The dance we do

By: Mariana

INT. DARK ALLEY – DOWNTOWN L.A - NIGHT SPOTLIGHT on SPIKE as he walks down a DARK ALLEY. The blonde vampire is all dressed in black, which makes him hard to spot in the darkness. But as the CAMERA ZOOMS IN CLOSER, the light increases and soon enough we see him clearly. His stride seems purposeful and he has a very determent look on his face. What’s he up to now? Suddenly we hear a shuffling SOUND from somewhere behind Spike and there’s a CLOSE UP on his face, showing us the shocked expression – before the CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT as the vampire incinerates into a cloud of dust!!! Then the CAMERA MOVES FORWARD THROUGH the dust cloud to reveal that Spike’s murderer is SPIKE himself!!! FLASH. A TIGHT SHOT of AERIN’S face as her eyes snap open and she lets out a ragged moan. Her breath is very shallow and we can almost literally see the fear in her eyes. The CAMERA PULLS BACK to a WIDE SHOT, revealing a sleeping SPIKE at her side. It was just a DREAM!!! FOCUSING ON Aerin as she turns her head to look at the snoozing vampire. AERIN “I won’t let you die.”



INT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – DAWN SPOTLIGHT on SPIKE and AERIN in their bed as they seem to be cuddling. (Aww,cute.) (A.N: The pair is covered by a baby blue sheet and seems to be fully naked – but we can’t know for sure, now can we?) AERIN (whispering) “I’ll grow old some day.” SPIKE “Then I will too.” AERIN (wrinkled brow) “Huh?” SPIKE “There are spells. Aging spells. We could have Willow perform on me. I could grow old with you.” AERIN (baffled) “And you would do that for me?” SPIKE “I would. Without hesitation. I love you.” ZOOMING IN as Spike leans in to plant a very soft kiss on Aerin’s slightly parted lips. The kiss deepens and we see how Spike lifts a hand to run it through her tousled hair. BUFFY (?) “Awww... That was tender. I wish I had someone.” A WIDE SHOT of the room reveals BUFFY (?) standing in the corner looking at the pair with icy eyes and a sneer on her lips. (A.N: It’s pretty clear that this is not Buffy – but rather THE FIRST that has come to haunt our heroes once more!!)

SPIKE (grimly) “You.” THE FIRST “Though I should drop by for a quickie.” (chuckling) “Did I actually say that?” AERIN “What do you want?” THE FIRST “I'd like to cut off your head and stick it on a pike. I want to look up into your lifeless eyes and wave like this.” (waves) “That would be fun.” AERIN (whispering) “Why?” THE FIRST “Why?” (blinking) “To save you from a fate far worse than that.” The CAMERA FOCUS on the First as it walks over to the bed. It stops by the bedside and look down at the two of them with a pout that soo belongs to Buffy. THE FIRST “Look into his eyes. Those big blue eyes and tell me. Do you think he’ll love you when he’s ascended?” SPIKE “Go away.” THE FIRST “Why? Am I getting to you?” (laughing) “Can’t handle the truth?”

SPIKE (gritting his teeth) “Oh, I can handle the truth.” ZOOMING IN as Spikes’ hand snatches out and takes a hold on the First with incredible force. The First tries to shimmy away but gets nowhere. SPIKE “Can you?” The First sneers before… IMPLODING. (Nothing new there.) Then a CLOSE UP on Spike as he stares at the spot where the First just stood. SPIKE “I have a feeling.” AERIN (questioning) “A feeling?” SPIKE “I’m going to die today.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. A TRAINING ROOM – THE HYPERION – TIME UNKNOWN A WIDE SHOT of the room reveals SPIKE and ILLYRIA sparring while being watched by a group of SIT’s (slayers in training) and GILES and BUFFY. The two is an impressive sight to behold. Punches thrown, counter moves, attacks, retreats and then attack again. Their actions looks like a violent ballet with the moves carefully choreographed for optimum beauty. (A.N: they have of course done this many times before.) A CLOSE UP on Buffys’ face shows us that she’s in fact jealous. (Maybe she thought that nothing could be compared to the times when she and Spike fought – that their well matched, natural grace could never be replaced.) The CAMERA PANS OUT to a WIDE SHOT as Illyria circles around Spike with a sneer on her lips. ILLYRIA “I used to step on insignificant beings like you…”

