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nav_venue_$$/0_desc=Nieuw? Verdwaald? Hier word je warm

onthaald nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_0_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_sun_terrace/0_name=Sun Terrace
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_9_name=Beginner Battle Ball 10
nav_venue_the_chromide_club/0_desc=Shake those pixels on the dance floor
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_10_name=Beginners Battle Ball 11
nav_venue_sw_lobby_expert_2_name=Snow Marksmen Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_4/0_desc= nav_venue_the_den_name=The Den
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_6_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_tv_studio_general/0_desc=Catch Corbin Harris every weekday from
6-7pm for one hour of nothing but skateboarding!
nav_venue_ballroom/0_desc=Will you take the podium in first, second or third
place? nav_venue_tv_studio/0_desc=Sounds Different
nav_venue_basement_lobby_name=Basement Lobby
nav_venue_bouncer_room_0_name=Battle Ball Competitie Arena
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_1_name=Intermediate Battle Ball 2
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_desc=For stand-alone Tournaments.
nav_venue_eric's_eaterie/0_desc=It's a barrel of laughs!
nav_venue_median_lobby/0_desc=Let's meet in the middle
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_2/0_desc=Join the Storm and throw snowballs
with other intermediate players. nav_venue_habbo_cinema/0_desc=Grab some
popcorn and check out the flicks
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_8_name=Beginner Battle Ball 9
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_7_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_space_cafe_name=Space Cafe
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_1_name=Advanced Battle Ball 2
nav_venue_star_lounge/0_desc=Where stars and stargazers collide
nav_venue_club_massiva/2_name=Club Woop Woop
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_desc=Intermediate battle ball!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_1/0_desc=Join the Storm and throw snowballs
with other intermediate players. nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_1_name=Free Game
Lobby nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_1/0_desc=Throw snow balls against anyone
of any level. nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_0_name=Battle Ball Tournament
1 nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_14_name=Competitie Battle Ball 15
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_1_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_2_name=Beginner Battle Ball 3
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_4_name=Experts Battle Ball 5
nav_venue_welcome_lounge/0_desc=A warm welcome awaits you at Habbo
Hotel. nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_2_name=Advanced Battle Ball 3
nav_venue_theatredrome_deli/0_desc= nav_venue_sport_name=Power Gym
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_11_name=Beginners Battle Ball 12
nav_venue_emperors_name=Emperor's hall
nav_venue_rooftop_rumble_name=Rooftop Rumble
nav_venue_beauty_salon_loreal/1_desc=The perfect place for girls to chill out
and catch up with friends! nav_venue_picnic/0_desc=Chillax!
nav_venue_hotel_kitchen/0_desc=What's cooking, good looking?
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_7_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_the_chromide_club_name=The Koolabar
nav_venue_emperors/0_desc= nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_5/0_desc=
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_0_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_theatredrome_xmas/0_desc=Spread the Chrissy spirit!
nav_venue_habbo_lido_ii_name=1800Reverse Pool
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_desc=Practice improves your aim... Oops,
missed! nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_7/0_desc=
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_3_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_expert_1/0_desc=Join the Storm and throw snowballs with
other master players. nav_venue_hallway_ii_name=Hallway 2
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_7_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_2_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_club_mammoth/0_desc=Dance like no one is watching.
nav_venue_bb_game/0_name=Battle Ball Arena
nav_venue_pizzeria/0_desc=Mamma Mia! nav_venue_pizza_desc=
nav_venue_chill/0_name=Zen Garden nav_venue_gate_park_name=Imperial
Park nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_0_name=Advanced Battle Ball 1
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_6_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_sw_arena_expert_name=Playing master game
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_8/0_desc= nav_venue_old_skool/0_desc=Just like
"Mobiles Disco" that started the whole Habbo phenomenon.
nav_venue_sunset_cafe/0_desc=Catch some non ultraviolet rays
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_7_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_theatredrome_xmas_name=Theatredrome Xmas
nav_venue_orient/0_name=Crouching Habbo
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_0_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_tv_studio_name=MuchMusic HQ
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_4_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_sw_arena_amateur_name=Playing beginner game
nav_venue_hallway_name=Hallway 1
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_desc=For the accomplished Snow War
player. nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_2/0_desc=
nav_venue_club_mammoth_name=Club Stomp
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_3_name=Beginner Battle Ball 4
nav_venue_hotel_kitchen_name=Hotel Kitchen
nav_venue_beauty_salon_loreal/0_desc=The perfect place for girls to chill out
and catch up with friends! nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_6_name=Snow
Slingers Lobby nav_venue_theatredrome_name=The Opera House
nav_venue_club_mammoth/0_name=Club Stomp
nav_venue_library/0_name=Habbo Library
nav_venue_gate_park/0_desc=Breathe in the fresh air and relax
nav_venue_sunset_cafe_name=Sunset Cafe nav_venue_pizza/0_desc=Pizza
Palace nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_5/0_desc=
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_11_name=Competitie Battle Ball 12
nav_venue_eric's_eaterie_name=Comedy Cafe
nav_venue_rooftop_name=Rooftop Cafe
nav_venue_beauty_salon_general/1_desc=The perfect place for girls to chill out
and catch up with friends! nav_venue_sw_lobby_expert_desc=For the serious
Snow War expert. nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_3_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_1_name=Snow Bombardiers Lobby
nav_venue_rooftop_rumble_ii/0_desc=Are you ready?
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_2/0_desc=Throw snow balls against anyone of any
level. nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_4_name=Beginner Battle Ball 5
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_5_name=Gevorderden Battle Ball 6
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_4_name=Battle Ball Tournament 5
nav_venue_hallway/2_desc=Stalk the corridors
nav_venue_sw_arena_intermediate_name=Playing advanced game
nav_venue_theatredrome_easter_name=Theatredrome Easter
nav_venue_median_lobby_name=Median Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_0/0_desc= nav_venue_pizzeria_name=Slice of
Life nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_6/0_desc=
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_desc=Yes, load up on snowballs and hit the
enemy teams. Easy, isn't it? nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_4/0_desc=
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_6_name=Battle Ball Tournament 7
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_5_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_club_massiva/1_desc=Dance like no one's watching
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_5_name=Snow Bombardiers Lobby
nav_venue_habbo_lido_ii/0_desc=Out of cash or credit? Stay connected with
1800 Reverse nav_venue_sport/0_name=The Power Gym
nav_venue_theatredrome_halloween_name=Theatredrome Habboween
nav_venue_skylight_lobby/0_desc=Lift your spirits on the top floor
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_1_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_6_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_space_cafe/0_desc=Out of this world!
nav_venue_orient/0_desc=Hidden Pixels. For Little Beach Hotel Club members
only. nav_venue_bouncer_room_3_name=Semi-profs Battle Ball Arena
nav_venue_club_massiva_name=Club Woop Woop
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_0_name=Beginner Battle Ball 1
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_12_name=Competitie Battle Ball 13
nav_venue_ice_cafe/0_desc=Kiwis meet new people and make more friends!
nav_venue_netcafe_name=The Netcafe
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_5_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_club_massiva/2_desc=Dance like no one's watching
nav_venue_the_dirty_duck_pub/0_desc=Aussies meet new people and make
more friends! nav_venue_park_name=Little Beach Hotel Gardens
nav_venue_park/0_desc= nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_8/0_desc=
nav_venue_theatredrome/0_desc=Show off on the stage at the Hotel's favourite
venue. nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_1/0_desc=
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_desc=Master battle ball!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_2_name=Snow Bombardiers Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_4_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_8_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_3_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_bb_arena_4_name=Battle Ball Expertit
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_6_name=Gevorderden Battle Ball 7
nav_venue_bouncer_room_1_name=Beginners Battle Ball Arena
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_5/0_desc= nav_venue_sport/0_desc=Work
up a pixel sweat! nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_13/0_desc=
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_0/0_desc= nav_venue_sun_terrace_name=Sun
Terrace nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_0_name=Master Battle Ball 1
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_4_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_3_name=Semi-profs Battle Ball 4
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_0_name=Snow Bombardiers Lobby
nav_venue_hallway_ii/0_desc=Stalk the corridors
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_3/0_desc=Throw snow balls against anyone of any
level. nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_3/0_desc=
nav_venue_bb_arena_0_name=Battle Ball kaikille
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_4_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_the_dirty_duck_pub_name=The Pub With No Beer
nav_venue_orient_name=Crouching Habbo
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_2_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_13_name=Competitie Battle Ball 14
nav_venue_old_skool_name=Old Skool Habbo
nav_venue_park_ii/0_desc=Home of the Reach Out! InfoBus sessions.
nav_venue_tearoom/0_desc=A soothing atmosphere and calming tea brews.
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_3_name=Intermediate Battle Ball 4
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_1/0_desc=Join the Storm and throw
snowballs with other advanced players.
nav_venue_theatredrome_valentine_name=Theatredrome Valentine
nav_venue_basement_lobby/0_desc=Where we secretly hide our stuff ;)
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_4_name=Intermediate Battle Ball 5
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_desc=Come and play. It's free!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_1_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_park_ii_name=The ROtanical Gardens
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_4/0_desc= nav_venue_ice_cafe_name=Land
of the Long White Cloud nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_1/0_desc=
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_desc=Advanced battle ball!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_8_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_beauty_salon_general/0_desc=The perfect place for girls to chill out
and catch up with friends! nav_venue_picnic_dudesons/0_desc=Duudsoneiden
sponssaama oma Ranchi -
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_8_name=Battle Ball Tournament 9
nav_venue_hallway/0_desc=Stalk the corridors
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_1_name=Battle Ball Tournament 2
nav_venue_bb_arena_3_name=Battle Ball Keskitaso
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_5_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_library/0_desc=Dark and gloomy - perfect for writing anguished
poetry. nav_venue_rooftop_rumble/0_desc=How long will you last on the
inflatables? nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_4/0_desc=
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_3_name=Battle Ball Tournament 4
nav_venue_bb_lobby_free_0/0_desc=Chat about your games here.
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_4_name=Semi-profs Battle Ball 5
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_3_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_2_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_beauty_salon_loreal_name=Libra Hearts Day Spa
nav_venue_bb_lobby_5_name=Battle Ball Kaikille
nav_venue_habburger's/0_desc=Grab a virtual snack here!
nav_venue_snowwar_lobby/0_desc=Snow War Lobby. Come and throw some
snow balls! nav_venue_dusty_lounge_name=Dusty Lounge
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_9_name=Gevorderden Battle Ball 10
nav_venue_cafe_gold_name=Cafe Gold
nav_venue_rooftop_rumble_ii_name=Rooftop Rumble II
nav_venue_beauty_salon_general_name=Libra Hearts Day Spa
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_9_name=Free Game Lobby
nav_venue_floatinggarden_name=Floating Garden
nav_venue_club_massiva_desc=Dance like no one's watching
nav_venue_bb_lobby_intermediate_5_name=Semi-profs Battle Ball 6
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_1_name=Master Battle Ball 2
nav_venue_star_lounge_name=Star Lounge
nav_venue_skylight_lobby_name=Skylight Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_0/0_desc=Join the Storm and throw
snowballs with other advanced players. nav_venue_ballroom_name=Every Body
Stadium nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_9/0_desc=
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_7_name=Gevorderden Battle Ball 8
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_desc=Beginner battle ball!
nav_venue_bb_arena_1_name=Battle Ball Aloittelijat
nav_venue_snowwar_lobby_name=Snow War Lobby
nav_venue_sw_arena_tournament_name=Playing a tournament game!
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_9_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_9_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_netcafe/0_desc=With keyboard furniture!
nav_venue_club_massiva/1_name=Club Woop Woop
nav_venue_park_ii/1_desc=Home of the Reach Out InfoBus sessions.
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_0_name=Intermediate Battle Ball 1
nav_venue_welcome_lounge_name=Welcome Lounge
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_5_name=Snow Slingers Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_1_name=Beginner Battle Ball 2
nav_venue_sw_lobby_expert_1_name=Snow Marksmen Lobby
nav_venue_club_massiva/0_desc=Dance like no one's watching
nav_venue_chill_name=Zen Garden
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_13_name=Beginners Battle Ball 14
nav_venue_floatinggarden/0_desc=Reflect on life
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_12_name=Beginners Battle Ball 13
nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_0/0_desc=Chat about your games here.
nav_venue_sw_lobby_amateur_0/0_desc=Join the Storm and throw snowballs
with other intermediate players.
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_6_name=Beginner Battle Ball 7
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_4_name=Snow Bombardiers Lobby
nav_venue_tearoom/0_name=Chinese Tea Room
nav_venue_sun_terrace/0_desc=Don't forget to Slip, Slop, Slap!
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_5_name=Battle Ball Tournament 6
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_7_name=Beginner Battle Ball 8
nav_venue_tearoom_name=Chinese Tea Room
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_3_name=Snow Bombardiers Lobby
nav_venue_tv_studio_general_name=FUEL TV Studio
nav_venue_habbo_cinema_name=Habbo Cinema
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_3_name=Experts Battle Ball 4
nav_venue_the_den/0_desc=The perfect hideout
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_2_name=Intermediate Battle Ball 3
nav_venue_sw_lobby_intermediate_2/0_desc=Join the Storm and throw
snowballs with other advanced players. nav_venue_rooftop/0_desc=Hang out on
the very top of the hotel. nav_venue_cafe_ole_name=Cafe ole
nav_venue_habbo_lido_name=Habbo ool
nav_venue_habbo_lido/0_desc=Notice there's no "P" in our 'ool?
nav_venue_bouncer_room_4_name=Experts Battle Ball Arena
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_7_name=Battle Ball Tournament 8
nav_venue_bb_arena_2_name=Battle Ball Amatöörit
nav_venue_sw_arena_free_name=Playing for free all game
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_5_name=Beginner Battle Ball 6
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_9_name=Battle Ball Tournament 10
nav_venue_sw_lobby_expert_0_name=Snow Marksmen Lobby
nav_venue_bouncer_room_2_name=Gevorderden Battle Ball Arena
nav_venue_chill/0_desc=Take some time out
nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_2_name=Battle Ball Tournament 3
nav_venue_sw_lobby_tournament_0_name=Tournament Lobby
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_2_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_main_lobby/0_desc=Into snow? Then get into the Bunker to discover
more about this year's SnoSho! nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_desc=Play
battle ball tournament! nav_venue_bb_lobby_tournament_10_name=Competitie
Battle Ball 11 nav_venue_cafe_ole/0_desc=Eat in at Habbo
nav_venue_sw_lobby_expert_0/0_desc=Join the Storm and throw snowballs with
other master players. nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_9/0_desc=
nav_venue_pizza_name=Pizzeria nav_venue_picnic/0_name=Picnic Garden
nav_venue_bb_lobby_amateur_8_name=Gevorderden Battle Ball 9
nav_venue_sw_arena_beginner_name=Playing intermediate game
nav_venue_main_lobby_name=Boost Mobile SnoShow Bunker
nav_venue_bb_lobby_expert_2_name=Master Battle Ball 3
nav_venue_sw_lobby_beginner_8_name=Snow Rookies Lobby
nav_venue_bb_lobby_beginner_14_name=Beginners Battle Ball 15
hubu_t2_1=Kerhotoimintaa hubu_h3=Huumetietobussi hubu_info_link1=La
Trobe Group Page
bus.closed.message=Sorry the bus is closed. Please come again when open :)
hubu_close=Sulje kioski hubu_t3_1=Tietoa Hubusta hubu_h4=Anna palautetta
hubu_odotetaan=Waiting for replies from others... hubu_answ_count=
hubu_info_link2=Destination Uni at La Trobe hubu_info=With learning, teaching
and research designed to enrich the world and a history of academic innovation,
La Trobe is leading the way in higher education. Studying at La Trobe gives you
a balanced mix of academic work, industry experience, personal development
programs and overseas study opportunities. This means you’re not only
academically proficient when you graduate, but professionally skilled and worldly
– able to make a real contribution to your workplace and society. Join one of the
world’s most dynamic universities - the possibilities are infinite at La Trobe.
bus.full_msg=The bus is full - Please wait a while. hubu_win=Bus - Info
hubu_t3_2=Hubun kiertuekalenteri 2002 hubu_h5=Huumetietoa
hubu_t1_1=Kaupunkien päihdehuoltopalveluita hubu_h1=Puhelintuki
hubu_info_t=La Trobe University hubu_t4_2=Tsekkaa heebelin jorinat
hubu_t2_2=Katso onko kotisi lähelllä kerhoa hubu_t5_3=Yleistietoa EOPH ry:stä
hubu_t2_3=Vapaa-ajan linkkejä hubu_t4_1=Anna palautetta Hubusta
hubu_vastaa=Vastaa kysymykseen hubu_t1_3=Kysy lisätietoa EOPH ry:ltä
hubu_t5_2=Huumeista-esite hubu_h2=Harrastamaan! hubu_t5_1=Lisää
faktatietoa huumeista
hubu_info_url_1= hubu_t1_2=Auttavat
järjestöt ja virastot nav_venue_sport/0_desc= nav_search_hd=Search rooms by
Little Beach name or room name. nav_public_helptext_hd=Public Spaces
nav_venue_the_chromide_club/0_desc= nav_loading=Loading...
nav_modify_nameoftheroom=Name of the room nav_error_room_closed=The
room is closed. nav_venue_hallway_ii/0_desc=Stalk the corridors
nav_venue_tv_studio_general/0_desc=Catch Corbin Harris every weekday from
6-7pm for one hour of nothing but skateboarding!
nav_venue_ballroom/0_desc=Help create the biggest online smiley face from
5:30pm AEST nav_gobutton=Go nav_private_helptext_hd_main=Guest Rooms
nav_updatenote=Updating your room properties may take a while. The changes
have been made, but it'll take a few minutes until all Little Beach's can see them.
nav_venue_tv_studio/0_desc= nav_owner=Owner nav_deleteroom=Delete
nav_rooms_search=Search nav_removerights=Reset
nav_venue_eric's_eaterie/0_desc= nav_venue_median_lobby/0_desc=
nav_venue_park_ii/0_desc=Home of the Reach Out! InfoBus sessions.
