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Life and Fire Insurance.

Life \ai<i Fire Ujrtirjuiee.

ForSale^ To Reat.

K B i r a o r d l s j s i r y l>:*cV*)rlee)aU 5lsa u r y brick huse, quite n e w , and l.icated in a end Tailor., Importers ul Cloths, Cswimeeaa, iJe*irjbU n e ^ h b u r h o i d , at low rvnt. Most of the f u n m w e enu be uougki, if deeered, at v e r y rraaonable >tuugM, Fanr.y Dn-s* Art.cW 4 c . I pprvctai Mr Uyard, an En^wh gcntkmtn, ISM for p r i c e s a* Ibe uccupant intend* h> bu*rd. E n s m r e at of tlieauccek* whkh ha* aiieiidi their aifuru in c*ir- Ue ta^t imvlve monttw t^en parBatngChe track mg for (he community, wtmld htder the .auurabrr ho GaxeQB u d k c L'u<, Oet.. 14tb, 1 J * 4 6 . atliM upon the romuieiKetnrat of ilie Kail IVjde, tliat k will --hrst laid open by M. HOURat Nimrovd, otmr *"rvd<tfek W. FavreT Nicholas Wvrki><r, aineaa. I u annual revenue now exceed* #260,000 per ^IvTO RENTTHE LAROK STORK N O . be. their cn.)e*jror *e aJd*o ihc ni'iucement* hich have .Muul, .MI tlie Tirt. Hi* cxc*v*\yoa hrw Audrew *,. Benedict, tiamitel H. Ciapp, annum. strict, n<w ml tor many year* |wt rend-rrdiil Br.*Mjway T H E F . S T A B U S I I U K N T not otilv ettled the precise po-.troo of NmeLemuel Rnhar.lMai, , "NV(llll|l^loU Pott, The.Company offer* great advantage* to whole Life occupied Uy Saiuuel Light body. Tiim ta the <*J stand at ahirh ar !urui*hrd Gsruietit* }Nat*aiiig tit* requi- veUth veryfxiatetv^ of which harlhrfnin Abtn/r, Van Bysktrck, sites whn h must continue to ronnnen<l them to Uie. r.m. . . f 0 60 af 20 lines 1tune^ Policies, ur insurances fureoWl periods, continued nil ^Francis DUBOIH, ' - tiJ. t ' . 4 N . Oevereux, and i*one of the w*t deaira- onust. Kor in the *tyh aixf ehararter r/ the rlorhirtg liUic Uttterihan a vajwe historic dreambt death; without incurring any personal rc*puu*ibility. 1 25 hle in the city for a heavy bujunes* of *uv deacription. we are enabled 4 WASHINGTON VOST, PreVu have brought to light aonie fttjla htiilsiiaga,.. < > famish, through the aid f m an ee> Profits divided anion;/ the insured in proportion to pre175 nov^ tf RY A. WETMORE A. B. HODGBS, Sec'y. Aecorthoff (s> miums paid, and will remain at their credit as an accu_ ieart * corps of cmte'rVa* can be found in the tow airy, scofpteffea, an<f ioflcription. 825 The uiuknugBed, Agent of the above named ComOR SALE.ATLOT O H OXXBBSI T . ia dns seqwl u> die attraction* of our nn-derate tliarge*. JXXUUHU received at CunaUntinople, eeaat mulating fund, payable at their decease. 2* lMo4uor below Devereux Street. A large aA>ainent of new good* for Fall and Winter tnotitha *mce, and c^rotBonicaued tothe AUBB Whole life policies participating in the whole of the pear, will issue Policies of Inearauce on Buildinga, J. H. E D M O N D S . BOO Wear are ode red fi>r inapectkin, coinprifiiig Cl<*l.*', profits will become of (Treat value to the holders. The Guoua aad Meirhandiae, aud Persunal Property T. T. PON! Oct. 28 1946. iMlj. Tweed*, A* . for Dree* and Froek !-oats, Over coats, ii-eum of Saturday last, Mr. Uytrfd had disrf i n,00th insured, on a aurreader of hie policy, can realize the erally, on fvorable tenus. 760 Utica, Sept. 5, ,1346. '_ dtkn Sack*, Ac.'; French, English aad American Oa**K covered an entrance formed bv twi value in caah at any titue after two annual pay menu of FOR S A L E A 1000 F ^ a n e ^ r f * 1 1 ^ ^ : mere* for PaatsJurnu. A wur.1 in reference to this cent winged, human, b*oded lion*. premium. Premiums may be paid annually, semi-anEW YORK LIFE INSUliANCE 6c Busine- Card, not exceeding,for I Farm lying on the mad leading from I*tie* to ganinxitin which (a* exjterisiice ha satk6.d the many) 1200 nually or .quarterly, at the option of the inaiired. ' P t t l S T COMPA.NY.-Thiaohi aad moat re- White This entrance led him into a bat) a bore 110 hiteabero, about two mile* from the city,' containing so few cutterK vxcela trial in thi* liae ,i especially tinea, inserted at The transaction* of thi* institution are upon (he caah aponst.ble Institution, desirous of bringing the benefits f<*t long and 30 broad, entirely both of aiate principle. No noted are deceived fur premiums; con- of Lite Insurance within |*e reach of all classes, and about iOOacrua. with dwelling house, three herns and olicited. Merino, Velvet, Silk and Satin Vesting* in _of marbre, corered with sculprurea Thw Ac. Ac. ara surged a. