HUMA 2680 Early Times

Term: Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Course Website: Course Instructors Prof. Jeffrey Canton ( Phone: (416) 7 6!"1## $ 44 74 %Plea&e note that ' do not ha(e acce&& to (o)ce ma)l at th)& num*er Office Hours: +r)day& am *y appo)ntment Prof. ,)ch)e -oodall (r.l/ Phone: (416) 7 6!"1## $ 77 01 %Plea&e note that ' do not ha(e acce&& to (o)ce ma)l at th)& num*er Office Hours: # 7 2c3au.hl)n Colle.e4 +r)day& *y appo)ntment Organi ation o! t"e Course • 5he cour&e )n(ol(e& formal lecture& *y the teach)n. team and /eekly tutor)al &e&&)on& of a*out "1 &tudent& each. 5he lecture& /)ll *e &upplemented *y f)lm& and ()deo&. 5utor)al meet)n.& /)ll *e the ma)n locu& for d)&cu&&)on of re6u)red and recommended read)n.& and a&&).nment& )n the cour&e. 5he re6u)red read)n.& are central to the cour&e. 5he lecture& and tutor)al& /)ll &er(e to enr)ch7 clar)fy7 and )llu&trate cruc)al )&&ue& from a&&).ned read)n.&. Calen#ar $escri%tion 8n e$plorat)on of ch)ldhood7 a& an a&pect of human e$per)ence repre&ented )n many form&7 )n (ar)ou&7 culture& o(er t)me. 9ote: 5h)& cour&e ha& *een appro(ed )n the +aculty of 3)*eral 8rt& : Profe&&)onal ;tud)e& for .eneral educat)on cred)t. Cour&e cred)t e$clu&)on&: 9one. Course Te&ts ' (ea#ings

Andersen, Hans Christian Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales Caroll, Lewis Alice in Wonderland Ellis, Deborah Looks like Daylight: Voices of Indigenous Kids Fitzhugh, Louise Harriet the Spy Gaiman, Neil Coraline Jansson, Tove Comet in Moominland Ki ling, !ud"ard Just-So Stories Lewis, C#$# The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Light%oot, Gordon Canadian ailroad Trilo!y &a'or, Kevin Hold Fast (aterson, Katherine "rid!e to Terabithia (otter, )eatri* #eter abbit !odgers, $tan $orth%est #assa!e $enda+, &aurice Where the Wild Thin!s Are $tewart, ,liza-eth The Lynchin! o& Louie Sam Tal-ot, )rian The Tale o& 'ne "ad at Tama+i, &ari+o S(im White, ,#)# Charlotte)s Web )ra#ing an# Assignment *ubmission
)ra#e +rea,#o-n 1&t 5erm e&&ay "#< 2)d!5erm 11< "nd 5erm e&&ay "1< 'n!Cla&& +)nal "#< Part)c)pat)on "#< ! 1#< for act)(e part)c)pat)on7 1#< for read)n. document&

E.nment& for th)& cour&e mu&t *e rece)(ed on the due date &pec)f)ed for the a&&)..)nn)n. -HI .rad)n.*e%t1 23: JC *e%t1 26: JC Oct1 6: .raded on a pa&&/fa)l *a&)& only. 'f paper& are handed )n after t)me *ut *efore the end of the lecture7 &tudent& /)ll rece)(e the full . &y&tem u&ed )n under. a gra#e: Assignment *ubmission: Proper academ)c performance depend& on &tudent& do)n.7 may *e enterta)ned *y the Cour&e 'n&tructor *ut /)ll re6u)re &upport)n.raduate calendar at http://calendar&.'83 3E8FE.endak7 W"ere t"e Wil# T"ings Are T"e Canon 6: Mean-"ile *ome-"ere Else in t"e 7orest Jan&&on7 Comet in Moominlan# T"e Canon 9: *%ies: /ies an# 7amily Ties +)tMhu. Misse# Tests or E&ams: .Ict.7 /h)ch )& conf)rmed *y &upport)n...rade or a corre&pond)n.enateB& pol)cy for Cnder. 8&&). 8? @ =# to 1##7 8 @ 0# to =#7 A? @ 71 to 7=7 etc.nment &heet) on the due date and /)ll *e con&)dered late )f they are handed )n after the lecture *e.rade *ut no comment&4 &tudent& hand)n. documentat)on (e.raduate . T"e Canon: Ways o! *eeing: T"e 4uintessential C"il#ren5s +oo.E 8CCI2IF85' 8ll a&&). +I.- . 5C5I. Carroll7 Alice in Won#erlan# T"e Canon 2: 0icture +oo.5CFE95. "0 .).ram& at >ork (e.nment& are to *e handed )n at the *e.) +or a full de&cr)pt)on of >orkB& . TE(M I *e%t1 22: JC and . of lecture or tutor)al (a& &pec)f)ed on the a&&). E8. -E33 '9 8FG89CE I+ 8. E&traor#inaire . num*er .rad)n. &cheme for the cour&e conform& to the =!po)nt .e e&&ay) Fue )n 3ecture 9o(..Oct 20: JC Oct1 28: Intro#uction Critical Consi#erations +'.nment& are due at the *e..)nn)n.round&7 etc. /ateness 0enalty: 8ll major a&&). 89> .E8.E F'.nment. E$cept)on& to the latene&& penalty for (al)d rea&on& &uch a& )llne&&7 compa&&)onate . Any further e$ten&)on& or accommodat)on to tho&e noted a*o(e /)ll re6u)re &tudent& to &u*m)t a formal pet)t)on. /ast #ate to #ro% courses -it"out recei.EJC'.rad) 8&&).raduate pro.nment& and te&t& /)ll *ear e)ther a letter .h7 Harriet t"e *%y 7airy Tale: A T"eoretical 0ers%ecti.tudent& /)th a documented rea&on for m)&&)n.....rad)n.rade per day and paper& later than one /eek after the due date /)ll *e . of lecture.'K92E95 FCE F85E. "4: ..EC5I. .7 doctorB& letter) may re6ue&t accommodat)on from the Cour&e 'n&tructor '9 8FG89CE.. the)r /ork not only /ell7 *ut on t)me.rade (e.5 +IC.aluation: 5he . 8ccord)n.round&7 etc. documentat)on (e.nment& /)ll *e e(aluated *a&ed on the cr)ter)a &et forth )n the ru*r)c& to *e found on the cour&e /e*&)te and )n accordance /)th the Cn)(er&)ty .)n& unle&& the &tudent ha& a doctorD& note or other documentat)on.ly7 a&&).yorku..7 a doctorB& letter) '9 8FG89CE. a cour&e te&t or e$am7 &uch a& )llne&&7 compa&&)onate .HIC3F '9+I.I9 .. I+ 5HE I93'9E 5EL5...)&trar. )n /ork after the due date /)ll lo&e 1< of the total . &cheme7 ()&)t the under.3> 89F CI958C5 5HE'.e Assignment I: (6!7 pa.7 8? @ =7 8 @ 07 A? ! 77 C? @ 17 etc.2 5HE CIC.

