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issue 1 | march 2014

editorial desk: ... ... story of the month: As part of the Meri Kahani Meri Zubaani (MKMZ) series, we aim to bring to your attention true tales of hope, strug gle, sorrow, success, failure from villages we are working in. Sometimes, these anecdotes from the field give us '' , ...." essential insights into the mind of the community which, , I coupled with data driven analysis helps refine our work further. Attached below is one such true tale from the I , , I | heartland in the words of the protagonist.

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programs and services updates: citizen care

My name is Reeta Devi, 25 years of age and I am resident of a village named Chittrouli in Maner block, Bihar. I have three sons and one daughter. In November last year (2013), I gave birth to our third baby boy. The delivery took place at my home only. Everything appeared normal on the first day but as days progressed I got worried. I (Birth Certificates, Age Certificate, BPL proof, etc.) so that they get the certificates/benefits of schemes could sense signs of deep pain in my sons cries and screams. Carrying him in my arms, I tried all means to easily and quickly. Key highlights of the work done so far are as follows: bring peace and comfort to my son. All in vain. It was on Time since launched: 1.5 months the sixth day after his birth, I came to know of his miser Regions: 15 villages in Phulwari Block, Patna ies. I turned numb. Nature had done great injustice to my No. of Requests received so far: 200+ No. of Resolutions so far: 30+ and others in progress. son. He had an imperforate anus which means the inter Citizen Care launched in Vaishali district (Bihar) and Alwar district (Rajasthan) on March 01, 2014. nal opening to his anus was missing and he couldnt Key Findings & Action: Birth Certificates are in greatest demand. We plan to have a separate camp excrete. Bad financial condition of our family and limited on Birth Registration & Certificate very soon in Phulwari Block, Patna. means at disposal made matters worse for us to fight through this situation. I felt so helpless and cursed. Nevertheless, I took my son to a hospital in Bihta (a small town near Maner), only to return disappointed. Lack of Mother care program is aimed at improving the health of expecting/new mothers in the money and no knowledge or access to proper channels remote villages of India. As part of this program, a database of expecting/new mothers from more than 20 villages in Bihar and Rajasthan has been created to provide remind- of help, I was on the verge of giving up hope. Twelve er services on their due check-ups/medicines/vaccination. Distribution of IFA tablets days had passed by and my sons condition was deterioand immunization services are also part of this program. Key highlights of the work done rating with every passing day. When I was sulking in so far are as follows: gloom and sorrow with no path in sight, a lady named Sunita Devi, a volunteer of Seva Setu, came forward to Time since launched: 5 months help my child. She brought our case to the notice of her Program running in three districts - Patna (Bihar), Vaishali (Bihar) and Alwar (Rajasthan). senior colleagues at Seva Setu, who rushed in to help. In communication with 275 mothers in Patna, 59 in Vaishali and 65 in Alwar (mainly Raigarh). On the advice of Seva Setu, I took my son to a hospital in Weekly reminder calls provided on 9 essential medical checkups and medicines due dates. Kankarbagh, Patna where the doctors gave an estimate On an average 35 calls per week in Patna, 6 in Vaishali and 7 in Alwar. of fifty thousand rupees. I was shattered to hear the cost Call reach success achieved - 80% of treatment. How could a poor woman like me arrange for so much money? Finally, members of Seva Setu took personal care and made arrangements to get my son admitted in Patna Medical College Hospital (a governKids Care program is designed for providing "right to better health" to the most vulnerable and critical age group- kids up to 5 years of age. As part of this program, we pro- ment hospital in Patna, around 25 kms from Maner). They visited us daily and were in constant touch with the docvide reminder services to parents on vaccination schedules for their babies of 6-24 tors at PMCH to ensure proper and timely treatment of months. We also identify severely malnourished (SAM) kids (6-60 months age) and get them admitted and cured in Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres (NRC). Key highlights our son. Finally, my son was successfully operated and of the work done so far are as follows: cured, that too in only three thousand rupees which also included cost of medicine, food and travel. My son has First set of reminder service to parents of 60+ kids in Feb, 2014 in 15 villages of Bihar now grown into a three months old healthy child.

Niru Kumari in Phulwari block would have made around 10 rounds of local block office to get her residence proof certificate. Seva Setus Citizen Care field representative through his intervention made sure that she had it within 2 days. Thats what we intend to do through our Citizen Care Program. This program, to begin with, provides telephonic support backed by on-field intervention for prospective beneficiaries on various schemes (such as Indira Gandhi National Pension Yojana, etc.) and certificates

mother care

kids care

20 SAM kids of Phulwarisharif block admitted and being cured in Patnas NRC 8 SAM kids of Vaishali district admitted and being cured in local NRC SAM and Reminder service launched in Rajasthan on Feb 21, 2014

news room:
Seva Setu bags its first government project: In
March, 2014, the district administration of Korba, Chhattisgarh, has awarded Seva Setu a project on the functioning of AWCs in the district. The primary objective of the project is to prepare a comprehensive research questionnaire, research methodology and final report on the subject of functioning of AWCs in Korba District, Chattisgarh.

aam sabha
We believe that any solution to the ills plaguing a society should begin with ' -' between all concerned stakeholders. With this belief, we regularly organize public meetings called as Aam Sabhas which help us in building together a problem -solving society that is capable of devising practical solutions to all its problems on its own. Aam Sabha is the first program undertaken by Seva Setu. Key highlights of the work done so far are as follows:

First Aam Sabha- 4th August, 2013 in a village in Patna district 6 Aam Sabhas so far in a span of 6 months; 2 Aam Sabhas in the month of February, 2014 200+ field visits. Aam Sabha and subsequent field work are the prime movers of all our programmes
and interventions Major programs such as Mother Care, Kids Care, Weighing Machines donation have originated from the Aam Sabhas conducted by Seva Setu Individual interaction with over 1000 women

Hindustan Times gives Seva Setu its first coverage in Print Media. Click here


new villages added in the last 3 months

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weighing machines to be donated by March end

Seva Setu is a sincere initiative in the field of right to health by a group of young individuals from corporate India who feel the pain and sufferings of poor and deprived people in the remote villages of India. I recommend to check out their innovative programs on women and child health that they have successfully implemented in more than 20 villages of Bihar & Rajasthan. I wish Seva Setu great success and strength to continue the path of righteousness and social service. - Ashutosh Mishra, Executive Director, Transparency India
Registered Office: SevaSetu Arpana Bank Colony, Phase-2, Ram Jaipal Nagar, New Bailey Road Patna-801503 Contact: Nishant Ojha (+91 9663367484) Head Office: SevaSetu 54/1, Block-UA2, Jawahar Nagar, New Delhi-110007 Contact: Neeraj Saransh (+91 9868425466) Ajay Kumar Ojha (+91 9873738043) Regional Presence: Bangalore (Karnataka) Gurgaon (Haryana) Alwar (Rajasthan) Patna (Bihar)

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