23회 보험전문인 시험 - 영어 (1-3) 다음 대화에서 B의 대답으로 가장 부적당한 것은? 1. A: My father had a heart attack and I have to go home. B:___________________.

① I hope it is not serious. ② That's too bad. ③ Forget about it. It's not a big deal. ④ I hope he will get better soon. 2. A: I'm so excited. I have two weeks off. B:___________________. ① What are you going to do? ② Congratulations! ③ Do you have any particular plan? ④ I'll catch up on my reading. 3. A: Excuse me, sir. Could you tell me where the restrooms are? B:__________________. ① I'm really net sure. You'd better check at the information desk. ② I'm sorry but I've just got here myself. ③ I'm sorry, sir. We have no rooms where we can have a good rest. ④ Yes, they are right down these stairs and to your left. (4-9) 다음 밑줄친 부분과 그의미가 가장 가까운 것을 고르시오. 4. During the national strike of truck drivers, the govermment seemed impotent to do anything to settle the dispute. ① inevitable ② insensitive ③ ineffectual ④ indispensible 5. Despite China's efforts to restrict religious expression, however, the spiritual awakening of its citizens isn't about to dissipate. ① surge ② scatter ③ expand ④ flourish 6. He was a prolific writer when he was young.

① profitable ② promising ③ productive ④ progressive 7. John brags about his father's social position. ① lies ② boasts ③ is secretive ④ feels awkward 8. The salon was the most elegant room Bill had ever seen, despite its austerity. ① accommodation ② alteration ③ decoration ④ simplicity 9. My mother has a very aversion to getting up so early in the morning. ① dislike ② attraction ③ amenity ④ sympathy (10-17) 다음 중 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? 10. Mr. Johnson who teaches mathematics in highschool complains that the salary of his friend as a taxi driver is much highter__________________________. ① than a teacher ② to compare as a teacher ③ than that of a teacher ④ in comparison with salary of a teacher 11. The assignment for English class is to write ____________about your family background. ① a seven-hundred-word composition ② a seven-hundfed-words composition ③ seven-hundreds-word composition ④ seven-hundred-words composition 12. We can rely upon the govermor on this matter. because he has always________

before. ① proved trust ② proved that he was trousted ③ to be trusted ④ proved trustworthy 13. The old building has been renovated____________. ① effortlessly and not expensive ② neither taking effort nor expensive ③ with little effort and expense ④ which involved neither effort nor expense 14-17문제 없음 출제오류 (18-20)밑줄 친 부분과 그 의미가 가장 가까운 것은? 18. My driver's license will cease to be effective in November. ① extol ② explore ③ expound ④ expine 19. They had an argument so loud that we thought they would come to blow. ① wear out ② laugh it off ③ hit each other ④ leave the room 20. They think that the punishment for the ex-husband who murdered his girl friend was not commensurate with the seriousness of the crime. ① greater than ② influenced by ③ less than ④ proportionate to 25. (21-29)밑줄 친 부분이 영어 표현에 부적절한 것은? 21. Mr. Smith has recently begun to doubt whether his own ① ③ ④ 26. ② faculties are in danger to lose their balance. 22. The aborigine explained us about that kind of a fish two days before we jumped ① known to one another ② know one another ③ knew one another ④ knowing to one another (25-29)빈칸에 가장 적당한 것은? into the river. ④

23. My friend told me that I would make my professor to change my grade since ① ④ 24. Situated at an altitude of 2,700 meters over sea level. ① ② ③ ② ③ I was sick the day of the midterm exam.

NHK Station on the Fuji mountain top occupies a unique position in the ④ communication world.

Communication is sharing information or providing entertainment by speaking, writing, or other methods. Probably the most important communication, 25._______. People communicate in many ways talking, by moving their hands, and even by making faces. People also use telephone calls and letters for personal communication. 26.___________. parents would not know what their children neerd. Teachers could not help their students learn. Friends could not make plans with one another. People could not share their knowledge. Each person would have to learn everything 27.__________. In fact, human beings probably could not survive 28.____________. Communication is all around us. Most large cities have at least one daily newspaper. We often see the letter carriers delivering mail. The air around us contains invisible television signals that can be picked up and changed into 29.______________. which happens when people type of communication is personal make their thoughts and wishes

① With public communication ② Without personal communication ③ Without public communication ④ With personal communication 27. ① for lots of money ② for education ③ for their share of food ④ for himself of herself 28. ① for long ② for nothing ③ for their welfare ④ for their countries

advantages. The United States does not want to risk offending a govermment by __________. ① keeping beautiful architecture ② withdrawing U.S. representatives ③ buying too luxurious buildings ④ sending unqualified ambassadors 32. The more conforming a man is, the more unnatural he is. The conventional man has sacrificed his originality to the expectations of society, and thereby his true nature has been______________. ① obscured ② developed ③ exaggerated ④ manifested 33. Birds, which developed relatively late in the geologic time scale, had certain

