Chapter 14 Changmin’s POV “ She’s different.

I can actually talk to her without her pouncing on me like other girls.” I finished my story. The group nodded as I ended. We were all huddled in a small circle on the ground listening to my ‘fascinating’ love story. Jaejoong put down his ice cream bowl and said; “ That’s true. She didn’t even know TVXQ when she saw us.” “ Yea! But how can she not know us?” Yoochun asked putting a teasing/conceited look on his face. He fell backwards when Yunho flicked his forehead. “ Oww…” “ So…do you think you like her?” Junsu said. He grabbed his pillow and placed it in front of him. I thought about it carefully as the rest stared at me with curious eyes. ‘ She just seems more special in a way. I never felt so comfortable with anyone… especially a girl.’ Yunho seemed to read my thoughts and replied. “ Maybe she really is special…I mean, you obviously feel comfortable with her, and you’re able to talk to her and everything…” “ Do you only like her as a friend?” Jaejoong asked before taking a bite out of the ice cream bowl again. “ Umm…” I pondered. “ Or do you like her more than a friend?” Junsu asked. “ Umm…well…how are you supposed to know?” I asked stupidly. Yoochun’s head drooped down as if saying, “ This is hopeless.” He looked back up. “ Is there ANY special feeling that you have towards her that you DON’T have with other girls?” I thought again. After pondering for what seemed like hours, I stood up. “ AHHHHHH! You guys aren’t helping at all. My head hurts more.” I walked to my room. “ Should we get him some Advil?” Junsu asked.

I dropped into my chair. ‘ Ugh. My head hurts…again.’ “ Rinnngggg.” I slid my phone open. “ Hello?” After listening to the person on the other line, I fell off my chair in surprise. Minkyong’s POV “ I’m home!” I stepped inside the front doors to see my parents in the living room talking. They stopped abruptly as I walked in. “ Am I interrupting anything?” I asked as I sat down. “ Oh no honey. Just talking. Where’d you go so late in the afternoon?” “ I went to grab something to eat with Heejin.” “ Oh, then you probably aren’t hungry, huh?” “ Not so much. I think I’ll just wash up and get a early sleep.” I headed up to my room. I was met by a clean room. Changing into my PJ’s, I turned on the radio. I slid the covers over my legs as I sat in my bed. I thought about what Heejin said earlier to me. I really did appreciate her advice, but my head hurt only more on the way back thinking about it. It hurt to talk about it, to think about it, and just to do nothing. ‘ There’s something seriously wrong with me, huh?’ I asked myself holding my pillow. It wasn’t long before my eyes shut and I fell asleep with that thought pounding in my head. Next day “ Riinggg…” The school bell dismissed the school just like every day. The halls once again filled with students as they all left for home. “ Minkyong!” Heejin caught up with me. “ Some of the girls wanted to go to the mall with you. Do you think you can go?” “ Oh…I’m sorry, I have an important dinner today with my family. I don’t think I can.” She frowned. “ Oh okay, maybe next time, okay? Hope you have a nice dinner!” She turned around and left with the others. I waved as she left and headed back home.

The way back home was crowded since school just ended. The streets were filled with students and friends fooling around. I walked for several minutes until I came near the private apartments. A smile appeared across my face as I saw Changmin (once again with his sunglasses) walking towards the white van. I walked up towards the gates. Changmin looked over at me and waved. He gave his bag to the driver and jogged over. “ Hey! What are you doing here?” He took off his glasses to look at me. “ School just ended so I’m going back home.” I replied. “ Going somewhere?” I asked looking at the driver load the car. He looked around at the driver who was loading the car with his bags. He looked over back at me. I was surprised to see his once smiling face, not with a smile, but with a frown. “ I’m going to visit America. I got a call just yesterday… My grandmother… she’s not very well…” Changmin started to say. ‘Something must be really wrong. He doesn’t look too good. Gosh, and he has bags under his eyes! Did he get any sleep last night?’ “Sh…sh…she has cancer… and I thought it would be best if I visited her and….” He trailed off. I frowned too. “ Oh my god. I’m sorry.” I was speechless. He looked back at me and game me a fake smile. “ No, it’s fine. I’m sure she’ll be fine.” “ I hope she gets better.” I said reassuringly. He laughed. “ Thanks for caring.” The driver called over to Changmin. “ I guess I’d better get going. I’ll talk to you when I get back!” “Well, have a safe trip and hope everything turns out okay.” I replied encouragingly. He smiled a little and turned to go and headed for his van. Halfway there, he suddenly came running back. “Wait! Um…well… I’m not sure exactly how long I’ll be gone…and while I’m gone… I… um…” *silence* ‘What is he trying to say?’ He sighed, “Um… can I see your cell phone for a sec?” He asked.

“Um… sure…” I handed him my cell phone. He took it out of my hand and immediately started pressing the buttons. I waited patiently until he gave it back. “Um… you remember how I told you I’d always be here and to call if you wanted someone to play with? Well… um… here’s my number just in case. Just give me a call whenever you’re lonely….” He told me. I smiled. “Thanks.” “By the way, I’m under ‘dictionary’. So people won’t bug you about why you have Shim Changmin’s number on your phone.” We exchanged smiles before he turned around and hurried toward the waiting van. I waved to him as he got into the van and drove away. I could see him waving back through the window.

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