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name : graham smith mobile : +44 7816 527 462 website : http://imjustcreative.

com twitter : @imjustcreative address : 10 Badgers Copse Seaford East Sussex BN25 4DF

Apple, Inc., Innite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014 The United States of Macintosh

Is there anything missing on this proposal that was previously agreed? Let me know before signing and paying the deposit. It is critical we both know what is expected from each other prior to starting. Singing on the dotted line and subsequent payment forms your contractual acceptance of this proposal and the terms thus set out.

Proposal: 0133
15th Novemeber 2011

Provisional Estimate
Logo Redesign for Apple Inc.
Includes UK Tax @ 20%

Project Scope
To work with client to create a logo identity for [some random project that means you need to insert your own project details in here]

Specific requirements
[Examples of the work to be completed could included: main logo development, alternative logo lock-ups as required/eeded, primary and secondary typeface selections, advice/consultation on ways to improve overall brand image/ personality, implementation of logo where appropriate andcreation of logo useage guidelines.]

Payment Breakdown
If you would like to pay the full amount upfront, then this would be quite welcome. 4% will be deducted from the total invoice amount should you choose this method.

Deliverables will include [for example only]

Only on receipt of the nal invoice you will receive: 1. Main brand logo. 2. Alternative logo lock-ups as required. 3. Company stationery: cards, letterheads, envelopes, comp slips. 4. Logo useage guidelines. 5. Social media prole version of the logo.

Holding Deposit
Required to secure the project into my schedule.

2000 8000 5000

Starting Deposit
Required when the project is started.

Progress Payment
Required when initial idea/concept/direction approved by client.

General Process & Expecations

[I tend to include a brief explanation of my work process to avoid initial confusion or inappropriate expectations.]

Final Deposit on Completion

Digital les and corresponding artwork and copyright transfer will only be released on receipt of Final Deposit.


name : graham smith mobile : +44 7816 527 462 website : twitter : @imjustcreative address : 10 Badgers Copse Seaford East Sussex BN25 4DF

Payment Details
DEPOSIT AND FINAL PAYMENT I tend to seek full payment up front due to the fragile and precarious nature of releasing and showing unique ideas prior to being paid. If you are happy to pay the full amount, please let me know. 4% will be deducted from invoice if full payment is made upfront. If full payment is not appropriate, then a minimum of 50%-75% is usually required. This is routine, and has unfortunately been bourne through necessity. The nal balance is due towards completion of the project when the logo has been approved. Only when the nal payment has been received will any requested digital les be released. Only on this nal payment will full rights to the logo design be transferred. Please see following Terms for more details. PAYMENT REQUIRED TO SECURE PROJECT I can only secure this project into my schedule on receipt of either the holding deposit or the starting deposit. If there is any kind of delay at this point, other projects may take priority. This is not to pressure you in any way, its just so you know where you stand in terms of scheduling. Once deposit is received, I will forward on a receipt of the payment then be in touch with getting further information in preparation for the start of the project. PAYMENT METHODS Preferred methods include bank transfer, cheque, PO and cash. Paypal is possible but is not recommended. A handling charge of 4% will be added to invoice if you opt for Paypal over my preferred methods. BANK DETAILS Bank : Account Number : Sort Code : Name : IBAN: Swift/BIC: SWIFT Intermediary Bank :

PROBLEMS WITH PAYING? As this is a signicant investment for you, please let me know if you have any concerns or problems paying the full amount at this time. I am very much open to nding an amicable payment solution if there are any difculties.

name : graham smith mobile : +44 7816 527 462 website : twitter : @imjustcreative address : 10 Badgers Copse Seaford East Sussex BN25 4DF

OWNERSHIP and RIGHTS All preparation materials, sketches, visuals, including the electronic les used to create the project remain the property of imjustcreative. The nal artwork/digital les will become the property of the client mentioned in this proposal ONLY upon nal payment of the project.

TRUST I sincerely request that you trust me to do the job you are paying me to do. That you will take on board my suggestions and ideas to be in your best interests. I am not an artworker and therefore I will not be happy with any form of micro-managing or forced directing during a project. If you are used to directing or insist on being hands on then could be an uncomfortable experience for both of us. CANCELLATION DURING PROJECT If you choose to cancel the project midway through the project, where ideas and proposals have been submitted, refund of previous payment is not possible. However, depending on the work completed and overall budget, a portion of the funds may be returned. If I fall ill, or am unable to complete the project due to unforeseen circumstances, a portion of the overall budget will be returned. In most cases the complete amount will be refunded. If the work so far completed can be used for another designer to pick up, then a percentage will be refunded based on work completed or any other reasonable suggestion will be considered. PROJECT SUSPENSION I reserve the right to suspend any project if a client: interferes with excessive micromanaging, demonstrates a continued lack of trust and inability to move forward after showing more than a reasonable number of unique logo ideas/concepts and/or shows reluctance in paying the nal payment. Fair notice will be given with fair chance to remedy the situation without resorting to project suspension or termination. Any suspension or termination will not result in any refunds.