nav_venue_tearoom/0_desc= nav_privateRooms=Rooms
nav_venue_habbo_cinema/0_desc= nav_venue_basement_lobby/0_desc=
nav_people=Who's in here? nav_recommended_rooms=Recommended Rooms
nav_public_helptext=These are the Hotel's public rooms. What are you waiting
for? Go and meet other Habbos! nav_venue_star_lounge/0_desc=Where stars
and stargazers collide nav_venue_beauty_salon_general/0_desc=The perfect
place for girls to chill out and catch up with friends!
nav_venue_hallway/0_desc=Stalk the corridors nav_rooms_favourite=Favourites
nav_venue_dusty_lounge/0_desc= nav_refresh_recoms=Refresh
recommendations nav_openbutton=Open nav_venue_library/0_desc=
nav_venue_rooftop_rumble/0_desc= nav_venue_cafe_gold/0_desc=
nav_favourites_helptext=These are your favourite rooms. Nice selection you
have here... nav_modify_doorstatus_passwordprotected=Let other people move
and leave furniture in the room. nav_venue_welcome_lounge/0_desc=
nav_popup_header=Recommended rooms
nav_venue_bb_lobby_free_0/0_desc= nav_venue_theatredrome_deli/0_desc=
nav_venue_hotel_kitchen/0_desc= nav_venue_picnic/0_desc=Chillax!
nav_private_norooms=You don't have any rooms - create one?
nav_venue_emperors/0_desc= nav_noanswer=No answer
nav_venue_habburger's/0_desc= nav_roomispwprotected=The room is
password protected. nav_help_title=Want a room of your own?
nav_venue_theatredrome_valentine/0_desc= nav_delroom2=Are you sure you
want to delete this room? nav_venue_theatredrome_xmas/0_desc=
nav_rooms_popular=Popular rooms nav_popup_nav_link=Open the Navigator
nav_private_helptext_hd=Guest Rooms
nav_venue_theatredrome_habbowood/0_desc= nav_venue_branded/0_desc=
nav_delroom1=If you want to save the furniture in this room, move it to the giant
hand before you continue. nav_searchbutton=Search
nav_venue_club_mammoth/0_desc= alert_no_category=Your room has no
category. Select one from the list. nav_venue_pizzeria/0_desc=
nav_private_helptext=These are the rooms created by other users. Go check
them out or create your own rooms now! nav_own_hd=Your rooms.
nav_roomnfo_hd_own=Own rooms nav_addtofavourites=Add to favourites
nav_venue_old_skool/0_desc= nav_help_text=Click the Public Spaces tab at the
top left of this navigator to find gaming rooms! nav_venue_sunset_cafe/0_desc=
nav_error_room_full=The room is full. nav_venue_netcafe/0_desc=With
keyboard furniture! nav_venue_theatredrome_halloween/0_desc=
nav_goingprivate=Going Guest room nav_modify_name=Name of the room
nav_venue_branded_3/0_desc= nav_modify_doorstatus_givepw=Password for
the room nav_modify_choosecategory=Choose a category for your room
nav_fullbutton=Full navigator=Hotel Navigator
nav_venue_club_massiva/0_desc=Dance like no one's watching
nav_roomInfo=Room info nav_venue_beauty_salon_loreal/0_desc=The perfect
place for girls to chill out and catch up with friends!
nav_venue_floatinggarden/0_desc= nav_venue_sw_lobby_free_0/0_desc=
nav_hidefull=Hide full rooms nav_venue_gate_park/0_desc= nav_ringbell=The
door is locked. Ringing the bell, and waiting...
nav_venue_sun_terrace/0_desc=Don't forget to Slip, Slop, Slap!
nav_createroom=Create own room nav_modify_roomdescription=Room
description nav_prvrooms_notfound=Your search did not match any rooms
navigator.no_category=No category nav_venue_branded_2/0_desc=
nav_publicRooms=Public Spaces nav_popup_go=>>
nav_venue_rooftop_rumble_ii/0_desc= nav_updatenote_header=Note!
nav_room_banned=The room owner has blocked you entering this room for a
while. nav_cancel=Cancel nav_error_passwordtooshort=The password is too
short. nav_venue_the_den/0_desc= nav_incorrectflatpw=Incorrect, try again.
nav_hotelview=Hotel view nav_tryingpw=Trying the password...
nav_src_hd=Search results. nav_dooropens=Door opens! Go on in...
nav_venue_rooftop/0_desc= nav_modify_doorstatus_open=Open
nav_venue_theatredrome_easter/0_desc= nav_modify=Modify
nav_delroom3=Room deleted! nav_modify_doorstatus=Door status
nav_modify_nameshow=Show your name in the room info
nav_venue_club_massiva/1_desc=Dance like no one's watching
nav_venue_habbo_lido/0_desc= nav_venue_habbo_lido_ii/0_desc=Out of cash
or credit? Stay connected with 1800 Reverse. nav_removefavourites=Remove
from favourites nav_venue_skylight_lobby/0_desc= nav_showfull=Show full
rooms nav_venue_space_cafe/0_desc= nav_venue_orient/0_desc=
nav_modify_doorstatus_locked=Locked (visitors have to ring the bell)
nav_venue_ice_cafe/0_desc=Kiwis meet new people and make more friends!
nav_venue_chill/0_desc=Sit back and relax nav_modify_letothersmove=Let other
people move and leave furniture in the room. nav_ownrooms_helptext=If you
didn't know, these are your rooms. Here you can modify your rooms or create
new ones if you feel like it. nav_removerights_desc=Remove all rights to this
room from other users. nav_roomnfo_hd_src=Search rooms
nav_modify_doorstatus_pwprotected=Password protected:
nav_modify_maxvisitors=Choose maximum amount of visitors
nav_search_helptext=Looking for something? Here you can search other Little
Beach Hotel's rooms. Type the room name or the name of the Habbo to search
for a room. nav_modify_doorstatus_pwagain=pw again: nav_ok=OK
nav_venue_main_lobby/0_desc=Into snow? Then get into the Bunker to discover
more about this year's SnoSho! Alert_YourPasswordIstooShort=Room password
is too short. It must be at least 6 characters long nav_roomnfo_hd_fav=Favourite
rooms nav_venue_the_dirty_duck_pub/0_desc=Aussies meet new people and
make more friends! nav_venue_cafe_ole/0_desc= nav_rooms_own=Own
room(s) nav_remrightsconf=You are about to remove all rights from your room.
This means that only you will have rights to move and place furni in the room.
nav_venue_park/0_desc= nav_venue_theatredrome/0_desc=
nav_createroom_hd=Here you can create your own room in Little Beach Hotel!
nav_fav_hd=Your favourite rooms. roomatic_choosecategory=Choose a
category for your room. roomevent_type_2=Trading Events
roomevent_default_name=Beach Event name: roomevent_not_available=Sorry,
no events available roomevent_type_0=Hottest Events
roomevent_type_6=Grand Opening Events roomevent_default_description=
roomevent_type_5=Debates & Discussion Events
roomevent_default_desc=Event description.. roomevent_quit=End event
roomevent_type_1=Parties & Music Events roomevent_browser_title=Events
roomevent_create=Create roomevent_create_name=Type the name of your
event roomevent_type_8=Job Events roomevent_host=Host:
roomevent_type_11=Helpdesk Events roomevent_type_7=Dating Events
roomevent_type_10=Performance Events roomevent_type_3=Games
roomevent_browser_create=Host an event roomevent_starttime=Started at:
interface_icon_events=Open the room event browser
roomevent_invalid_input=You must give your event a name and a description.
roomevent_create_description=Describe your event roomevent_edit=Edit
roomevent_type_4=Welcoming Party Events credit_trade_value=Includes credit
furnis worth %value% credits. purse_value=VALUE purse_coins=Little Beach
Hotel Credits purse_vouchers_exitbutton=Cancel purse_vouchers_error1=The
code you entered is not valid, please check it and try again.
purse_vouchers_checking=Checking code, please wait...
credit_redeem_text=You are going to change furni to %value% credits.
transaction_system_refunds=Refund purse_head=LITTLE BEACH HOTEL
ACCOUNT ACTIVITY purse_link=Click here to see how to get Beach Credits.
purse_vouchers_sendbutton=Send purse_vouchers_helpbutton=More about
vouchers >> purse_transaction=View Transactions #
purse_vouchers_error0=Technical error! Irredeemable voucher code or the code
has already been used. Please note that codes are always written in lower case
and never include letters i, l, o, w. transaction_system_bank_op=Osuuspankki
credit_redeem_info= transaction_system_sms_dna=DNA purse_header=Little
Beach Hotel Purse purse_credits=You have \x1 Little Beach Hotel Credit(s) in
your purse. purse_event=ACTIVITY purse.redeem.code.expired=This code has
expired credit_redeem_url=
purse_info=DESCRIPTION purse_info_tickets=Game Tickets
win_voucher=HLittle Beach Hotel Credit Codes purse_buy_coins=Buy Credits
transaction_system_sms_win_tmobile=T-Mobile SMS
transaction_system_bank_luottokunta=Luottokortti win_purse=Habbo Purse #
purse_Click_url= purse_vouchers_error3=This voucher
must be redeemed on the Habbo website credit_redeem_button=Redeem
transaction_system_bank_sampo=Sampo purse_vouchers_success=Voucher
was successfully redeemed. Your balance is updated.
transaction_system_stuff_store=Catalogue purchase
purse_vouchers_error2=Product delivery failed, please contact Customer Service
purse_info_film=Film for Camera purse_note=NOTE : The transactions are
updated at 6 am every day. purse_noevents=You haven't got any transactions
yet. Click the button below to find out how to get Habbo Credits.\rRemember: you
must ask your parents permission before you buy Little Beach Hotel Credits.
transaction_system_bibit=Credit card transaction_system_club_habbo=Little
Beach Hotel Club payment purse_voucherbutton=Vouchers
transaction_system_sms_win_orange=Orange SMS
purse_vouchers_entercode=Enter code here: more_info_link=More Information
purse_vouchers_furni_success=Voucher was successfully redeemed. You have
been given the following furniture:
transaction_system_sms_win_vodafone=Vodafone SMS
transaction_system_messenger=Console SMS purse_time=TIME
transaction_system_tsms_win_tmobile=T-Mobile SMS
transaction_system_sms_rl=Elisa purse_date=DATE
transaction_system_sms_radiolinja=Elisa credit_redeem_window=Redeem credit
furni purse_vouchers_info=When you buy Habbo products, you will receive a
special code. Enter the code in the box above and the credits or furni will be
added to your account. transaction_system_sms_win_kpn=KPN SMS
purse_back_to_credits=Back to Purse
transaction_system_htk_singledrop=Landline purse_head2=ACCOUNT
TRANSACTIONS transaction_system_sms_win_btcellnet=O2 SMS
purse_youhave=You have
transaction_system_sms_sra=Sonera transaction_system_sms_telia=Telia
transaction_system_web_internal=Housekeeping purchase
camera_dialog_open=Shoot camera_open_dialog_text=Would you like to take
some photos\ror put your camera in your room?
cam_save_nofilm=You have run out of film.\rGet a roll (5 photos) from\rthe
Catalogue for 6 Credits. camera_dialog_place=Move photo_legend=Caption photo of photos left in out release (does not require film) cam_savetxt=Saving
photo... and print photo badge_desc_SG1=test for Elkah
badge_desc_GF1=Hot or Not Competition Winner badge_name_HX7=Gold
Habbo X Tech badge_name_AC2=Lost City 3rd Place
badge_desc_ACH_EmailVerification1=For activating your email address. Gives
you 200 pixels. badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote1=Unknown Star
badge_desc_MMC=Much Music badge_name_ACH_Login1=Hotel Guest
badge_desc_WH6=Habboween 08 Event Winner
badge_name_XM1=Rasta.Santa Supporter badge_desc_HF1=Habbaroos
Soccer Campaign badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed10=Gamer X
badge_desc_BOT=The hard working robots of Habbo! badge_name_HX5=Gold
Habbo X Host badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence9=Level 9 - spending a
total of 1152 hours in the hotel. Gives you 20 pixels.
badge_desc_WH4=Habboween Campaign 06 badge_name_WH8=Cure Badge
badge_desc_SF4=Space Explore '09
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote3=Level 3- For getting 50 votes on stage.
Gives you 20 pixels. badge_name_HX3=Habbo X Tech
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed5=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at
the moment. badge_desc_AU2=Streets of Bobba Campaign 07
badge_desc_CY3=Chinese New Year 09 badge_name_GA1=Games Badge
badge_name_NEC=Gold Disco Ball
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence9=Online time IX
badge_name_US8=Slobs Supporter badge_name_MDMWW=Mega Deal
Madness badge_name_KO1=Koala Badge
badge_desc_XM7=Christmas Campaign 07 badge_name_HF7=Habbofest 07
badge_name_ACH_Student1=Habbo Student badge_desc_NO2=Prince
Caspian Competition 08 badge_name_STA=Sound The Alarm
badge_desc_NEI=Club Hopper Competition Winner 08
badge_desc_ACH_Login8=Level 8 - For logging in 80 days in a row.
Sensational. Gives you 200 pixels. badge_desc_AU4=Streets of Bobba
Campaign 07 badge_name_USM=WWE Badge badge_desc_PR3=Pirates 08
Campaign Winner badge_name_Z64=Beta Lab Rat
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed1=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at
the moment. badge_name_OL2=Habbolympics Silver
badge_name_ACH_Motto1=Word Up badge_name_DU1=Gold Duck
badge_name_SFM=S.O.S. badge_desc_Z35=Completed the Hotel For Dogs
Mega Maze badge_desc_ACH_RespectGiven1=For giving respect 100 times.
Gives you 20 pixels. badge_desc_AR2=Alhambra 08 Campaign
badge_name_HX9=Habbo X Team Leader badge_desc_W25=WrestleMania 09
badge_desc_ACH_MGM9=Level 9 - For inviting 15 real life friends to Habbo.
Gives you 180 pixels. badge_desc_VIP=Habbo VIP Guests
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed7=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at
the moment. badge_desc_HX9=X Leader badge_name_SOS=SOSO Badge
badge_desc_DN2=Diner Campaign 08 badge_name_EC4=Nature Quest 3
badge_name_PR1=Green Pirate badge_name_PN1=Pixel Ninja
badge_name_ACH_MGM7=Invite Friends VII badge_desc_HX7=X Tech (G)
badge_name_XM3=Reindeer Badge
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration10=Level 10 - For Habbos who have
been members of the community for 5 years. Gives you 200 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_Login7=Space dust on your shoes
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence7=Level 7 - spending a total of 288
hours in the hotel. Gives you 20 pixels. badge_name_EC2=Nature Quest 1
badge_desc_SB7=Ultimate Streets of Bobba 08 badge_desc_MH1=Monsters of
Habbo 07 badge_desc_SS2=Boost Mobile SnoSho 09
badge_name_HX1=Habbo X Host badge_name_ACH_MGM9=Invite Friends IX
badge_name_RLX01=Relax Badge badge_name_MH1=Guitar Badge
badge_name_ACH_Login3=Frequent Hotel Guest
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry7=Level 7 - For hanging out in 120 Guest Rooms
you do not own. Gives you 20 pixels. badge_name_EXB=Executive Pen
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence5=Level 5 - spending a total of 48
hours in the hotel. Gives you 20 pixels. badge_name_NEI=Flamingo Badge
badge_desc_NCD=National Compliments Day '09 badge_name_HF9=Habbofest
'09 badge_desc_SW1=Spiderwick Comp Winner 08 badge_desc_NZB=Joined
official NZ group badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned2=Respect Earned II
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence3=Online time III
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence3=Level 3 - spending a total of 8 hours
in the hotel. Gives you 20 pixels. badge_desc_LAT=Advice session '09
badge_name_RE1=Reach Out! Staff badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed9=Sorry.
This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed3=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at
the moment. badge_name_HBA=Gold badge badge_desc_SFA=Space Explore
'09 badge_name_ACH_TraderPass1=Trading Pass
badge_desc_ACH_Graduate1=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the
moment. badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned4=Respect Earned IV
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry5=Vacationer badge_desc_PN1=Design comp
winners badge_name_VA2=Valentines Badge badge_desc_ACH_MGM8=Level
8 - For inviting 13 real life friends to Habbo. Gives you 170 pixels.
badge_name_NLC=Bronze Trax badge_name_Z36=Hotel 1 Bone Rating
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration8=Level 8 - For Habbos who have been
members of the community for 3 years. Gives you 200 pixels.
badge_desc_ACH_Login4=Level 4 - For logging in an extra 28 days in a row.
Gives you 150 pixels. badge_desc_NLC=Trax Competition Winner
badge_desc_VA3=Valentines Campaign 08
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry3=Ultimate Room Raider
badge_desc_TC1=BattleBall Badge badge_desc_ACH_MGM6=Level 6 - For
inviting 9 real life friends to Habbo. Gives you 150 pixels.
badge_name_FAN=Official Fansite
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration6=Level 6 - For Habbos who have been
members of the community for a year. Gives you 200 pixels.
badge_name_SFA=Security Badge badge_name_ACC=Ape Badge
badge_name_50S=50's Badge badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration4=40%
True Habbo badge_name_Z38=Hotel 3 Bone Rating badge_desc_RS9=RTS 09
badge_name_NLE=Gold Trax badge_desc_AUW=Winter Meltdown Campaign
08 badge_desc_SFL=Cryogenic Campaign '09 badge_name_BOT=Bot Badge
badge_name_GLF=Lynx badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence5=Online
time V badge_desc_EXE=Suits vs Slobs 08 badge_desc_RLX01=Habbo Relax
Campaign '09 badge_name_ACH_HappyHour1=Happy Hour
badge_name_NEA=Bronze Disco Ball badge_name_NO2=Aslan's Army Finalist
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote2=Hidden Talent
badge_desc_SU2=Tikitoa Campaign 08 badge_name_SU2=Mana 2
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed4=Gamer IV
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration2=Level 2 - For Habbos who have been
members of the community for 3 weeks. Gives you 60 pixels.
badge_name_70S=70's Badge badge_desc_SGD=SG Detective
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration10=100% True Habbo
badge_desc_USM=No Way Out 09 badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry9=Level 9 -
For hanging out in 160 Guest Rooms you do not own. Gives you 30 pixels.
