AKHAR 1432 OF ISLAMIC (HIJRI) CALENDAR BETWEEN 1. SAY ED SADRUDDIN aged about 49 years,son of late Alhaj Sayed Qamaruddin by occupatio nBusiness by religion-lslam residing resident of Qadam Rasool,Dargha Bazar:Po:Bu xi Bazar,Ps:Dargha Bazar, Town/Dist:Cuttack State Orissa .Hereinafter called theºA UTHOR OF THE TRUST/SETTLOR/CHALRMAN/EXECUTIVE TRUSTEEºknown to be which expression shall,unless repugnant to the context meaning thereof be deemed to include thei r respective heirs,executors,administrators assigns, the party of the ªFIRST PARTº

Resident of Atlapur. executors. son of Sekh Salim Ali. State: Odisha. by occupation: Teacher. Ps. ABDUL MOHSIN. Po. the party of the ªTHIRD PARTYº .AND SK ABDUL HALIM. son Sekh Abdul Hakim. be deemed to include their respective heirs. Dist: Cuttack. be deemed to include their respectiv e heirs. executors. aged about 27 years. : Samantarapur. Po. by religion: Islam. administrato rs and assigns the party of the ªSECOND PARTº SK. : Odasingha: Ps: Salepur. : Dhara msala. resident of T ilda. administrators and assigns. Dist : Jajpur. by occupation: B usiness by religion: Islam. aged about 32 years. state : Odisha Hereinafter called the *FOUNDER TRUSTEE / M ANAGING TRUSTEE* which expression shall . unless repugnant to the context meanin g thereof . Hereinafter ca lled the *FOUNDER TRUSTEE /JOINT MANAGING TRUSTEE * which expression shall unles s repugnant to the context meaning thereof.

by occupation : Teacher by religion: Islam . aged about 29 years son of Inus Ali. Dist : Jajpur. Po. SABIR ALI. State :Odisha . Dist : Jajpur . Atlapur. here inafter called *FOUNDER TRUSTEE* known to be which expression shall unless exclu ded by or repugnant to the context be deemed to include the trustees for the tim e being of these presents and/or survivors and their successor heirs executor's an d administrator and assigns to be the party of the ªFIFTH PARTº . executors. unless repugnant to the context meaning th ereof . : Samantrapur.AND SK. Ps. resident of Sadakpur .: Samantrapur. : Dharamsala. administrators a nd assigns. son of Sk. the party of the ªFOURTH PARTº SK. Hereinafter called the *FOUNDER TRUSTEE /TREASURER* which expression shall . QUADDIR ALI. Po. State : Odisha. resident of : A tlapur. Mahebub Ali. by occupation business by religion : Islam. Ps. : Dha ramsala. aged about 38 years. be deemed to include their respective heirs.

Jajpur.AND SK. Resident : Atlapur. son of Sk. hereinafter called *Founder Trustee* known to be Which expressi on shall unless excluded by or repugnant to the context be deemed to include the trustees for the time being theses present and/or survivors and their successor heirs. KARIM ALI. aged about 39 years.. :Dharamsala . executors and administration and assigns to be the party of the ªsixth par tº Whereas the author is a religious & pious man in the society and also hafiz-e-q uran and inspired with commandement of prophet mohammed (saw) in the light of qu ranic verses and a torrent Behiever of Ahle sunnat o jamat faith and inspired by the teachings of bariely school of thought and ardent follower of ALAHAZRAT IMA MAAHMED RAZA KHAN FAZILE BAREVI and also of MUJAHIDE .Samtrapur. Ps. P. by occupation busi ness by religion : Islam. Salim Ali. Dist :.O.

