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28th SEPTEMBER 2009

WEL . COME to Uni!

We asked some of your future coaches and mentors (aka The Media and Communication staff ) to share their
freshers views and give you warm welcome.

„„ WILL BARTON - Course me who have been here

Director, BA Advertising for years, there’s a sense
and Media of new beginnings, new
faces and new grass on
“Working in a univer- the field.
sity is a bit like being in
farming or sports. It has “ ...ready to
a clear annual rhythm.
Each year the same make the next
things happen at the big move in
same time. Just as the
football season starts your life.”
off with the Charity “Although the first few
Shield match, Uni starts days are going to be
with Freshers’ week. busy and often confus-
Even for old hacks like ing, they should also be
fun and I hope the rest
“... there’s a of your time here will
sense of new be too. A lot of the time
you’ll have to work hard time wondering how “...studying in
beginnings, and sometimes things they went so fast and an Art School
new faces and won’t go quite the way
you wanted but most
see yourselves ready to
make the next big move should be hard
new grass on of you will find your- in your life. Sometimes work and fun.”
the field.” selves in three years’ things seem too much
for you to cope with. don’t be worried, em-
Whatever the problem, barrassed or ashamed
the first step to solving of asking for help.
it is to talk - usually to “You’re studying in
your personal tutor in an Art School and that
the first instance, but should be hard work
you should feel free to and fun. If it ever stops
contact any member of being either of these
pictures courtesy of John Lister

staff if you need help. things then something’s

It’s what we’re here for not right, so let us
and we can always find know.
a way forward for you,
so if things get tough, CONTINUED
Welcome 2 Uni!
“This is going to be
a really hard year, so
run away now …”

„„ JOHN KEENAN – Associate Lec- or prepare for a life changing experi-

turer ence.”
Paul hopes the new generation of
“Freshers’ Week is the most impor- freshers will remember to bring a
tant single week for students, not pen and some paper, underlining the
only because you are introduced to importance of soberness. He believes
the staff and get your timetable, but time and experience is what sets
also because you get a flavour of apart one generation of freshers from
“ get a flavour image source:

of what university „„ SPENCER MURPHY – Senior Lec-

turer for feeling a little apprehensive if
life is.” not downright depressed! But this is
what university life is. The freedom “It’s a nervous time for the fresher’s, great time to begin your degree in so
experienced during this week can be my heart goes out to every one of many ways. The job market will pick
both frightening and wonderful and them! You don’t know anyone, you
is often a mixture of both. We all deal
with this in our own ways and there is
don’t know where anything is…
we’ve all been there. As if this feeling
“This is great time to
no right or wrong way as long as you only last about a week anyway! But begin your degree in
feel comfortable.”
He advises: “Try not to feel too “It can be nervous so many ways.”
pushed and pulled by pressures from
other students or from the expecta-
for the lecturers as up and students will be in the perfect
position with their wonderful degree
tions of being a “student” and do well… we don’t know from Coventry University! Ok, maybe
make the most of what the university
offers: lectures, seminars and facili-
anyone either and we I’m going a bit over the top...”
Spencer hopes this generation of
ties. You are paying for this and it is a have to stand there freshers will bring: “New ideas, new
waste if you are not using it.”
He adds: “I hope that you grow
and waffle on!” perspectives…but in short just an
enthusiasm and a passion for what
through the three years of university it might be funny to think that it can they’re doing! Students teach me just
as people, that you form friendships be nervous for the lecturers as well… as much (if not a lot more!) as I could
and good memories to last for a life- we don’t know anyone either and we possibly teach them.”
time. University is what you make it.” have to stand there and waffle on!”
“In the current climate, with all „„ JOE PAXTON - CSAD Faculty Chair
„„ PAUL ADKINS – Skills Instructor the gloom and doom about the
economy, student debt, unemploy- “I’d like to take this opportunity to
“WELCOME! This is going to be a ment and blah blah blah … Any give a warm welcome to all the new
really hard year, so run away now … incoming student could be forgiven students joining the School of Art
and Design; and a warm welcome
back to those progressing to their
next year. I am your Faculty Chair,
which means I am your representa-
tive to the Students’ Union for this
academic year. Within the next few
weeks every student will have the
opportunity to get involved with
the Students’ Union by becoming a
Course Rep. Those elected to Course
Reps will also have the chance to be-
come a Faculty Board rep, meaning
further involvement in our Student
Union. In the mean time, I’m your pri-
image source:

mary contact for any problems you

have with your courses and university
experience. Never hesitate to contact
me or stop me for a chat!”
My first week @ Uni

„„ The joy of getting into your choice of university brings excitement as to what the future lays ahead and it all begins
with that first week, your own Freshers Week.

