In organizing a business, it is always pertain that it contributes to the betterment of the society. It should be guided by business principles, procedures and policy. If the product is based on customers’ desires or wants, surely the business that will introduce to the community will exists. Planning should be done carefully because it is an important part in putting up a business, it is better to know the requirements, the needed materials on how to run a business. You need to determine the kind of business you would want to operate in the future. This plan gives details of the proposed venture, along with expected needs and results. In addition, it must take into about the unique nature of the electronic commerce. Eventually, the plan to establish a supermarket is not just for the proponents’ benefits and pleasure but for the goodness of the society because it adds choices to people. Every week thousands of shoppers in supermarkets come and go. They’re a part of our landscape and a part of our weekly schedules. They have brought affordable foods to all, increased the range of foods that was eat, and considerably reduced the time we spend shopping and preparing foods. The supermarket typically comprises frozen and baked goods departments, along with shelves spaces reserved for canned and packaged goods as well as for various non-food items such as household cleaners and pharmacy products. Other advantages include ease of parking and frequently the convenience of shopping hours that extend far into evening. Starting a grocery store business may pose as challenge if you are not equipped with proper information. The business has several aspects that you need to focus on and study if you want your efforts to yield results; i.e. knowledge of marketing management, finance accounting, information technology and other pertinent details in operation.


  

To cater the customers a complete set of products To promote goods at a very reasonable & competitive prices To engage the business venture into total quality and affordability of services

Amicizia is love . meters and parking lot of 150 sq.BRIEF DESCRIPTION The AMICIZIA SUPERMART is offering consumable items at very reasonable and competitive prices. In contract of partnership. Trust and relationship is an acid test of friendship. The business is duly registered with the local government. The store is situated near a residential area and along the national highway Santiago City in order to be more convenient to consumers. or industry to a common fund. with the intention of dividing the profit among themselves. meters. Its basic appeal is the availability of a broad selection of goods under a single roof. following the rules and regulations recommended by the Department of Trade and Industry and Bureau of Internal Revenue. NAME OF THE FIRM The business will be registered under the name “Amicizia Supermart”. . and will be engaged as a supermart. an Italian word for friendship. two or more person binds themselves to contribute money. The proponents decided to form the business as partnership because this sort of business requires huge financial resources: this may also enhance the capabilities of the partners to manage their own firm. property. at relatively low prices. The AMICIZIA SUPERMART will have a ground floor dimension of 450 sq. The business will be registered as partnership.

000 500 500 3.PROJECT COST/ SALARIES EXPENSE/ ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSE Position Bookkeeper Organizer/Dicer Cashier and Bagger Storeroom Personnel Guard Total Labor Required 10 8 5 2 Monthly Salary 1500 79.200 21.000 5.150 15.560 53.699 Yearly Expenses 168.600 182.400 200.500 Utilities Expense Description Electricity Telephone Water Total Installation 2500 2.200 Legal Expenses Compliance Fee Business Permit Barangay Clearance BIR DTI SEC Mayor’s Permit Total 4.500 20.000 30.000 2.000 23.999 700 16.000 1.480 397.200 4.800 187.720 636.194.850 Annual Salaries Expense 18.040 33.700 Monthly Expense 14.000 954.420 Miscellaneous Expense Give away Raffle Prices Total 10.220 6.288 .200 2.988 8.

500 Yearly 14.200 3 69.500 2 27.000 2 20.000 1 20.000 Number of Units 5 1 Total 79.600 Carts 990 50 49.000 Fire Extinguisher 10.600 6.160 Air Conditioner 14. K Servico and Target display.000 Supplies Expense Description Plastic bags-small Plastic bags-tiny Plastic bags-medium Plastic bags-large Clock Stapler Padlock Frame for permits Lucky charm fountain Rechargeable lamp Filing case Trash Can Packaging straw Door mat Broom and dust pan Mop Uniform Unit Cost 24.000 Net Book 13.000 Total 436.000 CCTV 17.000 20.800 20.432 5 87.185 6.596 Freezer 23.500 Baskets 50 100 5.856 Sources: The prices are come from Willy and Son’s.Equipments Cash Drawer and Bar Code Readers Software(sales & stock management) Generator 20.850 7800 50.800 135 768 13.000 .5 650 4.140 220 820 1550 550 936 4.650 135 64 1.75 95 135 32 190 55 820 775 275 78 200 80 130 120 220 Quantity Requirement (month) 50 50 60 70 1 unit every year 2 6 4 1 2 2 12 units yearly 20 12 units yearly 12 units yearly 2 25 Total 1237.000 960 1560 2880 66.220 79.000 960 1560 240 5.600 936 48.899 4 59.680 2640 820 Unit Cost 15.75 13 69.

