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PRESENT DAY, April 2010..morning I woke up and freshed up very fast in intersest of seeing my birthday gifts.

And yeah I got plenty of them.Whats common is AXE DEOS.I started guessing do I smell that bad..??? Never the less a gift is a gift.Opened all of them and was really happy but still one gift was overcoming all of them,which was a call from the one whom I like the most.And I started thinking about her wheather I should call her or leave again..! Lots of confusion,Finally I picked my phone open the text message and finally text her I-Good morning SWEETY JI And I waited for her reply.It was 10 of the morning.waited waited wiated..sooner time changed to 11 still no reply.My heart says call her but mind says keep waiting.It was a battle within my heart and mind and no longer BEEP BEEP..One message received!! It was snehas message Sneha-Good morning,SWEETY JI??I was in a doubt for last one hour wheather you have texted this message to your girlfriend but unfortunately came to me..thats why didnt replied earlier.So thuoght why shouldnt I confirm it. I-No no it was for you only SWEETY.So you like your new name cos you are sweet.

Sneha-Naa..! If I am sweet then you should call yourself sweetest,so your name should be sweetu if mine is sweety. I-Fair enough!! So how are you? Sneha-Im fine what about you?? I-Me fine too.So you always remembered my birthday,how sweet of you. Sneha-yep..!! cos some peoples are sweet and their birthdays are need to be remembered. I-Thanks a lot!! Sneha-Why did you cut my phone yesterday?? I-It was my call,its just because I didnt felt well cos it was very long since we talked and I felt little akward and imagined certain things which are special to me.This is why I cut the phone.So will you be my friend?? Sneha-Why not! Sure. I-Thanks Thanks..!! And hey happy friendship day. Sneha-Same to you.Now I have to go to my college so bye talk to you later. I-Bye,tc. (Describe the moment of very happy)

We chated only for 5-10 minutes but it was the period of overjoy as I was talking to that girl who meant a lot to me.Whom I consider my elder sister or you can say my lovable sister because with my own sister world war 100 had finished and we were big time rivals.Cant withstand hardly for minutes with her.She left to her college but I was still was flying high in that small conversation as if I have earned something and it is something like earning becauce I talked to sneha.Meanwhile I had totally forgoten that I had to attened my spoken english classes.Rushly I went there in a hurry and had my class and you cannot be late if you have a fastest indian bike. While returning everyone started asking about my birthday gifts and I described each and everyone except that special one.I went my home and repeatedly started reading our conversations all because I couldnt believe that I had talked to my dream girl who is really special. EVENING It was 6 in the evening and I just woke up.Mood doesnt seems to be good when you woke up after a noon sleep.I was feeling very lazy and was in no hurry to leave the bed. I searched my phone near the bed and I saw 1 text from her.Suddenly mr lazy soon converted into superman.In hurry,washed my face,had 23 biscuits,took my shirt and went for a evening walk with my

cellphone in my hand but forgotten to wear my jeans.Again I came back and put my jeans and here I go. She had texted-Good evening sweetu..!! My face was full of smile I replied in hurry-Good evening sweety,wassup?? Sneha Nothing much,sitting with my students. I-students?? Sneha-O yeah.I teach some of the students in my home,they are of class 1,2 and 3. I-oh! Very nice.So you are a teacher.But may I know what you are doing now adays in studies? Sneha-Well im doing my post graduation from Ranchi womens college,its my first year. I-Thats sounds great.And I know how brilliant you are in studies. Sneha-I was brilliant,not now.Brilliant,intelligent,extraordinary these words suits you only and I have heard from last 5 years you are the topper of your school and tenth boards 10 C.G.P.A. who can mast have huge followers among the girls,you are smart too,you must have some girlfriends.

I-First,Thanks for saying such a complementry words which doesnt suits me at all.And second yeah I have some followers among girls but I always felt shy whenever they come to me,I blush everytime.And I dont know why. Sneha-Hmmm..!! GREAT..!Dont be shy,be bold and be smart,dont shy like a girl does,go for it and I know no you can overcome this. I-Thanks again..!! I wish I could but atleast Ill try again. Sneha-Good boy. I-Im not.And hey I have heared that you have cleared your BANK P.O. exams couple of times but didnt manage to clear the interviews.Whats all about that?? Sneha-Well its true I dont know why the hell it is happening to me,Im trying every bit to clear it still I havent suceed.And you know it badly hurts.Till now I have cleared 5 written exams but failed in every interviews.Dont know where Im failing. Now bye have to teach I-But wait for a minute only,I know its tough for you but trust god he has definetely a grand gift for you in coming days,trust me. And I waited for her reply but she didnt replied.

