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Factual Programme Regulations

OFCOM How it imposes How it could How it could
Regulation constraints on media affect your affect your
production? product product
negatively positively
What is Ofcom (the Office of Communications) regulates all media content including
OFCOM’S role as television and radio programs published in the U.K. Ofcom regulation state
a media rules and principles covering standards in programs, sponsorship and fairness
regulator? and privacy. It was formed to take over the old regulation bodies the (ITC)
the Independent television commission and also the (BSC) Broadcasting
Standards Commission. Failure to comply with Ofcom’s regulations can some
times lead to serous trouble as Ofcom has the power to issue a direction to
broadcast a summary of its adjudication on air impose a fine (which could be
Reconstructions All reconstructions must be fair My production won’t As I am not actually
and accurate when showing to actually involve any going to use a
an audience and if there is risk reconstructions so reconstruction
of viewers being misled then it there for this wont sequel this means
must be labelled. And if the actually negatively that I don’t have to
reconstruction contains a effect my production. comply with this
stressing scene the appropriate regulation allowing
parties must be awarded. me to focus on
other parts.
Secret Filming Individuals mustn’t really be My production won’t This has allowed
filmed or recorded in secret, actually involve any me to become
however if they are they must secret filming so aware of the
be approved by broadcaster, there for this wont regulation and in
program makers must set out actually negatively case of footage
in writing a justification for effect my production. that initially is un
covert filming and the planned comes to
justification must comply with hand I am able to
regulations. deal with the
Payments Payments towards sources and As the profile of This will allow me
contributors must not be made some of my to keep an
without approval of the contributors is high effective
broadcaster. Incase of this might mean that production as all
payments being made to any I may be un able to contributors are
convicted or confessed afford the types of working against
criminals consultations with fees they require and financial incentive
lawyer must be achieved, also can face loosing a they will be more
if payments are being made to vital contribution. willing and allow a
any form of witness of or smooth
involved in any type of legal organisation
proceedings permission from process.
the commissioning director
must be achieved along side
legal consultation.
Dealing with All contributors must all give Contributors may This will allow all
Contributors consent whether via a release feel uncomfortable contributors to
form or a on camera consent, by the level and feel at ease when
all contributes must also be integrity of the I interview them
approved by the questions, so I must as they will feel
commissioning editor, and any limit the depth of my that they have
interviews must be edited question as they may
control over the
fairly. feel uncomfortable
final cut.
discussing in detail
about there business
and its dealings as
some corporations
don’t disclose this
type of information.
Potentially Offensive materials such as: My production won’t This has allowed
Offensive strong language, violence, actually involve any me to become
Material sexual violence, explicit sexual potentially offensive aware of the
portrayal etc, and must be material so there for regulation and in
justified by the context of the this wont actually case of footage
media. Also the commissioning negatively effect my that initially is un
editor must be informed in production. planned comes to
order to ensure that they also hand I am able to
include a warning. deal with the
Criminality When referencing to crime in When referencing This has allowed
BBC production, no suggestion to theft statistics I me to become
condemning or encouraging mustn’t express aware of the
the matter are to be made bold any views towards regulation and in
to the audiences, also when case of footage
the actual crime as
dealing with convicted or self that initially is un
it would mean that
confessed criminals, legal planned comes to
advice must be seeded in order I will not be hand I am able to
to get deal with the complying with the deal with the
individual/s. regulations. proceedings