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned6=Level 6 - For earning respect 366 times.
Gives you 200 pixels. badge_desc_HJ1=The burgers are better
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence1=Online time I
badge_name_HQ001=Kitchen Survivor badge_name_WH6=Goo Diagnosis
Badge badge_desc_DU1=Commonwealth 06 badge_name_AU1=Black Bobbas
badge_desc_DSX=Space Explore Campaign badge_desc_PB2=Pink vs Black
Campaign 07 badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence1=Level 1 - spending a
total of 1 hour in the hotel. Gives you 30 pixels. badge_desc_WH2=Habboween
Campaign 06 badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned8=Level 8 - For earning respect
766 times. Gives you 200 pixels. badge_desc_Z63=Thanks for the feedback!
badge_name_HQ002=Kitchen Survivor
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration6=60% True Habbo
badge_name_SNW=SnowStorm Commemorative
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned4=Level 4 - For earning respect 66 times.
Gives you 50 pixels. badge_name_NWB=Silver badge
badge_name_JF1=Katana Badge badge_desc_EC1=The Green Scene
Campaign badge_name_PRE=Press badge_desc_70s=Thanks for supporting
Fushiku's team! badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed6=Gamer VI
badge_desc_AC2=Fire walking - April Collectible badge_name_ACH_Login5=A
Piece of the Furniture badge_desc_PR1=Pirates Campaign 08
badge_remove=Clear badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration4=Level 4 - For
Habbos who have been members of the community for 16 weeks. Gives you 120
pixels. badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote1=Level 1- For getting a vote on
stage. Gives you 20 pixels. badge_desc_FAN=Official Fansite Staff
badge_desc_GRR=Gorillaz Comp Winners
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence7=Online time VII
badge_desc_NEA=Habbofest '09 Runner Up badge_name_XXX=Habbo Experts
badge_name_AU3=Pixelmason's Union badge_name_DN3=Squares Team
Member badge_desc_RR9=Royal Rumble 09 badge_desc_THA=Habbo Awards
'09 Nominee badge_desc_ACH_HappyHour1=For logging in during this special
time. See the FAQs for more info. Gives you 100 pixels. badge_name_HC2=HC
II badge_desc_SF1=Space Explore '09 badge_name_DS7=Yggdrasil Comp
Winner badge_name_HC5=HC V badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned3=Level 3 -
For earning respect 16 times. Gives you 20 pixels. badge_name_DN5=Greasers
Team Member badge_desc_IT8=Habbofest 08
badge_name_ACH_AvatarLooks1=Looks That Kill badge_desc_HQ002=Official
Kitchen Survivor Position badge_name_SFK=Alternate Band
badge_name_GLI=Eagle badge_desc_NEB=Habbofest '09 Event Organiser
badge_desc_EC4=Love the Earth 09 badge_name_PR3=Treasure Chest
badge_desc_KO1=Australia Campaign 08 badge_name_DSX=Santini Winner
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned10=Level 10 - For earning respect 1166
times. Gives you 400 pixels. badge_desc_Z76=Got hitched July '09
badge_name_SF7=Engineer Badge badge_name_OL3=Habbolympics Bronze
badge_desc_VA5=Valentines Campaign 08 badge_name_AC3=Lost City 1st
Place badge_desc_VA8=Valentines 09
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed2=Gamer II badge_desc_STA=Sound The
Alarm Campaign 08 badge_desc_RU3=Safety campaign January '09
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned8=Respect Earned VIII
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration1=10% True Habbo
badge_desc_SF7=Space Explore '09 badge_desc_DU2=Commonwealth 06
badge_name_ACH_MGM2=Invite Friends II badge_name_DS5=Bobbarians
Comp Winner badge_desc_XXX=Habbo X badge_name_SFG=Scientist Badge
badge_name_SHA=do not use badge_desc_JFF=Habbofest 08
badge_desc_GLE=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_LBB=LBB Gang badge_name_SB7=Flaming Skulls 3
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry8=Sightseer badge_name_TC1=BattleBall Badge
badge_desc_HC5=Level 5 - 48 months membership. Gives you 500 pixels.
badge_desc_EVB=Here's to a healthy, happy life! badge_desc_TC3=SnowStorm
Badge badge_desc_SU3=Tikitoa Campaign 08
badge_desc_ACH_TraderPass1=Level 1 - Achieved by verifying your email,
owning Habbo account for at least 3 days and being online at least 1 hour.
badge_desc_ACH_Login5=Level 5 - For logging in an extra 35 days in a row. Try
it if you dare. Gives you 200 pixels. badge_name_RR9=WWE Badge
badge_name_SB5=Flaming Skulls 1 badge_name_DU3=Bronze Duck
badge_name_AUB=AU Group Member badge_name_XM8=Bob Winner
badge_desc_DS2=Space Explore Campaign badge_desc_SB5=Ultimate Streets
of Bobba 08 badge_name_MTV01=MTV Badge
selected_badges=Currently wearing: badge_desc_RE1=Official Reach Out! Staff
badge_desc_NDG=Thanks for being a Reach Out group member!
badge_name_XM6=Santa 3.000 Winner badge_desc_OL2=Habbolympics
Campaign 08 badge_desc_SG4=test for Elkah badge_desc_HX5=X Host (G)
badge_name_SU3=Mana 3 badge_desc_DS7=Space Explore Campaign
badge_name_DN2=Jocks Team Member badge_desc_DS1=Space Explore
Campaign badge_desc_GLK=Wolf Badge badge_name_ACH_Login9=Habbo
Stayer badge_desc_WH8=Habboween Quest 08
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration8=80% True Habbo
badge_desc_ACH_MGM2=Level 2 - For inviting 2 real life friends to Habbo.
Gives you 55 pixels. badge_desc_FLA=1800 Reverse Dance Comp 09
badge_name_GLK=Wolf badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry2=Level 2 - For hanging
out in 15 guest rooms that you do not own. Gives you 10 pixels.
badge_name_XM2=The-Bling Supporter badge_name_DS1=Omni Comp Winner
badge_desc_GLI=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_TC3=SnowStorm Badge badge_name_ACH_MGM5=Invite
Friends V badge_name_CY3=Yin and Yang
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned1=Level 1 - For earning respect the first time.
Gives you 20 pixels. badge_desc_ACH_Student1=Sorry. This Achievement is
not available at the moment. badge_name_WH2=Habboween Smile
badge_name_W25=WWE Badge badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote6=Level
6- For getting 200 votes on stage. Gives you 40 pixels. badge_name_NZB=NZ
Group Member badge_desc_ACB=Vision Quest '09 badge_name_DS3=Clone
Comp Winner badge_desc_GLA=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the
moment. badge_desc_HF8=Habbofest 08 Winner
badge_name_WH4=Habboween Brain badge_name_ACH_Graduate1=The
Graduate badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence10=Online time X
badge_desc_HX2=X Safety Std badge_desc_Z39=Completed the Hotel For
Dogs quest badge_name_KR1=100% Habbo badge_desc_SF002=September
Collectible Campaign '09 badge_desc_NWB=Newbie Hobba badge
badge_name_IT3=Silver Cup badge_desc_XM6=Christmas Campaign 07
badge_name_XM4=Christmas Badge badge_name_SW1=Spiderwick
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote9=Level 9- For getting 300 votes on
stage. Gives you 100 pixels. badge_desc_XM8=Christmas Campaign 07
badge_desc_Z37=Hotel For Dogs Design Comp 09
badge_desc_ACH_MGM4=Level 4 - For inviting 5 real life friends to Habbo.
Gives you 130 pixels. badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote7=Grand
badge_name_LC7=Crab Badge badge_name_FLA=Pink Flamingo
badge_desc_XM4=Christmas 06 badge_name_70s=70's Badge
badge_desc_HOT=Hot or Cool Campaign badge_name_HOT=Hot Badge
badge_name_GLC=Otter badge_name_ACH_MGM3=Invite Friends III
badge_desc_IT2=Juicy Fruit Beach Party 07 badge_name_AR2=Sword Badge
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed7=Gamer VII badge_desc_HF9=Habbofest '09
group member badge_name_ACH_AvatarTags1=Five Words of Wisdom
badge_desc_HC3=Level 3 - 24 months membership. Gives you 300 pixels.
badge_desc_LC7=Lost City campaign 09 badge_desc_HX3=X Tech Std
badge_name_HWB=Vampire Badge badge_name_THA=The Habbo Awards
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry4=Level 4 - For hanging out in 50 guest rooms
you do not own. Backpacker. Gives you 15 pixels. badge_desc_SFG=Space
Explore '09 badge_name_AU5=Birthday Badge badge_name_XMB=Snowman
Badge badge_desc_HC1=Level 1 - For joining Habbo Club. Gives you 100
pixels. badge_name_VA5=Shotgun Wedding
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned6=Respect Earned VI
badge_desc_ACH_Login1=Level 1 - For logging in 5 days in a row. Gives you 50
pixels. badge_name_PB1=Black Team Supporter badge_desc_GLC=Sorry. This
Achievement is not available at the moment. badge_name_GLE=Fox
badge_name_NCD=NCD Badge badge_name_ACA=Eagle Badge
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed9=Gamer IX badge_desc_JF1=Japanese
Campaign 08 badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence8=Online time VIII
badge_desc_AU5=Habbo AU's 4th Birthday
badge_name_ACH_Login4=Devoted Hotel Guest badge_name_HC3=HC III
badge_name_VA4=Habborella Staff badge_desc_ACH_MGM10=Level 10 - For
inviting 17 real life friends to Habbo. Gives you 200 pixels.
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote2=Level 2- For getting 20 votes on stage.
Gives you 20 pixels. badge_desc_UD1=Dag or Not Campaign 07
badge_name_HX8=Gold Habbo X Game badge_name_SG5=Hip Hop Band
badge_name_Z05=Habbo X Commemorative badge_name_WAR=Peace Badge
badge_desc_Z05=For previous Habbo Xs badge_desc_WH7=Habboween 08
Comp Winner badge_name_Z63=Beta Lab Rat badge_name_AR1=Jinn Genie
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote4=Level 4- For getting 100 votes on
stage. Gives you 20 pixels. badge_name_SF1=Captain Badge
badge_name_HJ1=Hungry Jack's Badge badge_desc_PR2=Pirates Campaign
08 badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration1=Level 1 - For Habbos who have
been members of the community for 3 days. Gives you 30 pixels.
badge_name_PR2=Blue Pirate
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote5=Influential badge_name_EHR=Earth
Hour 2009 badge_name_HX4=Habbo X Game badge_desc_WH3=Habboween
Campaign 06 badge_desc_ACH_Login7=Level 7 - For logging in a further 70
days in a row. Awesome. Gives you 200 pixels.
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed4=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at
the moment. badge_name_ACH_Login2=Regular Hotel Guest
badge_name_KO2=Eucalypt Badge badge_name_ADM=Habbo Staff
badge_name_Z76=Newlywed badge_name_ACH_Login10=Phoenix
badge_desc_GWA=Ecosystem room comp winner badge_desc_AU1=Streets of
Bobba Campaign 07 badge_desc_HF2=Habbaroos Soccer Campaign
badge_desc_ACH_Login9=Level 9 - For logging in a further 90 days in a row.
Extraordinary. Gives you 200 pixels. badge_desc_DN1=Diner Campaign 08
badge_desc_IT4=Bronze Cup badge_name_OL1=Habbolympics Gold
badge_name_WBL=Wobble Squabble Hall of Fame
badge_desc_HWB=Habboween Comp Winners badge_desc_WBL=Wobble
Squabble Commemorative badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote9=Glorious
badge_desc_HW1=Habbowood Top Director
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote3=Unique badge_name_CO6=Wheat
Badge badge_desc_Z64=Habbo Beta Tester '09 badge_name_NEB=Silver
Disco Ball badge_name_SFL=S.O.S. badge_desc_AU3=Streets of Bobba
Campaign 07 badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence6=Level 6 - spending a
total of 144 hours in the hotel. Gives you 20 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_MGM10=Invite Friends X badge_name_HX2=Habbo X
Safety badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry6=House Guest
badge_name_WH1=Habboween Eye badge_desc_GLG=Sorry. This
Achievement is not available at the moment. badge_name_GLA=Bunny
badge_desc_UK9=Japanese Campaign 07 badge_desc_PRE=Habbo Press
Members badge_desc_DN3=Diner Campaign 08
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence8=Level 8 - spending a total of 576
hours in the hotel. Gives you 20 pixels. badge_name_EVB=Every Body '09
badge_name_ACH_MGM8=Invite Friends VIII badge_name_VA3=Habborella
Winner badge_desc_HX8=X Game (G) badges_tab_title=My Badges
badge_name_AC1=Lost City 2nd Place badge_name_EC5=Tree Planter
badge_desc_ACH_AvatarLooks1=For updating your Habbo's look. Gives you 50
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote10=Level 10- For getting 300 votes on
stage. Gives you 200 pixels. badge_desc_COL=Hot or Cool Campaign
badge_name_COL=Cool Badge badge_name_HW1=Habbowood
badge_name_Z35=Hotel For Dogs Maze badge_desc_AC1=Fire walking - April
Collectible badge_name_RE2=Reach Out! Winner
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry10=Level 10 - For hanging out in 200 Guest
Rooms you do not own. Gives you 40 pixels.
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration7=Level 7 - For Habbos who have been
members of the community for 2 years. Gives you 200 pixels.
badge_name_NLD=Silver Trax badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry4=Day tripper
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence4=Level 4 - spending a total of 16
hours in the hotel. Gives you 20 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed5=Gamer V badge_name_RU3=Let's Talk
About Bobba badge_name_DS0=Academy of Space
badge_desc_SHA=Superhobba badge badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed8=Sorry.
This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration5=Level 5 - For Habbos who have been
members of the community for 24 weeks. Gives you 160 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned1=Respect Earned I
badge_desc_ACH_MGM7=Level 7 - For inviting 11 real life friends to Habbo.
Gives you 160 pixels. badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry8=Level 8 - For hanging out
in 140 Guest Rooms you do not own. Gives you 30 pixels.
badge_desc_XM2=Christmas Campaign 05 badge_name_ACH_Login8=Rotten
Tomato badge_desc_SU1=Tikitoa Campaign 08 badge_desc_BTB=BattleBall
Hall of Fame badge_name_EC1=Eco Warrior
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed2=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at
the moment. badge_name_IT4=Bronze Cup
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned9=Level 9 - For earning respect 966 times.
Gives you 200 pixels. badge_desc_ACH_Login3=Level 3 - For logging in an
extra 15 days in a row. Gives you 120 pixels. badges_window_title=Badges
badge_desc_DS3=Space Explore Campaign badge_name_UK9=Stone Lamp
badge_name_JF2=Sushi Badge badge_name_AU2=Blue Bohos
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry6=Level 6 - For hanging out in 80 Guest Rooms
you do not own. Out of towner. Gives you 20 pixels. badge_desc_CO6=Habbo's
Hootenanny badge_name_Z39=Hotel For Dogs Quest
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence10=Level 10 - spending a total of 2304
hours in the hotel. Gives you 20 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence2=Online time II
badge_name_ACH_RespectGiven1=Respect Given badge_name_GF1=Hot or
Not badge_name_GLG=Buffalo badge_desc_DS5=Space Explore Campaign
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned7=Level 7 - For earning respect 566 times.
Gives you 200 pixels. badge_desc_SFK=Habbofest 08
badge_name_BTB=BattleBall Commemorative
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence6=Online time VI
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed6=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at
the moment. badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned3=Respect Earned III
badge_desc_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence2=Level 2 - spending a total of 3 hours
in the hotel. Gives you 20 pixels. badge_name_VA1=Superlove Badge
badge_desc_PB1=Pink vs Black Campaign 07
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry2=Master Room Raider
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration3=30% True Habbo
badge_name_HQ003=Kitchen Survivor badge_desc_SFM=Cryogenic Campaign
'09 badge_name_SU1=Mana 1 badge_desc_KR1=Keep It Real Campaign 08
badge_desc_ADM=Habbo AU Staff Member badge_name_SS2=SnoSho 09
badge_name_ACH_EmailVerification1=True You badge_name_NDG=The
Nudge badge_name_HF8=Habbofest 08 badge_desc_MS6=Villains 'R' Us '09
badge_desc_EC2=Love the Earth 09 badge_name_RS9=Rock the Schools
badge_name_UD1=Dag or Not badge_name_ACH_Login6=Covered with moss
badge_desc_AC3=Fire walking - April Collectible badge_name_SF002=Space
Juice Badge badge_name_WH7=Blood Diagnosis Badge
badge_desc_SFD=Space Explore '09 badge_name_50s=50's Badge
badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed3=Gamer III badge_name_EXE=Executive
Supporter badge_name_SG1=test for Elkah
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned5=Level 5 - For earning respect 166 times.
Gives you 100 pixels. badge_name_MS6=The Brain
badge_name_ACH_AllTimeHotelPresence4=Online time IV
badge_name_HF2=Habbo World Cup badge_desc_ACH_Motto1=For editing
your motto. Gives you 10 pixels. badge_desc_50s=Thanks for supporting
Fozzie's team! badge_desc_NLD=Trax Competition Winner
badge_name_Z37=Hotel 2 Bone Rating badge_desc_XMB=Christmas
Campaign 08 badge_desc_EXB=Bamaloo's Office Comp '09
badge_name_HX6=Gold Habbo X Safety
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration3=Level 3 - For Habbos who have been
members of the community for 8 weeks. Gives you 90 pixels.
badge_desc_WH1=Habboween Campaign 06 badge_desc_SB6=Ultimate
Streets of Bobba 08 badge_name_LAT=La Trobe University
badge_desc_70S=Thanks for supporting Fushiku's team!
badge_name_ACH_MGM1=Invite Friends I badge_name_GLH=Bear
badge_name_HF1=Golden Shoe badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry10=Time
Traveller badge_desc_NLE=Trax Competition Winner
achievements_desc=Achievements are tasks that you can do in Habbo. For each
achievement you receive a badge. badge_name_SG4=test for Elkah
badge_desc_HQ003=Kitchen Survivor '09 Winner
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration5=50% True Habbo
badge_desc_VA1=Valentines Campaign 06 badge_desc_KO2=Australia
Campaign 08 badge_name_AUW=DOH's badge_desc_SNW=SnowStorm Hall of
Fame badge_desc_HC4=Level 4 - 36 months membership. Gives you 400
pixels. badge_desc_NEC=Habbofest '09 Overall Winner
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote5=Level 5- For getting 180 votes on
stage. Gives you 40 pixels. badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed1=Gamer I
badge_desc_ACH_Login10=Level 10 - For logging in a further 100 days in a row.
