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MGMT E-6000 Marketing Management Fall 2011 Instructor: Telephone: E-mail: Re uire! Materials: Dr. John L.

. Teopaco 617-353-3146 Custom Coursepac !"arvard Coop#

You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself. - $a%&%eo $a%&%e& "#$R%E &E%"RI'TI#( 'ar et&n( &s the &nterface )et*een the compan+ and the mar etp%ace. 'ana(ers &n a%% funct&ona% areas of )us&ness need an understand&n( of mar et&n( fundamenta%s. ,h&%e mar et&n( mana(ers create and &mp%ement mar et&n( strate(+- mana(ers &n account&n(f&nance and operat&ons a%so need to understand mar et&n( p%ans that re.u&re the&r cooperat&on or approva%. Th&s course covers the processes &nvo%ved &n the creat&on- commun&cat&on- sa%e and d&str&)ut&on of products. /t ta es a mana(er&a% perspect&ve 0 e1pos&n( students to the tas s and dec&s&ons faced )+ mar et&n( mana(ers- &nc%ud&n( tar(et mar et se%ect&oncompet&t&ve pos&t&on&n(- and the formu%at&on of product- pr&c&n(- commun&cat&ons and d&str&)ut&on strate(&es. "#$R%E #)*E"TI+E% The pr&nc&pa% o)ject&ves of the course are to ena)%e +ou to2 1. 3nderstand and app%+ the )as&c concepts and frame*or s of mar et&n( mana(ement 4. 5erform r&(orous .ua%&tat&ve and .uant&tat&ve ana%+ses re.u&red for the formu%at&on of effect&ve mar et&n( pro(rams 3. Commun&cate effect&ve%+ &n *r&t&n( and ora%%+ 4. Deve%op team*or s &%%s

GR,&I(G The course (rade *&%% )e determ&ned accord&n(%+2 C%ass part&c&pat&on $roup *r&tten case ana%+s&s 8o%o *r&tten case ana%+s&s 567 457 457 1667

9our part&c&pat&on (rade &s )ased on attendance- punctua%&t+- re(u%ar&t+ and .ua%&t+ of contr&)ut&ons to c%ass d&scuss&ons. to ,ppen!i/-) .or a more !etaile! !escription o. gra!ing e/pectations01 'lease note: ,tten!ance is a necessar2 3ut not su..icient con!ition .or a satis.actor2 gra!e0 4ou nee! to make signi.icant contri3utions5 "#$R%E 6E,R(I(G '7I6#%#'74 Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. Johann ,o%f(an( von $oethe 'ar et&n( mana(ement encompasses dec&s&on-ma &n( s &%%s- ana%+t&ca% a)&%&t&esconcepts- no*%ed(e- and commun&cat&ons s &%%s. Th&s course &s des&(ned to he%p +ou deve%op these s &%%s and capa)&%&t&es- and spec&f&ca%%+- the skill to develop effective solutions based on analysis and reasoning. Marketing Management is an interactive, discussion course. / do not %ecture. :or ever+ c%ass- +ou are re.u&red to have fu%%+ prepared the ass&(nment and to d&scuss +our preparat&on &n c%ass. R$6E% #F T7E G,ME ducation is not preparation for life; education is life itself. - John De*e+ ,e sha%% treat our c%ass sess&ons as )us&ness meet&n(s. ;s such- attendance- punctua%&t+preparedness- and mean&n(fu% contr&)ut&ons are required. ,e<%% pract&ce profess&ona% demeanor &n c%ass. 8pec&f&ca%%+- *e sha%% adhere to the fo%%o*&n( protoco%s2 =1> ;rr&ve on t&me. ?u&t on t&me. =4> Th&s &s a d&scuss&on c%ass- and not a note-ta &n( c%ass- therefore- computers are not a%%o*ed.