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ sequently the survivors ofthe parties insured wirl IKM be deacrtptiom,' and to meet the wishes of a.uen as prefer corn hoiMc. Tbej>roi>erty could be divided if required.. great variety. T h e usual sswnrtment of fin* quality Card- oT thanks, Ac.,*ttheretettwsitty* ***" Also a first rate dwelling house, with garden and Ready iiKuie Over e^atK, Ungtnsl iiack,tJlok, UreM* aiije, walla are ornamented with analt baa rtdisappointed in their expectation of a comfortable cup- insWance on the mutual jilan tuihe propnetary *)*UMU, and 1- rock Coaia, Panulooa*, Von*, etc . with a cboiea iiefo, of the highest interestbattle affgm, port, by the heavy drawback-of accumulated premium has reduced the rate* on the latter, where the party in- gntund*. Term* liberal. F.nmiire of fl'lefUoll ot !" C^nm^^uanj * J of & cents not0* reducing the benefits to a small pittance. sured dot*not participate m the proat*; ithd propoaes >ug!7tf ^ C. P. WETMURR, at Yorkville. iKy Drv*a arirsh)*^ Scmf*, C'ruraU, lion hunt*, Sic. many of them in the ftneet private interests, to e p - r H.uulkerrlu'.-r,. al*o tn insure on "dieTaluluar principle, at the rates hithMerchant* and* Trader*;, Olfkers, Civil, Military T i g y T O L E T T H K U T O R B N o . 1 1 8 Ciii^. Glove*, Suxpctidcr*, Sh.rta Collar*, statfiil preaerVafton, and all executed with rp.r .ouare for a single insertion. and Naval; Clergymen, and professional men generaf- erto charged. j ! a i , es .treet, at a low rent." The location ia in the Bosoniftj.Half H u*e, Ac. Lra^rjlliiazy apmt^-Thfy afibtd a coutptea tftaV" A \ Vurkyflet. 15, 1845. Instead of full payment of premium* oh life policies, centre of bumness jyil iBifl nt4he most ileslrahle in the y; Clerks, and person* in every station in society, may T H E ONEIDA WHIG."rrn lor " j " 1 Jh o military art kmotig the Aaayrran*.; secure j o their families in the eveot'of death, * com- 30 per oeut. on eniiei plan may t>e psid by note,^Iraw- city. Enquire at No. 122 Genesee, corner of Liberty A/;ir 'FALL A*P WISTTKR avotts. tree1, am.I prove their intimate knowledfeof fortable support and independence, by malting, with ing interest at 7 per cent, per annum, and made payable ledfvof iaaaay . *_. _ jy20dtf nurnln~advace, to mail f ^ ^ ' p T T l Z " * " W tlii* institution a small annual investment for an insu- on the 1st July, 1853; when there will be settlement CHARLES _B. HATCH, of .those machineof war whoa* invention M ara more than tea aubecnbersat one Post Utflce. T O L E T A NUMBER 6 r GOOD D W I L -rance on their Uvea. 1 j*? the-accounw of the company for the previous 7 years, Ao. 97 irii'iom^^rtt^Aw J V A _ _ . attributed to the Greeka apd rWrnaDe^eedi 1 In<iiare_of . Person* may effect insurance on their own Uvea or and each policy ill then be valued, and future loans i J'.'riL ^!??:*^^^IWtrlrta A^W? J o * P r i n t i n g Mce* - ^ r r c n T n T T I i l ATTENTION o r MKB< HANTR isthe batterinf ram, the'tower _. anorkif QD made to the assured" Tn isvportlon nontoaaoertiined vslue 1 1^CSr ,-, JAM Kb BAILfcY, theJJUe* of othem. ____ K kJJ to hi* fall stock of good* in the Gentlemen'* Fur, Pamphlets explainisg the principlea and advantages of policies. And if preferred, the partie* insuring mar ISo. iSi Uenesee, corner of Liberty *U "wheeb, the catapnlt, SLC. nishing line, comprising full and complete assortment JOB OOKCBBT SIULS, of Life Insurance, widi rates of premiums and form* of pay their premium*, if over f50, in quarterly payments FARM FOR S A L E T H I RUMCBI- of the lataetand eeatiie*iral>le. styles. Constating ia Nothing can exceed the beauty and etegmnof) PAMFHUBTe, > BILt H I 1 H | application, may be obtained at the otfice of the Agent. in money, with 4 per cent, internal. ber oirers for sale die valuable Carm situated on part of I p/% a s B v Q B of theformsof vahotm arms, sword*, daggers, stAicas,. BALI. TICSLSTS, T h i s new arrangement, w h e n regarded in'connection the Oneida creek, in Verooa, in lliiscouaty, long known Rich fanoy scarf* and cravat*. "*. ~ --"-~-' .: ITu Rate* of Insurance on One Hundred Dollar* bowf, apearti, Ac. In this rreat ballThere BANK cmtCBTB, ISTITATIOS CASDS, with the grat security afforded by the vested capiial of aa the " Logan Cook" lot, and being a part of late OneiPlain black do. Jo. r en a Single Life for One Year. aie several entrance-each Jormed by w i o f CIBCtTLABS, - > ADDBBSS do the company, p l e d g e d , that the premiums chall be k e p t da Reservation It contains about one hundred acres, Plain and iriiniiied *ilk and satiaatock*. a iSI SHQW SILLS, ed lioun.or winged bulla. Theae led into oth-, . . . . . . BC8IWBB8-., do safe from bad i n v e s t m e n t s , fraud or robbery, and also all under improvrmeat, except HIKJUI t w e n t y n v e acre*, Plain snd trimmed self-adjusting d>. 