RCETC Launches New Christian Book Promotions Feature of its Website RCETC.

com launches new Christian book promotion feature of its website. On March 15, 2014 RCETC.com launched: "RCETC Christian Book Promotions" for the purpose of promoting Christian authors and good Christian literature. Toledo, Ohio, United States, March 17, 2014 -- RCETC.com launched a new feature of its website called "RCETC Christian Book Promotions" and is based on the PHPFusion software platform for solid SEO management of content. Christian (authors, book agents, publishers, book reviewers or persons working i n the book industry) are welcome to join this on-line community for the purpose of promoting one's craft to those that love to read or seekers o f information. Website features will include the ability to post articles, news stories, book c over and biographical photos; list website links to industry related websites; upload files of book and chapter content for FREE public downloads, pr oviding reading consumers with samples of an author's work. This website's community will also have at it disposal, in-house community forum s for discussions on the industry, as well as personal discussion on the craft o f writing. These forums are closed to the public, and can serve as an informatio nal tool, while learning from others in the industry. The public is invited to visit the website to read, view photos, download conten t and follow links to informative industry related websites. RCETC Christian Boo k Promotions can be found at this link: http://www.rcetc.com/christian_book_prom otions/news.php About RCETC.com: Reference Christian Eternal Theological Concepts (RCETC) is a private entity, wh ich provides its Internet Site for public information and promotional purposes. The site's owner is Reid Ashbaucher who was born in the Un ited States and holds a B. A. degree in Comprehensive Bible, an M.A. degree in C hristian Theology and has completed some postgraduate work towards a PhD. in Rel igious Studies endorsed by Canterbury Christ Church University, England. Mr. Ash baucher's occupation for the past 35 years has been associated with the communic ations' industry while working as an Electronic Technician and Radio Broadcast E ngineer. RCETC's MISSION is to promote the reality of God's words as recorded in the Holy Scriptures, and demonstrated through the salvation of mankind, the creation of all things and the holy living of God's people. RCETC.com exist to carry out thi s mission by providing Christian content and web resources for the edification o f the body of Christ, worldwide, and to bring God's truth to the world at an unc ertain time in its history. Contact: Reid AshbaucherReid Ashbaucher RCETC 4345 Pennfield Rd. Toledo, Ohio 43612 419-476-7882 webmaster@rcetc.com http://www.rcetc.com

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