=3> 8ta+ dur&n( the ent&re durat&on of the c%ass. Ta e +our )rea prior to c%ass. Do not %eave premature%+. /f +ou must %eave ear%+- p%ease a%ert me &n advance. =4> 9ou ma+ )r&n( )evera(es to c%ass. 5%ease do not eat &n c%ass. =5> Turn off ce%% phones. =6> @n%+ one conversat&on at a t&me. =7> Ar&n( +our name card to ever+ c%ass. =B> 8ta+ &n the same seat =at %east for the f&rst three *ee s>. C&o%at&n( these protoco%s &s d&srupt&ve to c%ass %earn&n( and d&srespectfu% to the rest of the c%ass. 8&nce / eva%uate +our performance for ever+ sess&on- a v&o%at&on automat&ca%%+ de(rades +our eva%uat&on for that c%ass. =/f +ou for(et +our name card or +ou don<t sta+ &n the same seat- +ou r&s not (ett&n( cred&t for +our c%ass contr&)ut&on that da+D> Ae fu%%+ prepared for each c%ass sess&on. Ae read+ to EopenF the case d&scuss&on at the )e(&nn&n( of c%ass =as descr&)ed a)ove> and to ans*er .uest&ons that / ma+ pose dur&n( d&scuss&on. Demonstrate profess&ona%&sm and comm&tmentD Active contribution to class learning is the key to success in this course. There &s no ma e-up for m&ssed c%asses. /f +ou are una)%e to attend c%ass- p%ease e-ma&% me &n advance. Gmer(enc&es *&%% )e dea%t *&th on a case-)+-case )as&s. 9ou are respons&)%e for announcements made &n c%assHass&(nment chan(es- e1tra case data- etc. /f an emer(enc+ ar&ses and c%ass &s cance%%ed- &n the ne1t c%ass- *e sha%% p&c up *here *e %eft off =&.e.- *e<%% cover the ass&(nment that *as m&ssed>. ",%E ,(,64%I% !e that has sense knows that learning is not knowledge" but rather the art of using it. H I&chard 8tee%e Cases are veh&c%es for %earn&n( d&a(nost&c s &%%s and for app%+&n( concepts and frame*or s &ntroduced &n read&n(s and conceptua% d&scuss&ons. The %earn&n( from a case comes &n t*o *a+s. The f&rst &nvo%ves pre-c%ass preparat&on2 the a)&%&t+ to diagnose case pro)%ems and &ssues- to se%ect and app%+ appropr&ate forms of ana%+s&s =e.(.- .uant&tat&ve%o(&c- e1per&ence- conceptua%> and to ma e dec&s&ons a)out case so%ut&ons. Gach student shou%d ma e a dec&s&on a)out *hat shou%d )e done before com&n( to c%ass and )e a)%e to

document and present that so%ut&on on the )as&s of ana%+s&s. The second part of %earn&n( from cases comes from rea%&J&n( that other peop%e do not a%*a+s d&a(nose- ana%+Je- and so%ve pro)%ems the *a+ +ou do. Understanding others positions, learning from them, and countering them with your own is a critical part of the learning experience. o do so, you must listen to each other as well as talk in class. !nly when you have tried to defend your position can you fully understand its strengths and weaknesses0 There &s no s&n(%e r&(ht ans*er for a case- just as there &s rare%+ a s&n(%e r&(ht mar et&n( dec&s&on &n actua% pract&ce. ;na%+s&s &s more than not&n( and summar&J&n( case facts. The facts must )e noted- )ut then reason&n( must )e app%&ed to determ&ne ho* these facts re%ate to each other- and most &mportant%+- ho* these facts po&nt to the underlying causes of the case s&tuat&on. to ,ppen!i/-, .or a !escription o. the case metho! o. learning an! 2our responsi3ilities01 I(%TR$"T#R ),"8GR#$(& / have had a var&ed career &n mar et&n(- consu%t&n( and teach&n(. ;fter rece&v&n( m+ 'A; de(ree from the 3n&vers&t+ of '&nnesota- / *or ed &n product mana(ement for The 5&%%s)ur+ Compan+- C&t&)an and Kor*est Aan - and &n advert&s&n( account mana(ement for @(&%v+ L 'ather ;dvert&s&n(. ;fter th&s corporate e1per&ence- / dec&ded to pursue m+ &nterest &n teach&n( )+ stud+&n( for m+ doctorate &n mar et&n( at "arvard Aus&ness 8choo%. / have tau(ht at Aa)son Co%%e(e- '&am& 3n&vers&t+- Kortheastern 3n&vers&t+- and Aoston 3n&vers&t+ *here / am a fu%%-t&me facu%t+ mem)er.

