No. 3.322

Competence of Dynamic Positioning Ope ato s !DPO"
OCTO#ER 2$%3

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DNV is a g&o'a& p o(i)e of *no+&e)ge fo managing is*. To)ay, safe an) esponsi'&e '-siness con)-ct is 'ot. a &icense to ope ate an) a competiti(e a)(antage. O- co e competence is to i)entify, assess, an) a)(ise on is* management. F om o- &ea)ing position in ce tification, c&assification, (e ification, an) t aining, +e )e(e&op an) app&y stan)a )s an) 'est p actices. .e&ps o- c-stome s safe&y an) esponsi'&y imp o(e t.ei '-siness pe fo mance. DNV is an in)epen)ent o ganisation +it. )e)icate) is* p ofessiona&s in mo e %$$ co-nt ies, +it. t.e p- pose of safeg-a )ing &ife, p ope ty an) t.e en(i onment. Standards for Certification Stan)a )s fo Ce tification !p e(io-s&y Ce tification Notes" a e p-'&ications contain p incip&es, acceptance c ite ia an) p actica& info mation e&ate) to t.e Society/s consi)e ation of o'0ects, pe sonne&, o ganisations, se (ices an) ope ations. Stan)a )s fo Ce tification a&so app&y as t.e 'asis fo t.e iss-e of ce tificates an)1o )ec&a ations may not necessa i&y 'e e&ate) to c&assification.

2 Det No s*e Ve itas AS Octo'e 2$%3 Any comments may 'e sent 'y e3mai& to

This service document has been prepared based on available knowledge, technology and/or information at the time of issuance of this document, and is believed to reflect the best of contemporary technology. The use of this document by others than DNV is at the user's sole risk. DNV does not accept any liability or responsibility for loss or damages resulting from any use of this document.

Ap i& 2$%3.anges in )oc-ment s-pe se)es Stan)a ) fo Ce tification No. e)ito ia& co ections may . DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .322.< .te) in e) co&o. %ctober $&'# !()N*+ .apte .ig.e c. /age # CHANGES – CURRENT General T.#$$.anges. !-.: an) 9..+NT .anges in(o&(e a +. #.o&e c.2. section o s-'3section.a(e 'een emo(e) an) 3. if t.a(e 'een ma)e. 3.e tit&e +i&& 'e in e) co& 'een en-m'e e) to 3.&ig.e a'o(e state) main c. Editorial Corrections In a))ition to t.:.e main c. .2. Te4t affecte) 'y t. no ma&&y on&y t..tandard for !ertification " No. Main Changes Sec!" Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents 6 Ta'&e 3337 8ines e)ition is .2. 5o+e(e .

23 DET NORSKE VERITAS AS ........ #.................................... (ntrod&ction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) Sco$e !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) +rofessional $rofile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) Re%&ired +erfor#ance Standard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) General!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / 0e1els of Cognition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / +rofessional 2eha1io&r 1er2s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / General!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 Str&ct&re !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 4rief descri$tions of the 1ario&s D+5Modes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 Ta2le "5'7 General 5 All Notations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 Ta2le "5*7 A&to +ositioning 5 9o...........................................ane Mode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '/ Ta2le "5)7 Follo< Target Mode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '3 Ta2le "5/7 A&to Trac: Mode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '6 Ta2le "537 S&2#erged T&rret Modes >ST0? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '8 Ta2le "567 +osition Mooring >+os#oor @ ATA? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *' * Ta-ono#..... !ontents ........ 3 ' (ntrod&ction !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) '!' '!* '!" '!.......... References !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ** C5AN=ES > 5ISTORIC .... /age 0 CONTENTS C5AN=ES > C?RRENT ....tandard for !ertification " No......stic: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '........................... "!) "!/ "!3 "!6 "!8 "!'= "!'' .........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / *!' *!* *!" " Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 "!' "!* "!" "!....................... Ta2le "5"7 D+ A$$roach Mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ') Ta2le "5....................#$$...........7 Weather ...........

e e) to +.ity (-&ne a'i&ity as +e&& as f om a &egis&ati(e an) eg-&ato y point of ( a competence fo-n)ation.e DPO s.osti&e en(i onment an) in c. '!" +rofessional $rofile T.o+ +e&& )-ties an) tas*s s.o-t ca-sing )amage to &ife. T. T. If t.e systems 1 mo)es t.o a e to )e(e&op co. /age 2 ' (ntrod&ction '!' (ntrod&ction .2B St -ct. a e 'ase) on t.e) -n)e A3.a&& 'e ope ate) safe&y +it.e in)-st y. Ot.e p e(io-s (e sion of t.en ope ating -n)e DP as +e&& as man-a&&y in case of DP fai&. '!* Sco$e T.e DPO m-st 'e a STCC D-a&ifie) )ec* office .e impact of ope ating -n)e DP on e.o-&) 'e s-spen)e) an) ta*e imme)iate action if eD-i e). '!.e DPO )emonst ates t. F.e (esse&Es management systems an) ope ations an) consi)e s t.e e(ise) stan)a ) int o)-ces DP Notations.e (esse&Es integ ity an) safety +.e app&ica'&e Notation!s". T.e e app&ica'&e an) t.e DP Ope ations can commence. 'eing a STCC3 D-a&ifie) )ec* office is consi)e e) 'est p actice an) st ong&y ecommen)e).e. -sing t. sec.e -se of com'inations of DP3systems 1 mo)es fo specific ope scope an) competencies e&ate) to t. T.e.e stan)a ) aims to co(e t. DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .tandard for !ertification " No. t a)e o acti(ity. T.e stan)a ) aims to p o(i)e g-i)ance fo esta'&is.g. 6 As a efe ence fo g&o'a& competence an) )efining t aining eD-i ements.i&e t. foc-sing on Station*eeping. 6 As a efe ence )oc-ment fo e.e fo&&o+ing +ays7 6 As a efe ence to fami&ia ise o assess peop&e in t.e e&e(ant ope ating a ea an) as eD-i e) 'y # i)ging Doc-ments. en(i onment o p ope ty.e DPO )emonst ates a .a&& 'e a).e )etai&s ega )ing app&y to acco )ing to t.e stan)a ) i)entifies a s-ggeste) minim-m &e(e& of *no+&e)ge an) s*i&&s fo Dynamic Positioning Ope ato s.e t.e stan)a ) an) nee)s of t.e is f-&&y an) ope ationa& inst -ctions in t. T.e pe fo mance stan)a ) )esc i'es . to 'e s-pp&emente) 'y e.a&& ope ate t. ce tification of pe sonne&. #. Cinc. 6 As a g-i)e to t aining p o(i)e s.e eg-&ations s.e o&e of ' i)ge +atc.g.e most impo tant competencies fo DPOs fo (a io-s types of (esse&. a&& e&e(ant inte nationa&. nationa& an) &oca& eg-&ations an) eD-i ements. Notation Co)e A@1S !A-topos 1 @oystic*" co espon)s +it.o&istic (ie+ of t. +. app&ica'&e epo ting p oce).e (esse& ca ies o-t an assigne) ope ation. esponsi'&e fo maintaining t.e tas*s pe fo me) 'y a Dynamic Positioning Ope ato !DPO" on 'oa ) (esse&s. +.e eD-i ements of t. in comp&iance +it.g. ec. Ope ato o Dec* Responsi'&e. 0-)ge +.e DPO is esponsi'&e fo t.e (a io-s Notations a e capt.e DPO is pa t of a ' i)ge3team an) ope ates a&ongsi)e a na(igationa& office at a&& times. t.#$$.*eeping office .e (esse& s. Re%&ired +erfor#ance Standard T.e con)itions.' 1ntroduction . contin-e o s. ope ationa& 1 s-pp&ie man-a&s an) system specific )etai&s.e DP cont o& systems of t.t.o-&) 'e pe fo me).ic. -sing (a io-s DP3mo)es an) systems.e stan)a ). If t.anging stan)a ) can 'e -se) in t.e (esse& +o *ing in a possi'&y . t.e stan)a ) aims to i)entify a 'ase set of competencies fo Dynamic Positioning Ope ato s.e (esse&/s position o *eeping it on t ac* +. It inten)s to capt.