922.550 1275 9. Description Office table Office chairs Filing cabinet Sofa Shelves and counters Total Depreciation Expenses Description Office table Office chairs Filing Cabinet Sofa Shelves and counters Cash drawer & bar code readers Software (sales & stock management) Generator Fire extinguisher Net book CCTV Air conditioner Freezer Carts Baskets Building Total Useful life 5 5 1 5 15 5 10 5 5 5 5 10 10 5 5 20 Total 3.422.Convex mirror 416.600 48.000 26.864 59.33 15.000 20.000 1.000 33.864 58.397.60 6860 9.000 1.000 5.000 1.000 20.500 5.626.300 1275 9.000 10.400 750.500 5.000 1.000 3.000 34.1 66.680 49.000 1000 1.600 49.000 20.000 19.319.860 1.000 27.000 Quantity 1 6 1 1 1 Total 3.000 779.597.895 15.596 68.62 289.895 15.300 1. 44 4.422.599.400 750.4 4 Annual Depreciation 779 2.870 .4 4 4.992.895 2.000 172.200 6772.461.36 Unit Cost 3.600 2.000 1.596 69.275 8.451.000 3.000 20.5 1250.000 3.000 29.000 Depreciable amount 3.400 750.800 4.000 Furniture and Fixtures These stuffs are well-suited on the great atmosphere of the store. This adds sociable effects to everyone.70 Total Sources: Unitop and Puregold 3 units yearly 30.895 14.000 79.000 10.700 1.275 1.000 78.333.275 9.400 740.300 1. 44 Salvage Value 1000 1.80 5859.000 20.

With the fast growing population which can be visibly seen from the data of the National Statistics Office it is assumed by the proponents that the enterprise will soon expand its product lines and increase its inventory level. Ultimately. The chief purpose of this industry is to provide goods and merchandise to customers. San Isidro and Echague.239 30. these products are sold to customers for consumption.670 20. there is a grocery stores exist nearby.020 91. These goods are vast and varied. A grocery store for the most part offers food (both fresh and dry) and other household essentials. MARKET DESCRIPTION The products to be sold are grocery items and frozen goods which are considered as basic necessity for every household. Northeastern College. Ramon.429 .500 15. Retailers may sell anything and everything from groceries to frozen goods and so on. This also includes students from Isabela State UniversitySantiago. Population as of 2012(Estimated) Municipalities Santiago Cordon San Isidro Echague Total MARKETING STRATEGIES    Earning of points Raffle draws Gifts during Christmas and New Year Population 25.PRODUCT(S) The retail industry is one of the fastest growing industries today and is considered as a vital part of our economy. Actually. University of La Salette and Patria Sable Corpuz College as well as by passers. But it is not conducive enough to cope up with demand of the people in the perspective residents of Santiago and nearby municipalities such as Cordon. They get their products straight from the manufacturer or via a wholesaler or distributor.

unsystematic products. Organizational Chart LINE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF AMICIZIA SUPERMART PARTNERS BOOKKEEPER DICER / ORGANIZER R CASHIERS R R BAGGERS R STOREROOM PERSONNEL R SECURITY GUARD The straight lines represent a direct relationship to the partners while the broken lines denote indirect link to the management since. the bookkeeper is on a contractual basis.MARKET CONCEPTUALIZATION The supermart is bound to make difference toward customers’ satisfaction to reinstate them from unpleasant atmosphere. limited parking space and unfavorable sanitation. To allure the customers with products on hand by giving the best markup prices. .