7A// (EA$I<) WEE= <o.: Into t"e Woo#s Fahl7 N3)ttle .?an1 60: .addle&lut (Kreece) Pepelyou.1 29: .- < C)nderella ('taly) 3)ttle . HoodO Kr)mm7 N3)ttle .1 28: JC $ec1 A: TE(M II ?an 13: .o.l)pper (Ph)l)pp)ne&) 5he 'nd)an C)nderella (9at)(e 8mer)can) 7airy Tales Caseboo.htfoot/-allace7 Cana#ian (ailroa# Trilogy .ed .er*)a) 5he -)cked . Hood and the -olfO Perrault7 N3)ttle .a (.l)pper (+rance7 Charle& Perrault) C)nderella (Kermany7 Jaco* and -)lhelm Kr)mm7 101" and 1017) Qat)e -oodencloak (9or/ay) 5he Hearth!Cat (Portu.7 ?ust@*o *tories 7airy Tale Caseboo.ed .1 8: 7airy Tale Caseboo.)d)n. 6: Are T"ey (eally 7airy Tales> 0art 2 Q)pl)n.tepmother (Qa&hm)r) 2ar)a and the Kolden .OCTO+E( 62st .ed!CapO Karner7 N3)ttle . *0(I<) (EA$I<) WEE= 7eb1 28: JC 0icture T"isB (e%resenting t"e *%irit o! t"e /an# 3). 9: Are T"ey (eally 7airy Tales> 0art 2 8nder&en7 Hans An#ersen5s 7airy Tales In@Class Mi#@Term Test .7eb1 26: JC Un#er t"e Mus"room Ca%s Potter7 T"e Tale o! 0eter (abbit T"e Ot"er *i#e o! t"e War#robe 3e/)&7 T"e /ion: t"e Witc" an# t"e War#robe *ome 0igB -h)te7 C"arlotteCs Web +uil#ing +ri#ges Patter&on7 +ri#ge to Terabit"ia )oing +ac. 2: At t"e +all> C)nder 2a)d (Jo&eph Jaco*&) C)nderella4 or7 5he 3)ttle Kla&& .)d)n. Hood P N8 Pol)t)cally Correct +a)rytaleO 7airy Tale Caseboo.?an1 26: .e e&&ay) Fue )n lecture 2arch "7th 7E+(UA(D 20TH @ <O C/A**E* .)d)n.- <o.7eb1 6: . <O C/A**E* .er&/Jame&7 <ort"-est 0assage .1 22: JC <o.?an1 26: . an# Coming 7or-ar# Ka)man7 Coraline T"e Cana#ian E&%erience: Classically Cana#ian 2ajor7 Hol# 7ast Assignment 2: (7!1# pa.ed .

im 0utting All t"e 0ieces Toget"er 5al*ot7 T"e Tale o! One +a# (at 'n!Cla&& +)nal E$am .s /i.A%r1 6: T"e In#igenous E&%erience .te/art7 T"e /ync"ing O! /ouie *am T"e W"ole Trut": <on!iction !or Cana#ian =i#s Ell)&7 /oo.e $aylig"t: Eoices o! In#igenous =i#s Anot"er *i#e o! t"e *tory: Teen $reams 5amak): *.Mar16: JC Mar1 26: JC Mar120: JC Mar1 28: JC and .

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