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Suhaila Mohammad

uhaila Mohammad has been an IT software application trainer for the past 11
1 years.
A graduate in Diploma in Business Studies dan B(Sc). in
n Business Administration
(Marketing) started to have this career in early 1998. Since then, she has conducted
all sorts of IT training for corporate, teachers, support staff, children and also for individuals. To
enhanced her career and as an added knowledge, she took few Certifications with Microsoft,
where in 1999 – 2000, she has been awarded as Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MSCE – Win NT 4.0),
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP – Win NT & Proxy Server), dan MOUS 1997 (Master User). Not only that,
she also manage to get certified with Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB),
PSMB), that enables her to teach
in anywhere in Malaysia’s industry..
Her area of expertise includes
udes Microsoft Office, Lotus Suite, Desktop Publishing, Project Management,
dan Networking. Suhaila
haila is known to be able to conduct any kind of training spontaneously and interactively.
She will explain in detail and will repeat if the participants have a hard
har time understanding
nderstanding the subject matter.
To explore more in training industry,
industry she also conducts some soft skill trainings like presentation skills,
how to be a good presenter, and not forgetting the Train the Trainer course. Latest in 2009,
20 she conducted an
English and Science Camp for school children, where they will be able to do real life experiments and relate it to

Some experiences to share

Professional Experiences
• Represent Warisan Global Sdn Bhd for the opening of Maxis Camp in few states where trainer had to
networked participants from different districts and background to work in a team.
• Talks to the university students during SLG programs on the importance of nurturing good image. How
to portray good personality and handle
h tough people.
• Talks to all the facilitators on topics like time management, network with participants, planning of
opening and closing ceremony, opening gimmick and managing people during Maxis Camps
• Train all the trainers for GITN Internet Training course on:
a. Presentation skills
b. Time management
c. Program planning
d. Networking with the participants
e. Business ethics
• Conduct the Training for Facilitators for PPSMI VI– issues trained:
a. The do’s and the don’ts – actions towards your participants
b. Responses and feedbacks to the participants
c. Dress code
d. Network among all facilitators, trainers, and top level managers
e. Communication and time management
f. Responsibilities and program planning
• Conduct pre-training for Trainers for PPSMI VI– issues trained:
a. Network among all facilitators, trainers, and top level managers
b. Time management and program planning
c. Working as a team
d. Communication flows and barriers
e. Dress code
f. Image and personality
Represents corporate companies for any IT presentations and has conducted more than 50 training all over
Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak dan Singapura.