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célia mara

globalista proudly present:
Célia Mara is a Brazilian artist, born and grown up in the Vale de Jequitenhonhas (Minas Gerais). Now, she is living mostly in Vienna, Austria and sometimes in Salvador, Bahia - tuning the world with her Bastard Sound and presenting a new approach to Brazilian Diaspora music. Célia Mara sings, plays, composes and arranges. She is a bandleader and a solo artist, a 21st. century singer - songwriter, a real Brazilian groove lady, a jazz singer full of emotion, a screaming rock star, a sensual seduction, a funky entertainer… And she’s always carrying a message for peace and social justice with her … Célia Mara’s charismatic voice, her strong compositions, the eclectic, but typically Brazilian mixture and the edgy electro-arrangements pushed her latest albums Santa Rebeldia and bastardista among the headliners of „Global Bricolagistas: „Global Bricolagistas - Los de Abajo, DJ Dolores, Manu Chao, and Mariam and Amadou, Zuco 103, Celia Mara, Ojos de Brujo and Zuba were just a few of the names that grabbed our attention in a year when the world said no to globalization and yes to global music culture mash up.“ Damian Rafferty (Fly- global music culture, UK) Célia Mara is certainly one of the most impressing latin front-ladies living between Brazil & Central Europe… Her passionate singing has led Healer Selecta, of the United Kingdom’s reason2b, to label her as “the best Brazilian international underground artist.” For spontaneous live sessions, Célia’s bastard sound attracted as great artists as Joe Zawinul, Konstantin Wecker, Amparo Sanchez (Amparanoia), Olodum, Think of One, Magou & Dakar Transit or Reggaeman Lazzo Matumbi… Célia Mara band performed during the last years between hyped clubs in London, Moscow or Prag, in prestigious concert halls like the famous Vienna Opera House or the national palace of culture in Sofia, lately, she had great shows in southern Europe. Célia Mara played at huge Reggae-, Jazz-, Groove- or World Music festivals throughout Europe, was invited to Latin Americas biggest festival, Ollin Kan in Mexico City, she presented her songs on “fightin‘ for a better world”mega open airs in Berlin or rocked a soccer field in Croatia.
nt and confide ia deser„Brash, Rebeld it ’s . Santa assured oldly go where .“ es to b v ssor led predece songlines(UK)) n/ mpso mark sa

brazilian bastardsound made in vienna

„„Bastardista“, wouldn’t the artist have invented it, there wouldn’t be a wording for «Gesamtkunstwerk» Célia Mara.“ (Anna Bianca Krause, Funkhaus Europa, D)

copa da cultura 2006 (prêmio brasil-alemanha // ministry of culture, Brazil) herta pammer preis 2003 (kfb - austria) best world music artist austria (concerto poll austria 2000) * Top of Worldmusic Charts Europe Top Charts in Radio Kosmos Greece * Funkhaus Europa ... world music charts Russia *…

t the bes „one of n” records razilia new “b und this year“ aro to come / global rhythm or tom pry (USA)

silvia jura - globalista skype: globalista tel: +4369910088700 FILE UNDER: WORLDMUSIC / GLOBAL GROOVES /Brazil / Nu- MPB



live projects The mix is the way let‘s celebrate diversity!
Célia Mara makes music with a smile - flexible, ironical, sensual, rebellious and fresh. She is an engaging front woman, giving her soul to the audience - dancing, grooving, entertaining. She never fails to impress with her strong voice, the amazing vocal improvisations, which she quickly switches over to beatboxing and sometimes even ascend to trumpet solos. She plays her acoustic guitar with glamour, brazilian rhythm and fun. As a songwriter, she focusses on playing her own songs - labeled as „crackers“ or „a 100% legitimate hit“ by prestigious Songlines Magazine. At the root of her music lies a marriage between traditional Brazilian Music, the rich Latino culture and European underground instrumental grooves. The lyrics, sung in Portuguese, English, German, Spanish and French, are urban poems that sing the voice of migrations and provide communication without any borders. Célia Mara is tipically Brazilian… and Viennese: she disrespectfully surfs between musical styles and rhythms, plays effortlessly with Retro-Brazil, Tango and traditional Afro-Brazilian grooves, mixes Nova MPB and Samba with Funk, Reggae, Balkan-folk, Glamour Rock and HipHop… for sure, she‘s totally invoved in the flow of the music. in 2010, Célia Mara has great cooperations going on:

Célia Mara & la banda di Piazza Caricamento
nOThinG is PUre. rebel YOUrselF. it’s fun. it’s easy. it’s today’s global europe.

