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INFORMATION ON AREA 8: LEADERSHIP, GOVERNANCE AND ADMINISTRATION 8.1 Governance Information on Benchmarked Standards 8.1.

1 Show how the policies and practices of the department are consistent with the larger purpose of the HEP. Policies and practices in all departments are based on circulars from the Vice !hancellor" Senate" and the E#ecuti$e !ommittee. %his le$el of top management is responsible for o$erall planning" monitoring" decision making" deri$ati$es and decisions of the Board of &irectors of the HEP in achie$ing the HEP's goals. Polic( on intake of students" intake of lecturers" procurement and budgeting are based on the pro)ected number of students to cater for the *+,",,, student enrolment in *,1+. Status and issues on the enrolment" intake" graduates and emplo(abilit( are regularl( reported in the Senate" E#ecuti$e !ommittee and the Board meeting. 8.1.* &escribe the go$ernance structure and functions" and the main decision making components of the department" as well as the relationships between them. How these relationships are made known to all parties in$ol$ed- .hat effect do these relationships ha$e on the programme%he HEP practises the three tier go$ernance" the highest being the HEP Board of &irectors /0efer to the organisational chart as in 1igure 8., obtained from the !hanceller(2. %he board of &irector /B3&2 consists of ten members4 !hairman Vice !hancellor Se$en members Secretar( to the B3&.

%he HEP is headed b( a Vice !hancellor with four &eput( Vice !hancellors. %he second tier consists of the E#ecuti$e !ommittee and Senate" the former looking at o$erall management of the HEP while the latter looks after all academic matters. %he E#ecuti$e council meets e$er( week on .ednesda(

unless the Vice !hancellor has other more urgent matters to attend" while the Senate meets the Senate meets on either the first or second %hursda( of e$er( month. %he e#ecuti$e committee is responsible for achie$ing the HEP's goals. %he second tier is the 3perations and 5anagement 3ffice which o$erseas selected ma)or acti$ities and the third le$el is the departmental di$isions which are responsible for the da( to da( operations of the 6ni$ersit(. %he committee consists of 8 members and the !hanceller('s office being the secretariat. %he HEP's Senate consists of the Vice !hancellor as the !hairperson" the four &eput( Vice !hancellor" all the &eans of 1aculties and !entre &irectors" the fi$e 7ssistant Vice !hancellors" and no more than *, 1ull Professors. %he third la(er's are made up of all the heads of HEP's main departments together with the &ean of 1aculties and &irectors of Branch !ampuses. %he( implement the policies endorsed at the higher le$el. %hese heads of department meet at least once in e$er( three months to ensure smooth operations through effecti$e communication. %hese relationship are made known through briefing" the internet" meetings" circulars" websites" morning coffee sessions" office bulletins" notice board" and letters of appointment. 8.1.8 Indicate the t(pe and fre9uenc( of meetings held during the past academic (ear. .ithin the HEP management s(stem" the &eans are members of the Senate which meets once a month. 0epresentati$es are selected from among &irectors of Branch !ampuses and four Professors. %he Secretariat is the 3ffice of 7cademic 7ffairs. %here is also the !ouncil of Head of &epartment meeting that co$ers a larger audience. %his includes all the &irectors of Branch !ampuses and Heads of all other departments. %his meeting con$enes usuall( once in two months. %he secretariat for the meeting is the !hanceller('s 3ffice. 7part from that" there is also the !ouncil of &ean meeting whose !hair s picked among the !hairperson of the three clusters of disciplines.