That seems to draw Spikes’ attention and Illyria uses that opportunity to get in a rather good blow. Then Spike throws a roundhouse kick. Illyria ducks and sweeps his legs out from under him. Spike lands flat on his back with a thud that for a second seems to leave him dazed. FOCUS on Illyria as she pounces; She jumps down and straddles the vampire, raining down punches. After a while Spike manages to get a hold of Illyrias’ hand and he sends her flying into a wall. She quickly recovers and charges at the vampire who’s standing up now – and he meets her with a powerful side-kick. Which she responds with a rather well executed roundhouse that catches him under the chin. A WIDE SHOT as Spike stumbles back, rubbing his chin and giving Illyria a filthy look. Illyria shrugs and turns her back against him facing the gawking SIT’s. But the fight’s not over!! Spike approaches Illyria and throws his arms around her from behind. The god king struggles to throw him off, and then doubles forward to bring him over her back with her momentum. But Spike counters and yanks her off her feet. But the vampires’ only triumphant for a second, cause Illyria brings him down with her with a powerful kick to the side of his leg. The two to of them remains on the floor looking into each others eyes. GILES (rubbing his nose) “There you have it, girls.” (sighing) “I’ll hope you have all learned something from this.” YOUNG SLAYER “Yeah. To never piss off any of them.” Giggles are heard and Giles sighs again. ANGLE on Buffy as she steps forward and helps Spike up on his feet, totally ignoring Illyria. BUFFY “That was really impressive.” SPIKE “’s that right?” (shrugging) “Illyria is the best fighter so it was easy.” FOCUS on the tormented expression on Buffys’ face as Spike walks off. FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION – TIME UNKNOWN A WIDE SHOT of the lobby. ANGEL and AERIN are sitting on the sofa looking through some old looking books. (A.N: Angel’s wearing his usual dark clothes: lilac shirt and black pants. Aerin’s clothed in baby blue jeans and a red blouse. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail.) ANGEL “How’re you doing?” AERIN (blinking) “Slow but I’m determent to find a way to help Spike.” ANGEL (rolling his eyes) “He’s a pain in the ass for sure. Now more than ever.” (sighing) “He’s really acting all…strange.” AERIN (nodding) ”Spike's behaviour is becoming increasingly illogical.” (looking around) “Where is he anyway?” ANGEL “He’s sparring with Illyria.” AERIN (looking peeved) “Really?” (grim look) “Hopefully he’ll rid us of that malice.” ANGEL ”Oh my god!! You're jealous. Jealous because Spike prefers sparring with Illyria instead of you.”

AERIN ”I’m not jealous!” (beat) “’kay. Maybe just a little bit.” ANGEL “You got nothing to worry about.” (reaffirming smile) “Once Spike’s committed to someone he’s really in for it for the long haul.” FOCUS on Aerin as she leans forward and plants a soft kiss on Angels’ cheek. The vampire draws back and stares at her with wonder written all over his face. AERIN “Thanks, Angel. You’re the best friend a girl can ever have.” A CLOSE UP on the peeved look in the vampires’ face. (Hehehe.) FADE OUTCUT TOINT. UNKNOWN FACILITY – SOMEWHERE IN L.A - DAWN The CAMERA PANS ACROSS what seems to be an abandoned warehouse. Then WE hear muzzled voices from the deep shadows and the CAMERA ZOOMS IN as two FIGURES appears into view. Shockingly enough they both look like SPIKE!!! (A.N: the first one is clothed in jeans and a blue shirt while the other one is all dressed in black.) As the two of them walks towards the middle of the huge room, another figure appears from the opposite direction. This one is a STRANGER to our eyes. A very handsome stranger. (A.N: This new *player* is rather tall, and dark and handsome. Slim but yet muscular. With a mass of unruly black curls on top of his head. Piercing grey eyes and chiselled cheekbones.) SPIKE ONE (waving his fingers) “You’re late.” STRANGER “I’m never late.” (eying the two of them) “Which one of you is the First?”

SPIKE TWO “I am.” STRANGER “Why have you summoned me here?” THE FIRST “We made a deal, Abigor.” (stepping forward) “The time closes in to honour that promise.” ABIGOR (imperiously) “I’ll honour that promise.” (eying the second Spike) “Who’s this?” THE FIRST “He’s a shapeshifter. He’ll do our work ‘til it’s time to make our impact on this sorry excuse of a world.” FOCUS on the shapeshifter as it bows in respect for the two powerful entities before him. Then it looks at the First and raise one eyebrow much in the manners of Spike. (Creepy.) SHAPESHIFTER “What is it you want me to do?” THE FIRST (malicious smile) ”I want them exterminated.” SHAPESHIFTER (curious look) ”Which ones?” THE FIRST ”The humans. All of them. The entire population.” SHAPESHIFTER ”That may... take some time.”

THE FIRST ”Then, I suggest you begin at once.” We follow the SHAPESHIFTER with a STEAD CAM as he turns and heads for the door that assumable leads out from the warehouse. As he melts into the shadows, the CAMERA SPINS AROUND and PANS FORWARD ‘til it FOCUS on the two figures that’s left. ABIGOR “This plan of yours…” (tilting his head) “Are you really expecting it to work?” THE FIRST “Not only expecting it. I know it will work.” ABIGOR “How can you now this?” (beat) “I’ve heard of the resistance you’ll face.” THE FIRST (shrugging) “I do not fear them.” ABIGOR “Not even the one who’s face you’re currently wearing? This Spike?” (piecing glare) “How will you defeat him?” THE FIRST “He’ll watch everyone he loves stripped away from him, torn limb from limb. He’ll be covered in their blood and he’ll be powerless to stop me when I tear that pretty face off of his mate.” (shrugging) “Then he’ll die. Good enough for you?”