Viva la globalisaXion cultural!

Célia Mara is melting with the Babel of Genoa: the multi-ethnic spectacle is spreading energy and joy, uniting the pressing grooves of percussion, marvelous voices, ethnic and urban dance scenes with Célia Mara’s bombastic performance. Surprising, intensive, with a large dose of humor, driven by irresistible beats. That’s 90 minutes of global bastardsound, a bursting show with powerful lead singer Célia Mara and La Banda di Piazza Caricamento, fifteen young artists immigrated from all continents, directed by Davide Ferrari. Genres: Global Worldmusic Show: Afro - Latin - Brasil - Oriental -

co-production Festival del mediterraneo, Genua & globalista, vienna

Disapora - Urban - Voices - Grooves - Danceperformance

Meus amores

Célia Mara, benjamim Taubkin, lui Coimbra
a brazilian love Journey. intensive. acoustic. Pointing right into your heart.
Célia Mara joined two of Brazils most extraordinary instrumental artists to mix on stage an exciting love-portion out of Bossa Nova and Brazilian folklore, Latin Jazz and Tango, Boleros and Rumbas – welcome in “emozionia”! This is an acoustic, contemporary experience, playing with sweet temptation and sensual seduction! Be aware! To expect is a Brazilian night full of poetry and intensive feelings, a journey in the depth of prickling sentiments. With the extradordinary line-up of Célia Mara voice and guitar, Benjamim Taubkin on piano and Lui Coimbra on Cello .

Genres: Brasil, Latin, MPB

a Globalista production: on Tour april 2010 / europe (based in são Paulo, br)

Célia Mara band
…this is the sound of nu-brazil by way of Vienna… brash, confident and assured“ (songlines, UK)
Célia Mara‘s Bastard Sound is an exciting, high quality dance-mix with thoughtful lyrics, illustrated by impressive live-visuals. it is transglobal samba-tango-jazz-reggaehiphop--bossa-glamour-rock-ska-and-funk, effortlessly switchable to fit undergroundclubs or popular open airs… - „This is one for the hostels and student halls of Europe and South America; Manu Chao meets Yerba Buena meets Carlinhos Brown meets…“ Fly global music culture, London The band (5 on stage) is based in Vienna/Austria and in Salvador/Bahia

brazilian bastardsound

a globalista production: available in europe: march -november / in brazil: november -March

Genres: Nu Brazil, Dub, World, Reggae, Latin-Funk

Célia Mara has been seen in:: Austria/ Brasil / Bulgaria / Croatia / Czech Rep. / Germany /Italy / Latvia / Luxembourg /Mexico/ Serbia /Spain / UK / Russia / Tunisia… Some festivals she really loved: Jazzfest Wien/A, Africa Festival/Würzburg/D, Jazz á Carthage/Tunis, Zeltival/Karlsruhe/D, Sabor de Samba/Offenburg/D, National palace of Culture/ Sofia/BG, Mujeres en el Mediterraneo/Granada/ES, Interzone Festival/Novi Sad/SER, CSD/ Berlin, Ethnoland/Moscow/RU, Sunsplash & Jazz@ Wiesen/A, Festival del Mediterraneo / Genova/It, Ethnotronica/ Moscow/RU, Spançirfest/Cr ecc…Some Clubs she recommends: CARGO/London/UK, Gazarte/Athens/GR, Porgy & Bess/Vienna /A, Café Hahn, Koblenz/D, Joe Zawinuls‘s Birdland/Vienna/A, Roxy/Praha/CZ, Petrovic & Dao Ja/ Moscow/RU, Schlachthof Kassel/D...

