3.Objectives or goals, usually according to strategic plan and focus.

S- A new firm with strong leadership ability. We are innovative. We are financially stable W- We are still new, issues with coordination in the different markets O- Growing markets with changes in customer behavior towards click and brick. T- Relative ease of entrance into the market by competitors and this is a new trend and we don’t know how much it would last. We also don’t know what to expect from competitors.

Positioning (perhaps use Porter)Using Porter we would say that we are are differentiated in our product; which is customized to meet the client’s needs. Our software is also adapted to the markets and well advanced.

Marketing Mix
Price- We selling for € 2000 and it costs us € 750 Product- (Le

Giosji has designed a new product named Dosani. The product is an information kiosk for retailers to cover stock risks and avoid non-sales in physical shops. The product is a complete unit that includes the hardware, software, maintenance and repair. There are four different models which means there is a perfect kiosk for every store! The Dosani can be leased for a 24-month period or purchased outright. The Dosani is a lightweight kiosk made of high quality plastic. The company’s logo and brand name is carved in the plastic and is equipped with LED-lighting inside. The bottom of the kiosk is weighted by concrete with two little wheels attached making the Dosani extremely mobile. The kiosk is divided in three parts:    The plastic housing for the tablet, LED-lighting, a pin terminal and wiring A metal front cover with a lock which is placed over the tablet and pin terminal and A big metal front panel where your logo is been laser carved with precision.

Panels can be produced in any desirable color according to your needs. Le Giosji is a big supporter of personalization and we are pleased to help you with personalized kiosk according to your own wishes.

3.1. Height 105 kg 1. We are involved in B2B marketing.5.We promote on our websites and international electronic tradefairs.92 ft Place. Data Indoor 1.9.1. Software Card reader 1.1.1. We interactive videos to describe to prospective buyers Promotion.We have a website where we showcase our product.6.50 m 1.1.8. Options Integrated 1. Materials Samsung 1. Weight Painted steel Tablet Windows/android 1. Type 1.1.1. We also have marketers in the different countries (in this case our agents) marketing through personal selling.1. Network Wi-Fi Bluetooth Bar code scanner Receipt printer Monthly update Tailor-made 15” to 21” inch LED Stainless steel Plastic 4.4.1. Speakers RAL 1.1. Color Wireless 1. .2.

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