Breathtaking. Gives you 200 pixels. badge_desc_EC5=Love the Earth 09
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry1=Room Raider badge_name_DS2=Megamecha
Comp Winner badge_name_AU4=Afro Quacks badge_desc_HUB=Hubu-badge
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration2=20% True Habbo
badge_name_HC1=HC I badge_desc_RTS=Rock The Schools Comp 08
badge_desc_DU3=Commonwealth 06 badge_desc_HQ001=Kitchen Survivor
Competition Finalist badge_desc_DS6=Space Explore Campaign
badge_name_FR9=Metal Band badge_name_XM9=Snowball
badge_desc_ACH_Login6=Level 6 - For logging in a further 60 days in a row.
Phenomenal. Gives you 200 pixels. badge_desc_XM3=Christmas Comp Winner
07 badge_desc_HX4=X Game Std badge_name_DN1=Jocks Team Winner
badge_name_GNO=Gnome Badge badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry9=Habbo
Habitual badge_desc_VA4=Valentines Campaign 08
badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote7=Level 7- For getting 200 votes on
stage. Gives you 40 pixels. badge_desc_DS4=Space Explore Campaign
badge_name_ACH_RoomEntry7=Traveller badge_name_SB6=Flaming Skulls 2
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration7=70% True Habbo
badge_desc_EC3=Love the Earth 09 badge_desc_TC2=Wobble Squabble
Badge badge_desc_HBA=Hobba/SuperHobba badge
badge_desc_VA2=Valentines Campaign 07
badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry5=Level 5 - For hanging out in 60 Guest Rooms
you do not own. Globetrotter. Gives you 15 pixels.
badge_desc_OL3=Habbolympics Campaign 08
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned10=Respect Earned X
badge_name_SF4=Navigator Badge
badge_desc_ACH_RegistrationDuration9=Level 9 - For Habbos who have been
members of the community for 4 years. Gives you 200 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_RegistrationDuration9=90% True Habbo
badge_desc_SG5=Habbofest 08 badge_desc_ACH_AIPerformanceVote8=Level
8- For getting 300 votes on stage. Gives you 60 pixels.
badge_desc_SOS=Interstitial Design Finalists badge_desc_RE2=Reach Out!
Competition Winners badge_desc_DS0=Space Explore Campaign
badge_name_XM7=Mr Sinister Winner badge_desc_XM1=Christmas Campaign
05 badge_desc_GNO=Garden Party Winners 08 badge_desc_MTV01=MTV
EMA '09 Group Member badge_name_ACH_MGM6=Invite Friends VI
badge_desc_EHR=Lights out for Earth Hour badge_name_WH3=Habboween
Fangs slots_full=5 badges worn!! badge_name_HUB=Hubu-badge
badge_desc_ACH_GamePlayed10=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at
the moment. badge_wear=Wear badge_name_TC2=Wobble Squabble Badge
badge_save=Save badge_desc_WAR=Global Peace Gathering 08
badge_desc_ACH_RespectEarned2=Level 2 - For earning respect 6 times.
Gives you 20 pixels. badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry3=Level 3 - For hanging out
in 30 guest rooms that you do not own. Gives you 15 pixels.
badge_name_ACH_AIPerformanceVote6=Famous badge_name_GLJ=Owl
badge_desc_OL1=Habbolympics Campaign 08 badge_name_JFF=Electronica
Band badge_desc_GLH=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_desc_HX6=X Safety (G) badge_name_GWA=Love the Earth
badge_name_PB2=Pink Team Supporter badge_desc_XM5=Christmas
Campaign 07 badge_desc_ACA=Vision Quest '09 badge_name_EC3=Nature
Quest 2 badge_desc_AUB=Joined official AU group badge_desc_DN5=Diner
Campaign 08 badge_desc_HF7=HabboFest 07 Winner
badge_desc_ACH_MGM1=Level 1 - For inviting 1 real life friend to Habbo. Gives
you 50 pixels. badge_name_ACH_GamePlayed8=Gamer VIII
badge_desc_US8=Suits vs Slobs 08 badge_desc_ACH_RoomEntry1=Level 1 -
For hanging out in 5 guest rooms you do not own. Gives you 5 pixels.
badge_desc_GLJ=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_XM5=Smilla Winner badge_desc_ACH_AvatarTags1=For
displaying 5 Tags. Gives you 50 pixels. badge_desc_ACH_MGM3=Level 3 - For
inviting 3 real life friends to Habbo. Gives you 60 pixels.
badge_desc_AR1=Alhambra 08 Campaign badge_name_IT2=Gold Cup
badge_name_GRR=Gorillaz badge_desc_GLD=Sorry. This Achievement is not
available at the moment. badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned9=Respect Earned
IX badge_desc_XM9=SnoSho Room Comp badge_name_SGD=detective/spy
themed badge badge_name_DU2=Silver Duck badge_name_GLB=Bambi
badge_desc_ACH_MGM5=Level 5 - For inviting 7 real life friends to Habbo.
Gives you 140 pixels. badge_desc_ACC=Vision Quest '09
badge_name_VIP=VIP badge_desc_GLB=Sorry. This Achievement is not
available at the moment. badge_name_ACH_MGM4=Invite Friends IV
badge_desc_HX1=X Host Std badge_name_DS6=Universum Comp Winner
achievements_tab_title=Achievements badge_desc_IT3=Silver Cup
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned7=Respect Earned VII.
badge_desc_HC2=Level 2 - 12 months membership. Gives you 200 pixels.
badge_desc_Z36=Hotel For Dogs Design Comp 09 badge_desc_GA1=Monthly
Games Top Scorer badge_name_VA8=Shalimar Badge
badge_desc_JF2=Japanese Campaign 08
badge_name_ACH_RespectEarned5=Respect Earned V
badge_name_SFD=Medical Badge badge_desc_ACH_Login2=Level 2 - For
logging in an extra 8 days in a row. Gives you 80 pixels.
badge_name_GLD=Badger badge_name_YAP=YAP Ambassador
badge_desc_LBB=SOB 07 Winner badge_name_MMC=Much Music
badge_name_RTS=Rock The Schools badge_desc_FR9=Habbofest 08
badge_desc_GLF=Sorry. This Achievement is not available at the moment.
badge_name_ACB=Squid Badge badge_desc_MDMWW=Furni pack creator
badge_desc_50S=Thanks for supporting Fozzie's team! badge_name_IT8=Pop
Band badge_name_HC4=HC IV badge_desc_Z38=Hotel For Dogs Design Comp
09 badge_name_DS4=Hypersphere Comp Winner ctlg_spaces_wall=Wall
catalog_give_trophymsg=You haven't engraved the trophy. Type \ryour
inscription in the grey box. catalog_get_credits_link=Get Credits >>
ctlg_plasto_preview=Preview pixels=Pixels catalog_pet_name_length=Crikey,
your pet's name is too long (max 15 characters) catalog_buyingSuccesfull=You
beauty! You own it! Alert_no_credits=You don't
have enough Credits. Sorry. catalog_costs=\x1 costs \x2 credits
ctlg_spaces_landscape=Landscape catalog_pixels=You have \x Pixels.
catalog_length_trophymsg=Crikey, your inscription is too long, so it won't fit on
the trophy. \rPlease type something a bit shorter. catalog_selectproduct=Select
product: catalog_typeurname=Type your greetings here\r(don't forget to put your
name!): ctlg_plasto_select=Select the colour: catalog_credits=You have \x
credits in your purse. shopping_costs=XX costs XX Credit(s).\rJust click 'buy'
once, it'll appear shortly. credits=Credits catalog_give_petname=Type your pet's
name in the grey box please. redeem=Redeem buy_andwear=Buy & Wear
shopping_asagift=Buy as a gift for a friend catalog_costs_pixelsandcredits=\x1
costs \x3 Pixels and \x2 Credits shopping_got=You have xx in your Purse.
catalog_get_pixels_link=How to get >> catalog_costs_pixels=\x1 costs \x3 Pixels
catalog_creditsandpixels=You have \x Credits in your purse and \y Pixels.
shopping_nocash=You don't have enough Credits in your Purse.\rClick 'OK' to
see the different ways of\rpurchasing Habbo Credits. url_collectables_link=http://
%predefined%/credits/collectibles catalog_coins_amount=You have %amount%
Credits catalog_itsurs=It's being delivered now.. expiring_item_postfix=Lasts %x
% hours %y% minutes. catalog_published=The Catalogue has been updated!
Please re-open it to check out what's new. catalog_pet_unacceptable=Sorry, that
name is unacceptable to Hotel Management catalog_page=Page
ctlg_plasto_choose=Choose a product: ctlg_spaces_colour=Colour
Alert_no_credits_and_pixels=You don't have enough Credits and Pixels.
catalog_purchase_not_allowed_hc=In order to buy this item you must be a
Habbo Club member! catalog_giftfor=This is a gift for: ctlg_spaces_floor=Floor
Alert_no_pixels=You don't have enough Pixels. catalog_info_window=Catalog
info dialog catalog_costs_credits=\x1 costs \x2 Credits
ctlg_spaces_pattern=Pattern ctlg_spaces_preview=Preview fx_12_desc=Ice
cold! fx_18=UFO in yellow fx_4_desc=Twinkle like the star you are.
object_displayer_fx=%fx (%t) fx_19=Police Car fx_5=Torch fx_26=Wand Effect
fx_18_desc=Unidentified yellow flying object. fx_17_desc=Fly away with this
UFO. fx_20_desc=First aid on wheels, LoL, fx_16=Microphone fx_25=Fire Effect
fx_22_desc=The flames make it go faster ;) fx_11_desc=X-Rayed fx15=Hover
board fx_4=Twinkle fx_20=Ambulance fx_12=Frozen fx_1_desc=Shine the light
on me! fx_9=Love fx_9_desc=Love is in the air. fx_11=X-Ray fx_7=Butterfly
effect fx_8=Fireflies fx_8_desc=Light my fire fx_6=Jet Pack fx_24_desc=Rain
Effect fx_17=UFO in pink fx_24=Rain Effect fx_21=Blue Automobile
fx_3_desc=Help, I'm being abducted. fx_19_desc=They're after you!
fx_16_desc=Habbo Dragonfly microphone fx_26_desc=Wand Effect
fx15_desc=The future of transportation in yellow. fx_6_desc=Up, up and away!
fx_15=Yellow hover board fx_10_desc=Get a shower! fx_2=Hover board
fx_21_desc=Feel the wind in your hair. fx_23_desc=Levitation Effect
fx_13_desc=Spooky fx14_desc=The future of transportation in pink. fx_3=UFO
fx_10=Flies fx_13=Ghost fx_25_desc=Fire Effect fx_14_desc=See the world on a
pink hover board. fx14=Hover board fx_1=Spotlight fx_23=Levitation Effect
fx_5_desc=Light the dark corners of your existence. fx_7_desc=Let the
butterflies flap their wings. fx_22=Yellow Automobile fx_14=Pink hover board
fx_2_desc=The future of transportation. fx_15_desc=As yellow as a submarine.
help_txt_25=Trading Tips help_choise_header=What do you need help with?
pending_cfh_title=Your old message hobba_pickup_go=Pick up and go!
win_help=Habbo Help url_help_25=http://%predefined%//help/25
/hobba/chatlog.action?chatId= help_txt_4=Safety Tips
callhelp_example=Example: How do I turn my Habbo's TV on? help=Habbo Help
modtool_roomalert=Room alert help_emergency_explanation=If you are
experiencing a situation which is making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe,
please give details below and a member of community staff will investigate as
soon as possible. hobba_reply_cfh=Reply to: help_txt_2=Password reset
hobba_alert=Message from Live Help modtool_message=Message:
modtool_header=Modding tool hobba_pickandreply=Pick and reply
help_trouble=In trouble? hobba_pickblock=Block help_option_2=My Little Beach
Hotel account modtool_extrainfo=Extra info: modtool_alertuser=Alert user
modtool_kickuser=Kick user hobba_chatlog=See chat log >>
hobba_blockedby=Blocked by: help_txt_1=How do I get Credits?
help_emergency_writeyour=Give details of your safety issue here:
help_txt_3=Search the FAQs callhelp_sent=Your call for help has been sent.
callhelp_writeyour=Write your question about Little Beach Hotel here:
hobba_cryforhelp=Automatic call for help hobba_sent_to_helpers=Call re-
assigned to Community Assistants help_option_3=A serious issue (harassment,
sexual behaviour) modtool_banreason=Ban reason: modtool_banlength=Ban
length: help_tour=G
uided tour modtool_ban_ip=Ban IP also help_emergency_whathappens=Your
call for help has been sent. A member of community staff will review your call
and act appropriately. help_callforhelp=Get live help here! help_topics=Help
topics: help_pointer_3=emergency_help help_option_1=Playing Little Beach
Hotel modtool_days=days hobba_pickedby=Picked up by:
hobba_mark_normal=Send to Help Queue hobba_mark_emergency=Send to
Safety Queue modtool_ban_computer=Ban computer also
hobba_sent_to_moderators=Call re-assigned to Safety Moderators
help_emergency_example=eg: "A Little Beach is asking for my phone number"
modtool_roomkick=Room kick modtool_aa_checkbox_text=Audio alert
modtool_banuser=Ban user modtool_hours=hours callhelp_allwillreceive=All the
Mods who are in the hotel will receive your call for help. One of them will have a
look at what has been said and may come and talk to you about or send you an
alert. hobba_pickup=Pick up hobba_im_cryforhelp=Automatic IM call for help
hobba_send_reply=Send reply callhelp_explanation=Do you have a question
about Habbo Hotel or your Habbo account that isn't covered in the FAQs?
hobba_emergency_help=Call for emergency help you_have_pending_cfh=Your
previous call for help has not been answered yet. To make a new one you must
delete the old message. hobba_message_from=Reply to your call:
help_emergency_sent=Your call for help has been sent.
modtool_choose_length=Choose length: Alert_NoNameSet=Check your Little
Beach Hotel name. Alert_YouAreBanned_T= Alert_YouAreBanned=You have
been banned for breaking the Little Beach Hotel Way. This is why:
automute.warning.message=Your behaviour is unacceptable. Please stop or
Little Beach Hotel will mute you. Alert_no_credits=You don't have enough Credits
for this. Sorry. ig_error_join_failed_4=The team you tried to join is full already.
win_callforhelp=Alert Live Help ig_error_join_failed_1=You have been kicked out
of this game. You can not join the same game again. win_error=Alert!
Alert_ChooseWhoToSentMessage=Please choose who to\rsend your message
to alert_donate_topic=SCAM ALERT! alert_InvalidUserName=Don't use this
character: \x ! Alert_unacceptableName=Sorry, that name is unacceptable to the
Hotel Management alert_reg_t=Please check these details:
Alert_RememberSetYourPassword=Please check your password
Alert_InviteFriend=Invite your friends ig_error_join_failed_6=The game you
started is not over yet. Wait for a while and try again. alert_reg_age=You are
under 13 years old. Children under 13 cannot enter Habbo Hotel. error_ok=OK->
landscape_no_windows=To see the Landscape add windows to the room.
Alert_ModeratorWarning=Message from Live Help: floodblocking=You are typing
too fast - don't flood the room. alert_donate_ok=Give away my furni
room_alert_furni_limit=This room has the maximum amount of furniture.
ig_error_join_failed_2=Only one player can play on the same computer.
alert_reg_birthday=Birthday alert_tooLongPW=Your password is too long. Your
password must contain 6-9 characters and have at least one number!
alert_donate_content=The other Habbo has not put anything into the trade. Are
you sure you want to give away your furni? Alert_moderator_warning=
alert_shortenPW=Your password cannot be longer than 9 characters. Your
password must contain 6-9 characters and have at least one number!
Alert_ConnectionNotReady=Could not connect to the server alert_warning=Live
Help says: ig_error_game_deleted=You barely missed it. This game has just
been canceled. error_title=Crikey, error! alert_reg_blocked=A person under 13
years of age has tried to register from this machine recently.\rRegistration is not
possible for a while. alert_needpermission=You need your parent or guardian's
permission to spend time in Habbo Hotel. Alert_NameAlreadyUse=That name is
already being used epsnotify_1001=The hotel is full at the moment. Please try
again in a few minutes. ig_error_game_cancelled=Your game has timed out and
is now being canceled. nav_error_toomanyfavrooms=You can't have more than
15 favourite rooms! Please remove an old favourite if you want to add a new one.
Alert_NameTooLong=Sorry, that username is too long!
Alert_NoNameSetForLogo=Please give a name to your logo
Alert_YouMustAgree=You must accept the Terms and Conditions before
proceeding. Alert_YourPasswordIsTooShort=Passwords must be at least 6
characters long. Your password must contain 6-9 characters and have at least
one number! queue_tile_limit=You can't fit more Habbo Rollers in this room!
Alert_purchasingerror=Buying unsuccessful alert_reg_email=Email
ig_error_join_failed_7=You can not create a new game yet. You have to leave
your current game first. Alert_CheckBirthday=Please check your birthday
Alert_MessageFromAdmin=Message from Hotel Management:
error_room_full=Room full Alert_YourNameIstooShort=Habbo names must be at
least 3 characters long. ig_error_start_failed_1=Game could not be started.