29. ① news and advertisements ② sounds and pictures ③ comedies and tragedies ④ songs and dramas (30-40)다음 글의 뜻을 가장 잘 완성시키는 것은? 30. Many homes that are expensively furnished and immaculately maintained are almost forbidding to a stranger. One cannot imagine a child or a dog in them. But we often find a happy household where the furniture is old and shabby and where it may be difficult to find ___________. ① children of dogs ② cheap and worn furniture ③ a comfortable vacant chair ④ a dog or child in a shabby chair 31. It is the duty of a diplomatic officer abroad to gather information about the country in which he is stationed and to transmit it to his own govermment. It has been suggested that the great advances in thransportation and communication may make it unnecessary to maintain embassies and legations abroad. The United States still maintains representatives abroad because it feels that personal contact has

advantages over the fish and reptiles of an earlier age. As compared with scales, feathers provided a warm covering that helped the bird maintain a temperature that is today higher than that of any other animal. Furthermores, feathers are lighter than scale, and the bird could fly over a wide area in search of food and away from its enemies. A principal factor in lifting birdlife above its reptilian origin was__________. ① speed ② lightness ③ feathers ④ body temperature 34. If ou cut up a large diamond into little bits, it will entirely lose the value it had as a whole, and an army divided up into small bodies of soldiers loses all its strength. Thus a great intellect sinks to the level of an ordinary one as soon as it is interrupted and disturbed, its altention distracted and drawn off from the matter at hand for its superiority depends on its power of concentration. Noisy interruption is a hindrance to this concentration ____________________. ① Great intellects are pessimistic. ② Noise is a terture to intellectual people ③ Ordinary people rely on the intellectual class ④ Concentration depends upon one's intelligence. 35. In the early nineteenth century Russian slaves were voicing a continous protest against their condition. Serfdom had not inculcated tinidily and resignation. The

Russian intelligent냠, in supporting the claims of the sert for freedom and ownership, were effectively acting in accordance with their own professed ideals of humanitarianism and__________________. ① autocracy ② humanism ③ liberalism ④ tyranny 36. We are loathe to admit we are motivated by selfishness and by passion. We would have others believe that our selfish behavior is actually the result of idealism and that all our emotional actions are the end product of ____________________. ① lust ② habit ③ reason ④ instinet 37. The review board ruled that the interm's behaviorhad been ______________ he had violated the high standads required of members of the profession. ① usual ② laudable ③ unethical ④ exemplary 38, If democratic organization meant that each member of the organization had equal authority, anarchy would soon follow. Equal authority would ensure the _____________. ① rights of majorities ② rights of minoriites ③ absence of govermment ④ equality of all men 39. A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong, which is but saying in other wrong, which is but saying in other words that he is wiser today ______________. ① than his contemporaries ② than he was yesterday ③ because a change is to be commended ④ because time should improve knowledge 40. Trees, trees, trees---all around his house he has planted guardians of privacy. Evergreens are the best of all, for they conceal him all year round. If you ever

chance to speak to him, you'll please him most by implying that you______________. ① have guessed his secret ② intend to visit him ③ have often failed to see him ④ have been able to see him very often

제24회 보험전문인 시험 영어
(1-5) 다음 대화의 내용으로 보아 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. 1. A: Hi! Good morning. Say do you know what the assignment is for our term paper? B: Sure! Weren't you in class on Tuesday? That's when it was given out. A: No. I missed that class. Was there a handout? B: No. .

④ I'm just getting started 5. A: I ran into David in the laundry today. B: Really? Did he say anything about his brother? A: Yes. Since he has got a job in Japan, he is leaving for Kyoto soon. B: Oh, that sounds wonderful. A: He will teach English in a private language institute.

