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Title of the Paper for National Conference on

(Affiliation): dept. name , name of organization, City, e-mail addre

(Affiliation): dept. name , name of organization, City, e-mail addre

Abstract Font style, Times New Roman, Font size, 9, Bold. This electronic document is a live template. The various components o your paper !title, te"t, heads, etc.# are already de ined on the style sheet, as illustrated $y the portions %iven in this document. &'$stract( Keywords- Font style: times New Roman, Font size, 9, component; formatting; style; styling; insert (key words

pagination in the paper. %o not num+er te*t head the template .ill do that for you. 0inally, complete content and organizational editing +efore formatting. Plea e ta/e note of the item .hen proofreading pelling and grammar: A. Abbreviations and Acronyms %efine a++re-iation and acronym the fir t time they are u ed in the te*t, e-en after they ha-e +een defined in the a+ tract. A++re-iation uch a "(((, 1", 4<1, C)1, c, dc, and rm do not ha-e to +e defined. %o not u e a++re-iation in the title or head unle they are una-oida+le. B. Units & e either 1" (4<1) or C)1 a primary unit . (1" unit are encouraged.) (ngli h unit may +e u ed a econdary unit (in parenthe e ). An e*ception .ould +e the u e of (ngli h unit a identifier in trade, uch a 3=.>-inch di / dri-e7. A-oid com+ining 1" and C)1 unit , uch a current in ampere and magnetic field in oer ted . Thi often lead to confu ion +ecau e e?uation do not +alance dimen ionally. "f you mu t u e mi*ed unit , clearly tate the unit for each ?uantity that you u e in an e?uation. %o not mi* complete pelling and a++re-iation of unit : 35+@m!7 or 3.e+er per ?uare meter7, not 3.e+er @m!7. 1pell out unit .hen they appear in te*t: 3. . . a fe. henrie 7, not 3. . . a fe. '7. & e a zero +efore decimal point : 3A.!>7, not 3.!>7. & e 3cm=7, not 3cc7. (+ullet li t)


"NT#$%&CT"$N ('(A%"N) )

The main aim of the conference i to e*plore ongoing re earch in the field of cience and engineering. The conference aim to +ring together re earcher, indu try per onnel and academician to ,oin hand for de-elopment of the ociety. The conference al o intend to pro-ide a platform for po tgraduate and re earch tudent to meet the e*pert in their field a .ell a to carry out colla+orati-e re earch. The tutorial, .or/ hop and e*hi+ition hall pro-ide the tate of art in the field related to the conference to the participant . "". C$N0(#(NC( T$P"C1

A. Information Technology (Sub Heading) 0ir t, confirm that you ha-e the correct template for your paper ize. Thi template ha +een tailored for output on the A2 paper ize. "f you are u ing &1 letter- ized paper, plea e clo e thi file and do.nload the file for 34156&1ltr6format7. B. Communication Systems and Signal Sustems The template i u ed to format your paper and tyle the te*t. All margin , column .idth , line pace , and te*t font are pre cri+ed8 plea e do not alter them. 9ou may note peculiaritie . 0or e*ample, the head margin in thi template mea ure proportionately more than i cu tomary. Thi mea urement and other are deli+erate, u ing pecification that anticipate your paper a one part of the entire proceeding , and not a an independent document. Plea e do not re-i e any of the current de ignation . """. P#(PA#( 9$&# PAP(# :(0$#( 1T9;"N)


:efore you +egin to format your paper, fir t .rite and a-e the content a a eparate te*t file. <eep your te*t and graphic file eparate until after the te*t ha +een formatted and tyled. %o not u e hard ta+ , and limit u e of hard return to only one return at the end of a paragraph. %o not add any /ind of

!uations The e?uation are an e*ception to the pre cri+ed pecification of thi template. 9ou .ill need to determine .hether or not your e?uation hould +e typed u ing either the Time Ne. #oman or the 1ym+ol font (plea e no other font). To create multile-eled e?uation , it may +e nece ary to treat the e?uation a a graphic and in ert it into the te*t after your paper i tyled. Num+er e?uation con ecuti-ely. (?uation num+er , .ithin parenthe e , are to po ition flu h right, a in (1), u ing a right ta+ top. To ma/e your e?uation more compact, you may u e the olidu ( @ ), the e*p function, or appropriate e*ponent .