6 * pledged, wuen the insurance* ore ou the proprietary which i heavily timt^red. There are now o*die farm 5C LBCTUE* l l L l - ' j be er chambera, which again braneh oiTintoa, Plain and rich fancy cravat lias. > &.J s y s t e m , o^.iinot e v e r y risk o f loss from t h e prevalence twenty-fie tirstrnte Cow* which w d H * sold, with the * * Exec Every_ chamber is Sjurt*. bosom* and cottar* of every *tyle*nd quality. liumlred ramiticationa. of di*ea** or of imfavorable climate, wilf be a,'ipreciate<l office Silk, cotton, w.oiien, merino and buck*am under- built of slabn covered with sculpt ares or io56.31 1 32 1 42J2 43 47 193 1 99 4 01 by the public, and lead, it is believed, t o a great e x t e n - '_farm if derired. For one cngHgJ iu the CIICCM? dairy buainess, an o|iportuniiy is now offered for a profitabIt-_ garmeiits. . ._ _ _ _ ^ 69*33 134 1-4812 57 49 1 95 2.D3U 49 sion o f the pracqco_of L i f e liisurajice. 17 criptio*v whence aome idem may be forme*) , investment, FalfHinrwjriter glove* of all *tyled. ".. 7:ti IV 13tH 53 2 75 i l 197 2 20 4-75-1 19y9a. , _ of the number of .object* discoveredthe far T h e siil^( rib'er7 -rr<>Tii>l.l*the A g e n c y f o r l h i s city Xl,*LARUK TAXMtiR J , with the rHve*snry Swpviider*, liandkerrhief>i, dre**ihc-gnwns. 1 13 1 63;2 90 "53 2 10 2 5!) 5 24 21; 92 97 1 ^ HO^OPAFH^PHYSICIAN^ and its vicinity, will be hnppy, at nil times, to give furgreater part of which, in fact; nearlr all, are. building* nt:d all rhe modern impnivcments and inaabiHiwiery, oiled silk*, crsvat vtitleners, tr. A r . ' ' 03,1 9A\ 1 9 ^ 7 1 76| 3 11 55 2 32 31H 5 7'8 ther informntion to a n y w h o m a y desire a more |>crtoct DoctorTS W. Stewart' (recent^ of Clinton, One.d. 23i 97 1 Wi 04,11 17iT nery connected'with the !ii*nulnrture of leather, with a 57 270 4 206 27 in the besf prcstTvafirm: JMr. Layarda AllT>l H Inch will be sold l the lowest market prices. 31 25,1001 kn o w l e d g e uf the n e w plan ; and hopes that a n o * ih- fine water power, and all in perfect order fc Llaetors a. Humphrey*, of the laie firm of K. 27 1 H I 23,2 17; 13 1-991 .9 367 4 63 6 P7 . __ " fmil ai ihi* e*tai>hahmcut one of the vaiious have been oTtherto confined to a rery i the m i n d s of the m a n y w h o TIesirou* f entering immHiatelvtntothe bu*ine*. A l>e*t axsoiimeiiUM^f g<mdi in the above line that can be 435-4-9fTD0 t * f * >t r cunty)and b-ttu^mpnrey^ 291^281 3ol? 31'454^1r4-96}3 & c o n ( i e ciioa ID have heretofore, from some cause, neglected to avail pleasant dwelling house and large garden i* attached, found in the city, and are invited to cell and examine *rnaJI comer ot the mound under which these MORRIS ROBINSON, President. _Hum P hreys & Son, have ormej ^ ^ ^ themselverof the inestimable advantages nf Life Insu- and the whole is situated on Steuben creek, in Trenton before, m a k i n g their |xtrtha*e* e l s e w h e r e . eepOdtf _ antiquities have for ages been buried ; it is SAMUEL H A N K A Y , Secretary. - jel6d6m lHwines* at the old stand, Wo. n o .nor2dlm rance. J. H. RATHBONE, Agent. villsge. impossible to aay~w1iat may eome oot wben T. R..WALKER, Agent, 129 Genesee . Utica. Utica. r* _^ ; ONUMENTS OF ITALIAN AND J|Vashingtr>n Hall, June 19, 1846. Al-o one hundred and i*t"y acrea of heavily timbered *D 'hev can be carried forward on an adeqtamta STATUARY M A R B L j ! , executed by UARTERL\ T REPORT or T U I MU- rpHE " LONGnsL^ANblNSURANCE land in Mercer county, 11 It noi*, bordered by one of the 1 J L * * jcaie. = L ^ R E A T " W ^ S T E R N r SALOON. THiptl of Th.*wl<Uen, will be T il" in " the state. ~~ swbserilier, wh and at aH-hours tual Life Insurance Company of New V ork, No. Dnvereux Block, corner Geneeeo street and Canal, COMPANY.-Offiw, 41 FuUon stT, ^r^okTyhT For further information in relation to any of the above firrnieued to diose who may-order them, st prices va ail si.New policies issued during quarter ending Capital, 200,000, with a eurpiu* SwltaterlauRsl. rying according to quality, from 5100 to $2000. . Meals ready at^he shortest notice mentioned property, inquire of - octl2d3m PARMERTON A S C ^ A M ^ -July I, 1846: B.'W. bauiATBa, President. The subscriber i* permitted to refer to E. S. BRAYTON, Dudlev-'s Triangle, yarnme"t To Merchant*, Traders ToClergymcn, " 10 E. C.-FIKN, Secretary. Walker, E*<f., whom lie ha* furnished with a number y2dlf corner Genesee and Whiteeboro sta. ~ " " D R . S. Z. HAVEN, baa entered opon and continued the exercise p snd Clerks,- : 123 To Lawyers, . - N : 16 lyfiit. c<Mnjiany insure against loss or damage by fire, of design*, to which he requests the attention of those Ro'mceonathicPhysician and S-irgeon, oSee-lil ^ e n - To Manufacturers and To Artist, ^ t m Cotton, Woolen, and other nmnufacturing establish- j * | T O L E T A fa*tE AKJ> COMMODIOL'B whn may In* deiruu*.uf nwliw; tliemscfvT's of hisTcf1" ol ^ functionw, without an attempt being eZT^Xi^r below the .canal bndge f, y , Mechanics, 81 ToPhysicians&Dentistsll ments; abo LiuiUiing9, /^ur;^ure'and frktrhdnrtist; JEHL d^THiing house