,''E(&I9-, The Interacti:e;&iscussion Metho! o. 6earning The pr&mar+ %earn&n( mater&a%s that *e *&%% )e us&n( are cases and conceptua% read&n(s. The most &mportant ru%e to eep &n m&nd &s that +ou are e1pected to have fu%%+ prepared for c%ass )+ hav&n( thou(htfu%%+ read the ass&(nment and ans*ered the ass&(ned d&scuss&on .uest&ons. Cases dea% *&th rea% %&fe )us&ness s&tuat&ons. ;na%+s&s and d&scuss&on of cases prov&de an effect&ve means of deve%op&n( the att&tudes and s &%%s necessar+ to )ecome an effect&ve mana(er. There are no r&(ht or *ron( ans*ers. "o*ever- there are (ood and )ad ana%+sesD ,hat &s &mportant &s the process of arr&v&n( at +our o*n conc%us&ons and recommendat&ons- )+ marsha%%&n( ev&dence &n the case- and app%+&n( carefu% and %o(&ca% th&n &n(. Ta e a proact&ve stance *hen +ou read the conceptua% art&c%es. "o* does the read&n( re%ate to pr&or art&c%esM "o* does &t re%ate to the ass&(ned case and pr&or cases that *e have d&scussedM "o* does the content re%ate to +our o*n persona% e1per&ence as a consumerM ,hat e1amp%es and &%%ustrat&ons v&v&d%+ )r&n( to %&fe the concepts that +ou are read&n( a)outM 'ost &mportant%+- +ou shou%d )e ea(er and *&%%&n( to share +our &ns&(hts *&th the rest of the c%assD / sha%% (u&de and provo e d&scuss&on pr&mar&%+ )+ as &n( fundamenta%Heven seem&n(%+ naNveH.uest&ons. 9ou shou%d )e prepared to E(o *&th the f%o*F of the d&scuss&on. "lass 'articipation In this course< 2ou =ill 3e e/pecte! to 3e present .or all class sessions an! to arri:e on time. 9ou *&%% )e eva%uated on +our performance for each c%ass sess&on. ;)sentees *&%% (et fa&%&n( (rades for m&ssed c%asses. /f +ou a)so%ute%+ cannot attend c%ass- p%ease e-mail me in a!:ance. 9our &n-c%ass contr&)ut&ons are a%%-&mportant )ecause *e *&%% )e %earn&n( from one another. '+ ro%e &s not to E&mpart *&sdom-F )ut to fac&%&tate +our %earn&n( from each other. ;rr&v&n( at a consensus &s not the o)ject&ve of c%ass d&scuss&onD To the contrar+comments that &dent&f+ the pros and cons of a%ternat&ve dec&s&ons or po&nts of v&e*- and (enerate a hea%th+ de)ate are stron(%+ encoura(ed =and re*arded>. L&ve%+- v&(orous d&scuss&ons are the (oa%- )ut ar(uments shou%d a%*a+s )e at a profess&ona% %eve%. /n th&s sp&r&t- p%ease do not spea un%ess ca%%ed upon- and *hoever has the f%oor shou%d rece&ve the fu%% attent&on of the c%ass. L&sten to *hat he or she has to sa+D Au&%d on prev&ous spea ers< comments. Do not ra&se +our hand *h&%e someone &s spea &n(. :&na%%+- address +our comments to the ent&re c%ass- not just to me.

$rad&n( *&%% )e )ased on .ua%&t+ =depth- &ns&(htfu%ness- contr&)ut&on to c%ass %earn&n(> and .uant&t+ =cons&stenc+- re(u%ar&t+>. ?ua%&t+ counts more. "o*ever- one cannot ma e .ua%&t+ comments *&thout some .uant&t+. Those *ho do not part&c&pate are %& e%+ to do poor%+ &n the course. ;s ment&oned- +ou are e1pected to come fu%%+ prepared and read+ to part&c&pate for ever+ c%ass. =@ther*&se- p%ease do not )other attend&n( so *e can avo&d an+ potent&a% em)arrassment and *aste of c%ass t&me.> Ae prepared to )e ca%%ed upon to EopenF a case )+ present&n( +our fu%% ana%+s&s and recommendat&ons at the start of c%ass- or to )e as ed for a comment &n the m&dst of the d&scuss&on. The (rad&n( of c%ass part&c&pat&on &s necessar&%+ a su)ject&ve e1erc&se. "o*everh&( comments have one or a%% of the fo%%o*&n( character&st&cs2 >1? insight.ulness< >2? appropriate application o. marketing concepts< an! >@? a!:ancement o. the !iscussion. 8ome spec&f&c cr&ter&a for eva%uat&n( d&scuss&on contr&)ut&ons are2 Does the student demonstrate an ea(erness to part&c&pateM /s the student a (ood %&stenerM Does heOshe )u&%d on others< commentsM /s the student *&%%&n( to &nteract *&th other c%ass mem)ersM ;re the po&nts made re%evant to the d&scuss&onM ;re the+ %&n ed to others< commentsM Do comments demonstrate ev&dence of &n-depth ana%+s&s of the caseM Do comments add to our understand&n( of the s&tuat&onM Do comments ma e a su)stant&ve contr&)ut&on to the advancement of our ana%+s&sM /s there a *&%%&n(ness to test ne* &deas- or are the comments EsafeMF Do comments sho* an understand&n( of concepts or ana%+t&ca% techn&.ues proper%+ app%&ed to the current s&tuat&onM /s the student present&n( &ns&(htfu% .uant&tat&ve ana%+s&sM /s the student present&n( eth&ca% cons&derat&ons and &ns&(htsM / *&%% (&ve +ou a m&dterm c%ass part&c&pat&on (rade. "o*ever- &f +ou fee% that +ou are hav&n( d&ff&cu%t+ (ett&n( &nto the d&scuss&ons- p%ease ta% to me r&(ht a*a+. Ta e advanta(e of off&ce hours. Don<t *a&t unt&% m&d-term or *orse- unt&% the end of the termD