① the Professor just wrote the assignment on the board ② the Professor gave us any helping hands ③ there wasn't any assignment ④ there was a handout 2. A: I have a prescription. B: All right. We'll call you when it's ready. A: B: Well, it usually takes about 30 minutes. ① How far is it? ② How long does it take? ③ How much is it? ④ How many pills? 3. A: Do you know where the band-aids are? B: Yes. They're right there on the bottom shelf. A: Oh, thanks. B: No. Please take it to the cashier. ① would you be kind enough to switch seats with me? ① How much is it? ② Would you do me a favor? ③ Do I pay you? ④ What kind of band-aids they are? 8. A: The X-rays suggest that an extraction is indicated. 4. A: What are you doing, Kate? B: Oh, hi, Frank. Well, I'm making a doll house for my daughter. it's to be a surprise for her birthday. A: It doesn't look like one yet. B: No, you're right, Frank. But ① I'm fine, thank you ② I'm on your side ③ I'm going to be 9. A: Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow? . ① Don't jump to conclusions. ② What do you mean by that? ③ Could you clarify that for me? ④ I'm afraid I'm not following you. B: A: Okay. Let me put it this way : I'm going to have to pull your tooth. ② I wonder if you could possibly switch seats with me. ③ Would you mind if I asked you to switch seats with me? ④ I was wondering if you'd be willing to switch seats with me. 7. A: Excuse me, but B: I'd be happy to. ① Oh, that's bad luck ② You must be very annoyed ③ I'm very sorry to hear that ④ Well, better be going, I suppose . (6-9) 다음 대화 중 빈칸에 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? 6. A: I've lost my wallet somewhere, it's got over $300 in it. B: . Do you remember when you had it last? ① When does he leave there? ② Where does he stay? ③ What kind of job does he get? ④ How does he get there?

B: ① Sure. I'm tied up tomorrow. ② No, I can't. I'll be out of town tomorrow. ③ I'd like to, but I already have an appointment. ④ Okay. Why don't you come over to my office around five? (10-35) 다음 중 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? 10. The primary reason why the Constitution requires a census every ten years basis for the appointment of representatives among the states. ① while providing ③ it is providing ② and it provides ④ is to provide a

costs. In other you most complete a form, attach the bill, and send it to your insurance company. The insurance company will then ① condemn ③ compensate ② complain ④ contaminate you for the cost.

17. No territory is off limits to the imagination, Which fears neither policeman nor mastiff and may break through locked gates ① at great risk ③ with permission . ② only at night ④ without punishment

18. A worker who is satisfied with his salary and working conditions may be unhappy in his job if his work is monotonous routine. He may easily tire of doing one specialized task and wish that he could learn more about the over all production process in his factory. A modern progressive industry could make this man more satisfied with his job if it would provide ① higher salary ③ varied responsibilities . ② more specialization ④ shorter working hours

11. The bus company started offering reduced fares to older people last year, and so . ① one of the taxi companies did ② one of the taxi companies does ③ did one of the taxi companies ④ has one of the taxi companies done 12. I'd get that for you ① except that ③ on condition I could remember who last borrowed it. ② if only ④ considering whether

19. For centuries the primary concern of men in Egypt was with death. The state of death was more interesting to them than was the world in which they lived. Indeed, their real world existed in ① the future ③ the ancient past . ② everyday life ④ art and science

13. It is considered that the moon contains all the elements found on earth, including . ① for elements generating of nuclear energy ② they that necessary for the generating of nuclear energy ③ those are required for the generation of nuclear energy ④ those required to generate nuclear energy

20. European auto manufacturers maintain that foreign cars do not sell in Korea, not because of low purchasing power or ① distance ③ adherence in taste on the part of consumers, but because ② differences ④ indulgence the disease correctly. of discriminatory tax and customs duties levied on imported cars.

21. The doctor examined the patient very carefully and 14. Most banks charge a monthly fee. Often they ① urge ③ debit ② crave ④ investigate 22. The conversation was so interesting that we were 15. Basic to good note taking is the ability to focus on the message. Do not let thoughts of last night's ball game or tomorrow's work ① distract ③ indulge ② clarify ④ purify you. ① oblivious ③ lofty ② loath ④ obsessed that amount from your account. ① expired ③ extinguished ② diagnosed ④ diluted

of the lateness of the hour.

23. Many years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the that all men are created equal. ② contribution ① proposal

16. In some cases, the pharmacy submits a bill to your insurance company to recover the

③ proposition

④ foundation

31. In Korea, cases of family violence and neglect often went unreported or even ignored because of the patriarchal attitude of the confucian society, which considered family matters to be private. This is why recent years. ① patrimonial ③ homicidal ② vigilante ④ conjugal violence has risen so remarkably in

24. Some people have a great desire for variety. They get tired of using the same brand of toothpaste, or of driving the same kind of car, or of buying the same brand of soap. These people are often the first to ① question an advertisement ③ request a better brand . ② buy a new product ④ return to an accustomed brand