I suddenly felt there is something wrong because we were talking really great but in a sudden,her mood changed drastically and I had no clue why the hell it happened.It was all going great and all of a sudden it went sad.I wanted to ask about it to her but I couldnt as it was our first day chat and some distance should be maintained if the things are new,if the people are new,if the relations are new.Never the less it was a good beggining altough a doubtful bye.And yes I was feeling great after talking.I started recalling all those memories which was bounded by her and to some extent bounded by me.I was not aware that I have travelled 3 km away from home while chatting.What the fuck..!! I didnt even knew where the hell I was.I had no alternatives to walk it down those hell 3 kilometres.It took exact one hour while returning and trust me it wasnt less then 10 hours.My legs were trembling.I went in my room and without changing slept there.Within a minute I was lost in deep sleep. Come on fight,hit me,come on Suddenly I got a kick from my mom and realized I was having a fight scene in my dream. Come and have your dinner,its too late my mom said.I searched m cell and it was 11.I understood why I got a kick from my mom.It was really late. GOOD NIGHT,She had messaged me at 10.30.

I simply replied,-Good Night. And I went for dinner.It was the dramatical day where the hero is still in a doubt where he is hero or not.And I went for sleep yet again and I had to woke up early as their was a cricket match sechduled at early morning. People often wake up right at time whenever we have to do anything other than studies.Same was the case with me.I was well awake at 6 in the morning.Freshed up and went for the match.I was really a good player for myself,if not for everyone.I used to play it with with all my heart.Last few matches were really tough for me as I struggled to get runs and struggled in the keeping too.But that day had something else for me.We batted second and we needed 129 to chase it down in 12 overs only.Although I didnt bowl but mountain like score was caused by me as I dropped two consecutive catches of the opponent batsman who managed to score 67 at the end.1000 rupees was on the line and my fellowmates were staring like they would kill me if we lose. Our team had an excellent start and we scored earth shaking 78 runs in 6 overs only with no wicket loss.Match was in our hand so was my smile.But one over and game seemed to be finished.One bowler took 4 wickets in an over and suddenly the table has turned.It was really a tense moment.Very next over 1 wicket fell and I came for batting.My team had already given up

and they were collecting money from each other as they have to give if we loose.This is the best time,go for it and show them that you are a champ I said in my mind.we needed 40 from last three overs.I was holding my nerves and preparing for my heroic performance untill a ball came and within a second took my middle stump off.What the fuck has happened,I said in my mind.It was a shock to me.My heroic performance no lasts only for 5-6 seconds,untill I heared something,-NO BALL,the umpire had said.I was jumping and I was bang on ready for my match now though my teammates never thoughted the same neither the oppositions.Match went for last over in which we need 29 runs to win and I was on strike.All were sitting in a deep sorrow of losing 1000 rupees but I still had some faith in myself and I was ready for it,but down in some confidence too.Opponent were almost relaxed.They probably were thining about which kind of snacks they want to eat after the match First ball-over pitched ball,6 over long on!! Second ball-Right on the block hole,outer edge 4 runs behind the keeper. Third ball-Short pitch ball 6 over long off. Suddenly my team started cheering for me and match was on.I was in full flow.My heroic performance just required 13 runs from last three deliveries.

4TH ball-Overpitched,six over long on. Just 7 from 2.Come on akshay,you can do it,they cheered for me.I had always trust in your batting skills,my captain said..may be after a year. 5TH ball-Full toss and I missed it,my shoulders were down and it was impossible to win from here.I was hell disappointed.What the fuck I have done,I said in my mind.They were really disappointed.1 ball 7 to win. 6TH Ball-OVER PITCHED AND..SIXXXXXXX!!!!!!! I was sad that I couldnt done the match until I saw my fellowmates started shouting and running all over the field.The match was DRAWAN.They started picking me up in their shoulders.28 runs came out of the last over and I was the hero.The hero within me had finally being found.I was at clould nine.My teammates started applauding my performance and I was too happy.I The moment was unbeliveble.I was thinking about my perfonce while returning to home and I want to tell the world about this miracle. Told my mom about it,she hardly listen to it.Told my sister but she was hell rival of mine,she couldnt even stand by side for a second.I had no one to tell about my heroism.Suddenly I

remembered something..My sweety ji..and texted herGood morning!! She replied instantly,Good morning,wassup? I-Just came from cricket match and scored 28 runs in an over. Sneha-Thats sounds great.Congratulations. I-Thanks a lot.U know it was very necessary for me to score runs,as I was not doing well but today I rocked. Sneha-Hmm..!!Keep it up. I-Why didnt you replied yesterday? Sneha-I started teaching to my students. I-Really? Sneha-Yaa..!! I knew it wasnt the reason but I didnt forced her to tell me about her problem as still it was very early to share something which we call PERSONAL.I ignored it,and started chatting. I-So what are you doing?? Sneha-Nothing much just sitting,having my breakfast. I-So can I ask a personal ques if you wish? Sneha-Ok..ask.