Islamic theology and other useful subjects. creed and race and for improvement in their social. for which the author have already declared his intention to do so before the other founder trustees.(rupees eleven thousand five hundred To open found. setup and run educational institution and to promote professional.manking as a whole about the goodness of ISLAM within the meaning of holy quran & sunah (teachings of prophet mohammed (saw) the messenger of god) and for which the author of the trust have a already established a madrasa (Islamic teaching school) known as ªDaru. . libraries reading rooms and other establishments of institutio n for advancements. colleges. Transfer and assign unto trustees the sum of rs.11. And whereas the said the trust shall purely be a charitabl e trust and will be nonprofit making and non political.500/.1500/-(ru pees one thousand five hundred)towards the cost of the land which totals comes t o rs. The a uthor/settler has delivered.) To establish promote.29 Plot.Mustafaº along with the help of other founder trustee at :-Atlapur. The aims and objectives of the tru st shall be as follows: In pursuance of the said desires and in order to effectua te the said object of creating and establishing the above mentioned trust. cultural and linguistic environment condition and for the advancement of the object of general utility and not involving of carrying on any activity for profit in the state of Odisha and also within the territory of India through one of several That in order to propogate and preach the teaching of ISLAM and in the light of MASLAKE ALA HAZARAT the right path to the sunni muslim and to all the people & people's from different religion. measuring area :A0-02 decimal. economic. en gendering and medical educational institution for the benefit of poor and weaker sections of the society irrespective caste.EMUSTAFA is already in existence since 2008 and shall be under the fold of this trust. and rs.khata no . for imparting the Islamic & oriental te achings to the down trodeen poor orphan boys/girls residing in remote and rural villages. altapur po: mouza: sadakpur.MILLAT OF DHAMNAGAR. and from to day all the assets of the said madrasa shall be deemed to the asset of t his trust. The Author being the initiater of the trust known to be RAZA EDUCATIO NAL & WELFRARE mantrapur. NOW THIS INDENTURE OF THE DEED WITNESSETH AS FOLLOWS: The trust is hereby constituted as an irrevocable trust and it shall be more particularly known as ªRAZA EDUATIONAL & WELFARE TRUST: The registered of fice of the trust shall be at sadakpur. dist:-jajpur. promote set up and run school. 000/-(ten thousand)only for carrying out the main object of this trust may come in the hands for the provisions of the present to be substituted of added in exe cution of the trust and /or powers of these presents referred hereinafter be sub ject to the trust (hereinafter referred to as trust fund/trust properties)for th e trust objects and purpose and uses hereinafter expressed with the powers on th e terms and conditions herein contained of and concerning same. technical.Dharamsala. And whereas the trustees on have agreed to act as one of the trustee of these presents upon the terms co nditions hereinafter mentioned below. and the said madrasa DARULULOOM RAZA.

To foster and encourage education and training in handicrafts. institutes and training centers in choosin g separate names and descriptions to meet special needs and requirements of the trust in pursuance of the objectives of the trust and assign or transfer the man agement functions of special bodies of committees. To establish a nd run a residential institution for girls by the name ªfaculty of girlsº for impart ing Islamic along with modern arts and science education. boarding school for boys and girls separately and establish gymnasiums health center and sports complex and other vocational institution and encouraging primary and secondary and higher ed ucation and also to establish modern Islamic madrasa to teach Islamic theology a s per the Ahle sunnat wal jamat in reference to Maslaake Aala Hazrat including t raining of fine arts and handicrafts throughout the state of Odisha. To undertake research projects for the academic needs of the trust of in connection with academic and vocational co urses both independently and in collaboration with other academic and developmen t institutions as shall be deemed essential in pursuance with the objectives of the trust. Agri.Ed. as well as policies of the state and in acco rdance with modern arts and future sartorial needs of the nation. To open the operate+2 level college. universities. With a specific focus on children adolescents and the youth. To engag e in assessing. among women folk in general and establish and found institutions imparting such education and to establish. To open and operate diploma. fine a rts. autonomous research and academic institutions and in India and abroad. and M. rese arch placements and other HR services. To esta blish schools. journalism and mass communication and other management courses at degree and post graduate level and training institu tions like B. MCA bio technology. To open and operate technical and professional institution which would include BCS.To open. formulating and implementing programs aimed at human resources d evelopment. pharmacy and laboratory technicians etc. MBA. Hotel management & catering technology. To promote means of educational research and training in urban and rural areas based on con temporary social values and ethics. maintain .Ed and other professional courses like Para medical cours es like printing and textile technology and other computer based diploma courses and training courses like nursing. found establish. degree an d post graduate level engineering in all discipline and architectural engineerin g and applied arts. through adoption of innovation strategies based on findings of research and evaluative s tudies conducted by the trust as well as by other bodies including universities. as shall be decided by the go verning of the or help by monetary gifts or otherwise centers and . To work for the advert isement of education. applied and vocational areas. To establish Darul Ifta for releasing rel igious verdicts and to setup a religious Darul quza for the settlement of mutual disputes concerning Nisaah & Talaaq issues. BBA. coaching institution for imparting training fo r degree and post graduate level courses. managemen t. promote and run hospital. To establish placement agencies for providing training. including academic.

