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-versus- NLRC CASE NO. RAB-III 03-1648-09-P


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Complainant, through counsel and unto this Honorable Office most respectfully
submits this Reply to Respondents’ Position Paper, thus avers that:

In the Respondents’ Position Paper, they raised the following salient points, thus:


The respondents claim that there exists no employer-employee relationship

between complainant and OPSEC International Group, Inc. They alleged that OPSEC,
which is a corporation, was engaged by MECO, which is a limited partnership, to provide
management services to the latter; that the complainant was an independent consultant
engaged by MECO, who was assigned to OPSEC; That complainant’s engagement,
remuneration and termination are directly dealt and handled by MECO; and that OPSEC
was not a privy to the agreement between MECO and the complainant.

To this, complainant has overwhelming evidence to show that he is an employee

of OPSEC and not MECO, thus:

1. During complainant’s employment with OPSEC, he was

directed to fill up and submit to the company a Banco De Oro signature
card for his payroll ATM-bank account, copy of which is hereto attached
as Annex “A” to form an integral part hereof. It clearly appears from the
signature card that the employer of herein complainant was OPSEC and
that there exists a separate handwritten annotations made either by Leah
Mayamaya or the Bank that the same is intended for OPSEC and a stamp
mark that the same is for “PAYROLL” purposes. It can further be gleaned
from the signature card that the same was witnessed and authenticated by

the Corporate Secretary of OPSEC, Leah Mayamaya.


2. During complainant’s employment with OPSEC, he was

provided with a business card by the company, copy of which is hereto
attached as Annex “B” to form an integral part hereof, where it is clearly
stated that he is an administration officer of OPSEC. The fact that this
business card was provided by the company can be gleaned from the
uniformity of the same with the business card of Hunter D. Haynes, the
Managing Director of OPSEC, copy of which is hereto attached as Annex
“C”. This business card of the Managing Director bears his signature at
the back thereof.

3. The letter dated March 16, 2009 sent by Atty. Mylene Yturralde
Chan, representing to be the lawyer of OPSEC, addressed to the
complainant, copy of which is hereto attached as Annex “D” to form an
integral part hereof. Atty Mylene Yturralde Chan clearly stated in
paragraph 2 of her letter that complainant was an employee of OPSEC.
She further stated in paragraph 3 of her letter that complainant was
separated from OPSEC.

The afore-cited documents clearly established the employer-employee

relationship between complainant and OPSEC.

The respondents, in their desperate attempt to mislead the Honorable Labor

Arbiter into believing that there was no employer-employee relationship between the
OPSEC and the complainant, lengthily discussed the elements for the existence of
employer-employee relationship. Thus, we say:

On the Power to Select and Engage:

It clearly appears from the initial discussion above that it was OPSEC that
engaged the services of the complainant and the latter was made to
perform his assigned task in OPSEC’s business premises at Sarita St.,
Diamond Subdivision, Angeles City.

It is worthy to note that the respondents did not controvert the fact
that the complainant was required to work at Diamond Subdivision,
Angeles City, though they claim that the principal address of OSEC is at
Unit 1116 City Land Shaw Tower Saint Francis Street corner Shaw
Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. In the instant case, they made it appear that
the premises at Sarita St., Diamond Subdivision is the residence of the
Haynes and/or the place of business of MECO (Page 7, para 1.e.
Respondents’ Position Paper). The respondents have the habit of giving
different addresses. In a criminal complaint filed by Matilde Haynes
against Romeo Velasquez, copy of which is hereto attached as Annex “E”,
she stated that her address is Residencia 8888, Penthouse #4, Pearl Drive,
cor. Amethyst Street, Ortigas Center Pasig City. In the document
submitted in the labor Case filed by Rodolfo Madlangbayan, copy of
which is hereto attached as Annex “F”, they stated that the business
address of MECO is Pasig City (Paragraph 13). Should the matter of
venue be the subject of the whims and caprice of the respondents?

Respondents further claim that the complainant was not an

employee but an independent consultant. They even went to the extent of
defining a consultant-as one who provides professional advice on matters
within the field of his special knowledge or training. Even an ordinary
layman would say that there is no need for a special knowledge of training
to be able to perform the task of disbursing cash, which is the true function
of the complainant. We are attaching hereto the work history of the
complainant to prove that he has no special knowledge or training, as the
respondents wanted it to appear, to be considered a consultant. We are
attaching hereto as Annex “G” hereof, an illustration of the Fund Process

of OPSEC for a full understanding of the nature of complainant’s job.


Norman D. Haynes made it appear in his Affidavit that

complainant’s engagement was with MECO and that the nature of the
same was that of consultancy agreement known as Project Participation
Contract. He further alleged that complainant is not entitled to any
remuneration and benefits being regularly granted and enjoyed the MECO
employees. Contrary to these allegations, Annexes “A” to “D” hereof
clearly shows the engagement of complainant by OPSEC. Complainant
has been granted a regular monthly salary of $500, which was eventually
increased to $1,200 and thereafter reduced to half thereof. The
complainant’s nature of employment is entirely foreign to the make belief
project referred to in the affidavit. Norman Haynes further stated in his
affidavit that in the last quarter of 2008, complainant repeatedly signified
his intention or pre-terminating his consultancy agreement and that he pre-
terminated his project participation in October, 2008. Last quarter of a
year is from October to December and the complainant reported for work
only from October 1, 2008 to October 13, 2008 as he went on company
authorized vacation to Jerusalem. In fact, after his vacation, complainant
reported back to work but was not allowed to enter OPSEC’s premises as
certified to by Rodolfo L. Madlangbayan, OPSEC’s security inspector,
copy of which is hereto attached as Annex “H”.

