Last time we done it in now
aires are just a fucking disgrace like how many music magazine 2007, there was that rapper K-Os,
to music. You know, it’s like all have you got that come out week- and he played on our stage as
of these bands that are on this ly? None. So whereas you guys well. When he played in Ameri- By ninjoelspy

30 31
Backstage at the 2009 Rock The Bells Show in Deer Lake Park, Burnaby, ABORT Magazine’s
Dave”Corvid” McCallum shared a rare moment backstage with T3 and Elzhi of the legendary
Slum Village, whose bandmate Baatin passed away that very morning. In a highly emotional
interview, T3 eulogized his late comrade with the highest praise, paying tribute to a genius
gone from this world far too soon. With the future of Slum Village uncertain, the two Detroit
MC’s are still driven by their respect for each other and love for Hip Hop music, and are dedi-
cated to “bringing the feeling back”.
elZhi: I mean, you know, Slum like a brother, and that’s how I felt those elements, and Baatin was a you feel about the future of Slum

R.I.P Baatin
Village is legendary to me. I felt about Baatin as well. I haven’t got big part of that. So I’m devastated Village?
that way before I even came into weepy, but I been feeling it, I been man. We gonna keep the legacy
the group. I came into the group trying to hold the tears back. On going, but I don’t know how long elZhi: I mean, me and 3, we’re
on an album called “Trinity”, and some realness man, I really miss I’m gonna keep the legacy going brothers, so whatever I do is gonna
when I tell you Slum Village is all that brother man. (pauses) ‘cause I don’t know where to go involve 3 and whatever he do is
about evolution, you know what from here, to be honest. Me and gonna involve me. So, the music
I’m sayin’ that’s what it’s about from The whole purpose of us bringing elZhi haven’t really sat down and is gonna always be there, we just
day one which was seven years ago. Baatin back, or my purpose, was talked about where we gonna take got a few things to think about like
You can ask anyone that’s really for him to get on his feet. He had Slum from here. Because, I’m only where are we gonna take it? ‘Cause
deep rooted in this Hip Hop, and children he had to feed, and our gonna do so much, and I’m not do- we could take it anywhere we want
they’ll tell you that Slum Village first video is showcasing Baatin, ing a lot without elZhi, he’s all I got to take it, whether it was rock, jazz,
done had an influence on some of that Dwele shot. And I just talked left. So, it’s gonna be a collective or if it was on some radio stuff, I
the biggest artists out right now, to Dwele not too long ago, but... effort to see where I’m gonna take feel like we got that ability. So, it all
and we’re happy to even be able to that was my whole thing. I loved Slum from here, and I don’t know depends on what we come up with
contribute something to Hip Hop. him not just as my brother but I where it’s gonna go. in the next few days to see where
So, just being a part of this group, loved him as...his style, you know we’re gonna take it, but whatever
in my opinion and in a lot of other we do it’s gonna be done a hundred
opinions, is legendary. “The guy was thirty-five years old, and we and twenty percent! And it’s gonna
shoot through the roof, ‘cause we
T3: You know what, we been around
never thought it would happen this soon, so, don’t do no bullshit and we gonna
this for a long time. Just maybe two you know, we maintaining, but at the same keep it real, you know what I’m
weeks ago, I sat with ?uestlove and time I can’t tell you where Slum Village is go- sayin’?
he was talking about how Slum ing to go from here”
Village influenced him, and that ABORT: Let’s talk about solo proj-
“Slum Village” was like one of his ects.
top three albums. And you know, I whayounamsayin, what he brought ABORT: That’s real talk man, real
wasn’t surprised ‘cause he’d said it to the group. And what I’m saying talk. T3: I got a solo album coming out
before, I was just surprised at the is, that was the whole purpose of October thirty first called “Night
time. And that’s when it was me, putting this first video out, me and T3: It’s fresh you know, and you’re Gallery”. It’s based on horror mov-
Baatin and Elzhi on the road, you Elzhi don’t even have verses on this the first people that I’m telling this ies, and my love of horror movies,
know what I’m saying? And, being first video, it’s just Baatin! I didn’t too, ‘cause I ain’t talking to a lot and how horror movies crafted
that we lost Baatin, you know what know he was gonna pass, but I felt of people. But since you’re sitting part of my life. They kept me out
I’m sayin’ , we devastated by that, like the people really needed to down here talking with meel I’m of trouble, they kept me focused...
because we never thought it would feel this dude, because they didn’t gonna say it to you. I mean me it sounds weird that a horror movie
happen this soon. The guy was understand how creative he re- and el are both devastated, ‘cause would do that, but it did and it kept
thirty-five years old, and we never ally was, you understand and I felt the whole goal with bringing Baa- me creative. So, one of the main
thought it would happen this soon, this dude!!! There’s a thing in mu- tin back was to get this guy on his horror genre guys that I like is Rod
so, you know, we maintaining’, but sic that I call “funny fresh”, and it feet, you know what I’m sayin’? I Sterling, who made “The Twilight
at the same time I can’t tell you ain’t no disrespect! I know a lot of had to physically go into the hood, Zone” as well as “Night Gallery”,
where Slum Village is going to go people out there are about lyricism, and find Baatin. We had a Range and in the sixties black and white
from here, at this day man, ‘cause or all this but...they forgot about Rover, coming to find this guy in era he was ridiculously cutting
it’s fresh. This happened yester- funny fresh. And funny fresh is the deepest of hoods, to get this edge before horror was horror.
day, you know what I’m sayin’? So, like, you innovative, but it’s kinda guy on some tracks, just because I Night Gallery was in the colour era
I’m messed up. I knew Baatin...we’s innovative with this felt like we needed him and the fans so seventies and eighties, and I like
went to the same middle school and comical shell around it. And be- wanted him. Not like we couldn’t doing concept albums, so most of
high school together, and we kept ing comical is not a bad thing, if it’s function without him, ‘cause we the samples will come from this
it going for a long time, you know innovative. It’s not like it’s “funny was already functioning, but I felt horror movie thing. That’s not re-
what I’m sayin’? It’s like when Dilla wack”, it’s funny fresh. So, when we that he added so much to us that we ally what the album is about, but
passed, I was devastated...I’m more brought Baatin back , I wanted to needed that extra spark. that’s where the inspiration came
devastated now than when Dilla showcase that, ‘cause that’s a part of from, Rod Sterling! As for elZhi,
passed. I knew Dilla was sick, I Slum Village history. We’ve always ABORT: (to elZhi) You mentioned he’s got a mixtape called “elMatic”
didn’t know Baatin was gonna pass. been innovators, slash creative, the evolution, and you’ve brought coming out that he can tell you all
This is in a whole other direction. slash comical, younamsayinat I’m in a lot of other great artists from about!
By Dave “Corvid” McCallum And, I’m happy to have El with me sayin’! If you listen to our first Black Milk to Illa J, to representing
Photo by Scott Alexander to hold me down, ‘cause I love El three albums, you’re gonna hear all the whole Detroit scene, how do