3. Gyarveeh sarif and other such religious programm ers according to the principle. aid an assist the institution or institutions carrying out activities for national integratio n and preservation of secular character of the nation. gerontology centers and other similar institutions or centers f or rendering or providing medical relief and /or to aid the suffering humanities of for research centers and institutions for promotion of research and educatio n for medical science including surgery. To publish books and magazines for the development of Maslake Aala Hazrat Ahmed Raza Fazile Barelvi education. To promote preservation of environment and ecology. clerical of any other personal and pay for their services. support and /or aid or help in the setting up and /or maintaining and/or running charitable dispensaries. finance. hostess. such as fees . promote . customs and usage prevailing in and a mong the Sunni Muslims Of Aala Hazarat Maslak. And also to perform every month o f 23rd day the Ruhani(Spritual)Mehafil & readover of khatne Gausia after namaze isha regularly and also perform all other rituals prevail among Sunni Muslim of Aala Hazrat Maslak. assist. To participate perform and celebrate the religious festival i. human intervention towards regeneration of natural res ources. .institutions for women and children and to provide social welfare works for wome n and children. Urs of Mujahide Milat On 5th And 6th Of Jamadiwal. To maintain. pay or give scholarship . language and to distribute them among the members of the poor and weaker commun ity of general public with or without charging price. tradition. 2. maternity homes. In addition to publish newspapers. educational institut ions. journal etc. rewards . technical institutions teaching commercial and other art including teachin g of cultural arts or other training research or educational work in India of ab road. remuneration or such proportion thereof. To ass ist and collaborate with other organizations having similar objectives and to op erationalize projects / programs of human resource development and social change . To organize and implement programs for rehabilitation and mainstreaming of person in disadvantaged conditions and with disability and to supports their venture in self employment and enterprising activities through extension educati on of vocational nature and aimed at their capacity building and empowerment. allowance an d other financial assistance or help in cash or kind to students with a view to help them in prosecuting their studies in school. To open . OBJECTIVE INCIDENTAL OR ANCILLARY TO MAIN OBJECTS :1.found. technical administ rative . unskilled.set up. convalescent homes. sanit ariums. establish. Urs Of Aala Hazrat Barelvi Sarif On 25th Saf ar And Jasn Id-E-Milad Un Nabi. child welfare centers. colleges. professional.e. culture.stipends. To meet traveling board ing and loading expenses for students going abroad for higher commercial and tec hnical education 4. To retain from time to time by way of employment or engageme nt or on contact and remove skilled. maintain. as the in its discretion considers ex pedient. promotion of human and animal health. prizes. To grant.

G. such portion o f the income/funds he deems fit. b. To borr ow any money required for the purpose of the trust upon such terms and upon such securities as may be determined from time to time. the managing trustee shall have the power and take up to determine from time to time. assets and transactions of the trust.(rupees El even thousand five hundred only) by the AUTHOR/SELTTLOR/CHAIRMAN/EXECUTIVE TRUST EE. execute and issue cheques. 10. TRUST FUNDS AND PROPERTIES : a. backward rural and tribal areas. endorse discount. 6. easements. The corpus of the trust. accept.(rupees ten thousand) plus Rs. to comm ence. to take up to abandoned. c. prom issory notes and other negotiable instruments. investments. SIGNATORY TO THIS TRUST DEED The board of t rustees present at the time of registration of these trustees is as follows 1. To generally purchase . hire or otherwise acquire any real or personal pro perty or any interest therein and any rights. t ake on lease or in exchange . 14 . undertake and hold such scheme. to each of the charitable objects. 16. Draw. Without prejudice to the generality of the forgoing. To invest the fund of the tryst not immediately require for on such securitie s or otherwise in such manner as may from time to time be determined. shall form part of trust fund.5. To undertake projects schemes for providing minimu m basic literacy skill to the illiterates through setting up adult education and non-formal education centers in urban slum. 10. S AYED SADRUDDIN AUTHOR/SETTLOR 2. industry or any other activities which may generate funds for trust to actualize its obje ctives. To est ablish run and maintain poor houses and any other such charitable institutions f or the benefit of poor people of the community. make. The managing trustee shall have full control and manage ment of all the affairs of the trust of the properties. widow homes and homes for blind and handicapped persons provide them vocatio nal training and other training or to render assistance ot any such existing ins titution or institutions. 12. sponsored programmers or any other nodal agencies. The trust is establish with a corpus con tribution of Rs. Accr etions to and from the movable and immovable trust properties that may be acquir ed from time to time shall be utilized for objects of the trust or form trust fu nd as may be decided. projects. To take up scheme and projects for electronic as well as print media in the interest of the nation as well as general public of india and sub-contine nt. 11. 13. gifts. To undertake jobs programmrs of any N. 8.O Govt. d. 17. SK ABDUL MOHS IN FOUNDER TRUSTEE . 15.000/. 11. To open and maintain orphana ge. 9. 1500/-(rupees fifteen h undred only) towards the cost of the land total comes to Rs. SK ABDUL HALIM FOUNDER TRUSTEE 3. donations and contributions received by t he trust if specially received in corpus. To raise funds. 7. To take up scheme and project's for pollution's control and health awareness progr ammes.500/. privileges. which the t rust may think necessary or convenient with reference to any of its objects.