in Whitesboro street, two door* v(ces. aa2ldPin R. E , LA I. SII / , N e w York. made by its adversaries to oppose it. With house Broad street, Eaat^uea^ ^ ^ j e p l d l y JVOrHceia of Banks & -TolWchersft-Studehtitl Tlie subscriber having been appointed agent fojr central west of ike Haok-ofX'tica: a more desirable residence the exception of the two bridges that were FJiiXTS OXLY. Brokers, > . SJo^Ediiors, ^ ^ and western New ^r'ork,Ts prepared to receive appltoa- is not found in the city. Inquire of humed, the town contains no traces whatever =^MANNrEI)MONOS & BAGG^ To^ChemistsA-DruggistsTTo Booksellers, , liuu* and lake ri*ks on the mott favorable terms. J I E W FALL S T Y L E S . WILLIAM BAKER, - _ f having been to recently the scene of a> Atmrneys, Solicitors and Coiinarfors, 30 Genesee sC. To Shipmasters^- 2ToAIillers, . 1 ^dtf T. P. BALLOU, A^env - j - " ..niy_15tf. ,Z U&ce Wanlnngt^n Hall, Broad st. -^ A t 4 h e e x t e n t i * e F^ta+TiishmwHoT To Government officers. 2-TiLgQUl gerpera, ^- Z Utica, Jwi* 2, 1848. Dudley's Triangle, Utica. Charles A. Mann, iiMulutiuu. Deiwsajll thg Ciriens of diraVmnt No. 33 Genesee st. ti Jl 11 K -L E E & KK , J u h n H . Ejmgnjjii - ,irw.r;ntQn,]pnt 1 ToAuctiiinoorPd* A g e n t s ^ - - : > ' not the shghtest UI-wi/l appearstoex* T^R.R.S No. 44 U USDAR N'EW VORK, S D A R JJTREET, NTw" =*fa I o uartmen n, 'iToUiv.lEnyineereand VJI!.a-ANl% V A h AND QUARTERLY PAY- JT^farms for*aieor to axenange for city iroperty. i*t. -rase" Where are eoncentratel nearly all the N EW 8 T V L ES tuai -Life Insurance Company of New To Steamboat , to DatCapUins, 2 Architects, .-J->- - 3 KJ menu.Mutus of P R I N T E D CALICOES which have been produJOHN DEAN, . All, of nearly all, the functionaries of the r inarch 25,1846. No. 14 Liberty st. To Officers of Army aad .To Ladies," 6 York,"No. 56 Wall street. The annual revenue of this ced in this country, or imported fur die fair irl*. mt u^poa^Ml-goverBment^ave been maintained tn Of DeaWaie, la UsTaCanty, haa been appointed by Company being now more ihan-&258,000and its busiNavy,-' 2 To Gentleman, JL;* 8 ness- constantly augmenting) the Trustees ai * ineeting- JgLXQ X T ^ - T H E ^ t * e WTORT rTorrr are offered for sale for C A S H OR APPROVED their places, and the very same militia that the 0 0 % ^ of the State of lUinoui, ^"% To Farmers A Gardenere8 ; a o m l A d _ . . . . .._-Stakedepeeitiena nasi ^ * ^ ^ V ^ ^ : TbPuhlicXJfTicers,- " . "4Total Lives Insuredw318 hdd A pril 7,1846, have adopted the following resolution: iSaL dwelling house No. 63 Broad street, at a very C R E D I T at the present government fought against, with ^Resetted, Thatlhe officers be sulhorised to receive low rent. Possesion given immediately. PRICES GREATLY REDUCED I ^ S d W i i o h . d or recorded H ^ S M H iel6d6m MORRIS ROBINSON, Presnlefrt. arms in their hands, has been reinstated. The semi-annual and quarterly payments of premiums from _myS_ WALKER A LAKE. 129 Geneaee st, Widiin die last few days. .~ of niinoia. ^^ T. R. WALKER, Agent, 129 Geneaee at. Utica. elections of members of"lhe Grand Council parties desiringit, charging legal interesten die deferred M T O O * Purchasers are g<tarantead U*e prices and allowL E T A N U M B E R o r OOOD GENCY OF THE HOWARD AND payments with the agreement, that in case of a clans have given an overwhelming majority to the DEX^TER G I L L M O R E , ance* made for a given period. J s K Dwelling-houses on Hotel and other streets in NATIONAL Fire Insurance Companies, and t^TCatalogue* (renewed and corrected daily) regu- Radical party, i. e.,'to that now in power. Attorney* CouneelloratiLaw,, and Soliciu* A.Co- MUTUAL L I F E Insurence Company, of the city of for lose the whole unpaid balance of Uie yeax'spremrum die city, from die first of May next. Enquire of lating the pricesare placed in the hands of buyers aud- Front, this we are bound to assume thstt tray wHorinCbeneery.andJueooeofthePeace. Par- New Yerk; and of the PROVIDENCE WASH- shall first be deducted." H. HURLBURT, S A M U E L H A N N A Y , Secretary. ' . ap3dlr ticular attention paid to collecuon ofdetnands, large INGTON Insurance Company, R. I. . lafe revoTatTohlias obtained the' sanction of the Office over BrenJnaU.d McClclland'a Hat Store. aent with goods onlered. T R. WAMfKR, Agent, iS Genesee at., Utiea^ and small, and to making Conreyaiiees, and taking March II. The undersigned, Aentforthe^bore Institution*, fTTfarmtsa of the people, and is not the wuii "Ackoowledgmenti, Altdaviw, Ac. Ptiinammm. PRINTERH. will issue policies of Insurance on Lives, Buildings, J U L Y 25 l ^ ^ R U S X F i R ^ J N S J ^ FOR T i n FoX^nar xnr of a turbulent minority. Otfice 122 Oenesee street, up stairs, corner of Uenwee _fV*jpn, W o y l j e n , qnd other M.i1<'i.tnri.