32 33
ABORT: Detroit MC’s are known
for their sophisticated lyricism, and
especially for the kind of multi-
syllable rhymes that artists like
Eminem and yourself are know for.
Is that focus on skill and especially
on what you’ve previously called
the “pattern” style a distinctively
Detroit thing?

elZhi: Definitely. Eminem got

started at a place called “The Hip
Hop Shop”, and cats would go there
all day to sharpen their swords. So
as far as the patterns thing...Proof,
the first time Proof called me was
to talk about patterns, ‘cause he’d
seen in me what Eminem was do-
ing. So it was definitely something
that originated there.

ABORT: As far as the Detroit

sound in terms of production,
there is a definite Soul and Motown
influence in the beats and samples.
How much a part of your upbring-
ing was the old sound of Detroit?

elZhi: I mean, Moms would be

cleaning the house or in the kitch-
en and she’d be playing Smokey
Robinson, The was
just on all the time so I guess we
just absorbed it. And you know, I
imagine a cat like Dilla heard it in
a different way, and being as smart
as he was, took it and flipped it and
made it into something crazy. And
I think that he’s the root of how
Detroit music, or Detroit Hip Hop
sounds, Dilla. And I see a lot of his
influence in a lot of cats over in Eu-
rope, like when I get beat CD’s I be
like “damn they must be listening
to Dilla!”, ‘cause he’s influential like
that. On the mixtape, “elMatic” is
gonna be like a free download mix-
tape, tribute mixtape for one of the
illest rap albums I’ve ever heard. I
plan to do videos for it, just to give
the fans something, and after that
I’m gonna work on the album. I
think I’m gonna title the album
“The Feed”, ‘cause that’s what I feel
the heads need, they need to be fed.
They need to be fed that real shit,
and you know, it’s rare that you get
that kind of shit. I want to bring it
back, not the way it used to be but
just how the feeling used to be.

ABORT: Thanks so much, it’s been

a real honour.

34 35
2 1 & U N D E R W I T H . . .