7t the facult( le$el" the Heads of Programmes meeting and the !oordinators meeting would normall( pro$ide the platform to gather feedback on issues to be resol$ed. 8.1.: Show e$idence that the department board is an effecti$e polic( making bod( with ade9uate autonom(. %he formulation of policies" important decisions" appointment of e#ternal e#aminer and ad$isors" e#amination processes and results" e#amination reports" graduation" curriculum appro$al" important academic acti$ities like academic calendaring" are matters discussed and resol$ed in the Senate" E#ecuti$e !ouncil 5eeting and the 6ni$ersit( Board. 7s an e#ample" an appro$al of curriculum re$iew can be seen as being acted upon immediatel( b( academic management unit and the facult( to ensure that follow through action is implemented. %he minutes of meeting attended b( the &irectors of Branch !ampuses" &eans and the Vice !hancellor are clear e$idence that communication is well in place within the 6ni$ersit( management s(stem. 7ction and follow through measures are adhered to. 8.1.+ &escribe the e#tent of autonom( and responsibilities agreed upon b( the HEP and its campuses or partner institutions to assure functional integration and educational 9ualit(. %he s(stem of administration at all branch campuses emplo(s the same structure. %his is important to ensure that all branch campuses meet the standards set forth b( the top management. 7cademic ;ualit( 7ssurance is placed under the 7cademic 7ffairs &i$ision. %he function of the unit is to o$ersee the process of curriculum re$iew prior to its submission to the Senate" as well as the process of offering a new programme prior to its submission either to the Senate" or the 5ala(sian ;ualification 7genc( /5;72" for programmes to be offered after <anuar( *,,=. %he unit comprises a director and a coordinator who take care of new programmes and curriculum re$iew process. %he unit is also considering obtaining two more coordinators" one to be in charge of testing and e$aluation" and the other for document management. 3n top of that" the unit is

planning to get a specialist in I% to assist in documentation and monitoring. Presentl(" the unit is supported b( two administrati$e staffs. 7nother two will )oin the unit in the near future to facilitate administrati$e duties. %he 7;7 unit handles academic 9ualit( management" monitoring the implementation of >3utcome based Education? pro)ect throughout the 6ni$ersit(" managing the accreditation process either from the Public Ser$ice &epartment /PS&2" the 5;7 or other professional bodies@ new programme offering" re$iewing of the curriculum" academic audit" and monitoring of international accreditation.

Information on Enhanced Standards 8.1.A &escribe the committee s(stem in the department and how it utilises consultation and feedback" and considers market needs anal(sis and emplo(abilit( pro)ections in the programme de$elopment and re$iew. %he committee at the facult( le$el would deliberate on an( issues raised b( stakeholders which the( ha$e recei$ed through letters" phone calls" $erbal comments or emails. It would then be further deliberated through market anal(sis if re9uired. %hereafter" all the findings would be tabled and assigned to session to identif( impro$ement mechanism.. %he $iews and opinions of e#ternal e#aminers and ad$isors would also be sought. %he committee would then prepare the proposal document to make changes to the guideline from 7cademic 7ffairs &i$ision. %he committee would present to the 7cademic Board before submitting the proposal to the 7cademic ;ualit( 7ssurance 6nit for control check prior to its tabling at the Senate meeting. 3nce appro$ed" the curriculum re$iew would be completed and read( to be sent to the 7cademic 7ffairs &i$ision /7cademic management2 which would look into an( changes in codes" credit and plan of stud(. 7t this stage" the facult( is all read( to implement the new curriculum. 8.1.B &escribe the representation and role of the academic staff" students and other stakeholders in the $arious go$ernance structures and committees of the department.

&eans" heads of academic programmes and programme coordinators are selected from among academic staffs. Students also ha$e their representati$es in some of the facult('s academic Board. Students also ha$e their own council and choose their representati$es during it annual election held during first session of each (ear. 3ther stakeholder" like the industr( and emplo(ers are normall( represented in the academic ad$isor board as ad$isors. .ithin the HEP s(stem" engagement force" which is 14A8 in terms of the industr( stands at *:.: per cent of the number of students. %he figure meets the CPI set b( the ministr(.