< Mniyrh.iv -elUJCKCW~G Printers' Furnishing Warehouse C6MPANT, CITY N B W - Y O B K , continues the" l i t of May next, a new two utorr house, on bers have opened a new Type Foundry in T b the c *ubaeri> There have been no disturbances in other city of and T.ihcTtyst* g ^ _ diae, Household Furniture,<tc., and on very deacrip- to make insurance against loss or damage by fire. Genesee *t. ap7dtf Enquire of L. H. EAMES. cantons, with the excepffon oFBalee, where New-York, where they are ready to supply urdera-to tion o( Merchandizej'n the course of Inland TransporlT25dtf. W. W. BACKUS, Agent. ISAAC FISH F]OR SALETHE~BRIC*TDWELLI^TO anytent, for any kind of Job or fancy Type, ink, *otne disorder took phice in conseqaeoce of nnafitcturer of Jewelry, No. 5 Liberty rtreet Job- tation, by Canals, Rivers and Lakes, in the Suite of ~ TNA INSURANCECOMi^NYTo* situaTecT between the residences of B. F. Cooper pa|*r, cases, Galleys, brass.rule, Heel column rule, the deerness of breach The Catholic cant bing done in the best manner, Old' Gold and SU- NewJYork. or the adjoiningjStateei arrhe lowest estabHaitfordy Conn. oel29dtf 4Ji*hed rat. T. R. WALKER, and S. P. Lyman, on Geneaee street- The nouee ie composing stick*, chase*, and every article necessary *re undert~4 r^. h^ p T p - T l l ^ 111 lif^i till I . *er taken-in eichange. J: WATSON WILLIAMS, Agent, jel6d6m _ ..__! 129 Genesee street, Utica. in first rate order, and jaeaaant I y located. ThatrnjA-a. for a Priming " f - t . Alsnsrrnnrl drmd mrnriat . N/T.1Q Whiteabero-atreet upstair*. : good garden and out bouses on the premises. Ilie type,"which are cut in imitntioti of the F,ngliah hut thna far haa occurred to pot them BAILEY & BROTHERS. . . _ N I ^ E D S T A T E S FHtE IWSTJletters, are caat in new mould*, troiu an entirely new in hostility to Geneva. aP20dtf J AMES_McGREGOR. Dealtn Watebea, Jewelry * c No. 122 Genesee, RA.NCE COMPANY.-Office No. 67 Wall set of matrixes, widi deep counters, are warranted to Watchea and Clocks careThe Grand Council metio-day. Its first .corner ef Liberty street. FOR SALE OR TOllENt~Ffto.i~Tn be unsurpassed by anyTand will be sold st prices to suit street, Newj f o r k . Capital t250,000._ ~* care will naturally be to establish a definite - J- fully repaired. . first of May next, the two story Brick House the tunes. All the type furnished by us is''*hand caat." JOJUI L. BQBTXB, Preeidenc UILDERS' HARDWARE. ^ government. M. Fazy, who is at the bead of and lo~No. 282 Genesee *trcet. There i* on die The tv |.e* from any foundry can be matched at diis J A M B S WIUCIB, Secretary. WM. L. WALRADT, '&*) don. Blake's door handiea. premises a small barn, carriage-house and wood-booae; the present government, l a a TreocKtrtao by Continue to insure against loss or damage by fire at 500 " casi and wro't I>utt hinges. > . Attorney and QneeUor at Law and Maater m Chan the lot ia 40 feel front and rear, and 181 feet deep, afbirth, and tnok an active part imhe Paris rev-Printing prease* furnished, also steam engines ef die die usual rates. T. P. BALLOU, Agent, 500 sets Seymour's blind fastenings 'and butts. c e r y . N . . 90 Geneaee street, Tuea. ____^7ftZ fording ample rrnm"fojaAard and gardeavaaaa tafa evest approved patterns. Utica, June 2, 1846! -dtf 33 Genesee at. olotjao of 1830. . Also a full aasortment f Price & Dana's mortice ery respect a very desirable location for a rotdence. C O C K C R O F T 4 OVEREND, AUTLLUS (MUTUAL U F E ) INSU- 'and rim lock* constantly on hand and"for sale as chtap SAMUEL FARWELL. derarHr 68- A n u *irevt. as tkt $keaptit, at i'2 Genesee street. J!ROILOE. Woot>Drvioir_pT THE ARarr. RANCE COMPANY, 59 Wall WeeT FOR SALE OR TO L E T S E V E R A L f Utica, May 26, 1846 D A N A , SON * CO. J. W. TRACY The advance of the army under Gen. Wool arAfter mature deliberation, the Trustees have become EdHaTe this day esOexed mtoeopartnersb.p in the UTieUCe very desirable D w e l l i n g * , in varioua parts o i 'fff the late firm of. W. V\ . ChesUT tf Co. ' convinced, and die experience of old established comrived at tho Rio Grand* on th*> Qh irfr Tbey AMAGED F I L E S G R E A T BARGAINS 3a n g l e ; ^ n e L o f G e n ^ Slo n i \ 1 ? o l e V i T r i " ' T h e i r ^ n * " ^ * Mann the city. . panies fully-warrant the conclusion, dial the advantages can e b .aade ly machinist* and other*, in a lot of Wkiuaboro streeu. dtf . JiLay t. i?*. _ made the distance (187 miles) in eleven 1 ircbVAlso for sale a great variety ot Whiteaboro rtreets f Building tnta, some T N M T E S ATTENTION TO A LARGE of Life Insuittnce on the Mutual plan, ""? hnnAmA lies which were imported by n* and damaged in die very desirable, which will be *o1d low, and on. my days through yrairi? eomjivy "rih t ._ very A A*ortn.iit of and tiirTugt?