On the Power of Wages

It was definitely OPSEC who paid the complainant’s wages. The

complainant was required to work for OPSEC at its office address at 35-A
Sarita St., Diamond Subdivision, Balibago, Angeles City. Initially,
complainant was made regular monthly wage of $500. On January 1,
2008, complainant’s salary was increased to $1,200 as he was required to
work from 7:00 o’clock in the morning to 6:00 o’clock in the evening.
Upon complainant’s representation that he can no longer work overtime,
his salary from September 8, 2008 was reduced by one half. Complainant
was not paid his salary from October 1, 2008 to October 13, 2008. On top
of this regular monthly wage, OPSEC’s, through its officer undertook an
award of $50,000.00 investment in the company for every year of service,
a fraction of a year shall be considered as one year. This undertaking is
undoubtedly part of the wages to which the complainant is entitled and
which definitely within the jurisdiction and authority of the Honorable
Labor Arbiter to rule upon. All this were upon the instruction, directive,
discretion and business decision of both Norman Haynes and Hunter

Respondent further claim that the $50,000.00 investment in the

company for every year of service which they have undertaken to pay as
part of the complainant’s wages is beyond the capital investment of the
company. We are attaching hereto as Annex “|I” hereof the OPSEC fund
tracking for a period of 6 months, which were furnished unto the
complainant by OPSEC’ s very own accounting staff, Michelle Del Prado.
It clearly appears from the said Fund Tracking the capability of OPSEC to
pay the contracted wages of the complainant.

The unsubstantiated allegations in the Affidavit of Geene F.

Villareal that there is no information or documentation appearing the
complainant was included in the payroll of employees of OPSEC and that
there was no instance that complainant received compensation or
remuneration from OPSEC, do not deserve credence. We must not lose
sight of the BDO Payroll-Bank Account signature card which substantially
established the fact of employer-employee relationship between OPSEC
and complainant.

On the Power of Dismissal


With the letter dated March 16, 2009 sent by Atty. Mylene
Yturralde Chan (Annex “D”) clearly stating therein that complainant was
an employee of OPSEC and was separated there from, it is in fact absurd
for the respondents to state in their position paper that OPSEC, not being
the employer of the complainant, has the power to dismissed the latter. It
is more absurd to say that complainant’s separation was of his own doing.
If it were true that complainant voluntarily terminated his employment,
why would he report back to work on October 25, 2008 after his company
authorized vacation in Jerusalem? Why would they not allow complainant
to enter OPSEC’s premises (Annex “H”)?

In discussing the Power of Dismissal, the respondents mentioned

the $10,000.00 allegedly given by MECO in consideration of
complainants standing in the religious community and allegedly MECO's
help to Complainant’s family and additional contribution in support of any
charitable and religious endeavor complainant (Pastor Horn may do). They
however made contradictory statement as they claimed that the $10,000
was a consideration for releasing MECO from any liability relating to their
make belief consultancy agreement.

The truth is that the money given to complainant were intended and
were entirely used to complete a mission trip that Mr. Hunter Haynes, the
Managing director agreed to fund. Complainant completed the task for
Wildwood Church Ministries which is headed by Norman and Hunter
Haynes. Complainant did in fact receive the funds and upon return sent
receipts to both Norman and Hunter Haynes when the Mission trip was
completed. Incredibly, the Mission trip cost well over the $10,000. Yet
complainant continued to the trip that Mr. Hunter Haynes failed to
continue. Hereto attached as Annex “J” hereof are the documents of
liquidation of the $10,000 funding intended to and spent for the mission
trip project of Wildwood Church Ministries. Complainant agreed to sign
the previously prepared Acknowledgement on the understanding that the
term “Project Participation Contract” stated therein was actually the
Mission Trip to Myanmar and that complainant was made to believe that
the funding for the said project came from MECO. The complainant
cannot think of any project participation with MECO. Thus, he relied on
the representation of the Haynes that the acknowledgement was for the
$10,000 dollars intended for the mission trip to Myanmar and that the
acknowledgement was worded “as full settlement of the promised funding
for the said mission trip to limit the liability of MECO to the said amount.
They further represented that there could be no release of funds unless
complainants signs the acknowledgement, which thus constrained
complainant to affix his signature. It should be noted that there is nothing
in the acknowledgement that states that the $10,000 is intended as
financial assistance to complainant’s family and/or consultancy

What is more revealing is the affidavit of Hunter Haynes attached

as Annex “6” to respondents’ Position Paper. Hunter Haynes speaks of
MECO in his Affidavit, but in the Position Paper, it is alleged that he is
the Managing Director of OPSEC. He never corroborated the allegations
in the affidavit of his very own OPSEC employee Geene F. Villareal. The
declaration coming from the Managing Director of OPSEC relative to
engagement and dismissal of the complainant, whom they claim to be not
an OPSEC employee cast doubt on the truthfulness of the theory they
adverted to.

On The Power of Control

Respondents averred that complainant worked in the premises of

MECO and not OPSEC. This is again contrary to their allegation that

complainant was assigned to OPSEC by MECO. If it were true that


complainant worked within MECO premises, how could they claim that
he was assigned and designated by MECO to OPSEC. Assignment at
OPSEC would necessarily mean working at OPSEC premises.
Complainant was required to work at Sarita St., Diamond Subdivision,
Angeles City, which is therefore the OPSEC premises. We are likewise in
a quandary on what place is the referred MECO premises. Was it the Pasig
City as stated in their registration papers for the alleged partnership and in
Annex “K” hereof, or in Sarita St., Diamond Subdivision, Angeles City,
which in this case is declared to be the address of the Spouses Norman and
Matilde Haynes and /or MECO premises.

Anent complainant’s working hours, the same was set by OPSEC

from complainant’s day 1 until his termination. Complainant was initially
required to work for 4 hours a day plus overtime. His working hours was
adjusted from January 1, 2008 to September 1, 2008 from 7:00 o’clock in
the morning until 6:00 o’clock in the evening. Finally, complainant’s
working hours was reduced from September 1, 2008 with the concomitant
diminution of salary. There was never an instance that complainant was
absent from his work at OPSEC and there was never an instance that
complainant was informed that he was free to accept other engagement
elsewhere. Is this not an exercise of the power of control by the
management? If OPSEC does not have control powers over the
complainant, why was there a need for the management’s approval of the
reduction in the working hours of the complainant? What about the
diminution in complainant’s salary on account of the reduction of his
working time?