Inst -ct. E4pe iment. S-mma ise. Inspect. 8ocate. *!* 0e1els of Cognition Eac. Kno+. Recognise. +it. S. De'ate. E(a&-ate. I)entify. P epa e. Re(ie+. Inc&-)e. /age 4 * Ta-ono#. Att i'-te. S. p e(io-s&y &ea ne) info mation. Defen). Ope ate. To c eati(e&y app&y p io *no+&e)ge an) s*i&&s to p o)-ce a ne+ o o igina& +. Compa e.o-&) 'e a'&e to ope ate. Heas. Deconst -ct.e. Integ ate. Fo m-&ate.specifies t. es-&ting in an en) p o)-ct. =i(e main i)ea. Rea).. 0e1el . 'ase) on inst -ctiona& )esign p incip&es. Detect. Sco e. I&&-st ate.e eD-i e) p ofessiona& 'e. Reco ).o&e. Resea c. Level of cognition Ano<ledge >A? Relevant action verbs C.. I-ote. Estimate. Te&& +. Inte p et. C iticise. Hemo ise. of +. Repo t.e ta'&e 'e&o+ a e not e4. E4t act.oose. So&(e.ica& a angement.. I-estion. =i(e e4amp&es of. Sift. P io itise. Assess. ma*ing infe ences. Conc&-)e.(ey. O-t&ine.e (a&-e of mate ia& 'ase) on pe sona& (a&-es o opinions. T ans&ate.$ Ta3onomy . to e4amine s-c. Deci) t. Ca&c-&ate. O'se (e. it is a p e eD-isite t. a gi(en p. P&an. ?n)e &ine. Ret ie(e. Inte p et.a(io. Re(ie+. Ran*. ase. Rete&&. Demonst ate. To -se p e(io-s&y acD-i e) info mation in ne+ an) conc ete sit-ations to so&(e p o'&ems t. an) o fin)ing e(i)ence to s-ppo t gene a&iGations. A ange.7 (ntegration >(? *!" +rofessional 2eha1io&r 1er2s T. Restate. Infe . 0e1el '7 Ano<ledge >A? 0e1el *7 Understanding >U? 0e1el "7 A$$lication >A? To emem'e o to ep o)-ce on 'asis of app op iate. info mation to )e(e&op )i(e gent conc&-sions 'y i)entifying moti(es o ca-ses. State. Inte (ie+. Design. Desc i'e.a(e sing&e o 'est ans+e s. E4p&ain. competence eD-i ement can 'e c&asse) 'y a pe son . D amatise. Infe .o+. To sepa ate info mation into t. E4. Dissect. Co&&ect. To gi(e e(i)ence of insig. Cite. Disting-is.a(io. Recite.e competence eD-i ement. Reo ganise.e eD-i e) p ofessiona& 'e. Const -ct. Hanip-&ate. E4amine.. To 0-)ge t.esise. ?se Ana&yse. Re0ect. C ite Acco-nt fo . App aise. O'tain.oose.e.o-t ea& ig. I)entify. Re&ate. To gi(e meaning to ne+ sit-ations an) o ne+ mate ia& 'y eco&&ection an) -sing necessa y p esent info mation. 8isten. @-)ge. O-t&ine. Define. Compa e.a-sti(e an) s. Diffe entiate. De)-ce. Reca&&. Recognise. Fo e(e y ne4t &e(e&. Comp-te. D . @-stify. Dete mine. P e)ict.o-&) 'e -se) as g-i)ance on&y. =i(e e4amp&e. Va&i)ate. Inte p et. SeD-ence. 5ypot.t in ce tain acti(ities. #. Re(ise. Com'ine. C itiD-e. C&assify. P actice.i'it.e pe son s. Se&ect.. Re&ate. C. Recommen). Fin). Va&-e Understanding >U? A$$lication >A? (ntegration >(? DET NORSKE VERITAS AS . Paint. SeD-ence. = to maste f om simp&e to comp&e4 eD-i ements. C. in fo. T. Ca&c-&ate.tandard for !ertification " No.ange. 8ist. +it. E4ec-te. O )e . ec. T ans&ate A)apt. De(e&op. S. S*etc. Repeat. Honito .#$$. Disc-ss. InD-i e. In)icate..ic. App&y. P o'e. Cont ast. Annotate. O*.e &e(e& on +. A ange.!F" &e(e&s. Desc i'e. t. Disc iminate. Diag am. Imp&ement. Sepa ate. St -ct.pose. Se&ect. Rep o)-ce. In(estigate. Disting-is. Associate. Pa ap. Test.t o + ong ans+e s.y. Ha* e4p esse) 'y means of a (e '.ie a c. *!' General Ta4onomy of t. So t. C. = o-p. Ca y o-t. A g-e. 8a'e&.o+.e &ists of (e 's in t. Name. It is a .e &e(e& of cognition eD-i e) to meet t.ei component pa ts. Rate. E4emp&ify. Fin). Hatc.e p ece)ing &e(e& is maste e). Resea c. Catego ise. O-t&ine.

@oystic* Station*eeping7 S-pp&y. Ta'&e 33%7 =ene a& Competence ReD-i ements > App&ica'&e to a&& notations Ta'&e 3327 A))itiona& Competence ReD-i ements A-to positioning 1 @oystic* mo)e !Station*eeping" Ta'&e 3337 A))itiona& Competence ReD-i ements App oac. D i&&ing.tandard for !ertification " No.e s-'3)i(i)e) into tas* o s-'0ect g o-ps.e )e i(ation of assessment c ite ia an) t.ysica& s*i&&s. competence eD-i ement is )e i(e) f om a tas* t. Posmoo . Tan) nee)s to 'e pe fo me) at some stage in t.e (ane DS8" A9@FT5AT A-topos. Accommo)ation.o-t t.e ta'&e 'e&o+7 Notation Codes Notation Code A9@S Co#$etent in the &se of E-a#$les of o$erations the follo<ing D+5s.e competence.o e 8oa)ing7 S.e same time it faci&itates t. Rise management . T. 33:.e Notation st -ct. mo)e. Pipe &aying. @oystic*. "!* Str&ct&re T.e assessments to meas. Roc* )-mping S-'me ge) T.e) in Ta'&es 333. P o)-ction Rig7 ?se of DP +. o-g.eo etica& *no+&e) .e type of assessment eD-i e) to meas. At inte&&ect-a& an) p. Pe fo mance nee)s to 'e assesse) an) t. D e)ging. ST838oa)ing A9@+OS A-topos. SA8.e (ane mo)e Ta'&e 33:7 A))itiona& Competence ReD-i ements Fo&&o+ Ta get mo)e Ta'&e 33.7 A))itiona& Competence ReD-i ements A-to T ac* mo)e Ta'&e 33<7 A))itiona& Competence ReD-i ements S-'me ge) T.o . Ca'&e &aying. A))itiona& competencies a e eD-i e) fo t. 33< an) 339 an) a e A))3ons fo DPOs in(o&(e) in specific DP3ope ations.-tt&e tan*e s DP3App oac. > A-to T ac* Ho)e Ta'&e 33% > =ene a& Ta'&e 332 > A-topos1@oystic* Ta'&e 333 > DP App oac.o .e eD-i ements of t.e DP3 ope ation. A-topos.t. Ce&& se (ice. @oystic*.et 8oa)ing Ope ations D i&&ing Rig. ec.e efo e an integ a& pa t of eac. a e f. DP3App oac.e an) e&ate) Ta'&es of Competence a e i&&-st ate) in mo)es !ST8" Ta'&e 3397 A))itiona& Competence ReD-i ements Position Hoo ing !Posmoo " Ta'&es 33% an) 332 contain gene a& competencies an) competencies e&ate) to Station*eeping.e stan)a ) contains 9 Competence Ta'&es. mo)e Ta'&e 33F7 A))itiona& Competence ReD-i ements Ceat. C -ise. 33F.e5uirements . Ho)e Ta'&e 33< > ST8 Ta'&e 33% > =ene a& Ta'&e 332 > A-topos1@oystic* Ta'&e 339 > Position Hoo ing 1 ATA A9@D+A5ST0 A-topos. Ta'&es 33% an) 332 a e consi)e e) f-n)amenta& '-i&)ing '&oc*s fo eac.e in)i(i)-a& competencies. Ho)e Ta'&e 33F > Ceat. Ceat. Anc. Notation. #.e competence eD-i ements a e g o-pe) into f-nctiona& )omains t. FS8. ST83Connect. Stan)' ) i&&ing 1 p o)-ction ope ations DET NORSKE VERITAS AS A$$lica2le Co#$etence Ta2les Ta'&e 33% > =ene a& Ta'&e 332 > A-topos1@oystic* Ta'&e 33% > =ene a& Ta'&e 332 > A-topos1@oystic* Ta'&e 333 > DP App oac. Di(ing A9@D+A5W.e efo e )efine) t. !SPH. mo)e.# !ompetence . competence eD-i ement is a&&ocate) a &e(e& of cognition t.e competence eD-i ements fo DP ope ations eD-i e can 'e -se) to )ete mine t. T enc.ese a e capt. @oystic*.e competence. @oystic*. Eac. T.i&e anc.#$$. /age 6 " Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents "!' General Eac. T. DPO an) a e t. A-to T ac* ROV ope ations. to 'e )one to satisfy t.e (a io-s Notations.ste#s A-topos. Fo&&o+ Ta get. 33 .e Vane Ta'&e 33% > =ene a& Ta'&e 332 > A-topos1@oystic* Ta'&e 33: > Fo&&o+ Ta get Ho)e Ta'&e 33.e competence eD-i ement is state) in o'0ecti(e fo mat to c&ea &y )efine +. 8ifting ope ations.. E4amp&es a e gi(en fo t. T. T.e sepa ate competence ta'&es.o e) an) ). Const -ction.

#.#$$.e set point a)i-s.e &oa)ing '-oy. /age 7 "!" 4rief descri$tions of the 1ario&s D+5Modes uto positioning ! "oystic# T. a (esse& m-st emain in a )efine) position a&&o+ing specific ope ations !see e4amp&es in Notation Co)es a'o(e" to 'e ca ie) o-t.o ity. in +.en t.e &oa)ing point Ceat. )osition $ooring *)osmoor+ Posmoo is a specia& ope ationa& mo)e -se) 'y Ho'i&e Offs. T enc.e ope ations +.e (esse&s . )e&i(e y an) s. DET NORSKE VERITAS AS . A HOD? may .e No +egian Ha itime A-t.en a (esse& is at an app op iate position f om t.e Vaning p incip&es a e -se) to cont o& t.-tt&e Tan*e s.o e Vesse&s eD-ippe) to pe fo m specia& ope ations s-c.e (esse& is a&&o+e) to otate on t.e Ceat. -ste Assist !ATA" o T.ea)ing an) position.g.ip ope ations. is a)) esse) sepa ate&y in Ta'&e 333.ic.tandard for !ertification " No. T.e (esse& .e (esse& +i&& maintain a . Pipe 8aying o Roc* D-mping an) in ot. -ste Assiste) Hoo ing !TAH". Ceat.e station*eeping acti(ities. uto Trac# T. NHD3Reg-&ations %$ @-&y 2$$J conce ning positioning an) anc. P&o-g. C.o e -nits an) DNV3OS3E3$% Position Hoo ing.e A-to T ac* mo)e ma*es t. offs.e Fo&&o+ Ta get mo)e ena'&es t.-tt&e Tan*e s -sing s-'me ge) t.e (esse& at a gi(en )istance f om t.o ing systems on mo'i&e offs.o e Vesse&s pe fo ming specia& ope ations s-c. is pe fo me) in steps 'y a)0-sting a position +in)o+ e&ati(e to t.pose Offs. DP 3 as +e&& as Posmoo 1ATA acco )ing to eD-i ements f om t. -se) on m-&ti3 p.e +in) an) +a(e fo ces Ope ating an In)epen)ent @oystic* System is a&so consi)e e) pa t of t.ic.e (esse& to a-tomatica&&y fo&&o+ a mo(ing ta get an) *eeps t. In t.ets as connecto s.ea) eac. T.e app oac. T.e (esse&s position an) . an) t.e e is a nee) to fo&&o+ a p e3p&anne) t ac*.-tt&e Tan*e s.ip to s. 'ollow Target Fo&&o+ Ta get mo)e is -se) on m-&ti3 p. T.e Vane mo)e is se&ecte).e App oac.e Vane mo)e is a specia& mo)e -se) in connection +it.e e t.e efe ence point of t. Ho)e. offs.e App oac. as Ca'&e 8aying. T.e fo-n)ation fo Dynamic Positioning.# !ompetence . pproach $ode T.e App oac. C.e mo(ing ta an) ).o e &oa)ing of S.anges. mo)e is a specia& mo)e -se) in connection +it.pose Offs.o e &oa)ing of S. is ca ie) o-t -sing DP App oac. mo)e can 'e se&ecte).e set point ci c&e in a system se&ecte) .e DPO fo-n)ation. as ROV s-ppo t.a(e C&ass notation fo 'ot.e A-to positioning mo)e is -se) fo t.e5uirements .e (aning p incip&e is -se) to cont o& t.e) a specifie) )istance f om t. T.e &oa)ing point.ea)ing to+a )s t.e A-to T ac* mo)e is e.o e D i&&ing ?nits !HOD?s" gene a&&y efe e) to as A-tomatic T. is t.e Vane mo)e +i&& *eep t.o e &oa)ing of S. Ho)e t. s-pp&y. T.e (esse& +it. ec.e +eat.ea)ing as t.e &oa)ing '-oy App oac. %eather &ane Ceat.e (esse& fo&&o+ a specifie) t ac* )efine) 'y a set of +aypoints (ubmerged Turret $odes ST8 Connect an) ST8 8oa)ing a e specia& mo)es -se) in connection +it.