... and the ladies dance - tempestuously!“ (viennajazz /harald justin)

Wild flowers versus plastic-culture, irreverent diversity in total harmony, music without borders, the global south goes north…

(now, Renzo Staub)

suddenly,“Bastard sound is in!
“The dark and rather unique voice of Celia Mara is nicely complimented by a sunny admixture of Brazilian grooves. ” world music charts europe martin gordon, top 20 worldmusic charts europe (Aug 2008) „With a large dose of humour, Celia Mara is launching yet another CD packed with disturbing lyrics “that are sang loudly to disguise the pain”. Whilst her earlier work was always characterised by a fusion of Latin rhythms, funk and samba, on Santa Rebeldia repetitive electronic beats reign supreme.“ Alba cabral, Jungledrums, UK – january 2009 „delivered with a smile and backed by playful beats Celia Mara may have a dark voice and a serious message but Santa Rebeldia is an inherently fun album. This is one for the hostels and student halls of Europe and South America; Manu Chao meets Yerba Buena meets Carlinhos Brown meets… fly - global music by joe kent, november 2008

„borders in music & politics are long-overtaken!“ says Klaus Totzler in the Austrian National News, Albert Reguant presents Santa Rebeldia in Catalunya Ràdio as “… an album full of „rebellion“, a shout against intolerance and for the conscientisation of arguments that concern all of us: ecology, emigration, society, violence, friendship and love. Songs full of irony and good rhythm.” WDR journalist Luigi Lauer emphasizes that „Santa Rebeldia is the continuation of bastardismo as a concept, using rebeldismo-tools!“, Sebastian Fasthuber in Vienna‘s Falter compliments Célia with: „globalization never sounded so harmonious & sensual“… And Werner Leiss, in the music magazine Concerto, who discovered Célia Mara already in the late 90ies means „… always unmistakably Célia Mara!”

“la vitalidad que provoca el reggae de Matriaméricas, en la que se hace acompañar de su prima-hermana Amparo Sánchez (Amparanoia), el funk tropicalista de Ilegal na geladeira, o el pegadizo ska de AnaMaria, dan buena prueba del carácter afable y cosmopolita de esta artista.A Célia Mara bien se le podría considerar como la versión femenina de Carlinhos Brown, ya que su visión global de la música está muy en concomitancia con la del percusionista y cantante de la favela de Candeal” Miguel Angels Sánchez Gárate, B!ritmos, november 2008 “la carismàtica cantant brasilera, CÉLIA MARA, ens presenta el seu quart àlbum titulat “Santa Rebeldía”. Un disc de deu cançons plenes de “rebeldia”, un crit a la intolerancia i a la consienciació de causas que ens efectent a tots els humans; com l’ecologia, l’emigració, la societat, la violència, l’amistat o l’amor. Cançons cantades amb ironia i amb un bon ritme.” Albert Reguant ( “Hidrogen” iCatfm -Catalunya Ràdio). „Célia Mara ist Österreichs Paradebrasilianerin. Seit Jahren lebt die Komponistin und Sängerin in Wien, ihre Songs zitieren brasiliansiche Folklore ebenso wie europäische DJ-Kultur. Ihr neues Album Santa Rebeldia hat Célia Mara den Themen Migration und Widerstand gewidmet… Die Musikerin reflektiert Emazipation und hält Revolution für machbar. Tango trifft auf Afro Rhythmen, Hip Hop auf Folklore – Grenzen sind hier musikalisch wie politisch längst überholt.“ zib24/national austrian news / klaus totzler “Selten klang Globalisierung so stimmig und sinnlich”Mit ihrer Mischung aus lateinamerikanischen Rhythmen, Sehnsuchtsmelodien, Reggae, Balladen, Rock und sogar Rap hat sich die von Wien aus operierende brasilianische Sängerin nicht nur in der WorldMusic-Szene viele Freunde gemacht. Auf „Santa Rebeldia“ setzt Célia Mara ihre Art, Stile zu fusionieren, nicht minder elegant und abwechslungsreich fort, bis die leidigen Genregrenzen ganz verwischt sind. Selten klang Globalisierung so stimmig und sinnlich. falter / sebastian fasthuber

bastardista: internationalistic - from latin > bastardus/ bastardar: violating race- , gender and class structures; hybrid; historically: the product of female unwillingness to compromise; actually: nu brazilian flavour

est of the b ords „one n” rec brazilia his year“ new “ nd t me arou bal rhythm to co glo pryor / tom (USA)

charts / selections:

11 tracks - all composed by célia mara // arranged by célia mara & geri schuller // sounddesign by michael pogo kreiner & célia mara

* Top records of the year 2005, world music charts europe (33) * Top 7 - world music charts Europe * Top 2 / Nazirows world music charts Russia * CD of the week / funkhaus europa - Germany * Album of the year 2005/ rank 3 - concerto poll / Austria * 2006: longplay album charts, Greece *...