There were not enough players left. alert_too_much_furnitures=You have
exceeded the furni limit for this room. Not all furniture is shown. Please remove
some. alert_duplicatesession=Olet jo kirjautunut sisään hotelliin toisessa
ikkunassa. Voit olla sisällä hotellissa vain yhdellä hahmolla kerrallaan.
Alert_ConnectionDisconnected=Please reload Habbo Hotel!\r\rIf this happens
again, please wait a moment before reloading. alert_old_client=You have old
version cached. Please empty browser cache and login again.
alert_cross_domain_download=Cross domain content download prevented
Alert_ConnectionFailure=Disconnected Alert_WrongNameOrPassword=Wrong
name or password - please try again! Alert_BuyingOK=You beauty!
error_report=Error Report Alert_ForgotSetPassword=Please check your
password error_text=Error occured, press 'OK' to restart program.\r\rPlease
report bugs to:\rHabbo Help Tool \rSorry for the inconvenience.
automute.muted.message=You were warned. Now you are muted for the next 10
minutes. Alert_YourPasswordIstooShort= error_room_closed=Room closed
alert_win_coppa=You are blocked Alert_WrongPassword=Check passwords!
error_report_explain=An error has occurred, please see the error code above.
alert_no_category=Your room has no category. Select one from the list.
Alert_LogoNameAlreadyUse=That name is already being used
ig_error_enter_arena_1=This game has already started.
error_report_trigger_message=Last message ID trading_already_open=You're
trading with someone and cannot start a new trade. trading_accept=Accept trade
trading_wait=Please wait...! trading_cancel=Cancel trading start=Start
trading_disabled_my=This account does not have trading in use. You can
receive items from other Habbos but cannot give them anything in return. Check
your trading settings (in Account Settings) and make sure your email address is
verified. trading_youoffer=You offer: trading_confirm_info=These are the final
offers. Please confirm the trade. trading_confirm=Confirm
trading_disabled_her=Unfortunately this Habbo does not have trading in use.
You're able to give him/her items, but he/she can't give you anything in return.
trading_disabled_both=Trading is not in use. Check your trading settings (in
Account Settings). trading=Trading trade=Trade human_trading=Trading
trading_title=Safe trading trading_offers=offers: trading_agrees=agrees
trading_modify=Modify trade trading_waiting_info=Waiting for other user to
confirm the trade. trading_youagree=You agree trading_closed=Other user
cancelled the trade. trading_additems=Add items to box.
guide_tool_alert_sound=Use alert sound guide_tool_service_disabled=Sorry,
Guide service has been disabled. guide_tool_waiting=Waiting for invitations...
guide_tool_friendlist_full=You cannot pick up invitations. Your Friend List is full.
Sorry. guide_tool_header=Littlebeachhotel Guide Tool
guide_tool_start_picking=Start picking up invitations from new users?
guide_tool_max_newbies=Sorry, you are guiding the maximum number of new
users already. next_onearrowed=Next > ok=OK
win_partner_registration=Partner registration partner_registration_title=Hey, I
forgot to mention one thing.. poll_alert_answer_missing=Please give an answer
ad_note=Clicking this advertisement will open a new window open=Open
gen_youhave=You have poll_offer_title=Poll poll_offer_window=Poll
previous=Previous security=Security accept=Accept move=Move cancel=Cancel
poll_confirm_window=Cancel poll search=Search send=Send
decision_cancel=Cancel no=No win_delete_item=Remove Item
previous_onearrowed=< Previous poll_alert_invalid_selection=Please select
fewer alternatives partner_registration_text=Click the link to finish your
registration. When you have finished the registration modify=Modify reject=Reject
poll_question_number=Question %number%/%count% loading=Loading...
pick_furniture=Put furniture in hand move_furniture=Move furniture
closed=Closed poll_alert_server_error=The poll isn't available any more. Polls
are only available at certain public spaces for a certain time.
loading_project=Loading Little Beach Hotel Hotel... chat.curse_word=bobba
LoadingRoom=Loading room.... Please W8...... x=X next_arrows=Next >>
close=Close poll_thanks_window=Thanks! done=Done next=Next pickup=Pick
up click=OK to continue to the hotel. rotate=Rotate buy=Buy decision_ok=OK
poll_confirm_cancel=Stop answering? partner_registration_link=Finish
registration credits=Credits yes=Yes GoAway=Leave the room
no_user_for_gift=No user named %user% found. Gift not purchased.
normal_roomlayouts=<< Back to normal room layouts back=Back delete=Delete
remove=Remove rotate_furniture=Rotate furni go=Go >>
poll_confirm_cancel_long=Are you sure you want to stop answering the poll?
You can't continue later. credit=Credit char_welcome=Welcome!
poll_window=Question people=People NUH_invitation_search=Waiting for Little
Beach Hotel guides to arrive... NUH_invitation_failure=Sorry, free Habbo guides
were not found. NUH_hand_topic=Where do I keep my stuff?
NUH_guide_info_autoselected=This is the Guide (experienced player) who
responded to your invitation. See more info about the Guide on the right.
NUH_events_topic=Looking for somewhere to go? nuh_shopping=You earn
Pixels when you complete Achievements. You can shop with your Pixels in the
Catalogue. NUH_friends=Check out your friends list to see your current friends
and any friend requests. NUH_invitation_status_header=Little Beach Hotel
Guidance NUH_chat=Click here and type to chat to other Little Beach Hotel
People. NUH_invitation_success=Inviting completed successfully!
NUH_achievements_topic=See your Achievements
NUH_invitation_option_1=Check out the events >> NUH_shopping_topic=Pixels
and Achievements NUH_friends_topic=Make new friends! NUH_achievements=If
you click your character, and click "badges" you can see the list of Achievements
you can complete in the Achievements window.
NUH_invitation_guides_found=Guides found: NUH_hand=Click the hand icon to
open your inventory, You have received a gift! NUH_events=The events board is
full of parties and activities organised by other players. NUH_finish=Meet other
players at events, in rooms and lounges or play free games.
NUH_room_left_back=Go back to Your room. NUH_ig=Join and start free
multiplayer games. Throw snowballs in SnowStorm or bounce & colour tiles in
BattleBall. NUH_asktoshowhelp_decision_cancel=No, skip
NUH_asktoshowhelp_decision_ok=Yes NUH_room_left_close=Cancel invites
NUH_navigator=Use the Navigator to move around. There are thousands of
rooms to explore! NUH_asktoshowhelp_text=Want some tips for doing things in
Habbo? NUH_own_user=This is your character. Click on the floor to move
around. Click on your character to show your Infostand. NUH_games=Wanna
play? Join a game with other Habbos. NUH_finish_topic=Have fun exploring!
NUH_messenger=Open your Console here - you might have messages or friend
requests waiting. NUH_shopping=You can earn Pixels if you complete
Achievements. You can shop with your Pixels in the Catalogue.
NUH_asktoshowhelp_title=Tutorial NUH_invitation_option_2=Play games >>
NUH_guide_info=This is the Guide who responded to your invitation.
NUH_room_left=You have left your room. club_thanks_title=Congratulations!
You are now a member of Little Beach Hotel Club. club_isp_change=Change
your subscription club_timefull=Sorry, you can buy only up to three months of
Habbo Club subscription in advance. club_txt_changesubscr=Change
subscription club_general_infolink=More info about Little Beach Hotel Club Club
>> club_button_1_period=Buy 1 cycle club_desc_2_period=3 cycles (93 days) =
60 Credits club_confirm_text2=Buy more and pay less: 3 LBHC cycles (93 days)
only costs 60 Credits. You have %credits% credits in your Purse.\r\rAfter buying
membership, you will immediately be part of the LBHC Community.
club_txt_renew2=You are Little Beach Hotel Club member. If you want to change
your subscription or leave the club, use the link below. club_change_url=http://
%predefined%//credits/littlebeachhotelclub club_intro_link=Click here for more
info >> club_button_2_period=Buy 3 cycles
habboclub_confirm_header=Subscription costs %price% credits! club_end_title=Your Little Beach
Hotel Club membership has expired. Please feal free to buy more
club_txt_expired=Your Little Beach Hotel Club membership has run out. You can
join the club again by clicking the LBHC logo on the hotel view. Members of Little
Beach Hotel Club get priority access to the hotel (so you can always get in),
exclusive clothes, hair colours, rare furni and special guest room layouts. To see
exactly what you'll be able to get your hands on as a Little Beach Hotel Club
member, take a look in the Catalogue. club_price=One month costs 25 Little
Beach Credits. club_general_elapsed=Elapsed cycles club_confirm_text1=1
Little Beach Hotel Club cycle (31 days) costs 24 Credits. You have %credits%
Credits in your Purse.\r\rAfter buying membership, you will immediately be part of
the LBHC Community. club_confirm_title=You are about to subscribe to Little
Beach Hotel Club. Excellent choice! club_buy_url=http://%predefined
%//credits/habboclub habboclub_confirm_body=You have %credits% credits
club_paycoins=Buy subscription club_paybycash_url=(leave this empty if you
don't want to have this link displayed) club_expired_link=Click here to join Little
Beach Hotel Club club_button_close=Close window habboclub_txt3=Yes, I'm
over 13 years of age OR I'm under 13 years of age and I have a permission from
my parent/guardian to join Habbo Club. club_general_prepaid=Prepaid cycles
club_txt_renew1=Your Club membership will be active for another %days% days.
You can extend your membership by paying with Little Beach Credits.
club_status_text=Here you can see your Club membership status, number of
elapsed LBHC cycles, pre-ordered HC cycles and status of the ongoing cycle.
club_extend_text=If you're subscribing again to Little Beach Hotel Club, you
won't lose any of your benefits or ongoing furni gifts. Club membership can be
extended in advance.\rRemember: one LBHC cycle lasts 31 days.
habboclub_price1=25 club_info_url=http://%predefined%//credits/habboclub
club_thanks_text=Here you can see your Little Beach Hotel Club membership
status, number of elapsed HC cycles, pre-ordered Hc cycles and status of the
ongoing cycle. club_confirm_gift_text=A new LBHC club gift has arrived. Please
push OK if you want to receieve it now. If you click cancel you will be asked
again next time you log in to the Hotel. club_intro_text=Members of LBHC get
exclusive benefits that are only available to members.\rOne HC cycle is 31 days.
club_button_extend=Extend membership
club_habbo.bottombar.text.notmember=Little Beach Hotel Club
habboclub_txt1=You can buy Little Beach Hotel Club one month at a time using
Lillte Beach Credits. club_desc_1_period=1 cycle (31 days) = 24 Credits
club_txt_intro=Welcome to Habbo Club - the members only club that all the best
Little Beach Hotel belong to! Members of LBHC get priority access to the hotel
(so you can always get in), exclusive clothes, hair colours, rare furni and special
guest room layouts. To see exactly what you'll be able to get your hands on as a
Habbo Club member, take a look in the Catalogue. club_gift.message=Happy
Little Beach Hotel Club from Liam :)
% days club_extend_failed=Sorry, we were unable to process the purchase. No
Credits were charged! habboclub_price1.days=30 habboclub_thanks=Yippee!
You are now a member of Little Beach Hotel Club! Your current email address is
%email%. If that's not the one you are using, please go to 'Update my Litle
Beach ID' and change it now. Then we can send all your Little Beach Club details
to you. habboclub_continue_button=Buy one month club_txt_whatis=What is
Little Beach Hotel Club Club? club_intro_header=Welcome to Little Beach Hotel
Club, the members only club for Little Beach's who want it all!
club_habbo.window.title=Little Beach Hotel Club club_general_daysleft=Days left
in current LBHC cycle club_bottombar_text1=Loading club_status_title=You are
currently a member of Little Beach Hotel Club. club_confirm_gift_title=You have
received a club gift! club_confirm_text3=Buy more and pay less: 6 HC cycles
(186 days) only costs 105 Credits. You have %credits% credits in your
Purse.\r\rAfter buying membership, you will immediately be part of the LBHC
Community club_member=Member club_extend_title=Little Beach Hotel Club
membership can be extended very easily. club_end_text=No worries! You can
get all the cool Little Beach Hotel Club benefits by subscribing again to the Club.
club_desc_3_period=6 cycles (186 days) = 105 Credits
club_bottombar_text2=(....) club_txt_paycash=Pay by Cash
club_habbo.bottombar.text.member=Little Beach Hotel Club
club_button_3_period=Buy 6 cycles habboclub_require_parent_permission=You
need to tick the box to say that you are over 14 years or age, or under 14 and
have your parent/guardian's permission to join Little Beach Hotel Club. Please go
back and tick the box. month12=December reg_check_confirm=Please check
that your information is correct, especially your birthdate and Little Beach name.
You CANNOT change these later. If you want to make any changes now, press
the back button. reg_parentemail_moreinfo=More information:
reg_welcome3=Now the fun begins! All you need to do is register and you're
ready to start. It won't take long!\rYou can change everything except your name
later. Come on! reg_note_title=Warning! login_welcome=Welcome,
login_firstTimeHere=First time here? reg_update_text=Never change your
password or email just because somebody asks you to. He / she is most
probably trying to steal your Little Beach Hotel account and furni!
reg_verification_newPasswordAgain=Retype new password:
update_email_suggest=Habbo Hotel security requests you to update your email
reg_passwordContainsNoNumber=Password must contain at least one number.
Your password must contain 6-9 characters and have at least one number!
reg_verification_incorrectPassword=Your password was incorrect
reg_habboname_note=Now it's time to create your own Little Beach Hotel
character! To start the creation process, please choose a name for your Avitar.
reg_parentemail_title2=Email address of parent/guardian: reg_day=Day
reg_check_info=CHECK YOUR INFO emailpw=Send
reg_use_allowed_chars=Use only these characters: month01=January
alert_reg_parent_email=Please check that the email address you specified is
correct. reg_readterms_alert=You have to read the Terms and Conditions\r(scroll
to the bottom of the text). registration_disabled_text=Et
voi valitettavasti luoda juuri nyt uutta hahmoa. Ole hyvä ja yritä myöhemmin
uudelleen. month03=March reg_legal_header1=Now you need to ask your
parents/guardian to come to the computer. Read through the text (below) with
your parents. month04=April reg_pledgelink=Hotel rules month08=August
login_name=Name of your Little Beach Hotel. reg_age_check_note=Enter your
birthday. You will need your birthday information when changing your password
or email. login_whatsHabboCalled=What's your Habbo called?
login_connecting=Connecting... reg_termslink=Terms and Conditions
month02=February month05=May reg_pwd_note=Choose a password that is
hard to guess! Don't use your name or your parents' or pets' names! Your
password must contain 6-9 characters and have at least one number!
reg_doneheader=Congratulations!\rYou've made Little Beach Hotel!
reg_welcome=Welcome to Little Beach Hotel Hotel! reg_terms=Welcome to Little
Beach Hotel Hotel. If you are under 15, please check the Terms and Conditions
with your parents/guardian before you agree to them. Get them to explain
anything that you don't understand.\rIn order to use the service you have to give
valid information about yourself when registering. Please email us if any of your
user information changes.\rAs a user of Little Beach Hotel - , you have to behave according to the Little Beach
Hotel Way (hotel rules) and the Terms and Conditions. Click the links below to
read about them.\rNever give your password or email address to anyone. If you
do, your account may get stolen.\rRegistering with the hotel, making your own
empty room and chatting is free of charge. For a small fee you can decorate your
room with virtual furniture, play games and join the Little Beach Hotel Club. If you
wish to buy, you will need your parent's permission to do so. Thank you. Liam :)
win_figurecreator=Little Beach Hotel details reg_note_text=Never change your
password or email\rif someone else asks you to. They could steal your account
and furni. forgottenpw_whatyou=What's your Little Beach Hotel called?
reg_email_note=Please enter your email address. Important! You will only get
customer support and receive special offers by using a valid and verified email
address. forgottenpw_email=Your email address reg_birthdayformat=Birthday*
forgottenpw=Forgotten your password? reg_parentemail_title=Informing your
parents retype_password=Retype password: log_problem_link=Read FAQ
reg_welcome2=Create your own Little Beach Hotel member password reg_check_age=Birthday : password is: month06=June
reg_birthdayformat_update=Birthday reg_forcedupdate=Please update your Little
Beach Hotel details! login_password=Password
update_password_suggest=Little Beach Hotel security requests you to update
your password reg_verification_newPassword=New password:
reg_month=Month reg_year=Year reg_olderage=I am 13 or older
month11=November reg_parentemail_info=Because of your age, we need to let
your parents know you are registering at Little Beach Hotel. Please give the
email address of one of your parents/guardians. month10=October
reg_tutorial_txt= reg_underage=I am under 13 years old
reg_verification_updateOK=Update successful reg_girl=Girl
reg_verification_checking=Checking... reg_verification_info=You must know the
correct birthday and password before you're allowed to make these changes.
reg_retypepass=Retype password: reg_check_name=Little Beach Hotel name :
month09=September reg_check_mail=E-mail : forgottenpw_done=If the email
you gave during registration was correct, your password will be sent to you now.
reg_verification_newEmail=Your new email address: reg_legal_header2=Read
through the below text carefully. You must agree to the following terms before
entering Little Beach Hotel. reg_habboname=Little Beach Hotel name:
login_haventGotHabbo=Haven't got a Little Beach Hotel member yet?
reg_forcedupdate2=Update your Little Beach info reg_agree1=Yes, my parents
and I agree to the above terms. I am allowed to use Little Beach Hotel.
reg_update_text2=Only change them when you want to make sure that nobody
can know or guess your password. reg_agree2=Yes, I have read the Little Beach
Hotel Terms of Service and I accept them reg_promise=* Any personal
information you supply will only be used in accordance with the Hotel Privacy
Pledge and will not be shared with third parties.\rIt is very important to specify
your real date of birth - it is vital for Player Support. log_problem_title=Where
closed sorry where usaly open 4pm-5pm EST month07=July
log_problem_url= log_problem_text=Sorry we
can't connect you at the moment. We are probably closed reg_spam=Yes, I want
to get information on competitions, news, other fun stuff and surprises from the
Hotel Staff! login_ok=OK reg_agree_alert=You have to agree to the terms of
service\r(tick the box). reg_boy=Boy reg_mission=Your mission: login_forgottenPassword=Forgotten your password?
reg_bday_note=Please enter your date of birth. Important! You will need this
information later on, when updating your password or email.
