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™ Cabagan-Sta Maria Overflow Bridge in Isabela is not passable due to

swollen river. Water level is 1 meter above bridge deck

™ Maguilling Overflow Bridge along Cagayan-Apayao Road, Tuao,
Cagayan is not passable due to swollen Chico River
™ Daang Maharlika, Manila North Road and other road sections are hardly
passable due to fallen trees. Clearing operations ongoing.
Region V
™ Catanduanes - Catanduanes Circumferential Road
- Road sections that are impassable/hardly passable Dariao-Caramoran;
Panabananon, Caramoran; and Puting Baybay, San Andres due to
- hardly passable road sections due to flood - Bocon Spillway, Caramoran;
Kanlanka Spillway, Viga; and Paturok Spillway, San Andres
- Inalmasinan Spillway, Caramoran due to washed-out embankment
™ Legazpi-Punta de Jesus Road – minimal landslide at Malobago Section, Km
558+00-Km 558+010, Manito, Albay
™ Libon-Pantao Road, Paclas Section, Libon, Albay – road underwater with 2.0
™ Albay West Coast Road, Talin-talin Section, Libon, Albay – impassable due
to landslide.
™ Naga-Calabanga- Balongay Road – passable only to large vehicles due to

Actions - Removal and clearing operations on-going despite rains. Equipment

and maintenance crew are on standby for possible action

B. STATUS OF STRANDEES (As of 12:00 NN, 03 October)

PORTS Vessels
Psgr Rolling Motorized
Psgrs Trucks Cars Vessels that took
Bus Cargoes Bancas
TOTAL 2,288 111 20 4 5 9 15
Region V
Tabaco 290 20 4 1
Virac 5
Pasacao 30
Pio Duran 17
Pilar 220
Bulan 139 7 3
Matnog 228 79 16 2
Region IV-A
Lucena 142 5 4 4
San Jose
Batangas 11
Region IV-B
Puerto Real 57
Calapan 20
Region VI
Bacolod 1,145 1
Roxas 1


™ Closely monitoring and rendering assistance for the security of stranded
passengers and vessels per strict implementation of (MC 01-09) guidelines
on movement of vessels during heavy weather


™ NDCC released 9,000 sacks of rice to augment resources in preparation of
Typhoon “Pepeng”: Region I -1,000 sacks; Region II – 2,000 sacks; Region
III - 1,000; Region IV-A - 1,000 sacks; Region IV-B 1,000 sacks; Region V -
2,000 sacks; and CAR - 1,000 sacks
™ NDCC also issued NDCC Memorandum No. 19 dated 30 September 2009 to
Chairpersons, MMDCC, RDCCs, LDCCs; Regional Directors, OCDRCs and
Deputized Coordinators on the reiteration of the “Zero Casualty” Policy
during Calamities
™ RDCCs and PDCCs concerned implemented the following preparedness
activities as part of the implementation of NDCC Memo Order on the pre-
emptive evacuation and pre-positioning of response assets


™ NCR: forced evacuation in Valenzuela City, 800 families from Baseco
and Isla Bato in Manila have been relocated to Del Pan Sports Complex
™ Region I: 136 families/548 persons in 6 barangays in the municipalities of
Aringay, Bauang and San Fernando City, all in La Union were evacuated in
designated evacuation centers
™ Region II: 1,542 families in Cagayan Province are ready for evacuation to 23
identified evacuation centers; 622 families in Isabela evacuated; 1,920
families. In Sta. Teresita; 1,920 families in Batanes to be evacuated and 35
families in Quirino were evacuated to evacuation centers
™ Region III: Residents of the Municipalities of Bustos, Norzagaray,
Bulacan, Baliwag, Balagtas, all in Bulacan; Province of Aurora particularly
the northern part undertook pre-emptive evacuation yesterday, 02
October. Voluntary evacuation is on-going in Brgys Dibacong,
Ditinagyang, Calangcuasan and Esteves, all in Casiguran. Evacuation
sites are at Brgy hall and elementary schools. In Dilasag, around 50
residents living near the river voluntarily evacuated to Biagyan ES. Pre-
emptive evacuation was also undertaken in Botolan and Sta. Cruz in
Zambales. 174 persons from Digumased and Dibulo voluntarily evacuated
to Dinapigue Gym, Aurora Province

™ Region IV-A: Pre-emptive evacuations were conducted to all provinces of

CALABARZON lead by Local Chief Executives and Civil Defense Deputized
Coordinators in coordination with the Chief of Police of Municipal Police
Stations. Force evacuation was made in some disaster-prone areas in Sta.
Cruz, Laguna
™ Region V: Evacuated 13,431 families/61,509 persons in various evacuation
centers: Albay (10,581 families/49,352 persons); Camarines Sur (1,835
families/7,485 persons); Sorsogon (215 families/746 persons); Camarines Norte
(15 families/75 persons) and Catanduanes (785 families/3,851 persons)

Ongong decampment of all evacuees in Albay.