Clearly therefore, all the elements of employer-employee relationship between

OPSEC and the complainant are attendant in the instant case. Thus, complainant is
entitled to labor benefits provided by law and the remuneration agreed upon with

Respondents further averred that complainant’s claim for moral damages of

$20,000.00 ‘is not only highly unconscionable but a clear case of extortion’. They even
cited case of PAL vs. NLRC, G.R. No. 132805, February 2, 1999, where it was held that
moral damages are recoverable only where the dismissal or suspension of the employee
was attended by bad faith or fraud, or constituted an act oppressive to labor or was done
in a manner contrary to morals, good customs or public policy. Bad faith does not simply
mean negligence or bad judgment. It involves a state of mind dominated by ill will or
motive. It implies a conscious and intentional design to do a wrongful act for a dishonest
purpose or some moral obliquity. The person claiming moral damages must prove the
existence of bad faith by clear and convincing evidence for the law always presumes
good faith.

All the elements for the grant of Moral damages are attendant in the instant case.
The complainant’s dismissal was attended by bad faith and fraud. Obviously, the reason
for the complainant’s dismissal was to mum him from asking for the grant of labor
benefits to his co-employees at OPSEC. This is obvious in the letter dated March 16,
2009 of Atty Mylene Yturralde-Chan where she claims that her clients reported to her
that complainant have been unofficially communicating negative information to OPSEC
employees and investors with alleged evident intent of undermining the reputation and
good will of OPSEC. Complainant has been falsely accused of extortion, thievery, lying,
gossiping. This bad faith on the part of the respondents continued even after his
termination from OPSEC to the extent of bringing embarrassment to before his own
congregation as they intentionally sent the Letter dated March 16, 2009 to complainant’s
place of Worship instead of his residence. This letter is now forever in the Church books
and minutes and will serve as an eternal scar upon the complainant’s reputation and
service to God. It is worthy to mention that the respondents had acknowledged the good
standing and reputation of the complainant in the religious community, which they had
now tarnished. More so, bad faith on the part of OPSEC is manifested by the fact that
their intention came to the attention of their close management and staff when even Mr.

Jerry Bradford e-mailed the complainant on Sunday, March 29, 2009, copy of the e-mail

is hereto attached as Annex “L” to form an integral part hereof, which states that “I see
Mr. Norman is out to mess you”.

The primordial intention of OPSEC in terminating the complainant is to deprive

him of his earned wages in the form of capital investment of $50,000 per year of service.

This alone would show that complainant is entitled to his claim for moral
damages. Further, complainant’s claim for Attorney’s fees is not pathetic and absolutely
not abusive.

ALL TOLD, the Labor Laws hold no respect of persons due to race, religion, or
even social standing. Laws are enacted in order to protect society and insure equality with
mankind. The intention of the complainant in filing this case is to receive what is due him
in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code, and nothing more than that.

Respondents, in parting, stated in their Position Paper that “As a matter of

conscience, Pastor Horn should not shout to the high heavens claiming that he was
illegally dismissed from his alleged employment of September 15, 2006 up to October
2008. He knows very well that these statements are untruthful for on September 15, 2006,
OPSEC have not even started its business operation.” Complainant actually does shout
out to the high heavens, which is called prayer that he be granted justice in this case. The
respondents’ boisterous statement along with the overtones presented, is a clear strike at
the complainant’s religious beliefs and practices and intended to sling insults, since this is
the only instance that complainant is referred to as Pastor. This however cannot change
the fact that Mr. Horn was present when Mr. Keith Nichols signed the OPSEC bylaws as
well as the “Amended” Articles of Incorporation on September 11, 2006. It should also
be noted that the SEC Certificate of Incorporation, copy of which is hereto attached as
Annex “M” is dated September 15, 2006, which is the date that Mr. Horn officially began
to work with OPSEC International Group Inc. With this in mind, and as a matter of
conscience, Mr. Horn is still thankful to be able to shout out to the high heavens.

The respondents further commented that the complainant’s acceptance of a

generous amount of Php480,000. 00 should have been more than enough; that at least, the
most Honorable thing for a man to do is to show his gratitude and share such blessings to
others who believe in the goodness of his heart; and that it has been repeatedly held that
"No person should enrich himself at the expense of or prejudice of others.” The purpose
and intention of the $10,000.00 funding had already been discussed above. The
respondents should think a hundred fold before uttering the time honored principle that
"No person should enrich himself at the expense of/or prejudice of others.”

In closing, Complainant pleads unto the Honorable Labor Arbiter to take note that
in the respondents Position Paper, they have condemned the complainant for extortion, no
less than four times, a liar, a person who exaggerates in order to deceive others. In the
Bible, God’s Law Book, God tells us in Titus 3:1-2 “Remind them to be subject to rulers,
to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good deed to malign no one, to be
peaceable, gentle, showing every consideration for all men”. In line with this,
complainant has presented only the facts not to degrade anyone and left the judgment in
the hands of those more qualified to lay down a decision between the two parties.
Complainant has spent his life loving the Filipino people and has placed the outcome of
this case in the hands of the Honorable Labor Arbiter. Christ is displayed not only to the
ones that we adore, but to our adversaries as well. May Christ be lifted up!

WHEREFORE, premises considered, it is hereby respectfully prayed that the

foregoing Reply to the Position Paper be given due credence and consideration and the
complainant reliefs prayed for in the complaint and position paper be granted.

Other reliefs just and equitable likewise prayed for.

City of San Fernando, Pampanga, July 14, 2009.



B. Mendoza St., City of San Fernando (P)
Counsel for the Complainant

IBP No. 731468 (01-05-09)
PTR No. 6350969 (01-05-09)
City of San Fernando, Pampanga
ROLL NO. 35857
MCLE Compliance No. 0002470
Copy Furnished:

Atty. Mylene A. Yturralde –Chan

Counsel for the Respondent
Lilly Hill Plaza, Claro M. Recto Highway
Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

Business Card Provided By OpSec for 
Tony B. Horn 

Front  Back 

Business Card Provided By OpSec for 
Hunter Haynes 


Work History (Tony B. Horn) 
I believe with every clear judgment a person must look at history in order to Judge rightly, therefore 
with this in mind I would like to submit my previous work History in comparison to what will be said 
about me.  It is important to me that others see who I really am instead of hearing accusations hurled 
from either side.  I encourage you to call the numbers listed and ask each of my employers about me.  I 
will not hurl insults, I just would like you to compare my work history with the management staff of 
OpSec International Group and make a clear decision in view of employment history.  I’m thankful to 
have been able to be employed by each of my employers and know that I have made a positive impact 
on each one. 