reg_parentemail_link_text2=Privacy Pledge reg_back=Back
reg_verification_invalidEmail=Check email address reg_changeEmail=Change
your email password=Password: reg_tutorial_url= reg_linkstitle=Full version of
the documents: reg_forcedupdate3=The Hotel management requires all Habbos
to read and agree to the service Terms and Conditions. It won't take long.
login_create1here=You can create one here.
reg_verification_incorrectBirthday=Your birthday was incorrect
reg_verification_currentPassword=Current password: reg_donetext=Soon you'll
see the Hotel Navigator, it shows you all the rooms you can go to - the guest
rooms, clubs, cafés, swimming pools and more!
reg_nameAndPassTooSimilar=Your name and password are too similar
reg_privacypledge=Privacy Pledge email=Email: reg_changePassword=Change
your password forgottenpw_explanation=If you have forgotten your password
and you gave your correct email address when you registered, we can send your
password to you. reg_email=Email*: reg_parentemail_link_text1=See the letter
badges=Badges object_displayer_show_actions=Show Actions say=Say
object_displayer_hide_actions=Hide Actions outlook=Change clothes
object_displayer_link_badge=Change Badge shout=Shout
object_displayer_link_home=Player's Little Beach Hotel Home
room_give_respect=Give respect (%count%) habbo_hand_prev=<<<
human_carrying=Carrying: object_displayer_furni_expires_long=Rented item
expires in %hours% hours %minutes% minutes whisper=Mumble
dance_choose=Choose your dance habbo_hand_next=>>>
object_displayer_hide_tags=Hide Tags object_displayer_link_looks=Edit My
Settings dance=Dance wave=Wave dance1=Little Beach Hotel Hip-Hop
dance2=Pogo Mogo object_displayer_furni_expires=Rented item expires in
%minutes% minutes room_ban=Kick & ban dance_stop=Stop dancing
dance3=Duck Funk object_displayer_show_tags=Show Tags dance4=The Rollie
poster_47_desc=Twinkle, twinkle poster_3_name=Fish Plaque
poster_59_desc=Torch - it gives you some light poster_43_name=Chains
poster_2001_name=Sein?vaate poster_510_name=The Italian flag
poster_1006_name=Pumpkin Poster poster_24_name=Three Wise Men Poster
poster_58_desc=Bring good luck to your room poster_53_desc=Hockey Stick
poster_1002_name=Queen Mum Poster poster_1_desc=A touch of history
poster_30_name=Mistletoe poster_2008_name=Green Gecko Art
poster_1004_desc=A blessed festival to you. poster_506_name=The flag of
Finland poster_518_desc=A fiery dragon for your wall poster_38_name=Smiling
Headbangers poster_38_desc=Power and fury for reeeally tough Habbos!
poster_25_name=Reindeer Poster poster_511_desc=The flag of The
Netherlands poster_510_desc=The flag of Italy poster_1000_name=Comedy
Poster poster_24_desc=Following the star! poster_32_name=Shiva Poster
poster_2002_desc=Presidentin muotokuva poster_1004_name=Eid Mubarak
Poster poster_20_desc=A new use for carrots! poster_42_name=Spiderweb
poster_35_desc=The hotel's girlband. Dream on! poster_55_name=Tree Poster
poster_2003_name=Carlos poster_31_desc=Pure and unbridled nu-metal
poster_58_name=Chinese Red Knots poster_17_desc=Beautiful reproduction
butterfly poster_16_name=Bars poster_508_desc=The flag of Spain
poster_500_desc=The UK flag poster_10_desc=A beautiful sunset
poster_6_desc=But is it the right way up? poster_504_desc=The German flag
poster_1003_desc=get the lovely isles on your walls poster_23_desc=The jolly
fat man himself poster_509_name=The Jamaican flag poster_56_desc=Serious
partying going on! poster_1001_name=Prince Charles Poster
poster_29_name=Tinsel (gold) poster_2_name=Blingin' Bingle
poster_49_desc=Twinkle, twinkle poster_21_name=Angel Poster
poster_8_desc=Habbos come in all colours poster_1003_name=UK Map
poster_57_name=Calligraphy Poster poster_503_name=The Swiss flag
poster_2006_desc=He is the magic Habbo poster_2007_name=The Father of
Habbo poster_33_desc=We can't bear to lose them poster_6_name=Abstract
Poster poster_29_desc=A touch of festive sparkle poster_28_name=Tinsel
(silver) poster_2004_name=Rastaman poster_509_desc=The flag of Jamaica
poster_2005_desc=Infobus poster_32_desc=The Auspicious One
poster_54_name=Hockey Stick poster_59_name=Torch poster_508_name=The
Spanish flag poster_15_name=Himalayas Poster poster_22_name=Winter
Wonderland poster_26_desc=Hung yours up yet? poster_39_desc=The rock
masters of virtual music poster_505_name=The Maple Leaf
poster_520_name=The Rainbow Flag poster_4_name=Bear Plaque
poster_19_desc=Trying to get in or out? poster_523_name=The flag of India
poster_501_desc=For pirates everywhere poster_506_desc=To 'Finnish' your
decor... poster_2008_desc=Like a gecko it won't fall off your wall.
poster_521_desc=Ordem e progresso poster_517_desc=Where's your kilt?
poster_41_desc=For the best music-makers poster_5_name=Duck Poster
poster_37_desc=The hotel's girlband. Dream on! poster_42_desc=Not
something you want to run into poster_45_desc=Needs a few more Habburgers
poster_9_desc=Do your bit for the environment poster_55_desc=Sustainability:
Our Challenge. Our Future poster_47_name=Small silver star
poster_48_name=Large gold star poster_33_name=Save the Panda
poster_517_name=The Scottish flag poster_507_desc=The French flag
poster_500_name=Union Jack poster_7_name=Hammer Cabinet
poster_2002_name=Urho Kaleva Kekkonen poster_4_desc=Fake of course!
poster_16_desc=High security for your room poster_14_desc=A truly cunning
chook stealer! poster_27_desc=Deck the halls! poster_1_name=Ancestor Poster
poster_516_desc=Eng-er-land poster_18_name=Butterfly Cabinet (blue)
poster_18_desc=Beautiful reproduction butterfly poster_2_desc=Five Carrots for
the price of one. poster_3_desc=smells fishy, looks cool poster_513_name=The
Australian flag poster_514_name=The EU flag poster_504_name=The
Bundesflagge poster_34_name=Scamme´d poster_522_desc=The flag of Japan
poster_502_name=The Stars and Stripes poster_27_name=Holly Garland
poster_40_desc=The one and only. Adore her! poster_515_desc=Waved by
Swedes everywhere poster_53_name=Hockey Stick poster_36_desc=The hotel's
girlband. Dream on! poster_56_name=Disco Sign poster_48_desc=All that
glitters... poster_44_name=Mummy poster_1006_desc=The eyes follow you...
poster_37_name=The Habbo Babes 3 poster_83_name=Pöllö huhuilee
poster_36_name=The Habbo Babes 2 poster_513_desc=Aussies rule!
poster_503_desc=There's no holes in this... poster_512_desc=The flag of Ireland
poster_8_name=Habbo Colours Poster poster_12_name=Skyline Poster
poster_34_desc=Habbo-punk for the never-agreeing poster_19_name=Hole In
The Wall poster_1000_desc=The Noble and Silver Show
poster_54_desc=Hockey Stick poster_30_desc=Pucker up
poster_9_name=Rainforest Poster poster_13_desc=skyscrapers in arty black
and white poster_522_name=The flag of Japan poster_25_desc=Doing a hard
night's work poster_11_name=Certificate poster_20_name=Snowman Poster
poster_516_name=The English flag poster_14_name=Fox Poster
poster_52_desc=Hockey Stick poster_2000_name=Suomen kartta
poster_518_name=The Welsh flag poster_44_desc=Beware the curse...
poster_5_desc=Quacking good design! poster_2000_desc=Suomen kartta
poster_1001_desc=even walls have ears poster_10_name=Lapland Poster
poster_21_desc=See that halo gleam! poster_31_name=System of a Ban
poster_52_name=Hockey Stick poster_2003_desc=Carlos, diskotappaja
poster_7_desc=For emergencies only poster_1002_desc=aw, bless...
poster_28_desc=A touch of festive sparkle poster_502_desc=The US flag
poster_50_desc=flap, flap, screech, screech... poster_515_name=The Swedish
flag poster_26_name=Stocking poster_50_name=Bat Poster
poster_521_name=Flag of Brazil poster_511_name=The Dutch flag
poster_83_desc=Pöllö huhuilee, huhuu! poster_501_name=Jolly Roger
poster_2004_desc=Rasta tarjoaa rakkautta poster_49_name=Large silver star
poster_520_desc=Every colour for everyone poster_41_name=Habbo Golden
Record poster_45_name=Skeleton poster_507_name=The French Tricolore
poster_35_name=The Habbo Babes 1 poster_51_desc=2 points for every basket
poster_2005_name=Infobus poster_1005_desc=The muscly movie hero
poster_46_name=Small gold star poster_43_desc=Shake, rattle and roll
poster_23_name=Santa Poster poster_2007_desc=The legendary founder of the
hotel poster_505_desc=The Canadian flag poster_13_name=BW Skyline Poster
poster_57_desc=Brush, steady hand and a focused mind
poster_2006_name=MC Throne poster_523_desc=The flag of India
poster_15_desc=Marvellous mountains poster_39_name=The Screaming
Furnies poster_12_desc=Darling harbour by night poster_40_name=Bonnie
Blonde poster_2001_desc=Perinteinen ryijy, kasviv?rj?tty? villaa
poster_51_name=Basketball Hoop poster_514_desc=Be proud to be in the
Union! poster_11_desc=Award, Charter or the Beach Hotel Way - you decide
poster_1005_name=Johnny Squabble poster_22_desc=A chilly snowy scene
poster_512_name=The Irish flag poster_17_name=Butterfly Cabinet
poster_46_desc=Twinkle, twinkle eco_box_card=Recycled item
recycler_furni_not_recyclable=This furniture cannot be recycled. You can only
use the pieces of furni with the recyclable tag. recycler_prize_odds_2=You have
%odds% chance of getting this. recycler_info_link=More important information
about recycling recycler_info_open=Recycle your unwanted furni to receive a
lucky dip prize! Read about the prizes and instructions in the Catalogue pages
below. recycler_prize_category_1=Level 1 recycler_prize_odds_3=%odds%
chance of getting this. recycler_prize_category_4=Level 4
recycler_info_link_url=http://%predefined%/help/47 recycler_prize_odds_4=
%odds% chance of getting this one. Good luck! recycler_ready_info=Your
recycled furniture is ready. Please accept or cancel. If you wish to cancel, your
old furniture will be restored. recycler_prize_odds_1=You can always get one of
these if all else fails. accept=Accept recycler_prize_category_2=Level 2
recycler_prize_category_3=Level 3 recycler_recycle=Recycle
recycler_info_closed=The Recycler is closed at the moment. Please try again
later. recycler_ready_outcome=Recycling reward: %outcome%
recycler_trader_open_alert=Recycling can't start while trading. Please close safe
trading first. eco_box_open=Open recycler_info_ready=Recycling is complete.
You've made a great choice for the future. All the recycled items are made out of
old items. You've helped save nature's resources and decreased pollution :)
recycler_status_window_title=Recycling Status recycler_prize_category_5=Level
5 recycler_info_progress=Recycling is in progress. Recycling takes a total of
%hours% hours and %minutes% minutes. You can close this window and the
recycling will continue in the background. recycler_progress_timeleft=Time left:
%hours% h, %minutes% min recycler_status_info=You have furni recycling!
Check furniture recycler in the Catalogue. This icon will blink once the recycling
is complete. recycler_info_timeout=You have to wait %minutes% minutes and
%seconds% seconds before you can recycle again. recycler_prize_odds_5=You
have a %odds% chance of getting this. Good luck! if_topic_help=Help
if_btn_prev=Previous if_topic_respect=Respect received! if_title=Habbo infofeed
chat.respect.bubble.message=%username% was respected
if_message_number=Message %m% of %n% catalog_info_window=Catalog Info
Dialog if_topic_newbadge=You have got a new badge! if_content_pixels=You
have received some Pixels!\rYour total is now: %value%
if_content_respect=Somebody really respects you! You have now %value%
respects. if_btn_next=Next if_topic_pixels=Pixels received!
url_helpparents=http://%predefined%//help/43 url_privacypledge=http://
%predefined%//help/39 url_logout_concurrent=http://%predefined
url_purse_link=http://%predefined%//credits? url_help_4=http://%predefined
%//help/44 url_nobalance=http://%predefined%//credits?
%imagerdata%.gif url_peeloscore=http://%predefined%///groups/11250/id
url_help_3=http://%predefined%//help/ url_purse_subscribe=http://%predefined
%//credits? url_help_2=http://%predefined%//profile?tab=4 url_helpterms=http://
%predefined%//help/38 url_logout_timeout=http://%predefined
%//account/disconnected?reason=logout url_figure_editor=http://%predefined
%//profile/profile.action url_logged_out=http://%predefined
%//account/disconnected?reason=logout&origin=popup url_help_1=http://
%predefined%//credits url_purselink=http://%predefined%//credits?
url_help_5=http://%predefined%//help/24 url_helppledge=http://%predefined
%//help/39 are %e2% Habbos in front of you in the
queue. queue_set.e1.alert=This room is currently available only to Habbos
participating in the event. dimmer_use_bg_only=Background only
room_owner=Owner: Room=Room: room_ignore=Ignore Room is for Staff only. queue_line=You are queueing
right now... dimmer_preset_1=Preset 1 room_badge_choose=Modify badge:
room_confirmDelete=Confirm ig_arena_queue_text=There are \x games in
queue before your game. room_badge_window_title=Badge
room_give_rights=Give rights doorbell_rings=rings the doorbell - open the door?
room_open_package=Open the present room_ask_friend=Ask to be a Beach
Hotel Friend's room_info_rated=Room rating: room_badge_hidden=Hidden
queue_set.c.alert=This room is for Little Beach Hotel Club members only.\rIn
order to enter, you need to subscribe to Habbo Club.
room_areYouSurePlace=Warning! If you put something down in this room you
will not be able to pick it up again. room_preparing=...preparing room
room_name=Room: furni_active_placeholder_name=This furniture is
downloading... room_areYouSure=Are you sure you want to delete this item
forever? room_take_rights=Remove room rights dimmer_title=Room Lighting
(Dimmer) dimmer_apply=Apply dimmer_preset_2=Preset 2
queue_current_1=You are now waiting in the Little Beach Hotel Live queue...
room_waiting=...waiting to go in. room_cant_set_item=You cannot place this in
someone else's room! are %d% People in front of you in
the queue to see the Beach Hotel Live broadcast! room_banner_text=
queue_change=Swap queue room_cant_trade=You cannot trade this!
queue_set.queue_reset.alert=The queue for this room has been reset, please try
again. are %d% Habbo(s) and %c% club member(s) in
front of you. are %c% Habbo Club member(s) in front of
you. Be patient :) 50 stickies per room are allowed! are %d% Habbos in front of you in the queue.
interstitial_ad_text=Advertisement room_confirmPlace=Are you sure?
wallitem_item_placeholder_name=This furniture is downloading...
delete_furniture=Delete furniture (permanently) locked=Locked (visitors have to
ring bell) room_user_page=Home Page dimmer_preset_3=Preset 3
queue_current_2=You are in a queue to enter the room.
room_remove_specs=Sorry! Now it's someone else's turn to watch this event.
wallitem_item_placeholder_desc=This furniture is downloading...
dimmer_turn_on=Turn ON room_loading=Loading room... room_kick=Kick
queue_other_2=Room queue status room_badge_button=Badge
room_max_pet_limit=Too many pets in the room! win_doorbell=Doorbell
win_place=Note! queue_set.queue_full.alert=The queue for this room is full.
Please try again later. are %e1% Habbos in front of
you in the queue. room_info_rate_req=Rate this room dimmer_turn_off=Turn
OFF room_doorbell=rings the doorbell - open the door? room_hold=Wait a
second...\rLoading room... predefined_room_description=%user_name% has
entered the building predefined_room_name=%user_name%'s room
room_badge_visible=Visible ig_arena_queue_title=All game rooms are reserved,
please wait a moment. item_ad_url_ads_puffet_tv=
room_unignore=Listen queue_set.e2.alert=This room is currently available only
to Habbos participating in the event. furni_active_placeholder_desc=This
furniture is downloading... queue_other_1=Habbo Live queue status
friend_tip_search=Search users send_invitation_text=Want to meet someone
from our Welcoming Party? friend_invitation_empty_alert=Write Your invitation
and click send. console_now=now: console_follow_not_friend=This Habbo isn't
your friend anymore buddyremove_hc_more_info=More info about Habbo Club
>> instant_friend_request_header=Friend Request buddyremove_not_now=Not
now friend_request_declined=Declined! friend_tip_preferences=Edit categories
friend_list_no_friends_online_category=No friends online in this category.
console_mainhelp=Habbo Console Help console_lastvisit=Last visit
console_messagemode_helptext=You can choose which kind of message to
send to your Habbo Friends. im_instruction=Choose a friend from Your online
friend list and send an instant message or an invite. friend_tip_remove=Remove
friend console_email=Email friend_invitation_note=Make sure you can be
followed. console_modify=Modify buddyremove_pleasewait=Please wait a
moment im_notification_moderation=Sharing your password or personal details
online is dangerous. The moderators might monitor these conversations for your
safety. console_inprivateroom=In guest room console_accept=Accept
friend_result_other=Other Habbos (%cnt%) : send_invitation_header=Get a
warm welcome console_accept_selected=Accept Selected
friend_invitation_summary=Inviting %count% people to this room.
console_habboprofile_arrowed=Habbo Profile >> console_searchfor=Search:
console_differentmessagemodes=Different messages
buddyremove_select_all=Select all friends invitation_follow_failed=Sorry, your
attempt to follow an invitation failed. buddyremove_windowheader=Your friends
list is full friend_tip_follow=Follow to a room friend_tip_search_field=
nuh_invitation_no=Not now receive_invitation_text=invites you his/her room.