INS" E4p&ain t.e +o *ing p incip&e an) ann-a& t ia&s E4p&ain t.a& ecommen)ations E4p&ain t.e DP system %.e DP3cont o& system -ses PRS inp-ts E4p&ain . t.9 Recognise DP3 e&ate) (esse& systems an) tec. main cont o& t. Ta-t+i e.F ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A A DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .% Desc i'e t.e position efe ence systemsE o&e in t.ste#s >+RS? 5 General E4p&ain t.F.e (a io-s gain settings !&o+.e DP !OS 1 Cont o&&e " comp-te s +.en a&ongsi)e mo(ing o'0ects E4p&ain +.e -se an) impact of t.e (esse& Demonst ate t.2 %.% %. ec.F.e possi'&e inf&-ence of a (esse&Es spee) +. for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .F.J Desc i'e p op-&sion.e -se of t.e (esse&Es capa'i&ity Demonst ate ..%.en ca&i' ating a PRS an) p efe ence of a (esse& 'eing stationa y !system specific" E4p&ain +.e DP may 'e ema *a'&y )iffe ent f om ea& sea c.e o&e of cont o& e&ements in a DP System E4p&ain t.e DP System %.g.% %.%.% %. shows the -.#$$. A temis.3 Desc i'e t. RADi-s. D-ic* mo)e&.:.ent 1 sea fo ce E4p&ain t.# !ompetence .e ope ation met. %.e potentia& is*s 'y -sing e&ati(e an) a'so&-te PRS sim-&taneo-s&y +. %. eme gency stee ing" %.3. Fan'eam.e DP System %.e t aining f-nctiona&ity in t.3 %.entE o Msea fo ceE in)icate) on t.F.3 %.en to ena'&e a))itiona& position efe ence systems D+ Co#$&ters E4p&ain +.%. #.% %.e .e DP System %.ea)ing senso s !gy o" E4p&ain t.%. 2 an) 3 !PRS.en DP comp-te s s.9 %.e po+e gene ation e&ementsE o&e in t.pose of .%.2.ste#s @ Ele#ents @ Co#$onents %.2 %.e DP System %." %.%.e +o *ing p incip&e an) p.%.ig.pose of ot.e5uirements .3 %.i&e emaining in cont o& of +ositioning E +osition Reference S.e (a io-s systems -se) !e. -ste s.< %.y Msea c.e e4p ession K'-i&)ing t. Notations" D.e DP3system on 'oa ) !if app&ica'&e" ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I ? ? '!" %.%2 I)entify t.3. .: %.%.)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition D+ SBSTEMSC EDU(+MENT E (NSTRUMENTS '!' S.g.e) to+a )s t.o+ to eset t. /age 8 "!. gene ato s.F Desc i'e t.e senso s -se) ! ef.F.y) o aco-stic systems.e impo tance of t.: Desc i'e t.e e)-n)ancy eD-i ements fo IHO DP C&ass %.3.%.tandard for !ertification " No.%3 Desc i'e +.pose of Ve tica& Refe ence Senso s !VRS" 1 Hotion Refe ence ?nit !HR?" E4p&ain t.e )iffe ent systems t.%.e (esse&Es FHEA )oc-ment an) t. 'ac*-p DP.%% '!) %.F.< Desc i'e t.J %.e DP System %.%. Ra)aScan.e t.e +o *ing p incip&e an) p.F. Desc i'e t.ea)ing efe ence systemsE o&e in t.en to -se t.e t.:.3.e ann-a& t ia&s epo t fo p&anning eme gency ) i&&s Sensors >General? E4p&ain t.F.2 %.e -se an) impact of t.e +o *ing p incip&e an) p.%.F %.nica& eD-ipment %. in)epen)ent 0oystic*. -ste cont o& systems '!* %.2 Desc i'e t.e DP3mo)e& is +eig.e imp&ications of i)entifie) FHEA Desc i'e tests ca ie) o-t ).2. man-a& &e(e s.o+ t.o+ t.e effect of esetting an OS comp-te an) a cont o&&e comp-te on t. -ste s an) -))e types -se) 'y DP systems %.e po+e management systemsE o&e in t. Ta2le "5'7 General 5 All Notations Ta2le "5' Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents – General All Notations Column .e )iffe ent t.e (a io-s acce&e ation an) )ece&e ation facto s E4p&ain t.%$ E4p&ain t.en to -se it E4p&ain .F.%% Desc i'e t.g. a-topi&ot. Cyscan.o-&) 'e eset acco )ing to (en)o an)1o p oce).F.o) an) &imitations of t. etc." E4p&ain t.:.3 Fail&re Modes and Effects Anal.%$ %. t. fast &ea n" an) +.2 %.F '!.e )iffe ent coo )inate systems -se) in DP3ope ations %. me)i-m. -ste s !e. sate&&ite3'ase) PRS. . -ste an) p op-&sion systemsE o&e in t.:.e en(i onment efe ence system e&ementsE o&e in t.e gain mo)e& f-nction !e.pose of +in) senso s E4p&ain t.e mo)e&L an) its o&e in )ynamic positioning E4p&ain t.2.e PRS in -se E4p&ain t..

.9.e +atc.#$$.: Ve ify act-a&ity of -p)ates 1 -pg a)es of t.tandard for !ertification " No.e impo tance of minimising )ist actions fo t.: Comp&y* an) confi m .e DP3system '!/ %.e ' i)ge team. ope ation an) impact of ope ating -n)e DP %.e (esse& %.e +atc.2 %.o ity an) )ist i'-tion of tas*s amongst t.3 Re(ie+ e4isting Ris* Assessments fo a p&anne) DP ope ation %.9 Recognise sit-ations in +.e DP in)-st y ORGAN(SAT(ON E COMMUN(CAT(ON '!3 4ridge Watch:ee$ing an) ope ationa& inst -ctions in t. for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .2 Comm-nicate app oac.e e to fin) t.. P o(i)e an -p)ate on*&ist Ve ify (esse&Es position o mo(ement an) stat-s Inte p et a&& necessa y info mation of (esse& an) ope ation Dete mine t.e impo tance of Ris* Assessment %.e safe ope ation of t. app&ica'&e epo ting p oce). +.e DPO.e +atc..e ongoing ope ation an) p&anne) ope ationa& acti(ities Ta*ing o(e Re(ie+ a . C.e DP3ope ation ).3 %. insta&&ation.<.# !ompetence .ing t.J.)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition %.e impo tance of maintaining pe sona& DP E4pe ience 8og #oo*s State +.e impo tance of *eeping )etai&e) (esse& &og 'oo*s )oc-menting a&& aspects of DP Ope ations E4p&ain t.J.% Desc i'e t.<.e DPO %.% Change of D+ Watch 5an)ing o(e P epa e a . +o * site cont o&.3 Desc i'e t.e) fo t. VTS on iss-es impo tant fo t.%$.e DP system an) any )e(e&oping eme gency sit-ations %.9.e (esse& -n)e DP %.e ' i)ge +atc. ' i)ge team.i ) pa ties %.J '!8 %.en .: %.J. -n)e DP %. shows the -.e impo tance of an e4te na& foc-s +. /age '& Ta2le "5' Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents – General All Notations >Contin&ed? Column .: Recognise t.<. Demonst ate a contin-o-s a+a eness of t. po t cont o&.e pa ties on 'oa ) !if app&ica'&e" in s-fficient time 'efo e a i(ing o )epa ting t.9.%$.e +o * site %.<.<.e impo tance of Safe @o' Ana&yses %.nica& eD-ipment Inte p et (esse&Es DP ope ations man-a& an) t aining man-a&s E4p&ain t..e (esse&Es stat-s.<.2 Desc i'e t.3 %.F E4p&ain t.< %.9. 1 ope ationa& p&an +it.%$..g.% %.% %.ences +.e o'0ects %. may . %..< Recognise t. ec.9.9. engine cont o& oom an) ot.en -n)e DP %. c.isto y &og of DP3eD-ipment settings Ta*e o(e 1 .e (esse&.<. #.<. in a fo ma& an) c&ea manne I I I ? ? K ? ? ? K ? A ? ? A A ? A A I I I I A Co##&nication and Re$orting O'tain info mation an) c&ea ance f om o(e t.ic.:.: Doc&#entation Inte p et e&e(ant info mation 1 )oc-mentation a'o-t DP3 e&ate) systems an) tec.e5uirements . -n)e DP*&ist T ansfe (esse&/s stat-s an) DP3)etai&s +.J 8og DP3 e&ate) inci)ents '!6 %.9.F Kno+ +.e esponsi'&e pe son fo t.%$.F c.ic..e DP3stat-s an) ecent occ.*eeping o ganisation on 'oa ).F %.anges in efe ence systems o t.9. t..%$.. eg-&ations an) ecommen)ations p-'&is.2 Pe fo m a is* assessment %.2 %.e -p3to3)ate app&ica'&e -& c.ic.e ' i)ge %.% E4p&ain t.<.. to ca&& t.9 %..e ope ating a ea an) as eD-i e) 'y # i)ging Doc-ments SAFETB E R(SA REDUCT(ON '!'= Ris: Assess#ent %.e o&e.. ECR.. tas*s an) esponsi'i&ities of t. o(e DP3+atc.3 Info m a&& in(o&(e) c e+.J.e maste to t.F Info m an) -p)ate e&e(ant pa ties of stat-s of t.en cont o&&ing a (esse& c&ose to insta&&ations o ot.e o&e.J.a(e an effect on t. ' i)ge team mem'e is in comman) of t.9. tas*s an) esponsi'i&ities of t.: Re(ie+ e4isting Safe @o' Ana&yses epo ts A A A A A ? A ? ? ? DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .

