Information Sheet For REACH of Macon County Building a Shelter to Build a Better Community REACH’s Mission The mission

of REACH of Macon County is to eradicate domestic violence and sexual assault crimes in Macon and Jackson Counties, through prevention, intervention, and education services. Services include a 24-hour crisis line, safety planning, crisis counseling, court advocacy, medical accompaniment, emergency housing, and educational services to support victims through the entire process of physical mental and emotional recovery. REACH’s New Choices program assists clients on the path to long-term stability and self-sufficiency through goal planning, educational counseling, and employment readiness. In addition REACH has specialized programs including Latino Outreach and Services, Youth Victim and Dating Violence Services, Rape Prevention Education, and elder abuse services. Proposed Project: REACH of Macon County plans to build a new domestic violence shelter on property adjacent to its offices, owned by REACH. The proposed development will have a great room and kitchen, two dining areas, childrens play room, conference room, staff office, laundry room, resident storage closets, an outside fenced in play area, and covered patio. The entire shelter will be fully handicap accessible. The shelter will have 10 bedrooms, each include 2 beds, and all the bedrooms are connected by a door separating the two bedrooms so that the bedrooms can be used to serve larger families who may require two bedrooms. The building will offer residents a secure living environment that will have controlled access, security monitoring, fully sprinkled, and 24/7 staffing. The new shelter’s location in Franklin would increase clients’ ability to access needed community resources, employment opportunities, and day care for their children. This increase in accessibility could have a huge postiive impact on a vicitm’s ability to secure resources and meet their personal goals in their movement toward self sufficiency and violence free homes. In addition it will be more cost effective for our agency to have our facilities all in one location. Need for New Shelter REACH of Macon County provides the only shelter for domestic and sexual violence victims, and their children, for both Macon and Jackson counties. The closest domestic or sexual violence emergency shelter is about 45 minutes east or west of Macon County. Since September 1990, REACH’s existing shelter has been located in an older home that is rented by REACH. The existing shelter only provides REACH with six bedrooms for victims of domestic and sexual violence and their children, which is not enough space to meet our current demands. Over a period of 31 months (2 ½ years), the shelter has been at 100% capacity for a period of seventeen months, which is well over half of that time period. During those times, we have been unable to meet the need for shelter in our community due to a lack of space. REACH has provided the following services and assistance during the past 6 months – August 1, 2013 – January 31, 2014:   Macon County Jackson County 242 unduplicated victims 119 unduplicated victims

 Two years ago, REACH expanded its service area to include Jackson County. Based on the above numbers, 33% of the victims served were from Jackson County.  In 2013, REACH provided 1,459 nights of shelter averaging 121 nights per month for domestic violence victims in Macon and Jackson Counties.

History REACH of Macon County, Macon Outreach began in November 1987 and with six volunteers trained in crisis intervention services. Initially Macon Outreach assisted clients with supportive services that were transferred to a shelter in Jackson County. In January 31, 1990 Reach of Macon County was incorporated and in September of 1990 REACH opened the current shelter. REACH also operates a thrift store, REACH for Bargains located in Heritage Hollow, as well as has a booth in Whistle Stop Antique Mall. REACH uses the earning of the thrift store and Whistle Stop to support programs and services for victims and their children of domestic violence and sexual assault in our community. Throughout the history of REACH, the local community has always been key in maintaining and expanding services to meet the needs of our area. The new shelter would be completed and open for providing shelter in 2015, the year that will mark 25 years of REACH of Macon County providing services for victims and their children. We are excited to not only celebrate the remarkable community that has made these 25 years possible, but also look to the future. This shelter will be an essential part of our community’s continued commitment to non violence and ensuring a safe place for victims and children to rebuild their lives. Funding The expected Development Cost for the new shelter is $1,211,407. REACH has applied to the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency for Supportive Housing funds totaling $908,555. REACH is raising the remaining $302,852 through a capital campaign focusing on private contributions and foundation grants. The capital campaign offers naming opportunities for individuals or groups, beginning at $2,500. Information on the shelter project will be updated on our website,, as well as the ability to make a contribution to the capital campaign directly on the website. Design and Construction Team REACH has selected Ritter Architecture, PA to serve as the project architect and Beale Construction, Inc. as the general contractor. Both firms have a long and successful construction history in Macon County Project Schedule The site for the new shelter is located behind REACH’s office, is zoned correctly and has water and sewer service available.         NCHFA Application submitted Submit Foundation Applications and Fund Raising Notification of Foundation Funding Notification of NCHFA Funding Close on funding and start construction Construction Period (10 Months) Occupancy Begins Final Closing March 14, 2014 April 2014 May, 30 2014 July1, 2014 October 1, 2014 Nov1, 2014 – Sept 1, 2015 September 2015 December 1, 2015

Development Management REACH has contracted with Scott A. Redinger, Inc. of Wilmington, NC to help facilitate the development of the shelter. Scott A, Redinger specializes in the development of housing for nonprofits serving special populations and the elderly. Since forming his business in 1994, Scott Redinger has assisted nonprofits with the development of 44 housing communities, 17 for special populations and 27 for the elderly. Andrea Anderson, Executive Director of REACH and Cindy Trevathan, REACH Board Member are responsible for overseeing this project on behalf of the REACH. Decisions regarding project design, contracts, change orders and funding will be made by REACH’s Board of Directors. Information Regarding the Development For more information regarding this development please contact Cindy Trevathan at 828-200-0308 or Andrea Anderson, Executive Director of REACH at 828-329-5544. Additionally we would be happy to come speak to any group to discuss this project and the services provided by REACH for victims and their children in our community.

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