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Alto Atacama concept.

We believe in space & amplitude, in open spaces and harmony. We

search for the perfect landscape, the perfect trek, the perfect sun-
set. Our concept is simple, we gathered some of the best chilean
architects, designers and landscapers and offered them the op-
portunity to work together in the creation of an incredible hotel. A
place to relax and to start a day full of action, to be able to truly lis-
ten to silence and also to listen to local stories. Atacama is a land-
scape of dramatic contrasts and extremely slow changes, always
impressive, rugged, larger than life. Our goal is to be Atacama, to
share its beauty and to achieve its patience, to smile and breath
freely at the sight of the most beautiful desert in the world.
Atacama, one of the
Atacama Overview

greatest Deserts on Earth.

It is extreme in its variety, isolated, beautiful. Its beauty resides

in the texture of the land, the starkness of the sky and in how life
has found a way to conquer the desert.
Atacama is a lunar landscape in places, lush river canyons in oth-
ers. In some parts, rain has not touched this parched land for the
past three hundred years while summer can bring brilliant rain-
storms in the mountains that surround the Alto Atacama Hotel.
Atacama can be vast empty stretches but it is also a place to see
life unfolding.
Atacama is the red of the Andes and the glow of the high moun-
tain lakes. Come and experience one of the most pristine places
on earth.....the Atacama Desert.
Atacama Overview

For the past one hundred centuries, the San Pedro area has been an
epicenter of human activity. The relative abundance of local fauna and
flora has created fitting living conditions for the first inhabitants of
our continent, despite the fact that it is such an inhospitable region.
The Licanantay, Aymara and eventually Inca cultures left their
traces as evidenced by the vast quantity and variety of archeo-
logical remains in San Pedro. Fortresses like the Pucara of Quitor
and the ancient settlement of Tulor are just a few of the literally
hundreds of sites left by the original people.
The driest desert in the world has not been an obstacle for the
flourishing of these complex cultures and their unique social
traits. The most important culture of the area were the Licanan-
tay, direct descendants of the first hunter gatherers that arrived
to this area approximately 11.000 years ago.
This region of the Atacama Desert chronicles a history that com-
bines the struggle for survival, the adaptation to environment and
the comprehension of natural cycles.
This, coupled with an interaction with the elements developed a vision
of the Cosmos that is deeply based on the amalgam of these factors.
Atacama lives through its people, and our mission is to understand
their perspective, to embrace their essence and to tell their stories.
Atacama Overview

One of the most surprising aspects of Atacama is the variety of

animal and plant species that have been able to adapt to the ex-
treme conditions that dominate the driest desert on our planet.
WWF affirms: “The intrinsic value of the Atacama Desert's plant
and animal communities lies in the unique nature of their compo-
sition, the high levels of endemism and some species' remarkable
adaptations for survival in some of the planet's most demanding
conditions. The highly rare flora is of particular importance.
Atacama is the habitat for three species of Flamingos, mammals
such as the Zorro Culpeo, Llama,Vicuña and at lesser altitudes the
Guanaco. Rodents including the Vizcacha can be spotted sunbath-
ing in the midday sun. There are dozens of bird species, the most
characteristic being the Tagua Tagua which builds its predator
–proof aquatic nests, or the Suri, the Ostrich of the Altiplano.
Atacama Overview

The Northern skies of Chile are famous for being some of the clear-
est in the World. The combination of an extremely dry climate, high
altitude and the distance from any source of environmental pollu-
tion makes them a perfect and clear window into the Universe.
The Atacama Desert has been an important center for astronomic
investigation since the opening of the Las Campanas – Du Pont ob-
servatory near La Serena in 1977.
Other research centers in the area are Paranal, close to Antofagasta
and an upcoming project that will include the construction of the
world’s largest observatory; A.L.M.A (Atacama Large Millimeter Ar-
ray) that begins operating in 2012. Once completed, A.L.M.A will have
10 times more spatial resolution than the Hubble space telescope.
A.L.M.A.’s complement is Cornell Caltech Telescope, another large
project that will be constructed in the Chajnator mountain and it
will be focused on the process of galaxy formation.
The experience of viewing the Atacama skies is truly impressive,
visible even with the naked eye. Man has always been fascinated
by the majesty and depth of outer space and Atacama is the
perfect place to witness and ponder the structure of our local
and distant universe.

