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Success 2
Job Postings 2
*DU Career and Internship *Interviewing *Davita: Oct. 22nd
Etiquette 2 Fair Oct. 20th 12-2pm, DCB 320 ON-CAMPUS RECRUITING
Corner Oct. 28th 3-6pm , Driscoll Ball- *Resume and Cover Letter *Hitachi Consulting: Oct. 22nd
Community 3 Oct. 21st 12-2pm, DCB 320 *FTI Consulting: Oct 29th 8-
*5 for Friday-MBA
*Case Interviews-Beginner 3:45pm
Events Oct. 30th
Oct. 27nd 12-2pm, HRTM 229 *Davita: Redwoods Leadership
Profile of the 3 Presenting Employers: Development Program: Nov. 4th
*Case Interviews-Advanced
WBS Connect, IBM, Brown-
Month Oct. 28th 12-2pm, HRTM 229
Forman, Western Union, MBH
*RSVP on Daniels Careers
Inside Story 3 Enterprises (Beginner recommended 1st.)

Inside Story 4
Coming to Daniels:
Training the Street (TTS) banks, business schools, and fle House. Mr. Rogers will
colleges. share his experiences and
The Investment Banking & views on leadership and en-
RECM- A Taste of the Capital Markets Club (IBCM) Register at https:// trepreneurship.
Industry is pleased to present TTS for regeis-
an excel seminar. This work- Jon Schlegel, Co-Founder
shop is designed to develop login/aspx Snooze Restaurant
Nov. 5 11:30-1:30pm applied modeling skills
Marcus Commons through actual hands-on ex- CEO/Student Forum: Joe Friday, October 23
perience in Excel. Rogers, CEO Waffle 10 a.m –12 p.m.
RSVP to House Marcus Commons Oct 24: 9-12:30pm DCB 205
Class Code 8916 Wednesday, October 21 The founders of local break-
Oct 25:1:30-5pm DCB 205 12:30 p.m. Marcus Commons fast restaurant Snooze will
FREE LUNCH! Class Code 1115 talk about how Daniels
CEO/Student Forums bring helped them build their busi-
TTS is the world’s leading the leaders of the most dy-
provider of instructor-lead namic organizations right to
courses in financial modeling your front door. Join your
and corporate valuation train- fellow students for an engage-
ing to Wall Street, investment ment with the, CEO of Waf-

Job Postings
*Consultant: Hitachi *Audit Associate: GHP *Redwoods Leadership
Consulting Horwath, P.C. Development Program:
Denver, CO Denver, CO Davita Inc.
Full Time Full Time Nationwide, US
Full time
*Entry Level Business *Sales Professionals: DISH
Analyst (Intern to Hire): Network *Senior Consultant/
Global 360 Englewood, CO Corporate Finance/
Denver, CO Restructuring: FTI
Internship/Externship *Redwoods Summer Consulting
Full Time Associate Program: Davita Denver, CO
Inc. Full Time
*Stockbroker Intern: Nationwide, US
Scottrade Inc. Internship/Externship CHECK OUT MORE
Internship/Externship CAREERS!!!

Success Story: Tanya Tousi

Tanya Tousi – Qwest “I was so thrilled with the Congrats on Jobs &
salary that I forgot about any
After meeting with Tanja Internships!
hesitation and accepted.”
Hinterstoisser our Associate
Director of Career Manage- -Tanya
ment Services, Tanya Tousi Andrews Securities Internships:
“Thanks for your advice. Your
was able to negotiate and Marc Scordo, Dan Zhuang, , Jason Mar-
perceptive nature makes you
accept a 46% increase from shall, Kai Erspamer, Andrew Ray,
Tanja Hinterstoisser great at giving guidance.”
her previous position at Donovan McCain, Stephen Meyers, Lei
-Tanya Zhang
Allstate, and is now a Lead
Associate Director,
Offer Management Analyst for Senior Analyst Vendor Relations
Career Management Qwest. Western Union: Alisha Morken