,''E(&I9 - ) 'ro.ile o. the A,B %tu!ent--,n #utstan!ing 'er.ormer Ae&n( a successfu% student- part&cu%ar%+ &n a caseO&nteract&ve course- &s mu%t&-d&mens&ona%. ;s&de from academ&c pro*ess- pos&t&ve attitudes and behaviors are &mportant and &nd&cat&ve of the e1ce%%ent student. $rad&n( an ent&re term<s performance *&th a s&n(%e %etter (rade &s a comp%e1 and d&ff&cu%t process. C%ass contr&)ut&on (rades ref%ect in"class performance. Therefore- the+ ref%ect pre-c%ass preparat&on and effort on%+ implicitly. Massive preparation and personal effort without any corresponding in"class contribution will not warrant a satisfactory grade . To c%ar&f+ m+ (rade e1pectat&ons and va%ues- the fo%%o*&n( prof&%e =a%)e&t st+%&Jed> &s an attempt to &%%ustrate *h+ and ho* an outstand&n( performer earns an E;F . ;ttendance2 5reparat&on2 E;F students have v&rtua%%+ perfect- punctua% attendance. The&r comm&tment to the c%ass resem)%es that of the &nstructor. The+ are thorou(h%+ prepared for c%ass. The+ are read+ to share &deas and &ns&(hts concern&n( mu%t&p%e facets of the case and read&n(s. The+ have &dent&f&ed the centra% &ssues and concepts. The+ have e1am&ned .ua%&tat&ve and .uant&tat&ve data thorou(h%+ to support the&r The+ e1h&)&t &nterest &n the c%ass and &n the su)ject. The+ (o )e+ond the o)v&ousH%oo &n( E)eh&nd the factsF of the case. The+ share pert&nent persona% e1per&ences and &ns&(hts. E;F students have retent&ve m&nds. The+ connect past %earn&n(Hfrom prev&ous cases- chapter read&n(s- and prev&ous coursesHto the present. The+ have a *&nn&n( att&tude. The+ have )oth the determ&nat&on and the se%f-d&sc&p%&ne for success. The+ sho* &n&t&at&ve and dr&ve. E;F students have someth&n( spec&a%He1cept&ona% &nte%%&(encee1traord&nar+ creat&v&t+- or(an&Jat&ona% s &%%s- d&%&(ence- or a thereof. These tra&ts are ev&dent to the &nstructor and c%assmates. 'ana(ement2 The+ have c%ear%+ def&ned persona% (oa%s for the course and are comm&tted to strate(&es for ach&ev&n( them. The+ mon&tor the&r performance and are proact&ve &n ma &n( necessar+ adjustments =&.e.- a%%ocat&n( more t&me to preparat&on- meet&n( *&th the &nstructor- form&n( stud+ (roups>. Iesu%ts2 E;F students ma e cons&stent%+ h&(h (rades on var&ous performance

ar(uments. Gnthus&asm2

Ietent&on2 ;tt&tude2 Ta%ent2 com)&nat&on

measures--ora% and *r&tten- .ua%&tat&ve and .uant&tat&ve. ",%E 'RE',R,TI#( C$E%TI#(% , ualisa CuartD 1. ,h+ &s the ?uartJ sho*er not se%%&n(M 4. ,hat &s the ?uartJ va%ue propos&t&on to p%um)ersM To consumersM 3. /s the ?uartJ a (ood productM /s &t a n&che product or a ma&nstream productM 4. ,hat &s the rat&ona%e )eh&nd ;.ua%&sa<s mu%t&p%e )rand strate(+ =;.ua%&sa$a&ns)orou(h- and 8ho*er'a1>M Ae prepared to map out ho* each )rand E(oes to mar et-F &.e.- *hat channe%s of d&str&)ut&on each )rand uses and the consumer se(ments the+ reach. 5. ,hat shou%d Ia*%&nson do to (enerate sa%es momentum for the ?uartJ productM 8hou%d he chan(e h&s mar et&n( strate(+ to tar(et consumers d&rect%+- tar(et the D/9 mar et- or tar(et deve%opersM 8hou%d he %o*er the pr&ce of the ?uartJM @r shou%d he do someth&n( d&fferent a%to(etherM (ote on Marketing %trateg2 1. EThe centra% ro%e of mar et&n( &n the enterpr&se stems from the fact that mar et&n( &s the process v&a *h&ch a f&rm creates va%ue for &ts chosen customers.F ,hat does th&s mean to +ouM 4. ,hat &s a mar et&n( strate(+M 3. ,hat are the 5CsM ,hat are the 45sM ,hat &s the re%at&onsh&p )et*een the t*oM (ote on 6o=-Tech Marketing Math 5%ease do the fo%%o*&n( e1erc&ses. The ans*ers are &n )rac ets. 1. ; manufacturer *&shes to esta)%&sh a reta&% %&st pr&ce of P6.66 on an &tem. The &tem *&%% )e so%d v&a a *ho%esa%er and reta&%ers =stores>. Ieta&%ers have a po%&c+ of o)ta&n&n( a 467 mar(&n )ased on se%%&n( pr&ce. ,hat pr&ce must the =holesaler se%% the &tem forM !,.8.5. Q P3.66# 4. /n order for the *ho%esa%er to rece&ve a 467 mar(&n- *hat pr&ce must the