<l with greater fivjqiMK-*iu m large _ERA9TU9 CLARK TTOkrV ffafp Herrry VUJtr liom^verphe^ by^Uing-au, ^orn,n,Matingterma.' Apply to - - e A i t P f T T T N ^ ^ r ^ w m c L O T I T S T - S c : - - ing stt t The advance cooststed of Major Has remored hi.Wa>T5ltc<ToTfirrraror Mat... A K d - t,reontribiitors, and with-eqiml. security to all die as- the Old Hardwarr1 Stand, 92 Genesee street. HOPPFJ T.. H O / P E R , 10 f l e e c i e r s t jul6V}tf whiah he i* rx<w <><iemug, ai.d ouVr*forsak- at the new Bonneville's command of three cootpaaies of sured, by requiring no greajfir. amount of die premium .BondV. Dudley'* Triangle._d4^_May 1, 1846. Thev will be soldjrery low, and now is the time to J tn. h<. p"il in nniih ttlM" t h * '""p"y will require to moe porchaMo. Call and see. e * i X l > L E 1 \ S T O R E S N o . 18 A N D 2 0 OW More. No>323 BROAlixVA Y, second duur al>ove the the bih Infantry and one company of Kentucky TT^A^DERHEYDEN & SAmr 5wdp its engagements widi promptitude and fidelity. JSaV Gene*** street, fnmting on Wood-market; and HoapitaL Ltica, April 24, I>*6 DANA, SON & CO Vro!unters ; two companies of Illinois Vohu*Man*a%*5tarer8 and wholesale and retail dealer* in Boom I It ha* accordingly been determined that in all eases., > t y York, Oct. 23.1,16*6. No. 4, m Whuesboro street, of',MiUer'$ Block." ILVER PLATING POKE I * THE BEST Al*o, *everaflwclung-noo*e allow rejit*. Pons as si on and Sheen, Nn. 6t Qeneeee street. where the annual premium-shall amount to $50, and 60 - I I 7 0 R S T E D Ar WOOLLEN GOODS. -teerK under command of Major H. 1,. Webb; style ami workmanship.. per cent, thereof shah have been paid in cash, an ap/ . BENEDICT, igwr _**.iTl'iWi" iai|> | tiis Flying Art llffy undir Capt. WairrThj Harness 'tYimmin^M of H kind* r-f r"r n,mv nt"- from 1st of MaV next Enquire of two regiments nf Dnmxms under Col. liarH a a removed h i s l a w office to 1 IrjTJenesee st. np staira. proved note may be given for the remaining 40 per cent., C. near Jolin tt., Jmivrtert and Jotberu, offer tlie Feh. 2. JOHN B. MILLER. payable twelve'monXhs after date, bearing six per cent fnfacture, constantly on band as made to order. "~ URBANE DUNGING, F O R S A L E , A T A B A R O A I K , A S O O P fbttowin^ Goods at low (rices for Cash, 'or approved. nry ; -J enmpaniesor the 1st regt. Illiooie Voi> - * interesi^-JEfaethe" m i . iintefgst ^ A * to . be i paid ~.iA annually, but i.. h^rf Carriage Platinp tiofuTto urderrand with despatch,. r ri, : "at die Old Hardware Standy 92 Genesee utreet, by JJagneTrenn Artist, - T - un:eers under'Capi 4it,rn irwiTnl Vllf principle not to be called in unless die exigencies of die brick dwelling house in goid cowdrSua and ia a P*lf. ' . egimetit ofVrkanaas INfoonted Men ; together" C^rfGenesWa|KlBr. company requite it, giving aixty day* notice, and then pteasani part ot t h e c i t y . Enqtttretw" DANA, SON A CO., Muisied DafflUks, Miaeens, liattinett*, Eolieonea, pMh a train of spQVt 200 vragons, each araarn Manviacturrz.and Importers uf Hardware. imly liy aawmiuunu) pro rarta to die extent tiiat may be ap4dtf Drab CioCh* and Triaiminj:* fir Carriage .l/aJtcr*. O. M. BENEDICT. by~frx niufe*r NtLajnan was Tout or died 00 required to meet the eniragementa of the company. .Ulica, Nov. 29, 1845. _ , / A L r K E R 6t L A K E , ^ T * E ' S T R E N t * T^f C m - ngt'red ana plain Pluhes. Turkey Red Furniture*, _Jt is confidently anticipated that a system, the optrraP 1 jhtxaed*; aiJ not a wagga'^f pjiff*T Rneioat. Drapery aiiislins, Black~Lastiug*, 4-4 to 45JTncb Bur-OCKS! LOCKS!!DANA. SON 6Z CO. Attornev^naT5"neellers at Lnw, office No. 129 Gen see street This Stori is aituated in the centre of Hi w, tiooofwhich is so fair and equitable, so well caiculjted are now able to-furni^b Lock* in any ooantity pr The General ukes formal posaesakxt'of the hlps, f to 40 inch "BiBi.r* Druggets, Ac. all reaper. > a most de^nrfcftffccation. Utica. .toplace in* r.wlififri and blasaingaisf- Life Insurence quality from twenty-fire eeijj* fOTwuhuncfred and fifty Pw .tlaw. 2>imvni * ccleWac*l-4afn* and Cu**tmrra*r tiTwn <d Presido, alul would move on tuwards eiy. Enqerire at No. 122 * "* within die reach o t ^ , s ^ atJfre_j8aine Uinc enaSB. %herv/ our own tarnutacttire E W. STEWAR' *a** don't retrnfre *po^i: g: -**3m _ MotTclova in three qr foor dnv*, so aartD be_UiGenesee, comer L. - i u t. " tf Atrarner-at"Uw and Solicitor in.Chsaeery> Ofice each contrjhvniT to BtlaiB BtuaHy and fully notoolyin" Banks can.l>e furnished jjjdxhank door-locksn)iisl New >ork. At. *. 1^46 rs ninal - ^ R O S P E e r U i L o r THE S E C O N D StJ=M-ikiiig_diatance vfj^eaer^li^jior^ ahoald h e Central Bank, FnsnkKn Square. it* beneficent security.