Dave Corvid McCallum: call it musically forming I m like a clusterfuck of all people that are messed up
The release of Killer last Voltron! Funk, Rap, Rock, different types, all in one... in the world, and I didn t
year marked the sale of one RnB, Reggae and Opera, I Kansas City Missouri! even really realize that un-
million units as an inde- mix them all. And it s just til the last couple of years.
pendent artist. After twen- all the music I ve loved all ABORT: So what is the There s a lot of people
ty years making Hip Hop, my life man, I ve always next stage for Tech N9ne? with a lot of emotional and
do you feel vindicated, as loved Opera and Classical mental problems, and they
though now you ve proved Music, I love Hip Hop, I Tech: Taking it to as many don t even have an outlet! I
yourself right, that it could love Country...and I always stages as we can worldwide got an outlet fortunately, so
be done independent all listen to these records and and turning more heads. I gotta use that to entertain
along? go Yo, I could do that! . It s sick musically, sick lyr- people, and to help them.
And it s funny man, cause ics, and it s got a Rock type
Tech N9ne: could a lot of these styles would energy to it. We re actually ABORT: (to Tech N9ne)
be done independent, but come from me and Tech assembling a Rock band, Your music s been featured
I m trying to do so much just playing around, we just Kybosh, and we re current- in film and TV, any acting
more than that. That was kidding, and we just sing ly looking for members, gigs?
a milestone, but it let me something like...what was which is hard when you re
know that we got a lot more that I was singing at the on the road all the time Tech: I did a movie recently
work to do. We got millions airport last night? Some- like we are, but we re work- with the Jackass cats, it s
more people to turn on, you called Lucky Cucumber
know what I m saying? So, with me and Preston Lacey.
that s an incredible feat The funk is still alive and kicking, Everybody was there man,
without video and radio, and we will be coming to funk Johnny Knoxville, I was on
I m aware, but but we got you up very soon. the red carpet with them, it
a lot more people to infect, was tight! I ve done a mov-
and that s why this tour is ie with Danny Trejo called
important. thing like cute face but ing on it. We got a lot of Vengeance , y namean?
no booty or something, ideas, me and Krizz! We re So, I really ain t been on the
ABORT: Do you feel like we just be playing around, looking hopefully next year acting thing though, cause
a spokesman now in that and it would just turn into to do something big with I have a need to be me. I
you re inspiring a lot of a dope song. But you know, Kybosh! don t really know how to be
artists who are consider- I called my album Genius nobody else.
ing whether to go the com- and you can t call your al- ABORT: (to Krizz) Reading
mercial route or to stick to bum that and not deliver. your bio, it s clear that with ABORT: Who are some
their independent roots? It debuted on Billboard at the experiences you ve been of the new artists on the
number three in Hip Hop through, your music is a big Strange Music label that
Tech: I think I m really and number fourteen on part of your healing and you re working with now?
causing some of the major the RnB chart, so I m doing transforming into a differ-
cats to want to do it this something right! ent person. Is that some- Tech: Right next to me,
way, you nam sizzlin ? To thing you hope to transmit Krizz Kaliko, charting like
keep their independence, ABORT: Kansas city has to your audience? he did. Big Scoob, com-
to keep their publishing, always been known for ing out in September with
that s the thing that really suporting a strong and di- Krizz: Yeah man, I think Monsterrific , Cut Cal-
gets you money. verse music scene, what is it that letting them in my houn s Raw and Uncut .
that makes for such a cre- life...if I had a boring life, My album K.O.D. coming
ABORT: So Krizz, you ve ative environment? they probably wouldn t out in October. Most of all
been onstage with Tech for care. But because my life is shout out to the fans for
ten years now, and have just Tech: The scene is thick, interesting...I thought the putting us where we are to-
released your second solo just like it would be on the bad things I went through day!
album Genius . You ve East Coast, but it s just a was just to torture me! But
called your style Funkra smaller place. We have all it was twofold - first of all ABORT: Word! Thanks so
to describe the blend of different types of styles - if it s therapeutic for me to be much for your time.
Hip Hop, Funk and Opera, you want Gangster you can able to do the music. Sec-
could you talk about the find it, if you want Back- ondly, I know it s interest- Tech: Tech N9ne!!!
diversity of styles and how pack you can find it, if you ing enough to draw interest
that all came from your life want Spoken Word you can to me. And thirdly (I know, Photo by Scott Alexander
experience? find it, if you want Hipster I said two things...), thirdly,