From the Age of 8 years old to 11 years old - Farming and Odd Jobs

From a very early age I began to work odd jobs in order to help my grandmother and to
have spending money for school supplies. During these early years I would pick up odd jobs
on the farm. These jobs would include:

• Moving Grass
• Cleaning manure out of barn stalls
• Planting various crops
• Bailing hay
• Caring for livestock
• Cutting tobacco and housing it

These Jobs were menial task and would usually render me a few hours of work 4-5 days a
week. My neighbors new that we had a hard life and would often call me for work. During this
time I never missed a day of work when called upon.

*** It’s important to note that I was attending Elementary School and attending to my studies
as well where during these three years I had perfect attendance!

My Employers During this time was:

Austin C Blackwell (Austin is Deceased, This is his Son)

440 Springview Rd
Irvine, KY 40336-7846
(606) 723-5659

Gary T Ballard (Merle Ballard is Deceased, this is His family member)

345 Station Cp
Irvine, KY 40336-7945
(606) 723-5013

Gordon C Tate
5355 Richmond Rd
Irvine, KY 40336-7271
(606) 723-3497

From the Age of 11 to Age 16

Country Market (Formerly Gerry’s Cash and Carry and Feed Store)
4650 Richmond Road,
Irvine, KY 40336

(606) 726-0026

At the Age of 11 I was offered a job with a small convenient store. This store supplied
animal feed, Gasoline and groceries to the community. I was initially hired to carry bags of
feed to the customer cars and to pump gas. During my years of employment at Gerry’s
cash and carry I was promoted to cashier and at times the store owner would let me run the
complete operation. My duties included:

• Cashier
• Gasoline Pump attendant
• Butcher
• Feed delivery

During this time, I was also attending School full time and saving money for a car. I was
never written up or scolded for my work performance and was considered by the manage
as an industrious youth. I averaged 35 hours of work per week.

From Age 16 to 18
Priceless Foods (Formerly PIC PAC)
1012 Winchester Road,
Irvine, KY 40336

(606) 723-5338
(606) 723-4572 Fax

At the age of 16, I was legally allowed to work with my grandparents permission, so I
started to Work a part time job at a grocery Store, After a year the store went out of
business and changed locations to a new state. I was never written up or scolded for my
work performance. My duties included:

• Stock Boy
• Grocery Bagger
• Delivery Boy
• Produce Department

Save-A-Lot (Formerly Food World)

1232 Richmond Road,
Irvine, KY 40336

(606) 723-5193
(606) 723-8311 Fax

Immediately, the store owner of Food World called me and offered me a job. I began
working the next day after the closing of PIC PAC. I was never written up or scolded for my
work performance. My duties included:

• Stock Boy
• Grocery Bagger
• Delivery Boy
• Produce Department

After Graduating High School until January 1994

United States Air Force

I was given an “Honorable Discharge” after 8 years of Service (two, of which,

were inactive ready reserve). During My enlistment, I received numerous
medals for good conduct and bravery and was noted at the time as being the
Youngest Training Manager in History of the SAC (Strategic Air Command)
while at Mather AFB California. I also was Airman of the Quarter on 4
occasions. I served during war and peace and had perfect attendance during
this enlistment. I was never scolded for my Work performance and had
received 2 good conduct medals (these medals are given every three years for
any airman who had exemplified integrity and Character). I was never written
up or scolded for my work performance.

Trane Commercial Systems November 1993 until May 2002

1500 Mercer Road,

Lexington, KY 40511
(859) 259-2500
(859) 259-2595 Fax

During this time, I began working with Trane company in Lexington,

Kentucky, while on terminal leave (Leave that was due to me since I did not
take a vacation for nearly 3 years) from the United States Air Force. I worked
here building commercial Air conditioners and was never written up nor scolded
for my work performance

Unites States Army (National Guard)

1812 Irvine Road,
Richmond, KY 40475

(859) 623-1692

After 5 years enlistment (two, of which, are ready reserve) I received an “Honorable Discharge”
during my time in the Army I served as the Assistant to the Chaplain and decided to stop after
fulfilling my enlistment due to the fact that I had began pastoring Galilee Baptist Church in Berea,
Kentucky and was unable to attend drill on Sundays.

The Things that I would like to call to your attention is that during my employment after my military service I began
faithfully attending church and teaching classes. For Seven years I taught Sunday School, up to this point I have
been a pastor for over 9 years I’m happy to say that for over 16 years I have missed only 6 Church Services in my
local Church. It is also important to note that I did this while working a full time job and many weeks working 60 hours
per week. I have always been one who has prided himself in being the example and this is proven throughout my
work history.

For over 33 years I have been working and have never had a bad work record. Never been written up, never
been reprimanded for my work performance and never been fired from a job until I was dismissed from my
employment from OpSec International Group Inc.


OPSSEC Reequesst for Fund
ds Pro
Receivving of FFunds Reequest 
The requuest is then  Adminisstrative 
placed o
on the  Officer then 
Managin ng Directors  recieves the 
Desk forr verification
n  funds frrom the 
Requeest form  and authhority to  Managing 
from the  release ffunds. Director and 
emplo oyee and 
pays ouut nearest 
givenn to The 
to the total 
Admin nistrative 
• Mr. Hunter  requestt.
Hayn nes OpSec 
Mannaging  • Mrr. Tony 
•Misss. Michelle Deel  Director Signs  Horn upon 
do enters the  the rrequest and  reccieving the 
amoount  requesteed in  gives the monies  reqquest and 
the d
daily report. to M
Mr. Horn the  Mo onies scans 
Admministrative  thee request 
Officcer andd with the 
Signiture and 
mails the 
to Mr. 




