Discussion #1: The importance of the Passion of Christ in your life Note: Do not give the answers to the group

. Do not accept Sunday School answers. Ask people to be honest? Dig deep. Ask follow-up questions. Be honest first and others will follow your lead. Key Message: The passion of Christ is everything. The passion of Christ is what gives us power over the enemy and every temptation. Christ has overcome our flesh on the cross. Our flesh has been crucified with Him. The passion of Christ is our victory. It is our salvation. It is our life. It is our hope, joy, peace, etc. It is everything to us. Without it we would be condemned to eternal death and would not have peace on earth. It is God's love for us. It is the power for change. God went through so much for us in order to give us so much out of his love for us. What is our response/reaction? The passion of Christ is alive; we can experience it in our daily lives. 1) What touched you from the first two talks? What was God telling you through your quiet times? 2) What is the passion of Christ? a) Refers to the suffering and death of Christ. b) Passion: the suffering of Jesus at the crucifixion c) The Passion is the technical term for the suffering and Agony of Jesus that led directly to the Crucifixion, a central Christian event. The "Passion narratives" tell this story in the Gospels. The etymological origins of this meaning of the word lie in the Latin passio that first appears in the 2nd century, precisely to describe the travails and suffering of Jesus in this present context. All the other meanings of "passion" have been derived from this one. 3) What does it mean to you? When you think of the passion, what do you think of? 4) How did you feel when you closed your eyes and imagined that it was you, not Christ going through the passion? 5) Why did Christ go through all that suffering? a) We were all condemned to eternal death. Christ died in our place to save us from that death. b) Loved us and did not want us to be eternally separated from the Trinity 6) What does Christ offer you through his passion? a) Salvation b) Eternal life c) Victory - Power over satan; trampled death by death d) Remission of sins - Mt 26:28 e) Hope 7) Have you every personally experienced the passion of Christ? Was there a time where His suffering led you to repentence (it just clicked)? Was there a time where you really expereienced His forgiveness? Share a personal experience you have had with Christ's passion. 8) Have you ever taken part of the passion of Christ or are you just a spectator? What character are you at the passion? Peter? Simon the Cyrene? Mary? Etc?