bastardista - reviews
„a 100% legitimate hit: The message is „vive le métissage“: respect each other, stop discrimination of whatever kind and to hell with borders. The bastard music that Mara composes around these ideas is friendly at times, unsettling at others and even loudly abrasive occasionally. (…) The album is full of such surprises (…) On the whole this is a winner - a Manifesto Bastardista. This is one album that will leave no one indifferent: it‘s Brazil going punk with help from Earth Wind & Fire horn section. And don‘t be surprised when after hearing this you feel like putting on some nu Bossa Nova, some Nina Hagen and an old funk record all at the same time. (Bram Posthumus, Songlines UK. 4****review) if you thought that the most progressive “nu brazilian” music was still being hatched in the soundlabs of Sao Paulo, guess again, because one of the best new “Brazilian” records to come around this year is actually from Austria. That’s right, Austria, land of Mozart, Strauss and, um,Falco. But Brazilian transplant Celia Mara builds a bridge between her homeland’s lush tropical sounds and chilly Teutontic electronica. … The result is Bastardista, her fourth album chock full of sophisticated, mostly downtempo chillout tracks that Bebel Gilberto would kill for. (Tom pryor /globalrhythm uSA) After „Hot Couture do Samba“ and „Necessario“, her other albums, bastardista is the poets and musicians stroke of genius. Rarely, the melting of Brazilian ingredients and electronics, the meeting between samba, forro, afoxé or bossa nova and groove, acoustic guitar and loops, between funk, Arabian and pop sounds so obviously natural as here. Mara‘s effect lives from the contrasts, she is always typically Brazilian as well as cosmopolitan, explosive and smooth, wild and romantic…“„Bastardista“, wouldn’t the artist have invented it, there wouldn’t be a wording for Gesamtkunstwerk Célia Mara. (Anna-bianca Krause /funkhaus europa) A little bit of everything brazilian, from electro to dancefloor, from ethno to pop. Sung in Portuguese, English and French, she amplifies the message implicit in the title – there’s no such thing as purity, let’s get mixed up here! And she does, with a remix by Frankie Valentine included. In her own words, she is „reducing the complicated to the rhythm of your heart. (gm / world music charts europe) Fresh, punky, eclectic and sensual: Célia Mara’s new album has already stormed the World Music Charts Europe. (…) Effortlessly grabbing a bit of tango, MPB or rock as she sees fit, Célia Mara celebrates the cultural space that is the Brazilian diaspora. This ephemeral world belongs to her and all those who prefer the ‘in-between’ world to the ‘backthere’ world. Bastardista is eclectic, ecentric and electric. Her lyrics though are thoughtful and come with a manifesto for social and cultural change. A plea for passion, respect, equality and err flower power. Definitely not one for the purists, this album will have you bouncing around in no time. Enjoy it like a warm kiss on a cool evening. (Damian Rafferty / Fly – global music culture / uK ) From her Austrian home base, rebellious Célia Mara definitely chooses new ways to mix up Brazilian Diaspora-music. For a good reason, she chose provocatively bastardista as title for her third album and left traditions and uniformism of any couleur behind. With such a creativity and know-how there is no wonder why our Austrian neighbours had elected her as best world music artist.

the célia mara collection
santa rebeldia (07/2008 – globalista records - GLOBACD-SR08)
Release: Austria: Hoanzl & Germany: Indigo: July 14th 2008; Greece: Astraia, Spain: Ventilador: August 2008, France:Nocturne: September 2008; UK: proper & Scandinavia: colectivo: october 2008

bastardista (05/2005 – globalista - OBACD-0305)

Rarely, the melting of Brazilian ingredients and electronics, the meeting between samba, forro, afoxé or bossa nova and groove, acoustic guitar and loops, between funk, Arabian and pop sounds so obviously natural as here. Mara‘s effect lives from the contrasts, she is always typically Brazilian as well as cosmopolitan, explosive and smooth, wild and romantic…“ (Anna-Bianca Krause /funkhaus europa/D

hot couture do samba (1/1998 – art libre)