e t. e.ic. ice. ec. -ste s".e DP ope ation '!'.3*&ists %. -ste a&&ocation fo a specific ope ation an) +eat. Inte p et +eat. specific*s Dete mine a MSafe PositionE an) minim-m )istances to sta'i&iGe t.% E(a&-ate t.e position3*eeping capa'i&ity of t.%3.2 ?se a DP Capa'i&ity P&ot to )ete mine if DP ope ation is possi'&e in p e(ai&ing con)itions %. po t cont o&..e impo tance of too&'o43meetings %. #..% %..e (esse& D+ O$erations Dete mine if a&& DP3 e&ate) (esse& systems an) tec.%3.2 %.%.J '!'3 %.e (esse& -n)e DP =ene ate a DP Footp int P&ot fo t.e p&anne) DP ope ation +it.%3.F %.e mo(ement of f&oating insta&&ations +. efe ence to t.%F.%%.%3. ti)es.%:.e (esse&Es DP c&ass Dete mine if 'ot.ea)ing %.%3.e facto s affecting it Assess t.3 (ncident Re$orting Repo t DP inci)ents in acco )ance +it.%3.ic.% %.e con)itions Ens.e (esse&Es ope ation man-a& Ca y o-t a ) ift3t ia& Test (esse&Es manoe-( ing capa'i&ity ).9 Ana&yse e4te na& fo ces +.e (esse&Es c&ass an) t.%$..e ope ation E4p&ain t.e DP Inci)ent Repo ting Systems Re(ie+ inci)ents 1 acci)ents 1 fai&.< Dete mine if t.%3.%3.%%.%%. pipe tension.e -se of DP Assess if t..3 App&y (esse& 1 c&ient specific p oce). t.%.J Dete mine a safe +o *ing .e e&e(ant DP3c&ass Meteorolog.%.en )ete mining a safe )istance to ca y o-t &ocation set-p c. inc&-)ing # i)ge 1Engine team an) DP System pe fo mance O+ERAT(ONS >GENERA0? '!'" +re$aration %.%<..%.%:..< %.%3.%F.e scope of t.en ope ating nea f&oating o'0ects as compa e) to fi4e) o'0ects %..# !ompetence .)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition of eD-ipment 1 pe sonne& pe fo mance ? A A ? A '!'* E1al&ation %.: E4p&ain t. t.%. %. insta&&ations. c&ose) an) open '-s'a 3setting a e app o(e) fo ope ating -n)e t. +ate 3)ept.2 %.2 %.e (esse& -n)e DP ?se co ect t. engines to -se ).e '-s'a 3setting to 'e -se) an) t..%. for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .%% Comp&ete a&& tas*s on t.g.e DP3c.nica& eD-ipment a e -p an) -nning I K I A ? ? I A I A I A ? I K A I I I ? A A A A A A A A I DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .#$$.e comp&ications.3 '!') %.e (esse& !e. company po&icy Desc i'e types of DP inci)ents t.e stan)ing o )e %.%:. may e)-ce t.9 %.%2 State app&ica'&e go 1 no go c ite ia fo t.g.e +o * &ocation !e.e5uirements .%3.e (esse& is on DP in acco )ance +it.e fo ecast Anticipate en(i onmenta& con)itions +.%.a&&enges an) )iffic-&ties +. E4p&ain t.ip 'et+een t.. ta*ing into acco-nt com'ine) mo(ement +.% 4&s2ar5settings Dete mine optim-m '-s3tie ' ea*e 3setting an) +.%2.% %.: %.% %..%.e en(i onmenta& con)itions a e s-ita'&e fo DP3ope ations D+ Set&$ Desc i'e MSafe PositionE an) t.%F.e e&ations.%. /age '' Ta2le "5' Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents – General All Notations >Contin&ed? Column .e DP ope ation may 'e epo te) into t.3 '!'/ %. Inte p et info mation a'o-t t.%3.%$. insta&&ation..tandard for !ertification " No. t.% Re(ie+ t.e con)itions Sta'i&iGe t. %. c. s-'sea o'st -ctions" %. VTS %.e +o *ing position is accepta'&e an) in acco )ance +it.ic.g.en ope ating a&ongsi)e an o'0ect %.< Con)-ct a too&'o43meeting '!'' %. may &imit t. %.F Disc-ss +o *ing position +it.e DP Ope ation..%$ Dete mine safe sepa ation )istances.2 p e(ai&ing +eat. shows the -.

%J.2$.3 %.%9.e DP c&ass %. %.%J. senso s an) signa& D-a&ity in anticipation of t.nica& eD-ipment %.: %.e o-te an) 'est (esse& .anges in t.g. for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .e o'st -ctions Han-a&&y stop t.#$$.3 Honito t.%9. f om DP mo)e to t.e systems -se) on 'oa ). ec.2$.. -st %.%J.2 E4p&ain t. 5iPAP if app&ica'&e" O$erating in Man&al #ode Desc i'e a)(antages1)isa)(antages of (a io-s types of main p op-&sion.e .% an) Notations" %.ic.e (esse& -n)e p e(ai&ing +eat.e integ ate) DP @oystic* an) t.ste# integrit.ent. etc.ea)ing fo )epa t.anges in )istance1.2$.e Recognise e4te na& )ange s p io to )epa t.3 E(a&-ate a(ai&a'i&ity of (a io-s PRS an) senso s !=y o. shows the -. t.2$.e possi'i&ity of fai&.e (esse& at a p e3)ete mine) position Dete mine t. may &imit o stop DP ope ations '!*' %.e D-a&ity of PRS3signa&s is s-fficient fo safe DP3ope ations -n)e ag ee) DP3c&ass %.ea)ing Honito mo(ement of t.9 S+itc.F %.%9.3 '!** %.% Nor#al co#$letion of a D+ o$eration I)entify safe )epa t.3 S+itc.3 %.2 Demonst ate t.ea)ing 'et+een o'0ect an) o+n (esse& !if app&ica'&e" En1iron#ental conditions Recognise c.: '!'8 %." %. c.%<.% +osition5:ee$ing Honito mo(ement of t.anges in en(i onmenta& con)itions ? ? A A A A A A A ? ? A A A ? DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .acy of t.2$.F %.ea)ings.e 'enefits of -sing in)epen)ent 0oystic* instea) of man-a& cont o& +. /age '$ Ta2le "5' Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents – General All Notations >Contin&ed? Column .2$.e in)epen)ent @oystic* to maintain position an)1o . inc&-)ing e&e(ant specia& f-nctions ! ef %.%<.2%.e DP3system %.2$.eig.%J.e DP ope ating pa amete s of contin-o-s ope ating po+e a e not e4cee)e) %.%J.e5uirements .ea)ing in a cont o&&e) an) safe manne %.% %.a ) +i e) in)epen)ent @oystic* System %. -))e s an) t.t an) s+e&& ).F Honito if t.2 Honito po+e o-tp-t an) t.%<.. 5PR.e ca-sing instant1(io&ent eaction f om main engines1t.: Ope ate t.o-t &osing cont o& of t.%J.tandard for !ertification " No. -ste s %. +a(e .e (esse& -n)e p e(ai&ing to DP cont o& !system specific" Test (esse&Es man-a& manoe-( ing capa'i&ity -n)e p e(ai&ing +eat.< '!*= %.: Set3-p t. Recognise tec. ta*ing co ecti(e ac3 tion as eD-i e)* ope ationa& a'i&ity an) acc.)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition %.%<.# !ompetence . VRS.2$.stic: S.e (esse& !a&ignment of &e(e s an) cont o&s" '!'6 %. -ste efficiency fo station3*eeping at )iffe ent .2 %.F.: Recognise DP3 e&ate) c. Cin)..e con)itions in a safe position Demonst ate man-a& manoe-( ing of t.ange position an)1o .e o'0ect 1 insta&&ation 1 ta get Honito 'y (a io-s means c. t.%<.2%.e (esse& an) c.e position an) .e Ret ie(e Position Refe ence System ED-ipment f om e.2%.2 %. t.en &osing a&& DP cont o& f-nctions %. -ste s +it.e in)epen)ent @oystic* System %. Dete mine if t.e f-n)amenta& )iffe ence 'et+een t.e in)epen)ent @oystic* to c.ste# E4p&ain t.% %.22.%J.2 %. #.%9.e nee) to stop t.F Ope ate t.ea)ing in a cont o&&e) an) safe manne COND(T(ON MON(TOR(NG '!*= man-a& manoe-( ing c&ose to insta&&ations o ot.nica& iss-es +.F E(a&-ate most app op iate PRS fo specific DP3ope ations %.e con)itions Demonst ate man-a& station3*eeping of t.anges in (esse& systems an) tec. ega ) to man-a& manoe-( ing Disc-ss specia& p eca-tions to 'e ta*en )-e to +in).% %.2$.2$.e con)itions A A A A I I A ? ? A A A ? ? A ? I A A (nde$endent 9o.e n-m'e of position efe ence systems eD-i e) in acco )ance +it.e insta&&ation o sea'e) !if app&ica'&e" Demonst ate mo(ing to a Ksafe positionL in app op iate steps Reco(e 1 et act )ep&oye) eD-ipment !fo +a ) aGim-t.%<.%9.2$. f om na(igation ' i)ge to DP ' i)ge an) (ice (e sa +it.% Honito position efe ence systems.e p ope -se of t.e (esse& comp&ete&y 'efo e s+itc.< C. ) afts an) t im. %.%<. -ste .

