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The Brief: The WPP brief required a campaign to be created in order to raise awareness and prompt change regarding global warming, climate change and carbon emissions. The brief is also supported by Al Gore.

Concept and Audience: Both Sam and I came up with the concept of Small Seeds, based around the idea of planting seeds in the minds of young children. If the right information is given to children at a young age, and worked with from then on, the future generations will be full of knowledge and assistance in regarding and supporting climate change and the surrounding issues. By starting to act and make changes from an early age through education, the pack created aims to encourage this through tuition at home and in schools.

Tone of Voice: The tone of voice is educational, informative and youthful, with a soft, simple and basic use of language used throughout.

Visual Language: The visual language is influenced by earth tones, infused through paper marbling which I experimented with thoroughly creating an organic, bright, eye catching, fun and youthful aesthetic.


Colouring Sheets: I was responsible for the colouring sheets which would be included in the educational packs. 26 sheets were designed in total, folding up into a leaflet with the logo on the front. On each sheet is a different image relative to the topic at hand, as well as an educational fact. These are the same topics and illustrations as on the Flash Cards.

Type Choices: For the logo, designed by Sam, Blackout was used allowing the marbling to become the type. The body copy throughout is Helvetica being the most legible and readible typeface for any audience or age to read with ease.

Main Roles and Responsibilities: Danielle: Project Manager Concept Developer & Researcher Flash Cards & Packaging, Colouring Sheets, Stickers, Jigsaw Puzzle & Introductory Leaflet. Sam: Concept Developer & Researcher Photography Logo, Main Box Packaging, Seed Packets & Exercise Books.


Flash Cards: 26 Flash Cards were designed for educational purposes, allowing children to engage with facts and illustrations relative to global warming and the surrounding issues. The cards are A6 Portrait, and are held in a tight, closed slipcase box. On the back of each card is the Small Seeds logo. The main concept for the cards is The A-Z of Global Warming.


Jisgaw Puzzle: A jigsaw puzzle was created allowing a message to be revealed when put together. This mimicks the idea of figuring out and solving problems at a young age. The image created is that of a globe, and states Start saving the world, for your future today!.

Stickers: 3 sets of stickers were produced. The first being SS stickers for the closures on the seed packets, standing short for Small Seeds. The remaining 2 stickers stated Turn me off! and Save the world! which are deisgned to be stuck on to light s witches around schools and homes.

Introduction to Global Warming: A mini concertina style booklet was produced giving the children background information on global warming, what it is and the problems in a simple tone of voice, whilst adding contextual information to the Small Seeds pack.

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