INT. A TRAINING ROOM – THE HYPERION - DAYTIME The CAMERA’S ZOOMED IN on a wall. Seconds passes by, then; SPIKE appears into view as he collides with the wall and then slumps on the floor looking rather dizzy. Then he’s up and with a growl disappears off camera. The CAMERA DRAWS BACK to a WIDE SHOT of the room revealing ANGEL, JOHN, ILLYRIA and Spike. Illyria and Spike seems to be sparring. Yet again. ANGLE ON ANGEL and JOHN as they winces when Spike hits the wall. Again. Spike pushes off the wall’s surface and used it to spring forward and Illyria’s expression is as close to delight as we have ever seen it. JOHN “God lord, his head must be rubber…bouncing like that. I’ve seen footballs flatten from that kind of force.” (pause) “You think he’s enjoying this?” ANGEL “Oh, he’s enjoying this. Believe me.” JOHN (grimacing) “Oooh! That had to hurt.” ANGEL “Probably.” JOHN “I’m glad I never have to face him in a fight. He never seems to quit.” ANGEL “I believe Buffy has mentioned that.” We follow the two of them with a STEAD CAM as they turn their backs on the sparring couple and leave the room. As the door softly closes behind them the CAMERA FOCUS on Illyria and Spike once again. Spike grins and circles around Illyria with a predatory look on his face. SPIKE

“Think they left because they can’t stand your presence?” ILLYRIA (sneering) “You dare mock me?” SPIKE (smirk) “Come on Leery, you should know. Of course I dare mock you.” ILLYRIA “Vermin.” And with that the god king charges at Spike and smashes him across the face. It takes a few seconds before the vampire composes himself and he grins wickedly at Illyria. Then he prepares to counter her attacks. Only that he suddenly seems frozen in his place. ILLYRIA “Spike?” A CLOSE UP on his face as he blinks, very slowly, and lifts his head to meet her eyes. SPIKE (raggedly) “Leery…” ILLYRIA (hurrying to his side) “It’s the change, isn’t it?” SPIKE (whispering) “It’s like there’s somebody inhabiting my body. I don’t feel right inside my skin. Nothing feels right anymore. It all has gone very wrong.” ILLYRIA (bowing her head) “I am sorry.”


(caressing her cheek) “Not your fault.” ILLYRIA “I shouldn’t have been here in the first place.” SPIKE “I disagree.” (lopsided grin) ”It's your presence that keeps me sane and whole and balanced.” A WIDE SHOT of the scene as Spike takes a step back and turns his back against Illyria. The god king gazes upon the vampire with an expression that’s really hard to read. SPIKE “I need you here. By my side.” (looking over his shoulder) “It’s coming, Leery and it scares me.” ILLYRIA “I can also feel it.” PAUSE. SPIKE “The end.” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. THE KITCHEN – THE HYPERION – DAY A WIDE SHOT of the kitchen area reveals FIVE CHARACTERS in play; BUFFY, DAWN, XANDER, WILLOW and ANDREW. (A.N: Buffy’s wearing high heeled boots, tight fitting jeans and a baby blue top that leaves the shoulders and arms bare. Her long hair hangs loose and frames her face beautifully. Dawn’s wearing a delicate summer dress and has her hair pulled back into a knot. Xander and Andrew are both clothed all in black, while Willow is dressed in a gypsy inspired skirt and a long-sleeved blouse.) The CAMERA FOCUS on Buffy as she opens up the refrigerator door. BUFFY

”Okay. Dawn, you’ll do the pasta. Xander, you’ll take care of the beverages and Willow… You know.” WILLOW (nodding) ”Yeah, I do.” ANDREW (chipping) ”What? What about me?” BUFFY (raised eyebrow) ”How best can you help?” ANDREW (cautious smile) ”I can stay out of your way.” BUFFY (rubbing her hands) ”Excellent.” The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on Xander who’s currently busy with putting together a rather delicate looking sandwich. BUFFY “Eh…Xander.” (beat) “What're you doin'?” XANDER (shrugging) “Just doin' a little sandwich for Illyria.” BUFFY “For Illyria?” (pause) “What about me? I’m starving!! And I’m your leader!!” XANDER

“Well, maybe I'm servin' two masters.” BUFFY (hands on hips) “You're servin' one. Me.” WILLOW (perplexed) “How did she convince you to make a sandwich?” XANDER “She smiled?” BUFFY “Argh…” ANGEL (off camera) “What are you guys doing?” ANGEL appears into view. Looking rather handsome, all dressed in black. BUFFY “Cooking.” ANGEL (glaring at Buffy) “Dressed like that?” BUFFY (crossing her arms) “And what's wrong with how I'm dressed?” EVERYONE’S looking at the vampire who seems to realize what kind of trouble he’s in. ANGEL “…nothing?” FADE OUTCUT TO-