Completion off Funds Requestt 

At th he end of eaach 
bussiness day Thhe 
Mr. Horn will then  Secretary  emails A 
email the  daaily report off 
The EEmployee brings  completion the  Traansactions too 
back tthe reciepts and  Botth Mr. Hunteer  Botth Mr. Hunteer 
hange back to the 
any ch Haynes and Mr.  Haynes and Mr. 
Addministrativee  Noorman Hanes  Norman Haynees 
Secretary Along with the e  for  verification of 
rrequest and  the days financial 
reciept activity
• If any eexcess of 
monie es, Miss 
Delpraado will 
then aadd the  • Mr Horrn  • The Transact
T tion 
changee to the  Verifies tthe  is now Verif
i ied 
daily report  Change given  By 5 Differeent 
seal thee money  and notifiees the  sources
in an envelope  manageme ent of  • Employeee 
and retturn it to  the completion  who 
Mr. HHorn. of transacction. complteteed 
• Administraativ
e Secretary
• Managin ng 
• Administraativ
e Officer
• Financier of 
With this process, a Ch heck and balance system h has been impllemented to iinsure that eaach step must 
be verified by each ressponsible heaad at least two o times per fo
orm transactiion, plus at thhe end of each 
day each member got a daily reportt. Thus amounting to one (1) single tran nsaction bein
ng under 
scrutiny aand observatio on a minimum m of thirteen (13) times byy five (5) officce staff memb bers.  This is 
called a “DDefense in Deepth” processs to check thee accuracy of each transacction and to in nsure the 
honesty o of all involved
d.  It is also to insure that aall members o of the processs are held ressponsible for 
the financcial transactio
on and that sh hould there b be a discrepanncy it could be caught imm mediately 
rather thaan later in tim
me. The monie es for a singlee transaction could touch aas many as elleven (11) 
people beefore the tran nsaction is com mplete as seeen in the folloowing true to life scenario. 

• Th
he Financier ggives the fund
ds to the man naging directo
or (1) 

he Managing Director givees the funds tto the Adminiistrative Officcer(2) 


he Administraative Officer ggives the fund
ds to the Adm
ministrative Secretary (3) 

• The Administrative Secretary Give the Funds to the Operations Officer (4) 
• The Operation Officer gives the funds to the Site Supervisor (5) 
• The Site Supervisor pays for the materials needed and the merchandiser give him back 
change (6) 
• The site supervisor takes the excess change back to the Operations Officer (7) 
• The Operations Officer returns the excess change to the Administrative Secretary (8) 
• The Administrative Secretary returns the excess change to the Administrative Officer (9) 
• The Administrative Officer  returns the excess change to the Managing Director (10) 
• The Managing Director  returns the excess change to the Financier (11) 

As you can see in this true to life scenario on one single transaction the monies have changed hands 
eleven (11) times, with the with the Administrative Officer, Mr. Horn,  touching the money only 
twice which would be less than 18% of the time. 

Another important thing to note is that the Receipts are then forwarded to the Accounting office 
and the Accounting Office makes a weekly report of the finance transactions and gives it to the 
Financier who them compares the weekly Accounting report with the daily transaction report given 
by the administrative office. Thus a new step of Check and balance system starts within the 
accounting office to check the accuracy of the report given to them which could be viewed by as 
many as nine (9) office staff members. Resulting in an astounding twenty five (25) checks of each 
single transaction, if you multiply that by the average number of transactions, forty five (45) per day 
submitted to the administrative office at OPSEC it would amount to the 1000+‐ different transaction 
views in a single day of business transactions from some 25 different people. I highly doubt that one 
person could control all of that.   

OpSec Fund Tracking Submitted By Email (Michelle DelPrado)
2/1/2008 through 8/22/2008
4/2/2009 Page 1
Date Description Memo Category Amount

BALANCE 1/31/2008 0.00

2/1/2008 Opening Balance [OpSec Daily Cash Flow] 0.00
2/1/2008 Romy Valasqez Overage on expenses to Manila Stryker Security Agency -980.00
2/1/2008 Brother Norman Salary 15,000.00
2/1/2008 Claude Cochran Receipt Refund -11,285.00
2/1/2008 Baye Orbase Baye returned the Money for the Pump casue the pump was grounded Returned 60,000.00
2/1/2008 Romy Valasqez Overage on expenses to Manila Stryker Security Agency -980.00
2/2/2008 Noy Noy Maghari Weekly Transpo for Yamagata site Yamagata -2,030.00
2/2/2008 Bro. Caloy Gelacio From Purchases on 2 feb 2008 Change 804.00
2/2/2008 Bro. Caloy Gelacio 1 Roll of Royal Cord Electrical -2,046.00
2/2/2008 Bro. Caloy Gelacio 2 pcs hinges, 2 pcs lock, 1 pc motorcycle Battery, 2 pcs formica Trans. Department -3,800.00
2/2/2008 Bro. Caloy Gelacio XLT 4 gal body filler, 3 qts spray filler, 3 hardener paste, pai Body Shop -7,317.00
2/2/2008 Raymond Gomez 1 tank of Acetelyn Noel Machine Shop -750.00
2/2/2008 Jhun Fajardo Covas House Auto:Fuel -15,000.00
2/2/2008 Keith Nichols 1 roll Rope, 3 Bits, 2 rods, 4 drill rods, 1 5' ft drill rod Equipment -32,000.00
2/4/2008 Hunter Haynes Salary 218,000.00
2/4/2008 Gilbert Magpayo XRM and Trike Vehicle Registration -2,000.00
2/4/2008 Papu Del Rosario Operation B-1 -3,364.00
2/4/2008 Jonas Sebastian Operation B-1 -36,000.00
2/4/2008 Bro. Caloy Gelacio Stryker Building Project -4,000.00
2/4/2008 Leah Mayamaya Opsec Mayor's Permit Permit -5,000.00
2/4/2008 Leah Mayamaya Transportation for Jan 28-31 Receipt Refund -3,860.00
2/4/2008 Leah Seminar Stryker Security Agency -2,400.00
2/4/2008 Orlando Domingo Cash Advance -3,000.00
2/4/2008 Arturo Marfil Cash Advance -5,000.00
2/4/2008 Keith Nichols owe Keith 246 (No Change) Receipt Refund -17,346.00
2/5/2008 Bro. Caloy Gelacio 1 rol 18/2 wire Electrical -1,696.00
2/5/2008 Bro. Caloy Gelacio 5 sets Sensor lights Electrical -4,430.00
2/5/2008 Rani Yap Operation Wiliie's -25,000.00
2/5/2008 Silverio Fermin Operation Dragon -20,000.00
2/5/2008 Rudy Reyes Going to B-1 and Yamagata Tranportation (site) -3,000.00
2/5/2008 Raymond Gomez Replace Rock drill bit Shaft Noel Machine Shop -1,200.00
2/5/2008 Raymond Gomez Fabricate 3 pcs flanges, Noel Machine Shop -5,900.00
2/5/2008 Hunter Haynes Operation Auto:Fuel -20,000.00
2/6/2008 Rudy Reyes Going to B-1 and Yamagata Tranportation (site) -3,000.00
2/6/2008 Bro. Caloy Gelacio Plywood for forms and cocoa lumber, Hard hats, shovels, Stryker Building Project -56,000.00
2/7/2008 Brother Norman Salary 546,000.00
2/7/2008 Claude Cochran HP Paper (15 Packets) Supplies, Bus -11,250.00
2/7/2008 Calling Cards Cellular Loads -9,005.00