a(ing eD-ipment o )i(e s )ep&oye) DP3ope ations Ho(e t. shows the -.23.e p ope seD-ence of actions if co&&i)ing +it.23.23. /age '# Ta2le "5' Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents – General All Notations >Contin&ed? Column . nea 'y o'0ects o (esse&s ).3 Recognise inc ease) impo tance of sit-ationa& a+a eness +.22.2 Recognise +. afte a f-&& '&ac*o-t ).)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition %.e ope ation %. for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .2 I)entify t.%2 DP3ope ations Demonst ate t.% Desc i'e (esse&3 e&ate) con)itions +.e.e p ope seD-ence of actions.#$$.o-&) 'e se&ecte) afte a f-&& '&ac*o-t.2:.% %. in)icating con)itions +.i&e -n)e DP '!*) %.2F.ic.% Desc i'e t.e po+e to 'e esto e) %. inc&-)ing sta ting3-p p oce).23.e (esse& to a safe position in a safe an) cont o&&e) manne ? ? ? ? I ? A ? I ? I I ? ? ? ? ? ? I I I I I I I I I I A A A A DET NORSKE VERITAS AS of action in case t.2:.F %.e co.23.23.2F.23. a&a m an) possi'i&ity to contin-e t.e (a io-s cont o&3mo)es %.2F.en ope ating c&ose to f&oating o'0ects '!*" Alar#s E (ndicators %.23.2F.e DP3system an) maintaining position %.e DP stat-s a&e t &e(e&s on 'oa ) a DP3(esse& %.22.2:. may es-&t in a'o ting t.a&&enges of t. an insta&&ation.ic.2F.: E4p&ain +.2:.%$ %.3 Dete mine an) set a&a m an) +a ning &imits %.%% %.en .e5uirements . -ste -noff Demonst ate actions in case of e o in senso inp-t Demonst ate actions +.e (esse&Es integ ity may 'e ' eac.J %.ic. efe ence to station *eeping %. may inf&-ence DP3cont o& ).ing DP3ope ations Demonst ate t.e conseD-ence ana&ysis a&a m %.e p oce).F Recognise &imitations of (esse& mo(ement +.%F E#ergenc. may es-&t in a'o ting t.%$ Inte p et (is-a& in)icato s.2:.: %.9 E4p&ain MConseD-ence Ana&ysisE to fo&&o+ fo DP an) non3DP a&a ms time const aints %.en &osing Position Refe ence System!s" Demonst ate actions if Position Refe ence System!s" s-))en&y in)icate significant c.3 %. ec. a+aiting t.2F.2:. Engine Cont o& Room %. $erfor#ance Demonst ate actions in case of -nsta'&e Position Refe ence System!s" Demonst ate actions +. E#ergenc.y man-a& cont o& s.J Ana&yse t. E4p&ain t.< E(a&-ate t.ic.23.e p ope seD-ence of actions if e4pe iencing an on 'oa ) eme gency +.2:.2:.e is*s 1 c.: Ac*no+&e)ge a&a ms +it. a<areness %.e inco ect ope ation of t.%3 %. may es-&t in ma&f-nction of DP CONT(NGENC(ES '!*..3 Desc i'e t.F Recognise a&a ms e&ate) to t.2:.anges in position1 ange1'ea ing )ata Demonst ate actions in case of e o in +in) inp-t Demonst ate actions in case of a DP ) i(e3off Demonst ate actions in case of a DP ) ift3off Demonst ate actions in case of a DP fo ce3off Demonst ate actions in case of one t..e) +.< %.# !ompetence . #.e ope ation %.2:.2 Desc i'e e4te na& con)itions +.en en(i onmenta& con)itions 'ecome c itica& +it.2:. Disc-ss a&a ms +it. %.e possi'&e conseD-ences of eac.9 %.2 %.en &osing a&& DP cont o& f-nctions Demonst ate t.e ope ation %.tandard for !ertification " No.23.

%2 2.o-t &osing position an) cont o& !a&ignment of &e(e s an) cont o&s" A2andoning o$eration Re3sta'i&ise t.J 2. -ste fo ces +.3. a(oi)ing o(e s.oses o eco(e eD-ipment Consi)e c.F. 2.e f&oating o'0ect 'y (a io-s means Anticipate c.e !e.e conseD-ences of &osing a efe ence system in e&ation to DP3c&ass stat-s Dete mine t.3.F.ic.< 2. -sing ot.F 2.e e t.F.%. shows the -.2 2.ains1+i es. ope ationa& iss-es. e.ea)ing an) position of t.a(e on a p&anne) DP ope ation Confi m .e is* of &osing ta gets -se) 'y a &ase 3 an) mic o+a(e 'ase) PRS.3.2 2.. etc.F.3. /age '0 "!) Ta2le "5*7 A&to +ositioning 5 9o.2.g.)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition O+ERAT(ONS AUTO+OS @ 9OBST(CA MODES *!' Under$inning :no<ledge and &nderstanding 2.g.J 2.e (esse& T ansfe cont o& 'et+een man-a& &e(e s.e 1 &eesi)e.2 2.e. FPSO.3p&an comp&ies +it. 2.e (esse& in t. insta&&ation" Ve ify a(ai&a'&e insta&&e) t anspon)e s an) t.anges in t.3.e o o'0ect. O$erations Cont o& t.e DP3system..3p&an Ve ify if a DP app oac. DP main system. DP 'ac*-p system an) (ice (e sa +it.2. ang&e to t. se&f3p ope&&e) -nits1(esse&s Inte p et )ata +it. in)epen)ent 0oystic* o man-a& &e(e s fo manoe-( ing +. t.3.2. for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .3.e position of t. efe ence to moo ing a angements of a f&oating insta&&ation Recognise e4te na& inf&-ences +.g.en s-spen)ing an ope ation Ho(e to a safe position -n)e f-&& DP -sing inc ementa& steps A A I I A I A A A K ? *!" 2.F 2.< 2.ea)ing Dete mine app op iate inc ementa& steps fo c.e o'0ect1st -ct.%% 2.3 2. anc. 2.anging en(i onmenta& con)itions I)entify ne+ escape o-tes 'ase) on c.e a(ai&a'&e efe ence systems o 'y ma*ing a)0-stments Recognise t.% 2.3 2. ta*ing into acco-nt c.g.anging en(i onmenta& con)itions. (esse& a&ignment o en(i onmenta& con)itions Deci)e to contin-e.en a&ongsi)e mo(ing.2.#$$.tandard for !ertification " No. stan)ing o )e s Dete mine a safe app oac.3. (esse& mo(ement. -ste 3-se 'y a se&f3p ope&&e) f&oating o'0ect Dete mine +.anges )-e to t. eposition t. 2.anges in t.2.e an o'0ect1st -ct.e (esse& -n)e 0oystic* an) DP.e mo)e.2.anges to t.stic: >Station:ee$ing? Column . f&a e 'ooms* +.F.< 2.anges in po+e an) engines )-e to c.en to ma*e c.: 2. to+a )s a st -ct.2. 8ist p eca-tions if (esse& m-st 'e positione) on )-e to api) mo(ement of a f&oating insta&&ation o mo(ement an) position of c anes an) )ec* eD-ipment Ana&yse conseD-ences of mo(ing o-t of position I)entify c.e (esse& o s-spen) t.%$ +re$aration C eate a DP app oac.3.9 2.3. insta&&ation" in case of station *eeping a&ongsi)e C.stic: Ta2le "5* Additional Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents A&to $ositioning @ 9o. Demonst ate mo(ing to+a )s a st -ct.F..e si)e of an o'0ect1insta&&ation I)entify escape o-tes fo eac.F. ec. may int o)-ce e o s o )is -pt ea)ings f om senso s an) PRS Assess t.e nee) to )isconnect .es in PRS e&ate) to A-topos 1 @oystic* A)apt to c.e ope ation.2.e e'y e)-cing spee) in inc ementa& steps.3.ei &ocation Ana&yse t." may .3.2. *eeping t.% 2.e )esi e) position an) .a&& 'e positione) fo an ope ation.ooting E(a&-ate conseD-ences of fai&. consi)e ing +eat. consi)e ing con)itions an) )istance.3.: 2.anging position.e DP mo)es MA-toposE. c anes.%3 A A A ? I I ? I I ? I I A *!.ase of t. M@oystic*E an) MHi4e) mo)eE @oystic* *!* 2.F 2.e5uirements .% E4p&ain t. ta*ing into acco-nt e)-n)ancy eD-i ements Dete mine t. p.e effects const -ction!s" an) eD-ipment !e.2.9 A ? I ? I I I A DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .e nee) fo eD-i e) c.anges in t.3 2.ea)ing of t.e ope ation.: 2.e position an) .e (esse& s.% 2.anging to DP 0oystic*.9 2.o c. #.e )estination !e.# !ompetence . in)epen)ent 0oystic*.e is fi4e) o f&oating !mo(ing" Assess +.%$ 2.