manu.acturer se%% the &tem forM !'.8.5. Q P4.BB# 3. The manufacturer<s cost of (oods so%d &s P4.66. ,hat &s the manu.acturerEs mar(&n &n un&t contr&)ut&on do%%ars and contr&)ut&on mar(&n percenta(eM !3.C. Q P6.BBR C' Q 36.67# 4. ; manufacturer p%ans to se%% a product for P5. The un&t var&a)%e costs are P4 and tota% f&1ed costs ass&(ned to the product are P36-666. "o* man+ un&ts must )e so%d to )rea evenM !AG8C Q 16-666 un&ts# ,hat must the manufacturer<s do%%ar sa%es vo%ume )e to )rea evenM !AG8I Q P56-666# 5. ,hat *ou%d )rea even vo%ume )ecome &f f&1ed costs *ere &ncreased to P46-666 *h&%e the se%%&n( pr&ce and var&a)%e costs rema&ned unchan(edM !AG Q 13-333 un&ts# 6. ,hat *ou%d )rea even vo%ume )ecome &f se%%&n( pr&ce *ere dropped from P5 to P4 *h&%e f&1ed and var&a)%e costs rema&ned unchan(edM !AG Q 15-666 un&ts# 7. ,hat *ou%d )rea even vo%ume )ecome &f un&t var&a)%e costs per un&t *ere reduced to P1.56- se%%&n( pr&ce rema&ned at P5 and f&1ed costs *ere P36-666M !AG Q B-571 un&ts# 'ro!uct Team "ialis: Getting Rea!2 to Market 1. ,hat are the most re%evant d&mens&ons a%on( *h&ch to se(ment the pat&ent mar et for GD treatmentM =Th&s &s a separate and &ndependent step from the se%ect&on of the actua% tar(etHsee )e%o*.> 4. @f the se(ments &dent&f&ed- *h&ch *ou%d +ou tar(et &n&t&a%%+ *&th C&a%&sM 3. ,hat &s C&a(ra<s pos&t&on&n( &n the mar etp%ace &n 4664M "o* *ou%d +ou character&Je the C&a(ra )randM 3. ,hat *ou%d )e the most effect&ve *a+ to pos&t&on C&a%&s &n the mar etp%aceM 4. ,hat mar et&n( m&1 act&v&t&es shou%d accompan+ the %aunch of C&a%&sM a> ,hat *ou%d )e the most &mportant messa(es to commun&cate to the tar(et pat&entsM To ph+s&c&ansM To partnersM )> ,hat med&um *ou%d +ou use to reach each of these part&es and *hat *ou%d +our re%at&ve resource a%%ocat&on )e to eachM c> "o* *ou%d +ou pr&ce C&a%&s =assum&n( no hea%th covera(e>M ,hat t+pe of promot&ons *ou%d +ou offerM

5. ,hat compet&t&ve response do +ou ant&c&pate from 5f&JerM :rom Aa+er-$%a1o8m&thT%&neM Market %egmentation< Target Market %election an! 'ositioning 1. G1p%a&n the d&fferences )et*een se(mentat&on- tar(et&n( and pos&t&on&n(. 4. ,hat are the major )ases for se(ment&n( consumer mar etsM =Iefer to Kote on 'ar et&n( 8trate(+.> C&te e1amp%es. 3. "o* does one determ&ne *h&ch mar et se(ment to tar(etM 4. ,hat &s the s&(n&f&cance of pos&t&on&n( to mar et&n( strate(+M 5. "o* do +ou deve%op a pos&t&on&n( for a productM ,hat &s a pos&t&on&n( statementM 6. "o* do compan&es d&fferent&ate the&r products for effect&ve pos&t&on&n(M C&te e1amp%es. Me!i uip %0,0 1. ,hat *ent *ron( hereM 4. /s Tha%dorf a (ood sa%espersonM ,h+ or *h+ notM 3. ,hat shou%d Tha%dorf have done d&fferent%+M ,hat shou%d 'ed&.u&p sen&or mana(ement have done d&fferent%+M 4. ,ho *as &nvo%ved at Lohmann 3n&vers&t+ "osp&ta% &n the purchase of a CT-scannerM ,hat *ere the&r ro%esM ,ho had the po*erM ,h+ d&d the+ dec&de not to purchase the 'ed&.u&p scannerM 5. ,hat *as 'ed&.u&p<s mar et&n( strate(+ for &ts CT scannerM ,hat<s the mar et&n( pro)%em hereM /s &t a strate(+ pro)%em or a se%%&n( pro)%emM %cope an! "hallenge o. )usiness-to-)usiness Marketing 1. ,hat are the d&fferences &n )us&ness-to-)us&ness versus )us&ness-to-consumer )u+&n( )ehav&or &n terms of the )u+&n( dec&s&on-ma &n( un&t =*ho does the )u+&n(> and the )u+&n( dec&s&on-ma &n( process- &.e.- &nformat&on search- eva%uat&on of a%ternat&vespurchase and post-purchase cons&derat&ons. 4. ,hat are the &mp%&cat&ons of the a)ove d&fferences on the A4A mar et&n( m&1 =product16

