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A Mote in Your Eye

Sina, There is no fun in Masturbating with ones own brain I acknowledge that terminal diseases are plaguing a portion of Muslim minds, societies & countries, particularly the mindless killings and exploitation of women. Without counseling, medication and cure the diseases are devouring them & women and also people belonging to other religions. Have few questions for you Sina: (1) There is violence and heinous crimes being committed by people belonging to other religions. I mean no disrespect to anyone but even today people worship bizarre things, feed on dead bodies of human beings (also feed on snakes, frogs etc.), have sex with dead bodies of human beings, have sex with animals [evidence is available on Internet and Newspaper

reports]. In spite of all this, if these people are unable to forego their respective religions its naive to plot a mission asking Muslims to forego their religion. There are several aspects of the religion which are built on rock and Muslims do reflect on those aspects. No amount of slander or attack can shake their faith; no doubt there will be exceptions with a portion of Muslims. (2) If you go from one end of the west tunnel to the other end of it, you will observe that most people are soggy and dripping in free Porn, Sex and Pedophile activities. People are drenched in lap dances in nude bars; US Senators, Finance Market regulators and government service staff watch porn while on job; Military Chiefs have extra-marital sex with colleagues, Government Intelligence team sent to a south American country to guard their President instead engages in brothel work, Several Male soldiers rape their female colleagues; One of the Presidents of US had extra marital sex in White House; One of the Prime Ministers of UK had sex on terrace of public transport bus; One of the Prime ministers of Italy used to regularly arrange sex parties in his official residence; The church Priests either molested or had sex with underage male and female worshipers alike; At the sex hub of the globe California where porn is produced, packaged and exported to various countries across the globe, here you find 2 types of sex film sets one where males use cover and the other where there is no cover used by male punks; some people of these societies engage in group sex, swap their spouses with others, no wonder AIDS is one amongst the most prevalent terminal diseases in their societies; Mobile brothels, sex toy shops are as common as any department store. Alcohol binge inevitably leads to more violence and sex assaults on females in their societies. Any reason what has gone wrong with these people of so called liberated culture ? I am asking this because you have nightmare about only 1 doom what about these other dooms ? (3) About the people of so called liberated culture, any thoughts why their soldiers always get caught burning/urinating on holy book of other religion, urinating on dead bodies of enemy combatants, why have their people turned themselves into rapists? It seems like you & your

allies are not bothered about these evil cultures as i do not see even a single protest against it on your website. Your whole & sole 1 sided focus unmasks your and your allied collaborators actual intentions? (4) As you seem to have conducted extensive surveys, for the benefit of people who visit here, can you publish the number of human killings plotted and executed until recently by people of various religions including atheists? (5) Do you have any recommendation as to which is the most effective religion today that one can follow or do you advise people to be apostates/atheists without a guideline for life? (6) You have referenced various Hadith book sources, publicly quoting its text and displaying the names of the authors in your website and emails, as a mark of courtesy to the Hadith authors who have recorded the events without fear and not having concealed anything out of shame, Can you also let know which top 100 individuals, corporates, governments and nongovernmental organizations are funding you, IT infrastructure in your online campaign? Can you share the investors full name, % fund contribution made, their religion and Nationality ? best wishes Abdul

Humans are defective creatures and we have always done despicable and shameless things. In the past this was even more. I dont have a panacea to all the ills affecting mankind. You only scratched the surface. There are more ills that you did not mention. All this is red herring. Imagine someone being tried as a serial child molester and in his defense he enumerate the countless crimes that have happened, whose perpetrators have not been caught. Would any judge buy that as a defense? Does giving a laundry list of other peoples crimes reduce the culpability of the defendant? Of course not! Likewise, by enumerating the sins of others you cant reduce the crimes of Muslims and Islam. No one is following the footsteps of the criminals, child molesters, thieves, pimps and prostitutes. These are mishaps of the society. They have always existed and they may always exist. Muslims follow the examples and the teachings of a criminal. They think Muhammad, a psychopath, a mass murderer, a rapist and a pedophile was a holy man and try to be like him. Many Muslims will not follow Muhammad if they knew the truth about him. Criminals go after crime because it is their nature. We cant do much about that. They know what they do is evil and still choose to do it. Many Muslims