32. According to the contract, it depends on the general editor's own decision to accept or to 25. In primitive cultures, young children learned to cook, make clothing, fish, and hunt from their parents. They had no schools in which to learn to read and write, but we cannot say that they had no ① recreation ③ books . ② religion ④ education 33. Pickpockets prefer to extract men's wallets from behind. Thus the easiest target is the rear-trouser pockets, followed by those on the sides. The least 26. They have always been tolerant toward various religious beliefs. In their country there never have been religious ① wars ③ teachers . ② holidays ④ sects 34. Technological advances is manned and unmanned undersea vehicles have overcome some 27. Korea is famous for having many beautiful mountains which are large or small. So, foreign tourists going to that country have been told have good ① shoes ③ trousers ② gloves ④ raincoats . ① sluggish ③ heavy 28. Man is essentially a cooperative rather than a competitive being. His survival is result of . ① numerical superiority ③ mutual assistance 29. People who live in large ( ① platforms ③ changes ② rugged individualism ④ excellent physical condition ) cities are on the average less conservative than the . (36-40) 다음 글을 읽고 영어로 된 물음에 답하시오. The story of Eleanor Roosevelt's struggle for independence is far better known now than it was during her lifetime, thanks largely to the work of her friend and biographer Joseph P.Lash, and to the television programs based upon his books. We now know that she was far more 30. During the 20th century, some of the worst horrors in history were committed by several dictators: Stalin's collectivization, the Holocaust by Hitler, Mao's Cultural Revolution, Pol Pot's killing fields, Di Amin's rampages, etc. In a sense, it was a ① patricidal ③ genocidal ② matricidal ④ communitarian century. than her polio stricken husband's "eyes and ears" during their dozen years together in the White House; she often acted as Franklin Delano Roosevelt's conscience as well, and sometimes as his goad, reminding him of the needs of people, while pursuing a host of political and social interests of her own. She set the standard against which every President's wife since has been measured, and after her husband she became, if anything, more active, tirelessly campaigning for human rights and international cooperation, and for political candidates who she believed would best carry ② elections ④ candidates 35. During the past ten years, the remarkably. ① degree ③ number rural population and hence are more likely to accept political ② quantity ④ amount of automobile accidents in Seoul has decreased of the limitations of divers and diving equipment. Without a vehicle, divers often became and their mental concentration became limited. because of undersea pressure, which affected their speech organs, communication was difficult or impossible. ② swift ④ brisk inside pockets. ① plausible ③ pecuniary ② muffled ④ vulnerable is a jacket's reject ① descriptions ③ manuscripts for publication of a series of compiled editions. ② inscriptions ④ subscriptions

forward the traditions of the New Deal. The title "First Lady of the World," which was perhaps inevitably conferred upon her during the final busy years of her life, may have been a little cloying but it was also accurate; no woman was more universally admired. 36. What is the best title for the passage? ① The World's First Lady: A Closer Look ② The Unusual Research Methods of Joseph P.Lash ③ The Roosevelts: Their Political Independence ④ The Wives of Great Presidents from an International Perspective 37. Why is Joseph P.Lash mentioned in the passage? ① He gave Eleanor Roosevelt the title "First Lady of the world." ② He was Frankly Delano Roosevelt's strongest political opponent. ③ He portrayed Eleanor Roosevelt's husband in television documentaries about her. ④ He wrote books about Eleanor Roosevelt's life 38. The author implies that because of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's physical disability, his wife often . ① declined invitations to social events ② gathered information for him ③ wrote television speeches for him ④ restricted people's access to him 39. Which of the following in NOT mentioned by the author as being one of Eleanor Roosevelt's activities? ① Making her husband aware of the needs of others. ② Supporting political candidates. ③ Conducting tours of the White House. ④ Promoting international cooperation. 40. It can be inferred from the passage that the "New Deal" was a term that arose during the . ① final busy years of Eleanor Roosevelt's life ② presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt ③ formation of new political parties ④ broadcasting of television programs about the Roosevelts 4. 3. 2.

제25회 보험전문인시험 영어
[1~4] 다음 대화의 내용 중 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. 1. A: Excuse me. B: Yes, how can I help you? A: This shirt was a gift, but I don't really like it. I'd like to exchange it. B: I see. ① Why don't you look around? ③ You've talked me into it! ② I'll take this one instead. ④ It's a better quality.

A: Do you ever buy anything over the Internet? B: I buy airline tickets and flowers and all kinds of stuff. A: And you use your credit card, right? B: Yes, of course. Shopping on the Internet is no big deal. A: Don't you ever worry about Internet security? B: ① I have never thought about purchasing securities on the Internet. ② Well, things can happen, but shopping on the Internet is becoming more and more common. ③ Instead of going to the store, you can go online and buy your groceries there. ④ Well, maybe there is no way can keep them off the Internet.

A: It's kind of stuffy in here, isn't B: Yeah. I wish this room were air-conditioned. A: B: You're really lucky! ① Well, your wish is granted. ② We might have to use this room again. ③ This is the only room that is air-conditioned. ④ All of my other classes are in air-conditioned rooms.

A: I wish I could take a vacation B: I know what you mean. I'd love to go to some nice place A: Not me. I don't think I'd go anywhere. I think I'd just stay home. B: Just stay home? A: Yes.