e eD-i e) spee) an) siGe of steps to ente into t.e co ect spee) Anticipate t.o+ to c.o-t a .anges in en(i onmenta& con)itions ).e app oac.2 3.3 E4p&ain .F 3.ose !acti(e 1 inacti(e" is connecte) app oac.e step3'y3step p oce).2.2 State t. t.e co ect steps +it.en an) .ic.e fie&) specific step 'y step p oce).e app&ica'&e step3'y3step fie&) p oce). )ia&og-e O$erations Demonst ate mo(ing a (esse& f om a )istance to+a )s t.3.%.e &oa)ing point -sing App oac.e &oa)ing point Demonst ate t.e App oac. o +it.%.3. efe ence to t.% 3.%. mo)e +it. Demonst ate t.: E4p&ain +.e eD-i e) spee) an) siGe of steps into t. 3.e step3'y3step p oce).3.en an) ..e app oac.# !ompetence . +it.3 3.2.e a'i&ity to fo&&o+ a step 'y step p oce).e seD-ence in +.2.#$$. for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .tandard for !ertification " No.: "!" 3.F.e a'i&ity to a'o t t. an) +it.of t.F 3.3.2.e.e in )etai&.e Vane mo)e fo )iffe ent type of &oa)ing systems.e DP App oac.% Desc i'e t.e (esse& as a es-&t of c.e Vane mo)e. #.a+se connecte) 3.ange t.3.e stat-s c..a+se connecte) A2andoning o$eration Demonst ate t.2 3.%.e Ente t. in case of a )eg a)ing DP system ? K ? ? ? ? ? A A A A A ? A A I A A DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .e app oac.e impo tance fo fo&&o+ing t.)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition O+ERAT(ONS A++ROACH MODE "!' Under$inning :no<ledge and &nderstanding 3. /age '2 "!/ Ta2le "5"7 D+ A$$roach Mode Ta2le "5" Additional Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents D+ A$$roach MODE Column . )ia&og-e Ente set point a)i-s inp-t into t.e act-a& &oa)ing '-oy in D-estion Demonst ate compensating c. E4p&ain t. -sing t.e5uirements .%. t.%.ic.: 3. t.e spee) set point acco )ing to t. 3.2. efe ence systems a e to 'e -se) fo a specific &oa)ing '-oy Dete mine t.ange t.e efe ence systems a e to 'e -se) Dete mine +. +it.3 3.o+ to c.o+ to se&ect t. mo)e in acco )ance +it.% +re$aration E4p&ain +.en a &oa)ing . ec.e 'e.anges in en(i onmenta& con)itions ).e DP App oac. "!.F E4p&ain possi'&e easons fo )iscontin-ing t.e in )etai& Demonst ate c.e DP App oac.e mo)e to t. to t.ange of p e3)efine) a&a m &imits +.anging to Ceat.3.e 3. "!* 3. )ia&og-e 3.e co ect -se of position efe ence systems se&ecte) fo t.% 3. shows the -.o-t a .a(io.

e .tandard for !ertification " No. efe ence to t.%.e a'i&ity to c.: E4p&ain t.F Desc i'e t.e (esse& &ose position an) e4cee) t.e Vane mo)e ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A A ? A A A A A A . po+3 e monito ing.3.e ConseD-ence Ana&ysis soft+a e fo DP C&ass 2 ope ations Honito impo tant pa amete s on t.a+se senso if t.e Vane mo)e F. Additional Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents Weather 1ane #ode Column .e DP soft+a e E4p&ain +.!* F.7 Weather .!' Under$inning :no<ledge and &nderstanding F.o-&) t.3.e &oa)ing ope ation in a no ma& manne .e fo t.2. #.2.e (esse&Es mo(ement a o-n) t. +a nings an) a&a ms +i&& appea ope ations Demonst ate .e (esse& &ose position an) pass t.% E4p&ain +.ANE MODE .a+se as a pa t of it 'efo e se&ecting Ceat. t.2 F.o-&) t.%.: F.3.2 E4p&ain t.3.e Vane mo)e F.e Vane mo)e +it.e &oa)ing .e p e3)efine) a&a m &imits in t.3.e p e3)e3 fine) a&a m &imits in t. commencing off&oa)ing acco )ing to t.)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition O+ERAT(ONS WEATHER .en t. t.3 E4p&ain e4tent t.e en(i onmenta& fo ces c.e DP (ie+.% F.e ConseD-ence Ana&ysis soft+a e monito s ). -ste o-tp-t etc.3 F.%.e specific fie&) p oce).ane Mode Ta2le "5. ec.g.3. actions to ta*e s.e act-a& set point position &imits fo a specific &oa)ing '-oy may 'e a)0-ste) O$erations E4p&ain +.ic..ose !e. E4p&ain t.t co ecti(e actions in case t.ange mo)e to Ceat.e &oa)ing point +.en connecte) t.3 ? A ? DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .-t Do+n" F.e &oa)ing ope ation in Ceat.3.ation .2 F.ation E4p&ain to +.e )iffe ence 'et+een ESD% an) ESD2 !Eme gency S.en to se&ect t.ange F.!" F.e" E4p&ain +.e Demonst ate t. p e3)efine) a&a m &imits a e acti(ate) +.i&e *eeping t.e Vane mo)e is se&ecte) F.3.e ig.%% +re$aration Recognise if a moo ing .9 F.e DP soft+a e A2andoning o$eration E4p&ain .# !ompetence .% F.e step 'y step p oce).ic. /age '4 "!3 Ta2le "5.%$ F.e impo tance of acti(ating e4t a fo e an) aft a&a m &imits in Ceat. F.o+ to acti(ate t.< F.%. )isconnect .a+se is pa t of a '-oysE config.%.e position at t. shows the -.3.%.J F.#$$.e DP system is )eg a)e) in any +ay Demonst ate t.e Ceat.o+ a no ma& te mination of &oa)ing an) )isconnection m-st 'e ca ie) o-t acco )ing to t.e Vane a moo ing .F.3.e DP soft+a e Dete mine +.% F.e '-oy config.e (esse& .3.2 .!. Demonst ate t.e a'i&ity to eact co ect&y to any DP +a nings an) a&a ms an) ta*e app op iate action -pon it Demonst ate t.e fo a specific &oa)ing '-oy Desc i'e actions +.o-&) t.e (esse& is in &oa)ing position as )e3 fine) in t.e nee) fo acti(ating t.e actions to ta*e s.ic.e p e3set &imit +.e (esse& &ose position an) e4cee) t.-t Do+n" .en t.e )iffe ence 'et+een PSAD% an) PSAD2 !Position Acti(ate) S.a+se an) )epa t in acco )ance +it.ose an) .e p e3)efine) a&a m &imits in t.e step 'y step p oce).e spe3 cific step 'y step p oce). efe ence systems D-a&ity.F.e a'i&ity to ta*e t.F F.e fie&)3specific step 'y step p o3 ce). as (esse&Es position. F.e Demonst ate t.e a'i&ity to stop t. s-c..en t.e act-a& fie&) E4p&ain possi'&e easons fo )iscontin-ing t.e5uirements . for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .F.

e spee) set point m-st .ea)ing ope ation :.face (esse& an) ROV 1 s-'3mac.2.e DP system to monito its e&ati(e position :.e ma4im-m spee) set point in Fo&&o+ Ta get ope ations :.ip ope ations on t.%.e Fo&&o+ Ta get SC is -se) in a fo&&o+ position an) .ing s. -ste s an) po+e o-tp-t Comm-nicate :.%.2 :.y t.%.e -se of t.3 Desc i'e t.tandard for !ertification " No. E4p&ain .2.e (esse& in e&ation to t. a&&o+ing t.2.g.%$ E4p&ain +.%.%.e (esse& +i&& 'e.e ROV o s-' mac.: E4p&ain .appens +.face Demonst ate actions to minimiGe t.%.%% E4p&ain .ine :.%3 E4p&ain +.e eD-ipment in -se ). #.3 :.e co ect -se of position efe ence systems fo a Fo&&o+ Ta get ope ation Ente into Fo&&o+ Ta get mo)e.e effect of siGe an) mass of an o'0ect !(esse& 1 ROV" on eaction time -n)e DP :.%.e co ect pa amete s !e.e tas*s to 'e ca ie) o-t p io to ente ing Fo&&o+ Ta get mo)e. ROV" e4cee)s a )efine) eaction a)i-s :. may 'e )ange o-s +.ea)ing of t.2. t enc.# !ompetence . as D=PS 1 D=NSS o a fi4e) sea 'e) t anspon)e ).e nee) fo an a))itiona& fi4e) efe ence system s-c.e -se of po+e an) t. consi)e ing )iffe ences in siGe an) eaction time 'et+een s.e s-'3sea too&s.y Fo&&o+ Ta get mo)e +it.ea)ing ope ation t.%. eaction a)i-s. set point spee) an) .e s.e.F :.o+ a t im c-'e is -se) as a e&ati(e PRS ).e DP system o fo ot. Desc i'e t.e eD-i e) n-m'e of t anspon)e s o ef&ecto s :. of t.ea)ing" Anticipate ..ine :.e :.)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition O+ERAT(ONS FO00OW TARGET MODE )!' Under$inning :no<ledge and &nderstanding :.o+ t.ip3to3s..ine ope ation )!* :.%.en ope ating c&ose to s.%.%F E(a&-ate t.e fi4e) an) mo'i&e efe ence systems +i&& position e&ati(e to Fo&&o+ Ta get 1 A-to T ac* ope ations :.%.%: E4p&ain +.face st -ct.a(e ).e ca'&e is -se) as a senso ).ing o t enc.%J =i(e possi'&e easons fo )iscontin-ing t.%.J E4p&ain .e Fo&&o+ Ta get mo)e :. -ste s :.o+ t.o+ t.o+ m-&tip&e t anspon)e s o ef&ecto s a e -se) in a fo&&o+ position an) .%2 E4p&ain .: :. for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .y an) .ine cont o& oom ).%< E4p&ain t.9 E4p&ain .o+ fi4e) an) e&ati(e efe ence systems a e -se) in com'ination fo ope ation Discontin-e t.o+ to set a eaction a)i-s :.e impo tance of comm-nication 'et+een t.%. t.% E4p&ain +.% :.e cont o& oom fo t.< O$erations Demonst ate Fo&&o+ Ta get mo)e ).at type of efe ence systems a e -se) fo Fo&&o+ Ta get Ho)e.e ROV o s-' mac. inc&-)ing t.%.e5uirements . t. setting p&o-g.e ope ation Demonst ate t.o+ t. /age '6 "!6 Ta2le "5)7 Follo< Target Mode Ta2le "5) Additional Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents 5 Follo< Target #ode Column .e ' i)ge1DPO an) t. ROV o ot.e impo tance of maintaining a goo) +eat.%.e .%.F Recognise . ot.2 E4p&ain t.e Fo&&o+ Ta get ope ation if t.< E4p&ain +.%9 Desc i'e t.a(e ma4im-m &imits.e ope ation in o )e to optimiGe t.g.e eD-ipment eD-i e) on a mo(ing ta get.e ope ation in a cont o&&e) manne in case of a )eg a)e in t.e easons ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I ? ? ? ? K I I I I I I I DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .%. &a-nc.#$$.en a ta get !e.2.e ope ations :. com'ination of efe ence systems.e en(i onmenta& fo ces )ete io ate ). shows the -.e ROV o s-' :.

