MARCH 19, 2014

NR # 3410B

Bill creates E-Commerce Bureau
A lawmaker is seeking the creation of a Bureau of E-Commerce to address the burgeoning multifarious activities in the e-commerce industry and promote the country as an attractive and safe destination for e-commerce. Rep. Wes atchalian !"arty-list# Alay Buhay$ filed %ouse Bill &'(' that aims to put up the E-Commerce Bureau# which shall focus and work full time on e-commerce development# international competitiveness and continuing research. atchalian said the bureau would also maintain statistical data# investigate administrative complaints against or by stakeholders# monitor and evaluate the ecommerce policies and programs. According to atchalian# Congress enacted into law Republic Act '()* otherwise known as the Electronic Commerce Act of *+++ to facilitate domestic and international dealings# transactions through the use of electronic# optical and other similar mediums. ,R.A. '()* recogni-ed the role of information and communication technology in commercial trade and in nation building. As such# the E-Commerce .ffice of the /epartment of 0rade and 1ndustry was created with the aim of directly supervising the promotion and development of electronic commerce in the country#2 atchalian said. atchalian said the E-Commerce Bureau will be a high level office compared to the E-Commerce .ffice of the /epartment of 0rade and 1ndustry !/01$ and shall be the primary policy# planning# coordinating# implementing and regulating office to promote ecommerce industry in the country. 1n pushing for the bill# atchalian cited a 3ielsen survey which revealed that the "hilippines has at least &&.4 million internet users# representing roughly &+5 of the country6s population who are engaged or have the potential to be engaged with online trading. %e said the e-commerce and 1nternet sectors have evolved rapidly since their early development and the government should take active interest and harness the opportunities offered by these emerging technologies. 7nder the measure# the E-Commerce Bureau is tasked to promote and maintain fair and efficient market conduct and effective competition between persons engaged in commercial activities connected with e-commerce. 1t shall likewise promote the universal use of electronic transaction in the

government and general public. 0he Bureau is mandated to foster the development and e8pansion of information and communications services in the world in collaboration with other countries and international organi-ations and give technical aid to all prosecuting and law-enforcement officers and entities of the overnment as well as the court that may re9uest its services. 0he bill directs the E-Commerce Bureau to conduct technical audit and establish a strong and effective regulatory system on online transaction and e-commerce and monitor and evaluate the implementation of e-commerce policies# plans and programs. 1t shall be headed by a /irector to be appointed by the "resident and shall be attached to the /epartment of 0rade and 1ndustry !/01$. !&+$ lvc

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