Etiquette Corner
Check out more at
Job interview provide the basis for what achieved is important. you did. For example, For example, sales in-
give the percent you ex- creased 3% over the pre-
AND attend one of our 1. Present a concrete ceeded quotas, dollar vious quarter or profits
example: Saying you amounts you were re- were up 50% fro the pre-
workshops! have a skill is not nearly sponsible for, and number vious year.
as powerful as describing of new accounts gener- 4. Link it up: Although
a situation in which you ated. your connection between
used it.
3. Emphasize Results: your example and doing
2. Quantify: Whenever Providing data regarding the job well is clear to
possible, use numbers to the positive results you, make sure its’ clear



Community Events Do you want the latest information on a

variety of international employment issues,
education trends, legal requirements, work In uncertain times, while every-
The MillerCoors Urban Entrepreneurs permit changes, cultural advice, and more!?one is waiting to see what will
Series You can now simultaneously search all happen, it's a great opportunity
400,000-plus Dept. of Labor visa applica- to enhance your value as an
Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, the MillerCoors employee or a job-
tions based on company name, location,
Urban Entrepreneurs Series (MUES) proudly con- seeker. Several valuable pro-
job title, industry, and/or wage.
tinues its unwavering commitment to fostering grams are now open for regis-
urban economic empowerment throughout the New to the collection is the Canadian City tration. Find one that is right
country. Started in 1999 as a means to advance Career Guide series for Toronto, Montreal,
for you and register today!
entrepreneurship in urban communities, the MUES Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary
program continues to evolve and grow by incorpo- and Central American Country Career For more details on these pro-
rating more resources for you - the entrepreneur. Guides for Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, grams, visit and Guatemala. or call
Their Global Key Employer Directory list- 303-470-7576
ings now include more than 450,000 corpo-
rate profiles.

Employer: FTI Consulting

Profile of the Month FTI Consulting is a global business

advisory firm dedicated to helping
organizations protect and enhance
enterprise value and have over
Student: Alexandra West Alumni: Alex Bjork 3,500 professionals located in most
Alex has jump-started his career major business centers in the
by accepting a paid Research In- world. Here at Daniels, they have
Alexandra is in her second year of
ternship at The World Wildlife generously volunteered their time
the MBA program at Daniels.
Fund in Washington, D.C.. Previ- to panels hosted by the Daniels
ously a staff member at ILOP with Consulting and Strategy Group
Daniels and a Dual Degree student (DCSG). They also will be hosting
at Korbel, he has ... an on-campus recruiting (OCR)
session on October 29th. Sign up
at Daniels Careers!

Employers responding to NACE’s Job Outlook 2010 Fall Preview survey expect to hire

Hot Topic
approximately 7% fewer graduates from the Class of 2010 than they hired from the
Class of 2009. In addition, they expect to trim career fair participation. Other high-
lights from the survey include:

The largest group of employers (43%) plan to maintain their college hiring levels.
Network, The bulk of recruiting activity will be focused in the fall.
There are signs of promise in certain industrial sectors (trade, construction, and
the federal government) and geographic regions (Northwest and Midwest).
In terms of recruiting activity, employers expect to attend fewer career fairs, travel less, and put
more emphasis on social networking in 2009-10 than they did in 2008-09.

Network !!!
The Daniels College of Business at the Univer-
sity of Denver has a far reach across every dis-
cipline and is available for organizations and
individuals at every level of their professional
University of Denver career. From Full-Time to Professional Mas-

Daniels College of Business ters Programs, Daniels is changing the way the
2102 S. University Blvd. world thinks about business. Additionally, the
Denver, CO 80208 Part-Time and Executive MBA Programs have
Phone: 303.871.4722 been nationally and internationally ranked,
bringing the brand to a new high. Utilize your
Changing the way the world thinks
human capital and invest in your company's
about business!!!.
future by partnering with Daniels at The Uni-
versity of Denver.

Through Daniels, there are various degree pro-

grams such as the Full-Time MBA, Full-Time
Masters Degrees, Executive and Professional
MBA Programs, Part-Time Masters Degrees,
and a Certificate Program. Once at Daniels,
the Suitts Center for Career Services will serve
as you Career Asset Fund Manager helping you
utilize all the essential tools and market your-

self in today's competitive career landscape.