“Reaching Out For

a Risen Savior”

November 2008


A “When and Then” Spiritual Walk

Greetings in the Name of our happen in order to follow look back at the struggle I had
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. through with God’s plan. They before committing to follow
Brother Norman Haynes I hope that this newsletter will make statements like, God into full time missions, I
finds each of you in good com- when I get enough money then too was waiting for God,
fort and walking in the strength I’ll give more to the church” or When the time is right and I
Hunter Haynes
of the Lord. As I was prepar- “when the kids are grown and have enough then I’ll go.”
ing to write a short message to out of the house, then I’ll dedi- Well friend, the time is always
each of you, I’m struck with cate more of myself to God’s right with God on your side.
the thought of when I first was work. The “when and then” Why spend your time wander-
Upcoming Myanmar Trip called by God to enter into the walk will always postpone the ing? Why let the time go by
mission field here in the Philip- progress of God. Think about and wonder what God could
Grandma pines. I recognize what a great it, The children of Israel had have done through you? Make
task it is as I’m a long way this type of walk and a whole the most of your life, for He is
away from many of my friends generation was not able to truly worthy. When you step
Pastor Scott Witcher
and family. But, I’m also hon- enter into the promised land out on faith in Christ, then
ored by the fact that many of and wandered in the desert for you’ll see Him in a whole new
you have stood with us in 40 years. Maybe they spent way. Why wait? Do it now!!
many trials and triumphs of those years saying, “when we
Wildwood Team this work. We have seen become a stronger nation ,
many things happen over the then we will go over and pos-
past few months and have sess the land in which God has
Persecuted Christians considered it a privilege to be promised us.” for that genera- tony
a small part of it. I’m also tion, that day never came.
thankful that God had given us They not only spent their time
the call and the courage to wandering but I can’t help but
step out in faith. Many Chris- think that many of them spent
tians today live in what I call their remaining years wonder-
the “when and then” walk. ing. Wondering what it would
Special points of The “when and then” walk is have been like to go all out for
interest: always present when a person God instead of procrastinating
is waiting on something to in the “when and then” walk. I

• Upcoming Myanmar Trip Upcoming Pastor’s Conference, Myanmar

• Much needed help for We will set out on a mission better equip these men to do tors as well as their Trans-
to encourage and train local the work of God. Pastor portation. The trip will be a
the local pastors pastors in Myanmar. Many of Scott and I will travel to great opportunity for us to
these young men who have Myanmar on the 2nd week of plant seed in this country
• New Churches built and been called to serve in a na- January and will be doing a that is still closed to open
some help to repair and tion that is still not open to series of studies on “A Faith evangelism and would be
the Gospel. There is very That Works” and some Dis- considered to be one of the
strengthen other existing little opportunity for these cipleship courses. The Semi- “last frontiers”.
ministries. men to get any books or nars will be totally free for
literature in order to study. the local national pastors.
We hope that through our We will be providing room
efforts we will be able to help and board for 100 local pas-
Pulung Maragul, A place to Start Fresh
During the past couple of months complete their community. Here in the community and then try to
we have been involved in a big push the Philippines they have a law build structures in order to be rec-
to help local pastors in their effort called the “squatter law” which ognized as a community (Barrio).
to reach their allows the local people to enter Usually the first step in building this
“kababayan” (Countrymen). Al- into a location that in uninhabited community will be a church. Pastor
though I realize the great need for and slowly build a community. Manson contacted us for help in
foreign missionaries to go and Once the locals building a small build-
preach the gospel, I’m also aware of have lived in this ing in this area so we
a need to help the local pastors to area for several agreed to help and
reach their own people. Therefore years then the devoted our time and
we have been involved in helping Government some funds to be able
people like Pastor Conrado Man- with allow them to see this vision
son, Head Pastor of Road To to have land come to pass for the
Heaven Ministries, to reach out to rights in that Lord’s Glory. We
his community and plant churches. area and then were able to be a
The name of the church in Pulung give them per- small part of this
Maragul is “Saved By Grace Com- mission to live church planting mis-
munity Church”. The community there. Once sion. I was honored to
in this area is growing and thriving. given permission be able to be the
They have recently asked our help to build they The Start of a community of Believers guest speaker at their
to build a church there in order to invite others into “THE CHURCH” building dedication.

