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Abstract Human resources professionals play an important role in ensuring employee health and safety, as they know the

workplace, the employees and their job demands. While human resources professionals are not expected to know the technical aspects of workplace health and safety, they should know when and how to use existing resources to respond to employee concerns. A Health & Safety Program consists of clearly defined actions to implement the health and safety policy. The numbers of elements depend on organizational needs. Introduction
Organization officials have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that the workplace is free from unnecessary hazards. Conditions surrounding the workplace must be safe for employees physical and mental health. Of course, accidents can and do occur, and the severity of them may astound you. Enforcement of OSHA standards varies depending on the nature of the event and the organization. Typically, OSHA enforces the standards based on a five-item priority listing.5 These are, in descending priority: imminent danger; serious accidents resulting in death or hospitalization of three or more employees; a current employee complaint; inspections of target industries with a high injury ratio; and random inspections. Imminent danger refers to a condition where an accident is about to occur. Although this is given top priority and acts as a preventive measure, imminent danger situations are hard to define. Generally imminent danger is considered to be a situation where the risk of grave injury or death is so likely that it could happen.

Causes of accidents
Human causes accidents In today's a highly competitive atmosphere every organization having a number of problems and one of such problem is industrial accidents. In rare sense means we can an industrial accidents is part of an industry. Due to increase in the literacy rate , freedom to the media , and activeness of labors unions higher management to lower staff manger are all strive to reduce the accidents and prefer on the safety action. Due to advancement in the technology and automation increase this also leads to a different and very harmful type of accidents. A little carelessness may cause a very harmful accidents as well as if they are daydreaming also if they are not specialized in that particular job they should shift to other work or should be trained for that job .

An accident is an unplanned & uncontrolled event which causes or is likely to cause an injury. It is something which un-expected, un-predictable or intended or not desired. Accidents may cause a result of some unsafe activity, act, working condition etc, defective equipment can destroy the whole environment, and equipment should be suitable for them. also The mechanical factors includes Unsafe mechanical

design and construction, Hazards arrangement ,In proper machine guarding, defective device, improper material handling, leaking and value etc

ENVIRONEMENTAL FACTORS The environmental factors includes two low and too high temperature to cause shivering and sweating respectively, too high humidity to cause fatigue and drowsiness, defective and illumation, inadequate rest and brakes b/w working hours, poor housekeeping, noise, bed order and flash coming from nearby machinery, equipment or process etc


Create safety awareness by posting highly visible signs that proclaim safety

slogan , placing accident prevention articles in organization plant newsletters, or exhibiting a sign proclaiming the number of days the plant has operated without a lost days accident .

Skill training: Incorporate accident prevention measures into the learning process. Engineering:

Prevent accident through both job and equipment design. This may

include eliminating factors that promote boredom and daydreaming.

Protection: Provide protection equipment where necessary. This may include safety
shoes gloves hard hats safety glasses and noise mufflers. Protection also includes performing preventative maintenance on machinery.

Regular enforcement: The best safety rules and regulations will be ineffective
in reducing accidents if they are not enforced. Additionally if such rules are not enforced, the employer may be liable injuries that occur.

Ensuring job safety program

Conduct a risk assessment to identify hazards before they occur. Focus

on job tasks, individual workstations and program areas to determine what can go wrong, the consequences and how likely the hazard will occur. OSHA recommends giving priority to jobs with the highest injury or illness rates; followed by jobs with the potential to cause severe or disabling injuries; jobs in which one human error could lead to a severe accident; jobs that are new to the operation or have

recently changed; and then jobs complex enough to require written instructions. Take immediate action if any hazards pose danger to life or health.

Involve staff in the process. Your staff members can provide feedback on any safety issues
that may go unnoticed by a supervisor. Also, by including employees in the process early, they will be more likely to adopt changes to procedures as they are made. Encourage ongoing safety feedback, even after the assessment is complete.

Review your companys accident history. What

job? Has your company experienced any occupational illnesses?

accidents have occurred on the

Know the laws for your industry. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970,
employers must provide a workplace free from recognized hazards that cause death or serious physical harm to employees. Some industries provide additional requirements as well.

Determine what resources, methods, etc. will eliminate or reduce the hazards and develop procedures. The result may be simple such as providing
employees with hearing protectors or hard hats or it may be on a larger scale such as changing procedures.

Train your employees on the new procedures. Invest in training to ensure your
employees understand and can implement the new procedures Monitor, monitor, and monitor. Once your new procedures are set, the process is not complete. Continuously monitor for workplace safety to ensure your employees are following procedures and for any new hazards that may arise.