»Hot couture do samba« expresses a new way in Brazilian music, fusing elements of samba, bossa nova, funk and macumba - with particular grooves.« (Manfred Ergott/Concerto Magazine). »Substance and subtility mix with good vibes.« (Ljubisa Tosic / der Standard) „Compact honeyed sounds enter smoothly in your ears, juggle in masterly fashioned with the influences of different cultures, with the foreign, traditions and a future, that you already can hear... « (M. Rosenberg, Jazz-Zeit)

necessário (1/2000)

»Célia Mara brought South Americas big heart on stage.« “With her expressive, deep voice, Célia Mara is celebrating brazilian melancholy as a global appell... Chico Buarques Calice - brought on stage by a women-only quintet, is inscenated as socio-political statement of the other way«. (Andreas Felber, Jazzzeit) (live at ORF RadioKulturhaus, coproduction ORF & Art Libre vienna, 01/00)

Latin Garden::Gülbahar Kültür (2008) Colours-box:: direct Club SA, Greece (2007) GURU3:: music for the ladies(2006) / Sony BMG, Greece brazilounge4:: new electro-world rhythms from brazil (2006) / different world, portugal // featuring: Bossa CucaNova, Adriana Calcanhotto… ethnoland-ethnotronica:: compiled by Nazim Nadirov (2006) / manas records, russia // featuring: orange blossom, DJ eastenders, Marlene Dorcena active-relax:: compiled by gelbton for osram (2005), germany kid loco:: another late night (2003) / azuli records, london (TOP 40 charts frankie valentine:: below the radar (2002) / sunshine records

neue (2001, virgin) : das neue wienerlied - von ambros bis sofasurfers Jazz for Kosovo (Ö1 CD - 99): Live at RadioKulturhaus. With: Roland Batik, Woody Schabata, Art Farmer, Karl Heinz Miklin Trio, Wolfgang Puschnig… Sounds of Vienna (sunshine Records 1997)

some former compilations

soundtracks documentaries, cc lab, UK 2006 ∑ joga bonito: the nike football
∑ heimat in der fremde: an 4 artist portrait; baobab 2003, hilde hefel ∑ citizenship of samba: 15min (silvia santangelo jura)2003 ∑ Salgueiro Queens - relative citizenship: 45min documentary (r:silvia Santangelo Jura)2002 ∑ Augustin: SoundDesign - (Social-Spot) ∑ 500 Jahre Brasilien : Hugo Portisch, oRF Trailer 2000

mIGrATION ThrOuGh music
born in pedra Azul, a small town nearby the bahian border, in brazil … Célia’s adventures in the globalized world – between brazil and europe, and especially Vienna, where she lives since the early 90ties – are filling many pages… here‘s a resumee:
Born in Minas Gerais, in overexploited & poor vale de jequitenhonhas, Célia Mara grew up with music. “I remember my mother and sisters singing all day long…“ Macumba-drums and Samba-rhythms as well as the introverted folclore of Minas Gerais, the popular tele-novela songs or the upcoming Tropicalia have accompanied her since childhood and have formed her musical style. She started to sing as a six year old, with passion. On the waterbox, over the roof-tops of Pedra Azul, her home-town. At the age of 14, she made her debut on stage with her own compositions, with 18 she participated as the first female singer of her region to a supra-regional festival and performed in Belo Horizonte, centre of the new Brazilian music. TV-appearances and gigs in major jazzclubs, theatres and festivals followed – from Belo Horizonte to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador. She gave her voice to the left parties for the first elections after military dictature-ship, sang for the syndicates, was always engaged in social movements… But the conservatives won… and cultural work became - once again - more difficult. In 1990, after a show in Bahia, she was invited to play in Switzerland, at a small Jazzfestival.


emigration by chance…
Célia Mara decided to stay in Europe - and started performing in small jazz clubs, festivals followed. But most importantly she discovered the European jazz scene and worked for the first time with European musicians. She played frequently, whether in Germany (for example at the Jazzfestival Burghausen), in Italy or in Austria. In fall 1992, she chose Austria’s Salzburg as her new home base, played in duo with the german Heli Punzenberger, an excellent guitar player. “To discover Europe at my own pace. And to learn to understand it’s people”. Célia Mara composed her first “European’s” - hot, melancholy Samba-Funk-Jazz Fusions. And played with Austrian and Brazilian musicians. Soon, she became well known... and performed at international festivals, as opening group for Abdullah Ibrahim, Airto Moreira & Flora Purim, played her own concerts and was a guarantor for an enthusiastic audience. To get new energy, she returned to Brazil in 1996, back to Samba... and rhythm - with funk and jazz on her mind. In Salvador she composed and recorded some new songs for her CD ,Hot Couture do Samba”. The arrangements were made by Salvadors Leteres Leite, later musical director of Daniela Mercury and Ivete Sangalo - “a fantastic musician...” In the end of 1996, she came back to Vienna - her new home town - with a strong tool in hand: a new vision of Brazilian music.