Our rooms are spacious and comfortable, all of them well

equipped to soothe your body after an action packed day.
The decoration is simple yet elegant, we have local crafts as part
of our decoration and also as part of the spirit of our rooms. You
can touch the walls and feel its warmth, or have good dreams in
our incredibly comfortable beds.
All of the rooms in Alto Atacama have a private terrace were to
enjoy the colors of the valley, take a nap, read a book or simply
relax at the sight of our gardens. The definition of peacefulness
aquires a new meaning after a couple of nights here, Catarpe
embraces Alto Atacama with silence, let silence embrace you.
Main Rooms & Grounds

As the Atacama Desert, Alto Atacama is a place to be explored,

to be discovered.
Our philosophy is that even though our guests are out exploring
one of the most interesting places on earth, the hotel is also a
place that beckons to be enjoyed, and that encourages rest.
The living room has a great fireplace to provide warmth while
paging through the books of our library. The outdoor lounge areas
have small fire pits that are lighted every night for our guests to
enjoy the crisp air and the colors of the sunset and nightfall.
The Main Grounds are a projection of the attention to detail that
prevails in Alto Atacama, where you can enjoy a nice walk at
sunset or sunrise among our gardens filled with native plants and
locally crafted art.
Simplicity becomes beauty with ease in Alto Atacama, the princi-
pal elements are always nature and space, the Hotel being a place
to gather, recharge and share experiences. We have created an
ambiance that is intimate and warm, a respectful synchronization
with the aesthetics of the Altiplano.

Our Chef blends the best of both worlds: Mediterranean-style

with local ingredients and recipes.
We work closely with local producers who provide fresh organic
produce to your table at the Alto Atacama Hotel, and in doing so,
we are able to give back to the local economy. Other fresh items,
such as meat and seafood are all brought from prime suppliers
A simple treat is sampling our locally grown Socaire potatoes,
native quinoa and then indulging in Rica Rica Gnocchis, and Cha-
ñar- based sweets. All of these local plants can be spotted while
we hike, and can be collected along the way.
Our Chef, is passionate about discovering and combining fla-
vors, ingredients, and preparations. His menus reflect a simple
Where dedication and taste merge with style.

Alto Atacama’s pools blend the luxury of water in the desert and
the tranquility of being removed from the rest of the world.
The six outdoor pools overlook the beautiful Catarpe Valley and
its red mountains. Stones from the surrounding desert form a
wall of privacy for each of the pools. The sense of being deeply
renewed by the cleansing water as you gaze out into the desert
is a unique experience.
We treat water with respect and responsibility due to its rarity
in this environment. All our water is purified and maintaining it
as such is our priority. We also maximize its use to reduce our
impact on the environment.
An outdoor bar and dining room in our pool area gives our guest
the choice of enjoying a leisurely lunch by the water, or simply a
chilled glass of Chilean white wine as the sun warms your body.
Puri Spa

Despite the fact that we are in the driest of all deserts, water
from glacial snow is what makes San Pedro de Atacama an Oasis,
and it makes our Spa a strongly revitalizing experience. Water,
expert hands and aromatic scents are the tools for invigorating
your body and spirit after a day of exploring the desert.
We invite you to relax, enjoy, and to recharge your body and mind
in a peace- filled spa where the natural elements of the land work
their own magic.
Spa options include Finnish Sauna, Turkish bath, Scottish showers,
indoor & outdoor hot tubs, among others.

Treat yourself

Close your eyes.

Alto Atacama will do the rest

Excursion concept

We believe that the world has to be walked, be explored, to

become known.
We are aware that people have different interests and skills,
and our guides will help you feel comfortable and safe in
whatever activity you choose.
We like to see how far our physical strength can take us, al-
ways being safe, aware that we are only guests of the im-
mense Atacama Desert.
Our expeditions can be physically demanding or relaxed, they
can engage you intellectually or simply let you feel the energy
of the desert.
Whatever excursion you decide to be part of, the sights will
stay with your forever, because Atacama is our world, one of
purity and space.
We travel in small groups, leaving no traces.
Travel Ethics