① I'd just like to relax and do nothing for a while. ② I'd probably get a new job and earn more money. ③ Talk about a failure of imagination! ④ I'm so frustrated that I must do better next time.

③ abject

④ gauche

[12~36] 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. 12. The newly imported fastfood restaurants will operate in fifty cities around the

[5~7] 다음 밑줄 친 부분 중 부적절한 것을 고르시오. 5. When a person feels liked or disliked, often it's a case of not which he said but the way he said it. ④ 6. Since human beings are animals which ancestors have won the long struggle for ① ③ display true altruism. 7. Not only are there chimpanzees with working vocabularies of 100 to 200 words, they ① and ③ syntaxes. ④ ② 15. ② ④ survival during their evolutionary history, they cannot be genetically programmed to ① ② ③

country ① run by five executives. ② with five executives running it. ③ and be run by five executives. ④ and five executives to run them. 13. Rhetoric is the study of the ① monopolization ③ implication 14. I don't think that your watch is ① worthy the price ③ worth the price Form ① for ③ therefore earliest childhood, Brian


of language for special argumentative effect. ② manipulation ④ origin . ② worthy to the price ④ worth of the price had shown a leaning towards science;

are also capable of distinguishing among nontrivial different grammatical patterns

, to please his father he studied law. ② since ④ nevertheless

16. In the site of the aircraft crash, a woman refuses to admit that her son is dead, [8~11] 밑줄 친 부분과 가장 의미가 가까운 것을 고르시오. 8. He would always lose his tongue when he was introduced to new people ① be exuberant ③ become talkative ② be unable to talk ④ exaggerate 17. practice. ① Expiration ③ Expenditure 10. The bank robber does not hold back his sarcasm. ① realize ③ restrain ② refine ④ recover 18. Mountains have tended to limit trade between regions as barriers to transportation. ① but 11. If he insists upon being stubborn, we will have to settle this in court. ① obstinate ② indignant ③ because ② thus ④ consequently they usually serve ② Expertise ④ Expectancy . ① still speaking of him while living ② speaking of him like when he was alive ③ continuing in speaking of her live son ④ speaking of him as if he were still alive is special skill or knowledge that is acquired by training, study, or

9. I don't mind doing him a favor but he never does the same in return. ① replaces ③ recognizes ② retaliates ④ reciprocates

19. Automatic machinery saves manufacturer's space and ① some money ③ the money 20. The hunter took a good ① look ③ aim 21. Because there was much reach no common verdict. ① agreement ③ discussion 22. It was Mrs. Dearden's ① day in ③ day on ② plotting ④ dissension ② any money ④ money at the lion and fired. ② shot ④ gun


environment. But what advertisers most want to tell him is that he needs many unnecessary and even ① antistatic ③ illegible things. ② counterproductive ④ undefined

29. The massive show of force designed to intimidate the enemy is just as important as the actual destruction of armies. The battle of propaganda images designed to mobilize patriotism and war fever, and to staple feature of modern war. ① demonize ③ embellish ② dispatch ④ enshrine , the enemy, has become a

among the members of the jury, they could

30. Traveling the world's longest river, through the world's largest rainforest you will explore the geological and biological history of the region. ① eclipse ③ epilogue ② ecosystem ④ evocation

, and Paul was on duty in her place. ② day over ④ day off

31. All of us communicate with one another 23. You better stop smoking. Cigarettes are highly ① reasonable ③ recommended 24. Hurry up! We're ① turning ou t ③ running out of time. ② finding out ④ sold out of ② addictive ④ amicable . shift positions in a chair. ① anonymously ③ effortlessly ② efficiently ④ nonverbally

, as well as with words. We

gesture with eyebrows or hands, meet someone else's eyes and look away, and

32. The human species is the only one that sheds tears. The inability of any human being to weep is a lessening of his capacity to be human. It is a usually goes deeper than the mere inability to cry. ① debt ③ defect ② decision ④ device witch

25. He first entered Britain on a six-month visa, and was given a further six months. ① notice ③ departure ② extension ④ expiration .

33. Culture is essentially a product of leisure. The art of culture is therefore essentially the art of . From the Chinese point of view, the man who is ② punctuality ④ temperament wisely ikle is the mont cultured man. ① diligence ③ loafing

26. Inactivity can make your joints stiff and the bones may begin to ① degenerate ③ delude ② delegate ④ deduce

27. Pain-killing drugs are among the greatest advances in the history of medicine. Properly used, they can be a boon in ① alleviating ③ triggering suffering and in treating disease. ② metabolizing ④ vaunting

34. Studying more than 1 million virus samples from a variety of birds and mammals worldwide, scientists reservoir of flu viruses. ① complained ③ postulated ② criticized ④ rumored that ducks and their ancestors are the original

28. What every consumer needs to be told is that it is simply immoral to buy things he doesn't need, especially things which are unnecessarily destructive to the 35. Proper street behavior requires a nice balance of attention and inattention. You

are supposed to look at a passerby just enough to show that you're aware of his presence. If you look too little, you may appear haughty; too much, and you may be ① dazzling ③ introvert . ② inquisitive ④ secretive

reports of injuries or damages. The observatory said the earthquake was felt over a range of about ten miles, along the United States coastline and probably originated about one hundred miles out in the Pacific Ocean east of the island of Nimi. The observatory also reported that more earthquakes can be expected to occur in the San Francisco area in the next several months, although the intensity of the quakes cannot be predicted.