pr&c&n(- promot&on- and d&str&)ut&on strate(&es>M 'ro!uct 'olic2 &ecisions 1. ,hat &s product po%&c+M ,hat are some e+ product po%&c+ dec&s&onsM 4. ,hat &s a product %&neM ,hat &s product %&ne )readthM ,hat &s product %&ne %en(thM ,hat &s product %&ne depthM 3. ,h+ does one need a product %&neM ,hat &s a product %&ne strate(+M ,hat are &mportant cons&derat&ons &n formu%at&n( a product %&ne strate(+M 4. ,hat &s a ne* product deve%opment processM ,hat are the character&st&cs of an effect&ve oneM )ritish ,ir=a2s: AGo .or It< ,merica5B 'romotion 1. ,hat<s the pro)%em fac&n( A;M /s &t rea%&t+ or percept&onM 4. ,hat &s +our appra&sa% of the strate(&c a%ternat&ves that A; cons&dered &n address&n( the )us&ness do*nturn pro)%emM Can +ou th&n of an+ other *orth*h&%e opt&onsM 3. ;ssess )oth the concept and proposed &mp%ementat&on of the E$o for /t- ;mer&caDF pro(ram. Can +ou th&n of *a+s to enhance &ts %aunchM 4. ,hat react&ons do +ou have to the .uest&ons ra&sed a)out the pro(ram near the end of the caseM Integrate! Marketing "ommunications 1. ,hat &s integrated marketing communicationsM 4. G1p%a&n the var&ous commun&cat&ons m&1 too%sOveh&c%es. :or *hat o)ject&ve &s each too% )est su&tedM ,hat are d&sadvanta(es of each veh&c%eM 3. ,hat &s fundamenta%%+ d&fferent )et*een sales promotions and media advertisingM ,hat<s the d&fference )et*een consumer promot&ons and trade promot&onsM 4. G1p%a&n the 6's mode% for commun&cat&ons p%ann&n(. "o* usefu% &s &tM "harles %ch=a3 F "o0


1. ,hat c&rcumstances mot&vated deve%opment of the TTC campa&(nM 4. Gva%uate the creat&ve strate(+ )eh&nd the TTC campa&(n. 3. "o* effect&ve *as the TTC test mar etM Gva%uate the resu%ts. 4. ,ou%d +ou support 8ae(er<s TTC )ud(et re.uest for 4666M 'rinciples o. 'ricing 1. ,hat &s cost-)ased pr&c&n(M ,hat<s *ron( *&th &tM 4. ,hat &s true econom&c va%ueM ,hat &s &ts ro%e &n pr&c&n( strate(+M "o* does &t a&d &n sett&n( an actua% pr&ce po&ntM 3. ,hat factors determ&ne pr&ce sens&t&v&t+M "o* do *e use econom&c va%ue and these sens&t&v&t+ factors to set pr&ceM ,tlantic "omputer: , )un!le o. 'ricing #ptions 1. ,hat pr&ce shou%d Jo*ers char(e for the ;t%ant&c Aund%e =&.e.Tronn servers U 5G8; soft*are too%>M Kote from the 5%ann&n( the 8trate(+ sect&on &n the case that Jo*ers ma es a conservat&ve est&mate that t*o Tronn servers p%us 5G8; the performance of four @ntar&o V&n servers. 4. Th&n )road%+ a)out the top-%&ne revenue &mp%&cat&ons from each of the four a%ternat&ve pr&c&n( strate(&es. ;ppro1&mate%+ ho* much mone+ over the ne1t three +ears *&%% )e E%eft on the ta)%eF &f the f&rm *ere to (&ve a*a+ the soft*are too% for free =&.e.- status .uo pr&c&n(> versus ut&%&J&n( one of the other pr&c&n( approachesM 3. "o* &s 'atJer %& e%+ to react to +our recommendat&onM 4. =a> "o* &s Cadena<s sa%es force %& e%+ to react to +our recommendat&onM =)> ,hat can Jo*ers recommend to (et Cadena<s hard*are-or&ented sa%es force to understand and se%% the va%ue of the 5G8; soft*are effect&ve%+M 5. "o* are customers &n +our tar(et mar et %& e%+ to react to +our recommended pr&c&n( strate(+M ,hat response can )e prov&ded to overcome an+ o)ject&onsM 6. "o* &s @ntar&o V&n <s sen&or mana(ement team %& e%+ to react to the ;t%ant&c Aund%eM %an Fa3ian %uppl2 "ompan2