you can find it...if you want it s to help other people, be-
ABORT Magazine’s Dave”Corvid”McCallum talks backstage at Rock The Bells Vancouver with Kansas City psycho- Krizz: It s like musical psycho crazy fucked in the cause people are messed up
path Tech N9ne and his eccentric partner in crime Krizz Kaliko to discuss independent Hip Hop, musical gumbo, gumbo man, it s like...I head, come to Tech N9ne! out here! There s a lot of
and what’s next for the man with the warpaint.
40 41
42 43
ABORT: Your tour opens on Septem- merly of Wolfmother. How d you hook and I don t know what s going on
ber 23. Can you tell us a bit about the up with them? (laughs). But I really liked what I heard. Kid Koala: Huh (pause) well, I guess it
story behind (the album) 100%? So that was the first time we met and I would be, like, all animal-people.
Kid Koala: I met them in Montreal guess over the next couple of years we
Kid Koala: It was a soundtrack that my when they were on tour a few years crossed paths on tours or we d be at ABORT: Animal people?
buddy Dylan Frombach and I were back. Dylan actually met them first. the same festival. I d be in Sydney and
working on that started about four He d heard about the band and they Chris would call and we d go get some Kid Koala: Yeah, y know like Kid
and a half years ago and we re very were doing their first show in Seattle food, so they kinda heard The Slew Koala, Cat Power. Cat Power and Kid
happy it s finished (laughs). It s been a and Dylan was friends with the club from it s pretty early days, but those Koala would be funny. With maybe
real adventure so far, basically. I guess owner who invited him down to the guys are really busy, and they d always Snoop Dogg and... I don t know. I m
if I had to describe it in terms of feel show and that night he went, Actual- ask Hey, what s up with that Slew re- missing somebody aren t I? There s
or in terms of what our mantra was ly, Wolfmother don t have anybody to cord? Is it almost finished? and this gotta be other people. Silver Starling
in the studio, it was What would it do their lights for them so, would you and that so when we actually had it (laugs). There s a million wolf bands
sound like if Public Enemy s Bomb mind doing the lights for them? This done it was time to think about taking aren t there? Aids Wolf. Wolf parade...
Squad produced a Black Sabbath al- was on their first tour. He was kinda it on the road. Dylan and I had kind You know, I never thought of that. I
bum? That was the question we were like yeah I ll do lights for them, what- of our dream team list. Originally we always thought of myself as an out-
thinking of and whenever we had a ever . He did the lights but he was re- were gonna do it like the record was sider (laughs). That s just weird. We
tough decision we would ask ourselves ally blown away by the show and es- made, which would ve taken about 16 can t really make music with that guy.
that (laughs). It s kind of a heavier re- pecially by how Chris and Myles were turntables and 7 DJ s or something. It would be awesome to play with Tom
cord, it s pretty cool. You may be into holding it down. So, he was hanging But we were like, No, but wouldn t it Waits and Thelonious Monk. That
it, or not, I don t know (laughs). out after the gig and talking to Myles be rad if Chris and Myles were, like, would just be like...whoa. I d probably
and he was like Hey, how d you like on bass and drums? (laughs) But those stop playing and just watch em. That s
ABORT: On Wikipedia, it says that the lights? and Myles was like, Yeah, guys just won a Grammy. But at one a fun question. It s kinda like fantasy
the film was a documentary about a yeah you did a great job, bla bla bla. point it was Y know we should just football but with bands.
Seattle psychedelic band called The So anyways, fast forward a couple ask em, throw it out there so last time
Slew lead by a guy named Jack Slew weeks, Dylan says Hey, Wolfmother I was in Sydney I see Chris and say ABORT: As a fellow Canadian of
and that your album was cut together are gonna be in Montreal, you should Hey, that Slew record s finally done. Asian parentage, I m curious, what
from his master tapes. Is that how it go check out that show cause it s su- He said, It s about time! ... I was like did it take to sell your parents on a
went? per heavy. So I went down that after- Yeah, if you guy s aren t doing any- career as a DJ?
noon, and they were playing at The thing maybe we should do some gigs
Kid Koala: We had some source mate- National, I think, in Montreal and I together. You guys can play bass and Kid Koala: Y know, for the longest
rial given to us at the starting point went down to go buy a ticket and they drums and we do the turntable parts time they thought it was just a re-
and what my duties were- I was re- were standing outside the club and I on top... all the oboes and harmoni- bellious phase cause scratching was
ally recruited in for turntables and ar- said Hey, aren t you guys the band? cas. And he s like, Yeah, that sounds something I started doing when I was
