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Surnames / First name POPA ADINA FLORINA
Address 8, Crisan Street, Seitin, 317315, Arad Dep., Romania
14, Cerna Street, Timisoara, Timis Dep., Romania
Telephone 0040 / 740192557
Nationality Romanian

Date of birth 26.04.1983

Gender Female

Desired Translator, Reviser/Proofreader, Subtitler (French,

employment English, >< Romanian)

Work experience

Dates Since August. 2005 up to present

Occupation or position held Freelance sworn certified translator & interpreter – licence no.
13754/2005, Romanian Ministry of Justice.
Working languages: EN, FR >< RO.
Main activities and • Translations in the following fields: IT, technology, legislation,
responsibilities economy, finances, marketing, management, business &
commerce, notary documents, contracts, politics, EU policies,
sociology, pharmacy, agriculture, psychology, botany, micro-
biology, agriculture, ecology and environment, newspaper
articles, traductology, literature, PPT presentations for training
and seminars, certificates/diplomas/CVs. 2400 st. pages.
• Interpreting (simultaneous, escort, phone – aprox. 300 hours).
• Language trainer (Business English, English for aviation, English
in Constructions, Business French, French for Textile Industry,
etc. – aprox. 250 sessions of 1:40 h)
• Bilingual secretary (remote secretary English, French)
• Subtitler ( aprox. 200 hours)
• Proofreading (aprox. 700 st. pages)
Some examples of documents translated:
Company Details Dates
ComputerPlus computer components user manual sept.2005 – may 2007

Communication technical translation-automotive nov. 2005 – march 2008

MGI COUTIER ROM automotive - injection Starting with nov. 2005
and filters production, audit and finances
Deltalang Education June, 2006
Saltlux Mobile phones user manuals Oct, nov. 2005
OCE Translation Personal documents May, 2006
Arabic Locatrans user manual for Starting with July, 2006
pocket pc and phone and other projects

Page 1 - Curriculum vitae

Future Group user manual for industrial weigher, Starting with April, 2006
household equipments, software, automotive
FAO FUMEE Warehousing equipments Starting with aug. 2006
Moldlingua legal Starting with march. 2006
VideoDictionary. Volunteer, English Romanian translator August 2006
Continental volunteer, English Romanian translator August 2006
Arad County Council English Romanian, French Romanian, Oct. 2005, nov. 2006
Romania Romanian French translations of
governmental documents
Office Consulting, Documents of civil state Starting with may 2005
Arad, Romania
Word Perferct education 2006
Translations Irland
Katrina’s Hurricane see: Volunteer translator
Victims English-French
Est. Piment Agriculture, telephone interpretation, Starting with 2005
Western University conference interpreter, economic and 2 June 2005
“Vasile Goldis” Arad journalism domain
MGI COUTIER ROM, Interpretation, French, automotive domain June 2006 (40 hours
Timisoara interpreting)
MGI COUTIER ROM, Interpretation, French, automotive domain Sept. 2006, oct. 2006,
Timisoara dec. 2006, march. 2007
(170 hours)
FAO Fumee Industries Interpretation, French, harvest processing October 2006 (30 hours)
China Partner Household equipment, software Starting with Sept., 2006
Datawords Datasia, CEE, gaz (French) October 2006
Local TV station subtitling 2006- 2008
West University of Traductological dictionary, ISBM: 978-973- Sept 2006
Timisoara 125 – 062 – 5 (“Dictionar Contextual de
termini traductologici”)
Arad Public Finances Fiscal Harmonization EU Directives January 2007- march 2009
(English, French)
J. Delisle Book, « Les Traducteurs dans l'histoire » January 2008
EuCom Romania Trainer, Business English July 2007 – July 2008
EuroConstruct – Trainer, Business English July 2007 – July 2008
EuroHolding memeber
Traian Vuia Timisoara English, aeronautics, security screening August 2007 –September 2008
International Airport regulations
DIM Roumanie (Rosko French trainer Sept. 2007 – March 2008
Illy Coffee English, interpretation November 2007 (5 hours)

KAČENKA.CZ s.r.o. English translator December 2007

CABO International Subtitling proofreading January 2008

DG Global pharmaceutics September 2008

Name and address of My own translation office “POPA ADINA FLORINA PFA”, 8, Crisan Street,
employer Seitin, 317315, Arad county Romania

Dates Since June 2002 up to July 2005

Occupation or position held junior translator (in-house translator )
Working languages: FR >< RO, EN >< RO.
Main activities and • Translations in the following fields: notary documents, business
responsibilities correspondence, advertising, aprox. 450 st. pages.
Name and address of “Fast Translations”, P.F. FANCY, 40, Revolutiei Blvd, Arad, Arad dep.,
employer Romania

Education and
Dates Since Sept. 2007 to April 2009
Title of qualification Post university degree in Informatics (3 semesters – ended with a
awarded University degree in Informatics)
Thesis: “Workflow application for a freelance translator (Visual Basic)