e co ect otation point fo t.9 .ement E4p&ain t.3.ning a)i-s fo eac.e DP (ia a ?S# stic* P epa e a p e3)efine) t ac* in t. /age '7 "!8 Ta2le "5/7 A&to Trac: Mode Ta2le "5/ Additional Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents AUTO TRACA MODE Column ...e DP (ie+ 'y -sing t.3 ...%.3. .: . mo(e3-p an) . t.e DPO p io to s+itc.e DP 'y ente ing +aypoints into a ta'&e in t.% +re$aration Ente a p e3p&anne) t ac* into t...%..%.o+ to sa(e an) sto e t ac*s fo &ate -se Ca&i' ate efe ence systems O$erations E4p&ain t. spee) an) t.3 E4p&ain .o+ a t ac* is -se) in A-to T ac* mo)e ..e ope ations /!* .e f-nction MDP A-to T ac* Ho)eE .% .ing to A-to T ac* mo)e . type of ope ation tension senso s a e eD-i e) .F E4p&ain t...< E4p&ain .F. for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .e p ope )ia&og-e o )i ect&y on t. ..J E4p&ain t..3.3.e) eD-ipment to t.3.F . co ect com'inations .e sea 'e)" E4p&ain t.e (a io-s A-to T ac* mo)es !&o+3spee).2.ic.o+ an) in is eD-i e) Acti(ate senso s fo tension meas.a(ing &a-nc.ic.3spee)" . #...%..%. &eg of a t ac* Demonst ate .ig... E4p&ain .e5uirements .3.e impo tance of tension inp-t into t.e A-to T ac* ope ation ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A A A A A A A ? ? A A ? A A A I A ? DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .%.e eD-ipment in -se ) type of efe ence systems a e -se) fo an A-to T ac* ope ation inc&.ea)ing.e DP mo)e& f om senso s p&ace) on a stinge o a c ane 'oom Ente tension inp-t into t.3.e DP soft+a e Ente a p e3p&anne) t ac* into t.o+ to se&ect )iffe ent otation points !ROTEs" 'ase) on t.e t ac* offset3f-nctiona&ity on t.%. &imits to )iscontin-e t.e (esse& in e&ation to t.3.%..%$ Desc i'e t.< /!" .)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition O+ERAT(ONS AUTO TRACA MODE /!' Under$inning :no<ledge and &nderstanding .ea)ing of t.J .< .tandard for !ertification " No.e DP mo)e& in ope ations +.2.e impo tance of comm-nication 'et+een t. .e ope ation to 'e ca ie) o-t Comm-nicate +it.# !ompetence . -ste s .. con)itions to offset a t ac* to sta 'oa ) o po t .e ' i)ge1DPO an) t.%..e DP )i ect&y on t.e cont o& oom fo t.ange pa amete s &i*e ..e eD-i ements of )iffe ent ope ations 'efo e ente ing A-to T ac* mo)e !e.2 .2.g.2. .e DP (ie+ Demonst ate .e -se of po+e an) t.e DP Define a t ac* in t.e cont o& oom fo ope ation of s-'sea eD-ipment in a c&ea manne A2andoning o$eration E4p&ain at +.F .2 ...%.e soft+a e fo specia& ope ations Demonst ate offsetting a t ac* to sta 'oa ) o po t C.e e t.ic.2.e ....e (esse& fo&&o+ a p e)efine) t ac* in A-to T ac* mo)e Se&ect t..e -se of t.9 E4p&ain t. ec.e tas*s fo t.: E4p&ain in +.% E4p&ain t.3.2 E4p&ain +.3 .2.2.% .e type of ope ation to 'e pe fo me) .e )iffe ence 'et+een t.#$$..: .ing t.a(ing t.e mo-se Impo t a p e3p&anne) t ac* into t.e impo tance of maintaining a goo) +eat.3..%$ /!. shows the -.

e app&ica'&e fie&) man-a& Loading $ode E4p&ain t.e DP in S.oisting t.2. for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .%.e )amping f-nctions on t.e (esse& to+a )s t. shows the -.e ST8 ope ation E4p&ain +. system fo monito ing p.% Desc i'e t.o+ to -se t.o+ to -se App oac.e Connect mo)e s.3.e .e5uirements .%.3.e fina& connection Connect to a '-oy in Connect Ho)e in acco )ance +it.e p.e f ee)om of motion of a (esse& in 8oa)ing Ho)e ). fo DP positioning an) fo monito ing p.e ST8 '-oy into t.< <.pose of t anspon)e s on t.3.e fie&) Ge o point Dete mine f om +.ic.oiste) into t.% <.ic. s.%% <.3. of an ST8 '-oy in acco )ance +it. 3!" <. <.e app 8oa)ing ope ations <.e Mfie&) Ge o pointE <.e ma4im-m tension t. t.en a set time f ame E4p&ain t.3.)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition O+ERAT(ONS ST0 3!' Under$inning :no<ledge E &nderstanding <.3.en t.e (esse& <.3. t.: E4p&ain .3 <.#$$.%F <.9 Dete mine +.e ST8 '-oy can 'e monito e) an) +. to an ST8 Pe fo m a step3'y3step app oac.%.%.F E4p&ain t.y at &east one a'so&-te position efe ence system is eD-i e) in ST83ope ations <.e mating cone Desc i'e e4tent t.e app op iate time <.%9 <.ing t.ic.3 <.%.3.2 <.%.J <.e ma4im-m offset &imits a&&o+e) fo .en t.e fie&) man-a& fo a specific ST83'-oy Dete mine +.o+ t anspon)e s on t. a&a m +i&& appea if 8oa)ing mo)e is not acti(ate) +it.%$ Acti(ate t.2.ic.3.% <.en not connecte) to t.2.o-&) app&y in t.a&& 'e acti(ate) C.J Desc i'e t.poses pproach $ode E4p&ain .# !ompetence . /age '8 "!'= Ta2le "537 S&2#erged T&rret Modes >ST0? Ta2le "53 Additional Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents S&2#erged T&rret Modes >ST0? Column .e ST8 '-oy is in position an) ea)y to 'e .%% Inte p et )ata ecei(e) f om t anspon)e s <.%.e )amping f-nctions on t.e )istance f om t.ic.eig.3.e impo tance of p e3set ESD a&a m &imits <.2 E4p&ain +.e eD-i e) amo-nt of tension on t.< E4p&ain t.%.3.e '-oyancy e&ements of t. mo)e to mo(e t..e ST83'-oy +.3.e p.: <.%. of is meant 'y t.e ST8 '-oy in D-estion Dete mine +. State t.e )ata t anspon)e s a e s-ppose) to sen) 'ac* to t. t anspon)e s m-st 'e -se) fo monito ing )efine) pa amete s fo a specifie) ST8 '-oy E4p&ain t.e DP a e to 'e -se) Acti(ate t.ases in S-'me ge) )istance an) to +.2$ <.2.e t.e app&ica'&e fie&) man-a& Connect $ode Dete mine K=o to #aseL an) K=o to #-oyL inp-ts O$erations 6eneral Demonst ate t..3.e mating cone E4p&ain .2.e -se of 5PR15iPAP t anspon)e s 'ot.2 <.%.e fina& stage +.e (a io-s t anspon)e s at t.3 E4p&ain +.e +inc.3.3.F <. E4p&ain moo ing &ines can 'e -se) to )ete 3 mine integ ity <.%: <.e App oac.%2 Desc i'e actions if inco ect t anspon)e 3)ata is ecei(e) 3!* <.e (esse& <. efe ence systems m-st 'e -se) fo a specific ST8 '-oy Dete mine +.e co ect -se of position efe ence systems fo t.%< <. S+ay an) Na+ E4p&ain easons fo se&ecting a mean offset set point a)i-s ? ? ? ? ? ? ? A ? A I ? I I I ? A A A I ? I ? A I A I ? ? K A I ? A ? ? ? A ? DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .ic.%.e )ia&og-e fo K=o to #aseL an) K=o to #-oyL Demonst ate . <.3.%J <.%$ <. ).e DP <.e )ept.%.e c ite ia fo se&ecting 8oa)ing mo)e on t.%3 <. mo)e may 'e -se) fo a specific '-oy =i(e possi'&e easons fo )iscontin-ing t.2% +re$aration Inte p et t.: <. DP (ie+ m-st 'e se&ecte) fo t.3.e e to fin) t.en t anspon)e s may 'e acti(ate) fo position inp-t into t.e '-oy is ea)y to 'e &oc*e) in position Haintain t.F <. t.o+ t..3.9 <.tandard for !ertification " No.e +a(e .t &imitations fo connecting to an) fo &oa)ing at a ST8 '-oy S.%2 <. to 8oa)ing mo)e E4p&ain +. system is to 'e -se) fo DP positioning an) +.e DP S+itc.3.e fie&) Ge o point at +.%.ic.oisting +inc.poses <.ange to Connect Ho)e Dete mine +.o+ +.3. #.