36. The theory of evolution suggests that human beings must, like other animals, be entirely selfish in their actions, even when they appear to be self-sacrificing and . ① catastrophic ③ evolutionary ② evangelistic ④ philanthropic 40. According to the passage, which of the following is true? [37~38] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. Of all the varieties of music which fill our concert halls, theatres, and nightclubs, only jazz is native American music. Symphonies and concertos, the ancestors of movie and television scores as well as of "serious" or "legitimate" electronic music, were first composed in Germany. Musical comedies are descended from opera, which was first performed in Italy. And our ever-popular nightclub singers are the musical heirs of the French singers of chansons. The one form of music which did not originate in Europe and which is popular today worldwide is jazz. Jazz was born in New Orleans, the child of the Blacks. It drew on the rhythms as well as the emotionalism of the African music of the Black's ancestors, which had been transformed into ragtime and the blues. From ragtime, jazz took syncopated rhythms while from the blues it adopted melodic and harmonic elements such as mournful tunes once sung by slaves and close barbershop-type chromatic chord progressions. 37. Where did symphonies and concertos originate? ① in Europe ③ in the United States ② in New Orleans ④ in India ① Earthquakes of unknown intensity are expected. ② An island was destroyed by the earthquake. ③ New earthquakes are not expected. ④ The earthquake was serious. 39. Where did the earthquake originate? ① San Francisco ③ the Pacific Ocean ② Nimi ④ along the U.S coast

38. What kind of music is jazz based on? ① electronic music ② American Indian music ③ movie and television scores ④ ragtime, blues, and ultimately African music [39~40] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. A mild earthquake shook the northwestern coast of the United States Thursday, the earthquake observatory in San Francisco reported today. There are no immediate

제26회 보험전문인 시험 영어
[1-4]다음 대화의 내용 중 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오.

③ What's on your mind? ④ I was hoping there would be a spot opening at your company. [5-7] 다음 밑줄친 부분 중 가장 부적절한 것을 고르시오.

1. A: Do you have anything for sore throat? B: _______________________________ A: It just started this morning. B: I recommend these. They'll relieve the pain. A: thank you. B: If it gets any worse, you should see your doctor. ① Can I ask you to complete this form? ② Are you a regular patient here? ③ How long have you had it? ④ Do you have the doctor's prescription with you?

5. When enrollment limitations are imposed, every reasonable ① ③ ② ④ effort will make to provide altematives for students affected.

6. It's time to take a deep breath and examine what the revolution ① might be headed and ② ③ ④ 7. One of the most extraodinary of the people discussed was Kansas what we might do to ease the transitions.

2. A: I think we'd better be going. It's almost ten-thirty. B: Is that really the time? I hope you had a good time. A: Oh, yes. Thank you for inviting us. We've had a really wonderful evening. B: __________________________________ ① I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. ② Next time, you'll have to come over to our place. ③ It was a delicious meal. ④ Thank you for having us. 3. A: Has John chosen a topic for his dissertation yet? B: I don't think so. A: Well, the proposal is due next month. B: I know, but he's not sure what topic he wants. A: He'd better come upwith something fast.__________ ① Otherwise, he won't be able to graduate. ② Furthermore, his dissertation can be rejected. ③ Nonetheless, he needs to complete his dissertation. ④ Moreover, it won't take him too much time to finish the proposal. 4. A: How is your job search going so far? B: Not so great. It's been a few months since I started looking for a job. A: Is there a specific type of job you're looking for? B: Ideally, a web designing job.__________________ A: Right. Just getting an income at this point must be your prionity. ① I'd be definitely interested. ② But I'll take anything at this point. ① (C)-(A)-(B) ③ (A)-(B)-(C)

① ③ to Jule Elsenbud, professor of psychology.