Aca e!"c Lea er#$"% o& '$e Pro(ra!!e

Information on Benchmarked Standards 8.*.1 E#plain the selection process and )ob description of the academic leader of the programme. State his name" 9ualification and e#perience. ;ualified candidates are nominated among the e#isting staff and one of them will be chosen and appointed b( the &eput( Vice !hancellor 7cademic 7ffairs and InternationaliDation. %he 9ualifications of the Head of Programme would ha$e to commensurate with hisEher )ob e#pectations. %hus heEshe has to be competent and able not onl( to manage people but also academic procedures. Fame ;ualification E#perience 4 7ssoc. Prof. Sunha)i Ci(ai 7bas 4 5.Eng /!ranfield" 6C2" 4 *+ (ears ser$ice with 6i%5


&escribe the management structure of the academic programme b( showing the

responsibilities of each indi$idual in$ol$ed in the structure. %he following 1igure * shows the management structure of the academic programme

1igure *4 5anagement Structure Please refer to 7ppendi# - for the details of responsibilit( of each indi$idual. 8.*.8 State the procedures and criteria for selection" appointment and e$aluation of academic leadership in the programme. ;ualified candidates are nominated among the e#isting staff" the( are chosen and appointed b( the &eput( Vice !hancellor 7cademic 7ffairs and InternationaliDation. %he 9ualifications of the Head of Programme would ha$e to commensurate with hisEher )ob e#pectations. %hus sheEhe has to be competent and able not onl( to manage people but also academic procedures. He is e$aluated b( the &ean. His performance is measured b( the Ce( Performance Indicators earlier set at the beginning of the (ear during the setting of work target using the common appraisal form which can be downloaded from the 0egistr('s website. He would undergo the same appraisal procedure like an(

other staff. 8.*.: &escribe the relationship between the programme and the HEP leadership in matters such as recruitment and training" student admission" and allocation of resources and decision making processes. In proposing a new program" the Head of &epartment would ha$e to propose the re9uired human resource b( submitting a proposal to the Human 0esource &epartment under the 0egister's 3ffice. %hat proposal must contain information on pro)ection" )ustification and implication" either ph(sical or financial. 6pon appro$al" the proposal will be prepared b( Human 0esource &epartment to be submitted to the Public Ser$ice &epartment warrant appro$al would follow" after which the human resource department would ha$e to prepare the procedure for ad$ertisement" submission of application" selection of candidates" short listing" preparation for inter$iews" allocations and appropriation according to the needs and competenc( of applicants" followed b( an official offer letter. %he detailed procedure is a$ailable from the 0egistr('s 3ffice or can be referred from the Procedure 5anual of the 0egistrar's 3ffice or can be referred from the Procedure 5anual of the 0egistr('s ;5S. %raining follows the same bottom upE top down mode and a mi# of centralisedEde centralised procedure. %he departments responsible for managing training are iG;75 and <PbS5@ while the former is responsible for training of academics" the letter is responsible for the training of administrati$e and management staff. Student admission is handling b( the Postgraduate Institute. Student intake pro)ection would be prepared b( the facult( together with the !entre for Strategic Planning. Information on Enhanced Standards 8.*.+ &escribe how the performance of the programme leader is periodicall( e$aluated. %he( are e$aluated b( the &eans. %heir performance is measured b( the Ce( Performance Indicators earlier set at the beginning of the (ear during the setting

of work target using the common appraisal form which can be downloaded from the registr('s website. %he( would undergo the same appraisal procedure like an( other staff. 8.*.A Show how the programme leader creates a conduci$e en$ironment to generate inno$ation and creati$it( in the department. Staff and student are encouraged to be creati$e and inno$ati$e through research" inno$ation and commercialiDation acti$ities. %he( are encouraged to participate in Inno$ation H &esign /II&2 organiDed b( 0esearch 5anagement Institute /05I2 8.) A !"n"#'ra'"ve an Mana(e!en' S'a&& Information on Benchmarked Standards 8.8.1 &escribe the structure of the administrati$e staff which supports the programme. %he facult( is headed b( the &ean and 8 &eput( &eans. Please refer to 7ppendi# H. 8.8.* E#plain how the number of the administrati$e staff is determined in accordance to the needs of the programme and other acti$ities. &escribe the recruitment processes and procedures. State the terms and conditions of ser$ice. %he number of administrati$e staff is determined in accordance to the needs of the programme and other acti$ities. %he ratio of administrati$e staff to students is 14A,. %he recruitment process begins when the number of re9uired administrati$e and management staff is channelled to 0egistr('s 3ffice. %he detailed procedure is found at the 0egistrar's 3ffice under 7ppointments and Ser$ices /6i%5 Self 0e$iew Portfolio *,,=2. 8.8.8 State the numbers re9uired and a$ailable" )ob categor( and minimum 9ualification of non academic staff for this programme.

