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Java Interview questions: 1.wha t is Java? 2.Is Java a complete object oriented programming language? And reason? 3.

what is inter ace and give brie description? !.what is abstract class and give brie description? ".di erence between inter ace and abstract class? #.what are the t$pes o primitive data ? %.what is value& '(? ).what method is used to convert rom string to wrapper? *.what method is used to convert rom string to primitives? 1+.what method is used to convert rom wrapper to primitives? 11.di erence between parameters and arguments? 12.what is constructor and its role?,,please read care ull$ -lease visit developers or the below questions.

/0ception /0ception Interview 1uestions

13. 2hat is an e0ception? 1!. 2hat is error? 1". 2hich is superclass o /0ception? 1#. 2hat are the advantages o using e0ception handling? 1%. 2hat are the t$pes o /0ceptions in Java? 1). 2h$ /rrors are 3ot 4hec.ed? 1*. 2h$ 5untime /0ceptions are 3ot 4hec.ed? 2+. /0plain the signi icance o tr$6catch bloc.s? 21. 2hat is the use o inall$ bloc.? 22. 2hat i there is a brea. or return statement in tr$ bloc. ollowed b$ inall$ bloc.? 23.4an we have the tr$ bloc. without catch bloc.?

2!. 2hat is the di erence throw and throws? 2". 7ow to create custom e0ceptions? 2#. 2hat are the di erent wa$s to handle e0ceptions?

4ollections Interview 1uestions

1.4ollection ramewor. hierarch$? 2.2hat is 4ollections ramewor.? 3.di erence between 4ollections and 4ollection? !.what is 8et9 :ist9 and ;ap? And its t$pes? ".di erence between 8et9 :ist and ;ap? #.<i erence Arra$ and Arra$:ist? %.<i erence between Arra$:ist and :in.ed:ist? ).<i erence between 4ollection and Arra$? *.Advantages o 4ollection ramewor. over arra$? 1+.di erence between hashset and treeset? 11.di erence between hashmap and treemap? 12.what is hashcode? 13.what is the return t$pe o hashcode? 1!.what is Iterator? 1".what is enumerator? 1#.di erence between Iterator and /numerator? 1%.what is comparator? 1).what is comparable? 1*.what is vector? 2+.di erence between comparator and comparable?

8tring 9 8tring=uilder and 8tring=u er

1. 2hat is string? 2. Is 8tring a mutable class and wh$? 3. charAt'(> !. di erence between length and length'(? ". <i erence between ?? and equals method? #. <i erence between 8tring9 8tring=u er and 8tring=uilder? %. :ength'(? ). 4oncatenate'(? *. 5eplace'(: 1+. Append'(? 11. 8ubstring'(?

4ommon 1uestions:
1. 2hat is s$nchroni@ation? 2. 2hat is seriali@ation? 3. 2hat is inter ace? !. A$pes o inter ace? ". 2hat are the two wa$s to implement thread? #. 2hat is $ield9 wait9 sleep9 noti $9 noti $all? %. -lease read the li ec$cle o threads? ). 2hat is wrapper class? *. 2hat is oops concept? 1+. 2hat are the t$pes o oops concept? 11. Is inal class can be e0tended? 12. Is inal method can overridden? 13. Is inal variable can be reinitiali@ed? 1!. 2hat is autobo0ing?

1". 2hat is upcasting and what downcasting? 5ead access speci ier and access modi ier? A$pes o .e$word in java? 2hat is abstraction? 2hat is inheritance? 2hat is encapsulation? 2hat is pol$morphism? 2hat are the t$pes o pol$morphism? Bo and read interview questions in rose and developers