Page 2 - Curriculum vitae

Principal C, C++, Java, Linux, SQL, Office, Networking, Web pages, Algorithms,
subjects/Occupational Formal languages (in the first 2 semesters)
skills covered
Name and type of Western University, Timisoara, Faculty of Informatics, section
organisation providing « Informatics - programming», Timisoara,
education and training
Dates Since Sept. 2005 to June 2007
Title of qualification Master degree in Specialized Translations (2 years – 4 semesters)
awarded Thesis: Auto-traduction littéraire ou réécriture. Etude de cas: Pigeon
vole de D. Tsepeneag et Beatrix. Macferlone. Izabela de Virgil Tănase.
Principal Specialized translations (French), Simultaneous/consecutive
subjects/Occupational interpreting - (Fr), Specialized translations for the domains: Business,
skills covered Marketing, Romanian and International commercial law, Technological,
medical, pharmacology, Mass-media, Public relations, Economic
Policies, IT Terminology, Communication techniques, Translation
History, CAT tools
Name and type of Western University, Timisoara, Faculty of Letters, section « Traduction
organisation providing spécialisée», French, Timisoara,
education and training
Dates Since Sept. 2002 to June 2003
Title of qualification Diploma
Principal European Culture, Civilization, and Politics
skills covered
Name and type of “European Federation of Private Schools”, first year: European Culture,
organisation providing Civilization, and Politics
education and training
Dates Since Sept. 2001 to July 2005
Title of qualification University degree in Translations and Interpreting (4 years)
Chercheuses de poux » - The women who seeks for lice, and the
versions- by Arthur Rimbaud - Comparative analysis of existing English
and Romanian translations and the French original.)
Principal Specialized translations (French-English), Simultaneous/consecutive
subjects/Occupational interpreting (Fr-En), Business Correspondence, History, Marketing,
skills covered Management, Communication techniques, Mass-media, Public relations,
Economic Policies, Romanian law, Romanian language.
Name and type of Western University “Vasile Goldis” Arad, Faculty of Letters, Modern
organisation providing Languages for Special Purposes Department, day form, Arad,
education and training

Dates Since Sept.1997 to July 2001

Title of qualification Bachelor degree in Letters (4 years)
Principal French (7 h/week), English (7 hours/week), Latin (3 hours/week)
skills covered
Name and type of “Dimitrie Tichindeal” Pedagogic High School, philology bilingual class
organisation providing (French, Romanian), Arad
education and training

Personal skills and

Mother tongue Romanian

Other languages

Page 3 - Curriculum vitae

Self-assessment Understanding Speaking Writing
Listening Reading Spoken Spoken
interaction production

English C2 Excellent C2 Excellent C2 Excellent C2 Excellent C2 Excellent

French C2 Excellent C2 Excellent C2 Excellent C2 Excellent C2 Excellent

Italian A1 Beginner A1 Beginner A1 Beginner A1 Beginner A1 Beginner

German A1 Beginner A1 Beginner A1 Beginner A1 Beginner A1 Beginner

Social skills and Perfectionist, detail oriented, autodidact

competences Energetic, well-organised, able to meet deadlines, prioritise tasks
Flexible team/autonomous worker, able to manage stressful situations
and adapt to multicultural environment
Able to make clear and concise reports, analyse, resume and present
Excellent writing, communication and presentation skills
Wish to learn
Computer skills and Microsoft Office, Acrobat Reader, Trados 6.5 Freelance, Wordfast 5, Déjà
competences vu X, SDLX, Subtitle Workshop,
C, SQL, AutoCAD 2006, VRLM, Mathematica, Java, Linux, Internet

Additional information
2008, February, International Seminar - « Les outils d'aide à la
Certificates, Diplomas, traduction » - organized by the Latin Union and the Romanian Academy,
2007, September, 5th International Conference organized by
Polytechnic University from Timisoara, Étude de l’Outil de TAO: un
Survol des Logiciels Trados, SDLX, Déjà Vu et WordFast
2006, Organizer of Colloquium “ISTORIEI TRADUCERII ROMÂNEŞTI”,
Timisoara, At the Western University of Timisoara,
2006, Tsepeneag, International Colloquium, Romania
2004 –Contest: Colmar, France, on the theme “Solidarity”
2003 - “Academic Day” Macea, with the project “Insect Dictionary”
2002 – “Academic Day” Macea, with the project “English neologism into
Memberships French”
2001 – Contest: I.L. CARAGIALE, Romania, National contest for literary

2004- 2005 – president of the association “Espace Universitaire

2002-2003- member of the University Senate, with right of vote
2003, summer – course with teachers from “Santa Anna” University,
Pisa, Italy on “European Union’s strategies”.
2002-2003 – first year at the “European Federation of Private Schools”,
European Culture, Civilization and Politics.
2002-2003- vice president of the students’ organization
2001-2002- member of the students’ organization

Interests in international politics, EU affairs and European Institutions,

cinema, reading, travelling
Good knowledge of the European and international organisations,
politics, and the developing world
Daily guaranteed translating output: 7 Standard pages (1.500
characters no blanks = 1 st. page)
Credentials available upon request.

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