7s shown in %able 1+.

%able1+4 Fon 7cademic Staff for the Programme No 1 *o+ Ca'e(or, %echnician Gaborator( .elding Gaborator( 7d$anced 5anufacturing Gaborator( 5achining Gaborator( 5aterial Science Gaborator( 5etrolog( Gaborator( Simulation Gaborator( !omposite Gaborator( !omputer &esign Gaborator( N-!+er# re.-"re * * * * * * * * Fone Fone Fone Fone C-rren' n-!+er# * * : * * * 1 * 1 1 1 1 M"n"!-! .-a/"&"ca'"on SP5 SP5 SP5 SP5 SP5 SP5 SP5 SP5 SP5 &iploma &egree &egree

* 8 : +

!lerk E#ecuti$e 3fficer 7ssistant 0egistrar &eput( 0egistrar


Pro$ide details of each staff assisting in this programme containing their name" academic 9ualifications" current responsibilities and other rele$ant information.

Fo 1 * 8 : + A B 8 = 1,

Fame 7hmad 1aiD Fawawi 5ohd. 1arid 5ohd Saad Shahidan B 5ohammad 5ohd. 1adli 5ohd Salleh 1aDl( Iaimie Jaacob 5ohd 7Derif 5ohd 7li 5ohd 0ahimi 7bd 0ahman 5ohd Em( 7Dl( 5ohd Har(sham Iainal 7bidin Shawal Ibrahim

;ualification SP5 SP5 SP5 SP5 SP5 SP5 SP5 SP5 SP5 SP5

0esponsibilit( .elding .elding 0obotic welding 0obotic welding 5achining 5achining 5aterial testing 5aterial testing 5etrolog( 5etrolog(


11 1*


!omputer simulation !omputer simulation


State the mechanisms and procedures for monitoring and appraising staff performance" for ensuring e9uitable distribution of duties and responsibilities among the staff" and for determining the distribution of rewards. %he mechanism is similar to that 8.*.+.


&escribe the processes and procedures in managing the discipline of the staff. %he discipline of staff is guided b( the guideline on the code of ethics for administrati$e staff" and code of ethics for academic staff. %he book is a$ailable for reference b( all staff. %o o$ersee disciplinar( matters in$ol$ing uni$ersit( staff" a special unit called the Staff &isciplinar( !ommittee /<awatankuasa %atatertib Cakitangan2 has been formed under the 0egistrar's 3ffice" and it handles a range of duties from lo(alt( pledge /7ku <an)i2 to ph(sical presence /Ceberadaan2. %he staff are generall( kept informed through circular" the latest being the 0egistrar's !ircular Fo. 1=E*,,= on !onducting .ork 3utside /Pekeliling Pendaftar Bil 1=E*,,= on >5elakukan Peker)aan Guar?2. %o guide Head of &epartments on &isciplinar( matters concerning the staff under them" the HEP has come up with a guideline on how to handle misconduct at departmental le$el for distribution. %he latest a$ailable to staff is the 0egistrar's !ircular Fo.8*E*,,= on Kuidelines on Handling 5isconduct of Staff at the le$el of the 3ffice in !harge /Pekeliling Pendaftar Bil 8*E*,,8 on Karis Panduan Salah Gaku Staff di Peringkat Pe)abat %anggung)awab /P%<2. HEP has also de$eloped a s(stem on e discipline.


State the mechanisms for training and career ad$ancement that are a$ailable in the department. HEP has two training centres that o$ersee to the needs of both academic administrators and management. In house training is conducted b( iG;75 and