Grandma’s Ministry
Turning Point College Ministry
Wildwood Ministries is grateful to be a In our efforts to reach all age groups, through these efforts we will be able to
part of Grandma’s Ministry. This minis- we felt it necessary to reach out to the conduct seminars with a psychological
try was where many of the Road to college campus. With the help of and spiritual impact. Wildwood
Heaven Crusades began. Through the Brother Nick Alayon, we have started a Church Ministries and Turing point
efforts of Grandma Dorothy and others college ministry program, Turning Point have already been able to conduct One
who continually support her efforts, Ministries. We currently have an office seminar within a college campus for the
there has been many who have come to in a prime location, across from Holy faculty and staff in hopes that we will be
know Jesus Christ as their personal Sav- Angel University, and man the office six able to help guide the next leaders of
ior. The ultimate goal of this work is to days a week. Students are able to our country.
provide the basic necessities for those come here for weekly bible studies, for
within our community in hopes that they English lesson, guitar lessons, piano
will look to their ultimate need of salva- lessons as well as biblical counseling.
tion. Through Grandma’s selfless giving, Brother Nick is a licensed guidance CAMPUS
others can see Christ’s love. TO GOD counselor and is currently working MINISTRY

BE THE GLORY!!!!! within the campus and promoting this

ministry. We are also hoping that

Central Luzon School of Theology, CLST

I have often thought that the best way attend the school in order to be Sun-
you and I could help grow the kingdom day school teachers and leaders of
is to help equip those saints who are women’s missionary organizations. In
willing to teach others. During the past order to help them we decided to help
few months I have been working repair some of their facilities. They are
closely with Pastor Pons Medina, the currently having classes in an old house.
founder of Central Luzon School of So, we thought that we would lend a
theology. Many of the young men here hand in helping them do some repairs.
have a zeal to proclaim the Good News We were able to replace the roof and
and are attending this school to better do some painting and landscaping. The
equip themselves for the task. They students also helped complete the pro- Some of the local pastors and students
also have some young women who ject and gave us some time to fellow- helping with the roof
ship with them.

Page 2
“ R E A C H I N G O U T FO R A R I SE N SA V I O R ”
Page 3

Sabanillia, Mexico Pampanga

In our drive to help local churches and Jesus Christ. We committed to helping
pastors, we were approached by Pastor Pastor Roger, and the congregation of
Pons Medina and asked if we could help Sabanillia Baptist Church, to make their
Pastor Roger Tiglao in Mexico. We have vision of building God’s Kingdom in this
a Mexico here too, but it is Mexico, area a reality. Not long after the initial
Pampanga. This Church has had a vision survey, we delivered half of the supplies
for several years of having their own needed to complete the project. Which
building in order to worship in. Another included steel, hollow blocks and con-
dear friend and coworker in the Lord, crete. As you can see through this
Brother Rudy Vaughn from Word Out- work and other works like this our
reach ( Since organization is committed to Building
then the Church has gotten a new pastor God’s Kingdom. Many churches and
and has not been able to work on the organizations in our area and around
church facilities. Nevertheless, this did the world are so concerned with their
not discourage them from their vision of own work and agenda that they are
completing their church building. I had unwilling to share with others and to
been to this church a few times prior to help others achieve their vision. I truly
be a speaker in their services. Upon my believe that God will get the glory out Sabanillia Baptist Church, Mexico, Pam-
return there for a survey, I was amazed of it when we combine with others and panga. The roof was provided by Word
at the growth in population and struc- give unselfishly.
tures around the church. What once was
a few houses in the barrio had become a
thriving community filled with people
who need to hear the Good News of

Speaking and Listening

In the past few months, due to our also been able to listen to some of the
increased presence in helping others concerns of the people, which allows us
with their visions, God has opened up to better serve and evaluate the needs.
doors for Us to be able to speak in God has called each of us to serve oth-
several different location. It has been a ers. Even Paul Himself informed the
wonderful experience for us. During church of this attitude when he said
these speaking engagements it has al- “Let nothing be done through selfish
lowed us to fellowship with other be- ambition or conceit, but in lowliness
lievers as well as being able to challenge of mind let each esteem others bet-
them to work together for the com- ter than himself.” Philippians 2:3.
mon good of “Building God’s King- May each of us continue to look for Speaking at the Central Luzon School
dom”. During these engagements I have new ways to put others first. Of Theology

Note from Pastor Horn

To each of my brothers and sisters in courage you to continue on in like
Christ and my coworkers in Wildwood manner. Each of you have been a
church ministries, It has been an honor source of great encouragement to me.
to work along side of each of you. We There is much work to be done, there-
have been able to accomplish so much fore I must move forward with my “Every calling is great when greatly
in a short amount of time. We have work within Asia and devote more o
seen pastors encouraged, churches my time to Trinity Baptist Church. I pursued.”
built, and schools renovated. Along thank each of you for your trust and Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809–
with this we have been able to build a prayers for me and hope that one day
strong bond within our core group of we will stand in front of the Lord with
workers. Each of you were chosen due much fruit combined. God bless and
to your character and work ethics for thanks again for your friendship and
the Kingdom and I would like to en- Love.
The Cost of the Myanmar Mission Trip 
 The Conference in Kalamayo on January 17‐18, 2009    ‐‐‐‐‐‐      $2,040.00 

 The Conference in Yangon on January 21‐23, 2009    ‐‐‐‐‐‐          $2,740.00 

 Pastor Scott's Round trip ticket from States           ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐          $1,619.75 

 Pastor Scott's Round trip ticket to Myanmar           ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐          $947.00 

Pastor Scott's Hotel room ---------- $500.00

Pastor Scott's Meals ---------------- $250.00

Given for additional attendee (average 160 daily)........... $1,000.00


Total    ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐------‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐      $ 9,096.75 
Flight Details

