Applied Language Solutions Company Snapshot Applied Language Solutions Brookes Mill Armitage Bridge Huddersfield HD4 7NR

Telephone: 0870 172 0000 Website: Important Achievements and Forthcoming Developments • Gavin Wheeldon, CEO, appeared in Dragon’s Den with a bold pitch, requesting £250,000 for just a 4% share in the business (See press release ‘Gavin Wheeldon Dragon Slayer) • Applied Language Solutions have recently launched their Instant Telephone Interpreting Service and have expanded their services to offer professional interpreting services

In March 2007, ALS will see their global coverage increase to 24hours with the opening of offices in India and Hong Kong (See press releases ‘Gearing up for global expansion’ and ‘Hong Kong here we come’)

Applied Language Solutions are the only company to offer an online tattoo translation service on their website (See press release ‘For something this permanent and painful, shouldn’t it be right?’)

Applied Language is the first company in the translation industry to achieve ISO 18001 in recognition of the company’s pro-active approach to health and safety management (See press release ‘Healthy and safe staff translates into happy customers’)

Applied Language is the first company in the translation industry to achieve ISO 14001 in recognition of the company’s pro-active approach to environmental management (See press release ‘Are you losing waste at work?’)

• •

The company has recently completed its first brail translation project

Applied Language was proud to be announced the winner of the HSBC Start-Up Star Awards 2006 in October (See press release ‘Winner of HSBC Start up Star Award 2006’)

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO, beat stiff competition to be announced a North East Regional Finalist in the ‘Credit Suisse Entrepreneur of the Year’ Category in the 2006 National Business Awards, and went on to achieve National Finalist at the final National Business Awards ceremony in November 2006

Background Information

Gavin Wheeldon is the Chief Executive and Paul Wheeldon is the Chief Operations Officer of Applied Language Solutions (See Corporate Photo ‘Gavin and Paul’)

The company was established in October 2003 and has since delivered a language service with optimal quality, price and delivery time

Applied Language Solutions is an award winning translation agency that translates all kinds of documents from simple letters to large technical documents, including whole websites and printed catalogues, for specialist Medical, Legal, Financial, Public sector and Marketing organisations

The company has 60 staff and operates six offices world wide. The major sales offices are located in Huddersfield, UK and California, USA, with offices also operating in Guatemala, Bulgaria, Paris and Barcelona. In March 2007, the company will be opening offices in Hong Kong and India.

The company offers translation services in over 150 languages, and is committed to using only professional qualified translators and interpreters, of whom they have 6,000 on their books

The majority of new business is generated through the company website, which receives on average 90,000 unique visitors and 250 enquiries per day

• •

The website is an official Honouree in the Webby Awards

ALS has achieved accreditations including Investors In People, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001

ALS has achieved quality standards designed specifically for translation services, including the British standard BS EN 15038, and the German and the European Standard DIN EN

Applied Language Solutions is also a member of the Association of Translation Companies, American Translators Association, Globalization and Localization Association and Institute of Translators and Interpreters

Financial Information Applied Language Solutions has more than doubled its turnover and profit in the first two financial years of existence and is on track to do the same in this financial year. Financial figures: - 2004/2005 £579,000 - Last Year £1,500,000 - Forecast £3,700,000

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