QUALIFICATION OF TRUST EES a. Sunni Muslim means the followers of :1. 20. ABDUL MOHSIN . That all the office bearers except chairman is for a period of 5 year on Rotation basis. 21.FOUNDER TRUSTEE/JOINT ± MANAGING TRUSTEE 4. and the Bo ard of trustees shall be eligible for re-election to the office/post for 3 terms only and not more than that as resolved unanimously. KARIM ALI . The same shall be c alled as board of trustees. SK. b.TREASURER/FOUNDER TRUSTEE 5. 1. The trust shall have mini mum of 6(Six) trustees and a maximum of 12(Twelve) trustees. FUNCTION OF BOARD OF TRUESTEES a. If in case a new trustees are appointed then u nanimous resolution to be approved by the board of trustees. SK. ABDUL HALIM .FOUNDER TRUSTEE 19. MD. SAYED SADRUDDIN .MANAGING TRUSTEE/CHIEF EXECUTIVE FFICER/FOUNDER TRUS TEE 3. All the founder trustees shall be the board of tru stees till their life time and shall be removed only on the conditions laid down in clause 19 of this trust deed. TENURE OF TRUSTEESHIP That the present AUTHOR/CHAIRMAN/SETTLOR of board of trust of ªRAZA EDCUATIONAL & WELFARE TRUST ªand who shall hold the office for life time and other than the cha irman/Author all other founder trustee holding the office shall be for a period of 5 years on Rotation basis. SK KARIM ALI FOUNDER TRUSTEE 18. 3. SK.FOUNDER TRUSTEE 7.FOUNDER TRUSTEE 6. 2. SK. The first board of trustees shall form the board shal l compromises of the following.AUTHOR/CHAIRMAN EXECUTIVE T RUSTEE 2. Any major male Indian Sunni Muslim who believes in Maslake Aala Hazrat Ba relvi Spiritually as well as physically shall be eligible to be appointed as the trustee of the said trust. MOHIADEEN . SK.4. Followers of islam who should agree physically & mentally to mu kaddas (Holy) book Hussmul harmain. b. The board of trustees shall be in the following p ortfolios created the board which are as (i)AUTHOR/CHAIRMAN (ii)EXECUTIEV TRUSTE E/CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (iii)JOINT MANAGING TRUSTEE (iv) TREASURER (v)ALL OTHE R ARE BOARD OF TRUSTEES c. Hazrat sh eikh Abdul Heq Mohaddis Dehivi. SK SABIR ALI FOUNDER TRUSTEE 5. FILLING UP OF VACANCIES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES Vacancies in the board of trustees shall be due of the following reason . SK QUADIR ALI FOUNDER TRUSTEE 6. SABIR AL I . . Imam-e-Ahle Sunnat Aala Hazrat Raza quadri Fa zile Barelvi.QUADIR AL I .