1. ;s an e1c%us&ve d&str&)utor- *hat does 8an :a)&an do for 'acDo*e%%M 4. ,h+ does 'acDo*e%% *ant to chan(e the re%at&onsh&pM 3. ,hat *ou%d )e the &mpact of the chan(e on 8an :a)&anM 4. ,hat opt&ons does 8an :a)&an haveM 5. ,hat *ou%d +ou recommend 8an :a)&an doM :&nanc&a% ;na%+s&s T&p2 3se G1h&)&t 5 to est&mate se%%&n( and (enera% L adm&n&strat&ve e1penses assoc&ated *&th 'acDo*e%% sa%es. Going to Market 1. ,hat funct&ons do mar et&n( channe%s performM 4. ,hat dec&s&ons do compan&es face &n des&(n&n( the&r channe%sM 3. ,hat &s a hybrid channel systemM 4. ,hat are potent&a% channel conflictsM "o* can a manufacturer m&t&(ate or m&n&m&Je channe% conf%&ctsM 5. ,hat are the var&ous %eve%s of distribution intensityM "o* does one dec&de *h&ch %eve% &s appropr&ate for one<s )us&nessM


GR#$' GRITTE( ",%E ,(,64%I% %E,6E& ,IR "#R'#R,TI#( General Gui!elines 9our report shou%d )e no %on(er than f&ve pa(es 0 dou)%e-spaced- 1-&nch mar(&ns- 14-s&Je font- *&th pa(e num)ers- and stap%ed =no p%ast&cOhard covers- p%ease>. /f +ou *&sh to &nc%ude e1h&)&ts that +ou have created- +ou can have up to t*o. Ieports *&%% )e co%%ected &n c%ass. Late reports *&%% not )e accepted. :orm and presentat&on count. 9our *r&t&n( shou%d )e presenta)%e to top mana(ement H %uc&d- persuas&ve- proper (rammar and sentence structures- no t+pos. 8t+%&st&ca%%+- )e d&rect. 3se terse- s&mp%e sentences- head&n(s and su)head&n(s. Gd&t and proofread +our *or . 8%opp+ and unprofess&ona% *r&t&n( *&%% %o*er +our (rade. #lease do not conduct outside researchuse only the data provided in the case. ,nal2sis Gui!elines ;ssume the ro%e of a consu%tant to Aarrett "auser- product mana(er- and address +our memo to h&m. "e &s .u&te fam&%&ar *&th the protect&ve pac a(&n( &ndustr+ and 8ea%ed ;&rtherefore- do not repeat or restate case facts per se. #resent analysis" insights" conclusions and recommendations" and use case facts only to support them0 /n short*r&te a)out the facts< s&(n&f&canceHthe ans*er to Eso *hatMF a)out these facts. 4our task is to a!:ise )arrett 7auser on the .ollo=ing: >1? %houl! %eale! ,ir intro!uce an uncoate! pro!uct in the $0%0,0H =757 of report> >2? I. so< >2ou shoul! a!!ress this e:en i. 2ou recommen! against the uncoate!?< =hat marketing program !o 2ou recommen! in terms o. 3ran!ing >3ran! name?< price< an! personal selling strateg2H =457 of report> / am part&cu%ar%+ &nterested &n the anal2sis that %eads to +our recommendat&ons. Cons&der the fo%%o*&n( &n deve%op&n( +our ana%+s&s and recommendat&ons2 ,hat are the ar(uments for &ntroduc&n( an uncoatedM ,hat are the ar(uments for not &ntroduc&n( an uncoatedM "o* rea% &s the uncoated threatM ;re a%% 8ea%ed ;&r (rades at r&s M "o* does uncoated<s contr&)ut&on mar(&n compare to that of coatedM "o* does 8ea%ed ;&r<s corporate cu%ture affect +our E(oFOFno (oF recommendat&onM