Bookkeeper  At least graduate or college level  Must have the knowledge and experience in accounting  With values of honesty. Guards – responsible for securing safeties.(i. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Managing Partner  Improve the operational systems.  Oversee financial management. information flow. systems.  Responsible in assisting customers  Qualifications in hiring employees a. Cashiers – persons reliable for issuing receipts and admits customers’ payment. and controls. business processes and organizational planning)  Manage and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of support services (finance).  Do the purchasing process.MANPOWER/PERSONNEL       Managing Partner . managing the organizations activities. accounts payable. Workers  Responsible in organizing merchandise products and securing sanitation.  Regular meetings with the partners around fiscal planning. Organizers – they are the persons who are responsible for the arrangement of all the goods.  Payroll management. planning. grant report that prepares and maintains accuracy and reliability of financial matters and fax reports. payroll. processes and policies to support organizational success. loyalty and integrity .e. Bookkeeper . better management reporting. Baggers – assist the cashiers and responsible in packing the goods acquired.  Disbursement of checks expenses.the managing partner will be responsible for data entry.

500 6. Storeroom Personnel/Baggers/Dicers(Organizers)  At least elementary or high school level  18-25 years old. cashiers accumulates 305. male only  Physically fit  With value of honesty and loyalty  With good moral character  Must be hardworking  Must have the willingness to learn and have a good comprehension skills d. female only  With value of honesty and loyalty  With good moral character  Must be hardworking  Must be computer literate. honesty and good moral character  Must be an agency based Compensation The organizers. Guards  At least high school or college level  22-28 years old.800 6. baggers and storeroom personnel will have a salary of Php225 per day. guards will have a salary of Php300 per day and the accountant will receive Php1500 for at least once a month visit. c. male only  Physically fit and martial arts literate  With value of loyalty.630 Number of employee 1 10 8 5 2 8 .930 6. Cashiers  At least high school graduate or college level  18-25 years old. Position Bookkeeper Organizers/Dicers Cashiers Storeroom Personnel Guards Baggers Salaries per month Php1.630 7.b.630 7.

163.06 Year 3 1. The profit margin accumulates 18%. Michael Wendell Cabaccan.529. The investments from the partners would be Php12.560 16.006. 10%.757. profit and return on investments is very satisfying.916.73 Year 5 2.89 The initial capital will come from the investments of the partners and loan from bank. Donita Rose Javier.272 1.319. Rozel Panganiban with 20%.509.757. .14 In yearly operation of the business it shows that the profit margin fluctuates. 14% on the second to fifth year. 10% respectively.76 Year 4 1.966.562. 10%.090.854.717.200 30.194. 26%.461. Angelique Villanueva.491. Thus.12 0.000 3. The net turnover on asset accumulates 6% on the first year and 8%.77 Net Income Divided By Total Assets Return on Investment 12.850 2.533. Rose Valen Concepcion.89.08 0.877.473.166.40 205. Abegail Dela Cruz.28 17.072.59 0.89 12.768. 20%.240 2.33 182.668. 10%.535. Summary of Project Cost Initial Capital Requirement Operating Expenses Office Supplies Expense Utilities Expense Permits and Licenses Expense Salaries Expense Payment of Miscellaneous Merchandise Inventory Total Pre-Operating Expenses Purchase of Land Building Cost Purchase of Furniture & Fixtures Purchase of Machineries & Equipment Payment of Legal Requirements Initial Capital Requirement Source of Funding Year1 346.872 396.86 Year 2 1.612.Return on Investments Year 1 738.665.23 14.088 7.500 23. 10%.10 0. 30% and 33% respectively.251.810 548.44 779.85 51.043.551.972.42 Monthly 28.67 1.021.87 x3 months 3 3 3 3 3 3 Total 86.879.06 0.45 900. 23%.992.166. 12%.057.60 6. 10%.550 7.625 5. Fredeliza Espiritu. 10%. Lilibeth Rumbaoa.88 13.022 12.311.35 13.166.541.757.67 603.

789 Php12.675.578 .216.675.789 1.675.789 1.675.351.166.789 1.789 1.Michael Wendell Cabaccan Lilibeth Rumbaoa Abegail Dela Cruz Fredeliza Espiritu Angelique Villanueva Donita Rose Javier Rose Valen Concepcion Rozel Panganiban Total 2.578 1.675.789 1.351.216.433.757.

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