INT. SPIKES’ BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – DAY ZOOMING IN on SPIKE standing by the window. The vampire is all dressed in black; black leather pants and a black T-shirt. We hear a NOISE and as the CAMERA ZOOMS OUT, AERIN appears in the doorway – wearing loose-fitting pyjama pants in grey and a delicate top in deepest red. Her hair hangs loose and she’s just plain beautiful. AERIN “Spike?” The slayer saunters up to him, putting her arms around his neck. Then she fires off a hesitant smile, dark eyes brimming with emotions. AERIN “Come back to me.” SPOTLIGHT on the couple as she presses her body and lips against the vampire. Spike seems to hesitate for a while before responding to her touch. Then he puts his muscular arms around her and the kiss deepens as he lifts her up and carries her over to the bed. There he settles her against him, positioning her so that he can look into her eyes. AERIN “You were gone there for a while.” (looking down) “I was afraid that I’d lost you.” SPIKE “Don’t be scared Aerin, things will be alright. I won’t leave your side.” AERIN (shaking her head) ”You can’t make a promise like that, and you know that.” FOCUS on Spike as he plants a kiss on the top of her head. SPIKE “I love you, I will always love you. Now go to sleep.”

A WIDE SHOT of the room, showing us the two still forms on the bed. Then ANGLE on Aerin: A tear escapes from the corner of her eye as the CAMERA ZOOMS IN to show us that Spike seems to have drifted off to sleep. We can hear a deep purr rise from his chest as a beam of moonlight falls on his beautiful face. Aerin appears to be content lying close to him, watching him sleep. AERIN (whispering) “I love you, Spike.” PAUSE. AERIN ”And I’ll be damned if you’re going to die before me!” FADE OUTCUT TOINT. BUFFYS’ BEDROOM – GILES’ HQ - NIGHTFALL A CLOSE UP on BUFFY as she paces back and forth over the floor in her bedroom. She’s twisting her eyes and seems anxious in general. BUFFY “What is it this time?” PANNING OUT to reveal SPIKE (?!) standing by the window and looking at her with an amused smile. SPIKE (?) “Tsk. Tsk. Such temperament.” BUFFY “Why do you have to look like him?” THE FIRST (grinning) “It’s getting to you, isn’t it?” The First walks over to Buffy and she stops in her tracks as he leans in to whisper in her ear. The look in her face is pure terror.

THE FIRST “In you mind you can still hear him:” (against her ear) "Don't leave me. Don't leave me alone again. It's dark here. I'm so cold." FOCUS on Buffy as she turns her back against the First and wraps her arms around herself. The seconds go by, but then she swings around to face it once again. Now with a very stern look on her face. BUFFY (gritting her teeth) “You’re right.” THE FIRST (chilling laugh) "Oh god, history really is repeating itself isn't it?" BUFFY ”Non-corporeal or not, I’m going to kick your ass.” THE FIRST (sneering) “I would like to see you try.” ANGLE on Buffy as she seems to prepare for an attack. But as she moves forward there’s a knock on the door and she stops abruptly. We follow her with a STEAD CAM when she walks over to the door and opens it – to reveal SPIKE on the other side. BUFFY “I think I’ve told you what I think of your stupid mind games.” (clenching her fists) “Now I’m really going to kick your non-corporeal ass!!” SPIKE “Hey! Not the First, not the First!” (anxious stepping back) “Only Spike.” BUFFY (unfaltering) “Prove it.”

SPIKE (tapping her on the nose) “See.” BUFFY “Ow.” (pouting) “That hurt.” A WIDE SHOT of the scene as Buffy steps back and gestures for Spike to enter her room, which the vampire does while looking around the room. SPIKE “The First was here, wasn’t it?” BUFFY (nodding) “Being a pain in the ass as usual.” SPIKE (facing her) “Buffy, we need to talk.” FLASH. INT. UNKNOWN BEDROOM – UNKNOWN LOCATION – NIGHT ALL LIGHT on BUFFY and WILLOW sitting on a bed facing each other. Both of them are wearing pajamas. Buffy’s wearing a blue pajama while Willow is all about the green. BUFFY “..and then he said that I had to stop.” WILLOW “Stop what?” BUFFY (wrinkling her eyebrows) “Haven’t you been listening?”

WILLOW “You must have lost me somewhere.” BUFFY (sighing) “He dared to tell me… me… that I had to face the fact.” (beat) “That I had to realize that it all was a lie.” WILLOW (intrigued) “What?” BUFFY “That whole thing of me telling him that I love him in the Hellmouth.” LONG SILENCE. WILLOW “I think I get it now. It’s not that he didn’t believe you. It’s that he couldn’t believe you.” BUFFY “What?” (shaking her head) “That doesn’t make any sense.” WILLOW “He was dying, Buffy. And he knew it. He couldn’t believe you because then...” (softly) “…because then it would mean knowing what he could’ve had and never would.” BUFFY “I love him. I will always love him.” WILLOW “Then god help you, Buffy, because he loves Aerin now.” SPOTLIGHT on Buffy as she wraps her arms around her self. FADE OUT-

INT. UNKNOWN STREET- DOWNTOWN L.A – NIGHT DISTANT SHOT of two figures approaching towards the CAMERA in a dark alley. The neighbourhood seems to be rough place and the facades of the surrounding buildings is withering. A soft rain pours down from the sky and we can hear the distant sound of a cat. The seconds’ ticks by as the two figures come closer and closer and WE can barely distinguish who they are; SPIKE and AERIN. AERIN Meanie.” SPIKE “Bint.” AERIN “Jerk.” SPIKE “Over-bearin’ chit.” AERIN “Moron.” SPIKE “Bitch.” AERIN “Ass.” SPIKE “Wench.” AERIN “Pig.” SPIKE “Trollop.” AERIN