8&mp%+ ans*er&n( the a)ove .uest&ons shou%d not compr&se +our reportD These are just

prompts for +ou to cons&der &n putt&n( to(ether a coherent ana%+s&s. %#6# GRITTE( ",%E ,(,64%I% GRE,T ,MERI",( 8(ITTI(G MI66%: G#6& T#E %#"8% General Gui!elines 9our report shou%d )e no %on(er than f&ve t+pe*r&tten pa(esHdou)%e-spaced- 1-&nch mar(&ns- 14-s&Je font- *&th pa(e num)ers- and stap%ed. #lease do not conduct outside research; use case data only. ,nal2sis Gui!elines /n *r&t&n( th&s report- +ou are a mar et&n( consu%tant )rou(ht &n to adv&se :ran Aendhe&m- pres&dent of $reat ;mer&can. 9our tas &s to address the fo%%o*&n(2 %houl! Gol! Toe change its !istri3ution strateg2H Gh2H ,n! i. so< ho=H ;s pres&dent- Aendhe&m &s ver+ fam&%&ar *&th the soc &ndustr+ and h&s o*n compan+. Therefore- !o not repeat or restate case .acts per seHhe<s a%read+ a*are of theseD C&te case facts on%+ as ev&dence or support of +our ana%+s&s- &ns&(hts and conc%us&ons. /n other *ords- *r&te a)out the&r signi.icance =the Eso *hatF part>. / am part&cu%ar%+ &nterested &n the anal2sis that %eads to +our recommendat&ons. ;n outstand&n( report &s )a%ancedHc&t&n( pros and cons of strate(&c a%ternat&ves- and &t covers a%% the e+ &ssues and areas of ana%+s&s &n an &ns&(htfu% and %o(&ca% manner. 9ou ma+ *ant to cons&der the fo%%o*&n( po&nts and &nte(rate usefu% &ns&(hts &nto +our ana%+s&s and recommendat&on =s&mp%+ ans*er&n( these .uest&ons shou%d not const&tute +our report>2 "o* successfu% has $o%d Toe )eenM ,hat are the reasons for &ts performanceM ,hat are the )enef&ts of $o%d Toe<s e1c%us&ve d&str&)ut&on po%&c+M ,hat &s the s&(n&f&cance of recent deve%opments &n the mar etp%ace2 compet&t&onconsumers- and reta&%ersM ,hat are the pros and cons of e1panded d&str&)ut&onM ,hat are &mp%ementat&on cons&derat&ons of +our recommendat&onM

:orm and presentat&on count. ;n e1ce%%ent report *ou%d )e presenta)%e to top mana(ementH%uc&d- persuas&ve- conc&se- proper (rammar- no t+pos. 8t+%&st&ca%%+- )e

d&rect. 3se terse- s&mp%e sentences. Cut out the fat. ;vo&d puffer+ and jar(on. Ae dec&s&ve and persuas&ve. MGMT E-6000 Marketing Management Fall 2011 "ourse %che!ule M#&$6E Course @r&entat&on 'ar et&n( @verv&e* &,TE SO1 SOB SO15 ,%%IG(ME(T 8+%%a)us ;.ua%&sa ?uartJ2 8&mp%+ a Aetter 8ho*er =1> Kote on 'ar et&n( 8trate(+ =4> Kote on Lo*-Tech 'ar et&n( 'ath SO44 5roduct Team C&a%&s




'ar et 8e(mentat&on- Tar(et 'ar et 8e%ect&on and 5os&t&on&n( =1> 'ed&.u&p =4> 8cope L Cha%%en(e of A4A 'ar et&n( 5roduct 5o%&c+ Dec&s&ons #ue$ %roup &ritten 'ase Analysis 8ea%ed ;&r Corporat&on Ar&t&sh ;&r*a+s2 E$o for /t- ;mer&caDF /nte(rated 'ar et&n( Commun&cat&ons Char%es 8ch*a) L Co.- /nc.2 The ETa% to Chuc F ;dvert&s&n( Campa&(n

A4A 'ar et&n(


5roduct 5o%&c+

16O13 16O46

'ar et&n( Commun&cat&ons 16O47 11O3 11O16

MGMT E-6000 Marketing Management Fall 2011 "ourse %che!ule M#&$6E 5r&c&n( 5o%&c+ &,TE 11O17 ,%%IG(ME(T =1> 5r&nc&p%es of 5r&c&n( =4> $envet 5harmaceut&ca%s ;t%ant&c Computer2 ; Aund%e of 5r&c&n( @pt&ons =1> 8an :a)&an 8upp%+ Compan+ =4> $o&n( to 'ar et #ue$ (olo &ritten 'ase Analysis $reat ;mer&can Tn&tt&n( '&%%s2 $o%d Toe 8oc s


D&str&)ut&on 5o%&c+




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