Accept invitation? console_deselect_all=Deselect All
console_concurrency_error=There was a concurrency error while modifying
friend list console_search_habbo_lasthere=Last time console_noprofile=Profile
not found friend_request_failed=Failed! console_myinterests=My interests:
console_profile_helptext=The Profile is a snapshot of your interests and hobbies
- simply tick the things you like. friend_result_noothersfound=No other members
found friend_list_requests_dismiss_all=Dismiss all console_report_help=If you
find this message abusive or harrassing, you can report it to our Moderators.The
offending Buddy is removed from your list automatically when you report. If you
just want to remove a buddy from your list without contacting a Moderator, that's
ok. console_select_all=Select All buddyremove_alphabetical=Alphabetical order
friend_tip_mail=Send minimail console_fr_declined_count=Amount to be
declined friend_invitation_error=One or more of your friends is unavailable at the
moment. Please try again later. console_usersnotfound=Habbo not found
Message=message console_confirm_selected=Confirm the selections. Below
are the amounts of friend request that will be accepted and declined. If you want,
you can still modify the selections. buddyremove_pagecounter=Page
im_invitation=Your friend sent you an invitation: console_follow_prevented=Your
friend has prevented others from following him/her.
buddyremove_names_ordered=Names ordered by:
console_removefriend_2=from your Friends List?
console_youdonthavebuddies=You have no Friends on your list.\rYou can send
Friend Requests using\rthe 'search' button. console_requests=Friend Request(s)
console_approve_selected=Accept selected
console_fr_limit_exceeded_error=Too many friends selected. Please remove
some first. console_noemail=Sorry, console_getfriendrequest_1=has asked you
to become his/her Friend. friend_list_search_category=Search
console_next_msg=Delete console_msgs=msgs console_follow_offline=Your
friend is offline console_reject_selected=Reject Selected nuh_invitation_yes=Yes
friend_info_lastvisit=Last visit: buddyremove_header=Choose %amount% of
friends to remove NUH_hand=Click the hand icon to open your inventory, You
have received a gift! console_selection_invert=Invert selection
console_friend_request_error=There was an error with friend requests
friend_list_requests_accept_all=Accept all buddyremove_accept=Remove
friends console_invalid_message=There was a message from a user that was
probably removed from your friend list. Note, user is removed from your friend list
if you report a message to moderators. buddyremove_next=next >
BuddyNotHere=offline friend_tip_inbox=Minimail inbox friend_tip_compose=Write
minimail console_report_remove=Remove
friend_list_no_friends_offline_category=No friends offline console_online=online:
buddyremove_confirm=Yeah, all done. invitation_expired=Sorry, all Welcoming
Party members were busy. friend_request_massoperation_cancel=Back to
request list. im_error_busy=Your friend is busy. im_error_receiver_muted=Your
friend is muted and cannot reply. friend_list_no_requests=No friend requests
friend_list_friend_requests_category=Friend Requests invitation_exists=You
have already invited members of the Welcoming Party to your room.
friend_list_confirm_remove_2=Remove user: %username%
console_console=Console im_notification_offline=Your friend went offline.
NUH_friends=Check out your friend list to see friends and friend requests.
buddyremove_messenger_updating=Console is updating, please try again in a
minute. Everything else is working fine. console_target_does_not_accept=This
user does not accept friend requests at the moment
friend_list_online_category=Friends friend_request_accepted=Accepted!
friend_invitation_cannot_send=Invitation can not be sent.
console_compose=Compose a message im_tooltip=Instant messenger
console_reject_all=Reject all console_getfriendrequest_2=If you accept this
invitation (s)he will be added to your Friends List. Then you can send messages
to each other. win_messenger=Habbo Console buddyremove_lessoptions=Less
options << nuh_bubble_close=Close console_offline=offline
friend_request_accept_all=Accept all requests.
console_request_massoperation_title=You have %messageCount% friend
requests waiting. friend_list_confirm_remove=Remove Friend
friend_request_decline_all=Decline all requests.
console_request_massoperation_instruction=Use the options below to accept or
decline ALL friend requests you have waiting. console_creatingaprofile=Creating
a profile buddyremove_moreoptions=More options >>
friend_tip_search_button=Search users console_unknown_sender=Unknown
sender buddyremove_invert=Flip selection
console_friends_helptext=This screen shows a list of all your Habbo Friends. It
tells you where they are in the hotel, or, if they're not checked in, when their last
visit was. reply=Reply console_friends=Friends im_error_not_friend=Receiver is
not your friend anymore. im_window_title=Chat messenger=Messenger
friend_invitation_window_title=Invitation friend_request_options=Advanced
Options frient_tip_mail=(this is not used) buddyremove_prev=< previous
console_recipients=Recipient(s) buddyremove_ok_text=You have chosen
enough friends to remove. console_buddylimit_requester=Friend could not be
added. The request sender can not have anymore friends.
BuddyRequesta=Friend Request(s) im_error_sender_muted=Your message was
not sent because you are muted. nuh_invitation_never=Don't ask me again.
console_mainhelptext=You can use the Habbo Console to keep in constant
contact with your friends, using instant messages even when they are offline.
friend_tip_im=Instant Message console_asktobecomeafriend=Ask to become a
Friend friend_result_nofriendsfound=No friends found friend_tip_invite=Invite
friends buddyremove_logintime=Last login time BuddyNow=now:
friend_tip_addfriend=Send friend request im_error_offline=Your friend is not
online. console_friend_request_not_found=There was an error finding the user
for the friend request friend_list_title=Friends friend_list_search_button=Search
buddyremove_remove_text=You are about to remove %removeamount% friends
from your friends list.\r\rAfter removal, you'll have %amountleft% friends in your
list: console_request_1=has been sent your Friend Request.
buddyremove_continue=Remove friends? console_onfrontpage=Online
buddyremove_list_full=Your friends list is full! So you can't add any new friends
to your list.\r\rThe maximum limit for your friends list is %mylimit% Habbos.
However members of Habbo Club can have up to %clublimit% friends in their list.
console_search_habbo_profilematch=Habbo Profile match -
friend_tip_search_input=Enter search query console_credits=Credits
console_follow_friend=Go to same room friend_result_friends=Friends (%cnt%) :
console_request_2=She/he will be added to your Friends List if she/he accepts it.
console_newmessages=new message(s) friend_list_confirm_remove_1=Confirm
remove BuddyPrivateRoom=in guest room console_removefriend_1=Are you
sure you want to remove friend_list_offline_category=Offline Friends
console_profilematch=Habbo Profile match - console_profile_create=Create your
Habbo Profile. Messages=message(s) console_follow_hotelview=Your friend is
on Hotel View im_notification_online=Your friend came online.
console_report=Report console_target_friend_list_full=This user's friend list is full
console_fr_accepted_count=Amount to be accepted BuddyEntry=on hotel view
friend_info_online=Online console_report_header=Report abusive message
Unreadmessages=new message(s) console_select_requests=Following users
have asked to be your friend. Please accept or decline. console_lasttime=Last
time friend_tip_home=User's home
pet_enrg_0=Tired pet_race_1_002=British Blue pet.hotwords.jump=jump
pet_race_1_001=Purr-sian*snores* pet_hung_0=Empty*sighs* pet_enrg_10=Mad
pet.saying.angry.croco.2=GRRR..RR pet_hung_1=Hungry
pet_race_1_004=Exotic Shorthair, mmmm, crunch!, MEOW, MEOW..
WOOF .rrr.. pet.saying.beg.croco.2=Waarrrr...rrr
Squeeeeh...! pet_thirsty=Thirst:
pet.saying.sniff.croco.0=Snap snap pet_race_1_003=Snappy Tom
pet_race_2_001=Krazy Krokodilos Grrr.. woof
woof woof*growls* pet_enrg_8=Lively pet_race_1_016=Tawny
Tortoiseshell pet_enrg_9=Tireless pet_frnd_10=Adoring pet.hotwords.bad=bad
pet_race_1_018=Trusting Tabby pet_hung_4=Satisfied*munch, munch*, lap, lap, lap
pet_race_0_019=Tiny Terrier pet.saying.angry.croco.3=Rowrrrr...rrrr
pet.saying.beg.croco.1=*Hungry look* pet_race_1_022=Matted Moggie pet_race_1_017=Domestic Darling oow pet_hung_5=Full*dreaming* pet_enrg_7=Energetic pet_race_0_015=Pixie
Poodle pet.saying.angry.croco.4=Buuuuurrr..rrrrr
oo..Purrr wuff! zzzzz pet_thir_3=Not thirsty*Buurrrrp* mmm
pet_age=Age: pet.hotwords.good=good pet_race_1_021=Fabulous Feline
pet.hotwords.voice=speak oof oof
pet_thir_1=Parched pet.hotwords.go_away=go away pet_race_1_019=Top Cat*snores*. pet_race_2_005=Galled Gator
pet_race_0_014=Designer Dog pet.saying.generic.croco.0=Rrrr....Grrrrrg....
pet_mood_6=Ecstatic pet_hung_3=Peckish
mmmmm.... pet_race_0_016=Cute Chihuahua pet.hotwords.nest=sleep
pet_hung_2=Rumbling pet_race_0_010=Furry McScottie pet_frnd_9=Loyal
pet_race_2_006=Confused Croc pet_enrg_2=Sluggish pet_race_0_011=Lovely
Lassie pet_frnd_8=Loving pet_race_1_011=Exotic Egyptian
pet_race_0_013=Mangy Mutt pet_race_2_004=Dirty Dundee pet_enrg_3=Lazy
pet.hotwords.follow_me=heel pet_race_0_012=French Bulldog ruff ruff!*whimpers* pet_thir_0=Gasping*Chomp chomp* pet_mood_0=Miserable
pet_enrg_4=Relaxed pet.saying.sleep.croco.0=Zzzz... zzzzz...
pet_race_2_007=Pretty Pui Pui pet.saying.sleep.croco.1=Yrgh... Yrgh...
pet_race_0_006=Stripy Setter pet.hotwords.sit=sit
pet.saying.sleep.croco.5=Rawwwwwwwwrrrm... pet_race_1_013=Ginger Tom
pet_frnd_0=Hostile pet.hotwords.beg=beg
pet_race_2_008=Saltwater Croc pet_race_1_024=Longhaired Persian
pet_frnd_1=Angry pet_race_1_023=Indoor Alley Cat
pet.saying.sleep.croco.3=*snores* pet_race_1_010=Wannabe Wildcat
pet_enrg_5=Sprightly*hiss* pet_race_0_007=Big-eyed Beagle
pet_race_2_010=See ya later alligator pet_race_1_012=Freckled Feral
pet.saying.generic.croco.1=*Mellow* zzzzzz
pet_mood_4=Happy! pet_race_0_005=Snoop
Dog pet_race_1_009=Scaredy Kat pet.saying.sniff.croco.2=*Sighs*
pet_mood_3=Contented pet_thir_2=Thirsty pet.saying.sniff.croco.1=*Sniff sniff*
pet_frnd_2=Suspicious pet_race_1_006=Titchy Tiger pet_hung_6=Stuffed
pet_mood_5=Joyful pet_race_0_004=Aussie Cattle Dog
pet.saying.sleep.croco.2=Zzzz...Zzzzz pet_race_1_020=Haughty Housecat
pet_enrg_11=Nutcase pet.hotwords.lie=lie down pet_enrg_6=Active
pet_frnd_4=Calm pet_race_0_009=Rhodesian Ridgeback! pet_frnd_7=Affectionate pet_frnd_5=Friendly
pet_race_0_008=Springy Spaniel
pet_frnd_6=Warm pet_race_1_015=Greedy Garfield pet_race_2_011=Petty
Petsuchos, slurp, slurp,
crunch mmmm pet.saying.sleep.croco.6=Mmmm pet_frnd_3=Cool
pet_race_1_014=Bushy Bobtail pet_race_0_017=Smart Sheepdog
pet_race_0_023=Dotty Dalmatian, umm, munch
pet.saying.generic.croco.2=*licks lips* pet_race_0_000=Australian Kelpie yum yum*whimpers *! Grrrr..woof
woof pet.hotwords.come_here=come here woof woof!!! pet_mood_2=Blue
pet_race_0_001=Habbo Husky pet_status_dialog=%name%
pet_race_0_018=Bull Mastiff
pet.saying.angry.croco.1=Rawwwr...rrr pet_nature=Nature:
pet_race_1_007=Burmese Buddy pet.saying.generic.croco.3=*Smiles*
pet_race_0_024=Black-eyed Boxer pet.saying.angry.croco.0=Grrrrr...rrr
pet_race_1_008=Mad Mouser Grrrrr
pet_race_1_005=Adorable Angora pet_hungry=Hunger: pet_race_0_002=Joe
Cocker Spaniel pet_race_0_003=Rescue Bernard pet_race_2_000=Endangered
Albino pet_race_0_020=Patchy Pup*looks up with sad
eyes* pet_mood_1=Depressed
pet.hotwords.play_dead=play dead pet_race_2_003=Silly Sobek*dreaming* pet_frnd_11=Devoted url_pets=http://%predefined%//help/2 pet_race_2_002=Nile Dile
pet_race_0_022=Hairy Habrador pet.saying.sleep.croco.4=*Snuh snuh* rrrr pet_race_1_000=Sleepy Siamese
pet_race_0_021=Loyal Labrador
pet_happy=Happiness: pet_race_2_009=Freshwater Croc
ph_tickets_title=Tickets ph_exit=Exit in normal clothes paalu_ui4=stabilise
game_TicTacToe=Boter kaas en eieren ph_tickets_txt=Tickets can be used for
diving at the 'ool or to play Wobble Squabble. Tickets never expire.\r\rCurrently
you have \x1 ticket(s). tickets_button_info_hide=Hide Ticket Info
ph_tickets_choise1=Buy 2 tickets for 1 Habbo credit. paalu_ui3=moving
ph_ticket=Ticket notickets_buygame=Buy a game tickets_info_2=With 20 tickets
you can play 20 Wobble Squabble games\r or have 20 Pool dives
paalu_ui1=balance ph_tickets_buyfor=Buy Tickets for:
notickets_window_header=Tickets needed! ph_goswimming=Go swimming!
ph_choosecolour=Choose costume colour ph_keys_spacebar=Spacebar
ph_keys_run=Run: notickets_text_1=2 game tickets cost 1 credit
ph_tickets_choise2=Buy 20 tickets for 6 Habbo credits.
tickets_button_info_2=What you can with these 20 tickets
score_board.text=POINTS ph_keys_dive=Diving moves: paalu.winner=Winner:
ph_tickets_have2=tickets. ph_keys_jump=Jump: tickets_button_info_1=What
you can do with these 2 tickets ph_tickets_have1=You have tickets_info_1=With
2 tickets you can play 2 Wobble Squabble games or\r have 2 Pool dives.
notickets_store_link=Go to ticket store >>> game_Chess=Schaak
paalu_ui5=balance notickets_text_2=Buy more tickets now and get a discount.
You can also buy tickets as a present. notickets_header=Buy game tickets to
play this game paalu_ui2=push roomatic_intro3="My mates live miles away, but
we can meet up in my room every Friday night and we dont' have to worry about
getting home afterwards." - PinkFruit roommatic_hc_members_only=This room is
for club members only roomatic_wrongpw=Crikey! Sorry, your passwords don't
match. Please enter them again. roomatic_hway=Hotel guests are expected to
follow the Habbo Way even if word filtering is switched off.
roomatic_givename=Give your room a name! roomatic_namedisplayed=Do you
want your name to be displayed with the room? roomatic_roomnumber=Room
number: roomatic_nomatch=Sorry. Your passwords don't match. Please enter
them again. roomatic_canmodifysettings=(You can change these settings later)
roomatic_letmove=Let other people move your furniture and place their own.
(Furniture cannot be stolen.) roomatic_locked=Door locked - visitors have to ring
doorbell roomatic_givepwd=Password: roomatic_owner=Owner:
roomatic_open=Door open roomatic_roomdescription=Room description:
roomatic_goyourroom=Go to your room room_info_rated=Room rating:
roomatic_bobbafilter=Bobba filter (filters out bad language)
roommatic_modify_size=Room size: %tileCount% tiles more_roomlayouts=Extra
room layouts for Habbo Club members >> roomatic_intro2=Here's what one
Habbo says about her room: roomatic_chooselayout=Choose the layout of your
room roomatic_congrats=Congratulations! You're now the proud owner of your
own Habbo Hotel room. room_info_rate_req=Rate this room
roomatic_name=Room name: roomatic_onemoment=Please wait, we are going
to your room... roomatic_security=Security roomatic_confirm=Confirm password:
roomatic_roomname=Room name: roomatic_pws2=24 hour access:
roomatic_roomdesc=Room description: roomatic_namedisp=Do you want your
name to be displayed with the room? roomatic_intro1=You can decorate and
furnish your room however you like and no one can tell you to tidy up or turn the
music down. It's up to you if you let everyone in or just a chosen few, or lock the
door and chill by yourself. Get creating and in a couple of minutes you'll have
your own Habbo Hotel space. roomatic_createyrown=Create Your Own Room
roomatic_choosecategory= roomatic_create_error=Error in room creation
process. Please try again! roomatic_pws=Password for selected
sound_machine_alert_jukebox_list_full=The playlist is full. Please wait until the
current song has finished playing and try again.
sound_machine_song_name=Untitled Trax
sound_machine_alert_song_saved=Song "%name%" successfully saved.
sound_machine_playlist_window=Traxmachine Playlist Editor
sound_machine_your_songs=Traxmachine Songs jukebox_empty=Empty
sound_machine_alert_missing_packages=You need the following Traxpacks to
edit this song: sound_machine_alert_invalid_song_name=You have already
burned another song with the same name. Please change the song name before
trying again. sound_machine_song_save=Save song jukebox_now_playing=Now
playing: jukebox_song_name="%name%" sound_machine_confirm_close=Close
the editor? sound_machine_confirm_close_long=Are you sure you want to quit
without saving the song? jukebox_song_remaining=Remaining time: %time%
jukebox_disk_add=Add Disc preview_downloading=Preview downloading...
sound_machine_jukebox_disk_window=Insert disc
sound_machine_alert_song_not_ready=Can't save song! The song's not ready
yet. sound_machine_alert_no_sound_sets=You don't have any sound sets
available for song editing. \rNote that the sets need to be in your inventory
(hand). sound_machine_confirm_delete=Delete song?
sound_machine_confirm_clear=Clear the song? jukebox_next_up=Next up:
sound_machine_turn_on=Switch on sound_machine_window=Sound Machine
Editor sound_machine_alert_playlist_full=Could not save playlist! Playlists can
have only %count% songs. room_sound_furni_limit=You can only place one
sound furni per room sound_machine_song_info=Song Info
sound_machine_save_window=Save your Trax
sound_machine_alert_machine_full=Can't insert more sound packages! Remove
one of the inserted packages first. sound_machine_song_remove=Remove song
sound_machine_confirm_save_list=Save playlist? sound_machine_insert=Add to
mixer sound_machine_eject=Eject sound_machine_alert_no_disks=You don't
have any more discs! sound_machine_trax_name=Trax name:
sound_machine_confirm_delete_long=Are you sure you want to delete the
selected song? sound_machine_alert_song_locked=The song you're editing
can't be modified. Please save the song under another name to create a new
copy. sound_machine_playlist=Playlist sound_machine_confirm_burn=Burn this
song? sound_machine_confirm_save_list_long=Are you sure you want to
overwrite the current playlist? sound_machine_alert_no_more_songs=Can't
create new song! Traxmachine can have only %count% songs.
sound_machine_confirm_save_long=Are you sure you want to overwrite the
current saved song? sound_machine_confirm_clear_long=Are you sure you want
to clear the current song? sound_machine_time_1=%min%:%sec%min
sound_machine_time_2=%min%:%sec%min sound_machine_turn_off=Switch
off sound_machine_confirm_close_list_long=Are you sure you want to exit
playlist editor without saving? jukebox_song_length=Song length: %time%
sound_machine_confirm_eject=Remove cartridge? jukebox_load_trax=Load
Trax sound_machine_confirm_burn_long=Are you sure you want to burn this
song to disc? Burning costs 1 Credit. sound_machine_confirm_eject_long=Are
you sure you want to remove the Traxpack and its samples from the song?
song_disk_text_template="%name%" by %author% Burned %day%.%month%.