Deserts are some of the most static surfaces in the World, eroded
only by wind and the rare showers that fall in some parts of the
desert. Therefore it is of absolute importance to be respectful
with this terrain. Whatever mark is left behind will stay here for
a long period of time. At Alto Atacama Hotel we are aware of this
and we train our guides with the Leave No Trace principles:

1. Plan Ahead and Prepare

2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
3. Dispose of Waste Properly
4. Leave What You Find
5. Minimize Campfire Impacts
6. Respect Wildlife
7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors

One of our top priorities is to minimize our impact on the envi-

ronment, when we travel by van we only do it on marked roads,
never off road and we do the same when mountain biking and
hiking. We ask our guests to do the same, and become familiar
with these principles.

The geography of Atacama is perfect for mountain biking. We

will fully equip and guide you while exploring stunningly beautiful
trails and paths that enter pristine territories.
We approach everything that we do with evolution in mind, there-
fore seasoned mountain bikers will be among our team of guides,
no matter if you are a beginner just wanting to pedal for fun &
sights, or a person looking to improve your skills on a bike, we
have a journey ready.
As in all of Alto Atacama’s excursions, our guides will help you
choose the most suitable trails for the day.

Atacama by foot is where everything starts. Walk in the same

trails that have been used for centuries, breath the air, the con-
trasts, the essence of Atacama. Witness life unfolding with con-
fidence in a strong territory, and also witness ways of life that
remain synchronized with nature, proud.
Our trekking excursions have been designed for people with dif-
ferent physical levels; there are very mild walks and more de-
manding excursions. Considering the features of the Atacama
Desert, acclimatization is an important factor to have in mind
when choosing a journey, our guides will provide all the necessary
information to make this a great experience.
Van Trips

Ideal for the first days in the desert, to help with the acclima-
tization process, our Van trips will introduce you to the beauty
and magnitude of Atacama. We will visit high mountain lakes and
witness the Andes in full display of power; the Tatio geysers, the
highest and third largest geothermal field in the world.
And, as in all of Alto Atacama’s excursions we are in no rush.
Take all the pictures that you want, talk to the curious children
that approach us in every town, walk through the local markets,
make moments last.

Van Trips 13. Los Cardones Gorge

1. Licanantay culture tour 14. Alto Catarpe
2. oconao – Atacama Salt Flat 15. Tambo Catarpe
3. Moon Valley 16. Catarpe – devil’s Gorge
4. Jere Gorge 17. Waillar
5. Petroglyphs 18. Quezala Gorge
6. Tatio Geysers 19. Toco
7. Lagunas Altiplanicas
8. Villas Altiplanicas Mountain biking
9. Tara Salt Flat 20. Catarpe Valley
21. Quitor and San Pedro
Trekking 22. Cejar Lagoon
10. Moon Valley Trek 23. Inca Pass
11. Los Colorados 24. Desert Valleys
12. Kari Gorge
San Pedro de Atacama Facts.

Getting there Climate Altitude Recommended clothing

The closest airport is the It is a high desert climate; San Pedro is 2.450 meters • Backpack (20-35 litres).
Calama – Loa Airport, a two therefore, expect thermal above sea level, some excur- • Swimming gear.
hour flight from Santiago. variation, hot days and slightly sions will take guests above • Sandals.
For guests with all- inclusive cold nights. 4000 meters of altitude. • Layers of clothing: thermals,
package Alto Atacama will Winter (June, July and When undertaking strenuous fleeces etc.
provide airport transfers. The August) activities at altitude, guests • Trainers or trekking boots.
journey to San Pedro is a one 22 degrees Celsius during the should take the following • Trekking shorts or detach-
hour van ride. day and 4 degrees Celsius precautions: able trousers.
at night. • Consult your doctor before • Sun block, UV sunglasses
Summer (January, February leaving home if you have a and sun hat.
and March) history of cardiovascular ill- • Gloves, hat and good qual-
27 degrees Celsius during the ness or hypertension. ity jacket for excursions at
day and 16 degrees Celsius • Avoid heavy foods before an altitude.
at night. excursion.
These months see very oc- • Drink plenty of water
casional rainfall. throughout the day to avoid
• Avoid alcohol. | telephone: (562) 4360265
fax: (562) 4360266 |