Maintaining a Healthy Work Environment

Many employers have removed asbestos from their buildings. Links between extended exposure to asbestos and lung cancer have prompted various federal agencies such as the EPA to require companies to remove asbestos altogether or at least seal it so that it cannot escape into the air. But asbestos is not the only culprit. Germs, fungi, mold, and a variety of synthetic pollutants cause problems, too. Although specific problems and their elimination go beyond the scope of this text, some suggestions for keeping the workplace healthy include the following Make sure workers have enough fresh air. The cost of providing it is minimal compared with the expense of cleaning up a problem. One simple tactic: unseal vents closed in overzealous efforts to conserve energy. Avoid suspect building materials and furnishings. As a general rule, if it stinks before installation, it will emit an odor afterward. Substitute tacks for smelly carpet glue or natural wood for chemically treated plywood. Test new buildings for toxins before occupancy. Failure to do so may lead to health problems. Most consultants say that letting a new building sit temporarily vacant allows the worst fumes to dissipate. Provide a smoke-free environment. If you dont want to ban smoking entirely, establish an area for smokers with its own ventilation system.

Keep air ducts clean and dry. Water in air ducts is a fertile breeding ground for molds and fungi. Servicing the air ducts periodically can help eliminate growths before they cause harm.

Health, Safety and Environment of Grameen Phone Working conditions:

The company offers a safe,healthy,wonderful and working environment in office.The companys intent is to establish a good working relationship through a mutual understanding of expections.They believe in working in a team and demonstrate team spirit to maximize and excel in standard quality service to their valued subscribers in the area of telecommunication. Employees work in a area where they feel valued,responsible and supportive by the authority as well as their collegues.GrameenPhone takes preventive and safety measures to avoid all sorts of danger situation that might take place in all areas of technical as well as non technical functions.

GrameenPhone policy on health,safety and environment:

GrameenPhone shall be a safe and attractive place to work.The main principle of this policy is that,discomfort in the job and work related injury and diseases could be prevented.This can be achieved through systematic work,awareness of dangerand common sense.GP strives to maintain a well-motiveted and well educated work force. Main Purpose of HSE: To ensure better health of the employees for better producetivity To give health support to all employees To reduce work related injury,discomfort to a minimum level. To make work place safe and attractive. To maintain a good working environment by offering awareness on health, hygiene and safety among a all associated with GP. To ensure healthy and safe procedure in all work process of GP including all stake holder. To offer training to all employees of GP regarding health, safety and environment. To maintain liaision with all available medical centres for ensuring discounted and attentive medical services for the employees of GP. To fulfill social commitment of GP towards community. To conduct research based work regarding HSE.

HSE goals for Grameen Phone:

There are to be reviewed yearly as a minimum. To established an HSE goals for each year and continual improvement of the operational HSE tasks and responsibilities. To create an awwerness of HSE throughout the company. To reduce work related injury,stress,expressed by a numerical figure which shall be fixed each year.

Responsibilities: (Management)

The Managing director is responsible for following up HSE in the company. He will be the top most person for guiding and ensuring support for all the HSE related activities.The incorporates updating and maintaining this manual. The goals are to be reviewed once per year as a minimum.

Grameen phone has a very clear view of creating and nursing the natural environment as much as it can. For protecting the nature and for prevention of pollution of air,making the surrondings more green-all of the GPs intention is towards it.GPhas a clear policy of non-pollution .All waste shall be taken care of in a safeand proper fashion.By no means GP is breaking the beauty and essentials natural environment while estabilishing of its base station at green field. Utmost care shall be taken to protect and left the nature as it is.A good strive shall be taken.

Health: In broader sense health of the employee is a big thing to deal. GrameenPhone shall try to take the initiative of taking care of initial health care services of the employees. In-house Medical Consultancy services: It shall be done by running a health clinic at head office. Registered medical practitioner will be available there to offer the consultancy and serve primary health facilities to employees. More over , over phone, all the employees of GP will have the facilities of taking consultancy at any time. The employees can seek help at any emergencies from the GP-Clinic help desk by dialing 78274 or #38274 (from GP mobile).

In case of any illness employees will also get assistance from Authorized Medical Support Service Agent. Executive Health Cheek-up (Pre-employment & Yearly): To keep up a healthy life of an employee a regular health check-up is conducted with the authorized medical service providers. Yearly executive Health Check-up is conducted in two categories-below 40and above 40. Moreover , a pre-employment medical check-up is also performed for the prospective employees of GP. Other Regular Check-ups: Dental and ENT check-ups are covered for the employees in periodic intervals especially for the Customer Management Division. For traffic staffs yearly medical check-ups and psychological tests will be carried out for their overall general health. Vaccination: Vaccines are available against some communicable diseases for the GP employees. Different vaccination program is run by the HSE department for the safe and sound health of the employees. Insurance Coverage: GP is giving insurance coverage under ALICO Bronze plan to its employees. It includes general hospitalization and maternity benefit health plan. Employees family members also come under this coverage umbrella. First Aid boxes: First aid boxes shall be supplied to each and every workstation of GP where more than 10 employees are working. More over, all sub-stations and GPDCs shall be supplied with first aid boxes. GP pick-up and drop buses and other vehicles of GP is furnished with necessary first-aid boxes and those will be updated ad needed at regular time intervals. HSE/PS representative of the respective workstation shall look after the contents of first aid boxes. Content of all the first aid boxes shall be replaced, once it is consumed as soon as possible locally or from head office whichever shall be convenient. List of the first aid medicine and the user from are given as annexure.


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