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Section C

Evaluate the appropriateness of the customer service

provided by The Stour Centre

1. Using the Customer Care Policy, design a questionnaire which

customers will complete about the Customer Service they received
when using The Stour Centre. Try and make sure that all 10 points

2. Draw graphs for all the questions asked. Explain what each of
them shows. Below is an example;

Is the Stour Centre a clean and attractive place to




Number of people

1 2 3 4 5

The graph shows that 19 people scored 4 or 5 for whether The Stour
Centre was an attractive and pleasant place to visit. This showed
that The Stour Centre is generally clean and attractive. When I
visited, I thought that it was really clean. I did not see any litter
inside the building, although I saw a small amount of litter in the Car
Park. I would have scored it 4.
1. List 3 Leisure and Tourism organisations, which offer excellent
customer service in your opinion. Explain why.

2. Using the organisation which you think offers the best Customer
Service; compare different aspects of excellent customer service
with The Stour Centre. I have given you an example below. I will use
Tenterden Leisure Centre as my choice of organisation

Aspect of good Aspect of good How do The Stour What should The
customer customer service Centre carry out Stour Centre do to
Service at my chosen this aspect of good achieve these high
organisation customer service? standards?
Clean shop

Wide range of
to comment
on the
Safe and
Friendly Staff

Phone calls

kept informed
Music in the Good music is There is no music The Stour Centre
organisation always playing in playing in The Stour should have music
Tenterden Leisure Centre playing. This would
Centre. The music appeal to the
is up to date It customers when
appeals to me – they enter
the target market

3. Take each of the 10 points in turn and decide whether they have
been met or not. E.g. It is
Policy Statement 1 to give your
A Centre that is clean, attractive and a pleasant place own opinion
to visit
I think that The Stour Centre has met this target because
19/22 people gave the centre a score of 4 or 5 out of 5 for
cleanliness. I also think that ……………………………
What improvements do you think that The Stour Centre need to do
to improve their Customer Service? Remember to state why.

Customer Care Policy

Our customers are the most important in
our business. We must ensure that they
continue to visit out facilities and
encourage their friends to as well.

In order to achieve these high standards The Stour

Centre aim to create an environment where
customers can expect:

1. A centre that is clean, attractive and a pleasant place

to visit.
2. A wide range of activities for people of all ages and
3. Up to date and accurate information to keep you
informed of the Centre’s programme.
4. An easy and reliable booking system.
5. Opportunities to comment on the quality and
effectiveness of our service.
6. A safe and secure environment.
7. To be welcomed, listened to, smiled at, looked after
and thanked; we should use their names.

As part of our commitment to achieve these high

standards we will:

8. Take care over our appearance and dress

9. Ensure that all telephone bookings and general calls
are answered promptly and in a caring and friendly
manner and
10.Keep our customers informed and regularly monitor
satisfaction with our service.
1. Please rate the following areas of Customer Service
1 2 3 4 5
A clean, attractive and pleasant place to visit
Are the staff well dressed?
Is the phone answered promptly and you are
greeted in a caring and friendly manner?

2. Do you think there are a wide range of facilities available, to meet

the needs of different customers?
Yes No

3. Are there up to date leaflets and brochures to keep you informed

of the centres programmes?
Yes No

4. Do they use an easy and reliable booking system?

Yes No

5. Have you found there are opportunities to comment on the

quality and the effectiveness of the service provided?
Yes No

6. In what areas of the Leisure Centre do you feel safe and secure?
Safe and Not safe and Not sure
secure (tick) secure (tick) (please tick)
Health Suite
Other (please
9. When you are in The Stour Centre, are you welcomed, listened to,
smiled at, looked after and thanked?
Yes No

Complaint number 5

Whilst Mr Crumbie was teaching a swimming lesson to a group of 7

year olds, one of the Mums complained that the temperature of the
water was too cold. Mr Crumbie apologised to the Mum and asked
one of the lifeguards to carry out a water test – which is one of their
duties to monitor the pool chemicals and temperatures. If the pool
temperature was below 30 degrees the duty manager would be
called to poolside, to deal with the complaint.

If there was a technical problem with the temperature of the pool,

the pool would be closed in relation to health and safety standards,
and the lessons would be cancelled, and a credit would be issued to
the customer for when they re-enrol on the next course.

If the temperatures were correct, it would be explained to the

customer that the pool temperatures are at their correct levels, and
maybe the outside temperature could be a cause of the problem.

If the customer was extremely unhappy a credit would be issued to

the customer for the inconvenience caused (but this would be
extremely unlikely if the levels were correct)

If the parent had to leave during the time it has taken for the
lifeguard to do the test and for the duty manager to arrive, the
lady’s name and address would be taken and the details of the
complaint. The duty manager would then either phone that evening
or write to her explaining the above.

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