② ④

City-born Ted Serios, who was in this mid-forties when introducing

8. 다음 주어진 문장에 이어질 글의순서로 가장 적절한 것은? The stage of prewriting includes any activiy you do in order to start writing the composition. It may include freely discussing the topic in a group, making a list, or drawing a diagram or chat. (A) The selections are intended both to model effective argument writing, as well as to cause the reader to agree or disagree. (B) Your opinions, elicited by the selections, should form the basis for you own argument writing. (C) It may also include reading about the topic. Each chapter in this book includes a selection from a major newspaper or magazine on a controversial topic. ② (B)-(A)-(C) ④ (B)-(C)-(A)

[9-11] 밑줄친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것을 고르시오. 9. The conglomerate announced it was getting out of the small loan business and laying off some workers. ① condoning ③ hiring ② dismissing ④ promothing

10. He is widely credited with helping ease various wold economic crisis and nudging the U.S. economy into the longest peace-time expansion in history. ① blasting ③ pestering ② wtecking ④ pushing

19. If good intentions and good ideas were all it took to save the ____________ atmosphere, the planet's fragile layer of air would be as good as fixed. ① degrading ③ detoxified ② deteriorating ④ devaluated

11. He dropped two-thirds of the way down the 130-meter-high tower before an elastic bungee rope yanked him and the cycle to a halt. ① jeked ③ halted ② strapped ④ dangled

20. He reognized his ______________ and politely made amends. ① attrition ③ foible ② capacitance ④ verge

21. It has been only a quarter century since humans first escaped the clutches of [12-13] 다음 밑줄친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. 12. The doctors kept the familes ___________ about their patients's conditions. ① informal ③ informed smell. ① because of ③ onaccount of ② by means of ④ owing to 22. The civilization of Eastem Orthodox Christendom, __________. had been carried by the Russians to the Pacific. ① which grew up in mediaeval Bysantium 14._______________any sign of damage to your appliances and fitings. ① Care for ③ Takecare of ② Look after ④ Look out for ② and grew up in mediaeval Bysantium ③ it grew up in mediaeval Byzantium ④ that grew up in mediaeval Byzantium 23. It was voted a few weeks later that the House of Lords _____________ since it was useless. ① abolished ② was abolishing 16. The doctor is a speciallist in the human respiratory system. She knows most about _____________. ① bones ③ lungs 17. The university offers every ② nerves ④ the stomach student a challenging, interdisciplinary 24. He __________ the mud with a stick, looking for the marble he had dropped. ① devilitated ② mutilated ③ groped ④ probed ______________experience taught by exceptional faculty members. ① academic ③ sociable ② baneful ④ sordid ③ ought to be abolished ④ needs be abolished ② information ④ informing their natal planet, ____________. ① setting foot for the first time on another celestial body ② to be set foot for the first time on another celestial body ③ set foot for the first time on another celestial body ④ have set foot for the first time on another celestial body

13. The shark finds its prey __________ its sensitivity to vibations and its sense of

15. He _____________the problem, becaue he did not know the solution. ① degenerated ③ menaced ② circumvented ④ prevailed

18. She has published some short articles but her new ___________ is quite extensive. ① obesity ③ oracle ② oblivion ④ opus 25. Their ____________ chatter made me wish I had earplugs. ① vociferous ③ punctilious ② lethal ④ gregarious

happens or the order you might follow to do something. 26. He was so _________ to his mother that I would have spanked him if he talked to me that way. ① hilarious ③ impudent ② candid ④ salient ① stand for something else ② make a final copy ③ makes it easier for you to draw something ④ is put next to each other 32. The first settlers in the New World wwere North Europeans. Black worked on their plantations. Around 1890, ltalians and Jews came to the States in massive numbers. People Hispanics followed them in new immigrations waves. The latest wave 28. _______________ It weighs as much as 2,000 pounds. It lives with other buffalo in groups or herds. Two hundred years ago, there were 60 million buffalo. They lived all over the center of North America. ① The Indians used thebuffalo for many things. ② The buffalo folloved the grass and the Indians followed the buffalo. ③ Today, there are about 30,000 buffalo in America. ④ The buffalo is the largest North American animal. 29. When you see the sun shining during the day, you are seeing a star. A star is a huge glowing vall of gases. The sun is the only star in our solar system. It looks much larger than the stars we see at night because _____________ Even so, the sun is 93 million miles from Earth. ① it is closer to us than the others ② it is a yellow star. ③ many stars in the universe are much smaller. ④ it is really onlya medium-size star 30. Monthy passes allow guests unlimited rides for the calendar month and provide a 35 percent discount over paying the cash fare (based on 40 rides per month). _______ Monthly passes go on sale on the 24th of each month and are valid beginning the first day of the following month. ① Bus operators do not make change. ② The more you ride, the more you save! ③ The youth fare is a great deal for youth ④ Use one token each time you board the bus. 31. Charts are special drawings that show information quickly. Words, pictures, or symbols that ______________ are used on a chart. Charts may be used to help you keep track of things and organize them. Charts can showyou how things go together, or are related. Some charts show the order in which something A characteristic of growing-up is a desire to be venturesome. The adolescent seeks for new exprrience in life, and likes(A) In their camping and hiking, for example, boys and girls seek uncomfortable and difficult conditions, and then set about making themselves comfortable in them. They deliberately seek difficulties in order to overcome them. The adolescent also loves responsibility. The boy likes to be given the job of packing the luggage in the car, the girl, the responsibility of getting the younger children ready for the trip, This is a natural urge and requires expression. The healthy adolescent boy or girl likes to do the real things in life, to do the things that matter. He would rather be a plumber's mate and do a real job that required doing than leam about hydrostatics sitting at a de나, without understanding what practical use they are going to be. Logically we should leam about things before doing them and that is presumably why the pundits enforce this in our educational system. But it is not the natural way, nor the best way. The adolescent wants to do things first for only then does he appreciate the problems involved and want to learm more about them. They do these things better in (B) life, for there at puberty the boy joins his father in making canoes, patching huts, going out fishing or hunting, and preparing weapons of war. He is serving his apprenticeship in the actual accomplishments of life. It is not surprising that anthropologists find that the adolescents of primitive communities do not suffer from the same neurotic difficulities as those of civilized life. This is not, as some assume, because they are given more natural outlets for their native interests and powers and are allowed to grow up freely into a full life of responsibility in the community. [33-35] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. brought Vetnamese, Tai and Koreans to the U.S _____________________________________ ① Language is a primal expression of one's culture ② All these people brougth along their own culture. ③ East Asian languages are becoming more and more popular. ④ But ethnic feeling has not died.