he anticipation of going to my parents, sent out to fight the
university had drawn upon me world on my own. There was so much “Fresher’s Week
all summer and then suddenly to take in and it seemed like there is just a fun and
I was there, feeling the vibe was not enough time to do it; every
and the flustering of Fresher’s Week. corner I turned to there was someone exciting week to get
I was looking forward to meeting feeding me with more information. your student head
new friends and colleagues, while, The thing I was mostly looking
forward to was obviously the social around things.”
“ the same time, I aspect of Freshers Week, the op- cheap drink and a cheap night out;
was feeling the shear portunity to meet new people and
explore Coventry city centre. Not
and lava ignite on a Wednesday was
also a very lively night. Still, as I dis-
fear...” only within the events organised by covered throughout fresher’s week,
the university but also within those there were plenty of social events
organised outside the sports clubs advertised that it was better for me
and societies. There are so many op- to just follow the crowd. I figured that
portunities available to freshers that would get me out and about and
I felt overwhelmed and it was hard help me learn everything I needed
for me to choose. At first, I went for to know as I was going along, well at
least in terms of a good night out.
“Every corner I I didn’t expect Fresher’s Week to
turned to there be as jammed packed as it was, I
was constantly on the go and this
was someone still continued even after that. Some
feeding me with of the facilities and advice services
available during Fresher’s Week were
more information.” things like healthcare and living
advice, which I think I should have
almost everything and then I real- taken into account. Apart from that
ized this really wasn’t possible. So Fresher’s Week is just a fun and excit-
instead, I picked out all of the things ing week to get your student head
that I was interested in and went around things and settle in appropri-
from there. I found that on Mondays ately. Hope you have a great deal of
Kasbah was the best place to go for a fun on yours!
at the same time, I was feeling the
shear fear of going into big lecture
pictures courtesy of Katrina Stevenson

halls, way larger than your average

classroom. But with many friendly,
more experienced people around, I
“I was soon right at
home in the buzz of
freshers. “
was soon right at home in the buzz of
When the day came to move in to
halls, my mind was all over place,
what to say to people, where to go,
what to do. Where do you begin?
After all that I had to say goodbye to
my parents which was something I
was glad, but scared of all together.
I basically moved from the comfort
of my own home, from the care of
Fresher’s Cov Cons’ Co
„„ Ex Sky news boss, Nick Pollard is something
coming to Coventry University on extra which
Wednesday the 30th of September to I don’t think can

image source:

discuss the future of TV News. And who be taught.”
is better to tackle the subject than a With a journalism career of over 40
man who affirms “for most of my ITN ca- years across all platforms, Pollard argues
reer I worked on the Ten O’Clock News”. that he choose journalism for “it was the
Nick Pollard started his career at the only sector that allowed you to enjoy
fragile age of 17, as a trainee reporter, yourself and get paid for it and go to
with no clue whatsoever about what the pub at the end of the day”. Can that
journalism was. Later he completed an “two huge stories in different ways”. still apply for today’s journalists?
NCTJ (National Council of Training for Pollard says: “Attitude is everything. You “Does TV News have a future?” Cov-
Journalists) course and had the oppor- can get a pretty long way in journalism entry Conversation with Nick Pollard
tunity to cover Lady Diana’s death and just by being good technically, but the on the 30th of September 2009 at 1pm
September 11, which he describes as very best people have that indefinable in Ellen Terry Building, room ETG34.

„„ Motoring journalist of the year and latest motoring journalism awards, The while another judge described him as
editor-in-chief of Haymarket’s Autocar First Headline Auto, have found Steve “the ultimate journalist in every way”.
magazine, Steve Cropley is to turn up at Cropley and his team of writers from Steve Cropley has helped putting
the Coventry Conversation on Thursday Autocar at the top of the automotive together the postgraduate degree in
the 1st of October to comment upon press. Cropley has won Features Writer Automotive Journalism at Coventry Uni-
the automotive media further than the of the Year and Journalist of the Year versity, particularly through his teach-
obvious. At a time when the automotive over Ken Gibson, motoring editor of the ing as a visiting professor.
press is mostly know by the mass audi- Sun, and Tom Ford, the host for Channel “Looking Beyond Top Gear” Coven-
ence through BBC’s show “Top Gear”, Five’s “Fifth Gear” show, while Autocar try Conversation with Steve Cropley
Steve Cropley comes forward to speak has swiped four gongs from their rival on the 1st of October 2009 at 1 pm in
about the hidden reality and the truth sister magazine What car?. Ellen Terry Building, room ETG34.
behind the close doors of motoring One judge from the panel dared to
journalism. say that Cropley is “one of the top five
As from the 5th of September 2009 the most important journalists in the world”
image source:

„„ Jon Gaunt, presenter of the SUN’s place inside its coverage. Having Counties Radio, BBC WM, BBC Lon-
online radio talk show, “Sun Talk”, faced the Broadcasting Standards don 94.9, BBC Coventry and War-
and newspaper columnist, is com- Commission five times so far, 48 wickshire, Talksport and three Sony
ing to Coventry University on Friday year old Gaunty is rather familiar Radio Academy Gold Awards (2001).
the 2nd of October to talk about with controversy on air, describing His latest radio talk show, “Sun
his experience within the worlds’ himself as a “working-class, edu- Talk” is broadcasted online in
famous tabloid. cated guy with, in broad strokes, a England on the Sun’s website every
Although the SUN light is be- rightwing agenda”. Former Drama weekday from 10am to 1pm. As
lieved to be dangerous by some, student, play writer and TV script from this summer the show is also
Jon Gaunt seems to have found his writer, Jon Gauntknows that drama broadcasted on regular FM in Spain.
covers the inside and outside of the “My life in the SUN” Coventry
media. Conversation with Jon Gaunt on
You wouldn’t want to miss the Friday the 2nd of October 2009 at
chance to listen to a man who’s 5pm in Ellen Terry Building, room
radio portfolio includes: BBC Three ETG34.
image source:

The student and staff newsletter of the Media and

Communications department of Coventry School of
Art and Design
Edited by Teodora Beleaga
Many thanks to Will Barton, John Keenan, John Mair, John
Lister, Spencer Murphy, Paul Adkins, Katrina Stevenson and
Joe Paxton.

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