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TRMatrix™ BioScaffold Part Number: TRM1X1

TR Matrix™ is a structurally unique medical device that has multiple uses in veterinary
medicine. TR Matrix™ is composed of a proprietary, non-immunogenic copolymer
designed to mimic tertiary embryonic connective tissue and stimulate fetal-like repair
mechanisms. TR Matrix™ does not contain any drugs, cells, or growth factors and
achieves its tissue repair properties from a unique open polar structure.

The open polar structure of TR Matrix™ forms a scaffold to facilitate cell proliferation,
differentiation, and integration. Assays have shown cells binding to TR Matrix™ will
upregulate gene expression for a variety of factors, including Bone Morphogenic Protein
2 (BMP-2), Transforming Growth Factors β3 & β1 (TGF-β3, TGF-β1), Connective Tissue
Growth Factor (CTGF), and aggrecan. These factors are consistent with cell in-growth,
scarless tissue repair, extracellular matrix turnover and rapid, sustained vasculogenesis.

TR Matrix™ results in fetal-like wound repair, characterized by less fibrosis and contraction.
The scaffold has been shown to alter the type of extracellular matrix produced; from a
highly cross-linked, dense structure normally found in healed adult wounds to a more
open reticular structure found in healed fetal wounds. Treated wounds have cells with
“mesenchymoid” morphology with fewer differentiated myofibroblasts than typically seen
in adult wounds, an effect consistent with fetal-like repair.

Key Orthopedic Attributes:

• Osteopromotive: Accelerates bone repair and osteogenesis
• Multi-Tissue Compatibility: Can be used in a variety of hard and soft tissues
• Non-Immunogenic: Designed for optimal tissue integration and acceptance
• Shelf-Stable: Safely utilized up to 1 year without refrigeration
• Cost-Effective: Allows use without limiting case selection
• Drug/Growth Factor Free: Optimizes performance by stimulating physiologic repair

Stainless Mixing Bowl Part Number: TRB

This stainless steel, autoclavable mixing bowl is perfect for transferring and mixing
TR Matrix™ for clinical application. Used in conjunction with a sterile spatula or similar
instrument, this inexpensive bowl speeds and simplifies TR Matrix™ application.

TRMatrix™ Spatula Part Number: TRS

This stainless steel, autoclavable spatula is perfect for mixing after rehydration of
TR Matrix™ lyophilized powder. The flexible blade provides for uniform mixing and
maximum product removal from mixing bowl. The knurled handle supplies a secure-grip
surface. Approximately 160mm overall length.

Please Specify Part Numbers When Ordering 1

2.7mm Toggle Pin
This new toggle pin size has been requested by surgeons having success with the
toggle pin method of coxofemoral luxation repair. Being smaller than the current IMEX™
toggle pins (3.2mm and 4.0mm diameters), the toggle pin method can now be readily
performed in smaller patients. Approximately 10mm in length with a 1.1mm cross hole.
Implant quality 316LVM stainless steel.

Part No. Diameter Length Cross-hole

NEW 55027 2.7mm 10mm 1.1mm
55032 3.2mm 14mm 1.1mm
55040 4.0mm 18mm 1.9mm

1.6mm and 2.0mm Drill Guides for Universal Aiming Device

Due to the large number of interchangeable drill guides available, the IMEX™ Universal
Aiming Device is proving popular for a variety of veterinary orthopedic surgeries. Uses
to date include: toggle pinning of hip luxations, lag screw repair of condylar fractures,
placement of ESF pins, lag screw repair of femoral neck fractures, and placement of
calcaneo-tibial screws to support repair of Achilles tendon injuries. Customers have
requested two new drill sleeve sizes that are now available: 1.6mm and 2.0mm. These
new diameters provide for optimal support of 1.5mm and 2.0mm drill bits, expanding
the aiming device’s use to include smaller plating and ESF hardware, smaller drill bit
support when performing the toggle pin method of hip luxation in small patients, and
can be helpful with the tightrope and similar stifle surgery procedures. In addition, the
1.6mm drill guide is very useful for placing 1.6mm K-wires as guide wires or precision
placed implants. (Please see pages 62-64 of the 2008 Catalog for a complete listing of
coxofemoral luxation components)

Part Drill Bit Part Drill Bit

Number Diameter Number Diameter
NEW 50016 1.6mm 50035 3.5mm/3.2mm
NEW 50020 2.0mm 50039 3.9mm
50023 2.3mm/2.0mm 50045 4.5mm
50025 2.5mm 50016D 1.6mm X 2 holes
50031 3.1mm Universal Aiming Device

2 1-800-828-4639 •
Miniature CENTERFACE™ Fixation Full-pins
These long awaited additions to our miniature ESF pin line represent the
worlds smallest centrally threaded, positive-profile external fixation pins.
Mini CENTERFACE™ fixation full-pins are available in shank sizes of 0.035”,
0.045” and 0.062” and are compatible with Mini SK™ ESF clamps. Most
commonly used with acrylic fixators on toy breeds, kittens, avian patients
and small exotic pets. A single trocar point is included to clearly identify the
lead-end of the pin and simplify application.

Part Recommended Shank Thread Thread Total

No. Drill Bit Size* Diameter Diameter Length Length Pins/Pack
02035 – 0.035” (0.9mm) 0.045” 11mm 75mm 6
02045 1.0mm or 1.1mm 0.045” (1.2mm) 0.055” 12mm 75mm 6
02062 1.5mm 0.062” (1.6mm) 0.072” 12mm 75mm 6
* Drill bit recommendations are based on availability of drill bits in these sizes. Referenced drill bits are standard sizes available from human
orthopedic companies. A K-wire or drill bit one size smaller than the pin’s shank size can also be utilized for pre-drilling.

1.3mm Stopper Wire

This 1.3mm stopper wire diameter falls between the current 1.0mm (mini) and 1.6mm
(standard) stopper wire diameters; providing the surgeon an opportunity to customize
wire size to the demands of the case. Useful in both hybrid ESF and CESF frames.
Implant quality 316LVM stainless steel.

Part No. Diameter Length

4.40002 1.0mm 125mm
NEW 2.40003 1.3mm 165mm
2.40002 1.6mm 200mm

Multi-Purpose Orthopedic Washers

Originally designed for use with IMEX™ trans-ilial rods and nuts, multi-purpose orthopedic
washers can also be used with standard bone screws. When using trans-ilial rods to
augment repair of sacro-iliac luxations or pelvic fractures, these washers are designed
for placement between the bone and trans-ilial nut to increase surface area; preventing
compression into soft bone. Implant quality 316LVM stainless steel.

Part Washer Trans-Ilial Rod Bone Screw Washer fits securely

Number Size Diameter Size between the trans-ilial
nut and bone
57232 9mm 3.2mm 2.7mm
57240 10mm 4.0mm 3.5mm
57247 11mm 4.7mm 4.5mm

Please Specify Part Numbers When Ordering 3

09 Catalog
Catalog Supplement
price list
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