rangements of a lot of the parts like, and they were like yeah and they cool! but they had their new project 12. When you re in that awkward teen-
Oh yeah, here s a harmonica bit looked a bit lost. They were kinda I was like, Don t worry age phase and you ve gotta get into
or cut up piano or move the organ like, Is there anywhere to eat around about it. But he was like Y know, something, for some people it s sports
over here. So I would really come in here? (laughs) and I was like, Hey, give is a call because we re gonna take and other people it s skateboards and
for those layers. As far as making the y know, you play keyboards in the a break from the studio and the new for me it was DJ-ing, y know. Turn-
record, it was really having all that band and there s a really cool vintage project and if we re taking that break tables and scratching. So they always
printed out, and what we were doing keyboard shop here in Montreal and when you re trying to line up that tour thought it was just a phase. Ah, you
was having to cut the vinyl and then he was like No way! You mind taking maybe we could come on down. I know, he ll grow out of it. (big laugh)
re-assembling it on a turntable. That s us there? so, we kind of hit it off right couldn t believe it, yknow...SHUT UP! It s 20 years later now isn t it? This is
probably why it took so long to actu- away in terms of reading music and Really? And it just turned out that it a long phase.
ally finish this record. I think about an hour later Myles is overlapped perfectly. All of a sudden,
kinda like, Hey, what do you do? and y know, life just started moving really ABORT:Thank you so much for speak-
ABORT: Did you have a theme you I say I guess I m kind of a DJ. He quickly. ing with us! The Slew tour opens in
were going for or one that the mate- stopped and looked at me funny and Vancouver on September 23; we re all
rial suggested to you? he goes, What s you name? and I ABORT: It s a good thing you asked.. looking forward to it.
say Kid Koala and he said Hey! I
Kid Koala: Well, it was more like we was actually at your show in Sydney Kid Koala: Yeah! Y know, sometimes Kid Koala: Alright! Thank you.
had a loose synopsis of what was go- last year when you were there with you just ask (laughs). These dudes are
ing on in the film so we were thinking RJD2, (laughs) that was a great show. like, playing Maddison Square Gar-
about ‒ ok, this is the type of music And, as Dylan promised, I checked den. Who d be interested in rockin Photo by Jamie Sands
T H E A B O R T I N T E R V I E W for here or Dylan would hook up a
beat that would be good for this kind
of scene in the film. But we had a lotta
that show out and they were amazing.
Amazing, amazing heavy groove thing
in the rock realm. I d never seen a
with DJ s? Really? But they heard the
record and they re just super down
for it.
Vancouver s Kid Koala is known worldwide as one of the most original, imaginative DJs ever to space, y know? There was no budget rock show sound so big and move the
touch wax. He s toured with DJ Shadow, Radiohead, and Bjork among others and his new tour for it at the time so we had a lot of crowd that way. ABORT: So, you ve been in some su-
The Slew ‒ which will feature Myles Heskett and Chris Ross formerly of Wolfmother ‒ opens freedom to just kinda cut the music pergroups, while we re talking about
sort of independently of what was go- ABORT: Right. bands coming together. You ve worked
in Vancouver this September. Kid Koala took the time to speak with ABORT Magazine s Nigel
ing on there. Kid Koala: The way that people were with Mike Patton, Dan The Automator,
Mojica recently about the upcoming tour, the origins of the album 100% which will be available bobbing their heads and stuff, it was Del and many others. If you could put
exclusively on tour, and his beginnings as a turntableist. ABORT: Your upcoming tour The like whoa, this could be a hip-hop together a dream band, what would
Slew is with Chris and Myles, for- show. These guys play, y know, breaks be the line-up?

44 45
46 47
1 & U N D E R W I T H . . .

Amidst the sweltering heat of a sunny Vancou-
ver afternoon, ABORT Magazine’s keen eyed
Grimm Culhane shares some words with the
Oscar nominated “Queen of Contemporary In-
dependent Cinema” Chloë Sevigny. What better
way of whiling away the time could there pos-
sibly be than to saunter along Robson Street in
search of the perfect pair of shoes?

Grimm: Chloë!

Chloë: Hi!

Grimm: Welcome to Vancouver, good to see


Chloë: Thanks, I’ve been here lots of times.

Grimm: What’s your favourite thing about Van-


Chloë: I like the beach and Stanley Park. I’m

heading there now, its so fucking hot today!

Grimm: (Laughs) Yeah, it sure is. Its good to see

you Chloe.

Chloë: Thanks, you too. Bye!

Then, just as the moment had seemingly

passed and all opportunity for a torrid love af-
fair the likes of which you only read about in
history books had supposedly been lost, she
stopped, turned and without a moment’s hesi-
tation she…

By Grimm Culhane

Photo by Inez van Lamsweerde

& Vinoodh Matadin

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