-bat al*o In itt, pfofru of a'cevtaa- to Day's, Jones', or any -jther kind, at about tone half TTNDERTAKINQ T a r .SyBe&ilBE refjmr*. tKiFasrvirM~ s R1ES ,ibittlKRlrCAX JOLR.XAL OF Huon, wHl meet, o ft i* helfered to.deseryr the firvor the price, and warranted good. :=3V.3-DAB&OBT; - ancUonndentie-of the j w b u c i_Z~wa4ild_uke this *p*n*tunity to iavbrsh hi* frwndm b > The-xomitxy_ttom thjt Nuecee tothe Rio Locks wiltesilver plas^ AmHtnt^rwajra^a-^^ f ? ^ o r ' and the- puhlic of the <ir> and- county. thaLh* has reTaUox,75 Geneae-Bn%et,<)i)posJte the On^ .culiaray vantageaoffercd by thi.companyara. ^ S S t S ! ^ . Draper SIUJMA!*, B. iit\.uuA3r,-3r., and J A M B S ' D H L ) A A , 1 f 1.- nde jivas toand tn be a harrea waate, badiy octlO eenfiy fiuad up a new and appsapriet* hearse. He a ill uuio Branch Bank. 1. A guaranteejcapiul. _^ ^ -~ Mineral knobs^funusberl, with locks, at menufaetar- at New Haven, Congj ^watered and notfitfor cultivation. bold himself la constant readine** to furnish and^ier__5.~An-anua/ participatioa in die profit*. T The Second Series bfihirtnng eataboabed Journal ^-j^tr^rffiO. DIMON, ~ , Utica. Nov. 28. 1946. aonallytake the entire charge of F U N P R A L S . and ~" 3. No indb'vin^iaJxsponeiTtUty,beyond the amount of eTs* prices. commenced on die first of January, 1646, aad will be Has rernored Ws estce to K^. 6 C A T A W * * . make allproperaad n^eeaaary arrana^mostt from daath UAC^H & C A R K J A G E * R I M M I N G S . , jHiehedin*ii ,,llMIe(Jllltlz n | ) m D c r S Mannually, n a u 2 1 J ^ namely, in January, numbers forSyeapi<J by Dr. C . B : Coventry. Resa1 WAKSAW, _Oct^ 20.A remjukahae Jt*4ntara>eit. 4. Those who insurelor a less period dian life, par* ~ " ~* bar ef each' 5,000 yards broad anJ narrow Laee, also Bands, I Ma"* !! MlTi t'Bl/i S*ptrmhrr *"* VTT-T d ^ J o ^ T S r - i e e sareet, fir* door below Gee. ioiaataeauaUy in the annual profits of die company. _ C O F F I N S of mahogany, eberry. dfce., eanataady suit, which Dashers, TuTuT aicti Lamps, Ghna~ Frames, Iixndt .Kiikland'slate oojsaad, af ail sixes and qoaaitiaa, farniaasd at abort The Sauldus company confines its business excru- Springs, Axles, Rubber Cloth, alleeble Iron, and ust been decided by the Emperor. A vealtbr Each number will contain frora 140 to 150 page*, j nedy to Insurance on Lives, and all Insurance ap|r- everything needed by carriage makers, for sale at a r e - making annaslly tw volumes of 430 460 asareaeacb, Botice and reasaniUe charges.AAMxS. HART, Russian general was betrothed to the beaet> WARE ROOM. to Lire C rW duction from former prices fully illustrated by sntcrariags, as the suhjarta may re2 fof daughter of a Polish nobleman near War. A Urge assortment of LOOKING GLASSES, ,n s mi ^ - . - . ^ a year> M Druggistaad Grocer, 158 Gt; saw. and obtained his consent to the marriage. CHAIRS and C A B I N E T WARE, together with a Fayette Chn the day-fixed for the ceremooy, the brideFurniture* Thi* Journal ia intended to be a faithful record of variety nfother kinds of Hwumkold JOHN KELLETT; groom appeared, attended by a eaptaiu and sonabJenrieea. Wssh ined* Si isdsi in rhinTFra American and Foreign Science. The ''iSruwrillc /nSEWARRIVAL OI Soil coawimies to maaufacture Saddle*, Hanaas, telUgeacc," will contain a summary rf tf \ t f atshoH^utiiiT- ^ G A Y L O R D . -\gent. two officers, the first disguised aa a pope WATCHES, JEWELRY, FANCY Trunks, Valicae, TrareUiag Bags and all artwlea in PrrrstcalScience afaome and abroad. .Theaidefthe 59 Franklin &iuare, and 24 Lif--rty st. (prie&t,> and the latter as bis witnesses, and his line of buaiaeas, at his OLD STAICO, < 7 Genesee GOODS, ice. ... _ . in carrying , - not u***:sbl<cohWborators ha* been secured f V Roidence. caraer QM*roadway and Liberty ts +tr:e TmsTrspecting bride w^a~^a^rja*r to **> ^frf street eptaaake the Ontario Branch Bank, Uuca. 'BAILEY & JBROTHERS HAY* Taw I X r ^ 7 ^ ~ ^ ^ ^ ' ' J ^ a * l " a^'wtm^udil- -Ocroh*r 23; 1S45. Run:an lover bv this false priest. Two year* day received at No. 122 Geneaee corner oi ae.ll" to a large class of readers. ** ^TZT OTIS WHIPPLE^--w IDKS, 6lL AND U A J HER-3000 ' 1 j Liberty street, opposite the National Hel, a the Geoeotl became tired of me wife, The N E W Scares afford* 1 fresh tsrtrng jnatice of the Peace, Oftee No. 96 Geneaee atwee, for dry aad ashed Sok- Leataer Hidea, ofranoos . " targe aad valuable selection of Fine Gold and Sdvei dwse who wish to aecom* sabacriber*. and desired her to return to her father's i meriy Judge Haydeo'a. _ kind*. Watchea, Rick Jewelry, Fancy Goods, dte. which, in It i* oas deaign to make dila Journal as popular and . ^ ^ - . _ Hidem. at the same time in formragber hoar she ~ B T S . BRAYTON, ~ TRUSTEES. addition to their former extensive stock, makes diet veluaMe a. possible. Tlia nraaent *v*emofr**iad ^ | ^ g ^ ^ ^ ^ been deceived. She at first tbooght he nte-^Bd-Coonselkr^ Dudleys Triaagte, r corner James Harper, James D . P. Ogdso, , . . . ^ m, ih* lareeat aad moat desirable ever raka w tn s a y *ayafcUr > TOOO sides Sole Leather, of all we] ^ **^ ' a a > ber cruel hasband aoo land offerwf hTThia aaarkef; amoaf wtufh may he found -i tbaa ten cents per a Timber. mrr; tOOOaidas of Wax Uaa-sr. Wm. H. AspinwaU, A Edtnowds. ^H.W.Hieka, her of the fatal tmtn, and abut the. doTar of >*a WATCHESFine gold and silver rCagli*h patent Ie k Taa AMBSICAW JprswAX or Sciawca Axm-Aers, 100 JJJ iasihiTf P r -,, Taos. W. Ludlow, A. Norrie,* vera, detached teTera, Leprnes, dte. elegamly ea boose upon her first appeared ia Jury, 1818. Party-anas *elusees Bars v " DANA, SON & CO., 100 doe- Hesaloek and Oak tanned, finished Calf C. F.'Lindaley, P. Mr^etroore, aed, and saiianlsil eiwrisl time keepers. Alas been published, aad das fiftieth volnme, ta riuaiat af s Her ind gnnnt father iaasaenSahrly beovght Importers of f i * r d w e . Cutlery, and Cabinet-Ware, 8k A. MLM asavensmt Robert B.Toteman J E W E L R Y of every deaqrif*ion,c wppxiaing ail dM G S K S S ^ L broax of die eatire seoea, is ia Use coaras Trder Tathaas A Walker's Shoe Thread, Nos. deaJaraiav NaiU ssJ n isaaatir, liajrdn^gSB*wai)j^ an action against the f>oeral; bet of coarse John Cryder, M. a.Rolerts, latest patterna, and moat fa*hiomNaxtyla*,togedi of preparabon, (pries i 3 ) and will be printed as soon as 10 aad 12. ' -92 lost in all the Court* against the RaeaJeA genR. H. Morrii, Richard E. Purdy, er widi at endless Tariety of posnibie. Theae fifty Toiotnea, coeval with nearly a Horoceas, Lining*, Btadiaarmand Fiadiags. Speacer S. Benedict, eral, till at length the sentence came berore O. BaahaeJU F A N C Y GOODSSneh aa Packet Books, Wallets, i geaerntion of men, cover a very important period i s de ; z. u P LYON. Daca. TaanerV aad Curmra' Tool*. 4- adoring Andrews, Richard Irvia, Cigar Cases, silver Pencils. Tooth Bruebee, Hsit i history of science and die arts of diiseouatry and of die Oh* Emperor, woodeoded as follows : As the 1 Sbnemakera'1 Kit aad Fiadiaga. Tailors, No. 96 Henry E . Bogart D. A. Comatpck, aad Clothes do.; Watch Guards; variegated and world, and must ever reaaaia aa important work of refgeneral rs not reallr married to hm win?, f> u^*pring *purchaae, &ad fbraale m\ No. 35"Gea T. H O P S B R I / . D P. OGDEN. Preatdent pearl Stods; pen and pocket Kaiva, e*c. dtc. erenae. Complete c/w*ee of u*e FEfcUiar*** af 4 0 roe st. Utica, by _ the min-iageut null and void, bat as the wife Land OSce, No. 10 Bleecksr atraet. For das pnr1 A. M. MERCHANT, Visa with a large aasortmeflt of other articles at such prices aioaa may be had of K. SLLUtA.. April 26 HUftBELI. A CVKRXN. - ha- beeo most scandaJowsly^mpoeed open, he aad sale of aD kinds af Reel Estate. .- L r w i s BSXTOSI, Secretary. as can only be anofJl through cash purchase*. LANSING THURBER, Agent is dwmisved with the loss of his salary and big ft. B. HaviAg in our employ one of the beat msSHAMPOOING. POarr FBKBBIAW, Actuary ' v -N. rTTTOWNSENa), eplldly W ^^f^ ehaaics in the State, the meet difficult sartaarn Clock UIBLC, without haviug any claim to another an- * n' H I S DELIOHTriL AJID HEAL. B T Y OPERA< BTEftMAL BXAstlifsTBi. " OARPING RY Tns DAT OR O * RT BT THB and Watch Repeiriag will us exacirtad wid neatness tiow W performed m tr^ aaof *krnol ana : puioiment. His whole property ia given to George Wilkas, M. D - 23 Laigbt street . to we^krMr. / . J. Adams M anal ilriepatch, md ami anted, Also, /obbing dose in ' D BATefUELOR sad ma asaiatajw, at die Hair j be Jady whom be haa gmstutfomly aWtsVedj OraaiiaaR. B o ^ J J L l L , ^ S t Msrki Plare. ardersasNo. %(^ati*ana<st . . W. W. BACKUS, Agent 155 Genesee straeN, Usebast DrsnmngReoasNO. 3 MAIN S T R E E T . a f Devarenx Block. < Utica, A n f . 4 , l d l 6 . . yi -r=r ^BilLETT * BROTHERS, J,Mc^<U,Bssadmtr hTsirf*m. ooT4daclj jfl. *;.!*!* iUatCaaaJ,

R. NORTH WAV A > . CO., rpHK MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE GENCY or THE W1LLIAM6BLRGH ALEX. SEWARD, Editor. -. JL OOMPAN V, or N s w You*. No 44 Wall au K1HE INSURANCE COMPANY, No 74 /Vo. 132 Chnes* ttrett^o* the Can**, l/rton. The sett accuundaied preuuums of thu <^onoauy on V V ail atreeu lha 1st June, 1:346, amounted I" t271y~QrJ 07, after OJIKCTOEB. T F R M S . ''' peering all losses andexpenses. Thi* accumulated capSamjic] Willetta, Ciiarle* O. Haudy, T h e ' D U L Y GAZETTE will be delivered to ital is rapidly increasing by the renewal premiums now Or The lanj Lavmu, ..Th.Mt>a Mi KlraUi, 7 .' rti PHVB.DOLLABS per annum, payable becoming due,auda. vastly exi'.anYq aud growing bu-



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