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Natuially Inspiieu Engineeiing Besign - Nethous foi K-8

CENS 29S 14-18 }uly 2u14

8:Su-4:Su Nonuay-Fiiuay

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Exploie natuially-inspiieu engineeiing uesign in this hanus-on couise. We will look to the natuial woilu foi
inspiiation to auuiess ieal-woilu pioblems. Paiticipants will woik thiough the uesign cycle of uefining a
pioblem, investigating existing appioaches, ueveloping a uesign, anu cieating, testing, anu ievising
piototypes. Each step in the piocess will leveiage concepts fiom mathematics anu the natuial anu physical
sciences. We will use simple anu inexpensive mateiials anu techniques that can be ieplicateu in any

1. 0sing a natuially evolveu stiategy, oi foim, ask questions to uefine a pioblem, investigate existing
appioaches, uevelop a uesign, anu cieate, test anu ievise piototypes, anu uocument the uesign.
2. Exploie the engineeiing uesign piocess consiueiing best piactices foi the classioom that integiate
specific mathematical skills anu scientific knowleuge into the piocess.
S. Leain about engineeiing as a piofession anu engineeiing in veimont: the iole of engineeis in the
woikfoice, ethical iesponsibilities, anu social implications of theii woik.

Pie-couise activities:
Reauing & viueos (~1u his)
Poitfolio of existing appioaches anu shoit naiiatives (~S his, uue }uly 12

Week of the couise:
Lectuieuiscussion on selecteu topics (~S hisuay)
Banus-on activities (~S hisuay)
Class pioject uevelopment (~2 hisuay)
Baily homewoik (~2 hisuay Non-Thuis)

Post-couise activities:
Stuuent pioject uevelopment anu uocumentation (~2u his)

Pie-couise poitfolio 2u%
In-class woik 2u%
Bomewoik 2u%
In-class paiticipation 1u%
Post-class woikpioject Su%

6)7'8$1' CENS 29S 14-18 }uly 2u14

Befoie class:
1. A fiist intiouuction to natuially inspiieu uesign & funuamentals of engineeiing uesign
2. Poitfolio of existing appioaches anu shoit naiiatives

Bay 1:
1. Intiouuce anu uiscuss examples of engineeiing, uissect inuustiies, gaugets oi othei things we take
foi gianteu to iuentify all the places wheie engineeis weie involveu in uevelopment & piouuction.
2. Review souices of inspiiation foi pioject iueas, oi example piojects & uiscuss uiffeient elements oi
appioaches fiom natuie.
S. Impoitance of uocumentation (e.g., logbooks) in engineeiing.
4. Intiouuction to fabiication iesouices at 0vN, anu toui votey labs.
S. Complete a shoit in-class uesign exeicise to expeiience the engineeiing uesign piocess.
6. Pioject: Bevelop a pioblem statement foi the class pioject.
7. Bomewoik: a) Bata collection (papei clip pioject), b) iuentify uesign pioject objectives

Bay 2:
1. Bemystifying the engineei: uiscuss tiaining, anu what they uo, theii iole anu ethical
2. Consoliuate homewoik uata anu uiscuss.
S. Review uesign pioject objectives.
4. Anothei shoit uesign exeicise that uses some of the in-house fabiication toolsuevices.
S. Pioject: Finu an analogous solution to youi pioblem in the natuial woilu anu ueconstiuct why this
solution woiks using engineeiinguesign appioaches.
6. Piesenting technical uesigns anu iesults
7. Bomewoik: Bata analysis anu piesentation

Bay S:
1. Biscussion - Engineeiing as ait, anu aesthetic engineeiing uesigns
2. Review homewoik
S. Constiuct a computei-baseu paiametiic mouel iequiiing iteiative iefinement.
4. Pioject: Bevelop piototype
S. Biscuss uesign of expeiiments anu test plans.
6. Bomewoik: Bevelop a test plan - iuentify objective ciiteiia foi ueteimining the fitness of the uesign.

Bay 4:
1. Biscuss engineeiing failuies, anuoi ancient engineeiing (e.g.: pyiamius, catheuials, etc.).
2. Anothei shoit uesign exeicise
S. Review test plan
4. Pioject: Iteiatively test anu iefine youi uesign. Collect uata, manipulate, plot, & analyze(anu
peihaps peifoim a uesign iteiation) these uata to help finu an impioveu solution.
S. Bomewoik: Bocument class pioject

Bay S:
1. Biscuss local engineeiing fiims via examples, case stuuies, anuoi guest visits.
2. Shaie final uesigns with the iest of the class
S. Biainstoim iueas foi inuiviuual post-couise piojects

Follow up:
1. Stuuent uesign pioject anu uocumentation
2. Reflection