A new home base…
In 1997, she founded the band potênciaX - „la crème de la crème“ of the new austrian jazz-scene: Reinhard Micko, Thomas Gansch, Herwig Gradischnig, Ingrid Oberkanins, Tibor Kövesdy, Christian Saalfellner… just to name a few… In december of 1997/ release 01.98 she completed the (independent) production of the CD “Hot Couture do Samba“ - which opened her the way to the Austrian Broadcasting Company (national Radio & TV) - where her songs are on continuous airplay since then.

Célia Mara & potênciaX performed at the major festvals and concert halls in Austria, presenting an independent style. Samba meets funk and jazz - original brazilian grooves mix with sophisticated instrumental interpretations - Brazil translated in an european music concept.

Social envolvement
In 1999, she produced the benefit-CD „Necessàrio“, released in 012000- a collection of MPB (musica popular brasileira) - with critical songs of Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque… and herself. necessário is a live-recording of the benefit concert „Jazz for Kosovo“, Art Farmer’s last live-concert, with Wolfgang Puschnig, Karl Ratzer etc... in the viennese „RadioHall“. All songs Célia Mara presented are dedicated to the question of human rights. The netsales-benefit went to the project Nika Jaina in Rio de Janeiro, a youth targeted education program in Morro do Salgueiro, one of Rios so called favelas.

professional growth & awards
In 2000 she has been elected in Austria’s Concerto-Poll best world music artist. 2001 she started to experiment with an Apple G3 and the audio-software Logic. Together with Sweet Susie, resident DJ DubClub Flex - Vienna… never ending discussions about the different groove-concepts in the club-scene and live-performing artists… discovering the different values in music. Time to stay indoors and start producing. Célia Mara began to learn how to arrange, how to create sounds, how to build up loops, introduced new elements to her music… In 2002 the first Logic-Release: the soundtrack to „Salgueiro Queens - relative citizenship…“ and Célia Mara goes Brazil again… In 2003, she worked on her new songs, composing, arranging… She has also been teaching “ the computer as an arranging tool for singer/songwriters” at the UNESCO / IMZ creative industries workshop for latin american artists 2003 in Salvador… and decided to build a new - a second homebase there! In Austria, together with her partner, the social and cultural anthropologist Silvia Santangelo Jura, she won the „Herta Pammer Preis 2003“ for innovative social and global educational projects: Nika Jaina, including the CD necessário as well as the video and especially the live event : culture is our weapon!

Simply going
2004 was dedicated to develop new songs, to put them into the right formats, creating arrangements, experimenting with loops and soundcompositions, building up a new band… and passing fall & winter in the studio: célia mara was pregnant with „BASTARDISTA “… In may 2005, bastardista has been released by globalista records in vienna. Célia Mara’s charismatic voice and the eclectic but typically Brazilian mixture made “bastardista”, being defined by the press „a new vision of Brazilian Diaspora music”. Bastardista has been considered „one of the best new Brazilian records“ (Global Rhythm USA), „a 100% legitimate hit“ - 4**** reviewed in Songlines. It stormed the Top 10 of the European World Music Charts had top rankings in the Greek & the Russian charts, and was featured by Funkhaus Europa, awarded 2006 with „COPA DA CULTURA“ by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. Various tracks from bastardista were presented on excellent compilations or remixed by well known DJ’s (Kid Loco, Frankie Valentine…). Célia Mara was invited with her band to perform at huge European and Russian festivals and in selected clubs and prestigious concert halls.

discovering a new brazil!
Already in 2003, she started building her house in Salvador Bahia, reflecting her double artistic status - to be a austrian and a brazilian artist at the same time! Themes of social and cultural diversity are on her mind, she reflects the political transformation happening in Brazil… and starts working on Santa Rebeldia already in 2006… Travelling and playing a lot, it took her 2 years to get the new album ready… in a strictly independet way!