G. MEETINGS OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Sha ll hold at least 1 meeting in every 3months and such meeting shall be called ord inary meeting. Any new trustee appointed aforesaid shall as well as after such transfer of the trust funds of property have the same powers. F. All the propert ies movable or immovable shall vest in the trustee. In the event of no meeting being c alled and held by the chairman within two weeks from the receipt of such requisi tion the requisionists . The ownership shall vest tru stees for all purpose relating to civil and criminal matters. 24. B. Vacancy /Vacancies occurred due to their reason mentioned in clause (A to G) herein abov e the filled in by the surviving or continuing trustee/trustee unanimously as pe r clause 13 hereinabove. or E. Conviction of criminal offence involving moral turpi tude. Desiring to be discharged or refusal or becoming unfit or incapable to act in the trust or execute powers in him responsed under these presents. J. 23. Whenever any trustee /trustees changes his religion specially from Aquide Ahl e Sunnat Maslake Aala Hazrat Barelvi through to any other thought/school or reli gion he/they cease to the trustee/trustees of the trust form that point of time. 22. Remains absent from the consecutives meeting of the board of trustees without obtaining permission from the board of trustees. Adjudged insolvent. REQUISITIONING MEETING The ch airman shall also call for a meeting of the board of trustees on requisition bei ng made to him in writing by at least any 4 of trustees specifying the purpose f or which such meeting is desirous to be held. Death D. Such ordinary and special meeting shall be held at such place and at suc h time as the board of trustees may determine. K. I. So often as any trustee or trustees shall be appoint ed as aforesaid the trust fund or property for the time being shall be transferr ed so as same become surviving or immovable trustee or trustees. PROVIDED trustees shall not be entitl ed to act as a trustee under these present until he shall have signed in the min ute book of the trust as a declaration to his acceptance and willingness to act as a trustee under these presents. Resignation C. VALIDITY OF ACTS Notwithstand ing anything herein contained to act done bonfire by the surviving of continuing not bonfire by the surviving or continuing trustees in the usual course of admi nistration of the trust or which is /are otherwise authorized under law governin g the trust shall be invalid merely by the reasons that there was no requisite n umber of trustees for the time being in force. All written notice of the meeting of the trust shall be issued to the trustees by hand delivery after obtaining their signatur es in token or by registered post A/D due. Trustees may hold additional meetings required for the management and administration of the trust and such additional meetings shall be special m eeting.A. H.

28. Fitra. 29. PAYMENT OF MANAGEMENT EXPENSES The trustees shall out of the donation. The final accounts of the trust i. Profits. A clear report of the pro ceedings of each of the meetings of the trustees. In case of the difference of opinions at the time of confirmation of the proceeding of a previous meeting. All accounts in the Ba nks shall be maintained in the name of the trust known to be ªRAZA EDUCATIONAL & W ELFARE TRUSTº C.e. These sub-committee will be dissolved by the board of trustees as and when the board so desired. 50. Zakat. Minute book shall be kept in which shall appear:B. BANK ACCOUNT A. Atia. ACCOUNTS The trustees shall keep and mai ntained proper account of the trust.000/B. may themselves call for the meeting and the same shall be held only at the offic e of the trust during the office hours. D . 30. C. Sadqat. E. Such sub-committee wil l work under the supervision and control of the board of trustees and shall be r esponsible to it. 27. The quorum of the meeting shall be 51% C IRCULARS Any matter of business of a routine or formal or urgent nature may be d etermined by circulars without a meeting of the trustees PROVIDED that it is agr eed to unanimously by all the trustees. The trust fund monies shall be invested in accordance with the provision of law and the trustee s shall not ordinary keep on hand more than Rs. In case of the difference of opinion. preservation and safe custody of the movable pro perties belonging to the charity of any and pay and apply the balance for the ob jects of the trust after providing for other earmarked funds depreciation fund i nvestment fund decided by the trustees.I ncome and interest of the trust properties in the first instance pay all the rat es. taxes. MINUTE BOOK A. The minutes shall be confirmed according to the sense of majority of trustees present. However one of them operating such Bank Accounts shall always be t he Treasurer. Such accounts shall be operated jointly by any two of the founder trustees along with the treasurer out of seven as shall be resolved by the boar d of trustee. su ch question shall be dealt with at the next meeting of the trustees. The receipt and expenses vouchers shall be passed by authorized trustees. The minutes of each meeting shall be read over to the trustees at the next mee ting and when confirmed shall be signed by the president of such meeting. Rents. assessments and other necessary outgoing and in the next place costs charges and expenses of and incidental to administration and management of the t rust properties as well as costs of the current and ordinary repairs and for upk eep of the movable properties . POWER OF TRUSTEES The board of trustees will have the power of for m a sub-committee with non. balance sheet and income expenditure acc ounts shall be audited by chartered accountants. . Kurbani Skin. 26.trustees. if necessary as members to supervise and e xecute any work of scheme approved the board of trustees. The auditors shall be appointed by the trust boar d.25. A copy of each notice conve ning the meeting and by each circular on which a decision has been arrived at.