“Prick.” SPIKE “Are you as turned on as I am?” AERIN “Oh, yeah.” ZOOMING IN as they stop to face each other. A CLOSE UP on the pair as Aerin grabs Spike arms and pushed him hard against the wall. Then the Slayer attacks his mouth with hers. UNKNOWN VOICE “Wow!! That’s rough!!” FOCUS on Spike as his eyes snaps open and he looks at something behind Aerin. He mumbles something we can’t quite hear. ZOOMING OUT to show us an unknown demon standing behind Aerin. (A.N: This demon is about six feet tall, his skin is grey and the eyes are all white. His clothed in some red gown.) DEMON (blinking) “Did you say something?” SPIKE ”I said, you're an ugly BASTARD.” DEMON (insulted) “Hey!!” AERIN (laying a hand on Spike’s arm) “Spike…” DEMON (tilting its head) ”So, you’re the vampire with a soul.” SPIKE ”One of them.” DEMON

”I thought you would be taller.” SPIKE (lifting a eyebrow) ”Oh, yeah? Well, unlike some I don’t wear lifts…” A WIDE SHOT of the scene as the demon suddenly charges forward against the pair. He manages to catch Aerin by surprise and smack her over the face with a powerful blow. She stumbles back, hand reaching up to wipe away some blood at her lip. Spike’s hand snaps out and takes a hold on the demons rather thick throat. He squeezes it with a sneer on his lips. DEMON (choking) “’m sorry!! I thought you were going to kill me.” SPIKE “Why would we do that?” DEMON “She’s a slayer, isn’t she? Isn’t it what they do?” FOCUS on Spike as he slowly lets go of the panting demon. SPIKE “You got two choices here.” DEMON “I do?” SPIKE (nodding) “Either you can run away and never try to kill us again. Or you can die a gruesome horrible death.” (beat) “Which is it?” DEMON “Er… Run away?” SPIKE

(grinning) “Good choice.” PANNING OUT as the demon turns around and with impressive speed leaves the scene. Spike turns around to Aerin and caresses her cheek. Their eyes meet as they share a smile. The par shrugs and begins to walk down the alley, arms around each other. AERIN ”Do you think I was rough before? Smashing you against the wall?” SPIKE ”You're always rough.” AERIN ”No, I'm not.” SPIKE ”Yes, you are.” AERIN ”That's not true!” SPIKE ”Yes, it is.” AERIN ”Are you talking about at home, or on patrol?” SPIKE ”Both. Hey, I'm not complaining!” AERIN ”If I'm rough, it's because you like me to…” (pauses) ”Are we on coms?” GILES (v.o) ”Yes, you're both on coms right now.” FADE OUTCUT TO-

INT. DARK ALLEY – DOWNTOWN L.A – NIGHT A LONG SHOT at the far end of a DARK ALLEY. Four figures stand in a circle. The CAMERA PANS FORWARD and we have a WIDE RANGE SHOT of; BUFFY, ANGEL, XANDER and WILLOW. They’re standing outside a huge warehouse building. BUFFY “Okay.” (beat) “Why are we meeting up here again?” ANGEL “I’ve received reports of some suspicious activity around here.” We hear a noise coming from inside the building to their left. In unison the group turns around and stares at the massive door. (A.N: They’re all wearing their previous clothes.) BUFFY “Somebody's in there.” ANGEL (gritting his teeth) “Spike.“ SPIKE “Right behind ya, jackass.” SPINNING AROUND to reveal SPIKE and AERIN standing a few feet away. The pair looks amused and as they approaches even further we can see that Spike’s attire is in bad shape. XANDER “What happened to you?” SPIKE (peering at Aerin) “Nothing.” AERIN “There seems to be activity on the other side of that door.” ANGEL

“We should check it out.” BUFFY “Okay. You and Xander go in and have a look around.” XANDER (shriek) “Why me?!!” BUFFY (grimly) “Because I said so.” XANDER “Oh.” FOCUS on Angel and Xander as they slowly open the door and enter the dark building. As the two of them disappears into the shadow the door closes behind them. PITCH BLACK. XANDER (hopelessly) “This is just great.” ANGEL “Quiet.” XANDER “Why?” ANGEL (hush tone) “I thought I heard something.” XANDER “Like what?” There’s a loud GROWL. XANDER

“There's something behind me, isn't there?” We hear footsteps run in the direction of the door and as a tiny sliver of a light illuminates the scene we can see Xander press himself up against the door. XANDER (yelling) “Buffy!!” PAUSE. BUFFY (muffled voice) “Xander, back away from the door. We're coming in.” XANDER (turning to Angel) “She's coming in. I feel safer already.” ANGEL (distressed) “Xander, look out!” XANDER “What…?” SPOTLIGHT on Xander as he turns around – to face HIMSELF!! The other Xander gives away a rather creepy smile before he plants his fist in the original Xanders’ face. FOCUS on the door as it’s kicked in with incredible force. BUFFY (baffled) “What’s going on?” ALL LIGHT on the two Xanders’. They glare maliciously at each other before turning to face a confused Buffy and the rest of the team. XANDER ONE (pointing at the other Xander) “He’s a fake!!” XANDER TWO