™ Doubled efforts to mobilize volunteers for repacking of goods in stockpiling
food packs and forewarned local SWD Officers thru text and e-mail
™ Placed all CHDs OpCen in all Regions on code while alert and are activated
24/7; prepositioned medicines and medical supplies in all CHDs; pre-
emptive evacuations in all CHDs affected areas are now on-going and all
DOH Metro Manila hospitals are now in code blue alert
™ BFP Regional Offices were advised to identify high ground places in their
area of responsibility to serve as safe refuge or evacuation center in case of
flood. BFP Regions 2, 3, 4-IV A. IV-B, V and 8 have prepared a contingency
plan ready for implementation in case the above regions will be affected
™ Prepositioned WASAR, rescue assets and other resources by regions and
agencies concerned
™ Issued directive to DRRU’s AFP Units to be on standby ready for
deployment; prepositioned SAR assets; and closely coordinate with different
units of SOLCOM DRTF to ensure that DRRUs are operationally ready for
any response activities
™ CAMANAVA Cities conducted meetings yesterday, attended by respective
Chief of Police (COPs). Residents in low-lying areas were directed to move
to safer grounds after securing their houses and those who are in the
evacuation centers were likewise advised to remain
™ All PCP Commanders in NPD AOR were directed to conduct information
drive and hold meetings with barangays to synchronize/coordinate possible
actions; utilized 5 PNP 6x6 trucks from NCRPO and NPD in the conduct of
pre-emptive evacuation; and detailed 2 trucks in Caloocan; 2 in Malabon City
and 1 being used for transporting relief goods at different areas
™ All LGUs in Metro Manila have initiated pre-emptive measures such as
convening of local DCCs, identification of evacuation centers and
prepositioning of response assets such as fire boats, trucks, dump trucks,
generator sets, medicines, relief goods, floating flat forms, rubber boats,
speed boat, wooden bancas, motorized bancas, amphibian vehicle, as well
as emergency power back-up, and response/rescue group/volunteers
Region I
™ Province of La Union has pre-positioned 5 dumptrucks, 1 unit 5kv generator,
Provincial Disaster Response Team (DRT) composed of 20 persons.
Likewise, San Fernando City has pre-positioned 5 dumptrucks, 5 passenger
cars, 5 ambulances, 1 patrol boat, 3 fishing boats and 1 fishing vessel
™ Province of Pangasinan has WASAR Team on standby and has established
3 Command Centers (Eastern, Western and Central Pangasinan)
™ Province of Ilocos Norte deployed 1 DRT from Naval Forces Northern Luzon
(NFNL) to Laoag City and Naval Reserve Force with rescue capability on
Region II
™ DSWDDMRT, SWAD Teams of Isabela, Cagayan, Quirino and Nueva
Vizcaya have been activated