are decent people who will not choose crime and vices naturally. They follow Muhammad thinking he will lead them to salvation and they are misled. They do evil thinking they are doing good. They follow Satan believing to be following God. Unlike the criminals who choose evil consciously, Muslims do evil thinking they are doing Gods work. This means a criminal may one day repent, because of his awareness. A Muslim will never repent because of his lack of awareness. Many criminals have turned their lives upside down because of the guilt. Muslims can butcher many innocent people and an hour later stand in prayer thanking their god to have given them the privilege of being a ghazi, a raider, a murderer. We see that happening in the life of Muhammad and his biographies are full of tales like this. Now if you are content to do evil because when you read the newspapers you see there are many other criminals and perverts in the world, then you should stay a Muslim. Islam is the religion of criminals and perverts. But I am sure there are many Muslims who have no clue that Islam is a deception. They think they will go to heaven if they follow Islam. But Islam is a path to hell. I am writing for them. If you are among these people then read more. If not, ignore what I write and keep comparing yourself to perverts, pedophiles, the pimps and other lowlife thugs. I am sure youll always find someone worse than yourself. As for urinating on the Quran and burning it, why would you consider it to be such an egregious act? Its just a book made of paper and ink. What is so sacred about them? If you are concerned about the content of its message, it says slay the unbelievers wherever you find them; dont take them as friends even if they are your brothers and father; they are filthy; they are wost than animals; I will strike terror in their hearts; they will go to hell; chop their heads from above their necks and other hateful things. Why should an unbeliever have any respect for a book that insults him and incites so much hatred against him? What would Muslims do with a book that says these things about them? Would you still respect it? The sacred books of the Ahmadis and Bahais mention Muhammad with highest respect and yet you Muslims have no difficulty burning them just because they say there is another messenger after Muhammad. Not only you burn their books, you persecute their followers and kill them too. What about the Bible that allegedly Muslims claim to be the word of God? Well that book is banned in most Islamic countries. You can go to jail in Saudi Arabia if you are caught with a copy of the Bible entering the country. Only a few days agoSaudi Arabia arrested 41 Christians for plotting to celebrate Christmas While in the west Muslims demand privileges that are not given to any other religion, in their countries they deny the basic human rights to nonMuslims. Indonesias top Muslim clerical body said a few days ago that it is best for Muslims to avoid saying greetings such as Merry Christmas to others, until they decide whether celebrating Christmas in a Muslim country is halal or haram. How much hypocrisy and double standard is enough? The Quran is a book of hate and violence. It does not deserve any respect, especially from those that are the object of its hate, which is everyone who does not believe in it. The non-Muslims countries must ban it and adherence to it should be punished as treason. I am not prescribing any religion. I have chosen none for myself, but each person has to find his own way. Id say any religion is better than Islam. No one can find justification for killing others in the New or Old Testament, the Vedas, the Dhamma, the Avesta or any other sacred book, while the Quran is full of incitements to hate and to kill. So who is masturbating with his brain? You Muslims or I? You think eating frogs and snakes is gross while see nothing wrong in slaughtering camels, cows and goats during your most sacred festivity and rejoice spilling blood of innocent animals that are much more evolved and far more closer to us humans than snakes and frogs. I know of no country allowing sex with dead corpse except the Islamic country of Egypt whose newly elected Islamic parliament passed a law legitimizing men to have sex with the corpse of their wives. I know of no law allowing bestiality and having sex with animals and infants except the Sharia law that defines and regulates these despicable acts (Read the book of Khomeini). You are a Muslim and as such blind to the evils of Islam. While evil things happen everywhere, Islam is the only religion that canonizes evil and prescribes it. A Muslim cant see the beam in his own eye while he can see the mote in the eyes of others.

No one is funding me. A group of friends and I work as volunteers and most of the cost of maintaining my sites come from my pocket. I do receive some donations from readers, for which I am very grateful, but those donations cover only a fraction of the cost of the server and technical needs. We are dedicated to this cause just as Muslims are to Islam.