%year% jukebox_reset=Reset Jukebox sound_machine_confirm_window=Sound
Machine sound_machine_burn=Burn Song sound_machine_new=Create a New
Song play_preview=Play preview of sounds
sound_machine_confirm_close_list=Close playlist editor?
interface_icon_sound=Toggle sounds on or off
sound_machine_alert_invalid_song_length=Can't burn an empty song!
sound_machine_confirm_save=Save the song? sound_machine_list_save=Save
Playlist sound_machine_open_editor=Trax Editor
sound_machine_alert_song_name_missing=Please give your song a name.
jukebox_song_author=by: %author% sound_machine_edit=Edit song
song_disk_trade_info="%name%" by %author% group_member=Member
interface_icon_help=Help, need help? fx_desc_duration=%rYou have %c of
these, duration %hh %mmin fx_btn_stop=Stop effect object_displayer_fx=%fx
(%t) spectator_count=spectators %cnt%/%max% fx_inv_window_title=My effects
group_homepage=Groups' homepage >>> fx_inv_active_title=Effects activated:
interface_icon_catalog=Catalogue, furnishing your room
fx_btn_inventory=Effects inventory group_homepage_url=http://%predefined
%/groups/%groupid%/id int_credits=Credits performer_song_selector=Select
music judge_waiting_performer=Wait for the next performance to begin.
fx_catalog_link_text=Go get your amazing effects from the Catalogue!
interface_icon_ig=Controller, join free games judge_voted_yes=You voted YES.
opening_hours_text_closed=The Hotel has been closed but will open again at
%h%:%m%. interface_icon_tv_close=Leave the Room and close the
Habbovision mode. group_privileges=Privileges:
opening_hours_text_opening_time=The Hotel will open again at %h%:%m%.
See you then! group_room_link=Group's room: %room_name% >>>
group_admin=Administrator group_window_title=Habbo Groups
performer_no_song=No music Effects
fx_btn_choose=Wear effect interface_icon_hand=Hand, your inventory
int_newrequests=Friend Request(s) int_newmessages=New message(s)
fx_tab_title=My effects int_update_id=Edit my settings >> performer_start=Start
performance judge_voted_no=You voted NO. int_ho
wtoget=How to get? interface_icon_navigator=Navigator, navigate around
performer_info=Select background music for your performance.
group_owner=Owner openhrs_title=We are closing down the hotel
interface_icon_messenger=Messenger, friends & messages on here
opening_hours_title=Hotel maintenance interface_icon_sound=Toggle sounds on
or off fx_notinuse=Not in use opening_hours_text_disabled=The Hotel is shutting
down really soon. To avoid confusion, the purchasing of furniture, Little Beach
Hotel Club and game tickets have been disabled during this time, as well as
playing Games and furniture trading. Thank you for visiting and we'll see you
when we reopen! fx_btn_activate=Activate fx_inv_worn_title=Currently active
effects: judge_voting_info=Your vote is locked in once you've made it.
interface_icon_purse=Purse, manage your coins judge_tool_title=Rate
performance tooltip_external_link=Link opened to web page
habbo_tv_title=Widescreen Habbovision opening_hours_text_shutdown=The
Hotel will shut down in %d% minutes. To avoid confusion, the purchasing of
furniture, Habbo Club and game tickets will be disabled during this time, as well
as playing Games and furniture trading. Thank you for visiting, we'll see you
when we reopen! interface_icon_game_rules=Read game rules
ig_info_can_start=Ready to start! ig_title_powerups=Power-ups in game
game_chess_black=Black: game_BattleShip=Battleships
ig_info_game_start_in_x=Game will start in \x bb_buyTicketsButton=Buy tickets
gs_error_8=To start a Game, there must be at least two Teams of one player
each! gs_3teams=3 Teams Game ig_rules_ss_2=2. Hold shift and click on a
person to throw a snowball a longer distance. game_chess_start=Start over
gs_specnum=Number of spectators: \x gs_error_5=The Tournament is available
only to users living in the local Habbo Hotel country. ig_rules_bb_1=1. Turn tiles
to your team colour by bouncing on them. Multiple bounces on the same tile
locks it. game_bs_toast=Toast! gs_choose_gamefield=Choose Snow Arena:
gs_error_4=You have reached your maximum daily amount of Games!
ig_link_show_high_scores=Show high scores gs_error_6=You have been kicked
out of the Game! gs_error_join_7=You have already joined this Game!
ig_button_start_new_cancel=Cancel gs_button_expand=Expand window
game_battles_turn=TURN bb_link_tournament_highScores_url=http://
%predefined%//groups/11249/id ig_button_change_team=Change team
ig_button_prejoin_yes=Yes ig_rules_ss_1=1. Click a player to hit with a
snowball. ig_link_hide_high_scores=Hide high scores gs_state_created=Waiting
for players. ig_title_starting_games=STARTING GAMES bb_powerup_7=Bomb
ig_rules_bb_2=2. Create a closed shape out of locked tiles to claim the whole
shape for your team. gs_timeleft=Time left \x bb_powerup_8=Drill
game_bs_ship4=Destroyer(s) ig_button_join_this_game=Join game
game_poker_logoff=Left the game gs_text_spectate=You are a spectator
game_bs_turn1=Your turn ig_title_rules2_ss=Scoring
ig_button_start_game_now=Start game game_newgame=New game
gs_lounge_skill=Level in this Lounge: \x \r (\y-\z points) ig_tip_xp_today=Today
ig_link_start_new_game=New game ig_join_team=Join team
ig_controls_ss_1=Strike an opponent: 1 point ig_button_gamedetail_back=Back
ig_controls_bb_4=Get major points by creating a closed shape out of locked tiles.
bb_header_powerups=Powerups in game: ig_game_drt_2=2 min
game_poker_changed=changed gs_error_watch_0=All the spectator seats are
taken! gs_5min=5min gs_lounge_skill_no_max=Infinite
ig_popup_recommended_games=Recommended games
ig_tab_highscores=High scores sw_fieldname_7=Skull Lake
object_displayer_xp=Monthly XP: \xp gs_button_ready=Create ig_xp_total=Total
XP gs_lounge_skill_no_min=No minimum game_bs_ship3=Cruiser(s)
ig_info_choose_a_level=Choose a level game_bs_ship2=Battle ship(s)
game_waitop=WAITING FOR THE OPPONENT ig_controls_bb_3=Stealing
opponent's tiles is worth more than bouncing on free tiles.
gs_link_highscores=High Scores ig_title_loading=Loading...
gs_button_rejoin=Join next game ig_title_hscore_team=TEAM
sw_fieldname_6=Grand Siege game_poker_waiting=Waiting for other players
ig_highscore_rank1=1. gs_button_cancel=Cancel
ig_button_leave_this_game=Leave game game_placeship=Place your ships:
ig_controls_ss_2=Opponent falls down: 5 points ig_button_leave_game=Leave
game ig_popup_gamelist_link=All starting games
ig_ag_flag_teamhigh_title=New team high score! ig_highscore_rank2=2.
bb_powerup_desc_8=By using a vacuum cleaner you can clear any tile in the
field! bb_powerup_desc_7=A bomb clears all tiles around it.
gs_button_spectate=Be a spectator ig_teamname_2=Blue team
ig_bubble_ag_winner_1=Red team wins! gs_button_go_finished=Scores
ig_rules_ss_4=4. Make new snowballs by clicking the glove icon in the bottom
bar. game_bs_won=WON! gs_title_finalscores=Game over! gs_score_tie=The
game ended in a tie! ig_title_rules1_bb=Rules gs_error_start_9=Team sizes can
only differ by one player. This Game can't start! gs_mouseover_player=\x\r\yp
gs_choose_numteams=From 2 to 4 Teams are allowed ig_title_duration=Game
duration ig_tooltip_game_availability_0=PUBLIC GAME is shown in the game list
and can be joined by everyone. game_bs_hit=A Hit!:
ig_tooltip_game_availability_1=PRIVATE GAME can only be joined from the
room you are in. ig_rules_ss_3=3. Hold mouse button down longer while
pressing shift to throw even longer and higher arcs. gs_state_finished=This
Game is already over! gs_title_countdown=Game is about to begin
bb_fieldname_1=Sky Peak ig_info_prejoin=Join this free game?
ig_play_again_yes=Yes game_bs_ship1=An aircraft carrier sw_title=Snow Storm
gs_joinedplayers=Players who joined: \x ig_button_start_new_ready=Ready
ig_title_rules2_bb=Scoring gs_error_game_checkname=Please check the
Game's name! ig_teamhigh_teamscore=TEAM SCORE
ig_link_leave_game=Leave this game ig_bubble_ag_winner_2=Blue team wins!
ig_bubble_ag_winner_3=Green team wins! gs_error_create_0=This Lobby is full,
please create a Game in another Lobby! ig_title_choose_duration=Choose game
duration ig_error_kicked=You have been kicked from the game!
ig_teamname_4=Yellow team gs_button_buytickets=Buy Tickets
bb_fieldname_4=Gothic Hallway bb_link_highscores=Highscores
gs_button_start=Start Game now game_poker_change=Choose cards to change
gs_deathmatch=Every Habbo for himself! ig_tip_time_to_join_x=Time to join \x
gs_choose_gametime=Choose Game duration: bb_fieldname_2=Coral Beach
ig_highscore_rank4=4. ig_title_team_highscores=Team high scores
bb_powerup_desc_2=Bouncing on a spring locks tiles in a single jump.
ig_teamname_3=Green team sw_user_skill=Skill Level: \x\rScore: \y
game_bs_miss=Miss: ig_player_needed=-Player needed-
ig_button_owngame_back=Back sw_link_gameRules_url=http://%predefined
%//groups/11246/id ig_highscore_rank3=3. bb_user_skill=Skill Level:
\x\rScore: \y bb_choose_powerups=Powerup selection game_poker_ok=Change
cards ig_ag_flag_user_left=Player left! ig_teamname_1=Red team
gs_title_nextround=Next game... gs_choose_gamename=Enter a name for your
Game: ig_bubble_ag_userleft=\x left the game! ig_controls_bb_2=Multiple jumps
on same tile are worth more points. ig_link_hide_game_rules=Hide game rules
ig_button_join_another_game=Join another game bb_title_bouncingBall=Battle
Ball bb_powerup_desc_6=Harlequin effect makes everybody colour tiles for your
team. gs_error_join_0=The selected Team is already full. bb_fieldname_3=Maze
Park game_chess=Chess ig_controls_bb_1=Get score by bouncing on tiles.
gs_button_leavegame=Leave Game gs_4teams=4 Team Game
bb_fieldname_5=Barebones Classic gs_2min=2min ig_tooltip_gametype_0=Join
this SnowStorm game bb_title_BBscores2=Game over! ig_title_play_again=Play
again? bb_powerup_desc_4=A shot with a cannon locks tiles in a straight line.
gs_timetojoin=\x seconds to join gs_skill_changed=You have advanced to the
next skill level. Your level is now %1! ig_tooltip_gametype_1=Join this Battle Ball
game bb_powerup_desc_3=Flashlight colours a straight line ahead of you.
gs_button_shrink=Shrink window number_2=2 ig_bubble_ag_userrejoined=\x
rejoined the game! ig_tip_xp_value=\xp XP gs_button_go_started=Watch
ig_tip_xp_month=This month bb_title_gameCreation=Create game
bb_powerup_desc_5=Bouncing on box of pins will burst your battle ball!
ig_title_choose_powerups=Choose power-ups ig_info_get_ready=GET READY!
ig_info_join_a_game=Join a free game ig_button_create_game=Ready
ig_title_available_levels=AVAILABLE LEVELS bb_info_gamePrice=Price is 2
Tickets gs_link_gamerules=Game Rules ig_ag_flag_high_title=New high score!
game_chooseside=Choose your side gs_title_gamecreation=Create a new
Game! ig_info_no_games=There are no starting games at the moment. But you
can easily start a new game yourself! bb_link_gameRules_url=http://%predefined
%//groups/11249/id bb_powerup_3=Flashlight number_4=4
ig_title_highscores=High scores ig_highscore_rank5=5. gs_header_page=Page
ig_game_drt_5=5 min gs_scores_team_4=Green Team:
bb_header_teams=Teams sw_link_tournament_highScores_url=http://
%predefined%//groups/11246/id sw_fieldname_5=Polar Labyrinth
bb_powerup_4=Cannon number_3=3 gs_button_creategame=Create a new
Game ig_text_time_to_join=Time to join gs_error_join_3=Your skill level is either
too low or too high for playing in this Lobby. bb_powerup_6=Harlequin
bb_text_hostInfo=Please choose a name for your Game and select the amount
of Teams. ig_rules_bb_3=3. Use power-ups by clicking the icon in the bottom bar
or by pressing arrow down key. sw_fieldname_2=Algid River ig_game_drt 5=
game_chess_email=Receive game via email gs_scores_team_2=Blue Team:
ig_info_waiting_for_players=Waiting for players game_poker_ready=READY
gs_2teams=2 Teams Game game_bs_turn2=The enemy's turn
gs_scores_team_1=Red Team: gs_3min=3min gs_header_teams=Players of this
Game: sw_fieldname_4=Frosty Forest bb_header_gameinfo=Game info
ig_play_again_no=No ig_game_drt_3=3 min bb_link_join=Join Team
game_poker=POKER ig_button_prejoin_no=No bb_powerup_desc_0=No power-
ups selected for this game ig_title_team_amount=Number of teams
bb_title_finalScores=Final standings: ig_title_rules1_ss=Controls
bb_powerup_5=Box of pins game_bs_congrat=Congratulations!
bb_powerup_2=Spring gs_error_nocredits=You need Little Beach Hotel Credits
to play a Game! gs_button_go_created=Join ig_timetojoin=Time to join
bb_powerup_desc_1=Light bulb colours an area around it. bb_powerup_1=Light
bulb sw_timeleft=Time: gs_skill_changed_header=Congratulations!
ig_tooltip_game_joined=You are in this game ig_link_show_game_rules=Show
game rules ig_ag_flag_xp_title=+ \xp XP sw_gameprice=Each Game costs 2
tickets! sw_link_highScores_url=http://%predefined%//groups/11246/id
gs_error_create_3=Your skill level is either too low or too high for playing in this
Lobby. ig_title_invitation_only=Private game gs_state_started=This Game has
already started... bb_link_gamerules=Game Rules sw_fieldname_3=Glacial Fort
ig_tip_xp_alltime=All time gs_idlewarning=You will be kicked out if you don't start
or join a Game soon! gs_error_game_deleted=This Game has been deleted.
ig_title_open_for_everyone=Public game ig_button_cancel=Cancel
gs_error_2=You don't have enough Tickets! game_chess_white=White:
ig_title_hscore_players=PLAYERS gs_error_1=You have entered invalid data!
ig_bubble_ag_winner_4=Yellow team wins! gs_title_bestplayer=Best player is:
gs_error_10=The hotel is closed or about to close. See you again soon.
sw_fieldname_1=Arctic Island gs_scores_team_3=Yellow Team:
gs_header_gamelist=Games List handitem1=tea handitem28=Green Tea
handitem44=Cosmic Crush handitem4=ice-cream handitem23=Habbo Soda
handitem29=Tomato juice handitem34=Fish handitem15=iced handitem35=Pink
Bubbles! handitem26=Calippo handitem14=filter handitem37=Apple
handitem13=espresso handitem38=Orange handitem9=decaff
handitem30=Radioactive liquid handitem19=Green Gecko handitem39=Slice of
pineapple handitem16=cappuccino handitem11=mocha
handitem40=Champagne handitem36=Pear handitem25=Love potion
handitem2=juice handitem8=regular handitem3=carrot handitem10=latte
handitem24=Bubble juice from 1978 handitem21=Hamburger handitem7=water
handitem20=Camera handitem31=Pink Bubbles! handitem27=Tea
handitem22=Soft Drink handitem18=tap water handitem5=milk handitem17=Full-
fat Grande Latte handitem6=blackcurrant handitem41=Sumppi-kuppi

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