™ DSWD II prepositioned family food packs for the provinces of Quirino,
Nueva Vizcaya and Isabela thru the SWAD Teams
™ DepEd II activated all DRRM Office (DRRMO) in Region II
™ All PDCCs are activated with rescue assets on standby
™ PDCCs Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino and Batanes conducted
emergency meetings to effect pre-emptive evacuation in their area of
™ RDCC 2 Chairman is now conducting survey in danger zones and
evacuation centers
™ PCG Northern Luzon deployed 2 teams of divers to Isabela
™ BFP 2 is ready to provide water at the evacuation centers
™ PNP, PA and PN prepositioned their respective rescue assets region-wide
Region III
™ Requested PDCCs of Aurora, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Bataan, Zambales,
Pampanga and Bulacan to undertake close monitoring, precautionary
measures and implement pre-emptive evacuation as situation warrants.
PDCCs Nueva Ecija and Bulacan convened emergency meeting early this
morning in preparation for possible effects of Typhoon Pepeng
Region IV-A
™ Sent memorandum to all Chairpersons of the Provincial and City DCCs
encouraging them to implement the use of early warning system as warning
signals to reach the grass roots level. Likewise, advised to conduct public
information and education campaign in order not to create panic
™ Chairman, RDCC IV-A ordered all Police and Fire Stations to use their
mobile siren as early warning to the barangay level
™ PDCCs of Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Rizal and Quezon conducted PDCC
emergency meeting in preparation for the typhoon. All Disaster Operations
centers are on alert status. People living in low-lying areas were advised to
evacuate to higher grounds
Region IV-B
™ Oriental Mindoro Provincial Disaster Response Team, Calapan City Public
Safety Department and MDCC El Nido Palawan are on alert 24/7 operations
™ Conducted RDCC IV-B emergency meeting presided by RDCC Chairman,
to assess status of preparedness of member agencies (DSWD, DOH,
™ Alerted RDCC IV-B members, PDCC of MIMAROPA and Civil Defense
Deputized Coordinators
™ Coast Guard District Southern tagalong has 1 Team SOG with complete
diving gears and rubber boat; Disaster Reaction Teams has 1 rubber boat
with OBM, DF-08 small seacraft, BRP Davao Norte (SARV-3504), MCS-
3007 (small craft); PRO MIMAROPA has 3 7-man Rescue Teams
™ Monitoring of road conditions and roll-on-roll-out port operation
Region V
™ Liaison of RDCC member agencies are on standby at OPCEN 5 to facilitate
effective coordination
™ 901st Brigade deployed 3 M35 trucks, 1 Elf, 1 Km450 for deployment in
various areas of Catanduanes, deployed 5 M35 trucks and 4 Squad of
DRRUs from 83rd IB, 9ID, PA and joint Task group “ MAGAYON” in the
municipalities of Albay (Libon, Guinobatan, Camalig, Daraga, Tiwi, Tabaco,
Malinao, Malilipot and Legaspi City) for possible response and rescue
™ OCD V has been continuously coordinating with PCG Bicol for the updates
of strandees in all ports
™ PCG Bicol requested Bus Company in Manila to stop operation trips going to
Visayas Catanduanes and Masbate. Closely coordinating with LGUs and
PPA Office to provide assistance to strandees in terms of food and shelter

™ MDCC Daraga distributed assorted goods (rice, canned goods and noodles)
to all evacuees
Region VI
™ RDCC VI and PDCCs Aklan, Antique, Guimaras, Iloilo and Capiz convened
all their members in preparation for the effects of TY “Pepeng” and
considering all possibilities that may occur within their AOR
™ A joint meeting of Region I and CAR was conducted at San Fernando, La
Union presided by the Secretary, DND and Chairman, NDCC
™ RDCC CAR prepositioned all government resources ( heavy equipment for
road clearing, vehicles for transportation, ambulances and fire trucks
™ PDCCs Apayao, Abra, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga and Mt Province
conducted respective emergency meetings, prepositioned family packs and
all provincial assets
™ PDCC Apayao placed on standby 6 rubber boats (3 with OBM and 3 without
OBM) and 3 bancas and PDCCs Kalinga and Abra with 1 rubber boat each
™ AFP prepositioned military equipment to assist the local DCCs in the event
of emergency operations
™ DSWD prepositioned 1,000 family packs and assorted relief items in the
region and 100 to 150 family packs at the provincial levels
™ DOH alerted all medical field offices and prepositioned medical supplies
™ DSWD CAR prepositioned 1,000 family packs and assorted relief items at
the provincial levels
™ CRDCC Authorized all PDCC Chairmen to withdraw sacks of rice to
augment resources of the DCCs in the event of emergency operations,
™ Recommended for the suspension of public offices to allow respective
families to prepare
™ PNP single side band radio communication system serve as the back up
communication of CRDCCs

IV. Dam Monitoring

™ OCDRC III is in close contact with the Management of Angat and
Pantabangan Dams on the possible release of water. Standing
arrangement is to give all concerned, lead time to issue warning and
evacuation order to communities that will likely be affected by floods.

V. Effects
A. Telecoms
Region II
™ Fallen trees due to strong winds; no telecom and Internet service
(PLDT, Smart, Globe) in Cagayan Province
B. Casualty
Region V
™ 2 died (Roger Moreno-Naga Cam Sur fell from the roof; Edwin
Domagsang- 2 y/o – Baao, Cam Sur due to drowning)