27. As a suspicious case of an infectious disease, he was ____________ by others. ① procrastinated ③ allocated ② shunned ④ deployed

37. Choose a word that can be used for both 33. Which of the following is the closest in meaning to underlined(A) in the above passage? ① to act roughly ② to be full of adventure ③ to do without basic comforts ④ to experience an irregular life 34. Which of the following words best fits blank (B) in the above passage? ① civilized ② integrated ③ literal ④ primitive ① own ③ live





② language ④ strong (C) ?

38. What is the most appropriate word for ① annihilation ③ termination

② demolition ④ proliferation

35. Why would the adolescent of civilized life suffer from neurotic difficulties? ① They are not permitted more sexual freedom. ② They are allowed to grow up freely into a full life of responsibility. ③ They must serve their apprenticeship in the actual accomp- lishments. ④ They are not given enough natural outlts for their native interests and powers. [36-38] 다음글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. When Corbin Hamey was a boy,he would run away from the missionary school where he was forced to sit and listen to a language he did not speak or understand. The children were punished fror talking to each other in their (A) native tongue. Having lost his parents when he was a baby, he came to live with his uncle who gave him the choice of staying in school or going off into the mountains to leam to survive on his (B) . Corbin took two horses and went into the hills of ldaho to live off the land his people had called home for centuries. Today Corbin Hamey is a spiritual leader, healer and intemationally known indigenous rights and anti-nuclear weapons activist. He has performed his songs at the United Nations and at demonstrations from the Nevada Test Site to the Russian Nuclear Bombing Range in Khazakstan. He has been the featured speaker at anti-nuclear conferences around the world and has led thousands past the front gates of the Nevada Test Site on his traditional lands in mass acts of non-violent resistance to stop the testing and (C) of nuclear weapons.

[39-40] 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. No money down, no interest, no payments for 3 months on mattresses when you make a purchase of $300 and charge it to your Sears account. Offer ends January 27, 2003. "No money down" does not apply to special orders, a 25% deposit is required. Subject to credit approval. Fumiture is delivered from, or available for pick-up at our Seattle area warehouse. Not all styles are avaiable in all sizes or at all locations. A 10% re-stocking fee may be assessed on retumed direct/drop-shipped furniture. We will match our competitors' prices. This price matching offer is valid for 30 days from the date of your purchase. Queen 2-pc, and king 3-pc, sold only in sets. Manufacturer's warranties are available for all mattresses. 39. If ① ② ③ ④ you are purchasing $400 furniture with special orders, ________ you have to pick it up at the warehouse. manufacturer's warranties are not available. you have to pay cash you have to make a $100 deposit

40. Which of the following is not true according to the article? ① When you are returming $500 furniture, a $50 fee may be charged. ② You can purchase only one piece of the queen size mattresses. ③ You may not be able to find a specific style of furniture at the store you visited. ④ Sears will not be undersold by its competitors

36. Which of the following can be inferred from the article? ① Students were allowed to speak their native language in the missionary school. ② When Corbin was given the choice, he chose to stay in school. ③ Corbin hated the missionary school because he was taught in a foreign language. ④ Corbin was armed when fighting against nuclear weapons.