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2nd Periodical Test in Civics 3 Name :_____________________________________ Date : October ____, 2013 Hour : 1 hour Knowledge : Process : Understanding : Performance :

I. KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING Direction: Read the test item carefully and answer the questions that follow. Circle the letter that corresponds to the correct answer. 1. Definition: A person who puts up and manages his or her own business with the combination of the three traits like hard work, patience, and creativity for them to be successful in life. They earn, provide works and help the economy of their country. Which of the following term BEST DESCRIBE the definition above? A. achievers B. entertainer C. entrepreneur D. professor 2. GAMABA awardees are recognized for their contribution to traditional and indigenous art in the Philippines. Here are some of the recognized GAMABA awardees in 2004 EXCEPT: A. Darhata Sawabi B. Eduardo Mutuc C. Haja Amina Appi D. Maria A. Ressa 3. In which academic field did Joyce Lansang and John Mark Lascano, students of Jose Abad Santos, EXCEL if their achievements are the following: ACHEIVEMENTS INVENTION PLACE AWARD Extraction and Utilization First Place Intra-National Outstanding Award of Aleuritis Moluccana Outstanding Creative Award into Biodiesel Bronze Award: Material Utilization Invention and for Environmental Friendly Invention A. English B. Filipino C. math D. science 4. When you pass the qualifications of being a math wizard in a prestigious math group like the Philippine Team A, you will be trained by this organization before you compete with the other countries. What organization are we referring to? A. International Mathematics Competition B. Math Wizard Trainers Guild C. Mathematics Trainers Guild D. World Federation of National Mathematics Competition 5. He believes that to become successful in business we must find opportunities even in a simple ideas. With this thoughts, he became the founder of Copylandia Office System and was able to establish branches in various parts of Metro Manila. Who is he? A. Antonio Meloto B. Cecilio K. Pedro C. Feliciano A. Juarez, Jr D. Manuel V. Pangilinan

6. In which division did Ma. Czarina Angela Lao of St. Jude Catholic School win the gold medal during the Math competition of 2008 International Mathematics Competition? A. college B. elementary C. high school D. middle school 7. A student from Philippine Science High School won his speech entitled Fish Mucus and Foot Fungus during the English-Speaking Unions International Public Speaking Competition. He defeated 58 contestants from different countries by speaking his piece with humorous tone about how scientific research can help solve the different problems in the world today. Whats the name of this student? A. Darwin Joseph Ronquillo B. Gian Karlo Dapul C. John Mark Lascano D. Mark Jason Milan 8. Some of the Filipino Students were given a chance to participate in academic contest in the Philippines and in other countries. They were classified into different fields, such as: young inventors, young mathematicians and young public speakers. The diagram below shows the students who exceled in these 3 fields. Which of the following is WRONGLY MATCHED?

A. B. C. D.

A and B only A and C only A, B and C B and C only

9. One of the Filipino traits that we are proud of is resiliency that after all the calamities and misfortunes that our country has been receiving, we bounce back and try to overcome all the challenges. This is what some of Filipino showed to the world by being chosen as the Modern Day Filipino Heroes in different years and in fields. Here is a graphic organizer that shows the following Modern Day Filipino Heroes with their respected fields and achievements:
Fields J K Education Charitable Organization Modern Day Filipino Heroes Efren Peaflorida Kesz Valdez Achievements A 2009 CNN Hero of the Year for his pushcart classroom here in the Philippines to bring education to poor children as an alternative to gang membership. Together with his guardian Harnin Manalaysay founded the Championing Community Children, an organization which aims at giving hope and showing the street children they can transform their own lives and inspire others to do so as well. Kesz helped more than 10,000 children in his community. He was the most influential people in the world in 2004. He received lots of titles, such as 2000 Fighter of the Decade and WBC. He created a cooking stove designed to help poor people have access to hot meals.