I cannot stress enough that if nal payment is NOT received as agreed and set out in the initial proposal, all designs and concepts will remain the property of imjustcreative until payment is received.

If there are issues with the nal payment, I then reserve the right to reuse or amend any of these ideas for other clients or to be used freely as concepts in my portfolio. Should the client attempt to use/modify/alter/replicate or steal any of my ideas without making agreed final payment, I will take immediate legal counsel. imjustcreative reserves the right to show any artwork, ideas, sketches created for this project in a portfolio as examples of client work. This can be during the project and also on completion. If you have any specic secrecy/stealth mode requirements, please mention this before agreeing to the proposal. Final payment ensures that ONLY the agreed logo design becomes the clients property. Any previous ideas/concepts remain the property of imjustcreative, unless any prior agreement has been made.

name : graham smith mobile : +44 7816 527 462 website : twitter : @imjustcreative address : 10 Badgers Copse Seaford East Sussex BN25 4DF

TM and
TRADEMARK and COPYRIGHT Due to the lengthy and often costly procedures required to initiate any LOGO DESIGN UNIQUENESS form of Trademark, Copyright and legal name search, I am unable to I will conduct basic searches on the logo designs created for you. This is to help with this. see, where possible, that there are no obvious similar designs used by other companies. If you require the logo to be trademarked, then you must seek proper legal advice. However, please be aware, it is impossible to guarantee that a design is unique and has not been thought of by someone else at any point in time. NAMING You take full responsibility for ensuring that the company/product/ Brand logo designs, as we know it, go back at least a 100 years and 100s are name is legally free before work is started. Should any legal issue arise being created every single day. The majority never see mainstream use, many with the naming after the project has been completed, no refunds are are never registered, many just exist in a designers portfolio somewhere in possible neither am I responsible for any problems thus arising. some corner of the internet and some of these will become well known and famous. Please ensure the name you are using is free and legally safe to use before committing to a logo project. There is no one single library or database of logo designs to check with. Name changes during a project can be exceptionally costly. There is always a risk that a logo design ends up sharing characteristics of a pre existing design. This similarity can be loose or can be frightfully close. It is more than feasible that a logo designed in good faith already exists, more than one person can come up with the same idea in any given time frame and be unaware of the other. Checking is easier with well known brands and companies, but becomes increasingly harder and time consuming, the lower the prole of the company and/or designer responsible. I can promise you that I will always do my very best to create a unique and appropriate logo for you, based on your needs. What I cannot promise you is that somewhere at some point in the future, someone may spot similarities with another logo. Even big agencies and companies fall foul of this, creating a logo for a big brand only to discover a variation of it exists elsewhere.

and finally
A FEW WORDS If you are unhappy about the progress of the project, feel we are not nding an appropriate angle, then please discuss this with me. I would encourage you to call rather than email, I am very easy going and even easier to talk to. It is crucial that we are both completely clear about the objectives and aims before commencing. Now is the time to be open with your thoughts, doubts and/or concerns.

Now for your scribble.

The following page is where you sign, seal and deliver.

name : graham smith mobile : +44 7816 527 462 website : twitter : @imjustcreative address : 10 Badgers Copse Seaford East Sussex BN25 4DF

Approval of Proposal
By signing you are accepting the terms and conditions contained in this proposal. SIGN AND RETURN Once you have signed and lled in the details opposite, please print and post back. If you are overseas, then posting will clearly be a inconvenience. There are three alternative methods you can use. If you are reasonably savvy with the PDF format, you can use what is called a Digital Signature. Your signature can be embedded into this page, resaved and emailed back to me. This is as good as a hand written signature. If the Digital Signature seems like too much of a pain, please scan or photograph with digital camera/phone after signing and email back to : WHAT HAPPENS NEXT Once you have signed and sent back this proposal, please arrange the rst payment so that we can get started with the project. Until this payment is received, I cannot book your project in, and other jobs may take precedence in this time. INVOICE BY EMAIL On receipt of the signed proposal, I will also forward onto you an invoice for your records and any receipts for payments thus received. SIGNATURE







I thoroughly look forward to working with you on this project and very much appreciate you reaching out to me for your creative needs. Graham Smith