F.e c ite ia fo stopping an) e3sta ting main engines an) t.3 A2andoning o$eration Desc i'e t.2 <.e p oce). for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .o+ to c&ea t.3.22 Se&ect a mean offset set point a)i-s <.3.3.% <. /age $& Ta2le "53 Additional Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents S&2#erged T&rret Modes >ST0? >Contin&ed? Column .e fo )isconnection f om t.e co ect monito ing pages on t.e ST8 '-oy an) .e5uirements .e fie&) man-a&/s step 'y step p oce).2F Pe fo m &oa)ing +. -ste s <.F.23 E4p&ain t. sea state A ? A I ? I ? DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition <. t. ec.2: Se&ect t.F. <.e Disconnect an) c&ea an ST8 '-oy in acco )ance +it. #.e E4p&ain t.e )ange s +.3.#$$.e DP (ie+ 3!.en an ST8 '-oy is e&ease) in a .tandard for !ertification " No. shows the -.i&e connecte) to a '-oy in 8oa)ing Ho)e <.e '-oy fo )epa t.# !ompetence .ig.

F 9.3.F 9.%F 9.o 5an)&ing mo)e (oftware ! (imulation E4p&ain t. ec.3. -ste s an) T.2.2.%% ? A A A I A ? ? I I I A ? ? ? A 9.e Posmoo 1ATA sim-&ato mo)e R-n t.e senso se&ection Recognise appa ent fa-&ts in t.anging to Anc.%.ic..e con)itions -n)e +. an) tension Set -p a Hoo ing ConseD-ence Ana&ysis an) tension optimisation Pe fo m a I-ic* Set-p E4p&ain +.3.y Define t. ope ationa& pa amete s m-st 'e set -p in Anc. t.e senso s fo moo ing tension o &engt. Co ect fa-&ts in t.ange) Ve ify if a&& eD-i ements fo Posmoo 1ATA ope ations .J 9.# !ompetence .e moo ing &ine optimisation soft+a e Inte p et es-&ts f om t.e5uirements .e efe ence systems Se&ect t.e t.%.2$ I ? A ? ? ? K I I DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .3.% 9.3.%2 9.e eD-i e) senso m-st 'e se&ecte) +.: 9.o+ t.e actions eD-i e) in @oystic* mo)e 'efo e c.e eD-i e) 'een acti(ate) E4p&ain +.3.3 9. shows the -. t.: 9. pa amete s m-st 'e f-&fi&&e) in o )e to satisfy t.e ope ationa& cont o&s a(ai&a'&e to t. senso s monito ing &ine &engt.%9 'e -se) fo t.i&e t. +re$aration (etup Se&ect t.*&ist in Anc. ope ationa& cont o&s a e a(ai&a'&e +.o 5an)&ing mo)e Desc i'e t.e HOD? specific c.tandard for !ertification " No. -ste s +i&& 'e -se) to ' ing t. cent e of otation s. /age $' "!'' Ta2le "567 +osition Mooring >+os#oor @ ATA? Ta2le "56 Additional Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents +osition Mooring @ ATA Column .< 9.e ope ation in acco )ance +it.2. for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .e '-i&t3in sim-&ato Pe fo m a Posmoo 1ATA conseD-ence ana&ysis ?se t.e co ect seD-ence in @oystic* mo)e Ca&i' ate t.e eD-i&i' i-m position in case of a &ine3' ea* State +.3.en Posmoo 1ATA mo)e .e act-a& Posmoo 1ATA ope ation E4p&ain .e HOD? 'ac* to t.ic.o 5an)&ing mo)e an) +.J 9.3.e DPO in Posmoo 1ATA mo)e at t.%J 9.e system is set to Stan)'y mo)e Desc i'e t.ic.e moo ing systemEs &engt.y Position Hoo ing mo)e an) t.%$ 9. 9.%3 9.ic.e moo ing mo)e& if eD-i e) ? I I A A A A 9. an)1o tension )osition $ooring / utomatic Thruster ssist * T + operation Pe fo m t.e eD-i e) senso s in Stan)'y mo)e Se&ect a(ai&a'&e position efe ence systems in t.#$$.e app op iate moments ?p)ate o co ect t. sim-&ations an) tension optimisation soft+a e O$erations -n nchorhandling / utopos mode Se&ect A4is cont o& an) set co ect =ain setting in Anc.a(e 'een f-&fi&&e) acco )ing to t.%$ 9.o 5an)&ing mo)e E4p&ain +.e t.3.%F 6!" 9.3.2.e facto s inf&-encing t.9 9.e pa amete s as pe c. #.e -se of Posmoo 1ATA conseD-ence ana&ysis soft+a e an) t.%: 9..2*&ist E4p&ain t.3 9.% 9.2.e Posmoo 1ATA mo)e may 'e c.3. -ste A&&ocation mo)e Test 1 P o(e t.%< 9.3.e moo ing system 'y setting -p senso s an) a&a ms Set -p t.)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition O+ERAT(ONS +OSMOOR 6!' Under$inning :no<ledge E &nderstanding 9.3.3. 9.3.anging mo)e E4p&ain +.%3 9.% Desc i'e a Posmoo ope ation 6!* 9.e -&es p io to c.e -&es fo ope ation in Posmoo 1ATA mo)e ?se t.e moo ing &ine set-p in case of p o'&ems +it.ic.e conseD-ence ana&ysis soft+a e.2. -ste s in @oystic* mo)e Set -p t.%2 9.2.

opean A ea !NCEA" =-i)e&ines fo t.3.o &ines to a(oi) e4cessi(e tension 1 &ine ' ea*age Honito anc.e moo ings an) mo(ing a+ay f om t.y A-tomatic 8ine3# ea* Detection is not acti(e in Anc.29 9.e ope ation in a cont o&&e) manne .3.e p oce).e sit-ation 'y a)0-sting t.e.e a'i&ity to se&ect eit.e A-tomatic 8ine3# ea* Detection +o *s E4p&ain +.2F Acti(ate )amping f-nctions 9.e +o * &ocation. /age $$ Ta2le "56 Additional Co#$etence Re%&ire#ents +osition Mooring @ ATA >Contin&ed? Column . shows the -.e moo ing system in a gi(en +eat. References % 2 3 F : IHCA H %$3 > =-i)e&ines fo t.3.2J ? ? ? 9. i.e Design an) Ope ation of Dynamica&&y Positione) Offs. I > T.e tension Demonst ate actions to )ec ease t.eferences .e No t. 9.e A-tomatic 8ine3# ea* Detection an) Posmoo 1ATA mo)e %inch operation during )osition $ooring Desc i'e t.e anc.3% 9.2: Se&ect t.e fo ceasing t.ip 'et+een t.e )iffe ence 'et+een )amping an) station3*eeping in t. S+ay an) Na+ 9.e Safe Ope ation of Dynamica&&y Positione) Offs.o+ t.e inte face of t.% 9. -ste s 9.o 3&ines A2andoning o$eration E4p&ain t. S. for the competence Column / is the defined activity for the competence to be preceded by 0The .e +o * &ocation Te minate t.2< 9.ance an) Assessment T.e impo tance of maintaining optim-m tension in t.o 3&ine tension ! ig mo(ement. ec. =-i)e&ines fo t.e co ect monito ing pages on t. )isconnecting f om t.3.F.e DP (ie+ utomatic Line78rea# . )isconnecting f om t.3. #.e co ect*&ists an) p oce).e ope ation.3.3.e T aining an) E4pe ience of Key DP Pe sonne& IHCA H %92 > Int.2% E4p&ain t.3$ 9.o 5an)&ing Ope ations DET NORSKE VERITAS AS . pay o-t +i e" OptimiGe t.tandard for !ertification " No. Cest E.o e S-pp&y an) Anc.3.3. cont o& system to+a )s ? I ? A I 9.e e&ations.3F 6!. acco )ing to a(ai&a'&e c.33 9.)1 shall be able to23 Column 4 defines the re5uired level of cognition nee) to )ec ease t.e c ite ia fo stopping an) e3sta ting main engines an) t.3.o e Vesse&s IHCA H %%< Re(.e moo ings an) mo(ing a+ay f om t.o 5an)&ing mo)e E4p&ain t.e Safe Hanagement of Offs.22 Demonst ate t.etection E4p&ain .e anc.23 E4p&ain t.0 .3.e DP3system E4p&ain t.3. S+ay an) Na+ o to se&ect )amping f-nctions fo e S-pp&y Vesse&s IHCA C $$% 3 Competence Ass.e same a4is 9.F.2 ? ? A ? I ? I .o &ine tension an) e(a&-ate t.e f-&& positioning in S.#$$.32 9.e +inc.e )iffe ent a4is.3.

/age $# CHANGES – H(STOR(C Note t. Ceat..e e(ise) 2$%3 stan)a ) a&so capt.e stan)a ) foc-se) on gene a& DP an) station3*eeping.e 2$$J (e sion of t. a Dynamic Positioning System. Fo&&o+ Ta get. app o(e) Test Cent es.)n(. #.1! .is )oc-ment .anges o&)e t. A$ril *='" edition Main Changes General T. T.e (ane.o+n 'e&o+ .anges !if any" may 'e et ie(e) t.e e)itions s.isto ic c. O&)e .e tas*s pe fo me) 'y a DPO on (esse&s eD-ippe) +it. (1 t.eme of DPOs 'een tota&&y e(ise).isto ic c. o-g. DP3App oac. @oystic*.tandard for !ertification " No. T. A-tot ac* an) Posmoo " an) fo ms an ing e)ient of DNVEs ce tification sc. o-g. !()N*+ .#$$.a(e not 'een inc&-)e).at . DET NORSKE VERITAS AS .com.e (a io-s DP3mo)es -se) fo )iffe ent acti(ities an) int o)-ces a notation3system !A-topos. . competence stan)a ) -n)e pins t.

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