misapplicati on or misconduct. brokers. POWER OF FRAME RULES The trustees shall have powers from t ime to time to make such rules and regulations as they may fit and proper for th e administration and carrying into effect the provisions of these presents. F. contributions in cash or in kind su bscription gifts or bequests or other transfers or dispositions of property mova ble or immovable whether subjects to or not to any special condition in favors o f the trust. C. To purc hase take on lease or in exchange hire or otherwise acquire any property movable and /or immovable and any right privilege which may be deemed necessary or conv enient for the purpose of the trust and so construct improve alter maintain sell lease mortgage dispose off turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any of the property movable and /or immovable belonging to the trust. To sanction recurring expenses from mont h to month. re-bankers. H. certified to be true copy by at least two of PROVIDED FURTHER. To sanction expenditure on non-recurring items in a year. 33. and provide for the management of the charity and the trust properties and also from time to time alter any such rules and regulations or to repeal any of them and substitute others in their place PROVEDED ALWAYS that no such rules or regulatio ns as framed or subsequently amended shall in any manner be inconsistent with an y of the provisions of these presents and specially shall be in consistent with clause¼¼¼¼¼¼of this trust deed PROVEDED FURTHER. compromise any legal proceedings on behalf of the trust if and when necessary. To i nstitute. I. that the rules or amendments thereto framed by the trustees under these clauses shall not come into operation unless a copy of it. The board of trustees shall inter alias have the following powers:A. To prepare administration report and balance sheet an d to call annual or special meeting 32. To determine the mode and the manner of investment of the monies belonging to the trust according to the law. financial year of the trust shall be from 1st Aprill to 31st March. D. B.31. G. o r solicitors other persons within whom or into whose hands any trust monies or s ecurities made deposited or for any other loss unless the same shall happen thei r own negligence. 34. To invest surplus and other funds of the trust according to the provisional of law. auctioneers. willful defaults of omissions or breach of trust. To hear and deal with complaint s suggestions enquiries requests and other correspondence from the visiting publ ic and other to the extend feasible. E. In exercising af oresaid powers the board of trusts will observe the provisions of law. To acc ept corpus donation and any other donations. defend. AMENDMENT . LIABILITY OF TRUSTEES The trustees shall be respectively chargeable only for such monies stocks fun securities and other properties a they shall respectively actually receive NOTWITHSTANDING their res pectively singing any receipt of cheques for the sake of conformity and shall no t be answerable or responsible for the acts.

The award so rendered shall be binding on the both parties. DISSOLUT ION CLAUSE In the event dissolution or winding up the assets remaining as on the date of dissolution shall not under any circumstances be disturbed among the tr ustees but the same shall be transferred to another public charitable Trust. 37. no amendment to the deed of tru st shall be made which may prove to be repugnant to the provisions on the income Tax Act Further no amendment shall be carried out without the prior approval of the commissioner of income Tax having jurisdiction over the trust.IN WITNESSES WHEREOF THE FOUNDER AND OTHER TRUSTEES HAVE SUBCRIBED HEREUNTO ON THE DAY OF FIRST ABOVE WRI TING.T Act 1961. 1. CERTIFICATE Certificate that these are my clients of this trust Deed is drafted me and type set in my office at my direction. WITNESSES EXECUTANTS 1. 1966 or any other Act in force. ARBITRATION All disputes betwe en the trustees with respect to the or its management shall be resolved in accor dance with the Indian Arbitration and conciliation Act. The language shall be in English and the venue shall be at Jajpur District. 4. 2. 35. INDEMNITY The trustees shall kept indemnified out of the assets against all legal or other actions. which has read over and explained to the executants. (ALHAJIQBAL BUX) Advocate Odisha High Court . THAT THIS TRUST DEED SHALL BE GOVERNED UNDER THE INDIAN TRUST ACT 1882.Notwithstanding anything contained in this deed. Soc iety association or situations whose objects are similar to those of this Trust and registered with commissioner of income Tax u/s. Where none of the trustees of the dissolved trust shall have co ntrolling interest. 2. claims and liabi lities arising out of the need to define the trust and its properties and assets are out of any action taken by the trustees in the discharge of their duties as trustees to fulfill the object of the trust. 5. 6. 3. 12 A and under section 80 G of I. cost of litigation. 36.