“No, he’s a fake!!” FLASH. A WIDE SHOT of the room. The two Xanders’ stand opposite the other and seems to be arguing still. The rest of the gang stands at the side looking both perplexed and bored. XANDER ONE “No, I’m the real Xander!” XANDER TWO “No, I’m the real Xander!” XANDER ONE “No, I’m really the real Xander!” SPIKE (sighing) “This could go on forever.” BUFFY “But we have to find out who’s the real Xander.” AERIN “Smack one of them. I mean it’s obvious that one of them is the First. And he’s incorporeal.” FOCUS on Angel as he steps forward and smacks one of the Xanders’ across the face. The force of the hit echoes in the warehouse. XANDER ONE (looking offended) “Aww.” ANGEL turns around and plants a fist on the other Xanders’ cheek. It too connects. Leaving Angel looking surprised. XANDER TWO (evenly offended) “Aww.” SPIKE

“Well, that wasn’t expected…?” APPLAUDS. The CAMERA PANS OUT to reveal yet another Xander emerging from the shadows. He advances forward and stops just a few feet away from the others. XANDER THREE “This is just wacky.” SPIKE (resigned) “Another Xander copy?” XANDER THREE (turning to face the vampire) “Ah, Spikey…” (goofy grin) “Ol’ pal of mine.” SPIKE “Yup. This is the First. No doubt.” THE FIRST (morphing into Spike) “I’m impressed.” There’s a sound coming from the shadows and soon the warehouse is filled with demons and vampires. The group is completely surrounded. THE FIRST (laughing) “You think you know what's coming? You don't have a clue.” ANGEL ”There’s a slight possibility that this will end with our tortures death.” XANDER ”Sounds great.” FADE OUTCUT TO-

INT. THE WAREHOUSE – DOWNTOWN L.A – NIGHT SPOTLIGHT on ANGEL fighting a large sized vampire. He ducks from a blow and delivers a punch to his opponent’s stomach. Then he whips out a stake and plunges it into the other vampire’s chest. And there’s only dust left from his attacker. ZOOMING OUT into a WIDE SHOT; BUFFY’s fighting another vampire. WILLOW seems occupied with sending out fireballs, incinerating a good deal of demons. SPIKE and AERIN fights back to back; Aerin busy with what appears to be a FYARL DEMON and Spike is fighting another Spike. XANDER is dusting a female vampire without a sweat. BUFFY “Xander, look out!!” XANDER (turning around) “What…?” (staring at the huge demon) “Oh shit…” Buffy comes flying out of nowhere, effectively tackling the demon and saving Xanders’ life. SPIKE (shouting) “You wipe his ass for him, too?” FOCUS on Buffy as she pushes off the ground and delivers a perfect roundhouse kick at the demon, which staggers back with an angry growl. She charges forward and places yet another powerful kick to her opponent’s stomach, making it double over in pain. Then she takes its head between her hands and snaps its neck easily. ANGLE on Spike and Aerin. SPIKE ”Aerin, if the First gets me... AERIN ”I know, stake you.” SPIKE ”No. No, no. Kill him.” ANGEL

(shouting) “There’s too many off them!!” A WIDE SHOT reveals that the demons just keep coming. More and more are entering the warehouse from different directions. BUFFY (panting) “It's time for Plan B.” WILLOW “We have a Plan B?” BUFFY “No, but it's time for one.” XANDER “What will happen to us?” ANGEL “They’ll probably torture us. Cruel, searing torture. After that they’ll most likely set us free. Giving us the illusion that we can get away, and even tough we know we can’t escape, we’ll try. And they will ambush us. Take us in once again for another round of torture. Then they’ll start killing us. One by one - in front of the rest. And we won’t feel sorry for the poor bastard. No, we’ll want to be the one that they kill. So that the agony finally stops.” XANDER “Way to go with the pep talk.” WILLOW ”Do we have any plan of escape?” BUFFY ”Run.” XANDER ”Anything more detailed, Buffy?” BUFFY ”Run quickly.”

The team moves towards the door, but is effectively stopped by a horde of demons. They back a few steps and a collective sigh is heard. XANDER (weary) “Plan B is screwed. You got a plan C?” BUFFY ”Yes, it's the same as plan B. You got any fresher ideas?” XANDER “Yeah, I do.” BUFFY (raised eyebrow) “And what's that?” XANDER “Run!!” SPIKE “That was plan B, you nitwit.” XANDER “We’re screwed.” Suddenly there a noise coming from outside the building. FOCUS on the demons reactions as they seem anxious for a reason. There are more unfamiliar noises from the outside and as the second’s ticks by the closer and closer it comes. Now the demons really seem unnerved and they actually begin to scatter, abandoning the warehouse. AERIN (baffled) “What the…?” FOCUS on the door as the corpse of a demon is tossed in with incredible force. It’s followed by a leather-clad figure. ILLYRIA!! By now there’s no demons left in the warehouse and the group relaxes as Illyria approaches them with graceful steps. The god king surveys the scene and the gang with cold eyes. Then she tilts her head and looks directly at Spike.