Science Sports

Alexis Belonio Many Pacquiao

Which of the following is CORRECTLY MATCHED? A. J, K, L and M B. J, K and L C. J and K only D. L and M only

Refer this direction for number 10 to 12. To become one of the successful Filipino entrepreneurs or achievers you need to combine some of Filipino traits. These traits has great values and it makes us more proud being a Filipino. Such as the hardworking, patience, creativeness, spirituality and religious, diligence, commitment, honesty, cooperative, bayanihan spirits and etc. Direction: We have here the following situations that show the traits of our Model Filipinos. Analyze each situation and choose the BEST FILIPINO TRAITS that being describe. 10. Feliciano A. Juarez, Jr. the founder of Copylandia Office Systems Corporation started his work with a simple ideas such as having a simple photo copying service. This simple ideas was able to provide employment to many Filipinos and served the needs of UP students. It helped him to establish branches in various parts of Metro Manila and in the provinces. A. commitment B. creativity C. hardworking D. patience 11. Lolita Olalia Hizon shows her gratitude for all the blessings she received by constantly sharing her blessings with the less fortunate people of her province, especially to those who were affected by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo wherein she donated 100 housing units to families. She also established the Ang Bagong Cabalantian Foundation to help her kababayan in Pampanga through various livelihood project. A. bayanihan spirit B. cooperative C. hardworking D. religious 12. Haja Amina Appi was recognized as the 2004 Gawad sa Manlilikha ng Bayan in preserving the traditional Filipino craft through teaching the next generation of Sama weavers on how to weave pandan leaves and make it into a mat with colorful design. A. creativity B. diligence C. hardworking D. patience 13. Manuel V. Pangilinan worked for six years in the Philippines. He went to Hong Kong and established his own worked in a bank and company. He became a businessman. When he returned to the Philippines he became the president of PLDT. A. creativity B. patience C. hardworking D. honesty 14. The following statements are true about Antonio Meloto EXCEPT. A B C D A. B. C. D. He was the head of the News and Current Affairs Group of ABS-CBN. He was recognized as the 2006 Ramon Magsaysay awardee for community leadership. He explained Gawad Kalinga as an anti-poverty movement and it encourages Filipinos to contribute in nation-building through bayanihan spirit. He established the first Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation as the executive director.

A only A, B, C and D B only C and D only

Refer this diagram in answering test items 15 and 16.


Jose Abad Santos High School

Ramon Magsaysay High School -Espaa

Gold Medalist

Sudoku Winner

Joyce Lansang

John Mark Lascano

Angelouh Marie Ycasas

Grace Dan Duedor

Ma. Czarina Angela Lao

Bianca Mae Malaluan

15. What would be the representation of letter W in the diagram above? A. achievers in performing arts B. achievers in public speaking C. social science D. young inventors 16. If the gold medalist during the Math competition were X, Ma. Czarina Angela Lao and Bianca Mae Malaluan, who would be the sudoku winner represented by letter Y? A. Gian Karlo Dapul B. Mark Jason Milan C. Patricia Evangelista D. Sarah Jane Cua Study the diagram below and answer number 17.
2 Ramon Magsaysay High School - Espaa -Fish Tales: Electrical Resistance Based Freshness Evaluator 1 Jose Abad Santos High School -Nemo Reloaded

3 Manila Science High School -Extraction and Utilization of Aleurtis Moluccana into Biodiesel


17. Which of the following is WRONGLY MATCHED? A. 1 and 2 only B. 1 and 3 only C. 1, 2 and 3 D. 2 and 3 only 18. ESU : English-Speaking Union ; IMC : ____________. A. Integrated Marketing Communication B. International Manila Competition C. International Mathematics Competition D. International Medical Corporation



Direction: Complete the table shown below. Write the desirable qualities of the model Filipinos and its achievements. MODEL FILIPINO TRAITS ACHIEVEMENTS



Direction: Make a powerpoint presentation about the model Filipino. Finish product will be sent on my e-mail address ( or you may pass it with the use of flash drive. Your work will be judged in the accordance of the given rubrics below. Rubrics: Criteria Content Grammar Delivery Organization Creativity -Visual Aids and Technology Use Total Percentage Percentage 30% 15% 25% 20% 20% 100% Score

Note: This part of the test will be done by group. They will make at the school between October 21 to 24, 2013. Each group must have one laptop for them to accomplish it. Deadline would be on October 24, 2013.