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Energizing Evolution

A glimpse into the heart of our modern society

History of Energy (A/C current)

The 18th and 19th century introduced humans to understanding the potential and utility of electricity. Development of generators soon flourished. Internalcombustion engines, gas combustion turbines, and water/wind turbines were soon common. Currently, steam turbines contribute most of the energy generated in the United States.

Energy Awareness
Yet these generators do not run off of thin air!! Natural resources pose as the dependent factor. In general, No fuel = No power.

Last year we, as a nation, consumed 28.5 quadrillion watts of energy! This is, in fact, a real number. 28,500,000,000,000,000.0 Watts! Efficiency must be taken under consideration as well; Coal, for example, has an efficiency of approximately 40%. So for every 100lbs of coal I burn, I obtain an amount of energy equal to if I had only burned 40lbs. What did the other 60lbs contribute to? Heat; which poses more of a nuisance than anything.
When its all said and done, we need INCREDIBLY MASSIVE amounts of fuel(s) in order to keep your television on and gas in the car.

-FuelMaterial such as coal, gas, or oil that is burned to produce heat or power.
All common fuels derived from substances deep inside our mother Earth; again, thin air is not the correct answer. Ten countries produce 2/3 of the worlds oil and hold the same percentage of known reserves. Saudi Arabia tops both lists. Ten countries produce 2/3 of the world's natural gas and hold about the same percentage of known reserves. It is no secret that there is a monopoly on the energy production industry. With sound research & contemplation, one can start to understand how deeply related currency and warfare is to energy production.

-Changing the Tide I believe it safe to say that we will not survive the 21st century with our standard processes of transforming electricity. What the hell are we to do, Dylan? you might ask yourself. Would you be surprised if I told you that individuals DO have solutions to these problems today. Moreover, the solutions have been around since the Industrial Revolution?!

Lets now understand the power behind magnets.

Magnets are dualistic by nature. In a regular magnet, there are two oppositely charged ends, creating balance. Furthermore, opposites attract each other, and identical charges repel.
Scientific discoveries reveal that the sun, Earth, trees, animals, down to the very cells that constitute the being that Is YOU, create magnetic fields.

Again, with sound research & contemplation, one quickly realizes that bar magnets are not the only things attracting and repelling. In fact, the whole universe operates from the principle of gravitation and radiation; Or to keep relative terms, attraction and repulsion. These truths must be acknowledged in order to provide further weight concerning the main point of this presentation.

Magnetic energy production

In general, a magnetic generator is a system of magnets which are aligned circular/cylindrically, and in a very precise manner. When aligned correctly, they will push and pull each other. Each push/pull is slightly stronger than the last. So over a period of time, many small push/pulls add up to create some high speeds.

Self-Sufficiency & Society

1. ability to supply one's own needs without external assistance. 2. having extreme confidence in one's own resources or powers. From the time of Nikola Tesla, knowledge of producing free, unlimited energy has been around. Conversely, those who might be deterred from this evolution have made it a strict priority to demean, cover-up, and slander any piece of evidence that might bring humanity closer to this principle of selfsufficiency.
In a provider/consumer economy, supply and demand is a fundamental principle. This principle is being utterly abused across the board. More times than not, goods are inefficiently produced with a predetermined lifetime; A most devilish approach at reproducing demand.

As self-sufficiency begins to penetrate more aspects of our reality, we will begin to implicitly become self-sufficient as human beings ourselves! The time will finally come when we understand that we are able to control how we react to external stimuli (i.e. reality). The Blame Game will finally have only one contender, YOU!

How does this effect Government?

If you haven't realized it yet, this ultimately derives down to the root of the dilemma we have found ourselves in today. A spiraling economy, incompetent officials, business based off war is at an all time high, and life expectancy at an all time low. A mere look outside our borders will show how impoverished most of the world is. With the capability of producing energy, anywhere, in unlimited amounts, accessibility of information and goods will inevitably increase. Soon the hungriest individual will have access to food; the most homeless individual will be provided with shelter. Ill even go as far as to say that the manifestation of this technology will change our whole idea of money!

Conclusion: A brief video