ILLYRIA “You called.” BUFFY (turning to Spike) “What? How?” SPIKE (tapping his forehead) “Telepath.” WILLOW “Wow.” XANDER (raising a hand) ”So... just to confirm, we're all still... definitely not dead.” SPIKE ”Speak for yourself.” XANDER “Thank you, Illyria. You were magnificent.” ILLYRIA “It’s no great conquest to exterminate vermin.” We follow the band of heroes as they leave the building and walks out into the abandoned alley. They look upwards to the sky and we see that dawn is approaching. ANGEL “Let’s head back to the Hyperion.” BUFFY “Yeah, let’s.” AIR SHOT showing us the group as they head down the alley. A lonely FIGURE is standing at one of the rooftops looking down at them. ZOOMING IN reveals the face of Spike – or rather THE FIRST looking like the vampire. FADE OUT-

INT. THE ATRIUM – THE HYPERION – DAYBREAK A WIDE SHOT of the atrium reveals SPIKE standing in its middle and BUFFY approaching him from the entrance. (A.N: Spike’s wearing blue jeans and a white shirt. Buffy’s quite cute in a blue summer dress. Her hair hangs loose and she’s wearing silver cross around her neck.) BUFFY “You jerk.” SPIKE (turning to face her) “Have I done something to offend you?” BUFFY “There are so many ways I could answer that.” The slayer comes to a halt inches away from the vampire. They stare silently at each other for a few seconds. Then a soft smile begins to spread over Spikes’ features. BUFFY (sighing) “Sometimes you make it hard to hate you.” SPIKE (shrugging) “I know, it's part of my charm.” BUFFY “And sometimes you make it easy.” (beat) “Why didn’t you let us know that Illyria would sweep in and save the day…night?” SPIKE “Cause I didn’t know if I reached through to her.” BUFFY “It’s pretty amazing.”

SPIKE “Yeah?” (tilting his head) “How so?” BUFFY “It’s like you two are…one.” SPIKE (looking away) “Yeah?” ANGLE on Spike as he turns his back against Buffy and walks a few steps away. There’s a long SILENCE as they just stand in their positions. Then the vampire casts a quick glance over his shoulder. SPIKE “How’s the whelp by the way?” BUFFY “He’s resting.” (deep breath) “None of us knew that he’d been stabbed in the back ‘til he almost fainted.” SPIKE “He’s a fool.” BUFFY (sigh) “Wouldn’t argue with you on that one now.” PAUSE. SPIKE “Who’s with him now?” BUFFY “Illyria.” SPIKE “Really?” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. UNKNOWN BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – DAY A WIDE SHOT of the room with the FOCUS on XANDER lying in a bed, safely under the covers and ILLYRIA sitting on a chair besides him. The blue demon seems to be examining a glass containing some blue liquid. XANDER (eagerly) “Taste it. I promise that it’s good.” ILLYRIA (cold stare) “There's no alcohol in here, is there?” XANDER (looking very innocent) “Alcohol? No, of course not. Here, drink up.” ILLYRIA “Because Old Ones do not react well at all to alcohol. Even a small quantity causes psychotic impulses and violent, homicidal rages.” ZOOMING IN as Xanders’ hand snaps out and snatches the glass from her hand just as she’s about to raise it to her mouth. XANDER (panting) “Ahh ahh ahh... my mistake. *Alcohol*...” ILLYRIA (tilting her head) “You lied to me.” XANDER (beginning to sweat) “No!! I just thought it would be funny. You know… a joke?” (beat) “Do you understand what a joke is?”

ILLYRIA ”I understand the concept of humour. It may not be apparent but I am often amused by human behaviour. ” XANDER “What would the effects really be?” ILLYRIA “I lied to.” (at his stare) “It was a joke.” XANDER “I could just scream right now.” (contemplating) “Wonder what kind of reaction that would make?” SPIKE (from the door) “A chorus of 'It's 5:00 A.M., shut the fuck up' from everyone else?" XANDER (surprised) “Spike!!” SPIKE (entering) “Came to check on you, whelp.” XANDER ”I appreciate that you have come to see if I was okay. That... that means something.” SPIKE ”Ah... actually, no, it doesn't.” XANDER ”No?” SPIKE ”Um... we, ah, we drew straws. I lost.”