<PbS5. P%C and succession planning is also a$ailable. %raining Feed 7nal(sis /%F72 from all departments is re9uired to be updated (earl(. %he HEP has a clear procedure on career ad$ancement guided b( the document Karis Panduan 6rusan Cenaikan Pangkat Pens(arah 6ni$ersiti 5707 /Pindaan 1 E tahun *,,82 which has been appro$ed b( the Board of &irectors in &ecember *,,B. 8.8.8 &escribe how the department conducts regular performance re$iew of the programme's administrati$e and management staff. Performance appraisal of e$er( staff is conducted once a (ear following the go$ernment circular on SC%. %he procedure is well described in the Procedure 5anual of the 0egistrar's 3ffice. 7ll staff must use the appraisal form a$ailable online through the website of the 0egistrar's 3ffice. 3nce completed" it is forwarded to the first e$aluator who would then direct the form to the second e$aluator. Each department would then consolidate the marks and uploaded to the S%70S s(stem for entr(. 7 committee on human resource would then meet to endorse on the candidate for e#cellence award" etc. /6i%5 Self 0e$iew Portfolio *,,=2. Information on Enhanced Standards 8.8.= &escribe the training scheme for the administrati$e and management staff and show how this scheme fulfils the specific and future needs of the programme. %here is a guideline on how to manage training for the academic staff. Please refer to the >Karis Panduan Pengurusan Gatihan &alam Fegara Staf 7kademik 6i%5?@ it is also a$ailable through the I Staff Portal. %raining programme is also guided b( specific guidelines /6i%5 Self 0e$iew Portfolio *,,=2. 8.0 Aca e!"c Recor # Information on Benchmarked Standards 8.:.1 State the policies on the secure retention and disposal of student and academic staff records at the departmental le$el and show its consistenc( with that of the HEP. %he 0egistrar's 3ffice has a specific outfit to look after retention" retrie$al and disposal of student and academic staff records. %he 7rchi$e H 5useum 6nit and

Students 0ecords are responsible for managing the records on students. Please refer to the procedure manual in the ;ualit( 5anagement S(stem of the 0egistrar's 3ffice namel( Senggaraan 0ekod Pela)ar" P;.3E 6i%5EBP&.18 and Pengurusan 0ekod 6i%5" P;.3E 6i%5E BP&.*1 /6i%5 Self 0e$iew Portfolio *,,=2. 8.:.* &escribe how the department ensures the rights of indi$idual pri$ac( and the confidentialit( of records. %he uni$ersit( obser$es go$ernment guidelines on record keeping" filing s(stem using colour coding" and abide b( the 3fficial Secrets 7ct. %he guideline is made a$ailable through the staff portal and the I% s(stems like ISiS. Staffs are reminded on how to manage electronic files through Pusat Sistem 5aklumat Bersepadu /PS5B2 and 6i%5's 7rchi$e .ebsite. Information on Enhanced Standards 8.:.8 &escribe the department's re$iew policies on securit( of records and its plans for impro$ements. 7 s(stem on e archi$e has also been de$eloped. e 7rchi$e is based on 7rchi$e 0ecord 5anagement S(stem. %his s(stem is the component for managing huge $olume of data forms associated with students and staff. It is a mechanism that would enable Bahagian 7rkib dan 5uDium to le$erage on the latest technolog( for efficient ser$ices /6i%5 Self 0e$iew Portfolio *,,=2. %he department has a clear polic( related to the nature and securit( of student and academic staff records. %he polic( is contained in Section :., of the IS3 =,,1 *,,, ;ualit( 5anual for !orporate !ertification. Besides this section" re9uirement is complemented b(4 &ocument !ontrol Procedure within each facult('s ;5S /PC. 6i%5.facult(/P2.,12@ ;ualit( 0ecord !ontrol /PC.6i%5.facult( /P2.,*2@ Internal 7udit Procedure /PC. 6i%5.facult( /P2.,8@ Fon compliance Product !ontrol Procedure /PC.6i%5.facult( /P2.,:@ 0emedial 7ction Procedure /PC. 6i%5.facult( /P2.,+@ Pre$ention 7ction Procedure /PC.6i%5.facult( /P2.,A.7rkib /form4 B75,AE,BE,8 and )ustification for forwarding it to the museum and archi$e department2 %he Student 0ecord H !on$ocation 6nit has prepared a specific form to assist

department record's disposal. 5eanwhile an electronic ISiS s(stem is built to allow staff to $iew and feed the data on e$er( student" ranging from personal information" e#amination results" students status to an( information related to students record /6i%5 Self 0e$iew Portfolio *,,=2.