I-Do you have any boyfriend? Sneha-No.Who will have a girl like me.I have got nothing. I-Dont say like this.You have got lovely face and you are sweet too.And their must be few who are fond of you. Sneha-Talk to you later bye. She again disturbed the good conversation and again I had no clue.Why she changes her mood frequently.I really had a no clue what so ever.I simply replied I was in big time doubt whats the real problem was.All noon I was thinking about it but couldnt solved the mystery behind it.On the same evening I messaged her @6. I-Good evening sweety..! She instantly replied,Good evening Mr.Akshay. I-Wassup teacher? Sneha-Nothing much,listening songs.U say? I-Thinking about you. Sneha-About me?Oh great.But what you are thinking about me? I-About the past we had shared,a beautiful one.Have you remembered?

Sneha-Not whole but a little bit.You were too small when you were small;D Sneha-Jokes apart,you were too sweet and cute among the all childrens and yeah the naughtiest.You used to be with me most of the time and you were always there to help me. I-WOW..!!You have much in your mind I must say.Nice.Anything else? Sneha-You tell now what you have remembered? I-I have everything in my mind.I used to be with u everytime.I always felt shy whenever I wanted to talk with you.I was often baffled by your presence.But sooner I had realized that you were a sweet girl whom I wanted to make my sister forever. Sneha-How sweet of you.Really thanks. I-Your welcome.But you know I became really sad when you left from patna after the marriage.I was numb for months. Sneha-Yes I have heared about that.But why did it happened? I-Cos of some emotional attachment with you and all others.I never felt so special when I was with you people.I never get that importance in my entire life.I can never forget that moment.That was the most beautiful part of my life till now.My days of happiness were those only.That memories never

escaped from my mind which some how eventually hurts.I was in deep sorrows after that. Sneha-I never knew about these things that you are so attached with us,you were too small that time. I-To be very frank I was more attached with you.My days were you,my nights were you.You were my only friend,only sister who liked me for some extent.I was so so happy to be with you.You were something which always bring smile to my face.And trust me you were the only one who managed to do that.You were very special to me.So how could I forget that girl who created a plant full of trees in a desert.The one who is something very precious for me. Sneha-Thats amazing words.I am speechless.I never knewed you became that attached with me in little time.You were really cute,you are really cute.I never understand your heart and I am sorry for that. I-Dont be sorry! You didnt know how much it hurts when you get separated from the one whom you care. Sneha-I can understand.You are really sweet. I-I know that. Sneha-But if that was the whole scenario why didnt you called me,you had my number,right.

I-I knew these feelings were not the same from your side.I was small and who cares for a little boy.I already knew that the relationship of a brother and sister is from my side only,not the same for you. Sneha-No,it wasnt like that.I have told you before that you were the sweetest among the other childrens in the house.But yes I never knewed you were so much attached with me and I never knewed that I have a small brother too who is very cute and really a sweetheart. I-I am not a sweetheart. Sneha-You are sweetu and thanks a lot. I-Thanks for what? Sneha-For the relation that you have kept in you heart so sweetly. I-Its my pleasure.I am really happy that finally you have considered me as your young smart and sexy little brother. Sneha-Hahaha..Sexy..yup yup..charming too. I-I am really happy,how things have went today for me.Cricket match hero,finally got my sister..feeling is awesome. Sneha-Same here.Now I am going,its too go and study.Bye tc brother.

I-Bye,tc. And we ended the longest chat.6-9 and I felt just amazing.Everything went in my way and feeling of earning something precious started coming in my mind.Although she went for her work still the influence was there.I waited for 6 long years to confess that yes you are important for me from the day when we met. I got my di back..I said in my mind and I went for my dinner.You can have two kinds of sister,one is with you can tolerate for a second while the other is who inspire you everytime.She was the second one. Where were you for the last 3 hours son?,my mom asked. I was in my room mom,I was studying,I replied. Well that means you are concentrating well,thats good for you..keep it up,she said. Thanks mom,what we had in dinner tonight? I asked. Chicken,she said. What??chicken and you havent called me for tasting? Thats so not fair.I said. Wait,I had called you and you didnt responded its your fault not mine.she said.

Then I realized how emotionally I was busy in chatting with her.It was really worth sacrificing my chicken and I liked chicken more than anything.It was already late I had my dinner and went for sleep,but texted her a beautiful song before sleeping.

Tera mujhse h koi naata koi,jaane tu ya jaane na,mane tu ya mane na..!!! And sent a goodnight text.