Philippine Airlines Manila (MNL) 10:30am - 15Jan, Thu Nonstop

Flight 730 343 Bangkok (BKK) 01:00pm - 15Jan, Thu Coach
3hr 30min

Connecting flight wait time 4 hours 55 minutes

Thai Airways Bangkok (BKK) 05:55pm - 15Jan, Thu Nonstop

Flight 305 AB6 Yangon (RGN) 06:40pm - 15Jan, Thu Coach
1hr 15min

Flight Duration : 4hr 45min Layover Time : 4hr 55min Total Trip Time: 9hr 40min

MYANMAR Yangon (RGN) 11:00am - 24Jan, Sat Nonstop

AIRWAYS Bangkok (BKK) 12:45pm - 24Jan, Sat Coach
Flight 331 320 1hr 15min

Connecting flight wait time 10 hours 35 minutes

Philippine Airlines Bangkok (BKK) 11:20pm - 24Jan, Sat Nonstop

Flight 733 320 Manila (MNL) 03:45am - 25Jan, Sun Coach
3hr 25min

Flight Duration : 4hr 40min Layover Time : 10hr 35min Total Trip Time: 15hr 15min

Fare rules

Traveler Details
First Last Name: Frequent Flyer
Title: Name: * MI: * Number: Add Insurance Ticket Number Ticket Type

Traveler 1

Please type in Travelers legal name as it appears on Passport or Government issued photo ID.
Additional Requests: (optional)

Special Service: Seat Preference: Meal Preference:

Traveler 1

enter User
name and
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Trip cancellations, baggage delays, flight delays, accidental death/dismemberment, receive benefits up to
24 hours EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE SERVICE is included with Insurance purchase.

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Price Details
1 Adult
Base Price: 657.00

Taxes & Fees: 300.00

Total per person:
# of Travelers: 1

Sub Total: USD

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0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
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Old Price: $957.00
Instant Discount Promotion: $-10.00

Handling Fees:

Total Charge: $947.00

Please note: All fares quoted are in US Dollars.

Monday, October 27, 2008
9:47 PM

Trip Details

Monday, January 12

Tupelo, MS to Manila, Philippines

Northwest #2730 From: Tupelo, MS 6:55am Non-Stop

Saab-Fairchild 340 To: Memphis, TN 7:40am Economy Class

Flight Operated by Mesaba Aviation - Check in with Mesaba Aviation

Connection in Memphis, TN

Northwest #179 From: Memphis, TN 8:45am Non-Stop

Airbus A320 To: Los Angeles, CA 10:55am Economy Class

Connection in Los Angeles, CA

Northwest #1 From: Los Angeles, CA 11:35am One-Stop

Plane Change Enroute To: Manila, Philippines Economy Class

Sunday, February 1

Manila, Philippines to Tupelo, MS

Northwest #2 From: Manila, Philippines 7:45am One-Stop

Boeing 747-400 To: Los Angeles, CA 8:05am Economy Class

Connection in Los Angeles, CA

Northwest #180 From: Los Angeles, CA 12:54pm Non-Stop

Airbus A320 To: Memphis, TN 6:30pm Economy Class

Connection in Memphis, TN
Northwest #2731 From: Memphis, TN 7:40pm Non-Stop

Saab-Fairchild 340 To: Tupelo, MS 8:25pm Economy Class

Flight Operated by Mesaba Aviation - Check in with Mesaba Aviation

Change Flight Selections

Price Details

Processing Fe
Base Fare Taxes Subtotal Total

Adult Passenger #1 $1538.00 $71.80 $1609.80 $9.95 $1619.75

TOTAL $1619.75

*All Fares are in U.S. dollars

Estimate Budget For Conference
Title: Pastor Conference

Venue: Yangon , Myanmar

Date: January 21-23, 2009

Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm AND 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Number Matter Amount Number of People Total Remark

01 Price of Room $80.00 1 $80.00
02 Lunch $2.00 100 at $2.00 (For all $200.00
03 Breakfast $2.00 50 people @ $2.00 each $100.00
04 Dinner $2.00 50 people @ $2.00 each $100.00
05 Transportation Fee Within Yangon $2.00 50 people @ $2.00 each $100.00
06 Price of stay @ Hostel $2.00 50 people @ $2.00 each $100.00
Total Amount for 3 Days $680.00 X 3 Total $2040.00
06 Transportation Fee for those residing $14.00 50 people @ $14.00 $700.00 I guess that 50 pastors
outside Yangon, will be from the each from outside Yangon
mountain province/ will be able to attend
the Conference. So, I
make estimate cost
depending on 50.
Total Estimate for all Total $2,740 If the attendants from
out of local Yangon are
less than 50 there will
be less cost on their
expenses. The cost will
rely on the total number
of Attendants.
Therefore I present this request to you. On behalf of our mission and the nation of Myanmar I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all of you for your
participation and supports. We strongly believe that God will really touch all of us through your coming and sharing. We pray that may the Lord fulfill the desire
of your heart and bless you the more and more.
Estimate Budget For Conference
Title: Pastor Conference

Venue: Kalamayo , Myanmar

Date: January 17-18, 2009

Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm AND 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Number Matter Amount Number of People Total Remark

01 Price of Room $60.00 1 $60.00
02 Lunch $2.00 100 at $2.00 (For all $200.00
03 Breakfast Total Arrange to be enough $60.00 All will be fed (Small
04 Dinner Total Arrange to be enough $100.00
05 Transportation Fee Within Kalamayo $2.00 50 people @ $2.00 each
Total Amount for 2 Days $520.00 X 2 Total $1040.00
06 Transportation Fee for those residing $20.00 50 people @ $20.00 $1,000.00 I guess that 50 pastors
outside Kalamayo, will be from the each from the churches in the
mountain province/ Mountain will be able to
attend the Conference.
So, I make estimate cost
depending on 50.
Total Estimate for all Total $2,040 If the attendants from
out of local Kalamayo
are less than 50 there
will be less cost on their
expenses. The cost will
rely on the total number
of Attendants.
Pastor I arrange this program because the local pastors from this area request me to come there again and again. Therefore I present this request to you. On
behalf of our mission and the nation of Myanmar I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all of you for your participation and supports. We strongly
believe that God will really touch all of us through your coming and sharing. We pray that may the Lord fulfill the desire of your heart and bless you the more
and more.
From: Jerry Bradford []
Sent: Sunday, March 29, 2009 10:47 PM
To: Tony Horn
Subject: RE: Jerry Bradford

I see Mr. Norman is out to mess you up.

Sad that all this has had to come to this.

Hope you and the family are doing well my Buddy

Those pictures are pretty amazing big daddy, Take care