"talicize #oman ym+ol for ?uantitie and -aria+le , +ut not )ree/ ym+ol . & e a long da h rather than a hyphen for a minu ign. Punctuate e?uation .ith comma or period .hen they are part of a entence, a in + = . (1) (1) + = . (1)

the middle of column . ;arge figure and ta+le may pan acro +oth column . 0igure caption hould +e +elo. the figure 8 ta+le head hould appear a+o-e the ta+le . "n ert figure and ta+le after they are cited in the te*t. & e the a++re-iation 30ig. 17, e-en at the +eginning of a entence.
TA:;( ". Ta$le )ead copy TA:;( T9P( 1T9;(1 Ta$le *olumn )ead
!a"le col#mn s#"$ead %#"$ead %#"$ead

Note that the e?uation i centered u ing a center ta+ top. :e ure that the ym+ol in your e?uation ha-e +een defined +efore or immediately the e?uation. & e 3(1)7, not 3(?. (1)7 or 3e?uation (1)7, e*cept at the +eginning of a entence: 3(?uation (1) i . . .7 "B. &1"N) T'( T(4P;AT(

4ore ta+le copya 0igure 1. .(*ample of a figure caption. (figure caption)

After the te*t edit ha +een completed, the paper i ready for the template. %uplicate the template file +y u ing the 1a-e A command, and u e the naming con-ention pre cri+ed +y your conference for the name of your paper. "n thi created file, highlight all of the content and import your prepared te*t file. 9ou are no. ready to tyle your paper8 u e the croll do.n .indo. on the left of the 41 5ord 0ormatting tool+ar. A. Identify the Headings 'eading , or head , are organizational de-ice that guide the reader through your paper. There are t.o type : component head and te*t head . Component head identify the different component of your paper and are not topically u+ordinate to each other. (*ample include Ac/no.ledgment and #eference and, for the e, the correct tyle to u e i 3'eading >7. & e 3figure caption7 for your 0igure caption , and 3ta+le head7 for your ta+le title. #unin head , uch a 3A+ tract7, .ill re?uire you to apply a tyle (in thi ca e, italic) in addition to the tyle pro-ided +y the drop do.n menu to differentiate the head from the te*t. Te*t head organize the topic on a relational, hierarchical +a i . 0or e*ample, the paper title i the primary te*t head +ecau e all u+ e?uent material relate and ela+orate on thi one topic. "f there are t.o or more u+-topic , the ne*t le-el head (upperca e #oman numeral ) hould +e u ed and, con-er ely, if there are not at lea t t.o u+-topic , then no u+head hould +e introduced. 1tyle named 3'eading 17, 3'eading !7, 3'eading =7, and 3'eading 27 are pre cri+ed. B. "igures and Tables #) $ositioning "igures and Tables% Place figure and ta+le at the top and +ottom of column . A-oid placing them in

0igure ;a+el : & e C point Time Ne. #oman for 0igure la+el . & e .ord rather than ym+ol or a++re-iation .hen .riting 0igure a*i la+el to a-oid confu ing the reader. A an e*ample, .rite the ?uantity 34agnetization7, or 34agnetization, 47, not ,u t 347. "f including unit in the la+el, pre ent them .ithin parenthe e . %o not la+el a*e only .ith unit . "n the e*ample, .rite 34agnetization (A@m)7 or 34agnetization DAEm(1)FG7, not ,u t 3A@m7. %o not la+el a*e .ith a ratio of ?uantitie and unit . 0or e*ample, .rite 3Temperature (<)7, not 3Temperature@<7. C$NC;&1"$N ('(A%"N) >) The conference place, 1""T i a+out C<4 from cho/hi %hani and a+out > <4 from 1anganer, AC<N$5;(%)4(NT ('(A%"N) >) The preferred pelling of the .ord 3ac/no.ledgment7 in America i .ithout an 3e7 after the 3g7. A-oid the tilted e*pre ion, 3$ne of u (#. :. ).) than/ . . .7 "n tead, try 3#. :. ). than/ 7. Put pon or ac/no.ledgment in the unnum+ered footnote on the fir t page. #(0(#(NC(1
E1F ). (a on, :. No+le, and ". N. 1neddon, 3$n certain integral of ;ip chitz-'an/el type in-ol-ing product of :e el function ,7 Phil. Tran . #oy. 1oc. ;ondon, -ol. A!2H, pp. >!IJ>>1, April 1I>>. (reference ) K. Cler/ 4a*.ell, A Treati e on (lectricity and 4agneti m, =rd ed., -ol. !. $*ford: Clarendon, 1CI!, pp.LCJH=. ". 1. Kaco+ and C. P. :ean, 30ine particle , thin film and e*change ani otropy,7 in 4agneti m, -ol. """, ). T. #ado and '. 1uhl, (d . Ne. 9or/: Academic, 1IL=, pp. !H1J=>A. <. (li a, 3Title of paper if /no.n,7 unpu+li hed. #. Nicole, 3Title of paper .ith only fir t .ord capitalized,7 K. Name 1tand. A++re-., in pre . 9. 9orozu, 4. 'irano, <. $/a, and 9. Taga.a, 3(lectron pectro copy tudie on magneto-optical media and pla tic u+ trate interface,7 "(((