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Essay 4 Film Review Assignment: Write a review of director Billy Rays film, Shattered Glass.

You should address an audience who has not seen the film. You must discuss whether the film is worth watching. You must give specific reasons for your recommendation. Drawing upon the notes you took in class, refer to specific scenes and elements of the film in the body of your essay to support your review. Get inspired by the film reviews that you (will) read in the library. A DVD of the film is on reserve in the library, so you may watch it again if you wish; ask for it at the front desk. Content: Your essay must begin with an introduction that contains an evaluative thesis. Your essay must end with a conclusion. When discussing the choices made in directing the film, refer to the films director just as you would refer to author of a work of literature (e.g., Billy Ray has Stephen living in a cold, lifeless apartment where a black stereo fills the fireplace). When discussing the choices made by the actors as they created their characters, refer to the actors names as well as the names of the characters they play (e.g., Hayden Christensen plays Stephen as a nervous, oily little boy) . You may want to consult the website to get precise information about actor and character names as well as to find out about other films or shows they have performed in. Draw upon the skills of summary, interpretation, and compare-and-contrast that you have practiced this term to organize your essay. What is the film about? Does it explore compelling themes? Is it making a worthwhile argument? How does it compare and contrast to other films or TV shows you have seen? How do the actors performances in this film compare and contrast to their performances in other films or shows? Your essay must refer to specific elements of the film as criteria for your evaluative thesis. Ask yourself, what elements of the film prove my thesis? Its plot structure? Specific scenes? Characters? Acting? Direction? Theme? Imagery and symbolism? Setting? Style? Etc. Use direct quotes and/or paraphrases from the film or Glasss essays as need be, making proper use of MLA parenthetical citation style. Format:
Type your name, a title for your paper, the number of words in your paper, and your class number and time on the top-right-hand side of your first page. Indent all paragraphs; do not put extra spaces between paragraphs. Refer to works correctly as either short stories or essays; put all short story and essay titles in quote marks. Type your essay with double spacing and 1 margins; use 12 pt. Times font and left justify your body paragraphs. Print out and staple your paper before you hand it in. You must write a minimum of four fully-developed paragraphs and a maximum of six fully-developed paragraphs. A fully-developed paragraph is a minimum of five sentences long. Your essay must be written in Standard American English, making use of proper grammar, diction and spelling. Papers with excessive serious errors will not receive a passing grade.

You must submit your paper to in addition to handing it in during class in order to receive a grade.