A CLOSE UP on the hurt look in Xanders’ face. He blinks and presses his lips tightly together. Then PANNING OUT to a WIDE SHOT yet again. XANDER “I see.” SPIKE “I was kidding.” XANDER (hesitantly) “Really?” SPIKE “Really.” XANDER (beaming) “That’s just… I don’t know what to say.” (beat) “So, you don’t hate me?” SPIKE “Xander, as far as I'm concerned, you're irreplaceable.” XANDER “I knew it, heh. I knew behind the whole ‘Big Bad’ thing you really like me… “ SPIKE “I was joking.” XANDER “That you… Wait… What…?” SPIKE (turning to leave) “Can’t stand you, whelp.” XANDER “You…” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. ANGEL’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – DAY ALL LIGHT on ANGEL sleeping in his bed. The vampire seems to be sound a sleep. Suddenly we see a hand reach out from the shadows around the bed and as the CAMERA ZOOMS OUT we can see SPIKE lean over the sleeping Angel with a smile on his lips. SPIKE ”Angel, are you awake? Angel?” (right up to his face) ”ANGEL.” ANGEL (muffled) ”What?” SPIKE ”Are you awake?” ANGEL (eyes snapping open) ”Yeah.” SPIKE ”Hmm, I couldn't sleep either.” FOCUS on Angel as he slowly sits up, gathering the sheets around him and leans against the headboard. ANGEL (warily) “What is it, Spike?” SPIKE “You know that I’m going to die, right?” ANGEL (clenching his first) “You know that we are doing everything in our power to stop it.”

SPIKE (backing away) “Just like we could stop it from killing Fred?” (shaking his head) “Let’s not pretend here.” PAUSE. ANGEL (strained voice) “Okay. What is it you want to say?” SPIKE “Take care of them, okay?” (lowering his head) “When I’m gone… You’ll be the only champion left.” ANGEL “Spike…” SPIKE “Whatever if I die today or tomorrow my destiny is the same.” ANGEL (whispering) “What…?” SPIKE “To save the world.” SILENCE. ANGEL “That’s deep.” SPIKE (amusedly) “I know.” FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. SPIKE’S BEDROOM – THE HYPERION – DAY ALL LIGHT on SPIKE lying alone in the bed. The vampire stirs restlessly under the sheets, gasped for air. SPIKE “Burning. I’m burning. Help me.” FLASH. We have a WIDE SHOT of the WHITE ROOM, which we recognize from previous episodes. Spike stands face to face with the white clothed ENKIL. The vampire is also all clothed in white. SPIKE (sighing) “This is so going to have to stop.” ENKIL “You have accepted your destiny.” SPIKE “I guess.” ENKIL (nodding) “I have brought you here to tell you something important.” SPIKE “What?” ENKIL “You must be strong enough to face what is coming if you wish to save them all." SPIKE "How do I become strong enough?" ENKIL "You suffer." FADE OUT-

CUT TOINT. THE LOBBY – THE HYPERION - DAY A WIDE SHOT of the lobby reveals that it’s filled to the bridge with young SLAYERS. It also shows us BUFFY, FAITH, DAWN, WILLOW, XANDER, GILES, JOHN, ANDREW and SPIKE. The later one looks rather ruffed. BUFFY (pacing) “This night we nearly got killed. It was only thanks to Illyria that we managed to escape.” (coming to a halt) “The First is obviously assembling an army. Again.” FAITH “We must prepare ourselves for a war.” JOHN “I’m not sure if the girls are ready… They’re so young…” ANONYMOUS SLAYER “You’re never too young to die.” WESLEYS’ VOICE “Quite true.” Everyone turns in unison towards the door as the CAMERA FOCUS on a figure looking like WESLEY enters the lobby. It’s rather obvious that it’s THE FIRST appearing as the dead WATCHER. THE FIRST (scrutinizing them all) “Well, what have we here? A bunch of teenage slayers?” (shaking its head) “Is this all the resistance you can muster up?” BUFFY (clenching her fists) “We’ve beaten you before, haven’t we?” THE FIRST “There’s the snappy comeback!”

FAITH “You’re just dust in the wind, man.” THE FIRST (snickering) “Truly?” (looking around the room) “I beg the differ.” GILES “Have you something to say? There’s got to be a reason for this social call of yours.” THE FIRST (turning to Giles) “Ah, Giles.” (beat) “I haven’t’ forgotten your part in Freds’ death, old man.” ANGEL “You’re not Wesley. Stop acting like you are.” THE FIRST (turning to Angel) “You want to find out why I’m here?” (laughing) “Fine.” (turning in a circle) “You may not have noticed it yet but one of you is missing.” BUFFY “What the hell are you talking about?” THE FIRST (raised eyebrow) “I’m just telling you something you should have discovered by yourselves.” (sneering) “You disappoint me.” BUFFY (crossing her arms) “Ditto.”

THE FIRST (low voice) “The end is inevitable; Spike may have saved you all last time, but even he will not be able to save you when I rise this time.” With a blinding flash of light the First disappeared into thin air. A WIDE SHOT of the room as they all look at each other with terror written over their faces. GILES “That was… unnerving.” JOHN (nodding) “To say the least.” ANDREW (hesitantly) “What did it mean?” BUFFY (facing the young watcher) “What?” ANDREW “Well, it said that one of us is missing…” (beat) “What did he mean by that?” A CIRCULAR SHOT of the entire group as they turn in all directions, searching for someone that might be missing. SILENCE. SPIKE (distressed) “Where’s Aerin?” BLACK OUT