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14 October 2009

Voicing the un-

by Danielle Cook and Radina Choleva

ead of Quicksilver Media “It’s raw, harsh underlines the gap between current TV
and Executive Producer of programmes and Unreported World: “I
Channel Four’s Unreported and very real. Our want to stress that we use a two person
World, Eamonn Matthews teams, one camera and nothing magic.
lead a Coventry Conversa- up-front reporters In TV people use bigger teams, but our
tion on Thursday, the 8th of October. A small camera relaxes people.” The Times
passionate and award winning reporter, go right to the newspaper made this distinction as well
he talked about his experience on the saying that Unreported World is “one of
films he produces. primary source, the the handful of programmes that act as
Eamonn’s Unreported World explores a bulwark against the crushing idiocy of
the harsh truth of people living in dif- people.” television”. One of his films takes about
ferent parts of the Earth, some being eight and a half weeks to make.
ranked as the most dangerous or in- Matthews labels the modern TV
tense regions. The documentaries offer reports as being opinionated, lack-
these “people on the ground” a change ing facts. Separating his investigative “To be risk free
to be heard, as Eamonn claims: “We are reporting programme from that, he
trying to give voice to the people who describes his work: “It’s unreported means to never
don’t have a voice.” He argues that his journalism. It’s raw, harsh and very real.
crew “is going on the ground and show Our up front reporters go right to the leave the office.”
what’s happening, what’s real”. primary source, the people.” Also, he
Portraying the production of his
documentaries, Eamonn highlights:
“We have a game plan. We must make
sure our team and fixers (local journal-
ists) are safe. The team never leaves the
office without double checking that we
have a story.” Still, when they do leave,
“it’s their responsibility to deliver the
images source:

basic story”. Talking about safety he

admits: “To be risk free means to never
leave the office”.
Matthews answer to media students’
request for advice was: “you must have
a narrative story for television and to
Eamonn Matthews back in the days he was out on the field. just be passionate about it”.
Now he spends his days in his office.
Being back after two decades: the Co
time traveller’s view of Uni to Cov
By Steve Bradley

In the classic eighties TV series, captain Buck Rogers blasts off on a mission to explore
deep space, only to become frozen in time and return to earth 500 years later. Similarly,

Snow’s again
there were times last week when I’ve felt like I’ve just woken up in the 25th century.
Almost twenty years now since I first graduated
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with a degree in law and went on to a career in

the NHS. I’ve just returned at the ripe old age of „„ Channel Four’s well-known
41 to study for an MA in Specialist Journalism at News Presenter, Jon Snow,
Coventry University School of Art and Design. is becoming a familiar figure
Life seemed so much simpler back in those among the Coventry Conversa-
heady, sepia tinted days of September 1988. tions series. Having lead two
Osama Bin Laden was still on the payroll and full auditorium lectures in the
Jeremy Clarkson had yet to express an opinion. previous years, Snow comes
If you could actually find a computer, it probably again to discuss the qualities
didn’t have a mouse and a ‘module’ was something astronauts went to the moon in. and skills one needs in order to
Down at the Student’s Union, a pint of Guinness set you back only 80p and Joy Division perform well as a journalist in
warned that “love” might tear us apart. “Global warming” was just a pricey extra on high- today’s media. The Conversation,
end central heating systems. called “The best and worst of
As one of the lucky 10% from my social background who actually made it into higher times – Who would be a journal-
education, I remember feeling privileged to be at university and looking forward to the ist in the second decade of the
bright future ahead of me. 21st century?” is an inaugural talk
Fast forward to 2009; it’s a brave new world. A world where swine flu, iPhones, globali- for Snow as a visiting Coventry
sation, Burberry hot pants, Wikipedia, Snoop Dog and Lindsay Lohan manage to coexist University Professor.
together. Not to all these pesky university rules and regulations that didn’t seem to mat- This not-to-be-missed event will
ter much before. be held at the Coventry Cathe-
dral, at 10am, on this Thursday,
“Global warming was just a pricey extra on the 15th of October.

high-end central heating systems. “

imagae source:

Yet, to tell the truth, the business of being a student is not so much different. The lec-
turers even seem to care a bit more about our education than they did in ‘88. With over
300 institutions offering degrees to choose from, they simply can’t afford not to.
Still, it’s reassuring to know some things haven’t changed at all. Kylie’s still on the radio,
Mr T is selling chocolate bars, and Knight Rider is back on Telly. If only Arsenal were top
of the football league, I’d swear, it’s just like being back in the late eighties!
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image source:

Coventry Conversations are now

more famous than ever as one
could simply find them on the
first page of iTunesU alongside
Oxford University and MIT lec-
tures. Pick up the Buzz next week
the beginnings of IT illustration of a Space Module
for more details.
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